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Top Stories:
Woman beaten in NYC bar after rejecting advances
Severed Human Remains Found In Sutter County
Spilled Milk Led to Toddler’s Death
Father abandons baby near Universal Studios to look for drunken mother
Standoff at south Tampa apartment complex
Leavitt suing South Florida over firing
USPS worker caught delivering more than mail

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Bubba runs out of gas

Bubba started the show by saying the music was provided by Dave Rice,
Ned guessed it was Rob Zombie, saying it was good stuff, Bubba is
shocked that March is already half way gone, he then said he ran out
of gas on the bridge, he likes it when your car tells you that you’re
out of gas, he said Twenty-five is his savior, it only took him 16
minutes, Spice thinks Bubba should have Twenty-five on his pit crew,
he went on to say that he got his hair cut, he said Heather hates when
he gets it cut. Spice said he watched a little TNA, Manson thinks
Jimmy Hart looks good for his age, Bubba said he’s in good shape.
Spice said Ric Flair was cutting himself last night, Bubba said that
he’s been going to bed around 7, Manson said that he went to bed
around 11, Spice is shocked that Manson stays up the latest, Bubba
thinks this is just a four hour pit stop for Ned, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – mails, Ferret

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army hard
Hat. Bubba said a bunch of his emails are from people in Canada,
advising him not to go to a 2500 seat venue, but rather a 7400 seat
venue, he thinks he should look at some prices, he said he’s always
been a chance taker. Manson thinks if Bubba sold 4,000 tickets, he’d
be okay. Bubba went over some birthdays, Ned thinks Chuck was getting
ass while on “The Love Connection”, Bubba liked how he’d flash his
watch before the sow would go to commercials, he then said he’d like a
five thousand dollar bill, as James Madison is supposedly on it, Brent
said you can get a thousand dollar bill, Manson said Willson is on the
one hundred thousand dollar bill, they don’t make them anymore. Steve
in Orlando said some Bubba Army signs were on TNA last night, he then
asked about Jeff hardy, Bubba thinks Dixie won’t let him go. The first
email of the day said some radio show was interviewing Jessica
Simpson, the emailer thinks Jessica has heard the show, as she said
Mcgillicutty, Manson said he’s heard it outside the show. Another
emailer said the caller “Road Dog” from yesterday was dead on about
the regulations, Bubba finds it ridiculous, Brent said the people at
the weigh stations can mess with anyone. Another emailer suggested a
venue that’s about 5,000 plus. Another emailer said they suffer from
PTSD, the emailer said all they’d like is for our Country to recognize
him, Brent said he doesn’t even deal with the VA, he said he doesn’t
have all day to sit there. Another emailer wondered why there’s no
support for the floods in America. Another emailer suggested some
places in Canada; Bubba said he likes the stampede. Another emailer
wondered when Bikes for Badges will be, Bubba said it’ll be May 22.
Another emailer thinks the people from Alberta sound like hillbillies.
