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Top Stories:
2 Dead After Tour Bus Rolls Over On US-27
Terror suspect Zazi pleads guilty in NYC bomb plot
Missing ‘Growing Pains’ star Andrew Koenig gave warning signs, says friend
Cops: S.C. man killed his mom with sword
Sheriff: Break-dancing teen arrested after diamond belt buckle gouges NY home’s hardwood floor
Family, Foundation Battle Over Colorado Woman’s Head
Why Tampa is known as the lap dance capital of the world

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Bubba out sick, Olympics

The show started off with “Baba O’riley” as bumper music. Spice came
on saying that Bubba is out sick today, Ned wondered what was wrong
with him, Spice said he’s got all kinds of stuff, he then plugged what
they’ve got coming up on the show today. Brent thinks Tiger Woods
shouldn’t apologize, Spice said he never really thought of Tiger as a
hero. Manson said he can’t get to bed because of the Olympics, Spice
said he’s into the Ex Games more than anything, Manson thinks if it
involves a motorized vehicle, it’s not a sport. We then heard the
Olympic music, Spice went over the medal count, Brent said that some
Canadian people were mad over the hockey game the other night. Spice
said he’s all in favor for the meddles to be different for various
sports, he doesn’t get curling, Manson said he doesn’t get the
Bi-atholon, he thinks the Luge is homoerotic, Brent thinks it’s
dangerous. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Garage sale, emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BRN Garage Sale.
The guys discuss the garage sale, Spice doesn’t get antiquing. B-Fudd
came on, he said that a state can fire you if you’re gay, he said he
was a repo man when he was fifteen, he said he reposed “urnitures”.
Manson said Virginia did that, he said he wasn’t that interested. The
first email of the day thinks Palin should do research before opening
her mouth. Another emailer thinks Manson is insane with the tire
flying off the car. Another emailer remembered when he kicked back and
smoked pot, waiting for the guys to show up. Another emailer thinks
Bubba is a genius with his reality TV show idea. Spice wonders if the
ideas they have on-air are their own ideas, Brent said once something
is established, he said throwing ideas out on the air. Another emailer
said that his Sister played the obo on “I’ve Got You Babe”, she had a
stroke, Manson thinks the song is horrible. Another emailer thinks
they should have a History of BTLS, Spice said they don’t have a lot
of their material, Brent said a lot of the Power Pig stuff is missing,
Spice said they didn’t have the material they’d use. Another emailer
said he found Bubba in Richmond by accident, Spice said that’s the
problem, he thinks if you have to read an apology, it doesn’t seem
real, Brent said some lawyer wrote it, Manson thinks he’s socially
challenged. Spice said if he could trade his childhood for a billion
dollars, he’d do it, he thinks being robbed of one’s childhood means
your homeless. Another emailer wondered if they’ll put pictures from
Captain Briens, Brent thinks pictures are up. Another emailer said
that you can feed four children on a dollar, Spice said a charity is
supposed to be a charity, he said you reach a certain age when you
realize a charity is a business. Another emailer thinks Spice got
owned in the Bubbaween fight against Big dick, Spice thinks the ref
was a retard. Big Dick came in, saying the ref was qualified, he
thinks he didn’t cheat. Spice challenged him to a fight, Dick told him
he lost. Hot rod in Jacksonville thinks Bubba isn’t sick, Spice
wondered what was up with the guy’s phone. Ned said he ate his
sandwich already. Mike in Orlando said that it’s typical to say you’d
like Tiger’s childhood, Spice said he would trade his childhood, he
thinks he had time to watch cartoons, Manson thinks it was hard core.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Various callers, Child Beauty Pageants

Coming out of commercials, we heard ““Macho Man Translates Tiger
Woods’s Apology”. Spice said that Brent’s iPod was being showcased;
Brent said this was old school Pantera. Spice said that they’re
thinking about making pole dancing an event, we then heard Mystical’s
“Shake Yo Ass” over the discussion, Manson thinks it’s a front to sell
DVDS. Spice said they’ve got schools to teach women how to pole dance,
