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Top Stories:
Unity in the Community
Bears defensive end dies at 26
Taco Bell founder dead at 86
Murderer raps for jurors before death sentence vote
Police: Man Barricaded Self In Strip Club
Conan O’Brien Supporters Protest NBC
Chad Allen Reed, Sr.
Aid pours in to Haiti but suffering continues

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Sports scores, Jeff Jarrett discussions

The show started off with “Roadhouse Blues” as bumper music. Bubba
said he didn’t think he pulled the balls for the week, today will be
Manson, tomorrow Dave, Thursday Brent, and Friday will be Brent.
Manson said Donna really liked the car Steve dropped off; he said he
had a family party over the weekend. Bubba asked Spice what he did,
Spice said he just hung out; Brent said he was one and three with the
football picks, Bubba thinks everyone picked the Jets game. Manson
thinks he can’t be beat with the football picks, Brent said that TV is
happy that the Cardinals aren’t around. Bubba recapped some sports
scores, Brent said the Atlanta hawks have gotten to number one. Bubba
said that Jeff Jarrett has done some chicken shit stuff lately, he
said Jeff is going to try and sue Hogan for some reason, he thinks
Hogan is lawyered out. Spice thinks a meeting between Jarrett and
Hogan would be great on TV, Bubba said this isn’t like him, he then
said that Rick Flair is a great guy, he said he’s not talking about
Haiti, Brent joked that it was illegal. Spice said no one really cares
about Haiti, until something big happens. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubba calls Jeff Jarrett, Haiti

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
Tour, then into “Rock You Like A hurricane” as bumper music. Bubba
apologized to Manson for the disrespect, as he played something from
his iPod. Ned said he missed the tna event. Bubba called up Jeff
Jarrett a few seconds later. Jeff picked up, he hung after Bubba
identified himself, Jeff hung up. Bubba recapped the time when he
first met Hogan, Hogan told him that he’d get a lot of heat, he thinks
he’s in a lot of trouble with tna, Spice wonders who would hang out
with Bubba anymore, he wonders why tna has him there if they don’t
like him, Bubba said Hogan wants him there, he thinks he got himself
in a lot of trouble, he said he doesn’t need tna, he said he was
written out of the pay-per-view, he also got written out of a
production meeting. Manson said if he was Dixie, he couldn’t get rid
of him fast enough. Bubba said he likes Jeff, but he can’t trust him.
Bubba then decided to go over some birthdays; Spice said at least he’s
not talking about racing. TC thinks Spice is right, Bubba said he’s
got another couple of days of taping, Spice said we only help our own
when it’s a big problem. Bubba said that he’s apologizing because his
opinion offends them; he said that if you ran a business like America,
you’d be a laughing stock; Spice said that America is one of the worst
businesses ever. Bubba said he has a cop who lost his life in Dixie
County, he’s upset that the story hasn’t gotten the press it deserved,
he said if you donate to the Red Cross, 42% goes to where it should
go, he said people can’t handle the truth, we then heard the sounder.
Bubba said there’s a FaceBook page wanted to get him fired from tna,
he said he’s looking at other issues, we then heard the say good night
to the bad guy sounder, he then freaked out a little, as his cursor
froze up, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Football player dies