Another emailer was about Michelle Baker. Another emailer explained
some stuff in Canada. The last email of the day said selling out a
venue in Canada would be a stretch. Bubba called the Ferret, he picked
up a few seconds later, he said he was getting ready to go to work,
Bubba thinks Ferret is always in cover my ass mode at all times, he
thinks he was dead ass asleep. Ferret said he normally gets up around
this time, he said there’s no text on his phone, Bubba thinks the
Ferret is frantically erasing it. Bubba said he’d like to do the
Stampede, Ferret said he talked to them on Friday, Bubba thinks only
he could fill that place up, he thinks the Ferret is talking down to
him, he said he should do the Stampede, Spice sarcastically thinks
Ferret is a ball of energy, Ferret said he was writing notes, Bubba
told Russ to get the right building, he thinks Russ is being a dick,
Spice said it’s hard to tell. John in Atlanta wondered if Bubba will
leave satellite, Bubba said he’s not getting into it, he said whatever
happens happens, he got distracted by the coe driver, he said it’s
between his agent and Sirius. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 3 – Ric flair, caller seeks advice

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BubbaRaw.com
dollar preview. Bubba said someone gave him a DVD of Ric Flair from
last night, Spice said you can almost hear the razor going across his
forehead, Bubba thinks Ric should’ve worn a light T-shirt, he cracked
up hearing Ric say he hates Jeff Hardy, he asked Big Dick to burn the
whole thing on DVD, just in case his DVR didn’t work. We then heard a
clip of Jessica Simpson on The view, Bubba wonders how Barbara Walters
has made the money she has, Manson thinks she and Larry King need to
go away, Spice said all guys want to do is undress her, Bubba thinks
no one wants to talk to her as she’s dumb, he thinks the show is a
bunch of old hens, he thinks Tasha is a breath of fresh air, Spice
said he has a problem keeping up with Bubba’s tweets. Tiffany in South
Florida said TNA wasn’t as good as it was last week, she thinks Ric
Flair is old, Bubba hung up on her. James in Virginia said he lost his
job, his girl is pregnant, Spice said Abortion city, the guy said he’d
like to keep it. We then heard “Dueling Der Ders” under the guy. Bubba
asked him how old he was, the guy said he’s 21, he said he used to
work on computers. Bubba told Manson to comment on this situation,
Bubba wonders if the guy should even bring a kid in the world, Manson
thinks the marriage won’t last, he thinks they have no chance as it
is. The guy said his Grand Dad is paying for the wedding, Bubba
suggested the guy go to counseling. Spice asked how far along is she,
the guy said two months, he said she’ll agree to get an abortion.
Bubba said he doesn’t’ want to be an abortion guy, Spice thinks James
has a plan, James said he’ll take care of the kid, the guys don’t
think it’s a plan, James said he’s thinking about getting a tech
degree, he said he’s got about four months. Spice suggested the guy
get a part-time job. Bubba asked James where he lives, James said he
lies with a friend, he said his parents don’t even talk to him
anymore; his girlfriend’s parents are dead, Manson thinks an abortion
is on the rise. Bubba decided to hand it over to the listeners; Spice
suggests they do 20 calls like they normally do. Bubba thinks James is
thick headed, he thinks the guy should adopt; the guy said everything
was fine until two weeks ago. Bubba offered to pay for the abortion,
the guy said he needs advice and a job, he thinks Bubba is right about
that, Bubba told the guy to think of them like Dads, he said Dr. Joe
Saturley said “ell the baby”, he told the guy he has to plan ahead,
the guy said he had everything on straight, he thinks having the kid
isn’t such a good idea. Bubba wondered if there could be health
complications, he wondered if they’ve ever talked about getting an
abortion, James said before school today, he said she doesn’t’ want to
raise a kid under the current pretenses, he thinks bringing another
person in the world isn’t such a good idea for him. Dan said about
twenty years ago, he joined the Military, he said he’s been there for
a long time, he said he’s getting a lot of money, Bubba thinks he
could join the Military, he thinks it’s a great option. John said Dan
blew his idea out of the water, he told James to grow a set of balls
and get a job. Mike in Jacksonville said the guy doesn’t need to join
the military, as enough dumbasses are in it already. Bubba thinks
they’re realists. Nicole in Richmond thinks they should just have it,
Spice thinks money should dictate what you do. Brent said you’re
dealing with someone who has a problem with abortion; he thinks he was
off base. Jeff in Tampa said grab a vacuum. Jason in Jacksonville said
the guy should scratch, pull and grind. Bubba said it’s a tough world
out there, he thinks James isn’t taking a realistic approach; he said
he’d like to hear a woman’s perspective. Sherry said she was 18 when
she had her first kid, she said it was incredibly hard, she suggested
abortion. Donnie in Tampa told the guy to look forward two years, as
it’s going to be worse. Jessica thinks they should go to the clinic,
she said she had an abortion; she said it’s difficult even now. Kim
suggested abortion; she said she’s tired of keeping these people up.
