Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 20th, 2010 by Staff

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This is your blind scribe turned journeyman tattoo artist, Lawrence, with the recap.

Bumper music provided by 25Cent:
Mr. Lif – Take, Hold, Fire
The Roots – Long Time
Erick Sermon – Music
Q-Tip – Getting Up
Immortal Technique – Freedom of Speech
Mos Def – Auditorium
Styles P – Blow My Mind
Mobb Deep – Got it Twisted
Pete Rock – Reminisce

Segment 1 – Various Stuff

The show started off with audio of the Rays winning, followed by
“Take, Hold, Fire!
“By Mr. Liff. Bubba said the music was provided by Twenty-five Cent,
he said that he’ll be picking up his car today, he then wondered where
Manson was, he then remembered he wasn’t there, he asked that Brent
come in, he then recapped some sports scores, he said they suck so bad
that the program director warned them it would be bad news, he said
Miami has done nothing for them, Brent said it would’ve worked for
them. Bubba said he had a Clear Channel guy email him, Brent said he
got one to. Bubba read an email he had gotten, the guys cracked up
when he said the guy was from Clear Channel, he doesn’t think he’s the
bad guy with them, he asked that they dance; he said he’s sorry they
can’t get any traction in Miami. Dave in West Palm said he talked to
Kevin Vargas about six months ago, he had said if the diaries came up
to Miami, it wouldn’t affect them, Bubba said that’s TSI, Dave thinks
Bubba could have a lot of listeners in West Palm, Bubba said he’ll
show up there, he asked if Bubba can throw it back in Cox’s face.
Bubba said he’s just a contracted gun, he said they don’t have the
standard boss/employee relationship. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Coins for Cops. Bubba
said he has some people on hold who would like to go to the Bad
Company show, he then plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show,
he thinks only on their show is where you’ll hear a blind man give a
guy a tattoo, he then told some callers they’d be going to the Bad
ompany show. The first email of the day said they love Fein. Another
emailer said Tony Stewart was racing over the weekend, Tony was in a
dunk tank with a Ned Hardly shirt, Brent cracked up at the picture.
Another emailer said their brother runs a site with girls farting.
Another emailer asked about Scene Night club, Bubba said it’ll open on
August 20. Another emailer asked how the ratings are calculated, Bubba
said it’s long and complicated. Another emailer said Neil Rogers got
them hooked on the show, Bubba thinks they do great in Ft. Lauderdale.
Another email said they loved Bubba’s abortion bits, the emailer
remembers when she first heard “Abortion City” (“bubba show classics
Vol. 1”, track 2). Another emailer offered to pouter coat some stuff,
Spice as Lasker said no to that. The last email of the day suggested
Bubba put his billboard next to Paul and Ron’s, Bubba doesn’t get why
Cox isn’t plugging them. Calvin in Canada said he’ll be in Canada,
Spice said he’ll be the guy that spits all over the guys, Calvin said
he hasn’t gotten a hotel yet, he said he’ll be driving 14 hours, the
guy said he’s had about seven beers, Bubba hung up on him, telling him
to go sleep it off. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Sports, Jell that stops Aids?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for
Bubbapalooza Canada, followed by Ned’s “LeBron Is in Miami Bitch”.