he said he’d laugh if his girlfriend gave him a lap dance. Manson
thinks he wouldn’t be able to contain himself, Brent said he would
think Amanda was teasing him; he would like having the pole in front
of the TV. Spice thinks he looks great in a strip club, he said
they’re cocaine skinny, he said it’s weird to see that. Alex in Miami
said he’s happy to have NASCAR free radio, he said he can’t even
listen to his own station, he said everything sucks; he said he works
for a Latin station. Spice asked the guy what kind of Latin music is
out there, Alex listed some genres, he thinks there’s nothing to
listen to, Spice said he tries to be fare with that stuff. We then
heard some Spanish music, Alex said it’s an old Cuban form of music,
Spice thinks he could eat Tacos while listening to it, he said that
bubba used to call in sick if the Packers lost. Nicky in Sarasota said
she pole danced for a few years, she said it’s supposed to be
four-play, Manson said he can’t take anyone serious if they got a pole
dance. Spice asked if their mixing in other women, she said that she’s
been bisexual since 10th grade, she stopped because of having two
kids. Spice wonders if her man is cool with it, she said yes, Brent
thinks it’s shaky, Spice thinks he’s cheating on her. A guy called in
saying the pole dancing is big in Brazil, Brent said he takes
exception with putting a seven year-old run some events, he said he
was disturbed watching it, he said a judge ruled in favor for her
doing it, Manson thinks it’ll go downhill from there. Spice thinks
some women don’t get the whole beauty pageant thing. Brent said they
make the girls work really hard, Manson thinks “Beauty Queen moms” is
disgusting, Spice is amazed no one has taken a stants, Manson thinks
you’re just producing more Ms. South Carolinas, Spice said he could
listen to that clip over and over again, Brent thinks it’s a gateway
to pedophilia. We then heard the clip, Spice thinks the Mom is
thinking that she’ll get it, he stopped and started it to comment,
Manson as a southern guy said that he can find the US on a map, but
can’t afford one. Spice thinks the Mom beat her silly after it went
down; Manson thinks she was a stupid robot who ran out of power. Spice
thinks he’d like to interview her; Brent thinks she missed a lot of
school for that. Spice thinks all her work was for nothing, we then
heard the clip again, the guys cracked up. Spice thinks if JonBenét
Ramsey’s Mom was still alive, she’d be shaking her head. Lisa in
Orlando said the name of the show is “Toddlers in Terias”, she thinks
the participants are glorified white trash, Spice thinks The Learning
Channel should be ashamed of themselves, he thinks the Dad’s have
given up. Brent thinks you’re teaching girls everything wrong. Janet
in Palm harbor, she thinks if Bubba died, they’d still have an awesome
show, Spice thinks a little morbid, Brent thinks Ned will outlive
Bubba. Spice thinks they should have a doctor check him out, Ned said
he goes to the VA, Brent thinks he needs a physical, he thinks Ned is
slowing down. Ned said he beat Brent and Spice, Brent said Manson is
right by saying if a motor vehicle is attached, it’s not a sport. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Pit bulls

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BubbaRaw.com live
chat with Heather and Amanda. Spice said Bubba has flu like symptoms;
he thanked Mike’s Pizza for delivering some stuff. Big mike in
Jacksonville said Ms. South Carolina will be on Amazing Race, Spice
said he’s interested in watching that. Portor was on, he said he’s had
fun with the guys over the years, he thinks Spice can flow with the
show, Spice told him to stop stirring the pot, he said we haven’t’
heard from Brent since “the Brown Liquor incident” (October 2, 2009).
Ned yelled some stuff, Spice hung up on him. Spice read that a kid was
killed by some dogs, he asked the guys what kind of dog it was, Manson
guessed Pit bulls, Spice said he was correct, Brent thinks the dog
owner was irresponsible, Spice said he’s tired of the Pit-bull owners
defending their dog to the bitter end. Manson said that his dog has
snapped at him a few times, Spice in a Southern voice said some stuff,
he said when his dog snaps, it hurts. Brent said when they first got
his Bassett Hound, it bit Amanda a few times, he thought it was funny.
