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Yesterday on the show Bubba talked to legendary race car driver Tony Stewart, WWE Superstar Christian called in to discuss the wrestling industry and the guys ribbed about newly discovered celebrity call tapes from years past.

Be sure to tune into the show tomorrow!

Segment 1 – Coming up on the show

Bubba started off by saying the music was provided by Big Dick, he
thinks Dick is making himself seem violent, he then said Christian
will be on the show today. Spice said he’ll be going to the WWE show
tonight, he said he’ll have to time his pill intake, he thinks if he
screws it up, he’ll be passed out in a gutter. Bubba said that they’ll
have Tony Stewart on; he said Captain Thunder is helping him out with
some questions. Spice said he was watching something on ESPN about
NASCAR, a guy suggested the drivers fight more, the people around him
looked at him as if he touched a kid, Ned said if the guys don’t
fight, he might stop watching. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Birthdays and Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s TV appearance.
Bubba is convinced Big Dick is being a Billy badass with his bumper
music selections, he thinks Big Dick is shady, Ned thinks it’s Hammil,
guessing that he dresses up in a diaper, Spice thinks Big Dick might
have a dungeon, he thinks Dick could murder someone and cover it up.
Bubba said he’s thought about firing him, but he knows too much, the
guys then went over some birthdays, Bubba thinks he should’ve known
something was up with Millie Vanili, as they couldn’t speak English,
Manson said he n ever parodied any of their songs. Bubba plugged the
latest stuff on btls.com and BubbaRaw.com, he said some of the over
thinkers are telling the audience members to wear Bubba Army stuff.
The first email of the day said they were in Hawaii at a place called
Bubba’s Burgers, they saw a Bubba Army license plate. Another emailer
said there was a big article about valve trades. Bubba said he feels
bad for Tom Bean; he said Tom is like the grim reaper, he said that
would be like him bugging Brett Farve a few seconds after getting off
the field. Another emailer said they went to 2001, the emailer said
they really liked it, Bubba said he’s never been to the Spaceship, Ned
said that’s where the party is; Spice said it’s kind of like a
carnival ride. Another emailer said they stopped by White Cap, the
emailer was impressed, Bubba thanked the emailer for using the
product. Another emailer said Rubio was on Fox this morning, the smirk
was enough to stay away. The guys discussed the Super Himalaya ride,
Bubba is convinced one of the pins costs about $0.07. We then heard
the bit about the ride, where a DJ is talking about how the ride was
put together by some guys who were on crack. The songs featured in the
background are:

1. Red Hot chili Peppers – Rollercoaster of Love
2. AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long

This bit does not appear in the catalog. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Jazella Moore
dating game. Bubba thinks Big Dick has a list of people he’d like to
kill; he asked for Carl to make a Naughty Alysha bumper, he said porn
always picks up the pieces, Ned thinks people would clamor for a porn
with him in it. Bubba said if you’d like to be a professional
Wrestler, email or call (1888-69-Bubba), he then went on to say that
John Wooden died, Brent said he was one of the greatest coaches ever,
Manson said he won 88 games in a row, Bubba then read John’s history,
he then asked the guys if they knew about Brice Harper, Brent said he
looks really good, Spice said he’s got good form, he said everyone is
interested in him. Bubba said he was listening to JT the Brick this
morning, saying how they probably don’t want a young guy calling the
game, Spice thinks they’ll warm him up at the miner league. Bubba
thinks the video was ruined by the rap music, Spice suggested Bubba
just turn the audio down, he thinks he could hit a 500 with an
aluminum bat, Spice said the guy is in the wooden bat league, Bubba
said he’d go out with an aluminum bat, he then asked Manson if he saw
the clip of Woody Haralson scoring a goal, Manson said he saw that. We
then heard the clip about that, Bubba said about 65,000 people saw it,
he thinks Manson could’ve done better than that, he thinks Woody was
using Brent’s vaporizer, Manson thinks that has to be as good as the
World Cup. Jason in Naples, he said Strasfurd pitches tonight, Bubba
wonders about his record, the guy said he’ll be taking on the Pirates.
Jackson in Tampa said he was watching the Brass Harper video, e said
he was hitting from the first base line. Bubba said he’d like for the
guys to take batting practice, Spice said he’ll ask, Ned thinks he’ll
bunt. Bubba said he has a problem with the pan handling law, Brent
said it was written too brawd. We then heard a news clip about that,
Bubba told the St. Pete Times to keep on with the lawsuit. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Gary Coleman’s ex

