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Top Stories:
Times Square bomb suspect arrested ‘at last second’
Federal law may limit BP liability in oil spill
US, Iran clash at UN nuke meet
Florida Lawmaker Busted Surfing Porn On Senate Floor
Shopper, Armed with Kitchen Knife, Stabs Four at West Hollywood Target
Authorities Destroy More Than 32,000 Marijuana Plants Growing In Nowata County

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Various Stuff

The show started off with some Michael Stanley as bumper music, Bubba
said the music was provided by Manson, Ned was heard cracking open a
beer, Bubba pointed it out it was a Miller Lite, Spice said he has his
hooks into the Twisted Tea guys. Bubba plugged what they’ve got coming
up on the show for today, he then plugged the Mexican Olympics, Spice
thinks Quattro is the returning champion. Bubba asked when electricity
will be at the new BRN, Dick said around Friday. Bubba said Donna
emailed him, saying she’s over it, he suggested you use
ProFlowers.com, he thinks it’s almost like a hobby for her, he said
that Kevin Hayslett was at TNA, he said he’s concerned about what
happened, he told Spice to keep him away from the brownies, he then
told the guys to hide them, he said Heather puts all the stuff the
kids want upstairs, he said steps are like his repellent, Manson said
Westin is upstairs in his room, he said 19 steps kills him. Bubba
thinks he hasn’t pushed Bikes for Badges enough, he said time is
running out with registration, he then recapped where everyone will
be. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Dave Reinhart, birthdays, woman attacked by Grandma Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubbapalooza
Calgary Meet and Greet. Bubba said that Dave Reinhart passed away over
the weekend, he said they all worked for him over the years, Manson
said he seemed like a decent guy, Bubba said he came from the
microphone side of things like Randy Michaels did, he said he’ll try
and make it to the service, he said Froggy from Miami told him about
it, Manson said Dave was really laid back. The guys then went over
some birthdays; Ned said Randy Travis isn’t that bad. Bubba went a
woman identifying herself as the girl who called the cops on her
Grandma; she said her neighbors told her about the show, she said the
news gave one side of the story. Bubba read what went down, she said
there was some hard feelings with her grandparents, they wanted her to
do one thing, Bubba asked Spice to get the CD with that story. Felicia
said the only thing she did was grab her Grandma’s wrist to prevent
her from getting out of control, she said this happened twice, Manson
wondered how much can a slap from an 80 year-old do much damage.
Felicia said she was taken out of an abusive home, we then heard the
news story, Felicia said she hasn’t had direct contact with her
Grandparents, she said she lives with her Mother. Bubba wonders why
she’d need a legal guardian at the age of 18, she said it’s never been
like this, Bubba said you can say whatever you’d like, but the old
timers will flip out over something like that. Felicia said they asked
her to go to the Navy, she said that she is interested in College,
although she has slacked off in the past year or so. Bubba asked what
the temptations are, Felicia said her Grandma knows everything about
her, she said she was always trying to get out of the house. Bubba
asked if she got kicked out of Catholic school, Felicia said yes, she
said there was a heated argument between her and the Vice principal,
she told a nun to “F off”. Bubba thinks her mouthing off is a
problem, she said she’s angry for the past that she has, Bubba said
everyone has had a checkered past, Felicia said her family thought
about filing a report against the largo PD, Bubba said regardless of
how it happens, someone will get arrested at a domestic call, he said
if you call the cops on a domestic, realize that someone will go to
jail. Spice asked if Felicia has called her Grandma, Felicia said she
hasn’t, Spice thinks she doesn’t sound remorseful for sending her to
prison. Bubba asked her if she’s sorry, Felicia said yes, she said she
still talks with her Aunt, Ned thinks she’s a punk ass bitch. Bubba
said people would believe her story if she was to call her Grandma up
and apologize, Felicia said it was supposed to be over a 73 year-old
woman to jail. Bubba said he’s taken a lot of calls over the years, he
said she can’t admit to being wrong. Spice said she needs to shut up
and listen, he said public perception thinks she’s a punk ass bitch,
Manson thinks she’s uppity. Bubba said no none has won in this
situation, she said her Grandma has been a better mother to her; she
said she called the cops, and had no idea that there would be an
arrest. Bubba said her actions warranted all of this, he said she’s
really bull-headed. Spice said the Grandma was on the air, Bubba told
Felicia to step up and do the right thing, he asked her to do the
right thing, he told her to stop being so bull-headed. Felicia said
she had no idea that calling the cops would lead to her Grandma
getting arrested; she said she’s tried to forgive everyone. Teresa
said she still punched her, and what she went through, she said her
life will be ruined if she doesn’t have a diploma. Bubba wondered why
Felicia can’t just say what needs to be said, Teresa thanked Bubba for
his comments, saying he hit the nail on the head. Felicia said she
didn’t punch her, she said she shouldn’t have called the cops. Bubba
said Felicia should own it and move on, Spice said she’s said it, but
hasn’t, he said she shouldn’t use them as the middle man. Felicia said
she didn’t mean for this to happen, she said it’s wrong that the cops.
Teresa said that didn’t sound very apologetic to her, Bubba and Spice
said they agree, he thinks if they talk to Felicia for five minutes,
they’ll know what they’re dealing with, he suggested to hook Teresa up
with Kevin Hayslett, Teresa said she doesn’t have an attorney yet,
Bubba said this is a gift wrap for Kevin, he suggested Felicia go to
Dr. Joe Saturley, he said he’ll pay for it, she said that she couldn’t
hear it, she said she’s willing to see him, he asked that when all
this goes away, that Teresa mention Bubba, Teresa said she’ do that.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Various callers, TNA discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the newsletter. Bubba
said he got a bunch of emails from people saying they made their kids
listen to the 911 call, he said Ned’s Muhammad bit got censored from
Sirius. Joe asked Bubba if he feels guilty cashing his paycheck, he
said the other radio stations have integrity, he said he doesn’t need
to call Sirius to call him an A-hole; he called Kevin Hayslett a hack.
Bubba thinks the guy’s accent is fake, the guy said he has an
impersonation, Bubba said it was that guy, he doesn’t know how anyone
can take that and spin it, he said he’d like a few minutes with three