Bubba thinks Twenty-five will be ghost riding his whip soon, he said
he needs to get a hold of his contact at Rent and Roll, as he thinks
he’ll like 22 inch rims, he then thanked the Bubba Army for hulking up
the Toyota car, Brent said the car will be in the race. Bubba said he
just doesn’t get it- 40,000 followers on Twitter, hundreds and
thousands of listeners, and they’ve only got 2100 votes for the car,
he thinks it would be really big, he said they’ve gotten screwed by
NASCAR with favorite drivers, he said it seems like a real contest,
Spice said it’s the number one rotator. Bubba said Dwayne Wayd
apologized for his World Trade Center comment, Brent recapped it,
Spice said players are going to say stuff, Bubba said people need to
lighten up, we then heard the news clip about that, Spice said he does
bring up a good point if they end up losing some games, he said the
world Trade Center is a touchy issue, Brent said what isn’t touchy to
the media is that nothing has changed, Bubba thinks Dwayne Wayd didn’t
write the commentary, he thinks Dwayne is dumber than he is, Spice
said that’s a little too deep for him, he said the longer you make the
apology, the more you seem like a douche. We then heard a news clip of
Michael Jordan talking about LeBron’s move to Miami, Spice said the
Bulls were already stacked, Bubba thinks Michael and Magic couldn’t be
on the same team, he said three of the guys Michael mentioned were on
the Dream Team, Brent said that would’ve been bad for the NBA back
then, Bubba thinks it’s not good for the league, he said the league
needs some turnover, Spice said if the teams in the lower levels don’t
have the money, it’s on them, Bubba thinks Basketball and baseball are
flawed, he said football has it dialed in, the guys then went over
some teams that have come back, Bubba said everyone has a chance in
Football, except for the Lions. Dan in Calgary came on, Spice thinks
it’s a different drunk guy, Dan said there on days off, he asked how
tickets were selling, Bubba hung up on him, he then read an article
about a jell that cures the Aids virus, he wonders how you’d find
participants, Spice thinks a bowl of Rice in south Africa would work.
Brent said he has a book called “The Myth of Heterosexual Aids”. Bubba
then read an article about Matt Millin, the guys cracked up when he
read that the drafts from Millin are 0 for 40. Bubba read some stats
on some players, Spice cracked up when Bubba read that one guy caught
five passes in three years, he wonders how Matt Millin was hired by
anyone. Bubba said that Mj was back in the news; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Glen Beck audio, MJ Arson

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for WhiteCap.com. Bubba
asked that you vote for the Bubba Army Toyota, he said it’s currently
in Sixth place, he thinks it ends in 12 days, he said they can role it
until 8 if they’d like, he went on to say that he thinks Glen Beck is
pathetic, Spice isn’t sure if he loves his swagger, or hate the guy.
Bubba thinks Glen could be a town crier, Brent said he’s using the
Religious guy template, Spice said he’s ripping people off, Brent
cracked up at him pulling out a chalkboard. We then heard a clip of
Beck talking about how he has a book coming out about God, Bubba asked
if this is the same guy who used to hang out with him, Brent said he
used to be a Zoo keeper, Spice said he found something that works, he
thinks Glen will write a book about not going blind, Bubba thinks he’s
the kind of guy who can insure himself, he said this is just sad,
there’s not a guy that doesn’t stand behind a pulpit that act this
way, he said real people don’t talk like this, Spice said their
audience will agree with everything, he said if they don’t piss
someone off, they’re not doing their job. Bubba thinks Glen, hannity,
Rush, and Schnitt have Fakeeular Dystrophy, he then goofed on Glen,
Spice hopes Glen goes blind, he thinks real doesn’t work, nor does it
pay, he thinks this is why Beck is on 600 stations, and they’re on
six, he thinks it will be five if Miami leaves, Spice said at least
Blind Lawrence doesn’t cry over being blind, Bubba said that Lawrence
says that he’ll do a tattoo on a guy’s ass and have fun, he thinks he
should say he has cancer at Bubbapalooza. We then heard a news clip
about MJ’s Arson charges, Bubba said they’re scared. Brent said if he
burns his own house down and no one got hurt, it would still be Arson.
