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June 30th, 2010 by Staff

Tuesday on the show, Bubba continually broke news relating to the slaying of two Tampa Police officers, Manson offered a tribute song dedicated to Officer Dave Curtis and Officer Jeff Kocab and Joe Perry of Aerosmith and The Joe Perry Project called in from Paris.

Tuesday’s recap is dedicated to our fine law enforcement officers.

Bumper music provided by NED!

Segment 1 – Starting off the show

The show started off with “Ladies Love Country Boys” by Trace Adkins.
Bubba started by asking Spice if he’s heard the saying “If you want
something done right, do it yourself”, Spice said he’s heard it a
million times, he said he’s Russed and Hammiled out, he said he’ll be
dropping the hammer before vacation, he said the cops are looking for
a guy named Dante Morris, who is accused of shooting two cops. Spice
said guilty, Brent said if anyone has any information, contact the
Tampa PD. Bubba said that Ragusa got sent up the river for ten years;
Spice said that he’s officially had felon sex; he doesn’t know how to
feel about that. Bubba and Brent discussed LeBron James’s free agency;
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Cop shootings

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads in
Tampa on July 16. Bubba said the bumper music was provided by Ned, he
then told him that he needs to step it up a little more, Ned said he
loves the Satellite show, Bubba said even Manson has said that Ned
hasn’t stepped up, Ned said that he’s too busy clutching the medals,
Bubba told him that by tomorrow, he could be jerked off his podium, he
said that one of the cops may have died. We then heard a news clip
about that, Bubba said he’s never seen cop killing at this bad of a
rate, he asked Brent to give him updates when he gets them. Bubba then
potted up audio of the live press conference, officer Jeff Cocab died
this morning, David Kurdis is on life support, he said this is about
three cops in the past year who have died, Brent said they’re looking
for a 94 red or maroon Camry, license plate number: 510ycm. Manson
hopes they catch him, Grady Judd style, Bubba said the other cop just
passed away, he said he’s reporting this, as he’s about to cry, Spice
said he doesn’t get why they need to go and do this, Bubba said this
will be interesting to see how long it takes before the news reports
it, Brent said they want everyone to be on the lookout, he may be on
his way back to Jacksonville, Bubba thinks they should try to one up
Grady Judd by putting 665 bullets in the guy. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for some best of shows;
you can get the schedule on btls.com. Bubba said it’s hard to be in a
good mood today, he said his Mike Roberts memorial bracelet broke, he
had to get another one, Brent said it’s a sad day for them, Spice said
this is the insight you don’t want. . Joe on protection said he knows
Dante Morris, he said he’s nothing but a thug; he said that he had to
pull a gun on him, Ned said that’s the way you do things. Joe said he
was walking his dog, he said even his dog didn’t like him, Bubba
thinks the guy could go to his girlfriend’s house, Spice broke in
saying that both cops are dead. Matt thanked Bubba for what he does
with cops, he said 127 cops died last year, this year we’re at 88,
Bubba thinks that this is the deadliest year, he said you’re talking
about kids who don’t have Dads, he said he doesn’t want to see any
thugged out dirt bags on his TV, he said the only thing he’s looking
for is for Grady Judd type justice, matt said they just got the “Be on
the lookout”. Bubba said there’s only one good thing that can come out
of it, and that’s if the cops have itchy trigger fingers. James came
on confirming that both cops were Dads, Spice said channel 8 is
contradicting themselves. Jenny said it doesn’t matter how long the
people go to jail for, it wouldn’t be enough. Mike said he feels for
the officer’s families in this case, he said a few years ago, some guy
got pulled over, pulled out a cell phone and was shot. Bubba said this
has nothing to do with policy. Bob on protection said he would love to
find the guy and shoot him, he said he knew both the cops very well,
he thanked Bubba for looking out for them, Bubba said the cops should
take the female driver out as well, he said it’s sad that it had to
end this way, he said he wants the leos to determine the fait, he said
he just got a text from someone, saying the tag of the car has been
taken off, Bob said FHP has everything locked down. Mike said that
he’s watching the car being surrounded, he said the car is abandoned,
he said around five cop cars are near it, he said he’s right near St.
Joe’s hospital, Bubba told Spice to tell Twenty-five to stay inside,
he said if these people are foot, he then said he got another text
saying that it wasn’t the car, he then said he doesn’t play this song
because he wants to, he said this was something Manson did, he thinks
Manson will have to update the song. We then heard the song, which
features news clips about Michael Roberts’s death, over “Remember the
Heroes” by Sammy haygar. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 4 – Various callers, Jennifer Capriati discussions, Jimmy Jamz RIP

