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Top Stories:
Report: Tampa will get 2012 RNC convention
Saturday Night Live with Betty White -best ratings in 18 months
Kagan nomination reflects Obama’s centrist vision
Disabled Girl Found Chained to a Bed
Boy, 15, Impaled By Javelin in Calif. Park
Man beaten to death for alleged affair with suspect’s mom

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Blue Jay discussions

Bubba started the show by saying the bumper music was provided by
Twenty-five Cent, he wasn’t sure as to who did the song, he asked Dave
if he saw the double Blue Jay, Dave said he did, Bubba thinks the
squirrel will eat him, he said they found a bluejay that fell out of
its nest, Dave thinks they should wait until the sun is up. Bubba said
as soon as the bird sees a person, it’s mouth opens, Dave said they’ll
give it Fein, Bubba proposes they make an intern mash up a worm and
baby bird it, Ned suggests they just kill it, he asked to get the
Wiffle Ball Bat, Manson suggests they give it Mike’s Pizza and Red
bull, Dave said if you leave the bird outside and you build a nest,
the Mom will feed it. Bubba thinks Dave doesn’t’ like being in studio,
he said their people don’t like being on the air, he asked Twenty-five
Cent pick up the worms, Manson said he’s getting jaded in his old age,
Spice said had he brought that in about ten years ago, Bubba’s
reaction would’ve been different. Bubba took a call from a guy who
said you should blend the worms, within a week; it’ll be able to fly.
Bubba wonders if the bird will remember them once it’s gone, the guy’s
line dropped off, Spice thinks it won’t last long if it’s
domesticated, Manson thinks the bird is wild. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Sports scores, Emails, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BTLS Newsletter.
Bubba recapped some sports scores, he thinks the Hawks didn’t show up
at all during the Magic game, he said Shelly is driving him crazy, he
said today is the voting day on the zoning, Brent thinks they’ll get
screwed, he thinks a good old boy network behind it, Bubba thinks
Shelly should mention his name, he then plugged the Bikes for Badges
event on May 22, he said 850 people registered last year, he then
described what will happen at the event, he said that if you ride in
with them, you’ll get an extra card in the poker run, he then went
over some birthdays. The first email of the day called Bubba a fat
f, the emailer said Bubba didn’t have a clue what he’s talking
about, Manson said that people just don’t get it. Bubba suggests that
if you’re the owner of a violent breed, it’s on you. James asked if
Bubba is MJ with the bird, Bubba said he’ll keep it in a box until it
can fly away. Meg said that you have to have a permit to keep a wild
animal; Bubba said he’ll feed it until it dies; he hung up on her a
few seconds later. Shannon said the blue Jay is raised by the Dad, if
it falls out of the nest, something must be wrong with it, Bubba
thinks they should be fine as long as they don’ touch it, he said he
wouldn’t know where to go to get a permit for just one bird, he then
said the new Supreme Court Justice is ugly, Manson thinks it looks
like the Ferret with a wig. Brent said she’s never been a judge, he
said it’s a bad pick; Bubba said he doesn’t like her just based on
what she looks like. Scout and Big Gulp were on, saying they’re
traveling through Florida, Bubba said that Janie Cakes sold her car,
Scout and Big Gulp bought it, he said she’s really bummed out, as Jane
won’t get a chance to Mother them. Scout said they’re going to pass
some of the CDS out to some FTEs, she said that they spread the love;
Bubba said he rarely talks to big gulp. Big Gulp came on, Bubba asked
who the guy is, Big Gulp thinks that she’s the girl, she said it
varies, she said she loves her power tools. Richard in Brandon said
Bubba doesn’t need a permit for wild birds. Bubba asked if they’re
doing the right thing, the guy said you don’t want to touch it, he
said if it gets too much, he’ll give them a number to come pick the
bird up. Sabrina in Jacksonville said the guys are doing the best they
can for the bird. Chris in Daytona said the woman is pretty smart,
