Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 19th, 2011 by Staff

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Recap by Blind Lawrence

Segment 1 – Coming up on the show

The show started off with “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC.
Bubba started off by congratulating Kelli Justice, as he’s the
FaceBook fan of the day, he then said he’s not sure if he’s on the
right FaceBook page, he then went over some sports scores of interest,
he wondered what’s up with Orlando, Brent thinks they’re not doing so
great chemistry wise. Bubba said that marc Dobson will be coming on
the show today, Manson said he can’t wait. Bubba said that Steve
Hurley will be on tomorrow, as well as Jessica Fulks, the woman who
would like to be featured on a skateboard. Bubba thinks they’re
oriental by leaving out the word “the”. Bubba said he’ll accept Ned’s
apology, Ned chanted “go Pack Go”, saying he’s ready to get on the
band wagon. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Various Stuff

Bubba came on saying he’d like to add some more elements to the
RadioIO.com stream, he then decided on 15, saying it doesn’t matter
where they were from, he then said he loves the oatmeal at McDonald’s,
he said it probably took them a while to get into the oatmeal, he then
told ned that someone special will be coming in for today. Ned ran
down some names, he said Jay O’Connell, Bubba told him that he’ll be
sitting in on the RadioIO show, he then said he spent a majority of
the weekend prepping for the BRN garage sale, Spice said he’s
disappointed, Ned said he went to the lee market and got more stuff to
sell, Bubba doesn’t believe him on that, he then said he has a bunch
of emails to get to, he thinks the Super Bowl will be huge. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BRN garage sale,
followed by some Sugar Ray. Bubba said that marc Dobson will be on, he
thinks he was drunk when he first saw him, he said he’ll be on the
show a little later on, as well as Sean Sherk, he then went on to say
that he doesn’t want to do the branding anymore, as he’s seen the
results on BubbaRaw.com. Kim in Charleston said it was great seeing
the Packers game, she sad that she grew up watching the Redskins, but
decided to go for another team. Brian, one of the guys who got the
branding came on, he said he was number one, he said it’s still a
little sore, it’s really deep, Bubba said he’s thinking about not
doing it anymore, Brian said he represents the Bubba Army, he asked if
he could be a Sergeant, Bubba said they could do that for him. The
first email asked if Bubba will be giving any studio tours, Bubba said
he’ll offer a certain day for people, he then said that Ned was bummed
out that he’s in the back of the new studio. Another email said the
guys were right on about the chicken dip, the emailer said that they
used to work for Publix, saying that the average shopper at Publix
would buy the dip. Bubba said that before he even asked Publix to
offer up the dip, in 2009 and 2010, he’s spent $30,000, he said he’s
been in Tampa for 19 years, he thinks he’s spent up to $266,000, he
thinks Publix would want that kind of story. Another email asked for
some details about the charity ride on January 29, Bubba said you can
go to BtlsFoundation.org. The last email she wrote Bubba about her
teeth last week, saying it was because of the medication she took as a
child, Spice said he doesn’t know a lot of girls with gray teeth that
look good, Bubba said he’s not in that business, he thinks this is
someone looking for a handout, Spice pointed out how this is an
example of people piling on. Dave in West Palm asked Bubba about the
Ravens game, Manson said they choked, Brent said it was a black and
blue game, Ned thinks the Ravens should’ve ran Ray Rice. Dave said he
liked listening to the music channels on RadioIO.com, Bubba said
they’ll get better. Bubba gave Spice the number for the woman with bad
teeth, Spice said he was watching “Strange Addictions”, a woman was
eating Comet Cleanser, Manson wonders what that would do to your
insides. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Melisa, the old gray tooth

