Tuesday, January 26, 2010

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Top Stories:
Police: 9-year-old found hanged in Texas school
Fisheries Minister Gail Shea hit in face with pie
Bartow man arrested for child porn, battery
Chimp Attack Victim Denied Face, Hand Transplant at Ohio Hospital
Police officer charged in connection with Polk missing man case
Travolta Flying Medical Supplies To Haiti
Skater Nancy Kerrigan’s brother, Mark Kerrigan, charged after his father is fatally attacked
Rays stadium committee ready to report findings

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Hockey discussions, coming up on the show, Sports scores

Bubba said he had so much stuff to get done, he thinks he needs an
assistant, Spice thinks he had one. Bubba said he’ll have Jeff Halpern
on the show, Spice said he had the chance to meet him yesterday, he
then went on to describe something they did yesterday with Tom the
Treeman and Twenty-five Cent, Bubba wondered how they got the helmet
on Twenty-five’s head, he joked that it was sitting on his head. Spice
listed some other players who were there, he stirred up a bit of a
fight, he said Tom got knocked down, he then said Twenty-five got hit
in the jaw with a puck. Bubba thinks Hockey is one of the most
athletic sports he’s ever seen, he then went on to say that Jeff
Jarrett will be on the show today, he then asked the guys if they saw
the ratings for the Vikings/Saints game, 57,000,000 people watched it,
Spice said 43% of people watched it to see Brett Farve fail, Brent
thinks you can’t blame it all on Farve. Bubba plugged what they’ve got
coming up on the show, he thinks Brent pulled his hair out when he saw
Hershel Walker on the Bulldogs, he then plugged the latest stuff on
BubbaRaw.com, he then recapped some sports scores, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Garage sale discussions, Howard coming back to regular radio? Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Ned’s 12 Inch Meaty
Mandingo (with a side of man sauce)”. We then heard “Ramblin’ Man” as
bumper music. Bubba plugged the stuff on BubbaArmy.com, he then went
on to plug the BRN garage sale, which will be from 12:00-3:00 on Feb.
27, he asked Ned to not sell his transmitters, Ned wondered why he
couldn’t do that. Chad said that Howard was putting over the painting
Bubba sent him, Bubba said Phil is a great artist, he said it’s just
for Howard; he described it as Howard, Beth and their dog. Chad said
that Howard sent Bubba a thank you note for some pictures, Bubba said
he was trying to be respectful with Howard, Chad thinks Farve did what
he had to do. Bubba thinks Brent will have the most stuff, Brent said
he’s got clothing and some golf clubs, he said he hasn’t been on the
course since 1999. Bubba recapped some birthdays; Ned thinks Spice
googled “the Great One”, Wayne Gretski celebrates a birthday today.
Tyler in Orlando said that channel 6 ran a story that said Clear
Channel wants Howard Stern after his contract is up. Bubba said it
would be great for him and Howard to be heard in one place. Tyler
wondered if Cox could pick him up, Bubba thinks Cox isn’t big enough,
Tyler said he’d like for Cox to take Clear channel down. Brent said
they’re trying to shift the debt, Bubba said he wouldn’t be surprised
if Clear Channel picks him up. Bubba doesn’t get how the show can be
number one in various markets, yet in Ft. Meyers, they’re in fourth
place, he thinks it was an Ethnic book, he thinks very few white men
were asked to participate in the survey. The first email of the day
talked about a book called “Jawbreaker”, Brent said he should read it.
Another emailer thanked Bubba for his comments on Haiti. Another
emailer said one of his friends sold the Andy Dick pictures to tmz,
Spice isn’t surprised that Andy was doing cocaine. Another emailer
said the body shop that her husband works at was broken into; she
thinks the owner of the shop is shady. Another emailer said they hate
talk shows, but they agree with the show. Another emailer said they’d
like to meet Bubba. Another emailer asked about the burger place he
likes, Spice said it’s LBS Burger, at Red Rock Casino. Another emailer
enjoyed the 50-50 speech was great. Another emailer said they own a