1. The guy who says he’ll kick Bubba’s ass
2. The guy who just called
3. Awesome Kong

Tina said she went through the same thing with her Daughter; she
didn’t go to jail, as the cops heard her mouthy comments. Bubba said
everyone is a bunch of pussies. Rachel came on, apologizing in advance
for her crappy phone, she said what Felicia is doing will end up
biting her in the ass one day. Bubba took a call from a guy who said
what she did was uncalled for. Joe said the opening of TNA featured a
black guy getting beaten with a belt, he said TNA will fail, as UFC is
the lead-in. Dwayne said Howard was talking about Bubba’s clips with
Awesome Kong, he said Awesome Kong is more racial than anything. Bubba
said it would’ve made more sense had Dixie told him it wasn’t working
out; Brent said some of the stuff was edited. Bubba said that he’s not
done with Kevin Eck, he said he could’ve edited the word, Brent said
it misleads the reader. Bubba then read the email from Dixie, Manson
thinks she just jumped to conclusions; Brent said she let the marks
work her into a shoot. Bubba said he can think of many things that are
racial with TNA, he said he wouldn’t go back to TNA for triple the
money, he said it’s a sinking ship, he said there was no flipping him
over to the good guy, he told Dixie to stop being a mark, and just be
the hot owner, we then heard the Jack Nickelson sounder, he said all
the guys in the back are going to agree with him on this topic, he
said she’s never had a match in her life, nor has she booked one. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Rielle Hunter on Oprah clips, Chris Brown Walks out of interview

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Ned’s 12 Inch Meaty
Mandingo (With a Side of Man Sauce)”. Bubba said that if you sign up
for the newsletter, you can download some stuff, ned said he’s too hot
for Satellite radio, Bubba said that would be like Tony Soprano being
told that he used too many F words, he said you should have your kids
listen to the 911 call about guns. John said he got shot when he was
14, Bubba said he was down playing it, John said he got shot in the
ass, it went through right near his zipper. Bubba said he’ll meet with
mark tomorrow about getting kids free lessons, he said even if you
don’t have guns, take your kid anyway, he said he was a boy scout, he
said it’s like a crutch for lazy Dads. Scotty the body came on, he
said he’s 44 today, Bubba thinks he’s not that excited about wrestling
turd. Scotty said that guns don’t kill people, people kill people.
Bubba said Spice sent him something, he said it’s a list of hot women
in radio, he said Mandy Rivers was good at voice-over work, he thinks
some guy did this just to be a sicko. We then heard a clip of Oprah
interviewing Rielle Hunter John Edwards’s mistress, Bubba thinks it
doesn’t sound right, he wishes he could have an afternoon TV show.
Spice said attorney and Politician are two jobs where you can’t trust
the individual in question, the guys goofed on her saying she bought a
cell phone for him, Bubba thinks she wanted to get caught, Spice then
did his “Bitch I told You”, the guys cracked up John Edwards saying he
doesn’t know if it’s him. Bubba said the last person he wants to see
have sex is himself, the guys cracked when Rielle said they probably
shouldn’t have made the sex tape, bubba thinks after it would be made,
you’d want to smash it to the enth degree, he thinks you would burn
it, he said John Edwards is just some nerd, Spice wonders what he’s
doing, Brent said he has plenty of money, Spice thinks people will
spit in his food, Bubba thinks they had to glue two football helmets
for OJ, as his head was big. We then heard a clip of Chris Brown
walking out of an interview, bubba said he doesn’t like when people in
real life sound lazy, Spice said he polished himself up in one
interview, Bubba said Chris Brown is an angry, lazy guy who talks down
to people. Spice said at least it wasn’t a female DJ, we then heard
Manson’s “Chris Brown Song” from “Bubba’s New and misc Hits Vol. 9”,
track 7, and “the Clemulus Package” disc 3, track 17. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Kevin Hayslett, Pit-bull attack