Bubba said she’s never been on the bench; he hung up on him when the
guy said “she’s not no dumby”. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 3 – Tom the Treeman gone? Denzel’s Sharif campaign is a no go,
various stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the new Tom the
Treeman. Bubba said they heard right, he said Tom could come back, he
then went over some of Tom’s most infamous stunts, he then said that
Denzel got screwed with running for Vigo County, he said on the last
day, they through some old guy on the ballot, the guy ended up beating
Denzel, he said Denzel didn’t send a lawyer down to check the ballots,
Brent said it’s the good old boy network, Bubba said that one of his
friends told him that Denzel should run as an independent, he then
called him up, Ned thinks he’s a rube, Bubba thinks if he was campaign
manager, things would be different, he got sent to voicemail, the guys
cracked up at his outgoing message, Spice as Denzel said the guy
didn’t even hand out lollypops. Bubba said Bob Buckhorn has costed
Florida a lot of money, we then heard a news clip about that, Bubba
said he’ll finish dead last, Spice said he doesn’t’ like it when
someone says they’re a political consultant. We then heard a promo for
the Half Hour of power, Bubba then recapped the story, he thinks the
guy isn’t stationary. Spice asked if he can be like the people who
cheer him on, he said he won’ heckle the guy. Bubba said he needs to
get an organ sounder, he said they have the balls to do what they do,
Manson said they know good radio, Bubba said they self police
themselves, he said he had to go through the early stages. Bobby in
Lakeland suggested Bubba ask what the guy does, Spice said he’s heard
the guy has a job, Bubba said the guy should be happy for him, the guy
said he knows he delt drugs in the past, Bubba said everyone can turn
their lives around. We then heard a news clip about Obama’s Supreme
court nomination, Bubba said he’d rather have Clarence Thomas than
her, Manson thinks we’re acting like eight year-olds with the oil
spill, we then heard a news clip about that, Bubba said this looks
like a South Park episode, he then said a reporter on the Golf Channel
said Tiger was playing with a bulging dick, he said it’s funnier with
a girl saying it. We then heard a clip of tiger Woods holding a press
conference, the guys cracked up at him saying he pulled out. Bubba
read an article about tiger Woods’s divorce. John on protection said
they can stop anything with the oil spill, he said a stopping pin will
do the trick, Brent said it’s 5,000 feet under the sea, bubba guessed
it’s five football fields, Manson said 15. Bubba read an article about
Ken Griffey falling asleep in the clubhouse; Spice said there are some
players who smoke in the tunnel. Gabriel in Ft. Meyers asked about
Bubba and Hogan’s relationship, Bubba said they had a good talk on
Saturday, he said that they just won’ talk about TNA, Ned said thank
god, Spice said this was the greatest thing to ever happen. Bubba said
Brent has gotten some emails from people at
Spike TV who aren’t happy with Dixie’s decision. We then heard a news
clip about a woman who got some flack over breast feeding in public,
Bubba thinks it’s not a big deal, Manson said he’s seen most people be
discreet about breast feeding in public, Bubba said he doesn’t want to
hear a parent say it’s hard to explain it to the kid, Manson said
donna used to pump a bottle with her breasts, Spice said he’d like to
get on this story, bubba thinks it’s stupid if you’re two years old
and you’re on the teet, Manson said two years is ridiculously long,
Bubba said this is a white trash Mom, and a pussy principal, he got
distracted with a sound effect in the background, he thinks Chewbacca
is in the background, Spice goofed on the guy sounding gay. Bubba said
they’re about 30 minutes away from “the Half hour Of Power” coming up,
he thinks that’s the last guy you should be taking to jail. Mike said
the guy is near MLK, he said the guy is crazy loud, he said it’ll be a
good show. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various Callers

Coming-out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza Canada.