Coming out of commercials, we heard a pormo for the Hulkamaniac shirt.
Bubba said that if you’d like to follow Jeff Jarrett on Twitter, the
address is: Twitter.com/jeffjaretttna, he then went on to say he’d
like to get JT The Brick on the show. Michael in Tampa thinks Bubba
should pick and choose his charities, Bubba hung up on him, suggesting
the guy start his own fund. We then heard a news clip about a football
player dying of an enlarged heart, Spice thinks Joe Kennedy died from
that. Bubba wondered if they can take a picture of your heart before
something goes wrong, Spice said he doesn’t think so, Brent said he
thinks they’d do a heart scan. We then heard the 911 call about that,
Bubba thinks the dispatures sounds like she’s talking to one of her
friends; Spice thinks it’s not professional. Bubba asked Spice if he
saw his hair lately, Spice said he checked it out, Bubba said it’s out
of control, he thinks he has Miller like characteristics. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various clips, Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Tom the Treeman at
Side Splitters Comedy club. We then heard Manson’s “Bubba GPS”. Bubba
asked Spice to see who won the Chili Bowl, Spice pulled it up; Bubba
said the guy listens to the show. Michael in West Palm said Florida is
giving the Haitians temporary legal immigration. Bubba said if he was
a Haitian, he’d get everything fixed. Bubba read the top ten people
who were in the Chili Bowl, he wants to call up Bill Michaels and ask
him how Ted Thompson is feeling. We then heard a clip of some guys
yelling “Pants on the Ground”, Manson said it’s from American Idol. We
then heard the clip of the guy doing it, Bubba said he’d tell the guy
to get out of there, he said we’re a nation full of corn lovers. Bubba
took a call from a guy who doesn’t get why it took so long to get
water to New Orleans. Chris wondered if one and three Haitians are
infected with HIV, Brent said he’ll look it up. Bubba thinks his
comments on Haiti aren’t that bad, Spice thinks people misread his
comments. Brent said the aids rate in Haiti is 2.2%. We then heard a
clip of Leno, Bubba said it’s not as funny when Jimmy Kimmel is on.
Bubba read an article about that, he wonders why he can’t get the deal
Conan got. We then heard another clip of Leno talking about his deal,
Bubba said he likes this, Spice is shocked he has 175 people working
for him. We then heard a clip of Conan doing his monolog; Bubba thinks
Conan singing about the network is funny. Josh in Lakeland said he got
the Pay-per-view, he said it was horrible. Bubba said the same people
are there, he suggested Hogan drop a new turd, rather than trying to
sign it up. We then heard a news clip about Haiti, Bubba thinks they
need their own help. Manson said it’s a horrible situation, he said we
have no money. Bubba asked Brent what Limbaugh said about Haiti, he
wonders why Limbaugh hasn’t caught flack from it. Bubba wonders what
Olberman said about Haiti. Bobby said the pants on the ground thing
was over a conversation Favre had with someone. We then heard a news
clip about food and water arriving to Haiti, Bubba wonders if the
President would’ve said that he’s concerned with the Haitian
government, saying we’ll try to do what we can, Brent said he wouldn’t
have had a problem with it. Eric, the guy from Bubbawrapup.com was on,
he said it’s a labor of love, Bubba thinks he sounds real smart, he
said he’s an it guy, Bubba said they scare him. Eric said his Twitter
was blowing up yesterday, he said it was a crazy weekend, he said
people were going crazy, he said some guy from England gave him crap.
Bubba asked how big is the fire Bubba FaceBook page, Eric guessed
around 4,000, he told him not to quote him on it. Spice read from the
page, he said there’s only 782 people on it. We then heard Hogan’s
bumper, Hogan farted into the toilet, he said when Awesome Kahn kicked
his ass, he thought it was over; this had the guys cracking up. Bubba
said he’ll turn it around him, Hogan said Bubba got his ass whipped,
he said that it was better that Bubba got hit rather than him. Bubba
wondered if he should fight back, he thinks getting hit by a tna
talent is unacceptable. Spice asked Bubba how it was to get beat up by
a girl, Bubba said she was fatter than him, he said that if he was to
fight back, his career with tna and radio would be gone. Spice wonders
if Hogan thinks the situation is funny, Bubba asked that she not get
fired for sucker punching him. Hogan said Bubba could’ve killed her,
he said he did the right thing; he said Bubba stirred this one up on