Bubba said if you join the newsletter, you’ll get a free download, he
also plugged the stuff on iTunes, he said that Gary Coleman’s parents
have come out, saying that his death wasn’t an accident, Spice said
they bought the life support photos, he thinks that she’s holding off
on the dead one. We then heard a clip of Shannon Price talking about
Gary falling, Bubba thinks it sounds edited. Spice said if he lost
someone close to him, he’d be torn apart, he said you wouldn’t conduct
interviews for a while, Brent said he would bail if Bubba tried that,
he thinks Manson wouldn’t snap photos if Donna was on life support,
Manson said that if she was in that position, the first thing he’d do
was take pictures. Gus said last night on Hannity, they did the oil
spill challenge, Bubba thinks Hannity might’ve ripped it off from
them, he thinks they’re burying themselves with this pre-produced
interview, Manson thinks this shouldn’t have been aired, Bubba thinks
being cremated is better than living with her, he said some of this
should be on Gary, as he put up with her, he said he’d like 60 minutes
with her, under the condition that she not walk out, the guys wonder
what Gary’s last words really were. Spice said the nice thing about
death is, you can say whatever you’d like about the dead person, he
said it’s sad that he’s popular in death, Bubba thinks she’ll get it
all. We then heard a news clip about Gary’s will, Spice cracked up
when the reporter said that she was in a wheelchair, Bubba thinks
Vince might’ve written something like this, Manson said not to kill
your husband if you can’t act, Spice said this is why you can’t trust
a red head, Bubba said Carrot Top is a prime example, he then said
that Richard Mctear is back in the news. We then heard a news clip
about that, saying how his trial might be delayed, Bubba said that
someone animated Ned’s “Dead Bay Bay” from “Bubba Show classics Vol.
10”, track 17, we then heard the bit, they went to commercials after