funny car. Another emailer said Bubba stood up for America. The last
email of the day wondered if Bubba would like to sponsor a little
league team, Bubba said that would scare him if he did that. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Ft. Meyers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “The Pagan Pothead’s
Tour”. We then heard “Rapper’s Delight” as bumper music. Bubba said
the Ned sandwich commercial is on BubbaRaw.com, he then said Keith
sent him a picture of his new Impala, he said he’s got a big meeting
with Tom today, Spice said he would keep his car if he won it. Bubba
said he’d like to paint it red and yellow, Spice said he’d paint over
Hulk Hogan and put Rick Rude on it. Bubba said on February 10, Brent
said they’ve got the next two days off. Bubba said that Ft. Meyers
only does the ratings twice a year; he said the big stuff is in
persons 18-34, and persons 25-54, he thinks Howard had bigger numbers
than they did. Bubba thinks it’s ridiculous that The Burrito Bandit is
where they are; Spice thinks it’s like a family where only one person
says what they listen to. Bubba said Beasly won’ stand for this, he
said they have to be number one, he said he’s glad someone at the
station is doing well. In persons 18-34, they have a 1.6, he said
everyone in the room is in the 25-54 genres, he thinks the Burrito
Bandit is a Taco Bell driven show. In persons 25-54, they’re at a 6.1,
he thinks they’re t shirts and press photos were used as toilet paper,
he then broke down the stations in persons 18-34, he thinks Big Mama
is a Bubba rip-off, he thinks his theory from earlier is true, he said
the only demographic that matters is 25-54. Manson listed some
characters that the Burrito Bandit guy does, Bubba said he’s getting
beat by a non human, Ned thinks Bubba sucks. Bubba said men 25-54,
he’s 8.9, he said they don’t deserve to be in radio if the burrito
Bandit is pulling an 18 share, Ned suggests Bubba speak Spanish. Kim
in Florida said she loves the show, she finds the ratings to be
boring, Bubba hung up on her, he said he’s doing it for a living.
Bobby said 102.5 has a really strong signal, Bubba said it didn’t show
up in the book, the guy said K-Rock’s signal is inconsistent. Bubba
asked the guy to flip it over to 97.7, he said you can’t understand
what the guy is saying, he said he never hears this when he goes to
various construction sites. Bubba can’t believe he’s getting beat by
that, Spice said it could be hilarious. Mike thinks something is wrong
with the ratings book, he thinks 50-60% of guys listen to the show.
The guy turned his radio up a little, the guy said he used to listen
to Bubba on 92.5, he mentioned Zedo and Garrett, Bubba said they’re
good guys, he hung up on him a few seconds later. Todd in Ft. Meyers
said he used to be part of a radio show, Bubba hung up on him for
rambling, he thinks they should just own it. Lee said she only has two
white kids in her classroom, she thinks there’s not a lot of
advertisement, Bubba thinks the callers aren’t saying much. Pedro told
Bubba to stop his whining. Mark in Ft. Meyers said people are working
on the job and don’t want to hear this kind of stuff, he suggested
Bubba call up Lex and Terry, he called Bubba a boring nut, he
suggested Bubba play some music and shut up. Bubba suggested Mexican
music. Spice thinks during the songs, they should play some Spanish
bumpers. We then heard The Doors’s “Roadhouse Blues” from “Morrison
Hotel”, track 1. We then heard a Spanish bumper, then into “Legs” by
ZZ Top, a Spanish bumper played over the song. After that we heard
another Spanish bumper, then into some Mexican music. Bubba said you
can hear the ratings going up, we then heard the gong a few times, he
said sometimes you have to change. Mike in Lakeland said the listeners
put Bubba there, Bubba said this was like when a kid messed up in gym
class, and the rest of the class had to suffer, he then Eviled him a
few seconds later, Spice said they want to be number one, Bubba said a
real man wants to win at all costs. Ron in Tampa said The Burrito
Bandit took Howard in New York. We then heard a Spanish bumper; they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Bubba Previews The Burrito Bandit’s website