Bubba said he’s looking for someone who is familiar with Fire fighters
or a criminal law expert, Spice said this is a stunt that got out of
hand, that turned into Arson, Bubba thinks the fire marshal would know
what the statute is. Bubba said he has two fire inspectors on hold, he
thinks this a big f you to the first Responders. Billy on protection
thinks MJ will get off, he said he just caught the end of it, he
thinks the lawyer is barking up the wrong tree, Bubba said a Captain
was injured, he said the big issues are the arrogance J has, and that
Mark Ober has not filed charges, he thinks Mark is a glorified lawyer,
he said it would be interesting to see how many times the State Fire
marshal has recommended felony charges. Dan on protection said he was
convicted of a minor fire, he said it was an accident, he said he had
to choose either thirty years or two years probation, Bubba hung up on
the guy. Tony said he just got off the phone with his cousin who is a
fire inspector, the guy said that Arson is just a person setting
something on fire for personal gain, the guy said he’s seen cases of
people getting set on fire, Bubba told the guy he doesn’t need to call
other people, he has the Florida law, he said the only way you can get
out of Arson is if it was an accident. Rob said he’s a defense
attorney, he said he used to practice in Clear Water, he said he’s
used the defense that they didn’t mean to do it, he thinks it’s a lazy
prosecutor, Bubba said this is Arson, he thinks them saying it’s their
property won’t work, he said pre meditating is another problem, he
said all of it is documented, he said they did it a few days prior and
it didn’t have a fire. Rob asked if they had an off duty fireman
standing by, Bubba said they didn’t, he said they were denied a
permit; he said it’s already validated. Brent said they took the hog
video was used against them; he said they objected to the court not
letting Cheech in, as he shot the video. Bubba took a call from a guy
who said even if it was done the right way, if a fireman got hurt,
it’s still on them, Bubba wondered why Michelle is allowed to do what
she does, he wondered if the fire fighters are as pissed off as they
are, he wonders if they’re too close to the situation. Jim on
protection went over the statute for Arson, he said that should prove
them guilty, Brent said the felony is setting the fire on purpose. Tim
on protection said for it to be a controlled burn, they get permits,
he said they don’t even do them anymore, Bubba wondered if they have
any epa violations, Spice said tires are an offence on its own. Dave
on protection said the word intent was taken out of the statute, he
said MJ is wrong with what he’s saying, Bubba said it doesn’t have to
be a felony to warrant Arson charges. The guy said when it’s a public
figure, its a little more high profile; he said this is beyond
reasonable doubt. Bubba asked why nothing is happening, Dave said it
seems the way Bubba thinks it is, he then went back to the clip, he
wonders how many no processes Dante Morris had, Brent said MJ’s lawyer
is the same guy who said that Debra Lafave is too pretty to go to
prison, Spice said the guy is wrong, he said the guy is being
disrespectful, Bubba said the fire marshal is the highest of the land,
he thinks MJ has a sense of Royalty, he asked if MJ’s house was burnt
down, and charges would not be filed, he thinks MJ would be mad, he
said we’re not talking about armed robbery, this is fire, he said his
next statement is very much of an embellishment, he asked if J’s
lawyer can chide the fire marshal, he said that would be like Dante
Morris’s lawyer saying they’re a little over aggressive on leveling
charges, he said MJ’s crime costed a fire fighter an injury, Dante’s
crime did the same, he said he knew that was a stretch, he said an
attorney worth their salt would never say anything like that. Brent
said the first cop they helped out with Bikes for Badges, the guy who
shot him is in jail. Bubba said all people want to know is why, that’s
all we want to know, he said they should get into the “I hate Bubba”
factor, he said even if it wasn’t the MJ case, he’d still do what he’s
doing, he said a boy named Eric Right was killed execution style,
Brent said two of the guys are out of jail, Bubba said he’s the only
guy who points out what happens, he said they’ve closed down the
Lunsford and Schindler foundations, Brent said they also wrapped up
Chuck Rock murder.
Bubba then told the guys he’s taking his massages back from the guys,
Spice told them not to do that, Bubba told them to use it, he said the
cherry at the top of Mark’s poop Sunday is the MJ situation, he then
recapped each scoop of the Sunday, he said there was a guy named
Patrick Dean who stole over a million dollars from Tom Bean, Brent
said if you were to embezzle $10 from Spice, he’d notice. Bubba said
this Patrick guy is a shifty character, that he shaved his hair off
and said that he had cancer, he doesn’t get how the guy is walking the
streets, he then said that Brent’s Dad has a pest control company, an
employee was embezzling money from him, he said this is the Fourth
scoop on the Poop Sunday, he thinks MJ will get a pass, he doesn’t get
how he’s the bad guy, yet he sticks up for good people, he said he’s
over it, he told Mark to wring it in, he said he won’t make it through
2012, he said they’ll find someone who will destroy him, he said Ober
is saying that you can embezzle and it’ll be fine, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Pauly Shore calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Meet and Greet tickets
for Bubbapalooza New Orleans, then into “Ned’s New Listener
introduction” from “bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 8”, track 11. Bubba
said he wouldn’t play this music regularly; however it’s 25’s music.