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for bubba’s appearance at
Lumber liquidators this Saturday. Bubba thanked Al from Skin
Industries, he said Al did the Ned Dragons shirt, he said you see that
kind of stuff for about $50-$60, the site is SkinIndustries.com. We
then heard Kevin Hayslett’s bumper, bubba thinks Kevin ended up
marking out to TNA. Kevin cracked up when he told Kevin he was marking
out, Spice said he was supposed to be doing lawyer stuff, he recapped
what Kevin had said on his Twitter, Kevin said Spice was right, Bubba
thinks jay would be much stronger, he thinks Jay would sit front row
for more evidence. Kevin said the deal was sealed after the interview,
Bubba had no idea what he was talking about, Brent said he was talking
about her admitions on the Cowhead Show, Kevin said it’ll be a huge
problem for her. Spice asked what party they’ll be going after, Kevin
said you have to first look at the criminal charge, he said bubba is
the victim, he had no way to prepare for what would happen next, he
said bubba’s comment has nothing to do with Haiti, he said the whole
thing is Bizzar. Bubba asked Kevin if he was familiar with the Grandma
getting beat up case, Kevin said yes, Bubba recapped the situation for
him, Kevin said he’ll take it, Bubba thinks it would be better if
Kevin calls her, Spice said she won’t be the one who picks up the
phone, Bubba ribbed Kevin a little for sitting front row at TNA. We
then heard a news clip about a Pit-bull attack, Bubba wondered if the
phrase “Pit-bulls are Crazed” is the working title of a song, Manson
said yes. Ross came on, saying bubba will have no problem selling out,
Bubba told the guy to pass the word on. Bubba thinks there are some
Catholic priests who aren’t interested in little boys, but they’re
guilty by association, Spice wonders why you would take the chance,
Bubba said he likes John Morgan, saying he was money, he thinks a
Pit-bull wouldn’t be able to bite through his stomach, Ned said Free
liposuction, he then denied saying that, Bubba thinks the woman in the
clip is lawyered up. We then heard Manson’s “Pit-bulls are Crazed”.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Spice’s Cat discussed

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Btls Newsletter.
Bubba thinks the day has flown by. Joy said she’s a vet, she said
Pit-bulls are illegal in some counties, she said whenever they have
someone come in; they can’t say it’s a Pit-bull. Bubba asked about
Chawawas, Joy said they’ve got the nastiest mouths ever, you think
you’ll get an infection if one bites you. Bubba asked if they’re bread
to be aggressive, Joy said the jaw is what to look for. Bubba said the
American Bulldog looks violent; Brent said that it was an English
bulldog. Joy said she had a dog that was 80 pounds, she thinks the
chain was three or four inches thick, she said the dog was jumping all
over everything, the dog would try to lick her face off, the dog’s
teeth got her in the eye. Bubba said Heather dog doesn’t like him very
much, he thanked her for calling, he wishes they could find a vet that
was hot, Spice said he regrets getting him, he said he took in a stray
cat, he said cat urine and cat poop has got to be the worst smell
ever, he said he can’t deal with it anymore. Bubba asked Spice how he
found the cat, Spice said the cat followed him one day, Ned thinks the
cat knows Spice is a sucker, Spice said he had no idea if it’s a male
or a female. Bubba proposes they adopt the cat, Spice said no, he said
his place is a harry mess, he said he’s a made to a cat, he said his
dog is enough work; he said it’s emotionally draining him, Bubba
thinks Spice’s cat is preventing them from being syndicated. Spice
said he feels bad keeping him in, he said he’d hate to lock him up
forever. Bubba asked about the time when the cat was gone, Spice said
he was gone for a day, he said he went looking for the cat like a
mark, he said the cat was clawing up his furniture, Bubba told him he
needs to learn how to sacrifice stuff, Bubba proposes declawing the
cat, Spice proposes euthanizing the cat in three days, they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Tucker Carlson

