Tuesday, March 01, 2011

March 1st, 2011 by Staff

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Segment 1 – Do to Technical Difficulties…

Bubba wondered what’s up with the show in Tampa, as the computer is on
gridlock, he thinks Slader must’ve died, Spice said something is mal
functioning. Tony in Tampa came on, he turned his radio up, the show
intro was heard in the background. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Driver of the 63 car suing Bubba?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Heather’s spin class
this Saturday. Bubba came on saying that he’ll be showcasing his truck
at Rayman James Stadium this Saturday, he then said that the wife of
the driver of the 63 car posted on her Facebook page that they’ll be
suing Bubba for his comments yesterday, the guys think our Country is
gone. Bubba said that Bob and Tom got canceled out of Ft. Meyers; he
thinks they had something to do with it. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Bubba’s Comments on the 63 car

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bikes for Badges,
followed by some Rev Theory. Bubba came back with audio of his
comments on the 63 car, saying that he was playing bumper cars, and
that he was a dumbass for doing so. Peter came on saying that he
signed up for Radioio.com on February 2. Bubba said the family isn’t
as large as it once was, but it’s exclusive. Brian said that Phil
Morrison is a jackass of a driver, saying he’s known him for a long
time. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 –

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Facebook
page. Bubba came on plugging what they’ve got coming up on the show
for the next few days, he said that yesterday on the Uncensored show,
Ned was listing all the stuff he wanted to bring to Charleston, he
said that he lost his Apple Pie Moonshine connection. Al in Charleston
said he’s head of security for the market Street Saloon; he’s had to
put 10 more people on staff. The first email of the day asked Manson
about his field goal records, Manson said that he went to a division 2
school, he said that he could generally do it from 50 yards out, he
said he had a lot of Shoulder problems, he then said that he dropped
out of school at 16, he got his GED, he was looking through the paper,
and enrolled in a school that was getting beat silly, he phoneyed up
some transcripts, he said he has that feather in his cap, he said that
he played Basketball a little, but quit shortly after that started, he
said that one day he got a call asking if he truly was who he said he
was, he never showed up after that, he said his Mom did the
transcripts for him, Bubba was laughing his ass off at this. Another
email said that his wife unexpectedly died in her sleep, she was only
43. Another email said that Manson’s show was great; Manson said he
had a great time. Rob asked if Bubba can say what the Golden ticket
is; Bubba said he has to wait for them to be made. We then heard a
clip of Howard on The Daily Show, where Howard said that they need to
get Charlie on the phone, he thinks he’ll be on Wednesday, some people
in the audience yelled out “Baba Booey” when Howard mentioned him.
Bubba said he’s kind of Charlie Sheened out, he thinks he’ll flame
himself out. We then heard a news clip about Charlie, Bubba wonders if
he can play the Bree Olson flip out footage on Channel 10, Manson said
he’s very close to douchey. Steve in Ohio said Manson’s show kicked
ass, Bubba said he was in bed by 8:30, he thinks Manson knew what he
was doing. We then heard the latest “Bring It On Bubba”, where he
talks about the vanity in America, Manson said the visual was
hilarious, he then played the setup, he said there isn’t a talk show
host who wouldn’t want to have Charlie on now. We then heard RJ in the
Woods’s bumper, Rj said he’s in North Charleston, he said he’s on the
lamb, he said he’s supposed to be in court at 9:30 this morning, he’s
facing Pedestrian Under the Influence, Bubba told him he’s only going
o be in more trouble, RJ said he’s the most educated idiot in the
World, Spice pointed out he was drunk, saying he likes it. Rj said
he’s know this judge all his life, “Dueling Der Ders” from “Bubba Show
Classics Vol. 11”, track 14 was heard in the background, saying that
he went ugly on him, this had the guys cracking up. Rj said he scouted
out the place the guys will be at on Friday, he ten asked for the
“dueling Der Ders”, Bubba turned it up a little for him, Bubba thinks
that Ned wouldn’t mind partying with RJ, Ned thinks that if they were
to hang out, Bubba wouldn’t see either one of them. RJ said that he’s