Spice said he saw a Pit-bull once, the dog can tell when the
individual has a ceasure, the dog has an all-axis pass; he said he’d
be scared if a dog was on a plane. Manson said he ad a neighbor who
had a Pit-bull, the dog would often go through wood. Spice said he
doesn’t care what people say, Pit-bulls are frightening, Brent thinks
the family is living in an episode of “The Squidbillies”. Spice read
that Hillary Duff’s boyfriend bought her a ring for $1,000,000. Steve
in Brandon said he’s had plenty of Pit-bulls, he said it’s how you
raise them. We then heard “dueling Der Ders” from “bubba show classics
vol. 11”, track 14. Steve said half these people train the Pit-bulls
to attack, Spice said he knows someone who has raised a Pit-bull since
it was a puppy, he thinks the dog could kill him. Steve wonders why
the kid was running around with Pit-bulls. Spice said a Pit-bull could
kill you if you’re not careful, Manson said it’s like Siegfried &
Roy‘s tiger. Brent said Dobermans aren’t as savage as some would
think, he said that if you tried to hurt Amanda, he’d kill you. Lila
said he’s a Pit-bull owner, he thinks they should do some research,
Spice said he’s saving his opinion on Pit-bulls. Lila said Pit-bulls
were bred to fight dogs, he said he’d trust his dog if he was around.
Matt in Bartto said Pit-bulls aren’t’ bad dogs, we then heard “Dueling
Der Ders” over the guy, Manson said once a Pit-bull locks it’s jaws on
you, it’s over. Brent read something about Pit-bulls being the most
aggressive dogs.
Al in Ft. Meyers said he doesn’t like Portor, he said the show does
flow a little easier when Spice takes over. Tasha in Lakeland said the
dog gets protective, she said her kid is seven years-old, she said
they’ve got two acres of land, she said her son knows better than to
go over there. Brent read that a dog killed a six week old; Manson
thinks it was the worst dog attack ever. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a news clip about a python hunt,
then into “Snake Snake Snake” from “Bubba show classics Vol. 10”,
track 14. We then heard “Gangster’s Paradise” as bumper music, Spice
thinks Bubba will be back tomorrow, he said the lines are going crazy
over the Pit-bull issue, he said that Pit-bull and snake guy are
almost alike. Brent said a snake will never give you an emotional
response, Manson said all it wants to do is eat. Spice said he’s not
sure if snake guy is above sword guy, we then heard a news clip about
a guy who killed his Mom with a sword, Brent said that they know a guy
who is sword guy, Dan the song parody Man from the Howard Stern show,
he thinks no one who is sword guy should be married, the guys cracked
up when the guy in the clip made sword a two syllable word. Spice said
that swords are never good news; Manson thinks pushing someone out a
window is difficult. Crystal in Tampa said it was an American bulldog,
she said they should be more responsible, Spice said he got it from
WFTV, he said he’s not going to issue a retraction. Crystal said she
works for “Pit-bulls Pound the Pavement”; a group that tires to
educate people on Pit-bulls, Ned gave her the knock knock treatment.