Bubba had Pauly shore on the phone, Pauly said that his DVD “Adopted”
is coming out today, he thanked Howard Stern for promoting it, he said
that he went on location to film the movie, Bubba thinks it sounds
really funny, Pauly said he had some off duty cops to help him out.
Spice asked if he was recognized, Pauly said no, he said he loved
that, as he could mess with people, he said it has a Bruno or Borat
kind of feel to it. Bubba said this is how Pauly roles, he likes no
capital, Pauly said he put all the cash in his stuff, he thinks he
made the most money from “Biodome”; he said he’s lucky that his movies
are running on every big network, he said it gives him a new audience.
Bubba thinks “Encino Man” was the biggest cut, he thinks MTV got him
going. Spice asked what happened with MTV, Pauly said it’s not music,
it’s a network, he said the stuff their doing now has changed, he said
the internet allows you to be who you are. Spice said MTV has turned
into what it wasn’t ment to be. Pauly said he loves to watch Showtime,
he also likes mad Men on A&E, he likes watching the news, he thinks
there’s comedy in stuff, he said he showed it to Howard, he loved it.
Bubba said a lot of guys got their start from Pauly, Pauly said Sam
Kinison got his start, he said that Sam can’t show up, bubba said news
flash to that. Pauly then went over the various cities he’ll be in,
Spice said he liked Pauly getting a girl to have an abortion, Pauly
said it was an accident, Spice likes how he pulled the we’ll have a
baby in the future card, he thinks people who shouldn’t have kids just
shouldn’t have them, Bubba said that’s the problem with our country,
he thanked Pauly for coming on, he then recapped some of the parts of
the movie he liked, he thinks they should put the link to the trailor
up on btls.com, he said they’ll do the Blind Lawrence tattoo, he said
Lawrence has never seen a day in his life, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for some concept Best of
shows, followed by “bubba The Love Sponge – The Game” from “Bubba’s
new and Misc Hits Vol. 8”, track 2, and “the Clemulus Package” disc 3,
track 2. The bit is a video game of Bubba’s radio career. The first
level features getting positive reinforcement from Janie Cakes,
followed by Bubba having sex with the shop vack. The energy level is
down; to recharge naked chicks is the answer. The first door is Janie
Cakes, the second door is Tara, the third door is a nude Jeff Bird.
The player than has to grab Holly and have her wipe your ass. The
ratings are going great, but Bubba is too fat for the passage way, he
gets through by saying he has Hulk Hogan on the air. Level two
features the morning show hot air balloon, but he stops rising, as he
has to throw some people off, Guido and Cowhead. Level three has Bubba
pushing the envelope, he gets hit by a FCC dart, he gets sent down to
nothing, the only way to get back is to eat a bunch of Brent hatley
brown nosing. The player is then asked to grab Howard Stern’s coat
tails. Bubba said this is typical black stuff, what the artist has and
what you don’t, Brent said white power. Bubba asked that you vote for
the car, he then said that Melanie Brookes is hot looking, he wishes
she’d do him. We then heard a news clip about Dante Morris getting
arraigned on charges. Ken in Orlando said he was watching TV last
night, he saw a news clip about George Anthony getting the script
flipped on him, Bubba asked if he thought of that, Bubba said he knew
this would happen, Spice said that’s a ballsy move, Dave thinks he has
it, Bubba said at times he has flashes of genius. Dave said he has
audio from January 26, 2010 where Bubba had talked about it, Spice
said George may not have heard.
