Tuesday, January 04, 2011

January 4th, 2011 by Staff

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Recap by Blind Lawrence

Segment 1 – Chicken Dip Pizza Review

Bubba came on saying that it sucks that they have to be afraid of
their own shadow with James Hetfield saying the F word; the guys then
went over some sports scores of interest. Bubba said that he canceled
the Football Challenge with Tuddle, as he thought they were going to
just throw footballs at him, but in reality, they were going to kick
footballs with tacks glued on to them, it will happen on Friday. Brent
then explained what they’ll be doing with the Facebook page; just
click the like button on the page, every month, a listener will get a
prize. Bubba thanked Larry Nelson for becoming a fan on the page; he
then asked Manson if he likes the Chicken dip pizza, Manson said it
was great, Spice said he liked it. Bubba said that Mike’s Pizza is the
only place that he can experiment with. Ned said the pizza was good,
but not as a good as the “Ned’s 12 Inch Meaty Mandingo”. Adam said
he’s been a long time fan, he asked if he could get a studio visit
when in Florida, Bubba said when they get the new studios done they’ll
do it, he think their current setup won’t be that exciting, he said
Cowhead texted him looking for some of the chicken dip pizza, Ned
cracked up at Bubba being Cowhead’s pizza delivery boy, Spice then
goofed on Bubba for that. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 2 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army
Facebook page. Bubba said he was listening to RadioIo.com last night,
they had a major power outage at the building last night, we then
heard a little bit of Bubba talking, he said he was walking the dog
yesterday while listening to RadioIO, the guys clowned him for having
a dog named Peaches, Ned thinks it’s a queer dog, as it’s a Pi8t Bull.
Bubba said the problem is, it likes to screw with the other dogs, he
said Beyoncé, their older dog will keep Peaches in check. Auggie came
on, Bubba wondered why he took his Mom to the Christmas party, Auggie
said she doesn’t get out much, he said that he and his woman had
broken up about six months ago. Jeff in Connecticut said he was
listening to Howard yesterday, he said Howard said that he was talking
to someone, Bubba said they seem sure about sticking to their offer,
he thinks it’s a power struggle, he then got distracted with his
computer going into sleep mode, he said Sirius has only themselves to
blame for putting them in this situation. Buck in West Palm Beach said
he stayed home yesterday, he said he loves RadioIO. Bubba said they’re
going to start the programming on Monday. They’ll have two channels,
Bubba 1 and Bubba 2. Bubba 1 will be free, and will feature the FM
show. Bubba 2 will have the Fm show, the mid day uncensored show, a
wrap up show, and specialty programs. The guy said he doesn’t have a
smart phone, his phone is the size of a brick, the only thing smart
about it is the operator, his wife. Jeremy asked if RadioIO will be
able to handle the traffic, Bubba said they took it down five times to
take care of some script issues. Ron in Arizona said this sucks, Bubba
said he’s not taking an 80% pay cut. We then heard Ron R Tess doing a
mental illness psa; Bubba thinks that should be the last guy doing one
of those. The first email said they have to stream the show on the
bone, they love the RadioIo.com stream. Another email asked what kind
of belts does Bubba use in racing, Bubba said he uses Impact Belts, he
thinks the site is ImpactRacing.com, he then told Ned he doesn’t need
them in his car. Ned said he’ll just take one, he doesn’t need one for
Garnet, as he doesn’t care about her, saying how she could go through
the windshield for all he cares. Another email said they love RadioIO.
Another email said they listened to the show on their iPhone. Bubba
said everyone on the show will have their own music channels. Another
email asked about the android ap, Spice said it’ll be finished this
week. Another email said Radioio.com works great in Germany. Another
email asked what the guys will be doing with the Boobs for the Twelve
Boobs of Christmas, Bubba said they’ll give them away between Jan.
17-21, he’ll just announce it one day. Another email asked if they’ll
be able to download past and present shows, Brent said yesterday he
found a bunch of shows from 2001 and 2002, saying that they’re so
dirty; they could never air on regular radio. Another email said it
took them 41 minutes to cancel their Sirius subscription. The last
email of the day said that RadioIO is better than FM or Satellite.
Matt in Brandon said he couldn’t find the guys on the Io2Go app, Brent
said they’re working on it. Bubba said that David Arquette is in
rehab, Spice said he’s a depressed guy who misses his wife. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Branding