Segment 5 – The guys comment on the news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Clem Racing shirt,
then into Ned’s “I’m Finished Scrizzewing That Cow”. Bubba asked what
charity will the Prelude to the Dream being dealing with, Brent said
he’ll check. Bubba said that Tony has said they’ll be retaliation for
what happened over the weekend, he said the World is Professional
Wrestling, he then went on to read an article abou8t the Economy,
Spice it’s a big work. Bubba thinks in order for BP to get oil out of
the ground, refine it into gas, should be a fixed price, he said we
regulate everything, he thinks it’s just gouging, he said if you took
away special interest and lobbyists, things would be better, he said
it’s illegal to have special interest/lobbyist contacts, he said term
limits would stop the corruption, Brent said you shouldn’t be a
Government regulator, then get a job with what you were regulating,
Bubba got caught off guard with Florida being on the news, there was a
gator in a school, he thinks it was a demonstration that went wrong,
he read an article about Charlie Sheen’s sentence getting postponed,
he said if he was a judge, he’d give Charlie hard time, he asked why
he can’t be a judge, Brent said it’s because Bubba isn’t a lawyer.
Steve said the oil companies are like the Elementary school tough guy.
Frank said the guys don’t know how the prices work, the guy said it’s
the rack price, Bubba said he’s familiar with it. Chase asked how a
midget dies form a fall, he thinks Gary was picked up and body
slammed, Spice thinks maybe he passed out at a high velocity. Ken in
Chicago asked Bubba if he’s ready for the weekend, Bubba told him it
was next weekend, he said Brent and Tom Bean will be with him. The guy
said American Dad beat a dead horse, Bubba said they didn’t, he hung
up on the guy, he then discussed Bob and Mark on Whale, the skit was
“Cash for Tilingas”, Manson said it’s slang for Eskimo, Spice said
they frown on it, Manson said no one really cares. We then heard a
news clip about that, Bubba thinks the problem is that Bob and Mark is
as popular as they are, he thinks the people of Alaska might like
them, Spice goofed on Bubba trying to say the word. Bubba thinks the
Bob and Mark bit won’t be that highly produced, Ned said they’re
stupid Eskimos, Bubba asked that they play the bit, he then stopped
the clip, saying he’s not interested. We then heard a clip of Manson
impersonating Mickey Roark, Bubba stopped the clip. We then heard a
clip of Bubba calling Jack Palents, Bubba thinks the rib will be on
him, he then stopped the clip. We then heard a clip of Bubba calling
up Boy George, the guys cracked up at the clip, Bubba thinks they were
nut hutters. In the clip, Bubba told George they don’t play his music,
he wonders if they’ll cringe with the stuff they do now. Gabriel came
on, asking that you let Bubba talk, Spice thinks they should use that
as a disclaimer. We then heard a clip of Shannon Price talking, Bubba
thinks this at least was a one on one, Spice said if you take away the
music and the guy’s tone, she would still come across as evil, the
guys then goofed on Gary’s voice, Bubba thinks she’s giving a lot of
clues, Spice thinks she won’t do the interview. We then heard a news
clip about the Natalie Halaway case, the guys goofed on the guy who
killed a woman, Spice said this guy is about traveling, Brent said
they’ve got him dead to rights. We then heard a news clip about a guy
who fell into a wood chipper, Spice as Tom said that was awesome.
Bubba said if he was a judge, he’d put someone in the wood chipper,
then mix it in with the next day’s Chili, Spice thinks Bubba is like
Cartman, Brent said he did that to Scott Tenorman. Bubba wonders how
you can get caught in a wood chipper, Manson said people can get cocky
and try to push stuff in with their legs, he said that Dave Rice said
that sometimes people get pulled in with big branches, Bubba thinks
they should have a shutoff button, he wonders if they can put a
butchered hog and put it in the wood chipper, Manson said Myth Busters
is all about using hogs. Stacey in Ohio said you lode in the limns in
a cone shape, he said the guy would have to have gone hands first, the
guy said he’s seen a guy get his fingers cut off. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Helen Thomas