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the bubba Army hard
hat. We then heard a Spanish bumper, then into some Mexican music.
Spice and Bubba came on doing some Spanish voices; we then heard a
Spanish bumper. Bubba said that they should try and be like the 18
percent of the man, Ned thinks Bubba is the Burrito Bandit’s bitch, he
said it in Spanish, Spice cracked up at this. Bubba took a call from a
guy who said he loves the show, he said he’s Mexican. Louis in Miami
suggested Bubba sell one dollar Green cards, Bubba hung up on him.
Bubba said the guys are the Tamales. We then heard a Spanish bumper,
then another Mexican song. We then heard a Spanish bumper, Bubba
thinks they’re killing it in Miami, Spice said he won’t be able to get
the song out of his head. Bubba read from the Burrito Bandit’s
website, Spice said at least the guy isn’t Carlos Mencia. Ned said
something in Spanish; he then translated it, saying that he couldn’t
hold his testicals. Manson said he saw the guy’s studio, he thinks it
looks like a football field, Bubba thinks a lot of black people like
him, he thinks it was a fluke that they beat him. Bubba played one of
his parody songs, the guys think it’s well produced. Bubba said he’d
never imagine himself being in America, but not knowing what is being
said. Ned said his new catch phrase is “Si”, bubba said this has got
him down, he said there’s no way they can’t beat the guy, he thinks it
sounds like a bunch of wild men jumping around, Ned thinks he would
fit in on that show. We then heard a clip of a British guy talking
about a gadget. We then heard a clip of a woman talking about “The
Work Jerks”, Bubba thinks the woman is giving birth, he then cut it
off. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, then into “They Answered the Phone”. We then heard Boston’s
“rock and Roll Band” as bumper music. John in Ft. Meyers said he
flipped over to 97.7, the Burrito guy is saying Bubba is his idol,
Bubba thinks he’s taking a bit of his template. Spice wondered if he’s
the Spanish Bubba, John said he does a lot of crank calls, Bubba
thinks they should go live on lie. Spice wonders if they have any
Haitians in there, Bubba told him to stop. We then heard a news clip
about a guy who got drunk on a flight, he tried to open one of the
doors. Bubba read an article about some doctors who cut off the wrong
foot. Bubba said that Iron Dave, the show’s Orlando board op is
getting his foot amputated; he thinks Spice is talking to the Burrito
Bandit. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Jeff Halpern

