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Top Stories:
Mick Foley punched Bubba during last night’s TNA iMPACT
3-Year-Old Girl Killed in Alleged Carjacking
Unruly Airport Passenger Fought Police
New tip leads Aruba to search for missing US teen
Obama basks in glow of health care victory, but now comes the hard part: selling it to the people
Online ads offer free rent in exchange for sex

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Various stuff

Bubba started off by saying the music was provided by Grant, Spice
asked him how he was doing, Bubba said he’s been better, he then asked
Dave about his microphone, Dave said he never tightens it until Bubba
asks him. Bubba said today was one of the days he didn’t want to go to
work, he said he was laying in the shower, he said he was sucking
dried blood all night, Ned said he’s been there. Bubba said Mick Foley
came back and apologized for that, he then wonders who is smarter
between Tom the Treeman and Tyler, Tyler saw what happened, he then
said he practically had a tampon up his nose, he said he left there
about 12:30. Spice asked what happened, Bubba said he’ll get into it,
he then said the show was pretty good, he said he really enjoyed Ric
Flair in the wheelchair, Manson said he missed it, he said he was
playing Ping-Pong with Trace, he said he kills him in that. Bubba
wonders what Trace is really good at; Manson said he hasn’t kicked in
about a year. Spice said he fell asleep after the Flair thing, Bubba
said that Jeff Jarrett and Mick had a loser has to leave the company
kind of match, he said Mick lost, he told him not to let the door hit
him in the ass, Mick elbowed him, he was supposed to give him a Flair
chop, he said he was prepared for this fight, he thinks he’s the most
hated guy in the arena. Brad in Indiana, Bubba said he hated his coach
until a few years later. Brad said Jim was fantastic, Bubba liked how
Jim didn’t back down, Spice said you normally don’t get anything from
a guy like that, Bubba thinks between Richard Marx on Friday and
yesterday, it’s a breath of fresh air, he said he has to constantly
turn his mic off periodically, as he’s had dried blood/snot going on,
he then said Spice has a really good serve, Ned said he loved TNA.
Bubba recapped some sports scores, he asked someone to get The Blind
Side on DVD, he thinks Manson should step it up on the pop culture,
Spice proposes a pop culture quiz, Manson thinks he would kill Bubba,
Bubba thinks it’s a collaboration between Spice and Manson. We then
heard Ned’s “Dwight Howard song” from “Bubba show classics Vol. 10”,
track 16. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Joe Saturley calls in, birthdays and callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BubbaRaw.com live
chat with Bubba, Bubba came on saying that he won’t be able to do it;
Manson said he’ll fill in. Bubba then said he’ll be in North Carolina
this weekend, Spice thinks the plane will crash, Bubba told him not to
say that, he said Dr. Saturley told him he’s crazy, he thinks if he
didn’t include Tyler’s Mom, he’d look like the dick parent, Brent said
the courts frown upon that stuff. Bubba said it’s taken years of
talking with Joe to get the “I want to win” mentality out of his head,
he said when he gets ball game tickets, he gets some for Tyler’s Mom,
just in case he can’t make it, he said coe-parenting isn’t easy, he
then called up Saturley, he got sent to voicemail, he thinks Spice
would’ve killed himself if he had to do what he did. Bubba called up
Joe again, Spice thinks Joe looks like Teen Wolf’s Dad, Joe said he
liked that. Bubba asked Joe if he’s wrong for what he’s doing; Joe
said that Bubba is modeling for Tyler is great; he said Bubba gets a
chance to do stuff with Tyler that his Mom doesn’t get to. Bubba
thinks it’s not the most comfortable situation with Jenna. Joe said
kids have enough problems. Bubba said Spice sent him a link, he looks
like Teen Wolf, Joe said he’ll shave. Bubba asked him when his book
will come out; Joe said it’ll be out soon, Bubba thinks it’ll never
come out. John in Jacksonville thinks Bubba is doing a positive thing;
Bubba said he’s grown up. Tom in Ft. Meyers agreed with the previous
caller, he said his ex is just the opposite, Bubba said you can’t use
the kid as a possession or a pawn. Robby in Daytona asked what he says
when Julia’s Dad wants to go on vacation, Bubba said he gets along
with Heather’s former husband Kevin, he said the adults need to get
along for the kids, he then said he’s more of a face sleeper, he said
he tried some Xendream stuff, he said it’s pretty good, he thinks it’s
a smooth ride, he thinks the birthdays aren’t much to talk about, he
said everyone will remember John Wayne Bobbitt’s name will be
remembered as the guy who got his penis cut off, Spice wonders how you
don’t notice that, Ned thinks it wouldn’t be an easy task, Bubba
thinks it has to be a hacksaw job, he wonders what the search party
must’ve been like, Manson wonders what it would be like if you were
walking along the side of the road. Bubba thinks we were pathetic for
liking “Shaca Kon”, Spice he’d take this over Lady Gogo, Bubba said
he’d punch his Mom in the mouth if she named him “Shaca”, he thinks
she looks like a black Lion King. Bubba wondered about Jason kid,
Brent said he’s back with the Mavericks, Bubba remembers when Emmitt
Smith backed him down at Deion’s club. Spaz in Jacksonville said that
was quite a spud Mick put on him, he asked him if the meddle hit him,
Bubba said no, he thinks hitting the door jamb hurt. Spice wonders if
Bubba is broken in, he thinks maybe Mick was giving him one for the
boys, Bubba said he has to do something in Orlando today, he said the
girl who helped Flair out was hot, he thinks she’s money, he thinks
he’s everyone’s punching bag. Spice wondered what Hogan thinks, Bubba
isn’t sure, Ned thinks Hogan hates Bubba, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Bubba’s TNA Beat down, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
Tour, then into Ned’s “If I was Hulk Hogan”. Bubba thinks Gale doesn’t
listen to this kind of music, he thinks he’s pandering, Ned thinks
it’s crappy, Bubba asked that Gale be submitted to Bubba Court, he
then explained how it would go down, he then thanked Mike’s Pizza for
delivering some breakfast, he then said he couldn’t remember the name
of Ned’s sandwich, ned said it’s “Ned’s 12 Inch Meaty Mandingo (with a
side of man sauce)”. Bubba said Spice and 25 have been working on
something, Spice said they’ve managed to find a woman who slept with
Tiger, who hasn’t come to the media, Bubba said it could very well be
a false alarm. Spice said they didn’t feel comfortable dealing with
the caller from December 2, 2009, he said the girl fits Tiger’s
template. Bubba thinks having Kevin, Jay and Steve make a great dream
team, he said it’s not the gospel, he thanked her for deciding to go
on the show, he then asked Sluggo to put the clip of him getting his
nose busted on TNA on the website, he said it went kind of bad, Spice
was cracking up when Bubba said the emt shoved a tampon up his nose,
he thinks Eric is the most hated guy there. In the clip, Bubba is
telling Mick it’s his last fight, he told him to not let the door hit
him in the ass, Mick then broke his nose, he said he was swallowing
blood all night, he said you can’t fake that footage, Spice thinks the
board falling on Bubba just adds insult to injury. We then heard the
clip again, the guys were cracking up, Spice said he couldn’t help
laughing, Manson said he’d like a still of that, Spice thinks UFC
should sign Mick, he thinks that move wouldn’t be allowed, Manson said
he thought it was good, he thinks Mick laid it in there, he said he’d
like to watch the slow motion. Bubba thinks they should put this up on
the website, then replace it with the slowed footage, Ned thinks Mick
is his hero, Spice thinks Mick is like Chris Brown. Bubba said what
really made him mad was the fans thinking it was fake, he said he
knows wrestling is entertainment, he said he’s tired of the counter
programmers. Bubba took a call from a guy who said the shot Bubba took
was impressive, he said you can tell a real shot from a fake shot.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Ronnie Brown, tickets

