Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 11th, 2011 by Staff

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Segment 1 – RadioIO

The guys talked about RadioIO, Brent said he’s never gotten so many
emails. Bubba went over who is on hold, he mentioned B-Fudd, the guys
think he should be the spokesman for RadioIO; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – B-Fudd calls in, various callers

Bubba said that he’ll get into what channel 10 has done to him, he
said he told Spice about it off air, Spice thinks it’s par for the
course. Bubba said that he’ll be at the Orlando Convention Center
tomorrow, at booth W668. Chris in Washington said he listened
yesterday; he had to yell at Sprint a little, he said the uncensored
sow was great. Bubba said he was surprised with the results, he
wonders how much money Sirius is losing. We then heard B-Fudd’s
bumper, he came on saying he loves RadioIO, he likes how he can tune
in at 10 pm, Spice said that their still tweaking stuff. The guys
think B-Fudd should say all the dirty stuff, Brent thinks it would be
hell transcribing what he says. B-Fudd thinks The Seahawks will go to
the Super bowl, Brent thinks the Bears will beat them. B-fudd is
convinced the Super bowl will be the Packers VS The Seahawks for the
big game, Bubba told him they’re in the same conference. David out of
California said that you need to cancel Sirius, the free stuff doesn’t
affect their bottom line, the guy said he doesn’t like Brent, but he’s
good for the show. Rick, a FTE called in, he said that he called
Sprint, the rep told him to go to btls.com, as it was a 3rd party
issue. Dave said he loves RadioIO, he said he tried calling yesterday,
the lines were slammed, he asked if the guys will get more lines,
Bubba said he can put in a few more if he wants to. Mike in Dexter
Maine said he didn’t get a chance to get on, he loves RadioIO, he
doesn’t know what Sirius was thinking, he likes how Bubba isn’t
waiting for the technology to change. Spice said they’ll do the Sailor
Kiss later today, Bubba said if they need to postpone it they can.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

