Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 15th, 2011 by Staff

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Recap by Blind Lawrence

Segment 1 – Coming up on the show

The show started off with “I Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty. Bubba
started by saying he’ll start mixing in “The Bubba clem Show”, he then
got caught off guard with a racetrack fire, it was at a dog track, he
then had a hard time saying the Facebook fan’s name, he said that if
you’d like to do a two seater ride in Daytona, you can do that between
8:30-4:30, he said that Buddy Dyer, Orlando’s mayor will be on the
show. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails

Bubba said the new name sounds strange, he thinks they should move the
show in that direction, he then said that he’s thinking about changing
Manson’s name to just “the Man”, Manson said that it’s better than
“Chicken Bone Robinson”. Bubba said he saw Charlie from Channel 13 at
the Lightning game on Saturday night; he doesn’t think “Car Blonch
Tuesday” is still popular; he doesn’t get how the concept is supposed
to keep them in business. The first email said that the RadioIO.com
show is great. Another email suggested Bubba check out Mila Kunis,
Spice said he’s familiar with her. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 3 – New headphones, Auggie and B-Fudd

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for subscribing to
RadioIO.com, followed by “Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith. Bubba thanked
Sluggo for putting the racing schedule up on
ClemRacingIncoperated.com, or you can link from btls.com, he then told
Spice about what he got for him during the race track, he described it
as goo that goes in the ears, they are then made into a head phone,
custom made for the user. Bubba said he’ll try them out, he couldn’t
get it to work, as he didn’t have the right jack, Ned was heard
admonishing Bubba, saying it was the worst break in radio. Bubba said
he could get used to them, he said that he and heather always get into
fights, as he makes her repeat herself, he thinks a lot of it from the
Top 40 days, he likes how it’s a low volume, he then said the BRN has
gotten filthy. Auggie came on, saying that if Car Blonch Tuesday was
canceled , it would be the end of his world, Bubba said he can’t make
decisions like that, he said that “Bubba Saw 2” will be in three
weeks. B-Fudd came on saying how ET will phone home; he then talked
like a redneck, the guys cracked up at his accent. B-Fudd said that
he’s seen Hammil in his whitey tighties before, saying that they were
brown, he said he would drink the whole place, he said he still has
time to early enlist, Ned said that even a retard knows to hang on to
the money until the last minute. Bubba said that yesterday, he went to
CVS to get a card for heather, but they were all out of cards for the
wife, he ended up getting her some cash. Another email said they like
the new name change. Another email sad that Michael Schiavo is doing a
fund in Cincinnati. Another email said they saw the cream machine, the
writer said the chicken dip is like crack. The last email asked for
the stock information for RadioIO.com, Bubba said it’s IWDM; they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Ned’s new bit, Charlie Sheen on Dan Patrick

Bubba said that Russ is working on
Spice to do an appearance in Orlando, he thinks Spice is like Norm
from “Cheers” at the penthouse, as he has an appearance tomorrow
night, he then said the people at DNA will be doing a Bubba Army can,
$0.25 from the sale of the can will go back to the Btls Foundation, he
then said Joey Chittwood will be on the show tomorrow, Thursday Dr.
mark will be on to talk about men’s health, as well as comedian Jim
Florentine. We then heard a news clip about a kid who got away from a
sexual predator who is still on the run, Bubba said the only bad thing
is that Nancy Grace was covering the story, he said that she hacks
things up. . Jeff in Tampa said he owns a business, he’d like to offer
up his services with the Cream Machine, Bubba wondered why the guy
wouldn’t name his company; the guy then said he works for Pursuit
Electronics. Bubba then asked Ned what his new bit is about, Ned said
this is where he talks about Egypt. We then heard the bit, where Ned
said he smokes two joints, then forgets what he says. He then said
that after he saw people beat each other silly in Egypt, he realizes
the Middle East wars are hopeless, he suggests the people just leave,
he said it would be like living on a shit mountain, he said it’s
Middle Eastern white trash, he thinks Democracy will never happen in
the Middle East, he then says we need to get out of there. Bubba came
on saying Ned was quite the ratings grabber, he then said that Bikes
for Badges will be on Sunday march 20 at Jim’s Harley Davidson. Jim in
Edmonton said the RadioIO.com deal is the thing, he said one of his
friends fell off a roof, Bubba thinks that if you threaten to switch
data providers in Canada, they’ll gladly give you more data, he then
said that they’ll have specialty shows, Spice said some shows will be
an hour, while some will be two hours. Greg in Tampa said if the show
was called “Bubba Clem”, he wouldn’t know where the show was. Bubba
said he spent a lot of the day working on his car yesterday, he then
said that Charlie Sheen was on Dan Patrick’s show yesterday, he said
Dan is one of his favorites. We then heard a lip of Charlie talking
with Dan, the guys think Charlie is on something, Bubba thinks Charlie
is scattered, Manson thinks he’s just coming off of it. Bubba said Dan
does a fairly early show, he thinks Charlie is up early, he then said
he loves Charlie, the guys cracked up at him saying “dude, check it”,
the guys like how Charlie can make fun of himself, Spice thinks maybe
he can handle his crack socially. Manson wishes that Charlie Sheen
would call their show, he said that if he didn’t threaten to kill
women he’d be fine.