Bubba said he has four examples of Organ music, Spice said he liked
the second one, he then did a little preacher stuff, Bubba was
cracking up at it. Bobby said that his ex wife breast fed his kid
until she was five, he said there’s no nutritional value after 18
months, Spice thinks it has to be strange, he thinks it’s a
relationship killer. Bubba thinks the guy just should’ve said “bobby
out”. Tracey said the white trash comment was a little unfounded, she
thinks Bubba is misconstruing the Mother’s duty, Bubba asked her what
she knows, she said she’s a member of a group that is about breast
feeding, Manson said their so into breast feeding, that they have to
have a club for it. Bubba said the only people who don’t like it when
he says “White Trash”, you’re guilty, he said if it’s after eighteen
months, you should wrap it up. Andy said a few years ago, he was at
hooters, he said some woman was breast feeding and hitting on this guy
and his friends, Ned thinks it was the worst story he’s ever heard.
Joy said she met bubba not too long ago, she said that her job is to
teach women how to breast feed, she said we’re the only society that
really breast feeds, she said some Countries do it until the kid is
Seven, Manson said that’s because they’ve got no food. Bubba said
Tyler is about four foot four, 77 pounds, he said it would look weird
if he was to breast feed, Spice said he’s glad they’ve Americanized
it, Joy said Michael Jordan breast fed for four years, Spice then
goofed on the caller, Bubba thinks Michael Jackson breast fed until
the day he died, he said they get it, he said average society says to
close up shop until their two, he said if he saw a seven year-old
breast feeding, he’d call the cops. Jennifer said she’s a nurse, she
said that she’s delt with parents who are too afraid to breast feed.
Tim said he’s on his way to court to get a restraining order against
his girlfriend, he said she’s been sending him text messages, asking
that he die, Bubba Eviled the guy a few seconds later, he said they
can’ deliver the message the way it’s supposed to be delivered, he
said you could play it for any situation. Spice said someone sent him
a video of an eight year-old getting breast fed. Steve said he had a
Sister who was breast fed until five and a half years old. Bubba said
he got the bird to eat, Spice said it’s noisy. We then heard a clip of
the bird chirping, Ned thinks it’s a round mouth, Spice thinks it
sounds like Akira. We then heard a promo for “The Half Hour of Power”,
Bubba thinks they should just use the organ music Carl used, he then
did a reenactment where Bubba pitched getting a preacher on, Spice
acted as a program Director saying no. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Street Preacher Anthony Lowery in Studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Bikes for
Badges on May 22. Bubba thinks the music would be fitting for
Anthony’s appearance, we then heard his bumper. Anthony said he’s
nervous, Bubba told him not to be, Anthony said the Lord will talk to
him in an audible voice, the guys think he sounds like Berry White.
Bubba told him to let it rip, he thinks the Lord told him to put him
on, he said they touch the entire Country, Spice said the guy looks
emotional, Anthony said it is, Bubba told him he could do anything
he’d like, he said finds the time when Anthony got arrested was
disturbing. Anthony said before he got arrested, one of the cops was
harassing him, he said this went on for 35-45 days; Bubba said the guy
isn’t hurting anyone. Spice asked him if he’s ever turned it down,
Anthony said he’d been doing it for nine years, Bubba said he
should’ve said that God told him to turn it down. Anthony said he was
asked for his date of birth of date, he said he was bumfounded, he was
then arrested, Bubba said he was nervous while getting questioned, he
thinks it’s a white guy who hates a black guy, Anthony cracked up a
little at bubba’s comments, he said the cop who bugged him about the
sound was a black man, Spice said Anthony has put too much faith in
people, he thinks he’s preaching more than Anthony is doing. Anthony
said the greatest work is done outside the church, he said some people
in jail were telling him the LPD had nothing better to do, Spice said