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for some special best of
shows. Bubba said he had a good show prepared, but it’s hard to not
act sad over the two cops dying, Manson said it’s terrible. Bubba said
Joe Parry will be calling in, he’s only doing two call-ins, one to a
Dallas station and him, Spice said it’s a big deal. Bubba plugged what
they’ve got coming up on the show for the next few days; he said
they’ll be doing the Fireworks Challenge with Tom the Treeman. Joe on
protection thanked Bubba for talking about this, Bubba said if Dante
is listening, he asked him to pull his gun out for a second, he said
he’s expected to come back home, he said you never know when you won’t
come home. Ed in Lakeland said he’s not doing so well with this story
going on, he said he’s on I4, he said Grady Judd has everything locked
down, he said two cops are streaming towards Lakeland, the guy said
they’re going so fast, the paint must be pealing off, Bubba said he’d
like for the guys to be caught in Grady’s county. Spice read an
article about a guy who got shot after killing some cops; the family
is now doing a carwash, to raise money for his funeral. Frank on
protection suggested we look at the guy’s arrest record, Bubba thinks
the lack of time with the penal system caused this guy to get out, he
said if the sentences added up, we wouldn’t be dealing with this.
Frank said he has no inside information, he said the guy has a lengthy
arrest record. We then heard the live news feed, Bubba hopes the
sources are dead on, Brent said his source is an official one. Jenny
said she listens to the show every morning, she thanked Bubba for all
the stuff he’s done with police, she said she can’t imagine being
pregnant and getting her husband killed. Bubba said the only thing
that would make him smile would be to see the scumbag’s dead. Bubba
said he’s going to have an emergency meeting with his promotional
people today, he said that he has a 96% give back rate, he then
wonders what he could put together. Doug in Lakeland said he saw some
cops, Bubba asked for the cops to call him if they have anything, he
thinks they might’ve switched vehicles. Mark wondered what was going
on; Bubba thinks they’ll be taking a lot of calls. Bob on protection
said he was good friends with heather when she lived in Sarasota, he
said it touches everyone, he said she had a fantasy about being in the
back of a police car, Bubba said she’s a whore, he thinks she’ll get
all the money from him, he thinks she’ll go to a cop after him. Jim in
Miami came on, Bubba thinks he went to school with him, he said the
last time he saw him was when Jim was handling prostitutes. Jim said
he got transferred to Miami because of his job, he said he now works
for an airline, he said he lives in an apartment with five guys. Bubba
thinks Tony, Jim’s brother is like the Ned of Warsaw, he thinks he
should visit him while he’s there. Jim said his wife has been trying
to get a hold of him, Bubba said he’ll be in Indiana next week. Mark
in Tampa asked how he can donate baby food and baby clothing. Bubba
thanked Brent for getting him something, he said that the reason why
the media hasn’t reported Dave Curtis’s death, as the family hasn’t
arrived yet, he thinks a fund would be the best. Carron in Dayton said
she used to live in Tampa, she said they’ve had this happen a few
years ago, Bubba said the two individuals need to be gunned down, he
wonders why the guy is still walking the streets, he said the guy’s
date of birth is 8/24/85. Rob said he was driving between gun and
bush, the cops pulled over a car, some cops leveled their guns at
someone, he said he couldn’t see it that well. We then heard a news
clip about Jennifer Capriati getting hospitalized for an accidental
overdose, Spice said she did that because her boyfriend went back to
porn. Bubba said he had a run-in with her, he said some newspapers
across the pond asked about it. Brent went over the guy’s record,
saying that he’s been arrested 43 times. Bubba said before he had
Manson working for him, he had Flounder, he said the production was
elementary, he said he’ll apologize for the quality, he said this is
around 1993; Spice said this stuff got her fired up. We then heard a
clip, where Jennifer says that she listens to Bubba while she gets
high, Manson said it was stellar. We then heard a bit, where Jennifer
says she loves the Red Reef In. Spice said he’s been to her house
before; he said she hated Bubba for playing those elements. We then
heard “The Jennifer Capriati School of Self Defense”, where Jennifer
talks about beating up people, Bubba said back in the day, none of
that stuff was beeped out, he said he’s erasing all of them except for
the ID, which we then heard. Jim on protection said Dante had a
warrant out for his arrest in Jacksonville. Bubba wonders how a guy
can e arrested 43 times; Jim said there’s all kinds of speculation for
that. Brent said he’s got the whole record, he’ll need to pull it up
on Bubba’s computer, he then went over some charges. Bubba said ever
since 2008, he’s been nice, he said Mark Ober is a problem, he said he
knows he’s the bad guy for saying that, he said it’s disgusting, he
thinks maybe some of the things Mark doesn’t’ process can be
attributed with him being a problem, he said mark has had something on
his desk for five months that he hasn’t done anything about, he said
he can’t talk about it. Bill said he’s trying to get to the hospital,
Bubba said he’s very sorry for what happened; he said bill is Jeff
Cocab’s Cousin. Bill said this was a problem pregnancy, he said the
baby will more than likely have medical problems, he then said he’s
not sure how to get to the hospital from where he is, he said he’s on
I275, Bubba told him to take I275 to Ashley, Bill said he’s ready to
go there, Bubba told him to go to Bay shore, or Kennedy, there are
signs to Tampa General, he said when the time is right, have her
contact him, he then said Jimmy Jamz died, Spice said they’re
replaying that, Steve said that was the information he was going to
tell them, Spice said he was the best Strip club DJs. Bubba said today
is not a good day, he thinks a lot of it won’ make sense to the
Satellite listeners, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Note: The Flounder bits about Jennifer Capriati are currently not in
the catalog.