Spice said that they’ve got the gray toothed woman on hold; Bubba said
that he’ll be announcing the final winner of the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas contest. Melisa came on, Spice sarcastically thinks she
sounds hot, Bubba said if he finds her honest he’ll help her out,
Melisa said that she smoked until August 25 of last year, she said she
had twelve years for braces that were never cleaned properly, she said
she doesn’t work because of a back injury, which happened about eight
years ago, this was over a skating issue, Bubba doesn’t like how he
has to pay for her disability, he said this just proves how screwed up
our Country is, Spice said this is the person the Country shouldn’t be
helping out, Bubba thinks she’s the last person he’ll help out, the
woman ended up hanging up, he then said that we’re a bunch of pussies,
as in the Punt, pass and kick have it for a boy and a girl. Melisa
came back on, Bubba thinks her teeth quit her, the woman said she
volunteers at a Community Hospital. Bubba thinks they should talk
about the guy that got her pregnant, Melisa said he isn’t around, she
then said her husband can’t buy her teeth. The woman’s husband then
came on; Bubba said he told her no on the teeth, he said he feels for
the guy, the guy said he works six twelve hour days. Bubba thinks the
guy has his act together, he wonders what the guy is doing with her,
the guy said he lives week to week, he said that he’s tried to quit
smoking, but it hasn’t worked out. Bubba thinks that by doing this,
he’s the sucker who has to pay for her teeth, he then suggests
prostituting her out, the guy said no to that. Spice said he got email
from Dr. Mandingo that said he’s willing to help her out, only that
she give the biggest plea. Bubba thinks they should have her pan
handle for teeth, Manson thinks a “Will work for teeth” sign would be
great. Melisa said that she only has around 8 teeth, Spice thinks it’s
like a mulcher, Ned suggested she eat some candy at the show; he then
said he’s all about no gums. Joel, a former meth head came on, he said
he’s been on meth for sixteen years, all his teeth fell out. Bubba
wondered why meth makes your teeth fall out, the guy sad it’s all the
chemicals in it, the guy said that it has about a 98% addiction rate.
Bubba asked Melisa if she’d be willing to take a meth test, he woman
said she would, Bubba said that at least they’re getting somewhere, he
thinks it’s because of all the drugs she’s on. Melisa said that one
time she fell down some steps, Bubba thinks she was drunk or high, he
thinks all the pain medication has caused her to lose her teeth, he
thinks she’s really shallow, he thinks she controlled her own destiny,
he then ran her through the Evil soundboard, Bubba was heard cracking
up, he then told her she hasn’t convinced him, he then said the next
time they call her, she should answer the phone: “this is the old gray
toothed bitch reporting live”. The guys had her try it out, she messed
it up. Bubba called her back, he said that they’ll get some people on
to help her out, he then asked to pickup with the following line:
“this is the ld gray tooth bitch with excuses reporting live”, Spice
was heard laughing his ass off, he then said that he’ll FedEx her some
teeth, Bu8bba thinks they’ll call her to rip her up, he wondered how
you can’t keep stuff like that going. Candies in Charleston said only
this show will give you this kind of content. Greg Lennoard came on,
he thinks Bubba shouldn’t help out the crock mouth, he then said that
would be like him wishing his kids’s cp didn’t exist. Bubba said that
it’s sad that not everyone has the same mindset as Greg does. We then
heard a news clip about a guy who threatened two women with a gun,
then turned it on to some cops, Bubba thinks there’s a rap concert n
the background. “The Boopity Song” from “Bubba show classics Vol. 11”,
track 23 was heard in the background, Bubba thinks they should just
kill themselves now, he thinks the woman in the clip sounds like she’s
12. We then heard a news clip about online bullying, Manson thinks the
guy reading the story is a nasty, Bubba said that it’s sad that this
stuff is making our headlines, he wonders what the stuff on FaceBook
was, Spice then jokingly said he was setting up a Facebook account,
using the name Scott Greenstein. Bubba took a call from a guy who said
that it’s not the brushing, it’s the flossing. Bubba said that he goes
at least once a year for a cleaning, he then said that marc Dobson,
the one man band he discovered in Key West we’ll be in the studio
soon, he then plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show. Kevin
said the message was that the girls took the face of one of the girls,
pasted it on a diss figured teen’s body, Bubba hung up on him, he then
called up Melisa, a guy picked up, she came on saying her line. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Ted Williams on Dr. Phil