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Every Morning” by Sugar Ray.
Bubba asked who the guy is that gave them the Bubba brand, Brent said
the guy’s name was Dock, Bubba said they’ve checked the legality of
it; they’ll just need to sign the form. Spice thinks that has to hurt
like hell, he wonders what the incentive is for getting that, Bubba
thinks $200, he said they’re looking for some paintball guns. We then
heard a clip of Arquette getting screwed with by a poperotsy, Spice
thinks he knows why he went to rehab, Bubba thinks David loves to drop
the F bomb. We then heard a clip of David Arquette from February 5,
2010, where David said he got the Bubba Raw DVDS; he had to sneak them
in. Tyler in Gainesville suggested the guys get an electric branding,
Ned thinks it’s for pussies; Bubba thinks it’s not funny. Dock, the
branding guy came on saying he had them all done before the holidays,
but the guys headed out before he could give it to them, he said the
idea is to keep it evenly heated, he said he’ll show the guys how to
do it with a hunk of leather. Spice thinks they should brand homeless
people, Bubba said he’d like to do it on the forehead, Manson thinks
Bubba is sadistic, Manson doesn’t think homeless people are mentally
competent to give consent. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 4 – Miller in Studio, Twenty-five Cent & Jabberjaw New Years recap

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army App.
Bubba asked for Miller to come to the studio, he came in a few seconds
later. Bubba wondered why he didn’t tell him about the tack football
idea, Miller said it was a miscommunication, he then said that money
doesn’t really go over with homeless guys, Spice said bum fights was
the greatest thing ever, miller said that they got in trouble for
tattooing homeless guys on the forehead.
Bubba wondered if someone was of sound mind, Brent thinks you could do
it, Spice said he’s seen much worse every day. Miller said he’s found
homeless guys to do much worse, he mentioned the homeless Bal licking
(may 25, 2007). Bubba thinks branding won’t be an issue if you can’t
see it. Miller said he’s hosting all weekend at Side Splitters, Bubba
wonders who the guy is that has to introduce Miller, he then got
sidetracked with something on TV. Spice thinks Twenty-five looks good
since he cleaned himself up. We then heard a news clip about Brett
Farve getting fined $50,000 for sending pictures, Spice thinks he’s
just a scumbag. Twenty-five came in, he said that he tired the chicken
dip pizza, saying it was good, he then said he had t okay cutting his
hair first, Bubba thinks Twenty-five caught him on a good day, he then
said that Twenty-five and Jabberjaw arrived together at Scene,
Jabberjaw said they did, she drove to his apartment and left her car
there, Bubba cracked up when she said that Twenty-five brought some
friends, as he had big girls with him, he couldn’t stop laughing while
telling the story, he then said his system went down yet again,
Jabberjaw thinks there’s a short in the chord. Bubba asked about
Twenty-five and Jabberjaw, Twenty-five said he and Jabberjaw got the
midnight kiss in, Jabberjaw said it was more of a Happy new years, the
guys cracked up at what it would be like kissing Twenty-five,
Jabberjaw said she fell down the stairs twice, Bubba thinks
Twenty-five has reverse beer goggles, where girls get bigger as the
night goes on, he said that he watched Banksy while Spice was away,
Spice said he misses him a little. Bubba wondered who let James into
Scene, Twenty-five said the bouncers, Jabberjaw said that she told
James that had he tried to get into her room, she’d have him kicked
out, the guys then goofed on James a little, Twenty-five said a large
white girl drove them home. Spice thinks James is like Hannibal, and
Twenty-five is like Buffalo Bill, we then heard some clips of CP Trav
quoting lines from the movie. Jabberjaw said that they went back to
Twenty-five Cent’s house, watched “Inglorious Bastards”, he ended up
falling asleep. Twenty-five sad he puts his house robe on when he gets
home; the guys goofed on him for that. Jabberjaw said that Twenty-five
was snoring by the time Twenty-five’s roommate had come in; she said
she left around 7. Brandy in St. Petersburg asked about a 13th set of
Boobs, Bubba said no, as he’d have to fire up a whole new contest, he
then asked Twenty-five if he’d date Jabberjaw, Twenty-five said he
would, Jabberjaw said she wouldn’t date him, she said Twenty-five is a
good friend. Bubba said that if he had to do it all over again, he
wouldn’t do it, he said in 9 days he’ll be celebrating four years, he
thinks he’s a miserable person. Ike said he listens every day, he said
the sleep and creep happens all the time, the guy ended up getting the
Evil treatment. Spice thinks Heather didn’t see the miserable clause
of the pre-nup; Ned said that he finally has the book. Bubba thinks
they’re getting fooled with Jabberjaw and Twenty-five, he thinks
Twenty-five has the ability to keep his woman down, Jabberjaw said
he’s a nice guy, Twenty-five said he’s just being himself. Bubba said
a really beautiful girl died in a house fire, Spice thinks they
shouldn’t say that, as they got backlash over it (November 17, 2009).
We then heard a news clip about that, Spice said at least smoke
inhalation is better than being burnt to death, Ned thinks hanging out
with Tony Stewart would make smoke inhalation cool, this had Spice
cracking up. Bubba thinks Charleston will pull the plug for calling
the woman a hot bitch; they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 5 – Various Stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. Bubba thanked the affiliates for putting them on, he then
said today they’ll have replays of today’s show will be at Noon and 7
pm, they’ve been running cuts from “The Clemulus Package”, the best of
segments will be select best of elements, he then said that the guy
