Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 27th, 2010 by Staff

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blind Lawrence reporting in with the daily recap.

Bumper music provided by Big Dick:
1. Stone Temple Pilots – Down
2. George Baker Selection – Little Green Bag
3. The Who – Squeezebox
4. Suicidal Tendencies – Monopoly of Sorrow
5. Spacehog – In the Meantime
6. Anthrax – In My World
7. The Black Crowes – Thorn In My Pride
8. Taproot – Mine

Segment 1 – Matt Garza’s No Hitter discussed

The show started off with audio of the Rays winning, followed by
“Down” by Stone Temple Pilots. Bubba started the show by saying the
music was provided by Big Dick, he then said Matt Garza had a no
hitter, he went to bed around 8:30 and didn’t get a chance to see it,
he said that only 17,000 fans doesn’t really make a dent, Manson said
this is a horrible sports town. We then heard a clip of Matt Garza
talking about his no hitter, Bubba said he’d like for him to spit
between every word. Brent said Leland got ejected for spitting on the
umpire, Bubba said he likes Shop vack, he said he’s got Tampa Bay Rays
baseball camp tickets, he said he’ll take Tyler, he asked that Spice
take Tasha’s son, Spice said he took him to the batting cage, he took
a crack at it, he said at least it goes right down the center. Bubba
said he’s only giving tickets to women only,, he said he also has
twenty pairs of tickets for the OAR show on September 15, the guys
think they should bring back Raphael as the Free ticket Ferry. (The
Free Ticket Ferry was a bit where Raphael would dress like a ferry,
and visit construction sites with tickets to various concerts). Bubba
asked that they have a montage of stuff ready to go for the new
listeners; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Female Callers bash bubba to get tickets

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Btls Foundation.
Bubba thinks nothing interesting has ever happened on this date, Spice
said he gets mad if something happens on his birthday, Manson thinks
your birthday being on Christmas is the worst. Christian said she’d
like to get tickets, Bubba gave them to her, he thanked heather
French, Ned thinks they’re playing him. Bubba asked that the next few
callers do something like that. Carron said she’d like the tickets,
Spice said it sounded honest, the guys cracked up at what she said,
Bubba said the meaner she is to him, the more he likes it. Spice asked
if Bubba likes when girls talk smack about him while in bed, Bubba
said yes. Tammy said she’s not a big fan of his, she said she’d just
like to grub some tickets off of him. Jamie in Ft. Lauderdale came on,
Bubba said she’s not doing it the way he’d like, the woman was heard
hitting the keypad, Spice thinks its Helen Keller telling Bubba he
sucks. Bubba took a call from a woman who said she hates him, she said
she’d like a pair of tickets, Bubba thinks people should explain why
they don’t like the show. Jamie came on saying that Bubba is a crude
and nasty man, Ned booed her, Bubba wondered how she’s going to get
her kid to Baseball camp, Ned thinks she’s dumb. Jessica said she’s
blonde and Polish, she said she doesn’t like the show, she doesn’t
like Bubba’s attitude towards women, Spice as an old guy said “Back in
the 90’s”, Bubba thinks everyone will be taking this concept, Brent
thinks BJ shay will be doing that soon. Amanda called Bubba a fatass,
saying that they should make it quick; she thinks Bubba should act
more like Bubba’s Dad; Bubba likes how she brings the heat. Sharee
came on, Spice said he can’t get past the voice, saying it was as if
she was in a house fire, and she breathed in all the smoke, she got
Eviled a few seconds later, he said that he hates it when Larry King
calls the show. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – emails, the show going off of Miami