still with the shrimper’s wife, Bubba had to hit the delay, as the
woman was cursing, he then told RJ what to say. RJ said he’s lived in
Charleston for 9 years, Bubba asked if the show is popular, RJ said
the show was really popular, he said Bubba’s picture is on the door.
Briana in Charleston said she loves the show; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
Rayman James Stadium, followed by Manson’s tribute song to David S.
Crofferd. Bubba came on talking about Bikes for Badges; Brent said his
city council member will be there. Steve said David Crofferd will be
represented nicely. Barbra in Orange County came on saying that Bubba
has been dead on with his comments. . We then heard a clip of the
Uhurus talking about Scene Night Club, Bubba said he doesn’t have
Africans attend Scene, he has Americans, he then said that Craig the
Bulldog’s wife is from Africa. Barbra in Orlando came back on saying
that she’s outraged by the Uhurus, saying he’s not speaking for who
she is. Bubba said he should play his “Bring It On Bubba”, where he
says the parents need to be blamed. Lee said screw Joe Waller, he then
said Spice made a racist comment towards him, he didn’t like the
comment about the United States, Brent said it’s a nationalist
comment; he then got the Evil treatment. Page in Clearwater said if
Hydra was a man, he wouldn’t be held up in an attic, Bubba said Joe
Waller is also a pussy, as he won’t come on the show. Roger on
protection said what the Uhuru guy is doing, he thinks he shot himself
in the foot, he said the 16 year-old is a gang member, when you
promote acts of a gang member, there’s very few pieces of evidence you
need, Brent said the guy is right. Bubba said he wants to be the guy
to expose these people to the public, he said for the most part, the
media are pussies. The caller’s line abruptly disconnected, Bubba and
ned feel the Uhurus got to him, Bubba thinks this will be the fall of
Goliath Davis. . Chad wondered if Goliath Davis will come to the
funeral, Bubba said he hopes to be sitting right next to him. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Sam Simon calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page (Twitter.com/BtlsRadio). Bubba came on saying it would make sense
to play the Uhuru song, which we then heard. Bubba came back on saying
they’ll have Sam Simon on shortly. Rhonda on protection came on
thanking Bubba for all that he’s done, she said she’s the other of a
fallen officer, she said that some people are looking into what can be
done, she said that if Bubba needs help with anything, he could always
call him. Bubba said that Charlie Sheen was Pierz Morgan’s show, the
guys cracked up when he said “Plies”, Manson as Plies said Charlie was
looking for some Becky. We then heard a clip of Pierz talking to
Charlie, Bubba said he’s officially a douche; Manson thinks Charlie is
on cocaine. Bubba said he has Sam Simon on hold, Sam came on saying he
misses the guys, Bubba said he misses him to, he asked Sam about
Poker, Sam said he plays once a week, but not in anything big. Spice
wondered what the percentage was with Poker; Sam said you can lose
your money on purpose. Bubba said Sam has a long history with Sam
since the Sirius days, he then told Sam about John Racener, Sam said
he heard about him. Bubba said that Sam is a smartass like them, he
just happens to have a bunch of zeros behind his name, he then asked
Sam about Sea World, Sam said that in 2006, they had a serious attack
by a whale on one of the trainers, it was the second time a whale
attacked a trainer, OSHA did a report saying swimming with whales is
dangerous, Sea World pressured them to change the report, he said that
when the trainer was killed last year, Sea World had said this was the
first time it happened, he said the only person that wasn’t a trainer
who got killed, was a homeless guy who spent the night, he said Sea
World basically killed the guy. Bubba asked Sam if he ever heard the
“Wild whale” song, Sam said he did, saying Manson did a great job with
it. We then heard the bit from “Bubba Show Classics Vol. 13”, track
18. Manson wonders when we’re going to grow up and not have wild
animals do tricks for us, Sam said the cruelty that goes into them is
horrible, Bubba said he doesn’t blame the tiger for attacking “The two
homos in Los Vegas”. Bubba wondered if the whales are masturbated, Sam
said Sea World is keeping the whale alive, he said that the families
are filing lawsuits, he said this would be like someone telling the
NFL that they need to go to Flag Football, he said on the one year