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army app.
Bubba said that Brett Favre has signed some retirement papers; he then
asked that someone kill Ted Williams. We then heard a news clip about
Favre, Bubba thinks that was a waste of his time, he thinks they
should’ve ran the Coors Light bit on ESPN, which we then heard. Bubba
came on saying that marc Dobson is stuck in traffic, he told the guy
to take his time, he then plugged the BRN Garage sale at Buddy’s Home
Furnishing, he then wondered how much longer we’ll have to put up with
Ted Williams. We then heard a clip of his family being interviewed on
Dr. Phil, Bubba said the guy ended up being a hook out, he thinks
we’re pathetic as a Country, he thinks the woman in the clip looks
like Nell Carter, he wonders if Craft will rethink their position on
him, Spice thinks they did, Manson said it’s hard to say, Bubba said
the problem is, we’ve made this guy a superstar, he thinks the guy
should be a Carney, Manson said that the guy knows how to work. Bubba
said it’s disgusting that we pick and choose who to be popular, Spice
then goofed on Dr. Phil a little, he thinks the guy sounds exactly
like Larry King, Bubba said that would be like him saying he lost 80
pounds, then saying he’s going to fat camp,, Brent said that they
could get every dime he owes in back child support. Bubba wonders who
can watch Dr. Phil, he said it’s putting him to sleep, Spice said the
guy didn’t have much sizzle to begin with, he said the problem is,
we’re making a hero out of this guy. Spice said he’d like something
else to overshadow this guy. Bubba said if he was a TV guy, he’d tell
the guy he resents him, he wonders what Dr. Phil is a doctor in; Brent
said he has a PhD from North Texas, Ned thinks it’s in bullcrap. Bubba
said that people just eat up the niceness; he refers to it as “the
Larry the Cable Guy Syndrome”. Merle thinks bubba is a disturbed, mean
individual, he thinks Bubba made Melisa commit telephone suicide,
Bubba thinks he’s just like her, Merle said he watches the UFC to pick
up some techniques, Bubba played some Diamond Dave clips, he told the
guy to stop listening to his show, Merle suggested Bubba get hair
plugs. Todd in Virginia said that he was listening to Howard, he said
he was talking about the show, Bubba thinks the longer it goes by, the
less and less chance they have to get back on Satellite. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Marc Dobson in Studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Brn Garage sale.
Bubba said that Manson has had a chance to see the one man band;
Manson said it was a pretty amazing setup. Marc said the RV show went
great, he said business has been good. Bubba asked how people get a
hold of him, marc said it’s MarcDobson.com. Bubba said that each foot
has a drum on it, marc said he has nine instruments, including the
vocals, he said he’s not going to use is head, he then recapped his
instrument setup, Manson thinks it’s mind boggling. Bubba said he
loved his Billy Joel stuff, marc said that’ll be out of the question
today. Marc then did “Free Falling” by Tom Petty, Bubba said that this
was all done by one guy; we then heard the tymbal after that. Bubba
said they can’t get the vocals, Manson said he’s marveling at the
setup, Marc said the setup is about six months in the works, he said
he’ll turn the guitar down a little, he said he’ll be going to Atlanta
on January 28 for “America’s Got Talent”. Bubba thinks they should do
a sound check to make sure the vocals are good, he then asked for
marc’s crowd favorite, Marc said Mr. Bow jangles, he then said that he
hasn’t weighed himself since Christmas, he then did his version of
“Mr. Bow Jangles”, this was followed by the tymbal. Spice thinks he
could make money by standing on the corner, marc said he was a street
performer, he said his 8 year-old son does it too, Spice thinks Bubba
should get Tyler into this. Bubba asked if marc could do some AC/DC,
he wonders how the brain does it; Marc said his aspect is multy
tasking, he’s on auto pilot. Marc then did “You Shook Me all Night
Long”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Sean Sherk Visits

