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Top Stories:
Was Tiger Woods the victim of a false child abuse report?
Fans react to Simon Cowell leaving ‘American Idol
Glen Allen Man Charged With Interfering With Flight Crew
Rod Blagojevich apologizes for remark about Barack Obama
Leavitt vows to fight, says he wants job back
Record-breaking McGwire admits steroid use

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

This recap goes out to Howard Stern, as today is his special day.
Happy Birthday Howard!

Segment 1 – Sports scores, Bubba’s Clear Channel Lawsuit almost over?

Bubba started off by saying the music was provided by Dave Rice, he
said the iPod button gets him sometimes. Ned said he’s good, he said
he’s starting a new regiment. Bubba recapped some sports scores, the
guys aren’t all that surprised with Mark McGuire on roids, Bubba
thinks they should drop the issue altogether, Spice thinks it’s
cycling, he thinks McGuire is proof that steroids work. Bubba thinks
he’s been in more depositions than his lawyer has, he said that he has
to leave work on Thursday early, he hopes this is the end of the Clear
Channel lawsuit, he said it’s proof that they need tort reform, he
said it’s ridiculous. Bubba thinks Clear Channel wanted to sue him
just for that one reason; he said he’s not going to get into it. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Birthdays, new album on iTunes

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BubbaRaw.com live
chat with Hammil and the Ferret, tomorrow night at 7, then into “Ned’s
Thoughts On Jim Levit”. Bubba said that tomorrow was his anniversary;
he said he has to write notes to himself; he went over some people who
could possibly take Jim Levits’s job. Spice said traditionally, a
three year anniversary is leather, Ned suggests Bubba whip heather
with a belt, Bubba thinks she’d rather go to dinner and some love.
Bubba said that Jim Hunter from NASCAR isn’t doing so good. Bubba went
over some birthdays for the day, he thinks Manson did a bit about
heather Mills, he asked Spice to pull it up, Bubba thinks Paul is
foolish for not signing a pre-nup. Bubba said that today is Howard
Stern’s birthday, he said Howard is the one who believed in them,
Brent said they owe him a lot, Bubba thinks they should pray to
Howard; Manson said Howard was an inspiration to him. Bubba plugged
BubbaRaw.com, he said he hasn’t checked out Manson’s “horny Black Guys
in the PGA”, he said that he’s been trying to learn how to edit video,
he ran down the footage he has. Bubba went over the new album on
iTunes, “Bubba Show Classics Vol. 12”.

1. Hubby Hubby Ben and jerry’s Call
2. F You New York
3. White Wife of Tiger
4. Tiger Woods Song
5. Ned Bucs Stink
6. Harmonizing with Hatley
7. I Suck in Miami Bitch
8. Horny Black Guy in the pga
9. Fill her Vagina (live)
10. Crying in the Green room
11. Suwannee River Call
12. Bubba and Manson’s Songs to Tuck By
13. Tim Tebow Saynow Message
14. Wrestler 911
15. White Trash Baby
16. Springsteen Rags the Brn 2009
17. Twenty-five Cent’s n word apology
18. Bubba Clem’s Gonna Gain Weight Tonight

We then heard “I’m In Miami Bitch”, Bubba stopped it about a minute
later, the guys joked that Ned sounded really good. We then heard the
bit; they then went to break after that.