anniversary of the trainer dying, Sea World issued a press release,
getting the trainers back in the water, he then said that a robot is
being developed that flashes lights and makes whale noises, it will
lift the floor of the tank if a trainer is being attacked. Bubba read
her autopsy report, he thinks all the violence is already done, Sam
said this is like Jaws; he was cracking up while he was talking. Bubba
thinks that’s roughly a one minute process, he thinks you can’t go
that fast, he thinks the whale would eat a submarine in half. Sam said
that the trainer grew her hair a little longer, saying that some
witnesses claimed that the whale grabbed her by the arm and pulled her
in, he said that none of this stuff will really not have much of an
effect, he said that they had to pry his jaws open, as he had no
teeth. Since the accident, the whale is in a tank bigger than he is,
it’s common for whales to bash their teeth out because of stress, he
said they live to be 80 in the wild. Spice asked if the trainers add
to the problem, Sam said he believes that, he called them delusional,
putting them on the same level with people who live with wild animals,
he said that Michael Vick isn’t reformed, he tells kids he “Fell into
the wrong crowd”. Bubba asked Sam about Charlie Sheen, Sam said he
used to know him, saying that he’s on Howard’s show now, he said they
had the same agent, the times he saw him, he was pathetic. Spice said
that growing up; people would often ask him if he partied, the
individual in question would show a bag of cocaine. Sam said that he
likes Charlie, he said that he wouldn’t like it if he worked on the
show, Bubba said it’s not heavy lifting, Sam said Charlie is worried
that he doesn’t want to get fired. Bubba said a few weeks ago, they
had Lauren Francis on the show, he recapped her appearance, where she
talked about Matt, we then heard the clip about that from February 10,
where Lauren said matt created the show, Sam was laughing his ass off
at the clip, he wondered what she looked like, Bubba said she’s hot,
for an old, gold digging cougar bitch. Sam said that “The Simpsons”
has turned out to be a success, he suggested everyone relax, he said
he’s only watched one episode after he’s left, he said if he had to
watch to get his check, he wouldn’t do it. Bubba thinks Ralph would
know how much money Sam would get, he then said that George Carlin
didn’t like Sam for some reason, Sam said he loved George Carlin, and
loved working with him, he said he used to see George and chat with
him. Bubba asked him about boxing; Sam said he’s done with it. The
guys were cracking up at Sam mentioning Bubba wearing a jersey while
watching Football. Bubba said that they should do this more often, Sam
told Bubba to say hi to heather, he then said good-bye to the guys
individually. Bubba said that Sam is one of his favorite guests; he
said his outfits look better laid out than on him. Brent said Sam is a
brilliant writer; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Charlie Sheen on Pierz Morgan

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s appearance
in Charleston on March 4. Bubba came on talking about Unity in the
Community, he said that if he didn’t work for Cox, he’d buy $100 worth
of tickets, he then went back to the Charlie Sheen audio, Manson said
he sees his point, saying that most of the stuff that’s on during
family night isn’t all that family friendly. Bubba said he has one
more cut of Charlie saying he doesn’t hit women, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – More Charlie Sheen Audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the new stuff at
BubbaArmy.com. Bubba came on promoting Rims and rides at Rayman James
Stadium, he said he’ll be there, he thinks ned will bring the Kit car.
We then heard the last cut of Charlie sheen, Bubba said he can’t wait
to hear him on Howard’s show, Brent said he hasn’t heard the interview
yet, the guys cracked up when Charlie wondered why a woman would have
a shrimp fork in her purse, Spice said just when he gets close to be
douchey, he gets back to being funny. We then heard a news clip about
a kid getting raped at Sea World, Bubba said they were talking about
masturbating whales, Ned said Heather has been doing that for years,
Bubba thinks Ned has been waiting to say that all day. Bubba broke in
with news about Christina Aguilera getting arrested for a dui; Spice
said he can’t wait for the mug shot to come out, as she looks horrible
without makeup. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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