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Tom the Treeman. We
then heard “Here I Am, Rock You Like A Hurricane” as bumper music.
Bubba said he was trying to get Luis Jimenez on the show, we then
heard a clip from the hockey game, Tom is heard moaning. Luis came on,
it turned out to be someone else, Pantera got cracked for letting him
on, Spice goofed on Bubba calling Pantera a jackass. Bubba said he’s
the only guy who beats his employees with a Wiffle ball bat. Bubba
went back to the clip, Tom said that his helmet got knocked off, the
guys cracked up at Twenty-five freaking out, Bubba thinks Tom is
getting dragged around like a sack of potatoes, the guys cracked up at
Tom getting checked by two players, Spice said the helmet camera broke
during all this. Bubba cracked up at one of the guys flying over Tom;
he thinks they’ve always wanted to do something like this. Bubba
described what was happening in the clip, he thinks Halpern is on.
Jeff came on; he said he can’t believe the guys stood in for the
beating. Spice said he was talking to one of the guys, Jeff said he
still thinks he’s a good looking guy. Bubba wondered if it’s
disrespectful to call a guy like that a goon, Jeff said it’s not a
problem, he said the guy would try to go to the opponent’s blue line.
Spice said if a Super man like move would ever happen, Jeff said no,
he said sometimes water bottles getting squirted on you. Bubba said
hockey is the only sport where you can still bust balls. Spice asked
Jeff if he was ever in the minor leagues, Jeff said he played seven
games in Portland, he said there are some good cities. Bubba asked
Jeff about the Fort Wayne Commits, Jeff said he’s heard of them, Bubba
said all they do is fight, he then went over Jeff’s history, Jeff said
he was coming back from a knee injury. Spice wondered if Gretski was
Jeff’s idol back in the day, Jeff said yes, he said he didn’t see him
play that much, he said he had to wait to see him, he said his
favorite player was Dale Hunter. Bubba said he was very proud of Jeff
for scoring the winning goal, Jeff said it was his third shootout
goal, he said he’ll try to make it a habit. Spice asked about
shootouts, Jeff thinks a lot of guys don’t study, he thinks it would
help. Bubba asked him what he was thinking when he had the puck, Jeff
said not to fall down, he said he waits for the legs to open, Bubba
said it’s like dating a girl. Bubba said he’s waiting for an around
the world type move, Jeff said that he could never do that, he thinks
Stamcose will do that a few years from now. Bubba said he’d get going
real fast, he’d then go on his ass, then go blades up, Jeff said
people have done that accidently. Bubba wondered if Jeff would
apologize to the goally, Jeff said he would, he said you normally don’
go around the ice apologizing for what happens. Spice said a puck hit
Twenty-five in the jaw, Jeff said it was crazy. Bubba asked him about
growing up; Jeff said he played goally in Street Hockey. Spice asked
about the Olympics, Jeff said it’s a big deal, Bubba thinks we only
one it once, he then asked about the 1980 hockey team, Jeff said he
cries a little during Miracle. Bubba wonders how good the Capitals
were, Jeff thinks they finished second I the East, he said they were
bad for a few years. Bubba asked about Dallas, Jeff said he loved that
place. Bubba asked about Tampa, Jeff said he’s a big city guy, he said
he’s grone to love it; he said he has a girlfriend, he has no kids,
Bubba thinks he should step it up. Spice said he parked his car in the
player parking lot, Jeff said he has a bmw, Bubba said he looks really
young, Jeff said he lost a fight he thinks he takes about three too
many. Bubba thinks the guy had said something about Jeff’s mom, Spice
asked him what gets under his skin, Jeff said that stuff happens real
quick, he said some guys look at each other from across the bench.
Spice wondered if they use the phrase, “Do you wanna go?” Jeff said
they do that. Bubba asked about some players being dicks, Jeff said
some guys do that all the time. Bubba asked about a guy who would be
considered some badasses, Jeff listed some, he said that he knocks on
wood; he then said there are two edges to the blade. Bubba told him to
not be a stranger, he thinks Jeff’s jersey was the fattest it’s ever
been, he said Marty won’t talk to him for some reason; they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Pothead’s
tour. We then heard some Bon Jovey as bumper music; Bubba guessed it
was from 1984, he then went on to say that he’ll try to talk some
sense in to Jeff Jarrett. We then heard a news clip about Travolta
going to Haiti, Bubba hopes he stays there, he then stopped what he
was saying, he said this is the problem with our country, we care more
about Haiti than America, Ned thinks Travolta is doing a cruise for
dudes, Spice thinks they can give liquor to homeless guys. Bubba
thinks Travolta should look at his movies of late, he said he’s sick
of the Haiti fest. We then heard a news clip about a baby sitter who
was arrested for abusing a four year-old, Bubba said you shouldn’t
make him Sharif. We then heard Grady Judd’s tymbal, Manson thinks it’s
a Mom and a boyfriend situation, Bubba thinks he’s wrong when the
reporter said parents. Bubba said that a toothbrush and toothpaste
costs virtually nothing, he then read an article about a woman who
neglected to brush her children’s teeth. Spice as a black girl said it
was all good, Bubba think they should do that more often. We then
heard a news clip about Casey Anthony pleading guilty to check fraud
charges, Brent thinks she’ll get the death penalty for first degree
murder. We then heard “Caylee’s On In The Cradle” from “bubba Show
classics ol. 10”, track 5, then into “My Trunk” from “Bubba’s new and
Misc Hits Vol. 9”, track 9, and “the Clemulus Package” disc 1, track
16. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Jeff Jarrett Visits