Segment 3 – Emails, Bubba the Grave Digger, Balloon Boy

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for tom the Treeman, then
into Manson’s “Lost Her leg”, parody of “Yesterday”. The song
discusses Paul’s relationship with Heather Mills. This bit does not
appear in the catalog. Bubba said he’s got a bunch of emails to go to,
he read that Mark from OAR will be on the show today, the live album
“Rain Or shine” will be coming out. Bubba said that it’s been a while
since they’ve had Tucker on, he also plugged Oren Cowels’s wife,
she’ll be on to plug “Pucks for Paws”. Spice said that when he told
someone he gave his dog dry food, he was looked at like an idiot;
Brent said that dry food is better for them, Bubba wonders why dogs
eat their own poop, Manson thinks it’s disgusting. Bubba plugged The
Sling Shot Challenge, Spice said they’re going to put Tom up on the
torture wrack and strap Tom to it. Dave said he ordered some
superballs, he said it went right through a bucket. Bubba said that
Mike’s Pizza stopped by today, he said Ned has already taken a pizza,
he said that it’s almost disrespectful to the sandwich if you don’t
have many sauce on it. The first email of the day said he could pee on
some Hollywood stars. Another emailer said that they were at the AVN
awards, the emailer saw Bree Olson and said Bubba Army, she freaked
out. Another email was an email to Mark Ober. Another emailer said
that a cop and his dog were killed the other night. Another emailer
said that Bubba didn’t mention the horse collar tackles, the emailer
asked Bubba to stop being a cry baby, Bubba explained why the calls
were made. The guys discussed a picture of Brooke Hogan talking to
Chris Brown; the guys think Hogan will flip out over it. Another
emailer was interested in the Numis meeting. Another emailer said the
latest Sport’s Illustrated has “shiz with A Z” on the cover. Another
emailer said they would be devastated if Bubba left morning radio.
Another emailer said they could help a guy out with getting a
gravestone picture taken. Bubba said he used to work at a cemetery, he
and Larry Plummer had to dig graves, he said he did that for a week,
Manson sarcastically said that cemeteries are a nice place for a
picnic. Bubba explained how they would dig graves, he said there’s a
template you have to follow, he said that you have to have a cement
vault; he said sealing the vault was scary. Spice wonders if Bubba was
a wise ass during that job, Bubba said no, he said the sexton he
worked with was a guy he called Pineapple, do to the guy’s haircut.
Spice said he could never work at a funeral home, he thinks those guys
have a lot of problems; he thinks it would make a hell of a putt putt
golf course. Another emailer said as a Criminal defense attorney, they
were shocked of the actions of the cops. Another emailer thinks MJ
should do 90 days in jail for the fire. Another emailer thinks 2020 or
Dateline should cover the MJ fire. The last emailer of the day said
that in Chicago, some guy who sounds like Ned does traffic. Bubba said
he’s heard a lot of reports about that. Bubba took a call from a guy
who said that they pre seal the vaults now. We then heard a clip of
Balloon Boy’s Dad on Larry King, Bubba thinks the Mj case won’t get
filed, he thinks the guy won’t be able to beat his wife for thirty
days, Brent thinks Larry is losing it, Bubba thinks he’s drunk. Bubba
wondered about Octomom’s reality show, Brent said it was a one-time
deal, he said it got bad ratings. Spice said he likes when people say
they’re doing it to save their families. Bubba thinks the family goes
through enough torture with the guy as the Dad; he said that if the
kid just came across the balloon by accident, he wouldn’t have a
problem, had it been pre planned, he would’ve liked jet fire. Bubba
said he attributes being the bad guy to what Randy Michaels did many
years ago. While in Cincinnati, the Princess Diana news footage came
on, everyone messed up Randy’s party, Randy then got up on a stool,
blocked the TV said that she’s dead, Bubba said it was the best ever.
Manson said Donna woke him up to tell him that, Manson said he didn’t
care. Bubba said that a lot of Manson’s bits about that got pulled.
Spice said you go on Larry King to look good, Brent said the guy is
trying to back pedal. Bubba thinks if you name your kid Falcon, you’re
just looking for attention; he said that if you can’t find your kid in
ten minutes, you’re a bad parent. Spice thinks Flacon messed up his
Christmas by saying he did it for a show. Bubba thinks this is
pathetic, he said this reminds him of Tom Arnold, he said it reminds
him of his Dad from back in the day, Manson thinks this is typical
reality bs, Bubba said he’s mad at himself for even discussing this,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – B-Fudd, Brooke Hogan, Legal discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Manson and Brent’s
Pagan Potheads Tour”. We then heard B-Fudd’s intro, he said that he’d
like to comment on the Mexican border, he thinks they should put land
minds on it, Ned thinks it’s a good idea. The guys think B-Fudd said
camel, he was cameras, he ended up making the sound, Spice said he
spells like he talks. B-Fudd said you’ll be able to buy weed, you can
get it at a liquor store. Spice said he can’t believe that aids
patients can get it, B-Fudd said he just gets Jack Daniels; he said he
hasn’t been to bed yet. Bubba wondered if B-Fudd does blow, B-Fudd
said no, all he does is pills; the guys think he’s shaking the system
down. B-Fudd said he gets his cash in a lump sum, he gets $1700, he
said his Dad left him nothing, he said that when she dies, he’ll get
everything in his Mom’s bank account, Spice said that he wishes he was
B-Fudd’s lawyer. Bubba asked him to wake his Mom up, he said that she
was sleeping, he said he couldn’t do that, he said that she retired.
Bubba wondered what she did, B-Fudd said he didn’t know, he said it
was none of his business he said he’s 34; he made some kissing noises
before hanging up. Bubba called up Brooke Hogan, she picked up, she
said that Bubba is lucky that she’s up, as she’s in L.A for a photo
shoot. Bubba asked her about the Chris Brown, Brooke said she’s never
met Chris, she thinks people are assuming, Bubba said all you can see
is a hot blonde looking into the camera. Bubba said he didn’t see her
at TNA, Brooke said LA is creepy, she thinks she’ll try and be more
bicoastal, she said she had a panic attack when she moved there. Bubba
goofed on Hogan describing Brooke’s hardships, Spice thinks the
penthouse in Miami was great, Brooke said it was like a party house.
Bubba wondered if Stacks did Brooke wrong, Brooke said she thinks that
almost every girl goes through a broken heart. Brooke said she likes
Jennifer, as she takes care of Hogan; Bubba likes how she’ll set the
old timer straight. Spice wonders if Brooke has contact with Linda,
Brooke said there’s a lot of stuff she’s still trying to figure out.
Bubba asked her who she’s involved with; Brooke said she’s not dating
anyone. Bubba thinks a normal guy can’t date her. Bubba wondered if
Brooke would ever go Country, Brooke thinks she can’t pull it off, she
thinks the rnb stuff is more of her thing. Bubba said that one of his
friends is dating someone who has written 14 number one songs, Spice
said he’d like to hook her up with Mindi Abaire. Bubba wished her the
best of luck, he let her go a few seconds later, he then explained the
country music writer. Bubba took a call from a guy who said that Joel
Miller’s Dad is a former cop, Bubba thinks that doesn’t’ have anything
to do with it. The guy said that you should look at the guy’s record.
Bubba said he doesn’t like how Barry Cohen has gotten involved with
the situation; Manson thinks the guy asking for protection is
unjustifiable. The guy said Barry has the mentality to crush, kill and
destroy. The guy thinks the Acenburg case is a little different, he
said that when Barry enters a court room, people are nervous; Bubba
thinks it’s sickening that this kind of stuff happens. Bubba wonders
if he can hear the Acenburg tape, he wonders why the judges can’t;
Brent said the claim was that the tapes were inaudible. The guy said
that Barry has said some less then favorable things about Ober, he
said he knows it, he thinks Bubba was great when he was on trial,
Bubba said all he did was tell the truth. Bubba thinks lack of
prosecution should bite Ober in the ass, he wonders what he should do
if there’s a no filing, the guy said once the case is closed, he could
do a 119, where you ask for Public records. The guy said he met
Michelle a few times, he thinks Pam Bondy being MJ’s neighbor is a
problem. The guy said he’ll never understand why Campbell wasn’t
disqualified for conflict of interest. Bubba wonders what they did so
wrong, the guy said people are jealous of success; Bubba said that he
just wants to be treated fairly. Bubba asked the guy his thoughts on
MJ, he thinks no file, but it could be a misdemeanor, Bubba said that
he’d like to be represented by Cohen. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 6 –

