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Tuesday on the show, Bubba confronted Devon James’ husband, Nick, about his wife ignoring her contract with the show, Marc Roberge of O.A.R. called in to discuss the band’s upcoming concert date at Baker Concrete Marlins Super Saturday, we got an update on Jabberjaw’s situation, and the show discovered Gene Lasker’s mugshot.

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Segment 1 – Staff Animal Problems

The show started off with Free’s “Alright Now”. Bubba said the music
was provided by him, Ned said he loved the song. Bubba said he felt
much better, he said he should be back to his schedule; Spice said his
dog has been pooping all over the place. Bubba asked about the cat,
Spice said it’s still there, he thinks the cat is cheating on him with
other neighbors, Bubba said the cat is throwing Spice an emotional
bone. Spice said he’s glad he doesn’t have carpet, he said he’s
dropping both poop and throw up, Ned said he’ll put him down, he then
asked how many floors does he have. Bubba thinks the vets have a “what
are you gonna do about it” mentality. Spice said he’s never fed him
human food, he said he’ll wait about a day before taking him to the
vet, Ned suggests Spice just give the dog a treat, he then wondered if
the dog is good enough for human food. Bubba thinks maybe chicken and
rice would be something he could keep down, Spice said he’s not sure
what’s up with the dog food, he said it doesn’t look like lamb at all,
Bubba said it smells like woodchips. Bubba said he’s heard that you
keep your dog on the dry stuff, Brent said that is the case, he said
his vet tells him that, Bubba said they’re a bunch of arm chair
quarterbacks. Spice asked if horses get sick, Manson said they get
really sick, Bubba said you can’t throw a 2,000 pound horse in the
back of a car, he said heather is into the horsing deal, he said she
bought some stables recently, he said some eighty year old ladies had
some, which is where they got them, he said it’s a lot of money to
deal with horses, he said it’s all on him. Spice thinks Bubba chose
the two most expensive sports ever, he thinks Bubba could’ve gone with
yotting or Tennis, Bubba thinks he’s an idiot for doing that. Ivan
said he’s raised dogs all his life, he said the dog gets 81 mg of baby
aspirin with peanut butter, peppermint tea, the guy got Eviled a few
seconds later, Spice joked he would have to get a tea party set.
Amanda suggested boiled chicken and white rice, she suggested Nutria
Pal, which is all minerals, Spice thinks he doesn’t need to take him
to the vent after all. Amanda thinks it’s a stomach virus, Spice said
he took him to get groomed; he thinks it was something from another
dog; he was there for four hours. Bubba thinks he was on to something,
Spice thinks he could just call up Yayas. JR in Austin Texas said some
guy has a program called “Hope Well Project”, the guy said you could
produce energy from water, the guy got Eviled a few seconds later,
Spice cracked up at that. Bubba said he’s got bigger things on his
plate. Mike in St. Pete said he’s been feeding his dog rice, Bubba
hung up on the guy. Jamal thinks Bubba owns a ranch by association, he
asked when the bubba man ranch will open, Bubba said it’ll never
happen, Manson thinks it’s a bottomless pit, he thinks he’s done that
all his life, he thinks he’ll die broke, they then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Gene Lasker Arrested?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza in New
Orleans. Bubba asked Ned if he was okay, Ned thinks he broke his leg.
Bubba said that he was ready to start the show back up, Ned banged his
leg on the council, he then plugged Bubbapalooza in New Orleans, he
said no purchase is needed to see this show, he then plugged what
they’ve got coming up on the show, he thinks Spice will be throwing
out the first pitch at the marlins game this weekend, he said that he
didn’t see the footage of his pitch at the Rays game during the Wonka
weekend, Spice said if Ned throws a better pitch than him, he’s got
issues. The guys went over some birthdays, Bubba wondered if Carson
daily still has a show, Spice said he does, but he’s one of the more
forgotten ones, Manson said no one cares about the 12:30-1:30 am slot,
Bubba wonders if there’s a Market for all this stuff. Scott in
Northport said Lasker got arrested for domestic violence, Bubba said
he missed it, Spice said he looks fried, Brent said it’s a great
picture, he said it’s mugshots.tampabay.com. Spice said under
employer, he has “Lasker Powder Coatin”, he wonders if the G was left
off, Ned said he’s proud of Gene. Bubba went over the stats; he
wonders if domestic violence is different than two guys fighting,
Brent said the rest of the arrest report has only so many characters.
