Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 24th, 2012 by Staff


Bubba began the program proclaiming that today was a good day.
Tommy Pettigrew of Knowlton, Quebec was announced as the Facebook
friend of the day.
Bubba thinks they should do the Blatter buster with the girls of 2001 tomorrow.
Twenty-five got an email from Bruce from Planet X describing some new
stuff they got.
Emails: Punishment for Penn State, guy wants to junk his car, Scilter,
and a listener isn’t a fan of when the guys question religion.
The rejoiner song was “Help From My riends” by Joe Cocker; Tara said
he’ll be in town soon.
Bubba talked about various tractors.
Caller went to Penn State; Bubba still thinks the penalty wasn’t harsh enough.
Bubba and Brent briefly discussed baseball.
Ned is outraged that Mike’s Pizza neglected his order of Brownies.
Mike from Mike’s Pizza came on saying the Brownies are in the oven,
Ned tore into him.
Ned was so upset he considered going to Hungry Howie’s.
Bubba checked out the band Scilter, he likes the original stuff, but
wants covers.
Bubba heard a new sponsor on Cox – Autoglass America.
Manson has a new bit – “President Bubba Attack Ads”.
Bubba thinks Manson’s next bit should be a rebuttle, Brent should write it.
In the bit, Manson has a laundry list of things Bubba has done in the
past, the bit closes by saying the ad was paid for by Tara,
Twenty-five and all of Bubba’s ex girlfriend.
Bubba was on the phone with Sirius XM, the guys joke Bubba talked to
an operator.
Bubba got an email from Blind Lawrence suggesting a 6 CD set, Bubba
ran down some of his ideas for the album. All Ned phone calls,
Neditorials, all No Net, Best of Manson, All Stunts, and a CD
consisting of various talkbreaks.
Audio clip – Strip clubs will go up during the RNC.
Ned’s Load – “Baby Jesus” (“Ned Storytime Vol. 2”, track 2).
Bubba goes over some of the people in the Marconey Awards.
JD says he’d rather take a Penn State shower than hear Bubba talking
about the radio industry.
Bubba talked about a product in Japan that looks like the user is
having sex with a robot.
Audio clip – James Holmes update.
Audio clip – James Holmes could face the death penalty.
Dave said there’s a device at Tyron Mall that has an item similar to
the robot thing Bubba was talking about earlier.
Audio clip – American Idol.
Bubba said he has to poop badly, he decided to go to words.
Audio clip – Orlando Catholic church under fire.
Ned’s “Catholic Alter Boys” (“Bubba Show Classics Vol. 17”, track 15)
The rejoiner song was “mama Told me not To Come”; bubba thinks this is
a favorite of Ned’s.
Chad asked if we could send mass murderers to the firing squad.
James Holmes’s gun membership was rejected because of bizzar behavior.
Audio clip – Nine year old kid fights at a daycare.
Manson thinks maybe the kid has been abused, or has whitnessed
something in his life.
Bubba thinks he hasn’t seen anything this over the top in his entire
radio career.
Thomas thinks the kid fighting just shows how bad society has gotten.
Bubba doesn’t like how everything is pussified; he then recapped a
story of when his high school team lost a game.
Bubba then talked about Gary Shelton, a writer for the Tampa Bay Times
who thought the NCAA went too far with Penn State’s punishments.
Brent thinks Gary was eating and missed what the NCAA President had said.
Bubba thinks Penn State got special interest treatment; he said if he
was the editor of the newspaper, he’d be through the roof.
Brent said Penn State did not get banned frm showing the games on TV.
Bubba recaps how he would’ve handled the Penn State situation.
Chrissy asked about the Penn State students who have full ride
scollarships, Bubba explained what happens with them.
Conny thinks if the kid was medicated, he wouldn’t have fought anyone,
Bubba is tired of parents putting their kids on pills.
John in Pa said it’s sickening that people are still sticking up for Penn State.
Bubba finds it ironic that Paterno’s last win he got credit for is one
where Mike mcqueery was the star quarterback.
Ned got a tray of hot brownies from Mike’s pizza.
Manson’s 9:40 Segment – “Blue Blood Nigga In parris”.
Various callers commented on the Penn State penalty.


Ned completely missed the opportunity to do his part of the Notorious BIG song.
Bubba wants an external hard drive for the old 98 Rock stuff, he wants
someone to manage the library.
Jona Falcon, the man with the world’s biggest penis on the phone, it
measures 9 inches soft, 13.5 inches hard.
Bubba wonders if girls are afraid of it, Jona said that finding
someone is tough.
Tara thinks Tarlick is about 10 inches when it’s errect.
Jona said he’s able to give himself oral sex, he hasn’t swallowed.
Jona talked about his experience with the TSA.
Bubba asked how often did girls ask to see his penis while on a set,
Jona said that William Hurt asked to see it.
You can check out Jona’s website: GamingPodcast.net.
Jona is five foot nine, his shoe size is 10 ½.
Jona has had famous men and women suck his dick.
Jona said that a famous Boxer used to have sex with a Scientologist at Club 54.
Bubba offered Jona his own show.
Twenty-five asked how much has Jona gotten paid, he thinks he could
make more money if he was on DVD.
Jona said the last thing he did for Howard Stern was when he did
George Takei’s batcheler party.
Bubba thinks someone should release the audio of Jona talking about
the scientologist.
Marlo wonders why Jona didn’t mention a payoff.
Danin Ft. Wayne thinks Jona is full of shit.
Blind Lawrence emailed the show with an insanely long list of ideas
for what should be on the new album.
Bubba explained who Handicapped Mike Alstott is to the new listeners.
Hma’s Mom has to touch his penis to put his cathider on.
The guys had HMA explain what happens.
Bubba played an old voicemail where a woman said she didn’t want the show.
Marc the Frog taks about not getting into the U.S because of weed.
Blind Lawrence explained that there was a follow-up call to the
voicemail Buba played earlier.
Replay of the voicemail from earlier.
Follow-up call.
Manson’s “When Patt O’Brian Calls” (“On The chip” disc 1 track 11, and
“Bubba Show classics Vol. 9”, track 1).
Blind Lawrence calls back in, admits he has no idea where the first
Jona Falcon interview is.
Pantera is still going through Joe the Super mark’s tapes.
Pantera in studio, he’s never gotten through Joe’s collection, he has
eddited old dat tapes.
Ned exited the studio early because of Jason and Wallis.
Adam said there’s a bubba Army appreciation party this Friday at the Pent House.
Emails: Bubba Army spotted at the airport, come back to Sirius,
emailer wants to buy biker vest, and a guy proposes a discount code
for Early Enlisters.
Audio clip – kid got raped.
“bubba idol” participants Jason and Wallace in studio.
Bubba wants to give them their own show on Radioio.com.
Jason and Wallace described their jobs, they also do a podcast.
The guys think piss in the face isn’t as bad as shit in the face.
Bubba thinks they should have jason and Wallace apart of “bubba Saw”.

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