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com. Bubba
said he got a lot of lawyers asking him not to go with Barry Cohen,
Brent said it’s because the guy has endless resources. Bubba wonders
if he should shut up about this, he said that the last time he stuck
up for someone, it got him in trouble. Ned thinks Bubba is Cohen’s
bitch, he thinks Ned is doing a parody song, as he saw Ned licking the
led of his pencil. Bubba read an article about Pam Bondy with some
dogs; Brent said he was looking for the conflict. We then heard
Hogan’s bumper, Hogan came on, Bubba thinks Hogan doesn’t’ care. Hogan
said he heard Brooke, saying that she’s full of crap, he said if
they’re not doing live on Mondays, there’s no point in doing it, Hogan
said the nasty boys once did a job at the St. Pete times Forum, they
had to go to wrestling school, he said that he’d like to go head to
head with wwe. Bubba likes how Hogan asked the talent to think of
their own characters. Bubba thinks Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy should be
on TNA, Hogan said he likes that. Hogan said he loves watching Country
Western shows, he said he probably shouldn’t work out, as he just got
his back worked on. Hogan asked what’s up with Barry Cohen, Bubba said
it’s disturbing to know that he runs the show; Hogan said he couldn’t
handle Barry’s money. Hogan said he’s really impressed with Sting Ray
Chevy, Bubba said that Donna is looking for a new car. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Jim Levit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Manson and Brent’s
Pagan Potheads tour”. Bubba wondered what the bumper music was, Dave
said it was White Zombie; he cut it off a few seconds later. Bubba
read an article about Barry Cohen fighting for Pam Bondy’s dogs, he
thinks it’s pathetic, Manson thinks it’s cheesy that Barry keeps a
stuffed wolf in his office. Bubba said if he ends up dead, he’ll ask
for Barry Cohen. We then heard a clip of Jim Levits asking for his job
back, Bubba said that he feels bad for him. We then heard Ned’s
message on SayNow about Jim Levit. They then went to break a short
time later.

