Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 22nd, 2011 by Staff

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Recap by Blind Lawrence

Segment 1 –

The show started off with “Thunder kiss 65” by White Zombie. Bubba
started by saying he thinks his computer monitor was raised a little,
Jabberjaw said that they replaced Bubba’s headphone pot. Bubba then
said that Eric Read from Dayton was the Facebook fan of the day; he’s
thinking about doing the same thing for Twitter, he then said another
cop was shot last and killed last night. Blitz came in, saying the
monitor isn’t too bad, he said they’ll fix it, Bubba said he likes it
slow and low. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – David S. Crofferd

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance on
March 5 in St. Petersburg. Bubba came on saying another cop was gunned
down, he said he thinks the problem is that it’s generally someone who
has a lot of scrapes with the law, Brent thinks the cop’s name is in
the St. Pete Times, Bubba said since he can read it out of the news
paper, he won’t have a problem, Brent said the guys name is David S.
Crofferd. Bubba thinks that if we let everyone out of jail who has had
a weed charge. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for signing up for
RadioIo.com. Bubba said they’re getting information about the cop
shooting, he said that he got up to pee, he saw that he had about 7
missed calls and texts, he checked on the kids and heather, everything
was fine there. Neil in Ft. Meyers said the problem is, we keep taking
the money, he then said he does security. The first email said the
state is broke, the emailer told Bubba to lose some weight, Bubba said
that the tree huggers hated his comments on the Pill Mill, he thinks
the Tea Partiers don’t like him. Another email was from a black man
who enjoyed the show. Another email said the show is like a breath of
fresh air. Another email wondered if the Golden ticket will be mailed
out, Bubba said yes. Another email said if you want Sirius in your
Toyota, it’ll be $449; internet will be a new option soon. Larry on
protection said one of his cops in south Florida died in a car
accident, one guy died from a heart attack, he then talked about
odmp.org, the officer Down Memorial page. Bubba then wondered what
will be on 10 Connects; Brent said the NFL lockout commentary ran last
night. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various callers, Bubba on channel 10 audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for dropping the ray.
Bubba thinks Manson will have to make an update to this song soon, he
said this might be one of the deadliest places in America with regards
to police killings, he said they’re thinking about them. We then heard
Manson’s latest tribute song, which features various police radio
calls, remixed with “Hero” by Chad Kroeger & Josey Scott. Bubba came
on recapping the cops who have died over the past few months; he
thinks Goliath Davis is happy, as the heat is off him for now. We then
heard a news clip about the cop getting killed. Bubba thinks they
should make it so that you need to be licensed to have a gun, Manson
thinks it’s too late for that. Brent said that when Jeb Bush was
Governor, he passed the 10-20 life law but it’s not enforced. Bubba
said if he was Bill Foster, he’d do a round up, he thinks he knee
jerked on that comment, Spice said they tried to do that with the last
guy, but that didn’t work. Bubba said that all of the outlets have
reported the name, he’s not the first, he told the nay sayers to not
contact him, he then said the Bikes for Badges means even more now, he
then took a call from a guy on protection who said that a lot of the
gun sales take place without paperwork. Eric in Orlando said he was at
Blues BQ in Orlando, he thanked the guys for coming out, he said he
had the bong sign, Bubba sad he was happy with the turnout, the guy
said Jabberjaw was looking hot the other night. David thanked Bubba
for his support of law enforcement, he doesn’t like how guys like this
are let go, Bubba said Dante Morris got off, as Mark Ober didn’t like
the witness. David said he’d like for the state officials to do a ride
along with him, he said he’s in front of a violent felons house, Bubba
thinks he couldn’t do it. The guy said they’re tired of not having the
budget, Bubba said Bob White was fighting for his guys when he wanted
34 more guys on staff. Bubba said that the reason why the guy can’t
get arrested, is because a guy will get arrested for weed, David
thinks they should just legalize drugs, he said dropping cases just
isn’t responsible. Bubba thinks he couldn’t be as calm as the cop was
if he sat in front of a violent man’s house, he wonders why Mark Ober
hasn’t caught a lot of crap for not processing Dante Morris, he then
read an article about the Governor of Ohio getting questioned about
drug overdoses, he thinks Rick Scott won’t cover the topic, he asked
for Rick Scott supporters to call the show. We then heard a clip of
Bubba’s appearance on channel 10, where Bubba thinks Rick Scott’s
decision is stupid. The guys think Bubba should lock out with “Oh
snap”, Manson suggests Ned do it. Donnie said that if one guy is
sitting in front of a violent guy’s house, why wouldn’t the Governor
declare a state of emergency, the guy got Eviled when he said “Super
large amount”. Laura wondered why the pill mills bug him so much,
Bubba said that it kills 7 people a day, the woman said that a
majority of them are people who are scumbags, Brent said that it will
cost police a lot of money. The woman said that as long as your 18 and
you’re not bugging anyone, its fine, Spice said that’s not Rick
Scott’s position. Bubba said that Rick Scott bought his seat; the
woman said she’ll concede on that point. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for RadioIO.com. Bubba
said he has some Rick Scott supporters on, he thinks maybe they know
something he doesn’t, he then plugged BubbaRaw.com and btls.com; he
thinks his segment with channel 10 won’t last that much longer. Aliska