his own. Bubba said no one at tna likes him. Hogan said that Russo
must’ve put her up to it; Bubba told Hogan that his lawyers will press
chargers over this issue; Hogan said this is Bubba’s chance to even up
the score. Bubba recapped how it went down; Manson thinks it would be
great footage. Bubba said he’ll get the tape, Brent said that Kevin
Hayslett can’t wait to see it. Hogan thinks that had Bubba hit her, he
would’ve killed her; Brent sarcastically said that it’s a nice work
environment; Hogan thinks she would’ve kicked his brains in if he got
down low enough. Brent said if he was Bubba, he wouldn’t work another
day at TNA. Bubba thinks Hogan has the ability to turn stuff around,
he said he got a chance to chat with Kevin Nash, he likes him, he then
went over the people he likes. Bubba said that Bubba Dudley and his
wife own a spa; Spice wonders if they’ve had some interaction with
tiger, Hogan said he’s in sex therapy. Hogan said he’ll have all the
stuff straightened out by the time he gets there, Bubba thinks it’s
not going to happen, he said he doesn’t need this stuff, he thinks
Hogan is a horrible leader, Hogan said he’ll get better. Bubba thinks
that she would’ve beaten Bubba up him in front of his kids; Hogan said
Vince Russo fired him in front of his kids. Bubba wonders why his
Haiti comments were so bad, Hogan thinks its compassion, he thinks he
couldn’t take that kind of punch. Brent said he wouldn’t show up at
tna, Spice said Bubba got beat up by a girl. Bubba said he didn’t want
to talk about it, he thinks Hogan isn’t that great of a friend for
doing that, Brent said a true friend would’ve gotten her fired. Bubba
said he has nothing to say about her, he thinks it went on for 12-19
seconds; he originally thought she was messing with him. Robby in
Orlando said he appreciates Bubba not beating on her, he suggested
Bubba mess up her career. Bubba said the ratings came back; they’re
number 2 with men 25-54, he said that she doesn’t know him. Eric from
BubbaWrapup.com was back on, he said tna had a house show; the event
wasn’t that great, he said it was like watching wrestling at a high
school. He said when they first walked in the door, they handed out
Haiti fliers, he said the whole night was trying to get people to go
to a Haiti event, he said that she’s a big woman. Bubba said he’d be
rich if he had footage of that, Eric suggests Bubba spice that in with
the footage of him falling down the stairs of Mogeler City. Bubba
recapped how the ufc guys would’ve described it. West in Orlando
thinks it’s a catch 22. Bubba wondered what he should do; Spice said
yes, Manson said yes, Ned thinks a Girl Scout will beat Bubba up.
Bubba took a call from a guy who thinks Bubba should man up. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Jeff Jarrett, death row inmate raps, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BubbaRaw.com live
chat with Moonshine Miller, this Wednesday at 7. Bubba got sidetracked
with Manson eating a veggie burger; Manson said they’re really good.
Bubba called Jeff Jarrett again, he picked up, he said he was going
back to sleep, he asked that he not go on the air, Jeff suggested the
guys go their way, he then hung up. Scott thinks Barry Cohen should
join Bubba. We then heard a news clip about a cop who was murdered, he
said we should be sad about this kind of stuff. We then heard a clip
of a guy rapping; the guy is on death row. Bubba said if it sounded
like the way it did, he’d put the guy out of his misery after hearing
that, he then read an article about that. Spice said if he was the
judge, he tell the guy to shut up, Ned thinks the guy was flowing,
Bubba said he would have the court reporter read it back to him. The
guys goofed on the guy messing up words, Ned said he’d “Scrangle” him,
Spice wonders how people aren’t laughing. Bubba thinks the guy is
saying Mexican, Manson thinks he’s saying “I’m asking”, Bubba thinks
it makes more sense. Tim in Sarasota said all the guys talk about is
tort reform; Bubba said he’s not suing anyone. Bubba thinks New
Orleans is a template of what not to do, he said he doesn’t want
anyone to die. Tim in Ft. Meyers thinks Bubba and Awesome Kahn should
have a bra and panties match. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – A Manson classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com. We then
heard a news clip about a teacher who had sex with a teacher, we then
heard “Ragusa’s So Horny” from “Bubba’s New And Misc Hits Vol. 3”
track 6. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Baltimore Sun writer trashes Bubba, Steve Hurly visits