Segment 5 – Rick Scott discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s appearance
in Orlando this Saturday. Bubba thinks they should have a Spanish guy
in the mix of the show, Manson suggested Quattro from the Super
Mexican Olympics. Bubba went back to the Charlie Sheen audio, he said
Charlie reminds him of Carry Gray, he said the humor is very similar,
he then got caught off guard with Charlie Beltcher on TV; he said that
he feels bad for Charlie having to corn himself out. the guys cracked
up at the Charlie Sheen audio, Manson thinks he’s naturally funny,
Bubba thinks he has three conversations going on at once, he thinks
Charlie can’t get on the show fast enough, he then said that the
Governor of Florida is unqualified, he said that the big problem are
pill mills, he said Rick Scott is shooting down legislation to make
pill mills illegal. Brent said the prison guards are getting their pay
cut by 15%. Bubba said it was the white trash that put him in. We then
heard a news clip about Rick cutting the drug database, Bubba wonders
what Rick is thinking, Brent said that he’s making Rush Limbaugh
happy. Bubba then read from Rick Scott’s bio, where he invested $5.5,
000,000 in a Pharmacy in 2003. Leon in Jacksonville said Bubba needs
to put the interview up on btls.com. Steve said that Bubba is dead on
with Rick Scott, he wondered where the money for his campaign came
from, Bubba said its hard telling. Kevin asked if Brent has considered
why Rick sold some of his planes, Brent said he sold the state planes
to pay for the budget. Roy said the guys are doing a great job. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Charlie Beltcher calls in, Buddy Dyer, Manson’s new tribute song

