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Tuesday on the show, Bubba gave commentary on Top 40 hits, author S.E. Cupp called in to talk about her new book, “Losing Our Religion” and Manson debuted a new BP Oil offering: “Bush and Clinton Call the White House”.

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Segment 1 – Various stuff

Bubba started off by saying the music was provided by Dave Rice, he
thinks the song is sung by a bunch of pukers, Spice thinks maybe the
band did it without the Beastie Boys’s permission. Bubba said he got
concerned about Manson, he thought he was drunk last night, Manson
said it was in the afternoon, he was watching the World cup, he said
he puked at around 9:00, Bubba thinks Manson is turning into Ned every
day. Spice said he had some stuff yesterday, he got it taken care of,
Bubba wonders why he’s the only one to open up, the guys then went
over some birthdays, Spice said he’s heard that Helen Hunt is a bitch,
Bubba said the Chicago people are telling you to wear you Bubba Army
stuff, Brent thinks they’re really over thinking it. Bubba plugged
Spice’s appearance at the Penthouse club tomorrow night, the Cougars
VS the Cubs contest. Brent said he can’t say why the Muslim woman
missed the interview, h said that her people screamed at her or
missing the interview. Bubba said if you’re looking for a tool, get
Dewalt. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 –

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the btls newsletter,
then into a news clip about Gary Coleman, then into Ned’s “Crushed
Your Skull what you talking about?” Bubba thanked Mr. Skin for is
work, he then explained what he’s all about, he said the prep service
is great, he thinks they should do some stuff with him, Spice said
they’re doing some content stuff with BubbaRaw.com, Bubba this it
would be Ned’s alter ego. The first email of the day thanked Bubba for
the Bubba Army birthday card; the emailer said he’s going to Calgary
Bubbapalooza. Another emailer asked if they can wear Bubba Army gear,
Bubba said yes, he said they originally wanted them to wear business
stuff; he said that Randy Michaels stepped in. Another emailer said
they’re building a car with their son, the emailer said they spend
about three hours on the car, they asked for Bubba’s opinion on the
engine parts. Bubba said if you’re building a motor, you can
practically go on the internet, he said he goes to Comp Cam, as well
as callies.com. Another emailer asked if they could get a vasectomy
special. Another emailer asked that the dates are set n stone; Bubba
thinks the tickets will be on sale on June 25. The last email of the
day said a heavy se guy who isn’t harry is just a chub, the emailer
thinks Bubba would be a chub for a cub. Jay said he went to the
racetrack Bubba was talking about a few days ago, Bubba said he
would’ve gone, but he got hung up at the track, he then said some
local rich guy in town name Joe Redner, he thinks the guy is typecast,
Spic thinks Joe runs for office jus to bust balls, he thinks he just
doesn’t care anymore. We then heard a news clip about that, Bubba said
they just show the strip club footage regardless of where the story
is, Bubba said that Mon’s Venus is a small part of Joe’s success. Mike
in Tampa asked if the red line oil is good for motor cycles, Bubba
said yes. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 –

Coming out of commercials, w heard a Spanish bumper. Jeff in Ohio said
that the Touchdown Jesus got struck by Lightning, Bubba said he
doesn’t know of the one the guy speaks of, Jeff said this one faces
75, Spice thinks the Rock and Roll church sounds interesting, the guy
said it’s a place that spreads the word of Christ through rock and
roll, Bubba thanked him for calling. Wally in Naples said he’s
following a Bubba Army trailer Bubba said it’s Mike and Dan Atwell, he
said practice is tomorrow. Spice said he’ll be in Disney on Thursday,
Bubba asked him if he’d watch him race, Spice said no, he said Bubba
canceled their shopping date, Bubba said had they gone to
International Mall. We then heard a 911 call about a woman that needs
a husband, she called about five times, Bubba goofed on the woman’s
voice, he thinks she was on a hell of a bender. We then hear a news
clip about a family feud that ended in murder, Bubba thinks the
reporter sounds like Lisa G on Zanex (Lisa G is a reporter for Howard
100 News). Manson wonders what would win – knife VS frying pan, Bubba
thinks it’s white trash gone wild, he then said he’s been juicing, he
said he’s been pooping a lot, he asked if that’s normal, Manson said
he’s been doing it since they had Peter Max on (February 26, 2010).