Segment 7 – Mark from O.A.R on the phone

Coming out of commercials, we heard O.A.R’s “Shaddered” as bumper
music, this version was recorded when they were on the show, Manson
said it sounds unbelievable. Bubba went to Mark, Mark thinks the
singer sounds way too serious, Bubba said he sees him on Twitter a
lot, he said that they’re really busy. Mark said he thinks it was a
good run, he asked the guys how they’ve been, Bubba said they’ve got
another year on the contract, Spice said they care too much. Mark said
they made a deal that was different, he thinks the major companies
could give them major exposure, he said half the record is
independent, the other half is Atlantic Records, he said that the
people at Atlantic help them out. Spice said it sucks to see a record
label go bankrupt once they have a great act. Mark said if you’re a
young band, you need to pay the money back, he said you don’t really
have time to mess around, he’s grateful that they had ten years to
practice, he thinks some people at a show in 1999 were deaf. Bubba
said that everyone is a little too uptight, he wondered if there were
nights where they wouldn’t get any money, Mark said when they were in
Columbus, they couldn’t get a gig. He said they ended up charging fie
dollars for an on campus appearance, he said you have to make it
happen. Bubba said a lot of the new album is from Chicago, Mark said
it is, he said that you’re hearing it the way it was performed. Spice
thinks NFL money is deep pockets, mark said they tried to keep it
gangster, he said he was at a show once; he couldn’t see any people,
as there was no light. Bubba wonders if they were on Extreme Home
Makeover, Mark said they did, they recorded a theme song for the show,
Spice said that show always makes him cry. Spice asked about the uso
shows, Mark said there’s a common mistake, it’s not tied in with the
Government, it’s a private organization, he said you go home with a
couple hundred in cash, he said everyone should get paid for their
job, he said they’re trying to make a living. Bubba asked about a new
studio album, Mark said this is their goal, he thinks 2010 is going to
be a year for redemption, he said they tell a story, he said stuff
like this doesn’t happen much on time. Bubba wondered what made more
money, Mark said if you’re on a national commercial, it’s a big pay
day, he doesn’t know how much rock guys get paid for Guitar hero, he
thinks Metallica got paid $10,000,00. Bubba asked about working with
Dave Matthews, mark said he knows a lot about music. Spice said
everyone loves “fire Flies”, mark wondered how you couldn’t love it;
he said you don’t get paid for a long time do to radio, he thinks
he’ll have a boat. Spice asked him his guilty pleasure is, Mark said
he has so many, he said his wife likes New Kids on the Block, he said
they’ve got some new stuff, he said he doesn’t like pop music that
much. Spice told mark not to say Lady Gaga, Bubba said he’ll punch
mark in the mouth if he says that. Mark said he wrote the song “hey
Girl” about sixteen years ago, he wrote about a one night stand,
before he even had one. Bubba asked him where he lost his virginity,
Mark said that it was at summer camp, he said he doesn’t really
remember it, he said he didn’t want to say. Spice asked him what it
was like on the road, mark said when he met his wife, he didn’t want
anyone else. Bubba asked about the guys from the band, mark said Benj
is single. Bubba wondered who Mark is closest to, Mark said he’s known
Chris since he was a kid, he’s known some of the other guys since
College. Bubba wonders if there’s ever been a fight, Mark said there
have been some moments of tension. Spice wonders if Mark writes songs
stoned, Mark said he used to do that, he said he didn’t know what he
was thinking, he said he now has a cup of coffee, he joked that he
uses meth, he said it makes you nice and skinny. Bubba asked the Bubba
Army to follow the guys, visit twitter.com/ofarevolution. Spice said
it’s one of those bands that don’t know who they are; he said you
should check them out. Mark said he’s gotten people who come on and
say that they’re in the Bubba Army; Bubba said they’re like the dog
that gets beat. Mark said they were nervous the first time they were
on; Bubba said the album is a four disc set, he thanked them for
everything, mark liked how the guys put their names on the Twitters.
We then heard O.A.R doing “Shattered” in the studio from August 27,
2009. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Bubba reads the news

Coming out of commercials, we heard some OAR as bumper music. Bubba
wondered where all the time went, Spice ran down what they did, Bubba
thinks they should get high and drunk, then do some karaoke. Bubba
said that they should try to get Natalie Maines on the air; he went on
to say that they’re making something for Howard. Bubba read an article
about unused gift cards, the Government now has the right to take the
money from it, Spice said that’s not right. Bubba read that after five
years of getting a gift card that hasn’t been used, they can take it
as unclaimed property, Spice said this is why he gives his friends
used gift cards. Bubba read an article about Cowhead; his show will
air on channel 44, Sunday Nights at 11. Bubba read an article about a
chemistry student who blew his jaw off with chewing gum, Manson
doesn’t think it’s real, Spice read the guy was playing with
chemicals, he thinks it’s the breaks, Bubba thinks it’s like something
out of roadrunner. BJ in Phoenix said the show was awesome, he wonders
when the next live show is, Bubba said Hogan doesn’t know. Bj wonders
when they’ll get rid of the wring; Bubba thinks it was on Hogan’s wish
list, he thinks it will eventually get focused on. Spice asked people
to buy OAR’s new album, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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