Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 25th, 2011 by Staff

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Recap by Blind Lawrence

Segment 1 – St. Pete Cops

The show started off with “Start Me Up” by The Rolling Stones. Bubba
came on asking what was up with the Magic; Brent said they’re not
doing so good. William Stoneback was announced as the fan of the day
on FaceBook, Bubba said that today is a sad day, as the news they
reported yesterday turned out to be the case, he then thanked
Carolina’s Anytime Limos for donating $250, Spice said he was reading
something in the paper, Bubba said they need to have a federal law,
Manson isn’t sure if there is a deterrent. Bubba said that less the
police dog dying, they were dead on; he liked Bill Foster saying he
wanted the house a dirt lot. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Various Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com, followed
by “Blinded By The Light”. Bubba was going to ask Ned something, Spice
informed him he was out back smoking. Bubba told ned that he needs him
on February 19 in Orlando at the Blues BQ; he then said he was in a
three hour meeting with Debbie for 3 hours. Larry on protection said
RJ is a frequent flyer at a Sharif’s office, the guy thinks RJ
believes he’s a celebrity, he thinks RJ is just blowing smoke. Bubba
attempted to go to RJ, but no one was on the line, he thinks maybe the
guy gave him some good information. Stan in largo said there’s a
FaceBook page saying rest in peace to Hydra lacey, the man who killed
the cops. Bubba then read from the page, the guys think it’s just a
rib, Bubba thinks the Bubba Army will have fun with this page, he
thinks the people who liked this should be investigated. RJ came on,
he said that he was there, he said he’s been sober for 42 days, Bubba
thinks radio has made him a celebrity, he asked the guy to call back,
he said the judge is a good friend of his, he said that he has a
masters in Education, he told the cop to bring it. Daniel in Canada
said it was great to hear the guys live again, he said he’ll be
spreading the word; he said a cop got ran over by a snow plow a few
weeks ago. Auggie came on saying one of his tazer shots is heeling up,
he then came on plugging “Carl Blonch Tuesday”, he thinks the Gator
bite was one of the worst things ever (October 29, 2010). They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails, Bubba Vs. Idiot callers

Bubba said that Btls.com has all the information on Witt’s ride, he
said they have two more cops to take care of, he said for the
RadioIO.com listeners, you can donate via BtlsFoundatin.org, you can
also order a “Remember The Heroes” shirt from BubbaArmy.com, he then
said that James Bane, an African American man who was accused of rape
will be on the show, Spice credited The Innocence Project. The first
email of the day said they canceled Sirius, the emailer said he’s a 60
year-old attorney in Los Angeles. Another email thanked Bubba for his
coverage on the cops; Bubba said they were given a favorable article
about them in the newspaper. Another email thinks satellite radio is
like an 8 track, the emailer thinks Satellite radio will die like AOL.
Another email thanked Bubba for the coverage. Bubba said that Rick
Scott has already introduced a bill that will take 50% of their
benefits away from them. Mike in Ocala said sometimes Bubba is wrong
about the cops, Bubba thinks this is a guy who has gotten in trouble
with the cops, Brent said the guy is an Alex Jones listener, Bubba
said he’s not going to respond, the guy thinks Bubba is just kissing
the cops ass, he thinks Bubba is living a double standard Spice thinks
the guy is bouncing from issue to issue, the guys goofed on the guy
saying “there you go”. Bubba said he’d like for this guy to get his
ass kicked, Spice said this is the guy who enjoys Death by Cop. Bubba
thinks the guy is the problem, Spice thinks the guy is too scared to
off himself. Tracey in Tampa said her husband is a police officer, the
cops go fast sometimes as they need to get somewhere, Bubba said that
he’s been known to go a little faster if he has to pee or poop. Joe
asked Bubba about his 80% pay cut, he asked for some honesty in radio,
the guy turned out to be the guy who always calls up and says he’d
like to do a Jimmy Stewart impersonation, Bubba wishes that guy and
Mike would’ve died yesterday. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – Manson’s new Tribute Song