The first email said they have a band called Sinister Minister; Manson
goofed on them saying they’ll thrash your face off. Auggie came on
promoting “Car Blonch Tuesday”, he asked that people tip the
waitresses, Bubba said it’s costing a lot of money, he then asked that
Bubba mention The Treeman and Auggie show. Another email suggested the
band The Pullout, they’ve been playing for about six years, Ned said
he likes the name. We then heard a bit of Sinister Minister, Bubba
instantly said no, Spice thinks they’re off, ned said he loves the
base. Spice said the vocals sound solid, adding if it was 1982. We
then heard a bit of The Pullout, Spice requested “Ghetto Bird”, Bubba
said he likes this better, Ned said it was funky; Bubba said the mix
was better. We then heard “Long Highway”, Ned suggested some cover
tunes. We then heard “Bad Man”, Spice thinks it sounds like porno
music. We then heard “Dirty Things” by Society Red; Manson said it’s a
good sound. We then heard “Chasing the Reason”, Bubba said it sounds
good, he thinks he should lock them in for the Saturday night band.
Another email asked Spice if he’s heard of BadBadTeacher.com, Spice
said he’s heard of it. Another email said that Stop and Shop carries
the Don Imus salsa. Another email said he’s the lead guitarist for
22BLAAC, Manson thinks it’s the worst band name ever. Another email
said she’s in a contest to get her picture on a skateboard, Bubba
thinks she’s hot looking, Spice thinks she’s setting her aspirations
high. Brent said she looks like a model; Bubba thinks maybe they could
have her on Thursday. Ron in Lakeland said he has a chicken dip
update, he said his Dad works for Publix, he said it’s not only her
issue, they want 10-20 cases per store, then the order will be placed,
Bubba said he wouldn’t have a problem with comping the product, his
problem is that the whole thing was shot down, he said Albertson’s
first order was 50 cases, they’re ordering 200 cases a week, and can’t
keep it on the shelf he said they have a huge packing house out of Ft.
Lauderdale, he said that they’re talking to Costco, he then said he
has a meeting at Mike’s Pizza, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various Stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Back in the Saddle” by Aerosmith.
Bubba said he could look at the Google stuff all day, he said that
Miami was the number one city in Florida; he then went over the stats
for that. Dock in Sarasota said he has the guys covered with the
torch; the guys won’t have to worry about anything. Bubba said that
he’s going to give channel 10 a day to respond, he’ll then unload, he
then talked about the benefit ride at Wing House, he then said that
Russ had travels issues in Vegas. We then heard a news clip about the
Arizona shooting, Manson thinks the attorney is a dick. Bubba said
that the Google tracking says that the number 2 city is Orlando for
their stream, the first one was Miami, with around 4,250 people, he
said that it would’ve worked, had they been promoted. We then heard a
news clip about the shooting in Arizona, Spice likes how Cox can’t do
anything about the internet. We then heard a clip of a guy talking
about the shooting, Spice and Manson talked like Jimmy hart and macho
man, as a folding chair was used to attack the shooter. Bubba thinks
they should be heard in other markets based on the Google tracking, he
said they had almost 1,000 people listening to them in Phoenix, he
then said that NASCA has changed the rules, saying that the Truck
Series will only be able to get you one point. We then heard a news
clip about a woman who got her finger bitten off in a bar fight, Spice
thinks it would take a lot of force. We then heard a news clip about
that, “dueling Der Ders” from “Bubba Show classics Vol. 11”; track 14
was heard in the background. Bubba then read an article about Charley
Sheen hooking up with Bree Olson, he thinks her meltdown was one of
the greatest ever (march 23, 2009), Spice thinks she’s right up
Charley’s wheelhouse, Manson thinks charley will die within the next
five years or so. Bubba said they had Bree in studio once, they had
said Pantera was blind, he wasn’t sure how to describe it, he said
that someone had texted her saying it was a prank, he said the joke
was going to be on Pantera. Spice said he had talked to her during the
break, saying that she was crying. Craig in Dayton said they’re having
a benefit for the fallen officer in Dayton. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Boyscout Discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army App.
Bubba said that they got a report from Radarnine.com that charley
Sheen hung out with Bree Olson, he said she’s now on a health diet, he
thinks this is one of the greatest meltdowns ever. We then heard the
clip from March 23, 2009, where Spice is chasing Bree down the street;
she was heard yelling about a tape. Bubba said they’ve got Tucker
Carlson on later today, he said they were close to getting Charles
Barkley on, but he’s busy, he then proposes they do the gay kiss on
Friday. The guys got sidetracked with a clown horn, Brent said that’s
his phone letting him know he has a text message, he then said that
Tom Delay is doing time in prison; he then went over the guy’s track
record. We then heard a news clip about that. Bubba took a call from a
woman who said that getting branded has always been one of her
fantasies, she said she’s about 5 foot 6 and is about 136 pounds, she
remembers seeing a tattoo on a girl’s butt that read “USDA Approved”,
Bubba said they’ll do it tomorrow. Amanda came on saying she’ll do it,
saying that pain is pleasure; she said she’s five foot three, 145
pounds. Bubba wonders who smokes the most in the listening audience,
Spice thinks there’s an eight pack a day smoker. Bubba said they used
to have Cigarette John, Spice said that sluggo used to smoke, he ten
said that Sluggo said he used to smoke two and a half packs a day,
which is a record for him. We then heard a news clip about Playboy
Magazine going private, Spice said it was great when he was younger,
now it doesn’t do anything for him. Bubba turned on the RadioIO
stream; he said that he’s one for one today. We then heard a
commercial for Craft Macaroni, done by Ted Williams, the homeless guy;
Bubba said it wasn’t that good, Manson said he pukes on everything he
does. Ashley in Jacksonville said she’s been branded before, she