Coming out of commercials, we heard Kesha as bumper music. Bubba said
he’s been called an idiot by the Baltimore Sun, Spice thinks that’s
good, he then read the article about that, Brent said the writer is a
blogger for a wrestling site, Bubba sarcastically thanked the guys for
putting a tribute to Awesome Kahn up on the site, he said she might
get rewarded because of this, he said that Dixie is a great woman.
Brent apologized for loving America too much. Bubba had Steve Hurly
in, Steve said his event is “unity In the Community”, he said they
generate funds for the needy in Plant City, the site is
UnityInPlantCity.com. Bubba wondered why they’re raffling TVs; Steve
said they’re just giving back to the community. Bubba said he sells
entertainment, he thinks they should sell microphones at the garage
sale; he thinks they should sell a car. Andrew said the markup price
for a car is about 8-900 dollars, Steve said for $30,000 you can get a
nice car, he wondered if Bubba can trust a car guy. Bubba thinks
Manson would buy some five dollar raffle tickets, he proposes they
both put up $15,000, the grand total would go to the charity. Steve
said he was going to ask Manson his thoughts on the car, Bubba said he
had to bust balls, Andrew thinks they should do it, Manson said Donna
loved the car. Bubba thinks he could be a car salesman, Spice told him
to keep talking smack about Haiti, Steve said Spice does a great car
guy act. Bubba wonders why everyone is upside-down on their cars,
Steve said it’s the economy. Spice said he’ll always be upside-down on
his car, he thinks he should pay for cash. Steve said a lease could be
a great deal. Bubba thinks the guys in the board room are high fiving
each other. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Bubba Vs. Jeff Jarrett, Haiti discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Hulkamaniac shirt,
then into Ned’s “Smoke Pot” from “The Todd Clem Project” disc 2, track
14, and “Ned’s Parody songs Vol. 2”, track 24. Bubba said he’ll be
heading over to the hair place right after the show, he thinks Hogan
was a dick today, he thinks the web guys don’t like him. Mike in Miami
said he loves the show, he thinks Bubba is wrong about Haiti, Bubba
said he’ll give it to the officer who died, he ended up Eviling the
guy a few seconds later. Bubba called Jeff Jarrett again, he said he’s
not supposed to have the number, he thinks he should say Kurt Angle
gave him the number. Jeff picked up, he told him not to call him,
Bubba told Jeff to be a man, Jeff said this is business, he thinks
Bubba doesn’t know anything about the wrestling business, he said TNA
was doing fine before Bubba came on, Bubba asked that they talk this
out, he thinks Jeff laying down at Bash At The Beach killed wcw. Jeff
wondered what his purpose of calling was, Bubba said unlike Jeff, he’s
calling for a good reason, Jeff said they hate Hogan’s changes, he
told Bubba to stay with his shock jock world, he said he wants to do
stuff like this, he said he wants to bring some real stuff, Jeff
called Bubba a Howard Stern wannabe, Bubba called Jeff a honky Tonk
wannabe. Jeff said he pushed for Hogan to come to tna, he said he
doesn’t like how Hogan treated him, Bubba thinks Hogan was
disrespectful to him. Jeff said he started at the bottom of the
burial, he said the cream always rises to the top, Bubba told him to
do it, Jeff wondered why Hogan had to stick it to him. Bubba suggested
Hogan and Jarrett talk about this kind of stuff before the lawyers get
involved. Jeff said Hogan used to work for his Dad, he said he’s
respected Hogan, he thinks its crap that’s on the air. Bubba said Jeff
isn’t an attorney kind of guy, Jeff said he hates lawyers, he
considered them the crap of the Earth. Bubba said Vince is laughing at
all this, Jeff thinks Bubba is the biggest football, he wondered what
Bubba is proposing. Bubba said his friend asked him to talk with him,
he said he’s hand delivering him to Hogan, Jeff said he’ll do it.
Bubba said Jeff isn’t the man his Dad was. We then heard a clip of
Limbaugh commenting on Haiti, Bubba thinks he’s drunk, he said we
should take care of our own, he said it’s not racially motivated, the
guys think Limbaugh is calling obama the n word, Bubba thinks none of
this is real. Bubba wonders if Pat Robertson has taken any crap for
his comments, Brent said no. We then heard a clip of Olberman talking
about Haiti, he wonders how survivors would fare with the health care.
We then heard a clip of pat Robertson talking about Haiti, claiming
Haiti got a deal with the Devil, Bubba thinks Manson should do a song
about that. Manson sarcastically said that Superman went down to
Haiti, Bubba said Dixie is mad at him, Spice thinks Dixie would hit
him, Bubba said he would like getting hit by Dixie, Spice thinks
wrestling is awesome, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