We then heard the news clip about that, we then heard the clip, where
Bubba said if the family stands behind Casey, it will be bad for them,
Spice said he likes when Bubba says dumbasses. Bubba said he knows
more, he then continued the clip, where he thinks Casey will put her
Mom and Dad on it. We then heard the news clip again, Bubba said
within six months of him saying that, it happened, he said he was
right on some stuff, such as his Haiti comments, he said George
Anthony deserves to have this pinned on him, Brent said George is
felony stupid. We then heard the clip of Bubba talking about George
Anthony, followed by the news clip, he said a lot of people think he’s
crazy, he said he’s a genius savant, Brent said Bubba was the only one
who said that, Bubba said he knew there were people thinking against
him. We then heard a news clip about Linzy Lohan’s jail cell, Bubba
thinks she won’t learn a lesson. We then heard a news clip about a
Gators player, Brent said the guy is a brawler. Rick in Tampa told
Bubba to make the point, he said they know Bubba is the man, he said
Bubba is the fat man, Bubba told him he’s riding to his job, the guy
got Eviled a few seconds later, he told the guy the show is all about
him, he said he did something about the radio, he told the guy not to
be mad. Mario in Orlando said he thought about Bubba last week, as
Cindy Anthony was on the stand; he thinks maybe the Mom is insane.
Bubba said that he said this would happen. We then heard the clip
again; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – The Blind Lawrence Tattoo challenge

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza Calgary
meet and greets. Bubba thinks the guy I the song sounds like
Twenty-five Cent. Joe on protection said he wants Bubba to stay on the
Ober thing, he said he got an invite to a cop BBQ, Mark Ober was
there, they killed four wild hogs and killed them, he said this was
during the trial, he said Mark was drinking his Scotch on the Rocks.
Bubba said Manson did some satire bits about mark. We then heard one
where Mark says he’ll be tough on criminals, but in October of 2001,
when two dogs were beaten to death with a hammer, the guy got charged
with a $110 fine, he thinks Mark wants to smash a live monkey’s head
open and consume it’s brains, he thinks he watches “Faces of Death”
while masturbating. We then heard another one, where Manson said in
February of 2002, a boy was shot in the head, stuffed through the
window, dragged 200 yards and left to die. When the case came to
trial, Ober decided to reduce the charges, he thinks Ober would
consider September 11 disturbing the peace. We then heard another one,
where in December of 2001, a Dad threw his new born baby girl in a
dresser, the guy got ten years. Manson wonders if Mark will use live
infants as target practice, maybe a pregnant woman kicking booth at
the fare. Bubba thinks they should crank them back up, he said he’ll
run those every day until the election, he asked them to put it on a
rotator, he thinks they do it every time at 9:45, no matter what
they’re doing, Spice thinks they won’t be able to stick to that
schedule, he then decided to end the show with that kind of stuff. We
then heard a Carl Harris produced bumper for the Blind Lawrence Tattoo
challenge. Augie came in, he said he’s six foot six, 334, Bubba thinks
he’s not accurate, he said Blind Lawrence will be doing a Tattoo on
his ass. Spice asked him if he’d do anything else, Augie said yes.
Bubba said he gets $100 for the ass, the guys suggested he get more
ink; Brent said he’s not doing it in good faith. Marlow in Georgia
asked if bubba and Ober have ever had a face to face conversation,
Bubba said he’s tried that, but he’s gotten nothing. Bubba asked that
they bring in Blind Lawrence; Miller said tom from Mean machine
Tattoos is there to help out, Tom said there going to try something
else. Spice asked Tom if he was familiar with the Simpsons tattoos,
Tom said he didn’t put those on. Bubba told Augie to pull his pants
down, Spice wonders how it will look, Bubba thinks it won’t look so
good, he said they need to position Lawrence to where he needs to be.