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army App.
Jacky said she doesn’t know where Mike’s comparison was going, she
said her heart goes out to the families, she wondered when other radio
hosts will donate to the cops, Bubba said MJ chooses based on media
coverage, he thinks MJ panders, he then said their charity is the real
thing. Phil said he’d rather see Rick Scott put a billboard against
the red light cameras, rather than have him take away the benefits of
cops. Fred in Florida thanked Bubba for what he does, he said they
deal with guys like Mike all the time, he thinks guys like that are
waisting oxygen, he suggested the guy’s parents would’ve looked into
abortion. We then heard a news clip about the shootings, Bubba said
that after this clip, he has a new officer tribute song produced by
Manson, Manson said that he would say “My Pleasure”, but in this case
he’ll just say “you’re welcome”. Bubba said that the only thing that
is good about this is that at least Hydra lacey didn’t off himself;
the cops got him, that’s all he can say. Jen on protection said she
knew one of the officers very well, a bunch of cops got Lacey; Bubba
said that gives him better closure. We then heard the tribute song,
which features clips about the shooting, with “Shadow Of The Day” by
Linkin Park. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – James Bain in Studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Maine street” by Bob Seger. Bubba
sad they’ll have James Bane on in a few minutes, he then recapped the
situation. N 1974, a 9 year-old boy was raped; the rape was pinned on
him. Bill in Charleston asked if the foundation is Regional or
national, Bubba said he tries to take care of every city he’s heard
in, he wishes they had money to take care of every one of them, he
then asked for James to come in, Spice said James was chowing down on
the pancakes, he said he’s privileged to meet him. James came on
saying he was fine, Bubba thinks society really failed him; he said
that if he got a sprinkling violation, he wants to fight everyone.
James said that in 1974, he was walking from a friend’s house; he went
to his Sister’s house and slept on the floor. After falling asleep,
the cops came by and asked if James lived there, he was told that
there was a small problem. The cops told him he’d have to stay
overnight, the following day, he was told he had to go to the county
jail, he was then charged with rape, the kid had mentioned James’s
name, he said the person who raped the kid was someone he knew, Manson
said this was ten years after the Civil rights act. James said at the
trial, he had one of the best lawyers at the time, he thinks there was
one black person on the jury, the ma doing the raping had mention a
red motor cycle, James said he had one at the time. Spice asked if he
hung out with some people who were shady, James said he did, he had a
feeling that one of them would set him up, he said that the dna wasn’t
checked out until 2009. Spice asked him what he was thinking when he
got convicted of rape; James said that he got a sad feeling in his
stomach. Bubba likes how James is very well put together, they’ll help
him out in any way they can. Spice asked what it was like for him in
jail; James said that from the moment he went in, he studied on what
he did. Bubba wondered what took so long, James said he turned in four
appeals, they were all denied. Bubba asked James if he heard about the
West Memphis III case, James said no, Bubba explained the situation.
Spice said he has a lot of white guilt going on, Bubba thinks that
there should be dna testing, he then said James is the longest
incarcerated innocent man, James said he’s not mad about that, Spice
said he’d be mad against the attorney, James thinks he died in a car
crash. Shane in St. Augustine asked about the nine year-old boy, James
said he’s talked to him; he’s had to suffer the trauma. Bubba said
that James is very well cultured; he said the guy is a very nice man.
Spice asked if he has any issue with the kid or the family, James said
no. Dave in West Palm asked if the state gave him any money, James
said he still hasn’t gotten his money yet, Spice thinks they should’ve
had the check the second he got out of jail, James said it’s a big
process. Bubba asked James where he was, James said he was in Pulk
County, the correctional institute, he said he got moved after 10
years, he thinks Pulk County Correctional, he thinks the worst was
Okeechobee. Spice liked when James was talking on a cell phone, he was
looking for the quarter slot. Todd asked James if he knew how to cook,
James said he doesn’t know how to cook, he said he’s a welder, Bubba
said he’d hire James in a minute, Spice said he could hire him, do a
horrible job, but not fire him. Bubba asked James to be responsible
with his money. The guys asked him if he knew what a bucket list was,
James said no, he then said he’d like to travel a little more, the
guys suggested he not go to Cuba; he then said he’d like to see the
Country. Bubba thinks society can’t give back enough to this guy,
Spice said this is a guy who appreciates a job. James said he got a
job, but was laid off, Bubba said that Keith Nozbich texted him,
saying that he should be on the race team, he then asked James if he’s
attended some sporting events, James sad he’s been to a few football
and hockey games, he said he’s never been to a Rays game Bubba said
he’d like for him to throw out the first pitch. Donnie in winter Haven
asked if he sees a difference in women, James said he sees a big
difference. Ronnie in Lakeland said he could offer James a job at KFC,
he then mentioned his Jimmy Stewart impersonation, Bubba hung up on
him, saying it was that guy. Seth Miller, the director of the
Innocence Project came on; he thinks race plays a big role in what
happened. Bubba asked about the dna results, Seth said it was just one
week. Bubba asked what the holdup was with the West Memphis III case,
Seth said they’ll make up anything. Bubba thinks that Henry Wayde was
the worst; he asked if Dallas has turned over more rulings, Seth said
yes, he thinks they had 25 in Dallas alone. Bubba thinks they should
send this to the States Attorney General, Seth said they have another
client who has been out, he’s still waiting to be paid, he said
they’re working on about 3 dozen cases in Florida. Bubba asked what
they used for evidence; Seth said it was a big amount of seamen on the
underwear. Spice asked if the victim had denied access to the profile,
Bubba said a nine year—old can’t put seamen in his own pants. James
thanked Seth for the job they did, Seth said they still work with him,
Bubba said James is a nice gentleman. Seth said their website is
FloridaInnocence.org. matt on protection asked when James was in Pulk
Correctional, James said from 95-99, Bubba hung u on the guy, as his
radio was turned up, he then said if he needed a welder, he’d hire
this guy, James is amazed by the technology we have. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Article on Bubba