who delivers Pizza for them wants to be branded. Carl in Charleston
said he was their when Howard came on, he said he loves listening to
the show, he said a lot of the people love the show, he said they lost
nine of their bravest guys a few years ago in a really bad fire, he
said they need to get their balls back when it comes t the training,
he said we need to get back to the old school, Bubba said he’d rather
have someone who has been on the streets, rather than some nerd who
writes books. Ross thanked Bubba for signing a CD for him, he thinks
it was “The Todd Clem project” (2 CD set from 2000). Bubba thinks he’s
not sure if he’ll go back to Warsaw, as he’s in a family feud, Ned
thinks he’ll never come back. Bubba wondered who Wocka Flocka Flame
is, Spice said he’s some rapper who got busted, he thinks Pantera
knows more about it. Bubba thinks they’ll be the Howard Stern of
internet Radio, he said they’re the big name internet needed. We then
heard a clip about that, the guys cracked up at the clip, Bubba thinks
if you have to say what you are, you’re not that successful, he
wonders if the guy is taking a poop, Ned said he can’t understand what
he’s saying. We then heard one of his songs, Manson thinks he’s heard
that, Bubba wondered what’s become of music, he had no idea what the
guy was saying, he thinks he could be a rapper, Ned said Bubba tried
that, Bubba thinks he was clear when he did that, he thinks he
should’ve mumbled “40s And Blunts”, he sarcastically said the music
was wonderful, Manson thinks it sounds like a riot outside of a
theatre showing “Star wars”, Spice said he’d like to be the guy who
makes the gun sounds, Manson as Yoda said this was horrible. Chris in
Miami said the quality of RadioIO is great, he feels as if he’s
sitting in the studio with them. We then heard a news clip about a cop
who got fired for sex in the squad car, we then heard a news clip
about that. Bubba asked what was up with the Obama prayer, we then
heard a news clip about that, Bubba said that his computer went in
sleep mode again, he thinks if someone brought a Bible to work, you’d
get screwed with, Spice said he has a Bible on his smart phone, he
thinks Jesus got an app. Bubba thinks it would be crappy to suspend
the guy, Brent said it was about ing David talking about his enemies.
We then heard a news clip about Michael Jackson’s doctor claiming that
Michael may have given himself a lethal dosage of Propofol. Bubba said
he’s Hugh Hefnered out, Spice thinks it’s like a prison. We then heard
a news clip about that, Bubba said when the age difference is about 61
years, he said that would be if ned was ten years older, and got
married to Jabberjaw. Jabberjaw thinks she’s not Ned’s type, she said
she doesn’t have a preference. Bubba said if they had to do a redo of
Jabberjaw giving her virginity to someone, Jabberjaw said he either
Hammil or Grant. Bubba said when they get back; they’ll do a top five
of people she’d want to lose her virginity to. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Bubba done with Cox?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army App.
Bubba thinks he found a bit that was never played on Sirius, he said
that stuff will be pulled over the years, Spice said they have a list,
Brent said they should play the segments that got them fined. Bubba
said he’s got about 47 elements ready to go, he thinks people will
love what they have coming up. We then heard manson’s “Good Bye World”
from “bubba Show Classics Vol. 10”, track 8, followed by “Dr. Feel
Good”. Bubba thinks the chicken dip pizza was like a party on the
pallet. Brandon said that RadioIO is awesome, he said the reason why
he’s stuttering is because he’s excited, Bubba said he’d never make
fun of the guy’s disability. The guy ended up disconnecting over his
flopping around with the phone, bubba told him to cal back, he then
took a call from a guy who asked Brent if Michael Jackson’s doctor
could be given a more serious charge. Amanda in Jacksonville said it’s
great to hear the guys on the air, Spice said he’s still waiting for
Jacksonville to send them the dump log. Bubba then read an article
about Hugh hefner getting engaged; he said that years ago, they had
Isabella St. James on (August 23, 2006). We then heard a clip of her
appearance on the show, where Isabella says that Hugh rubs himself
with baby oil, then slips and slides all over the girl he is with,
Spice thinks the visual of Hugh in baby oil is disgusting to him.
Bubba asked what Spice was doing, Spice said he was talking to a board
op, but he didn’t want to go on. Brandon came back on, he said he
dropped his phone and tried to pick it up with one of his grabbers,
Bubba asked him his shirt size, Brandon said he’s an extra large, he
thanked Bubba for sending the stuff, Bubba asked him to give him some
feedback, Brandon thinks the board op is a pussy for not wanting to go
on the air. Bubba was heard feeding Spice questions to the board op;
Spice said he does weekends on the rock station. Bubba thinks the
board op should be proud of the show, Brent said it’s important the
show sounds as good as it should be. Bubba said that Cox sucks, he
doesn’t think Clear Channel would allow anything like this, he said
that he hopes RadioIO works out for them, he said he’s done with Cox,
Brent said they’re heading in the right directing with RadioIO. Bubba
said he’s done with the whole thing, he thinks the guy in Jacksonville
has allowed himself not to go on with them. Bubba said that he’d like
to go back to Clear Channel, he said they had to what they had to do
when they fired him, he thinks they should start over with them, he
hopes Bob Neil does something about it, he thinks they’re going to
lose the Orlando affiliate, Debbie hasn’t returned his email, he
wondered what happened to the station promoting them. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Dave Rice checks in, Bubba rants against Cox