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the new Bubba
Hulkamaniac shirt, then into some Van halen as bumper music. Bubba
said he’s not used to standing up with the lights on, he said he
didn’t know they played the Jeff Jarrett confrontation on air, Jeff
said they’re Orlando based, he said he’d like to fly off the handle,
he said Bubba helped him out, he suggested they talk about positive
things, he said there’s a lot of stuff riding on this. Bubba said he
knows he’s not a well liked guy on tna, Jeff said he decided to come
over and hash everything out, he said he respects Hogan and Eric, he
said he’ll let the lawyers argue it out, Bubba said that’s not like
him. Jeff said he started the company seven years ago, Bubba wondered
if he could fight for all that without the lawyers, Jeff said he
doesn’t want to discuss it here. Bubba said Jeff has always been a
guy’s guy, he said he can’t be good and not have an issue with anyone.
Jeff said he’s wanted Hogan on board for many years, he said it
finally came together, Bubba thinks Jeff wasn’t handled properly on
tna, Spice said Jeff comes across very well, he said it would be like
Bubba building the show from scratch, only to have Mancow coming in
and taking it, Bubba said he’d let Howard do that, he said Jeff had a
great product, Jeff said he gave a lot of guys opportunities, he asked
Bubba his thoughts on Eric, Bubba thinks Eric is a genius, he thinks
he’s the breakout star for tna, Jeff referred to him as a great
performer, Bubba thinks they miss handled Jeff, he thinks they wanted
to use him as an example. Jeff said Bubba knows exactly what they’ve
done, Bubba said they should’ve never done what they did, Jeff said
he’d like for the lawyers to check it out, Spice and Manson said
they’re on Jarrett’s team. Jeff thinks Bubba has a beautiful studio,
Bubba said he’s always liked Jeff, Spice said Bubba is like the
Department of Transportation. Bubba said when he first meet Hogan,
Hogan told him that people would be hating on him, Bubba thinks it’s
the biggest under estimation ever, he said Hogan would stab you in the
back real quick. Jeff said he’s an owner in TNA, he said when Hogan
touches things, it goes to a new level, he thinks Bubba is trying to
talk sense, he wonders how the guys sleep at night, knowing Bubba
signs the paycheck, he said he liked Spice’s screen saver, Spice said
it was of rick Rude. Bubba said he got heat with Ric flare over that,
he said the product is better. Jeff said when you add guys like Hogan,
the product gets elevated, Bubba said tna is going through growing
pains. Jeff said he started the company from scratch, Bubba said he
sold it to Dixie, Spice said this is like when Michael Jackson bought
the Beatles catalog. Jeff said wrestling is his passion, Spice said
he’s got more money than Hulk Hogan. Jeff said that Hogan has
happiness, Bubba recapped for him the latest, Spice thinks you should
take Hogan to court, as you’ll end up winning. Jeff thinks it’s sick,
he thinks Linda should be arrested with impersonating a wife. Bubba
said Spike TV has met with Terry and Dixie, he thinks Jeff wants to go
against all of them, he said they started out on Saturday nights, they
then went to Thursday nights, he said it’s a dream come true. Bubba
thinks Hogan screwed Jeff over, he thinks they’re trying to feel each
other out, Spice suggested they have a date, Bubba showed Jeff his tna
contract, he said he’s having problems with the non disparagement
claws, he said he was told to script is ill thoughts on them. We then
heard “operator” from “Bubba show classics vol. 7”, track 2, and “the
Kabuki Project”, track 15, Jeff said he loves Jim Croce. Bubba said
he’s got heat with Vince Russo, he said he can’t trust him, he thinks
Vince McMahon would hire him, he said Vince Russo is dangerous. Jeff
said he’ll be a part of Bubba’s contract, he said Hogan doesn’t need
another lawsuit, he wonders if Spice would trust him, Spice said Jeff
is good, Manson thinks he’s spot on, Jeff thinks Manson will kick
Bubba to the curb, he thinks Spice and Manson could work for Howard.
Bubba wondered if they wouldn’t relocate, Manson joked he would lie to
Jeff Jarrett, Jeff said he’s never met Brent, he thinks Brent gets
paid more. Bubba said when he got fired, Brent helped him out, Jeff
thinks Brent was trying to take his job, Brent thinks Jeff has been in
the wrestling business for too long. We then heard a news clip about
Linda opting out of the lawsuit, Jeff thinks Charlie will be homeless
in five years. Bubba asked that he can meet Jeff, walk him into
Hogan’s office and talk it out; he said they’ve had a great
relationship. Jeff thinks the guys thought it was funny waking him up,
he said Friday morning his lawyers called him, he said the
entertainment guys are not in favor of the messy stuff, he said the
last thing he’d need would be a lawsuit, Spice proposed a pose down.
Bubba said he would love to be there on Thursday, he said he could
have Eric there, Jeff thinks he has tna in his best interest, he said
half of them show up mad for getting the sort end of the stick. Brent
thinks they need some vets around there, Bubba thinks they need more
of them, he thinks Hogan picked the wrong guy to do that. Jeff said
right across the bridge, Hogan made the statement about taking tna to
the next level, he said if you’re not on the team, he doesn’t need
you. Bubba said Kurt Angle is in Paris, he said Dixie needs to say
she’s too nice, Jeff told Spice to start the stopwatch, Spice said he
knows. Bubba said he’s not supposed to be saying that, he said they’ll
have the same swagger as wcw when it was popular. Jeff said the
technology is incredible, he said the amount of exposure is bigger, he
said the sky is the limit. Spice said it’s important that they show
up, Bubba said Scott Hall would say that wrestling is a buzz kill;
Spice thinks working at the electronic section would be buzz kill.
Bubba said that Bubba Dudley is the biggest prick, but he’s the nicest
guy, he said people will work you. Jeff asked Manson if he could do
gospel, Manson said no. Jeff said he hasn’t had a day off in the past
seven and a half years, Bubba said tna jobbed him out, he said his gym
is very clean, Brent said you’re required to show up at work, then do
your job. Jeff thinks Spice will jump ship, Spice said he’d like to
work for tna, Bubba joked that Spice is a gold digger. Jeff said if
you don’t want to be at tna get out. Bubba asked for the number of
those who haven’t called in, he wants to call them and tell them they
need to show up, Spice acted as Sting saying some stuff. Bubba thinks
he could call Ashville tomorrow, he said you can’t script stuff, Jeff
asked for Manson to write a bit for him. We then heard Ned and
Manson’s “Wrestler 911” from “Bubba show classics Vol. 12”, track 14,
Bubba said this was when Hogan called them from Australia, he said he
would like for this to work out, Jeff said if tna is the best, he’s
all for it, Spice thinks Bubba should arm wrestle for the position,
they then ended the show a few seconds later.