Bubba said he normally doesn’t eat green stuff, Manson said if you
juice the stuff with fiber in it, he thinks grape fruit will kick your
ass, Spice said the first taste makes his eyes water. We then heard a
news clip about a family who called 911, but no one answered, their
baby ended up dying, Bubba had a hard time figuring out what the woman
in the clip was saying, he then goofed on the guy in the clip, Spice
wondered if this is 1962, Bren thinks it’s Green Acres, where you have
to clime the telephone pole to make a call, Bubba thinks after the
second call, you’d drive like Tony Stewart to the hospital. Steve in
Jacksonville said he heard Bubba talk about juicing, he said he’
S into it, he said if you mix broccoli and spinnage too much, it will
make you poop. Justin in south Florida said he’s been juicing for a
while, h said it will do that when you start out, he said that he has
a machine that turns stuff liquid, he said he can’t drink the green
drinks unless they’re really cold. Bubba took a call from a guy who
asked about the Caylee Anthony animation, Bubba said the guy is
working on it. Tim asked why Bubba calls people white trash if they
have a Southern accent, Bubba said it seems a majority of the stories
they come across are white trash. Tim asked why Bubba had to say that
about the baby that died, Bubba decided to go through the clip with
the guy, he said he’s all about good people sounding southern, he said
it’s his show, he said if he’s wrong he’s wrong, he ended up Eviling
the guy a few seconds later. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4- Top five countdown/top 40, Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com. Bubba
said they’ll be dong the top five countdown, the top 40 edition, he
said this segment really pi8ses him off. We then heard a bumper for
the top 40. Number 5 – “Break Your Heart”, Spice thinks Bubba might’ve
heard it. We then heard the song, Bubba said the guy needs to slow it
down, Manson said one guy sings while another raps, Bubba told Manson
not to patronize him, he then asked if it would’ve been a hit without
Ludachris, he then said he had heard the song before, he groaned at
it, the guys cracked up at the name of the track Bubba will be at,
Bubba then recapped what he’ll be doing while in Chicago he said he’s
got two hours to tap the opening, Manson think they’ll have hell to
pay on Monday. Number four – Kesha “Your Love Is My Drug”, Bubba
thinks it doesn’t take a lot of talent to hit the beat, Manson said
the song is annoying, Bubba said she does it so obvious, he thinks you
can tell what the next word is. Jamal suggested the camera soot above
the eyes. Bubba thinks this isn’t singing, it’s talking, Manson said
she’s rapping, he said he’d like to whack her with the frying pan, he
then said he’d hit Lady Gaga, he’ pull her pants down to validate if
she has a vagina. Spice said she came from New York, she’s gotten
annoying. Bubba said some guy sent him a link of a guy who has 8,000
followers on Twitter, the guy raps, he hopes the world of music dries
up on Kesha, Spice said if she died, he wouldn’t care, Bubba said he
can’t do enough drugs to get away from her, Spi8ce said there’s no
singing, Bubba said he’d like to smash her in the teeth, he then said
she’s kind of hot, he thinks only a kid would like this song, he said
he’d rather have a Jeffry Dahmer kind of situation in her basement. We
then heard “Airplanes”, Bubba had no idea what the song was about, he
said he kind of likes the song, he then got sick when the rap guy
started, Manson thinks he’ll just talk about himself for three
minutes, Bubba said he does that for a living, he thinks he should’ve
been a rapper, he said this stuff is horrible, he then said the song
sucks. We then heard a collaboration of Snoop Dogg and Katy Parry,
Bubba wonders why people are featuring other people, Spice thinks
Snoop will take a pay day anywhere, Bubba said he liked the song after