Rob said go to the clinic. Bubba went back to James, James thinks
Bubba is right, Bubba thinks it’s creepy, James said a lot of her
friends are saying to abort the kid, Ned asked if the guy has a flight
of stairs, Bubba put him on hold to get his info. We then heard
“Sounds Like An Abortion” from “bubba show classics Vol. 11”, track
10. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – James from Richmond turns out to be a prank, Top five urban

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BubbaRaw.com
dollar preview. Bubba took a call from Kayla, who identified herself
as the girl James was talking about; James said he’d like to take her
to the clinic. Kayla came back on, Bubba said he doesn’t want her to
do anything she doesn’t want to do, she said they’ve talked about it,
Spice it doesn’t sound like a girl, Bubba thinks the caller should
just hang up, the guys think he’s putting them on. Bubba thinks it’s
all a fake, he asked that they say hi at the same time, Ned told the
guy his Phil Hendrie gig is up, the guy hung up a few seconds later.
We then heard a bumper for the top five countdown, the genre is Urban.
Bubba thinks Urban music is all about talking down to people, Spice
said it’s catchy, Bubba thinks Spice is doing this to piss him off, he
stopped and started the song to comment, Ned liked the part about
beating her body like a Congo. Manson thinks Bubba likes it, Bubba
said he’s disgusted by it, Manson said they don’t rhyme like they used
to. We then heard “Becky” as example of stuff that doesn’t rhyme the
guys goofed on Plies’s voice. Bubba told the guys they have no idea
what this stuff does to him. We then heard some Mary J Blige, Manson
said he’s looking for music not to have a baby to. Bubba said that at
least he can understand her. We then heard “It Kills Me”, Bubba said
he likes when girls sing, he thinks you can hear segals in the song,
he thinks she’s getting after it; Manson said this is too slow for his
taste. We then heard “Say Something”, Bubba didn’t like it, he thinks
it all sounds the same, he said this stuff makes him want to take a
nap, he then wishes he was black, Manson thinks Bubba wouldn’t have
made it out of Warsaw, Manson said he can’t take it. We then heard
some Robin Thick, Bubba had no idea about the show “Growing Pains”, he
said he was making a living while they watched stuff like that, Spice
thinks it sounds like Michael Jackson, Bubba thinks he has rubber
bands on his testicals. We then heard “Staying Alive”, Bubba thinks
Robin Gibbs is touching himself to that kind of music; Manson thinks
they should play this for Bubbapalooza. Bubba then went back and forth
between the two songs, Spice thinks Plies is just false, Bubba thinks
Robin Thick is a white boopity, Spice as an old guy said this used to
be cool stuff, he thinks some parts of the song are stupid, Bubba
thinks it sounds like someone is getting killed in the background, he
said he has an idea, Manson thinks Robin Thick brings the party down.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Bubbapalooza New Orleans announced, JD on TMZ

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BubbaRaw.com
dollar preview. Bubba said the music reminds him of Bubba’s Beach
club, he said they used to play it a lot, he then said Saturday
September 11 is when Bubbapalooza new Orleans will happen, he said
they’ll offer the tickets to the Bubba Army and Bubba Raw people, he
said he’d like to be in Canada in either June or July. Bubba said some
fat white girl killed William Shakespeare, he said he screws up
history, Spice thinks she looks like Greg the Hammer, Brent said she
can’t use that money. We then heard a news clip about that, saying DD
More’s public defender backed out. We then heard a news clip about
Erin Andrews’s stalker getting sentenced to 30 months, Spice thinks
it’s not enough. Bubba thinks the guy thought he was getting a lot of
love during the time when the video was being uploaded; he said the
punishment isn’t tough enough, Brent thinks the judge should’ve gone
off the script when the guy was caught looking at other girls. We then
heard a news clip about an Orlando man who put his kid in the bushes
at Universal Studios while looking for someone, Bubba thinks even a
few minutes is a long time, he said Tyler wanted to go to Mike’s
Pizza, he told Tyler to lock the doors, only to unlock them until he
saw him, he felt bad about that, Spice said it’s one of those “what
if’s”. Manson said he would trust B-Fudd to watch a child, more than
normal people, bubba said B-Fudd is able to travel nicely. We then
heard a news clip about John Edwards’s mistress. Bubba took a call
from a guy who said they love the show in Canada, the guy thinks Bubba
has no idea about the following his show has, he said they’ll sell out
twice over. Bubba said this isn’t last minute pandering, the guy said
they appreciate it, the guy said a second show would give him a chance
to get in touch with the fan base. Jarrid in Orlando said JD from
Howard was on TMZ, Bubba said he’s happy for him, Spice hopes he got
laid. We then heard the clip about that, Bubba thinks she’s pretty hot
looking, he wonders why he likes white so much, the then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Various callers, Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Dragons shirt.