3 Responses

  1. Ryan

    Bubbacan we get the mexican buuba on howard 101. You made him sound great. Just kidding. You do a great job for us. Also, you are right on the money for Haiti.

  2. Jeremy Taylor

    Bubba, love the show. But Brent is such an arrogant prick. I’ve e-mailed about this a few times and have yet to hear anything come of it. Not that my e-mail deserves the attention, it’s just that I can’t help but think a lot of guys out there agree with me. He’s been wrong about so much. Most recently:
    A.) caller says govt had help for Katrina victims w/in 24 hours—Brent screams out, “Wroooong!” (As a CBP Federal Agent I know first hand the caller is right. We had Agents at the edge of the city w/in 24 hours but it took the mayor of New Orleans 3-days to come to an agreement w/the govt, red cross, etc
    B.) Brent said anyone who serves in the military is automatically given citizenship. INCORRECT BRENT. Under INA Section 328 the law states that any person who serves a minimum of 1 year of active duty service, in PEACE-TIME, can be considered eligible to become a U.S. Citizen—-IT IS NOT guaranteed

    And his tough-guy routine is a joke. Get over yourself Brent. You talk tough on the radio, but you’ve had one real MMA fight and got blasted in what, 38 seconds or so? No one cares if you can’t fight, but just stop w/this tough-guy routine

    Last, Brent agrees w/nearly everything you say Bubba. He lives for the words, “Tell me Brent, am I right on that?” “Yes you are Bubba, 100%”
    You could be saying “I read where Marlboro Ultra Lights are known to actually cure cancer, am I right Brent?” “Absolutely Bubba, a pack a day reduces cancer.” MAN, TURN HIS FREAKING MIC OFF OR SOMETHING. HE’S GETTING SO ANNOYING!!!

  3. Jeremy Taylor

    Brent’s a bald-headed, hoop-in-the-ear-ring wearing, beer belly struttin’, Terminator sunglass wearing, mush-mouth airwave trash-talking, has-been Jar Head-wanna be college professor’s pet takin’ it ’round the backside willy jobber!

    Bubba Army needs to establish a prison and sentence Brent to it. Forget Leavenworth. Send Brent Hatley to Bubbanworth Terrestrial Prison to serve 20 years hard-time, out in 7 if he bunks w/M.J.

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