Bubba said he saw Gene and invited him to lunch, he got a text from
Gene saying he was at the studio, he hasn’t heard from him since,
Brent said they could’ve ROR’d him, Manson said this won’t help him in
his quest of adopting a kid, Ned thinks he’s rough. Spice tried to
call Gene, he ended up getting voicemail. Glen in St. Petersburg said
that South Florida is big in porn, Bubba said they knew that, the guy
got Eviled a few seconds later, he wonders if it’s “Dildo Day”. Steve
said Gene will get released at his first arraignment. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Jazela Moore
dating game. Bubba said they’ll be bringing Jabberjaw in yesterday, he
then recapped the Naughty Alysha dating game for those who missed it,
he said he doesn’t need dinner, he thinks it’s the only show that when
you participate in a dating game, you’ll be getting laid, Manson said
it’s bizarre that Alysha’s husband is a part of it, Bubba said that
they will have a Satellite show on Friday, he wonders when they’ll be
doing the Jazela Moore dating game, he then recapped the situation, he
thinks they’re making more money, Brent said it’ll be in August. The
guys went back to the birthdays; Spice thinks the MTV jocks get paid
next to nothing. Bubba said that Kurt Warner was in the Packer
minicamp in 1994, he didn’t last, he said that Ed Bradley was one of
his favorite guys on 60 Minutes. The first email of the day said they
could get Michelle a throwback Farve jersey to shut her up. Bubba said
he feels like getting one, only to rub it in Michelle’s face; he said
he’s not getting rid of her. Another emailer asked about time off from
consult to recovery with new breasts. Another emailer said the way
Bubba handled the Jabberjaw situation was awesome. Another emailer
asked if they can view the pilot of the Bubba show, Bubba said he’ll
get a hold of Randy Michaels. Another emailer said they felt
Jabberjaw’s pain, saying it was amazing. Another emailer said they’re
smoke free after hearing Hammil’s Dad’s message, he thinks they should
put it up on the website, he then recapped the video, Spice said he’s
talking through a hole in his neck. In the clip, hammil’s Dad tells
John that he’s a young man, he has a long life ahead of him, and that
he needs to stop smoking, the guys cracked up at the clip, Bubba said
they’re such dicks, he said watching this is like a Kung Fu movie, as
the lips don’t match up, Manson said that it had zero impact on John,
Spice thinks it would be a great Truth add Another emailer said
Michelle and Kong should have a wrestling match, the emailer suggested
they have some Strobe girls on the show. Another emailer said they
were at the Sunday morning show, the emailer said Bubba should’ve done
his show with no sleeves, Bubba said it’s refreshing to work with
someone who gets it. Another emailer asked for footage of the show.
The last email of the day said they were at the Afternoon taping, the
emailer hopes the show is picked up. Bubba recapped a fat guy who is
trying to be a woman, he said the guy is all over the road, he asked
for everyone to get off the stage, he said that Richard Dominick told
him he’s never seen that. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 4 – Jabberjaw update, various stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the btls newsletter.