the guy is getting fired up. Bubba said during his hog trial, he was
talking with a black man who said he finally understood how African
Americans felt when getting railroaded; Brent said Henry Wade put 39
African Americans in jail. Bubba asked him if he has legal
representation, Anthony said no, Bubba offered up Kevin Hayslett,
Anthony said yes to the suggestion. Bubba asked Spice to get him the
wireless. Anthony said that the guys can participate as much as they’d
like, we then heard some organ music as he talked about the cop who
arrested him, he said he still loves them, he said that he has no
Heaven or Hell to put people in, he said it’s a puzzle that’s being
put together, the guys said some stuff as he talked, he said no matter
what you’ve done, Jesus loves you, he said salvation is free, he said
he saw a young woman who was on drugs, the drug dealer told her that
god wasn’t happy with her decision. Spice told him he was firing on
all cylinders, Anthony said he comes from the streets, he said God
loves everyone, he said no one can knock God off his throne, he said
the blood was shed for the whole world, he said you can’t wash your
sins away, he said he loves everyone, he said if you don’t get your
act together in Pulk county, Grady Judd will get you, Spice said some
stuff as Anthony talked. Anthony said God came of the lost, he said
some of are still lost, he said Jesus is the way, the truth and the
life, he said no one has to die, he said after we do something bad, we
try and wash our sins, he said it can only be washed away by Jesus’s
blood, he said you look good on the outside, but on the inside you’re
a mess, he said we’ve drank out of everyone’s cup, we’ve tried eating
off of other people’s plates, he said we’re missing Jesus, he said
America was based on the word of God, he said America is giving birth,
he said worship different things, he said all that stuff will rust, he
said he thanked God for giving him a platform to talk, he said it’s
about your sole. Spice asked how he finds his way, Anthony said he
should pray, he said you should call upon Jesus, he said no matter
what people think of you, Jesus loves you, the guys cracked up when he
said that Jesus took a two piece dinner and fed a crowd of people, he
said Jesus is for real, he said we need to get ourselves in check, he
said we don’t want to go to hell, he said God is calling you, he then
banged on the microphone a little, he said if you’re on drugs, you
can’t deliver yourself. Bubba asked how you get off drugs, Anthony
said he used to deal, he said he cried, he said God told him that if
he does it again, he’ll put him in the ground, he said he wouldn’t
know how he got home, he said he would come home naked, this was after
drinking, he said he would cry to the lord after all this, he said
he’d tell god he doesn’t want to die, he said everything shall rust,
he said your sole is going one place or the other, he said he couldn’t
open his eyes, he said the hallway lit up like the sun, he said god
grabbed his hand, he said he’s never been the same, he said he never
would’ve expected to appear on the show, Bubba said he’s touching a
lot of people, he said he’d like to be obedient to God, he said God
has called everyone, yet everyone hasn’t taken the call. Spice asked
about the Devil, Anthony said he can’t repent, Spice said the Alcohol
was calling his name, Anthony suggested Spice call out the lord’s
name; he said you can go to AA meetings for the rest of his life.
Spice said the marijuana is calling his name, Manson said eh men to
that. Anthony said Pulk county has been good to him, he said they have
a couple of bad apples that are on the street, he said he’ll pray for
this radio station, Spice asked they ask to stop playing so much Pink
Floyd. Anthony said many of us are struggling, he said the only way
out his through Jesus, he asked for peo9ple to open up their eyes, he
asked Jesus to set everyone free, he said Jesus loves them. We then
heard the tymbal sounder. Bubba asked Anthony if he’d like to take
some calls, he said there might be someone in the audience who would
like to be touched. Manny said he’s a long-time listener, he said
everything happens for a reason, he said it shows what a person he is.