Katy said “Jin and Juice”, he asked that they not rip off the Dazy
Dukes, he asked that Snoop Dogg come in and save the song, Spice
thinks his stuff won’ be all that gangster. Bubba got impatient and
sped up the song to the part featuring Snoop, Manson thinks it’s
cheesy, Bubba thinks they should turn Snoop up, Spice as Snoop said
some stuff. Bubba said the song sucks, we then hear Usher Featuring
will I Am, Spice said it’ kind of a guilty pleasure, Bubba said this
stuff was pathetic, he thinks it doesn’t’ take a lot of talent to do
this stuff. We then heard “
fire Flies”, Bubba said as corny and as gay as it is, it’s refreshing,
Spice and Manson as some Southern guys, Bubba thinks he was wrong for
putting out a rap album. We then heard “Forties and blunts”, Spice
explained it, saying that Bubba put a CD out, he said it was around
94, Manson thinks the rap is better than the course, Spice as Bubba
goofed on hi, Bubba asked why the guys need to do all this stuff,
Bubba wonders why n one woke him up at the time, he then recreated a
scene about that, where Spice acted as Bubba. We then heard Hogan’s
bumper, Hogan came on saying he least he won’t remember when Hogan
first met him, he didn’t like Bubba, because o the rap stuff, he said
he’s in Orlando, he said his bike is doing good. Bubba asked about his
Post Cereal deal, Hogan thinks it will be okay. Bubba remembers when
Hogan would just look at the mini bar, then go after it. Spice asked
him if he’s a liquor guy, Hogan said he was captained out, he said
he’s about Vodka. Bubba asked what Dixie is up to, Hogan said he can’t
say, he then said he’s going through aftershock after room service
came by last night, he said he needs a new car, Spice thinks Hogan
should just drop by the place. Bubba asked how the Jimmy Hart song
was, he thinks Ned’s version is better, Hogan this Ned killed it.
Spice asked if Linda ever hi Hogan, Hogan said she used to throw stuff
at him, he thinks he got really mad about 20 years ago when things got
crazy, he said he had to block the door so she wouldn’t leave, Bubba
thinks the real book is Charlie Hill’s book, whenever it comes out,
Hogan said he needs the money, Bubba thinks Hogan can’t afford a john
boat, he then asked Spice how I would be to be in Hogan’s spot, Spice
said it would be bad, he asked about the big house, Hogan said he’s
selling it, Hogan said that he likes how the Bubba Army is helping him
out with the website, he thinks Bubba is just saying this stuff to get
him off the phone. We then heard Ned’s “I’m finished Sctrizzewing that
cow”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Manson’s New Bit, various stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s twitter
page, then into a news clip about the BP Oil Spill. Bubba took a call
from a guy who suggested welding a mile of pipe and pump the oil into
the tank, he then said some guy will get executed via firing squad, we
then heard some gunshot sound effects, Bubba said he loves it, the guy
thinks Utah is the only place that does it, he thinks the
pussyfication of America has put all the good methods of execution, he
then said he’s done with the oil spill, he thinks it’s all lip
service, he said after a while, you get desensitized. Manson said he
has a new offering, that features George W. Bush and bill Clinton
partying, then suggesting some ideas for the oil spill. We then heard
the clip, where Clinton and Bush are talking on the phone. Bush said
he was hanging out with Clinton, Bill asked if they were calling the
hookers. Bush said he would’ve been standing on top of a pile of dead
birds with a mega phone, Bill was heard in the background yelling
about alcohol. Bush first suggests the Crunk shot, Bubba got caught
off guard with Costner on TV. Bush suggests various rap guys plug the
leak with gold chains. Bill thinks it’s stupid, he suggests the trunk
shot, where they send Caylee Anthony down with a trunk of dead babies.