7 Responses

  1. Steven Bravo

    All the people giving Bubba grief over Haiti. The truth hurts and 95% of America is too scared of the truth. The people giving Bubba Grief need to take their heads out their a** and wake the hell up. Rock on guys screw what those ignorant F***s say.

  2. GoatViolator

    So Harry Reid can basically drop an N-Bomb on President Obama and nothing happens to him. But when Bubba says that we should help out own before we send hundreds of millions of dollars to one of the most corrupt nations on earth, people cry foul. F*ck that! I say Bubba gives TNA two options, either he gets to fire AwesomeKong during a live taping of TNA or he fires up the legal team and sues their asses into bankruptcy…….. Can some one teach Blind Lawrence where the damned spell check is?

  3. Monte Jacobs

    The working class in America needs to wake up.The allocation of funds to a third world country should be an individual choice.Government bailouts use tax dollars that should go to help restart some of our own broken families .Bubba’s methods are unconventional but these are some pretty unconventional times.

  4. Cheri

    I didn’t hear what Bubba said about Haiti, but a friend told me about it.
    I’m with Bubba 100%!
    I’m a white female who has become disabled recently. I was born in USA, worked hard all my life,paid my taxes,and have only gotten 1 driving ticket in my life.
    BUT when I try to get my prescription meds that I need, or food or any medical assistance there is no help for me. When I lost my job due to my health getting in the way I’ve been forced to try to live on 1/3 of what I used to make. I can’t support my bills on my disibility check.
    I don’t qualify for medicaid (don’t really know why not) and Medicare won’t pick me up until Feb.2011. When I ask for help I’m told that people like me have “fallen into the crack”! What the hell does that mean?
    I’m pissed that we can help those out of the country, but good ol’ gals like me,there is no help for. So I am forced to go without neccessary medication for my thyroid disease, Fibromyalgia condition, high closestrol meds, and my anti-depressants that I have been forced to go through withdrawal from with no help from any one.
    And why? Because I can speak English fluently & have never learned how to “work the system” like all these other people that recently came to America.
    Give me a F***ing break already!
    Send this “redheaded stepchild” some money too!

  5. Goat Violator

    Why would you edit (take down) my comments?

  6. Wayne Hood

    I have to agree w/ the above poster. What happened in Haiti is a shame. This country has to start taking care of itself and our own rather than throwing money at other countries, while people go hungry, homeless, and jobless.

  7. Getcha

    Bubba you rock!!! Thank you thank you thank you for having the balls to say what needs to be said!

    Our own country is being overlooked in the race to save face. The only thing that helping Haiti is going to accomplish is making our own country poorer, weaker & ser.

    Instead of sending ILLEGALS into our country, our government should be taking care of our own citizens. We have very poor regions & homelessness & joblessness & families going hungry.

    We (the U.S.) need to start following the rules that were put into place years ago. We need to stop being a bunch of pussies and through out the illegals. Any american that tried to get into another country illegally would be thrown in jail, NOT given free medical care, free housing, money to start a business, schooling for their kids, etc.

    Again, you rock!!! keep up the great work and don’t worry about the bitches complaining that you weren’t right.

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