Bubba asked if Anthony has a church he goes to; Anthony said he goes
to The Family Worship Center on Maine Street in Lakeland. Bubba asked
Anthony how long he was in jail for, Anthony said for about twelve
hours. Spice asked him if he has a job, Anthony said no, he said
people donate to him, he said his wife works. Spice asked him if he’d
like to preach in a church, Anthony said he wouldn’t want that, he
said a lot of lost people won’t go to church, Bubba said the media has
given him a pro Anthony approach, Spice said Anthony was around drugs,
he asked him his biggest sin, Anthony said he used to drink and mess
with women, he said he’s been away from that lifestyle since 1999,
bubba wonders if he’ll get extra credit points for putting Anthony on,
Anthony said bubba is blessed, he mentioned Power Pig, Bubba said it
will live in infamy, he asked for one of the guys to bring a Power Pig
T-shirt, he said they’d like to give Anthony one, Anthony said he can
put it on, Brent said he just talked to Kevin, Kevin said he’d be
happy to take his case. Bubba told Anthony he can come on whenever
he’d like to, Anthony said while he was praying, he was seeing flies,
he said the enemy didn’t want him to come on, he said he’ll keep them
all in prayer, he said this is really amazing. Spice asked him what he
thought of the stripper pole, Bubba said the women use that to stay in
shape, he said it’s a big story when channel 8 comes in, Melanie said
she can sleep late now. Chip from channel 8 said he’s a field
reporter, Spice wondered if the anker chair is the goal, Chip said no.
bubba asked Melanie what her spin is on the story, Melanie said she
likes how bubba has put the guy on, she said it’s protected free
speech. Bubba said if the rednecks can have a 9,000 foot confederate
flag, surely Anthony should be allow to preach. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – A Manson Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Belt
Buckle, then into “Thank God I’m An Altar Boy”. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – tucker Carlson calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BTLS newsletter.
We then heard Tucker Carlson’s bumper, tucker said bubba is one of his
addictions, Bubba recapped the Anthony Lowery situation for him,
Tucker wondered if you really can get arrested for being too loud, he
asked Bubba if he learned anything, Bubba said no, saying it was stuff
he hadn’t already heard, Tucker said it was fantastic, he thinks it
would confuse the audience, Brent said it was about exercising the
guy’s right to Freedom of Speech, Tucker said Bubba has had quite a
few pitch hitters, the guys recapped the Grandma situation for him.
Bubba said that Porter won’t shut up long enough to have a
conversation, Tucker wondered what he was saying, Brent said he might
be alright if he slowed down. Bubba asked Tucker his thoughts on
Obama’s Supreme Court Selection; Tucker said he feels sorry for her,
he said no one deserves that. Brent said she doesn’t have a great
civil liberty track record, Tucker said his issue is with her kicking
off Military recruitments, Brent said it’s ridiculous. Bubba said
Charlie is up by six points against Rubio, Tucker thinks he’ll ban off
shore drilling. Bubba said the problem with Politics is, you can’t
change your mind, Tucker said his mind is changing all the time, he
said we need off shore drilling. Bubba said he was for it, he thinks
we should just get off of oil, Tucker asked what the options are,
Brent said T. Boon Pickens has a great plan, Tucker said there’s no
good solutions, Brent asked what Plan C is for the oil spill, he said
it’s like they asked tyler what to do, he said it’s BP’s problem.
Bubba said the law is ridiculous, Spice said he doesn’t like the
chemicals, Tucker suggested they just burn it, Bubba said they’ve
tried that, he said he has his own bass fishing pond, Tucker said it’s
fantastic, Bubba said that if you mess up on the show, you’ll have to
fish for your lunch. The guys then talked about guns, Tucker said the
judge is a great gun, he said it’s the loudest hand gun in the world.
Bubba asked if it’s more violent than a Desert Eagle, Tucker said
nothing is more violent than that. Bubba went over some of the stuff
that they’ll have at the new studio, he said it’ll be the last studio
they ever broadcast from, he said they can do their own thing. Tucker
asked if there’s no electricity, can they still broadcast, Bubba said
yes, Tucker suggests they get some water filters. Bubba thinks you can
drink some salt water, Tucker said you have to boil it, Manson
suggests they boil the pond water. Tucker asked Bubba how many guns he
has, Bubba said about 40, he said he also has an airplane, Tucker
thinks he should get a plane. Bubba told Tucker the next time he’s in
town, he’ll pick him up in the plane, he said he can put about 200
gallons of fuel in the plane, he said he’s flown it from Tampa to
Chicago, he said the errors are because of the “I gotta go” syndrome.