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza New
Orleans, followed by “Squeeze Box” by The Who. Bubba said for those of
you who live in the south, Bubbapalooza will be coming to New Orleans,
he said the show is free, he said they send you an email if you live
in the New Orleans area, he said the Meet and Greets are available for
$49.99, he then explained BubbaRaw.com for the new people, Spice said
you can see Blind Lawrence giving a tattoo. Bubba said if you can’t
make it to Calgary, you can see it live on BubbaRaw.com, he then got
distracted by an ant crawling around, Brent said his Dad should be
coming in. Mark said he was listening to JT The Brick earlier, they
gave Bubba some props. The first email of the day said they went to
Sting Ray Chevy, they got their car within two hours, they also
ordered an intake filter. Another emailer said he lost his job, he
asked where he can hear the show, he said he’d rather hear the wind
than Paul and Young Ron, Bubba thinks the rug will be pulled out from
under him with Miami, Spice thinks they should just quit Miami, Bubba
said you never get the chance to say good-bye to the listeners, he
thinks he ate and cheated on Holy during his time off from the Power
Pig, he said male scuring talk shows are a dying breed. Joe on
protection said that he knows people that work at 93 Rock, he said the
ratings suck, Bubba said he knows that, Spice thinks there isn’t much
of a rug to pull out. Eric in Miami said he’s disappointed to know
that the guys won’t be around; Spice said that’s the word on the
street. Jason in Miami said he’s just hearing that it’s over, Spice
said they’ve been Terry Schiavo-ing around, Jason said if the guys go,
he’ll buy a Sirius radio the next day. Another emailer said they like
the track in Puntagorda. Another emailer asked if Bubba will bring any
merchandise to Calgary. Another emailer said Bubba hasn’t talked about
his jet skies, Bubba said he has them in waiting. The last email of
the day said they listen in t. Lauderdale, they got McDonalds ordered
in, Bubba likes how it’s a National deal. Rufus in Minnesota asked if
bubba will go to radioIo.com, Bubba said he likes it, he said when the
chance comes, he might take it. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – Linda Hogan and Scott McPherson

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Plugs For Pain”,
followed by “Monopoly On Sorrow” by Suicidal Tendencies. Bubba thanked
Mr. Skin for getting some stuff for them; he said the guy has his
stuff laid out. We then heard a news clip about Linda Hogan, Spice
said it’s a bad move, Bubba wonders how it could’ve gone so badly, he
thinks that less than 36 months after the marriage, it will be over,
he thinks Charlie will be writing a tell-all book, he said Linda is a
bipolar alcoholic bitch,
Spice said the thing is, Charlie will be Nick and Brooke’s stepdad,
and he’s slightly younger than them, Bubba said they’re leaving out
the last part of Hogan’s OJ quote, Spice thinks Charlie will end up
cheating on Linda. Franky in Tampa said his step Mother is younger
than he is, he said he’s 25 and she’s 23, he said she’s not hot. We
then heard a news clip about classified records, Bubba said we
wouldn’t have to worry about stuff like this if we weren’t over there,
Brent said the problem is the documents getting leaked. Bubba asked
what’s changed from bush to Obama, the guys think it’s just that he
moved from Iraq to Afghanistan, he said that we’ve desensitized
ourselves with war, he said they should just blow themselves up, he
said it’s all in the name of greed. We then heard a news clip about
the Mayor of New Port richy getting slapped in the face, Bubba said
just him talking makes the guy look stupid. Brent said the Mayor
can’t take off a cop, he said that’s Bob white’s job, Spice then
goofed on the guy’s voice, Bubba said the bar tender had to call the
cops, he then rewound the clip saying that the operator cannot
interrupt him, Brent thinks he should resign after this. Bubba said
they should put something up on Btls.com where you can ask for the
guy’s removal from office. Spice read that after his wife was
arrested, he went to the cops and asked that he be taken, he called
the cops Keystone cops when they wouldn’t do it, Bubba thinks he’ll be
fired by Friday, he thinks Phil Campbell should represent him. We then
heard another 911 call from Scott McPherson, Spice wonders if he was
checking to see if he was sober before making this call. Bubba said if
you cal 911, everyone will be playing you’re 911 call. Joe on
protection said he has some friends who work in the New Port richy
area, they’ve had to drive the guy home a few times, as he gets crazy
drunk. We then heard Ned’s “Linda Hogan Calls 911” from “Bubba’s new
and Misc Hits Vol. 5”, track 7, and “The Clemulus package” disc 2,
track 6. We then heard “Ned Calls Linda Hogan from Jail” from “bubba’s
New and Miscc Hits Vol. 4”, tracks 5 and 6, and “The Clemulus Package”
disc 2, track 12. We then heard “Charlie’s Just A Friend” from “The
Clemulus Package” disc 3, track 9. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – Sam Brown