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Bubba said Tucker is about eight minutes away, he said he has to
get into some emails taken care of, he thinks Dr. Joe Saturley has not
much a glorious job. the first email of the day said the kid in the
911 call had too much knowledge about guns. Another emailer said they
don’t have guns in the house, yet they listened to the 911 call twice.
Another emailer said Dixie has some black characters on the show,
racially insensitive doesn’t work. Carmella said she’s not a big fan
of the sow, her boss makes her listen every day, she thinks he
deserves what he gets for not pressing charges soon enough. Bubba said
he appreciated her being stupid, he thinks the boss is quite the
special person for putting up with her. Another emailer said Bubba was
still listed on TNA’s website, Bubba said they had a chance to turn
this into a work, but they didn’t, he said Dixie is too much of a mark
to do this. Another emailer asked the name of the company that deals
with helmets; Bubba said it’s Voodoo Wraps. Another emailer said Kevin
Eck used to work for WCW magazine. Another emailer said they found an
article about Italy getting in trouble for red light cameras, Brent
said he read the article last night, Bubba said the yellow light has
been shortened to the speed limit of the road, he said it’s big
brother at its finest, Brent said you get into constitutional issues,
as you’re not able to confront your accuser. Another emailer said
they’re looking for more performance, Bubba said put on a K&N filter,
and a jet performance chip on it. We then heard Tucker Carlson’s
bumper, Bubba apologized for putting him through the porter situation,
Tucker said that was the most interesting thing he’s heard in a long
time, he said the net effect was awful. Bubba said being smart, and
being able to connect words is half the battle; he said he’s dumb as
the day is long. Tucker said Porter was lacking rhythm, bubba said you
have to be interested in the other side. Tucker said if you’re going
to go on riffs, make it interesting. Bubba said they’ve had a long
relationship, he said they’re pandering to the people who recognize a
person like Tucker. Tucker said one of his reporters came to him, and
has said Bubba Army in interviews, he said the reporter didn’t know
about it. Brent said he saw some polling, he said the people who like
Ron Paul and hate Palin are the kind of people he agree with. Bubba
said we’re having a civil war within the Tea party, Brent said 47%
love Palin, while 53% support Ron Paul, and hate Palin, he said
Florida is a three race state. Bubba doesn’t get why Tucker is a Rubio
supporter, Tucker said he’s not a Florida voter, he thinks Charlie
will be another boring liberal. Bubba said the GOP is bad, but its
worse in Florida, he said Charlie is over it, he said they’ve
historically voted for GOP, he said it’s the good old boy left overs
from Bush. Tucker said the reason why Crist is running on the
independent platform, is that he was rejected, Bubba said Tucker
panders to the Republican party, he said Rubio is Obama of Florida.
Tucker said he’s not against Rubio, he said it makes him nervous.
Bubba said Rubio is no good, he wants anyone but Rubio; Brent said
Rubio is a member of the moral police. Tucker said there’s no Indian
tribes in Florida, Bubba told him to shut up, Brent said that the
Seminal tribe is unconquered. Tucker said some people open Casinos
over blood type, bubba said we need to get card games back in there,
he said they always use the bible as a way to regulate gambling,
Tucker said he’ll always defend the bible bangers, Bubba thinks he’s
pandering, he said no bible Bangers listen to the show, bubba said his
pastor emailed him, saying he did a good deed with the Teresa segment.
Tucker said he’s crawling through the gravel to kiss Bubba’s shoes,
Tucker said Charlie sucked up to the Teacher’s union, he said he’s
married to a teacher, Bubba said Tucker is stupid and uninformed,
Tucker said he loves SB6, Bubba said he vetoed that, he said sometimes
you can’t connect with kids, he said regardless of who you have, you
won’t always be effective. Tucker said the idea that we should never
measure teacher’s performance. Bubba said he’s not molding, he said
he’s shocking his way to the top, he said if his listeners had to be
tested, they’d be in trouble. Tucker said if you can’ be fired from
your job, should that provide an incentive, Brent said the bill was
bad. Bubba said he had both sheriffs on the show (April 5, 2010), he
then recapped how that went down, he said the bale bondsman wanted
every arrest to be a jailable offence, Tucker said he’s opposed to it
now, Bubba told him Rubio was behind that, Tucker said he’s on bubba’s
side on that one, he said he feels like a bit of expert, he said
Canada is a Great White waste of time, he said you don’t notice their
here until they say “about”, Bubba said Canadians are non violent
people, Tucker said Canada doesn’t have any shock jocks, Brent said
Howard lasted there for a while, Bubba said Tucker owns property
there, Tucker said he owns property there, for a pending invasion.
Bubba asked Tucker his thoughts on the immigration bill in Arizona,
tucker said he kind of likes it, he said he grew up on the border, he
said there’s a war going on in Mexico, he said the war will probably
spill into the boarder. Bubba said his problem is with people who are
against the bill, saying the constitutional rights are gone, he said
if you’re not here legally, you have no rights. Brent said his problem
is that the citizen has the right to sue a policeman, Bubba said the
last thing we need is to do is to sue people. Bubba said he doesn’t
like the red light cameras, Tucker said the purpose is to soak you and
take your money. Bubba said a guy recently beat a ticket, he said
people are getting more and more violations, he said there’s going to
be no bid contract, it’ll be an example of big brother, Tucker said we
let the federal government how much we can have, he said we’re sheep,
Manson said to look at all the immigrants protesting, yet we’re
watching American Idol. Spice asked about his Evonka Trump, Tucker
said her Dad is annoying, Brent said she’s hot. Bubba asked Tucker if
he was getting hot, Tucker said no, he said she’s really smart, Brent
said she was so hot; she had Howard Stern playing “Beer Pong” at Billy
Joel’s house. Bubba plugged theDailyCaller.com, Tucker said the guys
were the best, Bubba read the latest bills that got passed, he thinks
some of it might be good, Manson said it’s a sad state of affairs that
they made a law out of owning pythons. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com. Bubba
said they’re looking for Mexicans, Spice said they could do it with
the ones they have; he said you can email them Show@btls.com if you’d
like to participate. Officer Smith on protection said the Red Light
Cameras are a shakedown, saying that if you’re photographed, you have
to be identified, he doesn’t’ know how they do it, bubba said it’s
selective enforcement, he said this will all lead to underhanded
shadiness, he said the guy is in business for Florida, he said he
doesn’t like it. Officer smith said you have a basic speed limit, and
an absolute speed limit, he then explained the differences between the
two. Bubba wondered where it all stops, he said we’re getting screwed
with, he then asked how many speed cameras are in Miami, officer smith
said he didn’t know, Bubba said they’ve got long stretches of high
weigh in Arizona, he said he sees red he’s so mad about it, he said
there could be a day when our men and women are replaced by cameras,
he said he hates this Electronic stuff. DJ on protection said last
night at TNA, he said when they tried to get in, they were told that
if they had any Bubba Army stuff, they’d be thrown out for life, he
doesn’t get it, Bubba said it’s ran by a woman who is a mark, he said
that’s all he could say on that, he told him to stop going and stop
watching. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. mark