Bubba asked Brent if he got new tires, Brent said no. Bubba called
Jabberjaw to the studio, he then said Marc from OAR will be on the
show, Spice said they’ve got the Farve jersey in studio, Bubba said
for this to uproot the family, it’s junk, Jabberjaw said it shows how
much she paid attention to it. Manson said they could compare it,
Spice thinks it’s too legible to be Farve’s name, he thinks she’s a
big Farve Marc. Bubba compared the two, Manson said some people just
like the drama, Bubba said he’d like to give it back to her with their
ass stains on it, he suggests they just give the kid a $300 savings
bond, he thinks it will never appreciate in value, he thinks Michelle
will prevail yet again, Jabberjaw said they filed against them, all of
which were denied, Bubba said they need to get Kevin on it, the guys
think Jabberjaw’s Mom is an enabler. Jabberjaw said that Michelle was
cutting herself, she thinks not deep enough. Bubba said he wants
people to know that he’s worried for her, Spice said there was a story
today about a brother burying his brother, he thinks maybe Jabberjaw
should cut her Mom off, he said how some parents will cut off their
kids for being independent. Bubba said it makes the thing even more of
a joke after seeing it, Manson thinks Jabberjaw was right by saying it
was a shirt with someone’s name on it. Bubba wonders what kind of
family does Jabberjaw have, Jabberjaw said Amanda gave the jersey to
Michelle; Spice said it’s like one of those gnomes. Bubba said he
can’t wait to have a big bowel movement, he said he would like to use
it to wipe his ass, Jabberjaw said Bubba can have it, he said it’s all
about what it symbolizes, Spice said there’s a lot going on, Bubba
thinks this is one of his television shows, Spice thinks Jabberjaw
should stick with her Dad. Michael in Miami asked if the jersey means
something to her Dad, Jabberjaw said she talked to her Dad, she said
he doesn’t want it anymore. Bubba said he has extra jerseys, he said
he’ll gladly replace it. Zach said he loves the show, he thinks Bubba
shouldn’t wipe his ass with it; the guy said he’ll pay $45 for it.
Bubba wonders what Farve would do; Spice thinks Farve would say it’s
not even real. Bubba said Deion called him up once, and invited him to
hang out with him, he said Deion would only wear a pair of shoes one
time. Craig, Deion’s assistant got Deion to sign one, he said that
Deion called him up a few years later to be in Tampa. Deion saw
bubba’s shoe he got, Spice as Deion said he didn’t sign it, he said
that Craig signed stuff all the time, Deion wrote fake right next to
the fake signature, he thinks it would be worth more. Bubba took a
call from a guy who thought it would be easier for Jabberjaw to just
give it back, Bubba Eviled the guy a few seconds later. Ken in St.
Petersburg thinks Jabberjaw is the black hole, the guy got Eviled.
Brent said if the guys signed it, Bubba thinks everyone should sign it
just as a rib. Mike in Ft. Meyers said he’ll have $250 for it. Bubba
said he doesn’t want to cave into Michelle’s trashiness, Jabberjaw
thinks James was traumatized by Michelle’s boobs, saying it was a
pancake gorilla kind of thing; she then recapped all the tattoos
Michelle has. We then heard a news clip about Paul Gray’s death, Bubba
pointed out how Lasker would say Des Moines. We then heard a news clip
about Cindy Anthony’s 911 calls. We then heard a news clip about a
doctor who beat his wife with a hammer, Manson said it’s gruesome,
Bubba wonders how you breathlessly described the call, he thinks
breathless means dead, Spice said now he’s interested in hearing the
call, Bubba thinks the guy is on CB, the guys cracked up when the
reporter mentioned the price, Spice thinks the woman had a nasty
headache. Bubba said the story is horrible. Bubba took a call from a
guy who said he works in an operating room; he said Fentanyl is
stronger than Morphine. Chris said his kid was at a baby sitter, the
baby sitter had three German Sheppard from Germany. Bubba wonders why
the guy would do that, the guy said they had worries about the kid
being around it; the guys goofed on the guy calling 911, Spice as a
German kid. The guy said his kid got bit a few times, Bubba played the
Snake 911 call while he talked, Bubba thinks the guy should change
baby sitters. Matt said he’s not too far from the place where the guy
hit his wife with a hammer; he wonders how badly you have to be hit.