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. Jeff in Ohio
congratulated Spice on his rant with Nick James. Bubba said a caller
suggested Lummox and Mel Gibson sound alike, he then went on to say
that he can’t stand “The Jersey Shore”, Manson said we glorify the
biggest retards ever in this Country, Bubba said he doesn’t want to be
a part of this society. Sporka said they have the rest of the Misty
Cummings family in jail, Bubba thinks he saw that, we then heard a
news clip about that, Spice said it seems like everyone in the family
have been in jail, he said even if the kid is alive, it has to be
better than having to live with that family, bubba thinks sleeping
forever has got to be better than dealing with that. Sam Brown called
in, Spice said he made a few copies of some labels, he said he sent it
to Psychopathic records, he said they manage Insane clown Posse. We
then heard “Ain’t No country In country Music Anymore”, followed by
“jack and Me”, ned got excited about that. Spice thinks the guy has a
great range; Bubba likes how it kicks in. Spice said no one has a
record of the European country chart, Sam said NDRN will play any
music. We then heard “Just what The doctor Ordered”, bubba likes the
intro to the song, Sam said it was about a girl he knew. Bubba asked
him if he could do a song about the show, Spice said he needs to
strike it, Ned said its cutting edge. Bubba previewed the CD, he
thinks one of the songs was written before suicide, ed wondered if the
guy thinks he’s Elvis, Spice thinks Sam is a depressed guy. Sam then
did his song “Stage in Time”, we then heard “Dueling Der Ders” from
“Bubba Show Classics Vol. 11”, track 14, the guys cracked up while all
this was going on. Bubba then ran Sam through the Evil Soundboard, the
guys cracked up when Sam hung up. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – Raphael in the Green Room

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com, followed
by “In y World” by Anthrax. Bubba said Raphael is in the green room,
he then potted up the audio, he thinks they should send Twenty-five
Cent in; he said Red Bull is the best with marketing. Twenty-five
Cent came in, Raphael was heard asking about the boxing ring, he said
he doesn’t listen to the show, he said he’s bar tending at Sheppard’s,
he said he’s picking up girls, Twenty-five said the guys think he’s
gay, Raphael said he’s not gay, he said he dances here and here.
Twenty-five asked Raphael if he ties off his penis, Raphael hesitated,
Twenty-five asked him to get nude in studio, Raphael said no to the
idea, he thinks Bubba is on crack, Ned yelled for him to put on some
Raphael said what to that, the guys cracked up at this. Bubba asked
for Spice to come in, Spice thanked him for coming, he told him about
the stripper pole, Raphael asked if this will be filmed, Spice said
they’ll determine that. bubba thinks Spice could be a used car
salesman, Raphael said he’s not doing this, Twenty-five asked him if
he’ll do it if they don’ film it, he told him not to leave, he told
him to just take his shirt off, Raphael said he’d do that, Twenty-five
thinks Raphael is full of himself. Raphael said he didn’t know what
was going on, Twenty-five asked him if he’s ever danced on a pole,
Raphael said no. Twenty-five asked him if he has a girlfriend, Raphael
said he’s going through a breakup, Twenty-five asked what his name
was. Ned thinks Raphael still has it, Bubba thinks he’s in better
shape, he thinks Jabberjaw should come in and ask him why his shirt is
off. Jabberjaw came in asking him why his shirt is off, Raphael said
bubba told him to, Jabberjaw said Bubba is on air, saying that
Twenty-five is gay; she said Twenty-five is just trying to get in
Raphael’s pants, the guys cracked up at Raphael’s reactions.
Twenty-five Cent came in; Raphael asked him what that was all about.
Twenty-five asked him to take his shirt off, he offered to do it for
him, Spice told Twenty-five to force himself, the guys cracked up at
Raphael freaking out, Raphael said he doesn’t go that way, Twenty-five
said he feels embarrassed, Raphael said that he and ned go back, this
had the guys cracking up. Bubba said you can’t plan this stuff, he
said he can’t wait for people to see the footage, he thinks he’ll put
this on btls.com, Brent said they shouldn’t get crazy, he thinks Ned
is caught, ned said he’s way too slippery, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Manson’s new bit, Raphael and Twenty-five Cent in the Greenroom

