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Top Stories:
Man uses baby as taser shield
Las Vegas Federal Building Shootout Leaves 2 Dead
Bizarre 911 Call Released After Toddler Falls In Fire Pit
Couple Arrested for Tattooing Children
Fiancee says Henry jumped from pickup

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

This recap goes out to Allen in West Virginia, as his son won the
fifth and final golden ticket. Congratulations!

Segment 1 – Bubba at TNA

Bubba started off by saying that the bumper music for today was
provided by Brent, he went on to plug Dave Moore’s appearance today,
Spice said he can’t exactly trust the owners of the Buccaneers. Bubba
thinks the tna calls will be starting in a few minutes, he thinks the
product got better, he said that Eric and Hogan have a lot of work
ahead of them, he said he didn’t like being a backstage guy and acting
shocked, Manson thinks they need more strip poker segments. Bubba told
Brent some wrestlers said hello to him; he said the only thing he
liked out of his segments was when he helped the nasty Boys out. He
went on to say that he thinks the Bubba Army got screwed, he said
Universal hates him, he said that people were told the Bubba Army
passes were fake. He went on to say that when he went to the Hard Rock
to explain, he got booed, and for the first time in his career, he had
kids spit on him. Spice thinks the guy should’ve numbered some passes,
Bubba is convinced the guy in charge doesn’t know his ass from a hole
in the ground, Manson said he would be pissed if that happened. Bubba
went on to say that some Bubba Army people booed him, he said that
even AJ Styles talked smack about him, Ned said he wishes he was
there. Bubba said this situation really makes him sad, he met a woman
in a wheelchair, he said he was too mad to talk with Hogan or Dixie,
Brent said he doesn’t see how it could get any worse. Spice said he
was looking through the site, he said you can pick out who is needed
VS who isn’t. Bubba said that if he was to read all the emails he got
on this topic, he’d be there until Noon, he said he doesn’t want to be
a part of it, he thinks the contract he signed was fake, they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – More TNA talk, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BubbaRaw.com live
chat with Dave Rice. Bubba recapped some sports scores, Ned said he
passed out during a game. Bubba and Brent discussed some College
football teams, Manson wishes the teams played someone else. Matt in
Texas thought Bubba looked great on the show, Bubba said he’s mad with
the way he and the listeners were handled, he thinks he got roughly 50
minutes of sleep, he thinks that he gives too much of himself, Spice
thinks Bubba has his hands in a lot of cookie jars. Bubba said that as
much as they goof on Russ, he should be commended for his work, Manson
said for the fans, Bubbapalooza has gone smoothly for the fans, Bubba
said they’ve never had to turn away fans, he said he had a rude
awakening, he thinks he should stop promising things. Mark in St.
Lewis asked about Jason Bruce, Bubba said he might have the 911 tape,
Brent said that the media wants people to forget about it. The guy
asked about the fifth golden ticket, Bubba said they got an email from
someone claiming that they’ve got it. BJ in Phoenix thinks what
happened to Bubba was a cluster f; he thinks the show was the best
they’ve ever had. Bubba wondered about the ratings, BJ said they’ll be
out probably today or tomorrow, he went on to say that he didn’t care
for the WWE show last night. Bubba thinks Eric was on his game last
night, BJ said he’s always awesome; Bubba wonders why AJ Styles would
get on stage and bury him. Alex in Orlando said he enjoys the show, he
said it was the biggest disappointment ever; he wonders how you
explain that one to a kid, Bubba said the guy’s story is one of
fifteen hundred. Carl in Jacksonville said he got to the event at
around nine in the morning, he said some girl came out and told
everyone to go to the Hard Rock, no one showed up. Bubba said not one
person who had a Bubba Army pass got to the building. Ned said he
would’ve cheered the crowd on, Bubba told the guy to keep his pass.
Todd said between 3:15 and 3:30, J.T. The Brick gave Bubba a lot of
love; Bubba said he loves the guy. Spice said he never listens to the
show, Brent said he mostly listens to the BBC while on his way in.
Bubba took a call from a guy who asked him about Bubba yelling “F
you”, Bubba said a guy got him so fired up, he lost it, Manson thinks
the crowd wasn’t all that excited, Bubba said they busted in high
school kids, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Spice’s Citizens arrest, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Ned’s 12 Inch Meaty
Mandingo”. Bubba plugged some stuff on BubbaRaw.com and btls.com; he
went on to go over some birthdays. Bubba likes the Ned sandwich; Ned
thinks he should try it, Spice told Ned to eat his own meat. Ned said
that if he doesn’t walk out of Mike’s Pizza with man sauce all over
his face, he’s not happy. Bubba said that if he was an Orlando
listener, he probably wouldn’t listen. Bubba asked Spice about his
“Citizens Arrest”, Spice thinks it’s not official, as he didn’t yell
it out, Bubba thinks it all depends. Spice said it was New Year’s Eve,
the neighborhood was busy. He was walking his dog, some kid was
knocking off the rear view mirrors on cars, he said it’s like slashing
tires, he said he had to run the dog in, Bubba asked if the dog is an
attack dog, Spice said no. Spice said he thinks he yelled something,
he ran after the kid, a cop saw him running, the cop thought Spice was
doing something wrong, he explained it to the cop, he got to the kid
right around the time the cop got to him, Ned booed him, he thinks
it’s not a citizen’s arrest. Bubba thinks he should throw this over to
Dave and Manson, Manson said it was a citizens heads up, Dave thinks
Spice was doing something illegal and used the kid as a pawn, Spice
thinks the guys are dicks, he said that had it been Bubba, he would’ve
ranted for four hours, he then goofed on Bubba. Jason in Orlando said
he’s not going to be pissed; he wondered why this happened, he
wondered if it was to make Bubba look bad, Bubba said they need to
take a good long look at what they’re doing. Bubba took a call from a
guy who said he was the first guy to tell Tom the Treeman about coming
in, Bubba said the black guy in the suit was a fake to him; he said
he’ll get to the bottom of it. The guy went on to say that he met
Bubba the other night in Orlando, Bubba said he remembers the guy,
Bubba said he didn’t control his own destiny with that. Amanda said
she had three different passes, they didn’t get in. Bubba wondered who
got in; he said he feels incredibly stupid. Chris in Orlando told
Bubba he’s a stand-up guy, Bubba said it was one of the worst
gatherings he’s ever had. Chris said the black guy in the suit said
that Bubba was the guy who put them in the situation, he said he had a
feeling something was wrong. Bubba told the guy to hang on to his
pass; he thinks he should stop talking about this. Manson said that he
didn’t see any Bubba Army shirts on TV. The guys discussed the latest
TSA body scan; Brent said it violates some child porn laws. Manson
said that everyone profiles, except when it comes to the airlines.
Spice said that if Al-quida was to give an eighty year-old woman a
bomb, then they could start profiling. We then heard a news clip about
that, Spice said that the tsa isn’t exactly the brightest bunch of
people. Bubba said he doesn’t want his daughter running through tsa,
then getting an image of the private parts. Buck said he’s a Satellite
listener, he hopes that MJ goes down for the turkey fire. Bubba thinks
they should play “Burning Down The Van”, we then heard it a few
seconds later, they then went to break after that.

