Tuesday, March 08, 2011

March 8th, 2011 by Staff

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Recap by Blind Lawrence

Segment 1 – Various Stuff

Bubba started by saying they can’t do something with Twenty-five, he
then told Manson he heard some of his show last night, he thinks
Manson kept Donna down, he then went over some scores. Mark Eckert is
the Facebook fan of the day, Bubba said Facebook is somewhat
complicated, Spice said he’s tired of learning stuff. Bubba said that
they thought they were untouchable when the show was canceled, he
thinks Charlie will have a large dose of reality, Manson is convinced
the guy is destroying his career, Bubba thinks he’ll be dead within a
year, he then said that Dave Rice was supposed to come down, but he
got snowed in, he’ll be there next week, he then said that the BRN
will drive you insane. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 2 – Chicken dip Pizza

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the new stuff at
BubbaArmy.com. Bubba came on plugging the latest on BubbaRaw.com, he
then said he saw Jane Caster at the Police telethon, he then said the
Chicken dip pizza started at Mike’s, he said he’s been contacted by
one of the largest places, he said that they’ve got about three to
four gallons of chicken dip, Manson said he can normally resist pizza,
but not when the chicken dip pizza is there. Bubba said it’s one of
the top four pizza places, saying that Tampa and Jacksonville will be
used as a test market, he then said that he’s excited for Drue Garrabo
on RadioIO.com, Manson said he’ll be tuning in, he thanked the callers
to his show last night. Bubba said that currently, he has 16 people
signed up for a Meet and Greet in Arizona this weekend; he then said
they should do some more stuff with 75 Crome Shop. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Bubba came on wondering what band he was listening to, Spice said it
was Atom Smash, Spice said they’re doing alright. Bubba thinks nothing
will happen that Goliath Davis is out of office, he wonders why you’d
want to riot if Goliath Davis was still in office, Manson thinks
people just don’t care. The first email suggested Brent look into the
DOT saying they collected money, but it never got turned in. Another
emailer said they love RadioIO.com, the emailer wondered if Brent’s
Conspiracy show should get two hours. Another email said it would be
crazy if Charlie Sheen and Gary Busey did a show. Another email said
Charlie Sheen was in “The chase” with Henry Rollins, Bubba said he’d
like to do an interview with him. Another email thanked a caller for
mentioning Careen Brown. Another email asked if Joe Waller would
picket Bikes for Badges, Bubba said it would be great if he did that.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Bubba on Channel 10, Twenty-five Cent’s new bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bikes for Badges.
Bubba said he’ll get into his channel 10 appearance, he then said that
Goliath Davis will go away quietly. Buck, Lake Worth’s pat O’Brian
came on, saying he’s writing down names of people that have pissed him
off at the Post Office, this had Spice laughing his ass off. Bubba
told the guy he’s simply known as pat O’Brian, he then asked him about
Charlie Sheen, pat sad he’s trying to get to that level. Bubba said a
guy was on hold, interested in talking about Drag racing, but he hung
up, Spice wondered about a guy named Big Daddy, Ned and Bubba think
they should smack him in the mouth for disrespecting a drag racer,
Spice and Manson then talked like Southerners, Bubba thinks the guys
are dicks. We then heard a news clip about Nick Linzy getting
sentenced to jail, Bubba wonders why they can’t kill him, Brent said
the Supreme court says you can’t kill someone under 18. We then heard
Bubba’s appearance on Channel 10 about lack of discipline, he doesn’t
like how they continued using the Wipe out music, he got a little
freaked out when the feed paused for a minute. April said that her
brother was murdered by three teenagers; Bubba thinks the parents
should be charged. Joe on protection said that the St. Pete cops are
so far gone; it took about 45 minutes to get a response. Jen on
protection came on saying that missing school is never acceptable. We
then heard the channel 10 appearance with commentary. Amanda in
Jacksonville said there’s a documentary called “Waiting For Superman”,
Bubba said he’ll check it out, he then went on to say that nothing
will happen with Goliath Davis getting fired, we then heard a news
clip about that. Ned thinks they should just get 7 black people, pay
them $25,000 a year and let them do what they want. Bubba said that
Twenty-five has a new offering, Manson said its all Twenty-five. We
then heard the song, which parodies “Go Getter”, Bubba said that he
can’t censor Twenty-five. In the song, Twenty-five rakes Goliath over
the coals, saying he deserved getting fired; Ned doesn’t get how it’s
offensive. Bubba sad that if something happens to him, then it’s safe
to say the Uhurus did it, Spice thinks they should put all of their
pictures up. Michelle asked what Goliath has done since he’s been in
office; Bubba said no one will know about it. We then heard a clip of
Goliath Davis talking; Bubba doesn’t get how the University of Florida
honors Joe Waller. Bubba said that at least Bill Foster gave Goliath
enough rope to hang himself. The guys think Davis is a snooze, Spice
said that it’s no wonder Joe Waller speaks for him. Bubba said that
they should be lucky he’s not the mayor, as he’d get information on
everyone who clapped when Davis mentioned Hydra Lacey; he ten said he
has an open invitation to get to know each other. Brent said when
you’re a public figure, you can get commented on. Bubba told Goliath
to stop being a pussy and come in, he said it’s disturbing that Davis
and Joe Waller have aligned themselves. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Gas Prices

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com. Bubba
came on saying he’ll be doing a Goliath Davis double shot, he said the
black people won’t riot because of him getting fired. We then heard
the following bits:

1. “Your That Type Of Guy”
2. “Go N*****”