Segment 5 – Joe Parry calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the special best of
shows. Bubba thinks they got Joe parry on the phone, he thinks Joe is
guessing their a Country music show. Joe came on a few seconds later,
Bubba thanked him for coming on, Joe said it’s the right time, Bubba
wonders if Joe even knows what time it is, he said the sun is up, he
said he lives from nap to nap. Spice asked him if he gets lost in the
days, Joe said everything except the end, he said you often think
about the end, he said they keep track of the shows they need to play
that night, he said he doesn’t waste his time with stuff like what day
it is. Bubba plugged Aerosmith’s appearances in Florida, Joe said he
has a house in Florida, he said he spends as much time there as he
can, he said he stays there when he’s in town. Bubba said if you get
over the old people, your fine, Joe said it’s changing rapidly. Bubba
said the business has changed, he asked Joe about the business
changing, Joe said so many things changed, even before he became a
part of the band, he said the business was short lived, he said for
every band you can remember, there were about twenty who had a single
and disappeared, he said the cassette stayed with them for a while, he
said the fans love to rock, he said there’s nothing like being at the
event itself. Bubba said the distribution method has changed a little,
Joe said if they’re not sitting in the seats, they’re not doing their
job. Spice said he sees Joe doing other stuff, Joe said he gets some
time to do some stuff; he said it just fell together. Bubba asked who
Joe liked growing up, Joe said he liked The Beach boys, he paid $0,79
for “Little Duce Coop”, he said he really got interested when the
English bands came over to America, he said The Beetles and The stones
were like the pop bands back in the day. . Bubba asked Joe about
Guitar Hero, he then recapped the time when Lesley West was on the
show (August 7, 2009), Joe said they suck at it, he said when it
started, he thought that they’d get a few more songs on the next
version, he never would’ve thought that they’d get their own game.
Bubba said that 2009 was a tough year, he said yesterday, Steven
admitted he did some stuff he shouldn’t have done, Joe said they have
a sideways technique to take a vacation, he said the last few years
have been tough, do to medical issues. Bubba said if Joe and Steven
aren’t there, it can’t be replaced, he said those guys are
irreplaceable, Joe said everyone has different times when they feel
better than others, he thinks Steven needed a break, he said everyone
has to carry a lot of water, he said they’re playing to a lot of fans,
playing in places they’ve never played before. Spice said Joe and
Steven were known as the toxic twins, he asked what the relationship
is like now, Joe said it’s like having a brother, he said they’re all
in it together, he said they’re lucky because of the fans, he said
they’ll hang out every so often. Spice said Joe is the 48th greatest
guitar player, Joe said he would’ve taken 47th, the guys cracked up at
that. Bubba said he’s seen some interviews with the Springsteen guys
that say they cringe when they do “Born to run”, Joe said there’s
probably more than one song over the years, Brent thinks “Dream On”
and “Sweet Emotion” are the big ones. Bubba asked if they’ve ever
switched it up a little, Joe said they’ve figured out how to put
together a set list; he said they’ve got other stuff. Bubba asked
about the rollercoaster, Joe said they rode it the first day it
opened, he thinks they rode it 48 times with Steven to make sure the
sound was right; he said their having too much fun. Bubba said you can
go to AeroSmith.com, he then plugged their two appearances, he thanked
Joe for coming on, Joe said they love Florida, he hopes they’ll play
in Sarasota one of these days, he thinks they went scuba diving on the
reefs to help with clean up. Bubba thanked him for coming on, Joe said
he can’t wait, he thinks maybe they turned the corner with Aerosmith.
Bubba said Steven Tyler thought he said something when he didn’t, he
thinks that might’ve been his testing pattern, he said it was just a
miss understanding. Brent said he’ll contact Joe’s handlers, Bubba
said that he thinks playing nice has given him two dead cops, he said
things have got to change. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – bubba rants against Mark Ober