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page (Twitter.com/btlsradio). Bubba came on saying that the paper gave
them a favorable article about them with the cop shooting coverage, he
doesn’t like how the paper said Bubba isn’t a journalist, Bubba said
he’s not a pussy ass journalist. Spice said Bay news 9 is a new
channel that gave nothing, Bubba said they gave the names out when
they weren’t supposed to, he said he knew the names, be elected not to
for respect of the family, Manson said that journalism is dead. Spice
said these people need to ask if they’re a news channel or not. Luke
in Ruskin said he called channel 28, the guy referred to Bubba as a
non reliable new source, he got hung up on, he thanked Bubba for what
he did. Jack in Naples said that when something happens, everything
tops. Bubba said they have a tow minute delay, he then said he’s not
proud of broadcasting that information, but it’s their duty to do it,
he then referred to channel 8, 13 and 28 as pussies. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Tucker Carlson Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com. We then
heard Tucker Carlson’s bumper, Tucker said he doesn’t like him, he
thinks his music was bubblegum garbage. The guys decided to do name
that tune with Tucker, Tucker was able to name “new Year’s Day” by
UTwo, and “Running Down A Dream”. After Rush started playing, Tucker’s
phone dropped. Tucker came back on, Bubba decided to see how good he
was with pop culture, Tucker didn’t know Bubba was playing Miley
Cyrus; he also had no idea about the Eddie Money song. Bubba said that
Keith Olberman left Msnbc, Tucker said he never gloats another man
getting fired, he thinks they wanted to fire him for a long time, he
said that Charlie Sheen has missed a lot of days of work. Bubba
wondered about Olberman not coming in, Tucker said that one time,
Keith refused to work when he didn’t have a door on his studio, he
then said that Keith is a smart guy. Bubba asked Tucker who the
smartest guy on T is, Tucker said Charles Krauthammer, Spice
sarcastically said that he was surprised with Tucker mentioning
someone from Fox. Spice asked about Anderson Cooper – tool or not,
Tucker said you can judge for yourself. Spice asked about Pierz
Morgan, Bubba thinks he kissed Oprah’s ass during the interview, he
then wondered if the State of the Union is out dated, Tucker said it’s
mandated, he said that one year he fell asleep during it, he then said
he’s heard about what happened yesterday, Spice doesn’t like how a
news channel can’t do the live shot properly. We then heard a
“Previously On” segment from yesterday’s show, that included gunfire,
Tucker said that was unbelievable, he thinks Bubba handled it nicely,
he said the guy is one of the causes of the issue, he then asked Bubba
about Satellite, Bubba said that they wouldn’t want to come back, he
said Adam Carolla’s podcast will be replacing them, Tucker said he
digs RadioIO.com. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Wrapping up the show

Sammy in Braington said that it’s sad that these guys put on the
uniform, and not know if they’ll be coming home, he said the gun shots
reminded him of Vietnam. Bruce in Hernando said Bubba did a great job,
he also read the article, he thinks Bubba will get new listeners. Fred
on protection said everyone appreciates what Bubba has done for law
enforcement. Bubba took a call from a guy in South Carolina who said
that he loves the show. We then heard a clip of a guy filling in for
Regis, Bubba thinks the guy is from Canada. We then heard the tribute
song. Bubba said yesterday was a sad day, Spice said they got Steve
Hurley on, Steve came on saying it’s hard to believe they’re go
through this again as a community, he said they’ll put up $100 a car
from now until February, he asked for the other companies out there to
step up. Bubba said that Steve is the best, he then plugged the Blues
BQ on Saturday February 19, he then plugged what they’ve got coming up
on the show for the next few days, he said that if you’d like copy of
Manson’s new tribute song, you can download it at btls.com. They then
ended the show a few seconds later.

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