Brent said the off chance of your kid getting bitten are 3.2 to 1,
Spice said he’d like a dog that wouldn’t kill you, Brent said 90% of
the time, the attack happens in the home, Spice said he knows what the
dog whisperer is up to, Brent said he likes him. Manson said sometimes
there’s no time for body language, Crystal said she was attacked by a
dog when she was a kid, she said any dog can maul. Spice thinks she’s
a Pit-bull mark, he said her job is to defend Pit-bulls; Spice said he
doesn’t love all breeds. Spice took a call from a woman who said she
saw a family, Spice said he’s taken back by her, Brent said we do that
stuff with love, Spice told her to go to Sensitivity training; he
thinks she’s a racist. Lee is shocked that Bubba has diarrhea, he
thinks Bubba strained his vocal chords. Spice read that Ric Flair’s
wife got arrested, Manson thinks it’s because Ric married a woman
younger than him. Spice said he finds himself at Chuck E. Cheese more
these days, Brent wonders what gangster would go there, we then heard
a news clip about that, Manson as a southern guy said some stuff,
Spice said he’s heard some bad things about the bouncy ball pit, he
said it’s like a mini casino, Brent thinks you can just buy the prize
with money. Spice said sometimes the games don’t work; he doesn’t want
to complain to the guy, as he might get recognized. Brent wondered if
the kids ask to go to chuck E. cheese, Spice and Manson said yes.
Spice mentioned the Garage sale, Brent said he’s bringing roughly two
cars full of stuff, Spice thinks Manson will be gone by 10:10, they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Marijuana discussions, various stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a news clip about a doctor who
kept aborted fetuses in his freezer. We then heard “Abortion City”
from “Bubba show classics Vol. 1”, track 2. Spice said the music is
actually rock music, he then said he’s got tickets for the Brew
Review, he then read an article about old people uses marijuana, Brent
said the old people do a good job explaining it. Spice said if you’re
an injured vet, some are like Ned, Ned said he just keeps the party
going. Manson said the laws are so backwards over it, he said zero
people have died from marijuana; Brent said it’ll make you want to eat
everything. Spice said there were about 78,000,000 people were born
from 1945-1964, he hopes the Baby boomers don’t come too mature. Brent
said the problem is the old people in congress, Manson thinks Arling
Specter is pooping his pants, Spice likes how Rubio is 38, Brent said
younger people are going to change. Manson thinks the reason why the
marijuana is getting legal is because of the Economy. Brent said
California has about 20,000 immigrants in prison, he said Arnold has
proposed taking them out. Spice said one of his friends wants to go to
California just to smoke weed, Brent thinks it’s taking it too far.
Sammy in Ft. Lauderdale asked for tickets to Brew fest, Brent said she
sounded hot, Spice said they’ll give her tickets anyway. Bob on
protection said the Florida Medical examiner did a study, deaths in
Florida were because of prescription drugs, he said they studied
19,000 people, he suggested the book “the chemical Carousel”, he said
the recepitcalls are in your brain stem. Spice said you’re so high,
you forget about stuff, he said he saw some hot drug company reps.
Brent said the reps are coming in with a lot of food, Spice said it
used to be old guys who knew their stuff. Brent said California gets
about 11 billion dollars with Marijuana, he said Texas is a little
more stiff with immigrants, he said they have a sign that show
immigrants, Spice suggested people speed up, Ned thinks he could have
a kick ass game of Frogger with that. Spice said Johnny Dayman got a
deal with the tigers, we then heard a news clip about that. Spice
thinks Aubry didn’t like Detroit; he said he didn’t want to say
anything else. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Frank Trigg on the phone

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BRN Garage Sale.
Spice said they’ve got a special guest on the phone, he said they
didn’t know the history they had with Frank Trig until they were made
aware of it. Frank came on, he thinks he’s doing better than Bubba is
doing, he thinks Bubba got the h1n1 on purpose. Spice said when they
first met him, he was the body guard of a porn star, Frank said he
talks to Briana Banks a few times a year, he thinks it’s a pretty good
gig, he said you get paid, he said some of them have violent stalkers.