said this is just another database that will be an invasion of
privacy, Bubba said they’re dealing with a business that is making
millions of dollars, Spice said he agrees with the caller, up to a
certain point. Bubba said he has a problem with the Government
tracking places, he thinks the pill mills will be stamped out, but it
will be done on the local level. John on protection said he works for
dhs; he said that he puts information into a database. Steve said
they’re not only tracking pill mills, they’re tracking private
doctors, the guy said he has two shattered discs; his doctor can’t
even get his pills. Bubba said that it’s almost like we’re going
through prohibition, Spice thinks maybe Rick Scott travels with a
bottle of pills. Bubba said that he’s been warning the audience about
red light cameras, he then said that Hanes city installed red light
cameras, 8,000 people have been fined, he said he would be all for it,
if the money went to prisons. We then heard a news clip about the new
red light cameras, Bubba said this is roughly 1.2 million dollars, he
thinks we should be deficit free at this point. Kevin said he has four
herniated discs, he said without his medications, he can’t stand up,
he said he has real needs, the guy said Wall Greens can only give you
so much, the guy said he doesn’t want to be crippled, the guy said he
supports everything the show does. Bubba thinks the guy is addicted to
pills, he then hung up on the guy, saying he couldn’t take it anymore,
he thinks that people needing their pills is the pussyfication of
America, he thinks they might as well be talking about Abortion,
Manson said that he’s had surgery before, he takes only when it’s
needed, Bubba thinks we’re a bunch of pill popping pussies. Dillon
said these people are so cracked out, he said you can tell what people
look like. Bubba doesn’t think he liked his NFL lockout commentary. We
then heard a clip about that, with Bubba’s commentary, he likes how
they put some music behind it, the guys cracked up at Reggie saying
Bubba was on from 6-9. Anthony in West Palm said he’s listening on
line, bubba told him about RadioIO.com, the guy said he’ll check it
out, he said he works for the ER in West Palm, he said he sees a lot
of people hooked on pills. Dave in West Palm said he dropped the tray;
he then wondered if he’s part of the Goon Platoon, Spice thinks he’s
too normal, he then said a lot of the cities aren’t taking the money
from Red Light Cameras. Bubba doesn’t get how a cop got suspended for
sexting, we then heard a news clip about that, Bubba thinks it matters
who it was, Ned thinks the guy is creepy, Spice thinks some of it is
not sexy, the guys think the reporter should’ve texted him, rather
than leaving a message. Brian in Orlando gave everyone a shoutout, he
thanked the guys for coming out to the Blues BQ, he thanked Bubba for
talking with the young man who has cancer, Bubba said he’s going
through some tough times. We then heard a news clip about a politician
against pill mills, Bubba thinks the guy is wasting his time. Bubba
said tomorrow, they’ll be doing “the Bow Gun Challenge”, Spice said
that when they tried it on some wood, they needed some pliers to pull
the nail out. We then heard Reggie Roundtree’s bumper, Reggie wondered
what’s happening with the world, Bubba admonished him for messing up
his time. The guys cracked up at Reggie’s error. Reggie thinks no one
has respect for life or law, Bubba said we’ve got all the wrong people
in jail, Reggie said he just can’t believe it. Spice asked Reggie his
thoughts on Bubba’s segment, Reggie likes how Bubba will say what’s on
his mind, he said that he still has the tom Cruise glasses. Bubba said
that he, Reggie and Mark Willson should hang out. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Tucker Carlson Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s appearance
in Charleston. Bubba said they just left a message for Tucker, Spice
said he’ll try him again. Bubba thinks the cop shouldn’t be fired for
sexting, he thinks the guy has bigger problems to deal with. We then
heard Tucker Carlson’s bumper, Tucker said he didn’t take President’s
day off, saying he doesn’t take made up holidays off. Bubba said that
he doesn’t listen to the show, but he does keep up on emails, Tucker
asked Bubba what he’s worried about, Bubba then recapped what he’s got
going on, he said that channel 10 is coming to his house, Tucker said
people would resent him if they saw his stuff. Bubba read that Fox ran
incorrect footage of Ron Paul, Brent said that Fox misled the viewer,
Tucker said they put the wrong tape, bubba hit the pander sounder,
Tucker thinks Ned is on his side, as they emailed each other last
night. Manson said he used to watch Fox news, he doesn’t watch it
anymore. Bubba told Tucker he loves guns, Tucker suggested Bubba get
something called “the Judge”, he then said he has a lot of guns, he
comes from a family of hunters, he then said Rick Scott emailed him,
he thinks it was a mass email, he doesn’t’ get people who are packed
in on a train, ned told Tucker it was him and hi Ethics. Tucker
wonders how the guys can be pro Ron Paul, yet complain about not
getting goods. Bubba thinks Tucker just argues to get his point
across, Tucker wondered what happened to Charlie Crist, Bubba said
when he sees Tucker, he’ll beat the daylights out of him, Tucker
thinks the audience is staring open mouthed at the radio. Brent said
that Florida overpays, while Alaska underpays. Bubba thinks we should
legalize weed, it would cause less issues. Brent said that as of 2009,
25% of people in prison re for Marijuana, he thinks no early release
should be given for violent criminals. Tucker said he wasn’t for
bailing out anyone, he said he’s in the majority of Americans, taking
more than they put in. Ned said he agrees with Tucker, saying the only
Revolution he likes is “Dance Dance Revolution”. The guys think Tucker
is a panderer, but they love him, Tucker said that a man never stands
so tall to stoop to kiss an ass. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Tribute Song

