Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 31st, 2012 by Staff


Facebook friend of the day is James Smith of Vancouver, British Columbia.
Bubba came back from break singing along with “The Joker” by The Steve Miller Band.
Rebel in Georgia thanked Bubba for the merchandise.
The guys dump on Twenty-five for acting tired.
Emails: Artie is suspended from his show, Poll dancer is also a
paralegal, and a listener thanked Bubba for reading the chat log.
Augie the stunt man came on, Bubba told him he felt bad for not giving
him his check, “Bubba Saw #3” will be locked in soon.
Bubba said he saw Cir-do-ca-lay; they’ll be in town soon.
The Cream machine will be with the Ford F150 that will be raffled off
in Town and Country on August 16.
Audio clip – Credit Card usage fees going up.
Audio clip – World’s biggest yot.
Audio clip – Octomom is begging for money.
Manson’s “She’s the Octomom” (“Bubba’s New and Misc its Vol. 9” track
10, and “The Clemulus Package” disc 4 track 4).
Audio clip – Jerry Jones says he wants a glory hole.
Audio clip – Beauty queen found nude in bed.
2012 Olympic coverage.
Bubba wants carbon fyber legs to prepel himself in running.
Audio clip – Kattie Homes is dating someone, Bubba is convinced the
woman in the clip has pictures of someone having relations with a
Bubba doesn’t care for cigarette smokers.
Audio clip – woman fired for smoking too many cigarettes.
Audio clip – teacher sex with student.
Audio clip – door to door salesman killed while on the job.
Mike said the guy had the no tress passing sign up, he made a report
that he was in fear for his life.
TJ said he had the salesman come by his house, before he was shot.
A handy man in Charleston wondered if there’s a difference between
someone who smells like smoke Vs. walking down the street and smelling
a bunch of fragrence.
Ned’s Load – “Neditorial – War on the rich”.
Audio clip – OJ Murdoct suicide.
Big Joe, a man who found oe’s body calls in.
Bubba thinks women are evil.
Audio of a campaign ad between Ed Broski and Peter Lumbardo.
Bubba thinks Michael Bloomburg won’t be happy until he has taken
everything away.
Audio clip – Michael Bloomnburg’s decision to get rid of baby formula.
Audio clip – CNN plays “Stupid girls” before Sarah Palin’s segment.
Neditorial on “Chick-Fil-A”.
David thinks Bloonmburg is the American Hitler.
Allan in New Jersey said his wife is a doctor, breast milk is known as
white gold, his wife has sold it on CraigsList.com.
Audio clip – A serial infector.
Sligh said his wife pumped her breast milk.
Audio clip – Man who got his hand bitten off while feeding a gator has
been charrged with feeding the gator.
Audio clip – Guy had to mary a cow.
Audio clip – Dick Cheney thinks Obama is worse than Jimmy Carter.
Bubba thinks the RNC is in dis aray, Brent said that George H. W. Bush
and George W. Bush aren’t coming to Tampa.
Manson’s “McCaine’s Vetting Process” (“The Clemulus Package” disc 4
track 12, “Political CD” track 11, and “Bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol.
6”, track 2).
Mindi Abair on the phone, bubba gave her an update about himself, indi
said that she’s broken up with her husband.
Mindi tinks this is probably the clleanest tour she’s ever been on.
Bubba told Mindi Tara is on the show, saying they’re desprit for content.
Mindi said that she never had sex with Nick Carder; she then talked
about Jeremey Pivin.
Bubba wonders if Jeremey would ask indi to play the saxophone for him.
Bubba thinks they should do the Mindi Abair dating game.
Manson joked that he Googled “Jeremey Pivin” with a D; he found 18
stories proclaiming he’s a douchebag.
Mindi said that at all of her concerts, the people yell “Bubba Army”.
Bubba thanked Spice for the hookup.
Manson’s 9:40 Segment – “Blackman Vs. George W. Bush” (“The Adventures
of Blackman” track 21, and “Political CD”, track 5).
Salty Dog marked out to Tara.
Audio clip – Tax dollars going down the drain in Iraq.
Manson wonders what happened to the 20 billion dollars we sent to Iraq.
Audio clip – James Holmes is facing 142 criminal counts.

Radioio.com Show:

Ned has a “No Homo” DVD, where he offers commentary on the Male
stripper show (July 13, 2012)
Aaron in Kentucky said the show is apart of his life, Brett Farve is
now a high school football coach, he and Bubba then talked about NHRA
for a few minutes.
Token in Brandon asked for another Ned show, Ned said he’ll do it
shortly just for him.
Blind James came on, bubba told him he could come to the christmas
party, he said they took his dog’s harnis as she was retiring, he
explained that each harnis is cereal numbered, they have to match the
numbers that are tattooed within the dog’s ears, Ned thinks the blind
police will bust you if the numbers don’t match.
James talked about the crackdown on despensories; he’d rather have
decriminalization as opposed to making it totally legal.
Anthony in St. Paul asked about Brent’s personal life, Bubba said that
Brent has a girlfriend.
Emails: Listener thinks the Puppeteer shouldn’t be blasted for his
words, Artie gone from Directv? Listener wonders if they won the cover
band contest, and a guy has picture of Spice with Jessey Jane.
Kevin in Maine with a Candlebox story, the lead singer marked out during a show.
Austrailian man injured after bad firework trick.
Video of a guy with a bottle rocket in his ass.
Bubba wonders if anyone would do it, Twenty-five said no to the suggestion.
The guys checked out some clips on youtube of people who have played
around with fireworks.
Ned’s DVD – Florida Hard Bodies Commentary.The guys got a good laugh
when Ned said this was like Jerry Sandusky’s vip party, Bubba thinks
Ned is insane.
Audio clip – Glenn Beck in Cowboy stadium, Bubba asked for a gun, he
thinks he could sell out.
Audio clip – Wayne Newton thrown out of his house.
Artie Lange might be on the show either today or tomorrow.
Woman accused of cutting her husband’s testicals off.
Women accused of giving oral sex now have to register as sex offenders.
Ned’s “Gay Sheep Call” (“Ned’s Crank Calls Vol. 1”, track 19).
Bubba said that the new intern had an idea – get a bubba Army shirt on
TV for the Olympics, you’ll get $500.
Ned’s Chick-Fil-A Neditorial uncensored.
98 Rock talkbreak where Ned calls the show to say he was going to
London about a sexually frustrated dolphin.
Bubba stopped and started the element to comment, he thinks Ned just
could’ve said he didn’t feel so great, Ned thinks Bubba needed 9
minutes of content.
Bubba’s iPhone is busted; he thinks he needs to take it to the Genius bar.

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