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Bubba said he was having tech issues. Rick in St. Pete said he’s
got some stuff made out of recycled paper, he has all the data sheets
on it, Bubba wonders what he’ll do about it. The guy said he’ll give
them a demonstration, Spice said if it doesn’t work, can they punch
him? Bubba put the guy on a hold a short time later; he then said if
Obama didn’t put a reef on the Unknown Soldier’s grave, he’s done. We
then heard a clip of Obama saying he’ll kick someone’s ass, Bubba said
he kind of likes that, Manson said he’s not impressed. Bubba said
Helen Thomas was fired for being anti Semitic, Manson said she’s an
old bag, Brent said we’re getting to the point where we’re punishing
people for their opinion, we then heard a news clip about that, Manson
said he would hate to be President, Bubba said he’d fire her for
sounding like ET, Brent said there’s a perception that black people
don’t like Jews, Manson said he loves it when people apologize for the
comments. Teddy thinks Helen is on point. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Christian Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard Christian’s entrance music; Bubba
asked him if he could come on, Christian said yes. Spice asked what
it’s liked being married to her, Christian said she’s cool with it, he
said she’ll shot him straight. Bubba recapped some marriages in the
wrestling world, he said it’s rare for Christian’s marriage to work,
Christian said they make each other laugh, she has all kinds of stuff
on her plate, she just got her master’s degree, Bubba said that’s
Christian’s way of saying his wife didn’t start out as a rat,
Christian said he’s not replaceable, he said they’re in town tonight.
Bubba asked if Vince tried to keep him down, Christian said he doesn’t
think so, he said it’s about business, he said he’s fine withy
starting over, he thinks it was the best way for him to come back.
Bubba said Vince is old school, he said Vince is all about testing
mentality, he said Christian has always had the rap of being a hell of
a hand. Christian said he’s working with Ziggler, he said he’s
talented; he said he’s excited to be on Smack down. Bubba asked him if
Christian and Edge are still close, Christian said yes, he said that
always his thing, he said splitting up was the right thing to do, he
thinks people would want to see it again. Bubba said tomorrow night,
Christian will be helping out Steve Cern with something in Melborn,
Christian said they’ll be an autograph session. Bubba asked Christian
if he ever goes to Cern’s facility, Christian said he goes there
sometimes, he said Steve is a great trainer. Bubba said they’ll be in
Calgary on August 14 for Bubbapalooza, Christian said he loves that
place, he said he remembers training at Brett Hart’s house, he said
Brett had an indoor swimming pool, Bubba thinks Stew hart had that
town on lockdown, he then asked if he worked Orton, Christian said he
hasn’t, he said he has good chemistry with Jericho, he said he’s one
of those guys who can draw a crowd. Spice asked about some downsides
to the business, Christian said management is good about getting into
guy’s heads; he said things have been going in the right direction.
Bubba said Test participated in the wellness program, he said if
you’ve ever worked for Vince, Vince will pay for your rehab, Christian
said it’s all on the person. Bubba asked Christian if he’s working
tonight, Christian said he’s not sure who he’s working, he wonders if
bubba will dress like him. Spice said he was looking at some old
pictures, he thinks the short hair is more comfortable, Christian said
he cringes whenever he sees old pictures. Bubba thanked him for coming
on; Christian said he appreciated the time. Bubba said if he breaks
now, he’ll be able to go long with Tony Stewart, he said he has a lot
of questions for him. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 8 – Tony Stewart Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for being a wrestler, then
into Ned’s “Bubba 911 Call”. Bubba said Tony should be on the show
soon, he then went over the Prelude to the Dream, Spice said he might
order the event, if racing was his thing. We then heard a news clip
about a sex dungeon near a high school that got busted, the guys think
it’s not a big deal. Bubba read an article about a guy who killed his
cat after it disconnected his video game, Manson said they guy is an
asshole, it was all over an imaginary score, Spice as a nerd said
people are jealous of his high score. Bubba read an article about a
guy who impregnated a 13 year-old; Ned said the guy is guilty. John
said he works for an agency, he said it started out as a swinger
house, he said the old people in the neighborhood complained, he said
the high school wasn’t there, Bubba said welcome to Naples, Spice said
the place is like the hot spot, he said it looks like a night club.
Manson thinks if you were trying to sell your house in that
neighborhood, you’d be pretty pissed, he thinks they should be
arrested for being lost in the 80’s. Tony came on, Bubba told him to
get his ass out of bed, Tony said he went to bed at around 3 am, he
said he was watching Speed. Bubba said Tony has a RC Car company,
Spice said he could do that. Tony said the RC company was a deal from