Tucker said he was with his daughter on a plane once, the pilot said
they probably shouldn’t be flying, he wonders who would push a pilot
to fly in dangerous conditions. Brent said JFK JR had that mindset,
Bubba said his plane was very advanced, he said Mike had him fly for a
minute, Mike ended up taking the yoke from him, he said he wasn’t
looking at the horizon gage, Brent said it was scary. Bubba said that
he uses the plane almost every weekend, Tucker thinks it’s fantastic
that bubba has a plane, he said he’s about twelve minutes from the
airport, he said secret service people get to go through red lights,
Manson said he is bringing change. Bubba said that Tucker should thank
the people who sponsor TheDailyCaller.com. Bubba told Tucker about
GunBroker.com, Brent said the District of Columbia ignores the
constitution. Bubba asked Tucker to name the people who have supported
his website, he said he’s all about helping him, he then said that
he’s going to shoot five shows for a possible Talk show, he said it’ll
be a four in the afternoon show, he said he’s working with Richard
Dominick, the producer of the Jerry Springer show, he said it will be
Springer like. Brent wonders how Anderson Cooper hangs on with not
much of an audience, the guys said they can’t say what it is, Tucker
suggests bubba get some more tattoos, bubba said that’s white trash.
Bubba asked Tucker if he sees Glen Beck, Brent said on a personal
level he’s nice, Manson said he’s an entertainer. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Bubba’s news Audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza Canada,
then into a news clip about the Casey Anthony trial, then into
“Caylee’s Mom” from “bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 7” track 1, and
“the Clemulus Package” disc 1, track 11. Bubba said he has no idea
where Twenty-five gets his music selections. Big Mike asked about
Bubba’s white trash comment with Tattoos, Bubba said he doesn’t set
the rules; he thinks you should keep the tattoos off the neck. Robby
said up in Orlando, they’ve got the Haitian nation doing the same
thing, bubba said he doesn’t have a problem with it, he said the guy
in Lakeland is getting railroaded. We then heard a news clip about a
guy wrestling an Alligator, Bubba thinks you could be white trash if
you’ve been poking the gator for years, he thinks it sounds like a Tom
the Treeman stunt gone wrong, he wonders if anyone can get attacked
and not have that kind of reaction, Manson said it’s tough, Spice said
that he’d give the gator Zanex before wrestling it. We then heard a
news clip about Betty White performing on SNL, Spice said she nailed
it, Bubba scoffed at reporter saying “the dinner hour”, the guys
cracked up at Betty saying that FaceBook is a huge waste of time. We
then heard a news clip about a house fire, a man’s throat was sliced,
then his house was lit on fire, as it was believed the guy had sex
with a guy’s Mother, Manson thinks they have neck tattoos, Spice got
caught off guard with the noise in the background, Bubba thinks it’s
Bubble wrap, he asked Dave how the bird is doing, Jabberjaw said
Dave’s not here, she said Big Dick told her that the bird fell asleep,
she thinks her favorite is Miller, Bubba thinks maybe the bird doesn’t
want to leave, he thinks she’s queefing, Spice did some sound effects,
he said he can’t pay attention to the story, he thinks it’s like a
Three Stooges episode gone wrong. We then heard some Jackal, bubba
thinks it’s “Just Like A Negro”, Manson said this is a different
style, he said this is when wine coolers and Zanex collide, Bubba
thinks it should be the single, he then realized the song was “when
Moonshine and Dynamite Collide”. They then ended the show a few
seconds later.

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