Coming out of commercials, we heard a clip of Mel Gibson talking to
Oxana, bubba came on saying he messed up, he ment to play the new
Hogan bit. The bit is called “Hogan’s on The Phone again”, and says that Hogan
calls a lot. Mark in Dayton said he’s got some guys out listening to
the show; they all switched over from Bob and Tom. Wesley in
Jacksonville said everyone is looking at him like he’s a nut. Ark said
it was hilarious. Josh said he’s loving it, he said he had to pull
Spice thinks they should send Twenty-five back in, with Bubba Army
panties on. Mike said this is some great stuff, Spice said they’re out
of panties. Twenty-five came into the green room with panties,
Raphael got dumped for cursing, he couldn’t’ stop laughing at what he
saw, Twenty-five said all they’re missing is the baby oil, he
suggested they oil each other up, he said that his gaydar is going
crazy, the guys were cracking up during all this. Raphael said no one
knows, Twenty-five asked him how hot this is, the guys were cracking
up at this. Twenty-five asked him if he was getting turned on, Raphael
said it feels good, Bubba racked up at this, he asked for Jabberjaw to
come in, Jabberjaw came in and asked what was going on, she told
Twenty-five to stop doing this to the guys, she doesn’t know why the
guys are doing this, this had the guys cracking up, Raphael asked for
his shirt and pants back. Jabberjaw asked him to come to the studio,
Bubba said they should play it cool, he asked that they play the Hogan
bit; Spice thinks this was a listener idea. Bubba wondered what was
Raphael said it was great to see him, Bubba said he can smell his
coconut oil, he said he was going to have a little montage of what he
used to do. We then heard a clip of Raphael doing an air check at a
Country Station; the guys were cracking up at it. Jabberjaw said she
put it together. We then heard a clip of Bubba asking Raphael if he
fagged out on Robert downy JR. Jabberjaw said she walked in,
Twenty-five and Raphael were rubbing each other with baby oil, he said
they had a male model come in, but he stormed out when Twenty-five
messed with him. Raphael said he’s uncomfortable, he thought this was
supposed to be an interview, Twenty-five said he knows about some of
the best of segments, he figured he’d check it out, he said it was
great until Jabberjaw walked in, ned said it was unbelievable, Bubba
thinks he should ask Ned to leave, he thinks he should be done with
Twenty-five, Jabberjaw said she went in there earlier, she said
Raphael’s shirt was off, she said Twenty-five is one of the gay
employees, Twenty-five said he thought of all of this, bubba thinks
maybe Raphael is just rolling with the show, Raphael said he thought
he’d come here for an interview, Spice cracked up when Raphael said
they were lubing up, Brent said the whole hallway smells like baby
oil. Bubba said if Raphael is going to work there, he should listen to
Jabberjaw, he asked that Twenty-five put a towel around him, as he
can’ take him seriously with the panties on, he suggested they
regroup, he told Twenty-five Cent to stay away from everyone. Raphael
said that Twenty-five made him grab his ankles, Spice cracked up at
this, Bubba asked that he just regroup, Manson thinks Raphael is
trying to dance. Bubba told them to flip over to the shower, Jabberjaw
was overheard telling Raphael where all the stuff was, Ned was heard
going nuts, Manson said this was great, bubba thinks he could take the
show until Noon, Ned thinks they could take the show until Noon, Bubba
said the more they don’t mess with him, the more it will make it real,
he thinks you couldn’t have written this, ned yelled out what Raphael