Coming out of commercials, we heard a news clip saying that Dave
Kurdis is dead; the family has decided to harvest his organs. Bubba
said he’s not proud to report that news, he thinks the last time they
had multiple cops die was Hank Earl Car (May 19, 1998), he said that
his inside sources have asked him to drop the hammer on Mark Ober,
Brent said the people need to know why. Bubba said they’re the bad
guys, Spice said he likes that, Bubba said don’t get hemmed up in
Hillsborough county, as Ober won’t cut you a break, he said mark is
the problem, he said he has no term limits, he’s the most powerful man
in Hillsborough county, he said if they didn’t ask questions, Mark
Lunsford would still be around, he said they owe it to themselves to
ask a few questions, he said no one will ever second guess Ober. Spice
said they’re batting 99% on stuff, he said everyone who gets called
out gets called it for a reason, Bubba said his show is the voice for
the common man, he said they closed down Mark Lunsford and the
Schiavos, he asked why Mark is immune to the questions, he said he got
screwed by him, he said he doesn’t do anything wrong in Hillsborough
county, he said he can’t keep his mouth shut. Nancy said she had mixed
feelings about calling in, she said it’s a sad call, she asked that
Bubba call out this attorney, she said she’s a policeman’s daughter,
she asked why Mark hasn’t prosecuted, she said the blood is on mark’s
hands. Bubba said he’ll gladly get the ball rolling, he said he
doesn’t mind being the bad guy. Steve on protection said Mark is a
symbol of the good old boy network. Bubba went over Dante Morris’s
wrap sheet, Brent thinks he has no respect for the cops, Spice wonders
how he’s out during all this, he said it’s not comforting, Brent said
it’s obviously trafficking cocaine, he thinks tampering with a witness
was involved in Dante’s attempted murder case. Bubba wonders how many
times does the guy have to have trafficking cocaine and driving
without a license before mark Ober throws the book away, he said if
Ober would’ve given the guy ten years in prison, this wouldn’t have
happened, he said that Mark will waste time on stuff, he said you have
thugs at large, Brent said he thought VOP was really strict. Bubba
said this is the kind of guy who should’ve been a 10-20 life; Brent
said someone needs to ask the judge to remand the guy. Bubba read more
of the guy’s wrap sheet, he said this must be the good old boy
network, he thought it was one vop before you get in trouble, Brent
wonders how many times did the cops have to arrest him. Sharron in
Orlando asked if the show could be used to catch the guy, she said she
was a juror in a murder trial, they found the person guilty; she
wonders how the trial he had found him not guilty. Bubba said they got
some dildo named Matthew Tut who passed away via a gun fight with
cops, the family is trying to raise money for his funeral, Spice
thinks it shouldn’t matter who shot first, he said if he did something
this scum bagish, he’d hope she wouldn’t have his back. Bubba said the
Mom looks white trash, he said the guy doesn’t have the right for
anything; Spice wonders how you can raise money for stuff like that.
Bubba said it’s Ail Gators, Spice said he has the number, Bubba said
people don’t know what this is about, Spice likes one of the cops
saying the made a donation, bubba thinks it’s classic, he said he
feels like protesting his funeral, Brent said you should know who is
in your parking lot. Ed said it’s appalling with Mark Ober, he asked
how we can get rid of him, Bubba said he’s not sure, he said everyone
is afraid of him, he said no one will report what they’ve just said,
Spice said he’s nervous about living in Mark’s county. Bubba said he
doesn’t do anything wrong, Spice thinks if Bubba carjacks someone,
he’ll turn the other cheek. Bubba thinks it’s someone Dante Morris
knew, Brent said he probably did have the money to know who his
attorney is. Carlos said he was at one of the carwashes. Bubba said
he’s got a bunch of people texting him saying he’s on point. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – various callers