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BubbaRaw.com
dollar preview, then into a news clip about Michael Jackson’s doctor,
then into “blame It on the Propofol” from “bubba Show classics Vol.
11”, track 3. Bubba wonders what it’s like to be the Ferret’s
assistant, Spice said he can only imagine how mad Tiger’s wife will
be. Bubba said if the texts are real, you’ve got problems, he then
said Ronnie Brown got arrested for a dui, he said he hates it when the
parents say the guy is black, he said either you’re drunk or you’re
not, he thinks NFL guys should stay out of Georgia, the guys then
acted like Southerners talking about busted tail lights, he thinks
when it’s 4:29 in the morning, and no one is behind or ahead of you,
do you really need the turn signal, Manson said he pulled the guy over
for failure to be white. Bubba thinks it’s BS he thinks the charge
could be beat, Spice as a southern guy said he didn’t see anyone
driving a car. Jason in Jacksonville said he and his girlfriend had
gotten pulled over twice in Georgia, the first time he got a warning,
Spice as a Southern guy said “Warning, black people ahead”. The guy
said the next time he go pulled over was because his tag light was
out. Bubba thinks it’s a shakedown, he said everyone wants to fine tax
their way out of budgets, he said he’d like a cop to comment on this.
Brent said that some cops get forms that say they need to pay
attention for safety, Manson thinks getting a message across with an
iggy is the easiest thing to do. Joe on protection said Bubba hit the
nail on the head. Fred on protection said he did 22 years in Tampa, he
said your evaluation is based on writing tickets, he said the book has
to be filled up. Max in Georgia said they have goals they have to
meet, at least one ticket a night. Bubba said they had a girl contact
them, claiming to have had sex with Tiger Woods. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Devin James