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith.
Bubba said they’ve had problems with the computer all day, Jabberjaw
said she talked to Dave a little, Bubba thinks Dave will go on the air
with them, he thinks they should call him. Kevin said he canceled his
Sirius subscription, he mentioned Bubba, they refunded him $139.58.
Dave Rice came on, Bubba said he misses him, Dave said he’s listening
to some old shows, he said he doesn’t want to say his name three
times, he’s listening to a show with Sean from Beekin Credit report,
he said he’s happy seeing his daughter. Bubba thinks they should hire
him back, but work half the hours, Dave said if Bubba visited, he’d
hate it, he said they saw some dirt tracks on the way up, he said he
drove all the way up to Vermont. Bubba asked if Dave’s kid loves the
school, Dave said a lot of the parents just don’t care, Brent said his
mom says the exact same thing. Dave said he’s editing some old shows
for the fans. Bubba asked if Dave will visit, Dave said he would, ned
wished that Dave would die in an Avalanche. Steve said the last few
days Bubba was at Clear Channel, Bubba said it’s his life; he can flip
flop if he wants to. The guy asked what Clear Channel would be like,
Spice said the guy isn’t centered in the argument, he said if you don’
do the show effectively on the station, a show will be nonexistent.
Bubba asked the guy how many billboards he’s seen of the show, Steve
said he hasn’t seen any, Bubba said Cox has driven him into the
ground, the guy ended up getting the Evil treatment. Bubba took a call
from a guy who said he knew one of the board ops of the Howard show,
he had a drinking problem, they got it worked out. Frank thinks Bubba
should back off on the bad mouthing, Bubba said he can’t shut up; he
said he needs the market manager of Orlando to call them back. Laura
wished Bubba a happy new year; she thanked Bubba for not being a
cool-aide drinking wussy. Bubba doesn’t get how Miami is running ads
for the Easy listening station, but not their show, he said flipping
formats makes them look bad, he said he’d like to have a meeting with
Keith, Brent said Cowhead has a check for the foundation. Tom said if
the board op has a problem, there are other guys who will do it. Spice
was heard talking with Dave; the board op for Jacksonville, Ned thinks
the guy is a dick. Bubba doesn’t get how the board op is allowed to
hang up on them; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Wrapping up the show