was doing, Bubba thinks Raphael rinses faggy. Jason sad the guys are
unbelievable, he said bob and Tom are jobbers, Bubba said they’re the
greatest radio show that isn’t popular. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Raphael in Studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com, followed
by “” by. Bubba said that Bubbapalooza will be offering Bubbapalooza
in Calgary live, he thanked the Canadians for supporting them, he
thinks they should document the meet and greet. Aaron in Ft. Meyers
said the car is now in second place, Bubba said he doesn’t want to
mess with them.
Brooks asked what’s gayer than Twenty-five and Raphael. Ryan in Tampa
said he used to be an intern with MJ, he said they did a paintball
thing, he saw him with two paintball guns.
Bubba said Raphael was in, Raphael said he’s been good, he thinks it’s
been five to seven years, Bubba asked him if he even knew what time it
was. Raphael said he’s been working at Sheppard’s for nine years,
Spice said he met the manager; bubba said they’ve got a great
business. Spice said he’s not sure if Bubba and Raphael were mad.
Raphael said he still dances a little, Ned thinks he does private
parties. Bubba asked about the time Kiefer Sutherland had an attitude
with Raphael, Raphael explained what happened, he was asked to touch
near his butt, he then recapped his time with Robert downy JR, Brent
remembers that Robert put cocaine in Raphael’s mouth, and also had him
try on his clothing. Bubba said he hates clothing so much that, he’ll
have heather order it over the internet, he tires them at home.
Raphael said that Robert was helping him out, Brent thinks it’s real,
as the story hasn’t changed, ned said he feels youthful today. Raphael
said while at a party, Robert came behind him with cocaine on his
finger, Bubba said that’s a gummy. Tony in Tampa came on, however he
was dumped. Brian in Cape Coral asked Raphael about doing “1969”, he
said he lived in a trailer park with the guy, Raphael said he doesn’t
remember that. Darin in Miami asked Raphael when he found out he liked
guys, Raphael said he doesn’t like guys, Bubba thinks the guy should
slow down. Raphael said he’s 43, Manson said he looks the same,
Raphael said he never had sex with Tara, bubba thinks they could bring
them together. Spice asked how people can book him, Raphael said he
does word of mouth, Ned asked his rates for a private party, Raphael
said it depends, he said that it’s free for ned, ned said they just
like to hang out, he thinks he has a new ned et, Bubba explained the
concept, Ned said he would add him. Joe said he did some pluming at
Raphael’s after he left, Bubba said that’s nothing, he said Raphael
runs himself over with the bus, the guys cracked up as he left, he ask
that they put him in the green room, he then said whoever knows
Raphael, tell him that he sounded great on the air, he thinks
something is going on with him and Ned. Mark in California said when
Brent was in California, he and Jason Caplin stopped by a Gentlemen’s
club, he said Brent was supposed to show up, but only Jason showed up,
Bubba Eviled him a few seconds later, Brent said Jason wasn’t even out
there with him. Bobby said if the people in Miami could’ve heard this,
they’d stick around, Bubba said they’re still on as far as they know.
Steve in Palm Harbor, he said this is radio platinum, he said this is
what the people in Tampa want. Bubba then hit “Voodoo child”, he then
stopped, remembering he forgot to play a mark Ober deal. We then heard
Manson saying that Mark would consider September 11 disturbing the
peace. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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