Segment 4 – Howard’s Christmas party, Manson’s New Bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Retailsales@btls.com.
Bubba said Manson gave him a bit, “The Night Before Christmas at Tiger
Woods’s House”, by Lill’ Wayne. Bubba took a call from a guy who said
that Howard was playing clips of Bubba at TNA. Dave in West Palm said
he hasn’t heard much about Howard’s party, the guys said it was a fun
time, Bubba said that Ronnie ended up getting pulled off the dance
floor making an ass out of himself, he said Benjy Bronk is weird,
Brent said you can’t have a serious conversation with him. Manson said
he has an Auto tune, Dave said it was about $149, it’s usually $500.
Bubba got sidetracked by discussing some shoes Heather has purchased,
Manson said he’d divorce Donna if she bought shoes for $800. In the
bit, Lill’ Wayne describes Tiger Woods’s Christmas eve, which is
comprised of him getting with some girls, his wife finds him and beats
the shit out of him. We then heard “Horny Black Guy in the PGA”; they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various news story, Allen from West Virginia

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com. Bubba
said there’s more Tiger Woods news, he said Howard Stern is doing a
Tiger Woods mistress contest, we then heard a clip from tmz about
that. We then heard a news clip about Tiger Woods going shirtless for
Vanity Fare, bubba thinks the picture was shot before. Bubba read an
article about Warren Bady sleeping with up to 12,000 women, he thinks
Ned could do something like that, Spice thinks Jane Fonda is steamy,
Brent said she should’ve been shot down. Ned wishes he could unhinge
his jaw, Bubba said Ned is never the er, he’s the Ee. Bubba thinks
Spice is into pregnant porn, Spice said he’s had sex with a woman
before she’s been pregnant; Manson said he’s done that with donna. We
then heard the Bubba Wonka Golden Ticket winner, Bubba went to a guy
named Allen in West Virginia, Bubba thinks he’s not that excited over
it, he said he’s bringing his son. Allen said his son couldn’t even
speak when he found the ticket. Allen said they’re from Charleston
West Virginia, Bubba congratulated him. Allen thanked Bubba for
staying with Sirius, Bubba wishes they could be exclusive with Sirius;
Dave said he just renewed his subscription. Bubba went back to the
Warren Bady article, Spice wondered how he doesn’t have a std, he
thinks those commercials are a scare tactic. Bubba wondered what the
worst stds are, Ned said hiv and hurps are bad, Spice said genital
warts doesn’t sound like a fun time, Bubba thinks they should stop,
the guys think a prostate check is humiliating. Bubba read that the
guy with the longest penis is un employed, Spice thinks he’d get a
reduction if his penis was that long, the guy’s penis measures about
13.5 inches. Bubba took a call from a guy who said they just finished
up a show for Playboy; Bubba forgot that it was Ceaser Capon. Ceaser
said they had to test everyone, two girls had stds. Spice asked how
popular stds are in porn; Ceaser said it pops up once a month. Bubba
wonders how a conversation like that happens, Ceaser said they only
have a few testing agencies. Bubba wonders if they’ve ever had a girl
who tested positive for hiv, Ceaser said it happened recently. Spice
wonders what happens to girls with a disease; Ceaser said that they
file them. Bubba wondered about Akira, Ceaser said she’s doing good,
Bubba said he’s not going to the avns this year in any capacity. Bubba
asked what the biggest client Ceaser has delt with, Ceaser said
Brazers. Spice said he ratted a girl out, she did something he didn’t
like, he ended up sending a picture of her to her parents, ned gave
Spice the wha treatment, Manson said he had no idea what Spice was
talking about. Bubba thinks they should get a hot girl for a date.
Bubba said the fertility doctor that worked with Octomom has been
accused of negligence. Bubba thinks the kids are tainted, he said he
doesn’t want a stupid kid from a stupid person, we then heard “She’s
the Octomom” from “bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 9”, track 10, and
“the Clemulus Package” disc 4, track 4. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – The guys comment on the news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Brent and Manson’s
“Free-thinking Comedy Tour. Bubba said that tickets for the show are
on sale, go to captinbriansrestaurant.com, Manson said that a third
comedian has been added. We then heard a news clip about a guy who
threatened a ice cream truck driver, Spice said that music pisses him
off. Bubba wonders how angry do you have to be if you do that, Manson
said it was so great to hear it growing up. Spice said it’s ridiculous
that parents lie about not having money for the ice cream money, Bubba
said he never misses the ice cream truck, Spice thinks Bubba had the
ice cream truck parked outside his house. Bubba said that the ice