Bubba said he has half a mind to end at around 9:50, he said he feels
like quitting, he said “Screw Cox”, they then ended the show a few
seconds later.

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  1. kevin kratz

    whats up guys,boy i dont know what to do in the after noons any more.this fn blows my wife just bought me a newsirius boom box for my garage.and i dont even go out to it.no need to.Hope you come back to sirius.from kevin kratz a syracuse fan.you can call if you want 315 383 1182 i miss all of you it was great radio.

  2. scott sauve

    I was a sirius subscriber 3years do you think you might come back in a year?

  3. Jason

    Dude you guys got to get back on Sirius. i feel like my buddies just got up and left me! I live in California and drive all day. i listen to Howard in the morning and wish i could listen to you guys in the afternoon. please do something for us out of state listeners.

  4. claude

    Man bubba, the afternoons on sirius are totally lame without you guys. some one needs to kick the gm of sirius right in the gooch! ive been a fan since day one on sirius and have turned on many of my coworkers to your show. we listen to every show all the way thru, never missed one until now. what ever you decide to do, know that i will follow you wherever you go. thanks for the best radio show ever. Claude Watts, Lubbock texas.

  5. vern

    Damn that bubba pizza was so damn good that big mike needs to offer piggyback rides back out to the truck cuz I could barely walk. Big mike took a video phone of me to send to you. Just letting you know that it was the best pizza I ever had. Tell big mike that vern said what’s up

  6. daany

    All i can say bubba is BABY COME BACK! I feel like a junky who needs a fix. Im in cali and all i have is the cd’s ive bought off your website. COME BACK I NEED YOU!

  7. patronin

    thanks for some awesome radio over the past 5 years. too bad I can’t continue to hear you guys on sirius. I don’t believe though that howard has nothing to do with it. after all it is his channels and his business. just because he hires someone else to manage contracts dosen’t relenquish him from all responsability. if he’s not giving the funds for tim to negotiate with, tims hands are tied. since you guys have found new life, credit due to howard and good content, he can no longer retain your show at a bargin basement price. do people really think that sirius pays howard what they do and then sign robin, fred and the rest of his staff on top of it? Howard is paid to run channels, staff his show and claim his own paycheck. I’ll look for your show elsewhere, much love.

  8. bobby jones

    please come back to sirius i have lifetime membership because of you guys so please come back

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    Bubba you got to get back on Sirius. The Afternoon show was the best and I hope Sirius give you something decent and get back on Sirius.

  10. manny costa

    miss the good ole days.
    the wife and i met you guys in A/C @ bubbapalooza back in the day.
    FM/Sirius killed the show the way we loved it.
    hope you guys get back to what you do best.

  11. Matt

    Miss the afternoons on Sirius. It was nice to at least read an update and please do tell who writes the show recap because my spelling and grammar suck but I am Einstein compared to that. It must have been that BARE BACK SL*T PUMPER Spice.

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