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaArmy.com. Bubba
said that if you follow them on Twitter, if you sign up from now until
tomorrow, he’ll randomly select someone, he then said he was giving
away tickets for those who wanted to see him race, he said Michael
Atwell will be making his rookie appearance, Spice wondered if bubba
would be racing him, Ned thinks bubba would lose. Bubba said if you’d
like to see him race, call now, the parameter being girls only, we
then heard “shadow of the Day” by Linkin Park, which features news
clips about the two cops who lost their lives in St. Petersburg. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Race Audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for dropping the Tray.
Bubba said that he needs to get the cream machine; Ned said he’ll wrap
it around a telephone pole. Jen on protection said that she’s a
private investigator, she said she can’t stop working, she said these
people who re calling in are full of it, she said she’ll send
pictures, Bubba likes how she’s full hot. We then heard a clip of the
Daytona 500, Bubba thought that Ryan Newman would win it, he wondered
what happened to Tony, Spice said he watched it, Brent said something
happened on the restart. Bubba said that he had the wrong clip; Brent
said he only saw tony after the nation wide, Spice as Lasker said they
just ran out of talent, he thinks Spice sounded like a pansy. Bubba
thinks they lost the phone screener, he thinks Pantera is really high.
They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. ApparentlyI'mAPillPopper

    I heard the bit on white pillpoppers. And how black ppl use welfare and all to get help instead of getting drugs from the government. Well, yeah. They don’t get drugs from the government. Because they’re too busy getting drugs off the street and selling them. This comment probably won’t be posted because of the fact that it’s favoured to whites. That’s America for ya! So proud to be an American! I think I’ll ask the government to ship me outta here. lol

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