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Dragons shirt.
Bubba then plugged the NC Double D’s contest, he then introduced
Devin, she said she lives in Tampa, she said she contacted
Twenty-five, she said the texts go from the end of 2006 through all of
2007, and most of 2008. Bubba said they’re talking about her
relationship with Tiger, she said she felt bad for him, she said she
met Tiger at a shop, one of her friends called her up. Bubba thinks
her friend didn’t know who it was, Devin said it would take place at
her friends place. Bubba doesn’t get why Tiger would do this, Manson
wonders how he got away with this for so long. Bubba asked if she was
there before him, she said she walked in about ten minutes after, she
said Tiger was a great guy, she said she tried to be cool when she saw
it was him, she said he introduced himself to her. Spice asked if they
talked much, Devin said no, saying that she got into action, she said
at the time, her friend was single, she’s now in a serious
relationship, she said she didn’t know he was married until their
second encounter, Spice thinks it’s part of the escort code. Bubba
asked her how much did Tiger pay her, she said he gave her about
$4,000, she said porn was on, she said it was for a couple of hours,
she said it was dirty stuff. Bubba asked if he’s into the degrading
stuff, she said no, she said he did a lot of dirty talk, she got his
number after. Spice asked her what he said when she got his number,
she said she has no idea what Tiger locked her in as, she think it was
a 407 area code. Bubba asked who called who, she said a few weeks
later, he called her up for some stuff, she said this one was in
Tampa, she said it was a nice in-call location. Bubba wondered how he
didn’t get recognized, she said she only did him in a hotel once.
Spice asked if they were ever in a social setting, she said no. Bubba
asked if he was real complimentary of her, she said yes, she said he
brought up that he was married, she thinks he told her too much stuff,
she said he told her how dangerous out calling was. Bubba said Tiger
is really possessive, Devin said yes to this, saying that the guys
have no interest, she said she was uncomfortable hearing about his
wife. Bubba wondered if he ever called Devin a whore, she said not to
her face, but in other forms, she said after the first meeting, it
went from therapy to sex, she said he liked it rough. Spice asked if
he used toys, she said no, she said she only started doing porn this
year. Bubba asked her how they can validate this, she said you’ll see
the dates, she said his fantasy was to be with her before she became a
porn star. Bubba asked her what porn he liked, she said it’s stuff she
never did. Spice asked her if she ever suggested a divorce, Devin said
no, she said she remembers September 28, 2008, as it was her Mom’s
birthday, she said it was when she was dating another man, Spice
validated a Bucs game was taking place that day, he then confirmed
that tiger Woods was there. Bubba wondered if Tiger ever tried to
cover himself up, Devin said he would wear his hat down. Bubba asked
what he’d pay per session. Bubba asked if she met anyone who was
really odd, Devin said no, she said Tiger was by far, the craziest.
Bubba asked her if she’s got any more information, he asked her if he
has any characteristics, she said he has some freckles on his left ass
cheek. Bubba asked if he was well hung, Devin said for her, he was
large. Bubba wondered if she’s embarrassed, she said she’s talked with
her husband about it, she said she tried not to read anything about
that, she then said that on August 13, 2008, she drove to Orlando to
see him, he introduced her to some of the Bucs. Spice wondered what
took her so long, Bubba said he’s just recapping what the nay sayers
would say, she said she’s gone over this, she said that on August 13,
Tiger was saying how miserable he was. Spice asked what her husband’s
reaction was, she said he was shocked. Bubba asked if she has any
voicemails, she said she has one, Bubba thinks that’s all they’ll
really need, Spice said he really believes her story. Devin said when
she got married, she felt bad, she said when he told her he was
married, it disgusted her. Bubba said he doesn’t want to implicate
anyone, he said the guy has a problem. Spice thinks tiger turned her
out. Bubba asked if Tiger ever choked her out, Devin said no, saying
he used to pull her hair and pin her down, she said Tiger never used a
condom. Spice asked her I she ever asked about condoms, Devin said
yes, she said when she had to go to the Bunny Ranch, she had to get
tested. Bubba asked her about how many times did they have sex, Devin
said multiple times, even though they had about six or seven meetings.
Spice said Devin doesn’t have much to gain, Devin sad it really upset
her husband. Spice said if she has any skeletons in her closet to come
out now, Bubba said the National media will try to rip her to shreds.
Devin said she got arrested for prostitution, she said she saw him
after her arrest. Bubba asked her if she had a drug problem, she said
she had a cocaine problem. Bubba asked if they ever did drugs
together, even said no, she said it was an embarrassing issue. Spice
asked her if she’s still doing escort stuff, Spice said he’s getting
stuff from CraigsList.com, Devin said she doesn’t go there anymore,
she said she doesn’t need to be caught by the cops. Bubba wondered how
she got arrested, he thinks it was her calling them up, she said
that’s how it happened. Bubba asked her when the last time was that
she got arrested, she said it was around the beginning of this year,
Spice thinks a felon porn star takes it up a notch. Bubba asked her if
she ever had an abortion, Devin said no, she said she had a
miscarriage when she was younger. Bubba said they’re not being dicks
with the questions, he said they’re just making sure, Spice said her
picture is up on BTLS.com. Bubba thanked her for giving the exclusive,
he said she’s not looking for a payday. Manson said she doesn’t sound
like a liar, Bubba thinks they should call Donna, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – A Ned Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BubbaRaw.com live
chat, then into “White Wife of tiger” from “Bubba Show classics Vol.
12”, track 3. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BubbaRaw.com
dollar preview. We then heard Ned’s thoughts on Tiger Woods. Bubba
said he’s got Steve Langford on, he thinks his nose isn’t busted, he
said it’s stopped bleeding, he then said the pope is issuing a letter
of apology about child molestation, Bubba thinks the drunken Irish are
bringing the Catholic church down, Brent said the Pope’s brother has
admitted to abusing children, not sexually, he said this is going on
because of Religion. We then heard a news clip about Nattily Halaway,
Spice thinks it looks like an underwater picture, Bubba thinks an
Aruban diving team consists of really high people, Spice thinks
they’re from Brooklyn, Manson piled on. We then heard a news clip
about a dog dying from bee stings, Spice said they used to have
diagrams of the bees going across the ocean. Bubba thinks it’s a
Jamaican story, ned said he’d set the tree on fire, Bubba asked for
the guys to redact the audio, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 8 – Steve Langford