thinks the woman should reconsider getting branded on her back, she
said it took about two or three months to heel, Spice thinks she’s the
only one who did it. Bubba thinks they should do a contest for the
hottest girl who will let them brand her. We then heard a news clip
about a fake car jacking, the suspects used their own car. We then
heard a news clip about a woman who lit her boyfriend’s penis on fire.
Bubba then read an article about the Boy scouts of America, in regards
to child abuse. Spice said he had to work hard to convince Tasha’s son
to not go to the Boy scouts, Manson said that sending your kids out
into the woods with a stranger is creepy. Spice wonders if you can
just be a guy who volunteers, Brent said anyone can volunteer; Spice
said that’s where the problem is. Bubba thinks he’s offending someone
with his commentary, Spice thinks camping out is silly, Bubba said he
loves racing, he said the Hampton in has it dialed in. We then heard a
news clip about a local attorney who got suspended for misconduct,
Bubba said that Phil Campbell has represented them several times,
Brent said that Phil Campbell violated a big rule, you can’t represent
a client, then represent the client’s opposition. David said it’s sad
that all this stuff happens with the boy scouts; he said that his step
dad molested him when he was younger. Trip said he’s involved with his
son’s boy scout club; they have put massive rules with the scouts.
Taylor said he started in Cub Scouts when he was 8, he went to the
same Summer cap for 6 years, his Mom ended up married to the guy, they
got divorced tow years later, the guy got off of child molestation
charges. The guy said that for every one bad guy, there are 100 good
guys out there. bubba said he recommends the boy scouts if you’re
going to be a good parent about it. Jim in St. Augustine said too deep
is too deep leadership the guy sad his son wanted to be a scout, he
said the scouts have been doing background checks, the guy ended up
getting Eviled. Bubba said that he’d let anyone from the show hang out
with Tyler, except for Ned, Ned said he resents that comment. We then
heard “Phil Campbell Spot” from “Bubba’s new and misc hits Vol. 6”,
track 9, where Spice impersonates Phil, with Manson as the director of
a commercial. The bit ends with Phil driving off; a cop car is heard
in the background. Bubba explained who Phil Campbell is for the
audience; he said that if anyone got a .156, they’d make fun of him.
We then heard “Can’t Say My ABCS”. The bit parodies “Money For
Nothing” by Dire Straits, and goofs on Phil for not being able to say
his ABCS after getting pulled over for a dui. Bubba said the footage
was from the dash cam, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – Tucker Carlson Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance in
Orlando tomorrow. Spice thinks Tucker Carlson would look funny on a
scissor lift. Tucker thinks they should change the crippling part in
his positioning statement, he said he’s done a few Earth movers, Bubba
told him about Discount equipment. Tucker sad he always meets Bubba
Army people in the elevator. Bubba said Washington is the 8th most
popular place of listening, Tucker said it was really good; he thinks
that stuff will turn Bubba into a nut. Bubba said that District of
Columbia is really hard to find with a mouse. Spice asked about matt
Drudge, Tucker said he’s making $13,000,000 for a year, he joked that
was his heating bill, he thinks this is too much information for
Bubba, he thinks it’s worse than television, he then asked if the guys
will leave Satellite, Bubba said they’re done, Tucker thought it was
cool. Bubba said they made an iPhone app, Brent said they had him go
on the internet, Tucker seemed impressed with the app, he then said
that DailyCaller.com is celebrating their one year anniversary today.
bubba asked Tucker about Charles Barkley, Tucker thinks he’s a douche,
he said it’s not worth responding to. We then heard the clip, Tucker
wonders if Charles Barkley is an English speaker. Brent thinks Charles
is racist, Bubba said that Michael Vick hurt dogs because he’s a
jackass, Tucker thinks diversity will bring our country down, he then
said that Bob Grady will criminalize language he doesn’t like, he
thinks Obama talking about tolerance isn’t going to do anything, he
said to blame Palin for this is wrong. Bubba asked Tucker his views on
Obama’s new member, Tucker said he likes the guy, but doesn’t agree
with his politics. Brent said that obama seems to know less people.
Bubba said that as of now, they’ve got 19,000 plus users on their
mobile devices, Tucker said he has Bubba in his Google Alerts, he
thinks Charles Barkley sounds like a drooling moron. The guys went
over the top five interviews they’ve had, Bubba thinks blacks give
better interviews, Manson mentioned Richard Marx, Bubba said he was
impressed with the interview (march 19, 2010). Bubba mentioned Joe
Rogan, Tucker said he seems like a great guy, Brent said he’s great
(February 6, 2009), Tucker thinks the sensory deprivation chamber is,
Spice explained what it was, bubba thinks he wouldn’t like it. Tucker
said he’ll check out the uncensored show, bubba wonders why he’d want
to go to regular radio, as he’d be competing against himself, Spice
thinks regular radio shot themselves in the foot. Bubba said he’d give
the listeners a four hour show, he thinks they could do mid days,
Brent thinks they’d get more done if they got up at 7, they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 –

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Wasting Away in Fucking
Afghanistan” from “Bubba Show classics Volume 17”, track 25. The bit
parodies Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritaville”, and features clips of
George Carlin discussing war from his 1992 Hbo special “Jammin’ in New
York”. Eric in Orlando said he’s been listening to RadioIO; he thanked
the guys at Shoot Straight for hooking him up with a gun. Bubba took a
call from a guy who said he doesn’t like hearing Tucker; he agrees
with Charles Barkley, he said right wing stuff never appears on his
TV. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Wrapping up the show

Bubba came on talking about what they’ve got coming up, they then
ended the show a few seconds later.

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