Lawrence said he was doing good, Bubba told him to feel his work,
Spice said Lawrence was touching the ass, Lawrence said it was a big
canvas, he said he doesn’t think Tom has ever had a blind guy work
with him, bubba thinks no one is dumb enough to allow this. The guys
cracked up when Lawrence put his gloves on; Bubba thinks Lawrence with
a glove on is freaky. Spice asked if they can tattoo eyes on him,
Lawrence said no, Bubba proposes they airbrush eyes on his sunglasses,
Lawrence said he’d like that. Bubba said Augie was in the wrong angle;
tom isn’t sure how Lawrence will get ink in the needle. Bubba said
this is the Helen Keller of Tattoo artists, he thinks a blind guy
couldn’t be a cab driver or a tattoo artist, Lawrence said there is a
car in development for the blind, Spice thinks that’s not going to
work. Bubba wonders how deep he’ll go; Tom said he can set it up.
Bubba asked Lawrence if he knows what the logo looks like, Lawrence
said he’s felt it, he then described the logo, Spice thinks Lawrence
doesn’t know what any of that is, Bubba said Spice tries to
counterprogram a blind guy. The machine started up, Bubba said
Lawrence wasn’t even hitting the skin, the guys cracked up at what
Lawrence was doing, Bubba thinks Lawrence is drilling for gold, Bubba
thinks it looks great, Tom said it looks like a
Swastika, Spice thinks they can stop there, Augie thinks Lawrence is
drilling for oil, he thinks Lawrence is heavy handed, Spice told him
best of luck to get a cover up for this Tat, Bubba thinks he could
tattoo something, Brent said it can’t be any worse than Lawrence,
Augie said it’s not great, the guys cracked up at what they saw, Bubba
had no idea what it was, Tom said it’s not fixable. Spice wonders if
Bubba can do better, Bubba told Lawrence to keep doing his artwork
during the commercials, Brent told Lawrence to keep zipping him, Spice
thinks it would be better than what Lawrence is doing. Bubba thinks
only they would give a blind man a Tattoo gun, Lawrence thinks you
have to be out of your mind to want this, Bubba thinks you have to be
out of your mind to be blind and have a Tattoo gun. Spice thinks it
looks like fecal matter; they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 8 – Bubba Tattoos Augie

Coming out of commercials, we heard a prom for the btls foundation.
Bubba said that they’re up on votes with the NASCAR Toyota voting, he
said Brent will be calling into the Howard Show to ask for votes. The
tattoo gun was in the background, the guys wondered what Bubba should
put on Augie’s ass, Brent suggested he have an arrow. The guys wonder
how you’d say penis as a plural, Spice suggests Bubba just use a
different word, the guys settled on using the word Cock.
Bubba asked that you go to btls.com and vote for the car he thinks
they can win it, Brent said this one is legit. Spice asked why Augie
has a flower on his ass; Augie said it’s just there. Brent said
Lawrence has been scribbling. Bubba thinks Augie has aids, he then
decides against it, Brent thinks he’d be the fattest aids patient
ever, he told tom he’s not retarded and blind. We then heard the
Tattoo gun, Spice asked him how it felt, Bubba asked if it will look
good, Brent thinks Bubba looks like a guy at a Tattoo shop, Bubba then
thinks he could change a name, Augie said it’s a party. Brent asked
how it’s looking, Spice couldn’t stop laughing at what he saw, Bubba
said his looks like Graffiti, Brent said it looks like something you’d
see on the LA freeway. Bubba told Augie he was almost done, the guys
couldn’t stop laughing at what they saw, he then described the tattoo.
Bubba asked if he has anything to defend himself with, Lawrence was
heard in the background saying that Bubba could use his cane. Spice
thinks they should do the reveal, bubba thinks they should do it off
air, , Tom thinks it reads really well, he thinks it’s a step up from
Lawrence’s work. Spice said he’ll take a picture and show it to him.
Bubba got up to get his bat, he cracked Brent once, the guys cracked
up at the picture, Augie described the tattoo, this had the guy’s
laughing, Spice thinks the guy’s self respect isn’t worth anything,
bubba thinks that would be like asking Peter Max to touch that up.
Spice said Lawrence’s work is horrible, Brent thinks it looks like a
tattoo of a bee hive, Spice thinks it looks like Twenty-five’s afro;
they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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