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Dragons shirt.
Bubba had Steve Langford on, Steve asked Bubba if he was okay, Bubba
said he’s okay for the most part. Steve said he knows nothing about
wrestling, he wondered if it’s a stunt that went wrong, Bubba said
yes, he said it was a spot that went bad, he said Mick apologized for
it going down the way it went. Steve asked if Bubba was mad, Bubba
said no, he said they were going to have a little bit of a scuffle.
Steve asked if he broke the noise, Bubba said he’s going to get it
x-rayed, he said the bleeding came from a cut he got on the bridge, he
said most of it is a black and blue area. Steve said the picture of
Bubba would make someone tink blood was there. bubba said the blood
was mainly from a sign, he said the picture was taken about 40 minutes
after. Steve said that Awesome Kong left TNA, Bubba said he knows
about as much as the next person, he thinks she made a mistake by
leaving, Steve said he would watch it. Bubba said never has a black
woman and a white man fought in wrestling, he said it could’ve been
wonderful. Ned said he was spent, Bubba thinks Ned did the least work
today. Bubba said Jabberjaw edited the audio of the clip he played
earlier, with the reporter edited out. Bubba thinks it’s second place
to the remote control one, he thinks he can’t challenge it, which we
then heard. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. kc

    I thought James Bubba Stewart was to be on the show? They said during the show he was coming up and they never had the interview on, they just had devon 1 of Tigers mistress’ on. What Happened? Does Sirius edit the replay in the afternoon?

  2. Justin Smith

    What happened to the interview with James Bubba Stewart. I was really pumped when you said he was coming on and it was never mentioned again. Motorcross in Flordia is HUGE. Seems like Bubba has plenty of time for that hill billy Nascar stuff and that GAY wrestling stuff, but zero Motorcross talk. Spice needs to line up Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart for interviews. They live close to you all and the show would get alot more fans if you threw a little moto stuff in every so often. Thanks Justin

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