Spice wondered if Frank is depressed, Frank said the world went crazy
when he posted that on his Twitter, he said when you lose, you get
depressed, he said he didn’t have a job after it. Spice said he signed
a four fight deal, he lost two of them, he wonders if it will change,
Frank said he gets nothing, he’s not sure what he gets from it. Spice
wondered if Dana contacts him, rank said he’s so busy; he doesn’t get
a chance to chat with him. Spice said he likes how Frank makes fun of
himself; Frank then described his fighting style. Spice said it’s
great to see old school matches, he remembers one guy who had one
boxing glove on, he said it looked ridiculous. Frank said a lot of
guys are doing other stuff. Spice wonders what’s better, Japan or
America, Frank said it depends, he said he’s Nationalistic; he said he
beat up a woman for talking smack about Bush. Spice said Frank Mir
wished that Brock Lesner die in the ring, we then heard the clip about
Spice said he kind of likes that, Frank said that Frank never pulls
any punches, he likes how Frank doesn’t like Lesner, he thinks Frank
is the kind of guy who will take your arm off and beat you with it.
Spice wonders who will win in the rubber match, Frank said it’s hard
to tell, he said Mir is in shape. Spice thinks Lesner looks like a
freak; he said if he knocks you down, you’re screwed. Frank said that
Lesner is a very mobile fighter, he said he doesn’t want to hate on
him. Spice said there’s a lot of dislike in UFC, Frank said he doesn’t
hang out with a lot of the other guys, he said he tries to sell the
fight before it happens. Spice said Frank did TNA, he said that he
looked like Kurt Angle, Frank said the cool thing was, growing up
watching it was great, he said he can run into the ring, he said he’s
a bad wrestler. Brent asked about Fadore coming to UFC, Frank thinks
it’s his management team, he said Fadore is m1 management; he said no
one in America really knows who Fadore is. Spice asked him what he’s
got coming up, Frank said he’s trying to get some commentary job,
Spice said he’d like to see him do that. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Unity in the
community, then into some Rush as bumper music. Spice wonders where
South Florida is, he then mentioned some birthdays, Manson doesn’t
remember anything Decoda Fanning was in. The guys go over various
drummers in music, Spice thinks the base player gets jobbed out, he
then said the Dutch are leaving the war, Brent said if someone killed
27 people in his neighborhood would piss him off. The guys discussed
Dick Cheney in the hospital; Brent thinks technology is keeping him
alive. We then heard a news clip about the guy who played Bonor, Spice
thinks the news is afraid to say his name, Manson thinks the theme
song is good. Spice asked Brent to sing along, Brent said he didn’t
know it, he then said blah over the words, he said that Kirk Cameron
is a nut, he thinks Spice will be in Heaven, Spice said hell slink his
handcuffs to a Holy Roller. Manson said when he thinks of a Christian,
he thinks of Spice, Spice wonders how he’s supposed to go to a club
with an ash on his forehead, he wonders why he’d have to give up
something for 40 days, Manson said Spice is supposed to give something
up, Brent challenged Spice to give up his pornography, Brent thinks he
can stop from when he stopped, Manson thinks Spice won’t last. Gene
wondered if the garage sale is like a swap shop, Spice said he’ll
trade some porn for it. Della said she met the guys at Solid Gold, she
said she’s the lesbian. Spice wonders if she’s on cocaine, she said
no, he thinks she’s calling for tickets, Ned told her to take the
tickets and shut up. Spice took a call from a guy who asked him to do
his Bubba voice, he went into it. Spice recapped what they’ve got
coming up for the next few days, he then asked the guys about the
credit Card hack, he thinks it means nothing to him. Brent said you
have to be 21 to get a card on campuses, he said it’s bad, he
suggested the documentary “Maxed Out”, Manson said you’re a moron when
you’re 18, Brent said he would’ve been out of control. Spice said he
still doesn’t get compound interest, he said he’s never been a credit
card guy, he said his Mom would be reduced to tears when dealing with
credit card companies, Brent said if he doesn’t have the money to pay
for it, he won’t need it. The guys goofed on Manson for not being able
to pay for a couch, Spice thinks he’s that guy, Manson said he’s not
buried in debt, he wrote a check for it. Chris in Jacksonville said he
likes to hear the guys rip on each other, Spice thinks the guy is
getting them fired. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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    Haven’t been able to catch the show for the past few days. Just wanted to thank Blind Lawrence for the rundowns.

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