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Wittmore charity
ride on January 29. Bubba said they’ll bring Sean the Muscle Shark in
soon, he then said that Manson is trying on the new mask. Ed in St.
Lewis said that Sal and Richard pranked The Schnitt Show; Bubba thinks
he’ll get in trouble for that. Mike in Boston said he just canceled
one of his Sirius subscriptions, he said he’s excited about
RadioIO.com. Sean Sherk came in asking how the guys were, he said
h3e’s been lifting a lot of weights, he said he does everything to the
extreme. Bubba said that it’s all about the weigh in, Sean said the
second the fighter gets off the scale, they have a protein bar, Spice
said he would be pissed if he gained 10 pounds in an hour; he said
making weight is difficult. Sean said either he makes weight, or
embarrasses himself. Bubba asked the worst he’s ever been at; Sean
said more times than one, he thinks it was the worst when he fought
Tyson Griffin in ufc 90. Bubba said that Sean is a cardio freak, Sean
thinks everyone is good at it, he said he cuts his sodium out a week
before the fight, he said right around Thursday is when he gets really
hungry, he said he usually sleeps two to three hours, Spice said he
looks good at the weigh in. Bubba asked him the first solid piece of
food, Sean said he likes fruit; the first solid food is usually a bowl
of Posta. Bubba asked him if he used something like this years ago,
Sean said yes, saying that he did this about three years ago, they’d
buy Army gas masks, and put a bunch of tape on them, he said he’s been
called crazy more than once, he then described the mask, Bubba said
you can go to TrainingMask.com, Spice said he’ll shotgun himself later
today, Sean said he doesn’t recommend using the mask for that. Bubba
cracked up at Spice where a mask with two holes, claiming that he
looks like an ant eater; he said he’ll put a Cheese burger in it.
Spice asked how he got the product going, Bubba thinks it’s based on
the design, Sean said he’s always kept these things quiet,, he then
said that someone saw a YouTube video of him displaying it, Spice said
that they don’t have a lot of training, most of the guys have clothing
lines. Sean said a lot of athletes are interested in it, Bubba thinks
they should put one of the interns should ride around town on a bike
with one of them on. Sean said he’d like to fight Frank. Spice asked
about the UFC and WEC merging, Sean said Dana looks at the big
picture. Bubba is surprised that Sean is 36 and 4, Sean said that he’s
actually 38 and 4, Spice joked that Sean was leaving out two of his
bar fights. Sean said that everyone has been looking for GSP taking on
Anderson Silva; he said GSP is a friend of his. Spice wondered if Sean
is nervous of a talking to Dana, Sean said early in his career, he
wasn’t all that exciting, he said he’s comfortable with boxing. Bubba
asked about Brock Lesner, he thinks Brock got discouraged, Sean said
he wasn’t sure what happened there. Bubba thinks they should put the
girls in the masks when they go spinning, Sean then introduced KC
Danford, he then said if he sees a big guy, he’ll want to fight him.
Bubba asked Sean’s personal website, Sean said it’s SeanSherk.com,
Bubba thanked him for coming by, Sean thinks he’ll be fighting in
April or May, he said he’d like to fight a top contender, he said the
masks are $70, plus shipping and handling, it’ll come with two
cleaning pads. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army
FaceBook page, followed by “running Down a Dream” by Tom Petty. Bubba
said that he’s over the Koran burning guy, we then hard a news clip
about him putting the Koran on trial. We then heard a news clip about
the people at the Tilted Kilt selling some drugs at the restaurant,
Bubba said he could see where that could be an issue, he then said he
got a text from Kevin Hayslett, asking that Ned not comment on this
story. We then heard a news clip about a jingle taking out of context,
Spice said he got an email from the owner of the place, Bubba thinks
this is a shakedown, he said the accent makes it seems like the word,
Spice said the woman in the song is a black woman, Manson said it
doesn’t make sense if you put the word in there, he thinks it’s good
press, Spice said the slogan was coined by the Grease Man, Ned said no
wonder it’s racist. Ed in Tampa said he was at the Tilted Kilt, one of
the people arrested was his server, Bubba suggested the guy check out
The wing House, he then plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show
tomorrow, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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