cream trucks today have changed, 6 he wonders where it all went wrong.
We then heard a news clip about a guy who raped a woman on New year’s,
the guys think he’s guilty. Bubba likes how the anker is hauling ass,
Bubba thinks the generator is a standard, the guys think it sounds
like a sex toy. Stampy said he used to drive an ice cream truck, Bubba
wonders how you get laid off it, Stampy said he got laid off from his
construction job. The guy said that he delt with some pretty tough
kids, he said it was hard core. The guy said that some girls were
having sex with him in the truck, he said he sold beer at construction
sites, the guys cracked up when the caller said that he played some
ice cream music, Bubba said the guy was freaking him out. they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Airline pilots, Rush Limbaugh discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard “The Night Before Christmas at
Tiger Woods’s House”. Bubba said he’s gotten a lot of emails from
people about the tna situation, he said he doesn’t want to continue
talking about it. David said that he has a girlfriend, she’s a flight
attendant, he said he doesn’t care about her, however she keeps
hooking him up with threesomes and foursomes, Bubba thinks the guy is
out cooling him. David said she’s bigger than he is, he’s 210, he
thinks she’s lying about her weight. Bubba asked him if girls stay
over for a long time, Bubba wonders if it’s a big screw fest. David
said that he met some flight attendants the other day; he ended up at
their house. Bubba said that flight attendants aren’t what they once
were. David said he’s met some pilots, Bubba cracked up when Spice
called the guy Color Me Bad, Bubba hung up on him a few seconds later.
Sherry said that she was a housekeeper back in the 90’s; she said that
just by cleaning the rooms, it’s not hard to tell what went down.
Marry on protection said that she’s been in the industry for 16 years,
she’s seen some room parties, she said she never saw threesomes, Spice
said he worries about the male flight attendants. Bubba thinks Marry
is a stick in the mud, Spice thinks only the gay guys party. Dave in
Ft. Meyers thanked Bubba for some new boobs; Bubba told him it could
be over for him. William in Texas said he works for n airline company;
he said this kind of stuff happens all the time. The guy said he’s had
sex with a married woman, Spice thinks the guy should steal her wring.
Jenny said she works at a bar; a lot of the rooms are for flight
attendants, one bar tender was asked to partake in a threesome. Bubba
wondered what airline has the best looking people, Jenny said South
West. Bubba took a call room a guy who said he worked at a motel for
years; he said a lot of flight attendants would throw it out there.
Bubba thinks there isn’t a man upstairs; he said he’s been praying for
a long time for Rush Limbaugh to die. We then heard a news clip about
Rush Limbaugh getting rushed to the hospital, Bubba said he really
hates the guy. Spice said he heard something on Howard’s show, Brent
said Hawaii is exempt from the health care bill. Bubba wonders why
Limbaugh lost his hearing; Brent said it was because of his excessive
pill problem. Bubba said that Terry, his massage girl said that the
reason why he goes overseas is that he’s into little boys. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Rush Limbaugh’s High” from “bubba
show classics Vol. 7”, track 12, and “On the chip” disc 1, track 19.
The song parodies “Because I Got High” by Afroman, and focuses on
Limbaugh’s drug problems over the years. Bubba wondered about urban
Meyer’s condition, Brent said it was from working so much, we then
heard a news clip about that. Bubba wondered what it’ll be like; Brent
said he needs to take some time off. Bubba said he once took some
Ambien, Tony Stewart roughed him out of bed, he doesn’t remember
anything else that happened. Ned gave urban Meyer the wha treatment;
he thinks he’s a tool. We then heard a news clip about a guy who had
no idea his kid fell into a fire pit. Bubba and Manson think parenting
should be a parent; Ned thinks it was a hot coal match. We then heard
a news clip about a singing sexual offender, Bubba said he’d put him
on the not to be trusted list. We then heard a clip of the guy
singing, Bubba thinks they should do a survey of people who find this
funny, he thinks they should have a big red block on the page. Ned
sang along to one of the clips. Bubba said if he finds out that Spice
has earmarked him with a ringtone of the old guy singing, he’s fired;
Spice was laughing his ass off at this. Alex said he ordered a Ned
sandwich, they didn’t offer him the man sauce, the guys were shocked
at this, Ned admonished the guy for messing the name up. Bubba thinks
the guy is just trying to hear himself on the air, Bubba played some
sound effects of hanging up, then the Evil, they then ended the show a
few seconds later.