    where can i find “thank god i’m an altar boy”?

  2. Dick Hurts

    Bubber jumped the shark! He did it when he started putting TNA as his main topic and continues too. He is nothing but a guy who thinks he has the wrestling game conquerd and he is the largest mark of all. He uses wrestling term and logic in his show and thinks since he uses all the lingo etc. that he is all that, He is nothing more then a mark for himself and as much as I love the ned charecter manson does its run its course and is extremly stale. Anyone at this point who still thinks Ned is someone other then his father in law at shows and him in day to day shows is a dumb ass. Bubber wake up your stale and predictable.

  3. Mark in Orlando

    Bubba, you’ve been hustled by Hogan. Face it. He used you up for publicity and now people with Bubba Army gear are being kicked out of TNA events? Some friend. I remember when he called you up all excited about this big announcement coming up, but did he announce his joining TNA on your show? No? He just wanted your fans to boost his numbers, and be good little suckers, bring lots of money and leave their Bubba attire at home. The Universal thing should have been your first clue. The hustle continues, as somehow Dixie has you muzzled where you don’t say mum about TNA. And shut up about not getting quite enough media recognition for helping the 73-year-old grandma, it’s getting tiring to hear you put yourself over. Keep the heel act for your pro wrestling persona and get over yourself. Move on brother from that and Hogan. He’s a has-been, let Lex and Terry have him!

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