Bubba said that Jasmin Bedwell is pregnant, he said she was the Mother
of the baby that got thrown out of the car window, he thinks it
wouldn’t matter if she’s pregnant, Spice said Richard went against the
advice of his lawyers, he ended up winning the case, the guys think
any charges on her are irrelevant, Manson as a black guy said that the
baby committed suicide. We then heard a news clip about that, Bubba
said it makes her a whore, Spice as a black girl said some stuff,
Bubba thinks it’s bad that she’s the best hope to get Richard
convicted, Manson thinks the baby’s body is all you need, Brent said
it should be the shortest jury deliberation ever, Spice as a black
girl said the only test she didn’t flunk was the pregnancy test. The
guys cracked up when the reporter said that Richard had attacked
people. Manson thinks that should be a video game, Spice said they
have Grand Theft Auto; Bubba said the media is making this a
situation. Ray ray asked why Bubba has to beat it up, he said Mctear
is locked up, he thinks Richard will get his ass kicked in jail, Spice
said the problem is the prosecutor might not get him. The guy said he
hangs out for a living, saying he eats steak on the state. Bubba said
that he’s told many program directors that his program works well with
African Americans; he said the show would be successful on an urban
station. Spice asked how old he is, Ray ray said he’s 27, he said he
pulls out the state plastic like its platinum. Spice asked if he’ll
get a job, Ray ray said he’s like bubba, but not really, he told Ned
he’s crazy. Spice said he doesn’t spend $950 on himself. Scott said he
lives in Orlando, he said they can’t get insurance, Bubba told him he
should join the Ray ray, Manson thinks “Steak On The State” should be
a book title, Spice said he’s a scumbag, Ned said he could party with
him. We then heard Ned’s “Dead Bay Bay” from “bubba Show Classics Vol.
10”, track 17. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Ceaser Capone calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza New
Orleans VIP tickets going on sale this Friday at Noon. Bubba said that
CCR is music, he said he’s tried to get Devin James on the show, he
said they signed her to a contract, Spice said it’s a shakedown, he
thinks that maybe Devin and Tiger had sex. Bubba told Ned that
yesterday must’ve been a sad day, as Manute Bol died; Ned said he was
a tall drink of water. Bubba went over some articles about Tiger
Woods’s kid. We then heard a news clip about that, Bubba said all this
got started on his show, Spice said at some point they need to realize
that it’s a problem, Bubba said she’s a professional whore/shakedown,
Spice said no one is believing this woman’s story. Ceaser Capone came
on, saying he’ll blackball Bubba for him, Bubba said that she broke
the contract, Ceaser said he’ll get it done, he said he’s interested
into the racing stuff. Bubba said he’d like to know about Emily,
Ceaser said she has some movies coming out, he’s not sure if he can
say the titles, he said that Bubba will be on a show called “Beach
Heat Miami”, it will be on Showtime on August 5 at 11:30. Nick, Devin
James’s husband came on, Bubba asked him that he pick up, he said he
believed in them, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Nick James calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for whitecap.com. Bubba
said they’ve got Nick James on the line, he then read from the
contract that says the BRN would be the exclusive outlet. Nick said
he’ll give the guys the straight scoop, Bubba said no one else
believed in them. Nick said he’d like to apologize for not calling in,
he said his Mom was in open heart surgery Bubba said that has nothing
to do with the contract, Nick said Devin has been up all night, Spice
said it has nothing to do with them not showing up to an interview,
Bubba said that Malinda signed it, saying that was Devin’s real name.
Nick said they’ve talked to Cowhead, Spice said he’s seen her talk to
various news outlets, Nick said he through channel 10 off of his
property. Bubba said he should’ve told channel 10 that all
correspondence goes through them, he said that Cowhead called them,
Bubba said that’s okay, Spice thinks the Grandma is believable one in
the party, he said that tiger Woods should take them to court. Nick
said it has nothing to do with him, he said he doesn’t know what to
think. Bubba told the guy he’s pathetic, Nick said the kid looks like
him, he said he wasn’t in the bedroom, Spice said it’s not his kid.