Bush tells Clinton he’s high, Clinton said that’s why he went to
Haiti. Bush suggests the cunt shot, where they put Hilary Clinton’s
cancels in the well. Clinton suggests they use the Hop on Top, where
Bush reads a book, Bush said it was “My Pet Goat”. John said Glen Beck
was talking about people picketing, he wonders why the prices aren’t
dropping. Chad said some guy got detained for hunting Bin Laden with a
sword Spice said it was funny, Bubba read the article about that,
Spice thinks the guy is a man’s man, Bubba said that at least someone
is trying, he thinks if anyone wants to catch him, they should, Manson
thinks the Packastanian police don’t want you to hunt him, Brent said
the bounty could be twenty-five million. Bubba wonders how many people
would do it, Manson said it would make America look stupid if it
happened. Bubba thinks either he’s dead, or we’ve harbored him, Brent
thinks they’re refusing to catch him. Spice read some stuff about the
top ten people on the FBI Most Wanted. We then heard “sorry Bin Laden”
from “The Ned CD” track 22, and “Ned’s Parody songs Vol. 3”, track 21.
The song parodies “Ms. Jackson” by Outcast, where Ned tells Bin Laden
it’s over. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Britney Murphy’s mom 911 call, S.E. Cup calls in

Coming out of commercials, w heard a promo for Bubba’s Chicago
appearance. Bubba said Spice has tracked down the Urban legend about
lowering gas prices he said it’s just Glen Beck wishful thinking. Ben
said the parody the guys played about Sponge Bob on Sirius was funny,
Bubba thinks it was inserted on Sirius, the guy said screw BP, Bubba
said you can go to iTunes, we then heard the “Go pack go” sounder, he
thinks the Packers will be good this year, he thinks h caught Ned
sleeping. Brent said that S.E. Cup thinks the Liberal media is talking
about Religion, Bubba thinks we should have separation of church and
state, Spice said that South Park attacks Religion. Bubba said he was
watching TV yesterday, he wondered what the horns were, he said it’s
very distracting. We then heard the news clip about the horns, Manson
said the players can’t communicate on the field, Spice said the
decibel rate is 137, Manson said it’s stupid. Bubba said that he’s
going to get a bunch of heat for this, he’ll play the Britney Murphy
911 call, he said he just tries to play by the rules, he read that
Simon Moonjack had two kids he thinks they never played the Simon
Moonjack 911 call, he thinks the woman wasn’t all that shocked. We
then heard the 911 call Bubba wonders if it’s the same guy, he thinks
it’s the same guy, he thinks the operator is a dick, he thinks she’s
been doing some cocaine, he thinks he would rip the guy a new ass for
acting like this, Manson thinks they’re arguing, Bubba thinks she’s
over it, Ned yelled for the dog to shut up, Spice goofed on her a
little, the guys cracked up at the clip, Spice thinks she sounds like
Maryann from Brooklyn from Howard’s show, or Marge Simpson. Bubba said
he always gets heat when he plays the Britney Murphy one, Manson
thinks she’s not evening doing it, Bubba said he feels bad for her, he
thinks they shouldn’t even play the original, Spice said auto-tune
takes it to a new level, Bubba thinks she’s next, he thinks they
should do a listener vote, he said the listeners love the sick stuff,
he said he’d say no. The voting results ended up being 11 play it, 3
don’t play it. Bubba said he doesn’t like this, Ned told him to stop
being a fag, he said this is really bad, he suggested you change the
channel, he asked Spice why he auto-tuned it, Spice said it takes the
edge of we then heard the call. Bubba apologized for playing that, he
wonders if S.E. is S.E. Cup’s real name, Brent said her real name is
Sarah Elizabeth. Bubba went to her, he thinks she’s nice looking, he
wondered if she’ a best seller, S.E. said no, Bubba thinks Mike
Huccabee isn’t feeling so swell, S.E. said she was lucky to know him.