Bubba thinks the fine people of Canada will come through for them, he
then read an article about Plies going to court, he’s been sued for
breach of contract, Bubba said he’d like for the guy to get a
judgment, he’s surprised Manson hasn’t hung out with him, Manson said
he’s been waiting for him to show up at Beefs, the guys then goofed on
his voice. Bubba said stupid is stupid, he said Captain Janks no
showed some clubs, Spice said the after partiers are the best. Randy
in new Mexico said he has second hand information, on the acceleration
problem could be a software glitch in the computer, which is why it
can’t be duplicated, Bubba thinks some of it is a copy cat, he thinks
the Government has hung Toyota out to dry, he thinks it’s the pile-on
factor, Manson said he’s not worried. John in Michigan said he’s a big
fan of the show, Bubba thinks he’s talking with a radio guy, he said
he listens to the show in the afternoons, he thinks Hogan is too old
to be out there, Spice thinks the guy likes Ned in a gay way. John sad
he’s written to the show, Bubba thinks it’s stalker chat, Bubba said
he’ll thank him for being a fan. Ron in Austin Texas said about two or
three weeks ago, he got an email from a girl in Russia who said her
family was killed, trying to get him to send money, he said it’s the
same thing over and over again, Bubba said all that stuff is to get
you to sign up, he said that stuff isn’t real. The guy said he googled
the email account, Spice thinks the guy is a modern day Columbo. The
guy remembers the Rat Milkshake, Bubba said they have the Homeless
Green beer challenge tomorrow, he can’t say what the twist is, as the
homeless people listen to the show. He then read an article about
something that tells your life story after you die, Spice thinks it’s
really cool, Manson wonders who cares, Spice wonders what Ned’s would
say. Bubba ran down how his would go, Manson said he wouldn’t want
people to visit his grave, Spice said Manson has quite a legacy. We
then heard Hogan’s bumper, Bubba thinks TNA pulled down some good
numbers, Hogan then asked about Wednesday or Thursday, Bubba thinks
Thursday. Spice thinks flair needs a blood transfusion, Hogan said he
has a screw loose, he said they had hardy VS AJ, Bubba thinks Hogan
was calling a match. Hogan said Vince is bringing back Stone Cold,
Bubba said he was going to say that, he thinks the rock wouldn’t come
back to wrestle, he thinks Goldberg is being disrespectful, Hogan said
he never learned to work. Bubba thinks Thursday at 3:30 would work,
Hogan said they’ll do it; Bubba sarcastically thanked him for jobbing
him out, Hogan said he’s the dog on the curb. Bubba thinks the
Ultament Warrior was the most limited guy ever, Hogan said he was bad,
he said he used to scan for rats in the front row. Bubba asked him how
the big house is doing, he thinks they should put it on EBay, Spice as
Jimmy hart said some stuff, Bubba thinks Bubba Dudley could stretch
him, Brent thinks it’s failure to control his employees, Bubba said
he’ll kill Awesome Kong, Hogan thinks Kong would kill Bubba. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Jeff the Drunk calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Ned’s 12 inch meaty
Mandingo (with a side of man sauce)”. We then heard manson’s “Hogan
operator” from “Bubba show classics Vol. 7”, track 2, and “The Kabuki
Project”, track 15. Bubba said he really love Rev Theory, he thinks
they were the guys who got their bus ripped off (RV). Spice said Kevin
was working with them directly, Bubba said Kevin is one way at times,
he then called Kevin. We then heard Kevin’s bumper, Bubba wondered
about the Rev Theory situation, Kevin said one of the party was in
bankrupsy, he said you can’t go forward until the company has filed
for chapter 13 or chapter 11. Bubba then said anything porno should be
dot triple x; Manson said people won’t be scared away by it. Bubba