Bubba said he’ll chalk it up to him just taking an investment on
stupid people, Nick said he would like to make some sort of time to be
up there and show them what he has. Bubba said the only thing to make
all this go away would be to have her and the kid at the show
tomorrow, or else they’ll be hearing from the lawyers, he said he
could sue him until he’s bankrupted, he said all they care about is
being concerned with the money. Nick said that he read it, Bubba
admonished him for not taking the call, Nick said that there must’ve
been a mix-up. Bubba said they want all three, he said they should
have the Grandma there saying that it’s not Tiger’s kid; Spice said
he’ll call Nick at High Noon. Bubba said he’ll hold him to the
contract, he said between 7:30-10o:00, he’d like Devin with the
studio, Manson said that this is what you get for signing a contract
with Ronald and Misty Cummings, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Marc Roberge from O.A.R

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. Bubba said if he
was a girl, he’d sleep with Marc, he said the guy can sing, Ned said
he’s wiry for his taste, Spice said he made a bunch of money on the
song, Bubba had no idea what Marc was saying. Marc came on saying he’s
doing to make it, he explained it, he said he’s never been called a
spinner before, he doesn’t think it’s a compliment. Bubba asked him to
sing a little, the delay was it, Marc thinks Bubba can sing, he said
he’s standing on the par in Manhattan, he said ATnT blows. Bubba said
the other guys are like rock stars, Marc said he’s talking with his
boy Bubba. Bubba thinks the Marlins are really hip, Spice said he was
trying to explain how great they are live, Marc said he’d like to do a
show with Lill’ Wayne. Bubba asked him if they had to be the opening
act, who would they pick? Marc said playing a show with JZ would be
great, he said if they opened for Pearl Jam, they could retire, he
said he grew up on some real rock and roll; he said he’d really like
to perform with Led Zeppelin. Bubba asked if they’ll be releasing a
new album, Marc said they are working on something, he said he doesn’t
know when the release date is. Spice asked if it’s kind of strange
with timing, Marc said it’s not an issue, he said they would meet in
Chicago and go from there. Bubba said Marc is a good friend of the
show, he said he didn’t know who OAR were, he said they’re like hockey
and racing, you can’t appreciate them until you see them live, he
thinks Ohio has choked at national games, Brent said they won based on
a bad call in the in zone, Marc called Brent a stat boy. Bubba asked
about the album, Marc said they don’t want to pin themselves to a
date. Bubba asked if they have any songs on the album that seem like
hits, Marc said yes, he said that everyone is talking about that one
song that sticks out, he said they can change the way radio views
songs. Bubba asked if “shattered” was one of the biggest songs ever,
Marc said yes, he said he’s vested in this one song he likes, he said
he’s very proud of it. Spice said they get inspired from marijuana,
Marc said he can’t imagine being any more confused than he already is,
Spice said he was looking forward to lighting up a joint. Marc said
they don’ have a name for the new song; he said they can’t pinpoint it
yet, he said they called the track “Lochay” as a joke. Bubba thinks
they should have a song on their called “Baby Batter”, Marc said the
new album should have a thank you in the liner notes, he said they’ll
come down and play it. Spice said Marc sounds like a musical act on
the radio; Bubba thinks they’ve made the cut as his friends. Bubba
said he follows Marc and OAR on the show, Marc said he sent them a
message when they had Richard Marx on the show (March 19, 2010), Marc
said he couldn’t believe that. Bubba likes how Richard did the BGs
song, we then heard the clip, Marc said “damn” to that, Bubba thinks
Marc couldn’t do it, Marc thinks it would sound like two whales dying.
Spice said he’ll email Marc about Paper Tongues, Marc said he knows
about it, Bubba said if they weren’t so good, no one would play them,
Marc said he loves the guys for that. Bubba thanked Marc for coming
on, we then heard “Lay It Down” from August 27, 2009. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various callers

Bubba came on saying that O.A.R are some great guys. Matt in Chicago
said he saw the taping of the show, he thinks Bubba should know the
topics before getting on stage, Brent said the guy was saying he’d
like to have some questions ready, he then explained the first show
for Sunday. Ned said he’d love to go up on the show, Spice said he’d
go, Manson said he’d attend. Michael said that it seems like Cowhead
is trying to get some traction, Bubba said if it’s topical, then
there’s not much he can do about that, he said Cowhead can do whatever
they’d like to do, he said it’s on them for not going through the
proper channels, he asked that the listeners stop stirring the crap. .
Dave Rice thanked Mike’s Pizza for the Pizza; they then ended the show
a few seconds later.

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