Bubba said Ned has been in and out, he said Manson has a song about
the cops. Jessica, the captain for the Tampa Bay Lightning girls came
on, saying they have auditions to be an ice girl, she said they’re
shoveling snow, Spice wonders if it’s wrong to say he’s had sex with
some of the girls, Bubba said the only requirements are to look hot,
and the ability to skate, Jessica said if you don’t know how to skate,
they’ll teach you, she said the auditions are closed, Spice thinks
seeing an old woman out there wouldn’t be fun. Jessica said if you go
to TampabayLightning.com; go to the fan zone section. Donnie said his
heart goes out to the fallen officers, he asked if the guy had gone
through the system if he was a terrorist. Bubba thanked Jabberjaw and
Carl Harris for providing the audio for Manson’s new tribute song;
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Tribute Songs

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BTLS Newsletter,
then into “Over The Hills And Far Away” by Led Zeppelin. Jughead in
Lakeland said he gets harassed by cops every day, Bubba said that
pulling a gun on a cop is different than getting harassed, Spice said
game over. Jughead said the guy was a good guy, Bubba said you’re not
a good guy when you’re not shooting anyone who isn’t raping a kid,
Manson told him to take a hit off the meth pipe. Bubba thinks he’ll
ride the show out with the tribute song, he said that they always have
one, he thinks he’ll end it with “Remember The Heroes”, Manson said he
had to get away from that song. Bubba said he’s appreciative of the
cops, he said everyone else who listens to the show knows that they’ll
be coming home. Manson said it’s “Hero”, Bubba said it’s a sad day
whoever you are. Steve said he was coming south on 50, he saw about 60
cops, he thinks the cops have him zeroed in. We then heard the live
news feed, he said the rap sheet is on btls.com. We then heard the
song, which features news clips about what happened, with the Chad
Kroeger and Josey Scott collaboration “Hero”, followed by the Mike
Roberts tribute, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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