We then heard “Semi Charmed Kind of Life” by Third Eye Blind. Bubba
said that today is Al-kida’s first day back after his surgery, Manson
thinks it was a few weeks ago, Jabberjaw said that it took him a while
to get cleared. Al-kida came in, the guys goofed on him a little for
not sounding normal, he said it looks great now, Spice wondered what
happened to the show, Bubba said it’s a sad day for Ned, the guys
seemed impressed with the work, Ned booed him for that. Spice joked
he’s getting a penis reduction, saying it’s too large. We then heard a
news clip about gas prices getting hire, Bubba said that he’s really
mad about this, saying that it ruins the lives of the ftes he thinks
it will be $4 by the end of the month, Spice thinks it’ll be $5 before
the end of the year. Bubba said that now you have people sifering gas,
he said that he should just Moe ped to work. John on protection said
that gas prices will be going up to $5.95 by the end of the summer,
Bubba doesn’t think that’s the case, he said it never gets there,
Spice said it’s very close to getting there. Bubba wondered if it
truly went to $5.95, he thinks that will cause a riot. Loci said
Twenty-five needs to stop using the N word so much; Bubba said he’s
not into telling people what they say and what they can’t. Scott said
Bubba needs to lose the hat and glasses Bubba said he’s the anti TV
guy, he said it shouldn’t matter what he looks like, Ned said all he
can do is stare at his sun glasses, Bubba said that he’ll get all
dressed up when doing his segments. Spice suggested the music and
background be changed, he thinks Bubba should be sitting rather than
standing, Ned suggests Bubba wear a beret, Bubba gave him the Price Is
Right loser sounder, the guys then goofed on him for thinking “wung”
was a word, Ned wondered if they can make Bubba look like a talking
head. Ron in Austin came on, he got dumped for cursing. Bubba read
that Charlie Sheen got fired from CBS; he said this relationship was
savable, up until about a week ago. We then heard a news clip about
Charlie looking for an internship. We then heard a clip about Charlie
getting fired from “Two and A Half men”, the guys cracked up when the
reporter quoted Charlie saying “Fuck them, they lose”, Manson said
that he saw some blooper footage of Charlie, Brent thinks they should
run that on Showtime uncensored. Bubba took a call from a guy who said
that Goliath Davis is a disgrace to the African American community, he
said anyone who thinks what Hydra did was right, has no right to stand
up and talk, Ned told the guy to shut up. Bubba said if there was a
white guy glorifying a killer on the radio, he’d set the guy straight.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Spice as a black guy

Bubba came on saying he’s Sheened out, Spice said he is to, but it’s
hard to ignore it. We then heard Berlin’s “Charlie Sheen”. Megan in
Charleston said the kids look happy and healthy; he thinks his
business shouldn’t be in the spot light. Bubba said Charlie is held to
a higher standard, Manson thinks anyone who smokes crack shouldn’t
have kids in their care, the woman ended up getting Eviled for going
on and on. Bubba said Charlie has two major issues: work, and custody
issues, he said that if Charlie just shut his mouth, he’d be fine, he
said that most girls are driven to porn for many reasons, he said that
he extended an invitation to Bree Olson, Spice said having her back
would be
1. Entertaining. Bubba said that if he had Bree back on, he’d ask what
went wrong, he then recapped the Bree Olson meltdown; Spice said the
footage is great. We then heard the clip of Bree freaking out. Bubba
took a call from a guy who said that hopefully, the Charlie Sheen
experience will be a wakeup call. Eddie said that there’s a flier that
is calling for a march at a Uhuru house, he then read from the flier,
the march will be on March 12. Bubba asked if the guy said he’ll be
marching, the guy said no. Bubba told Spice he didn’t have a hair on
his ass if he doesn’t call the Uhuru house number, he thinks everyone
could be calling. Spice then did his black voice leaving a message,
Bubba said he likes that character voice Spice did, he thinks he
should be that guy for the rest of the show. Bubba said they need a
Mexican guy, the guys decided against it. Bubba then decided to name
Spice’s black guy Tyron, he then asked the guys to say their name,
then state their job on the show. Donnie said he called the number, it
went to a fax machine, a woman picked up, the guy said Bubba Army a
few times, Bubba told him not to do that. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Charlie Sheen Audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bikes for Badges.
Bubba said that this coming April will be his 25th year in radio. Bill
the detective came on said Joe Waller’s son his head of the African
resistance movement, Bubba thinks they’ve made a career out of being
militant, he asked to get a look at Joe’s federal grant, he said you
can’t break the corporate shield, he thinks there’s a ton of IRS
issues. Tyrone said he’d like to hang with Charlie Sheen, we then
heard a clip of Charlie on UStream, Bubba said he’d like to see the
guy’s errors, Tyrone said he’d like to see him do 7 grams of rock,
Bubba wonders if Charlie is in 8th grade, he thinks he has a porn star
type mentality, Ned thinks Charlie marches to a crappy beat, Manson
said he’s tired of the winning slug line, Bubba thinks Charlie could
be on Adderall, Manson said he’s tired of hearing about him. Bubba
said that originally he liked it, now he’s over it. Bubba told Tyrone
he was fired, Ned said he didn’t like Tyrone, as he took 8 puffs from
his weed. The guys think Charlie is on something, Bubba thinks that
Martin should yolk up Charlie. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page (Twitter.com/btlsradio). Bubba said he had an idea he ran by
Spice, he thinks they should have Tony Smith on the show, Spice said
Drue Garrabo will be on RadioIO.com. Bubba took a call from a guy who
asked 1800askBrent if he can find a site that splits the Uhuru thing
right down the middle, Brent said the federal marshals were there, he
said that channels 10 and 13 are good, he also credited the St. Pete
times. Andrea said a lot of people in Hollywood are sick of hearing
about him, she said it’s like a train wreck. They then ended the show
a few seconds later.

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