9 Responses

  1. Bobby Pauls

    Whaaaaa, dude stop crying about TNA, they owe you NOTHING! You were there for your FRIEND!! If you went there to promote your radio show then you were wrong. You went to help out Hogan who has helped you out in the past. Its what friends are supposed to do. Not piss and moan because they feel they werent handled properly.

  2. dave from cincy

    bubba and the gang,

    hey i love all you guys(in a non ‘Mo way) I was a fan from way back when you were on 102.7 fm webn here in cincy. When you started on howard 101 i damn near shat meself. You are the f’n best. I listen to you ever morning on 95.3 fm out of Dayton. I still listen to you on 101. It is great that you are back on top and in my opinion, as great as Howard is, you guys could fill an entire SIRIUS channel with no problem. Keep keepin and I will keep listenin.
    dave from cincy

  3. Ive

    I am going to boycott TNA wrestling until TNA apologizes to Bubba and his fans. I was going to Orlando to be part of the TNA event. Im glad I didn’t drive the 4hrs, I would have been so upset. Lets see what there ratings will drop to after Bubba calls for a boycott. Bubba Army Rulez!!!

  4. Bryan

    Why do you hate Rush Limbaugh? Rush is awesome.

  5. Bradley frmo Missouri

    Even though the TNA thing didn’t work out, you have to give Bubba credit for trying. It isn’t his fault, that they ended up being dicks over there. He was trying to do something good for his fans, and for his friend Hogan. He was trying to give his listeners something, while at the same time giving Hootie some asses in the seats that would make a lot of noise, and be good for TV. I applaud Bubba for at least trying. Stop being such haters on him. I for one, am as big a Bubba mark, and Hootie mark as I always was. You guys are the bestest!

  6. Monte Jacobs

    Business and profit; Publicity and fame; taken for granted always have a price its to bad that TNA and Bubba had to be the ones to introduce these concepts to my 10 year old son The Hard Rock management got us inside and meeting the wrestlers made my sons night the thought came to mind that you may have spread yourself to thin on this one you could not have gotten this far otherwise so as far as myself and my family goes you are forgiven

  7. scot

    you dont get treated like crap by a freind for waiting all day freezing your azz off just to be told f@ck you your not getting in anyway for there mess up

  8. Nick

    I waited for hours freezing my ass off and paid the extortionary parking fee to get to meet the TNA wrestlers. I want to know what happened to the backstage meet and greet. If there were too many people to be all seated in the Impact zone, that’s fine. Someone should have realized that the Impact zone only seats about 1100 people. Who thought it was a good idea to allow people to print their own passes off the internet when there was a limited number of seats?

  9. Kevin

    Hey guys, you have got to put the Lil Wayne Tiger Woods Parody by manson for sale somewhere, it’s definitely the best Tiger parody ever!!! Please!! Put it on Itunes!!!

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