said the nice thing is that you can block a dot triple X website, he
then read an article about a guy who was arrested for fondling an 11
year-old girl while she was asleep, he thinks the Mom should be
arrested for allowing this to happen, Manson thinks the kid should be
out of the house, Ned said you can’t get to 14 beers until later in
the day. Bubba read that Michael Jackson is a part of the largest
recording contract, Manson wonders who gets the money, Spice said he
was the richest broke guy he’s ever seen. Jeff the drunk came on, he
said he has about 14 a day, Bubba told him to be clean mouth Jeff
today, he said he was just calling to say hi, he wondered if he could
get the Ned shirt, ned told him to get the name right, Jeff wasn’t
sure on the name of the shirt, ned told him he was getting nothing.
Spice wonders who would win in a fight, he thinks ned would own Jeff;
the guys goofed on Jeff’s voice. Spice thinks Jeff is a drunker
version of Ned, Jeff said he used to stamp hands at the pool, he said
he’s never touched a kid; he claims to have met the Dali Lama. Spice
wonders who would win in a fight, Jeff thinks Dali would win. Jeff
said the name of the shirt like Ned does; Bubba said they’ll put him
on hold They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various news, Bubba’s old house discussed

Bubba told the Calgary fans that they’re working on an event, he asked
them to not make him look like an idiot, he then read that Kevin Garn
paid a woman a lot of money for going nude when she was a minor, Spice
hopes he got his money back, Bubba said this is a problem either way
you look at it, Brent read that the guy is a Mormon, Bubba wonders why
his friends are crying, he thinks the people of Utah don’t have a
problem with it, he thinks the judgment was a mistake, he said he’ll
take drunk driving over a guy who went hot tubing with a woman younger
than he is, he thinks they should move to Utah, he then read an
article about Utah holding women liable for illegal abortions, Spice
said this just shows how strange Politics are, Manson said that church
really keeps women down. Bubba asked about Paul Ryan, Brent said he’s
got the best answer to health care, Bubba then read an article about
him, he said everyone is making the guy out to be a jackass, Brent
said employees can buy insurance from anywhere they’d like, Bubba said
he’d save about twelve thousand a month, he then said Tim Tebow scored
below on the Wonder Lick test, he then went over some scores, he then
read an article about a guy who won $150, he met two women who wanted
to party with him, only to get held at gun point in the shower. Spice
said he had a one night stand, where he thinks the woman is going to
steal from him, Bubba said he used to beep himself, saying the station
called him, he said he’d act like he was driving to the station, he
said cocoa has told girls in the past to put on their cleats and get
to steppin’. Bubba said they had some girls over at his house one
time, he sent out a limo to pick them up, he said the girls weren’t
being cool, he said he was very specific about putting out, Spice as
Bubba said some stuff, he said he knows how to work. Bubba said he had
some hot girls eating pizza, he said they were un manageable, he said
they were there for about an hour, it was obvious no one would get
some, he then said he gave Cocoa the hook signal, Cocoa told the girls
to get going. Bubba said at the same party, it was when his upstairs
was a balcony, some girl ran up to it, Blitz K tried to tell her to
go, she threatened to jump, he said to just let her, saying she’d just
hit the swing set, he thinks Cocoa had to drag her out of the house,
he thinks he’s getting old, Spice said that hookers are in
foreclosure, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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