Brent asked if she ever asked him about West Memphis Three, S.E. said
no. Bubba asked how the liberals are doing it, S.E. said it’s
happening at the cooperate level, she said she doesn’t run Fox, she
said that Fox has some liberals. Bubba thinks he’s the dumbest guy in
the room, he thinks those that are liberal are free thinkers, he
thinks they don’t care about making money, he wonders if some
Republicans believe the stuff they say, S.E. said she’s not in their
heads, she used Keith Olberman and Chris Matthews as examples, Spice
thinks you can’t count Larry King in any category. Bubba said the
media gives Religion a pass, S.E. said the New York times broke the
story, she thinks the Pope should apologize, Bren said they kiss his
ass when he’s in America, he then read a pole that stated people
wouldn’t’ vote for an Atheist or a Muslim. Bubba thinks Religion gets
a bad rap with sex scandals, he thinks we need to take a harder
stance, and he said we don’t know if Religion is for real or not, S.E.
said she’s an atheist. Brent said teaching abstinent, it doesn’t work,
S.E. said it works in some schools, she wishes we could have a
complicated debate about stuff like this. Bubba thinks her follow-up
book should be how Religion is fake. S.E. said she stands up for civil
rights, even though she’s not black. Brent said no one called Bush out
for being Christian, Manson said no one believes in the Devil. Bubba
asked S.E. her thoughts on Plan, S.E. sad that she respects and
admires her, Bubba thinks she’s propping up Religion, S.E. said he’s
not in her head. Bubba said he knows that she’s very Religion like,
S.E. thinks Palin is a sinner, not a hypocrite, Brent said the love of
money is the route of all evil, S.E. thinks Bubba is asking a valid
point. Manson said if you believe in the tea party, you’d have a free
speaking engagement, he thinks she fell off the turnip truck. Bubba
said Palin is pandering to two kinds of people – Religious people and
horny guys, S.E. said she’s not married and doesn’t have kids, she
said she can’t answer that question well, Bubba said she’s hot. Brent
said Sean Hannity is broadcasting live from a whorehouse, S.E. said
Sean is a great guy, she said she’s no in his head. Brent said Sean
has a model to make money, Bubba said they try to be honest, and
they’[re behind on their car payments, he asked S.E. her thoughts on
Obama, S.E. said she’s surprised at how badly he’s dealing with this.
Bubba said he likes Charlie Crist, S.E. wonders why Charlie would’ve
had to have signed the abortion bill, Bubba said his money would’ve
dried up, he then read an article about Rubio commenting on the
abortion bill he then recapped senate Bill six, he said Charlie shot
it down, Brent said there’s no Independent party. Bubba thanked her
for coming on, S.E. asked Bubba to say hello to Tony Stewart for her,
Brent said she writes for daily Caller. The guy head no idea what she
was doing, Bubba thinks they’re the dumb ones. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – A Ned Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s call to Mattel about a
Barbie doll, he thinks it should look like a whore. In one call, Ned
said he tried to give Barbie a clit ring with a hole puncher, he
thinks that he killed her. He ends by saying he can’t get seamen out
of Holiday Barbie’s hair. This bit is not in the catalog. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Btls newsletter.
Bubba thinks Dave might be the coolest guy there, he then said that
Devin James is now saying that Tiger is the father of her son, Spice
said it’s a mystery child, Bubba read an article about it, Spice
wonders if it was true, Bubba said he’d like for the kid to be brought
to the studio. Al said he’s a Catholic, he said he’s more
conservative, he said he’d like to talk about the Imaginary assault on
the media, he thinks Nixon ever evoked Evil on other Nations, Bubba
said he doesn’t remember many of Nixon’s speeches. The guy said we’re
looking at Politics like it’s a football game, Manson thinks he’ on to
something. The guy said if the secretary of education moved around
teachers because of kid touching, they would be hung from a tree, he
this the media is doing the responsible thing by reporting it, he said
he’s ashamed of it, he said we shouldn’t turn Palin from a milf to a
pilf, he said anyone who thinks that should be in a room with salt
walls, he said we should make abortion legal for those who want to
have it, the guy said Bababbooey at the end of the call, Bubba said
they’re in that family. Dave in Venis said there was an article where
the writer said the policy of the US is being done by a person who
thinks Government is doing nothing. Bren thinks it’s all pro wrestler,
he said it’s all on you. Bubba said he’s done for the day, Manson as
the Ferret said he has better fashion then Spice. They then ended the
show a few seconds later.

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