one of his friends, he decided to work with it. Spice asked if Tony
wrenches on his RC car, Bubba said Tony could wrench on anything.
Spice asked about the technology changing, Tony said a lot has
changed. Bubba asked him if he has his week off, Tony said yes. Spice
asked about Nationals for RC cars, Tony said they’ve got people from
Florida to Canada, he said the company is Custom Works RC, the website
is CustomWorksRC.com. Bubba didn’t know who number 2 was; Tony said
it’s the owner of the company. Bubba explained his name “the Flying
cross-eyed half breed”, Tony cracked up, saying he likes the name.
Bubba asked Tony about getting the king in one of his cars; Tony said
they were in a situation where he had to change. Bubba said the reason
why Tony called is because of the Pay-per-view tomorrow night, Tony
said it doesn’t matter if you have hbo or not, he said you set it up
right on the menu. Bubba asked about Pay-per-view, Tony thinks it’s
the third year for it, he thinks Arney set it up, he thinks they have
about 2,000 seats left. Bubba asked Tony about buying a track with a
big seat venue, Tony said he’s added about 3,000 additional seats, it
had about 17,000 seats when he originally bought it, he said when
Tyler wins, he doesn’t have to work that hard. Bubba said they were
the only show that got Happy to drop his true feelings about Carl
Edwards. We then heard a clip of Tony talking after a race, Tony
thinks he’ll dust off some helmets and bring them out. Spice asked if
he’s wanted to bust some people, Tony said he has a list of people,
Bubba asked him who he has on the list, Tony said Mark Martin is on
the list, he called Mark one of his heroes, he said that he saw Mark
pull down and block someone, he thinks he’d end up killing someone at
Indi, he said guys put each other in bad positions. Bubba thinks
Montoya started all this, Tony said he was really bad about when he
got there, he said he drives for Home Depot. Spice thinks it would be
cool if Tony was to get into a fight, and his sponsors said it was
okay, Spice said he’d watch racing more if they had fights, Bubba said
he’d like to see Tony lighting guy’s asses on fire, he then asked him
if Mattie is helping him out with commentary, Tony said he’s doing a
show tonight on Sirius (Channel 128). Bubba said Tony’s team is
stacked, he then went over who will be involved, Tony cracked up when
Bubba referred to David Reutimann as a dark match Buzzy, Bubba then
recapped the time he flipped at the Chili Bowl, Tony liked how bubba
was waving to the crowd as he flipped. Bubba asked about Gordon, Tony
said he loves coming back to run the race. Bubba asked what happened
to make him go from 10th to 15th, Tony said some guys stayed out in
front of them, he said they should’ve taken four tires. Bubba wondered
what Prelude to the Dream is this, Tony said Sixth annual, you can go
to EldoraSpeedWay.com. Bubba said the pay-per-view is pretty cool, he
thinks they’ve raised a million dollars every year. Spice said he’ll
buy it, if Tony goes in and punch someone, Tony said he’ll mess with
Mattie’s hair, Ned said he’ll tune in. Bubba asked about the plate
restrictor, Tony said he didn’t know about that. Bubba asked Tony to
tell his worst ass chewing story, Tony said he was told to go straight
into the haller, he said it brought back bad memories of being at the
Principal’s office, he said he’d rather have his Dad spank him rather
than deal with that, he thought that Harvick would break Joey in half,
he said Joey’s Dad came up and yanked the Home Depot guy off of him
and made him go in there. Bubba said Joey’s Dad got called to the
haller, Spice told him to watch himself, Tony said he doesn’t care
about that goofy looking soccer Mom. Bubba asked him how close he was
to getting Kevin Harvick a part of Stewart Hoss, Tony said at the end
of the day, re signing with Richard was a good decision. Bubba likes
how Burger King is on the side of his car, Tony said the last guy who
got a card was P. Ditty, Spice thinks it’s rad, Bubba said they look
good on the car, Tony said he got flames on his car. Bubba asked him
to put a Bubba Army sticker on his car, Tony said bubba once saw him
get out of the shower, he said he’s like a chia pet, Ned suggested
Tony shave the Bubba Army logo into his back, then take his fire suit
off, Bubba said he’s Mike Arney’s bitch. Bubba thinks Tony’s girl is
steamy, Spice told him nice call, Tony said she can cook, Bubba said
Gootch is the bus Nazi, Tony said he’s a gentle giant. Bubba asked him
if he’ll have a kid, he likes Jeff Bertin’s wife Kim, he likes how she
can set up a Quarter Midget. Tony thinks Jeff would be the mayor of
drivers, Bubba thinks Arney is angry that Bubba has rang long, he
thinks Tony will be raking leaves, he then asked him when his house
will open, Tony told Bubba to take a breath, he said it’ll be 23,000,
Spice asked him that he not get termites. Bubba told him not to mess
this one up, Tony said that women are like cars to him – he’s never
satisfied. Tony said it was good to talk with everyone, Bubba said he
went almost an hour with him, he wondered if he was the only guy left,
Manson said he was writing a song, they then ended the show a few
seconds later.

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