Coming out of commercials, we heard “fire Flies” by Owl City. Charlie
Beltcher came on, Bubba said his favorite guy on Channel 13 is Mark
Willson, Charlie said that he fell on a kid while on a skateboard,
Bubba said he never commented on it on the show. Charlie said he
hasn’t gone to Scene yet, he said the dip is like crack in a tub; Mark
Willson got a tub of it. Buddy Dyer, Orlando’s Mayor came on, he said
blues BQ is one of the four big events they’ve done, he said the event
will be in front of the Amway center, he said Buddy Guy played a the
first Blues BQ, he’ll be coming back this year. Spice asked if the
Mayor if he’ll participate, Buddy said that stuff like that will
happen. Bubba asked about his State of the city, Buddy said they’ll be
leaning towards a Q&A session, you can go to CityOf Orlando.net, he
said there’s a parking app you can get. Bubba then asked about the
Magic, Buddy said that he had someone come down who looked at the
Amway Center, saying it was the best looking arena ever. Spice said he
loves going down town, he’s rarely seen big fights, he said it’s
unlike Ybor, Buddy said they’re getting a different mix of people, he
thinks the late night is when it’s like Ybor. Bubba asked about the
Light Rail, Buddy said the hub will be in down town Orlando, he said
it will be more localized, he said there’s a high speed rail that goes
from Ybor to Orlando International Airport, he said it’s not locked in
on the federal side yet. Bubba asked if he has anything new, Buddy
said there’s a medical school, a new VA hospital that will open in
2012. Bubba asked about the Huskers leaving a bill, Buddy said he
knows about it. Spice wonders why the show is doing horrible, Buddy
said he listens every so often, he likes Sports talk, he said the
shows love him in Orlando, Ned said he’d like to hear the guy fired
up. Bubba asked how old Buddy is, Buddy said he’s 52, he thinks he
should be on more often. Joe on protection said he works for a company
that was ran by rick Scott, he said they just completed a Ethics
course, he thinks Rick Scott is shady as the day is long. Bubba said
that Manson has a tribute for the police officers, he’s curious as to
what the final call for a cop is known as, Manson said it’s all police
radio stuff. We then heard the song, which intercuts police radio
frequency clips with “Hero” by Chad Kroeger & Josey Scott. Manson said
he gets worked up putting these together, Bubba said that the people
of St. Petersburg have no idea what’s coming, he said that he’ll be
fired soon, he said there’s no way he can still be employed, he said
he has inside intel that something will happen, he thinks Davis
controlled his own destiny, he said Davis should’ve attended the
cops’s funeral. Bill came on thanking Manson for his tribute song,
Bubba said he had a hard time going on the air after hearing that, he
said the call at the end is known as an EOW (end of watch). Cindy came
on saying she’s a 32 year-old civilian, she said the tribute really
hit her. We then heard a news clip about a teacher who has been
accused of making sexually charged comments about students. Bubba said
that he used to be a volunteer at country side High school, a Greek
woman got him thrown out, he thinks someone should sue the district if
the teacher has touched girls. Ross came on saying the tribute song
was awesome, he then asked Bubba about a cop who got shot, Bubba said
he needs to talk with him. We then heard a news clip about a teacher
who was dealing drugs. Bubba said if she’s hot, it brings the story up
a little, he thinks she’s a Bulgarian. Michelle in Tampa said back
when she was in school, she took advantage of the attention, one of
her friends slept with the football coach. Bubba thinks people didn’t
get busted as they do now. Bubba told John on protection to hold on,
he read from the comments section about a teacher knocking up a
cheerleader. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – The guys comment on the news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army App.
John on protection said when he was in high school, a family member
got into an altercation with a football coach, he had sex with one of
the cheerleaders at another school, they ended up getting married,
he’s still working at the school. We then heard a news clip about a
teacher who used to be a prostitute, Bubba stopped the clip when she
said she was a dancer in Mexico, ned made some donkey noises, Brent
said he’s been to one before, he couldn’t get out of there fast
enough, Bubba then groaned at the teacher’s picture, Spice said she’s
facially bankrupt. Bubba then read about Art Schlichter getting caught
stealing more than $1,000,000 from a 68 year-old woman, he said he’s
been suspended from the NFL for life, he then told Jason in Clearwater
that he probably can’ talk about donkey bars here, he doesn’t think
anyone can use the term “amazing” about a donkey bar, he said if you
want a good life, do the opposite of Ned. We then heard a news clip
about two kids who died after getting stabbed, Bubba wondered what a 1
year-old and a four year-old can do to you, he then said a former
Gator is saying that Urban Meyer had a heart attack, Brent said Moody
is one of his least favorite Gators, as he beats the bible over
people’s heads. Bubba read that the NFL is possibly on its way to a
lockout; Brent explained the two big problems:

1. An 18 game season
2. The revenue sharing between the players and owners

Bubba said the only guys he has sympathy for, are the old guys who are
crippled, Manson said the NFL has a horrible track record. Bubba said
it’s a bunch of rich dicks complaining about being rich dicks. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Hulk Hogan Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for RadioIo.com, followed
by Manson and Twenty-five’s “You’re The Type of Guy”, followed by
“American Girl” by Tom Petty. Bubba thanked Mike from DB Plugz, Spice
thinks Bubba sounds fine. Bubba thinks Ned won’t like them; Spice said
he loves having his ear buds in while at the Grocery store. Bubba took
a call from a guy who said he’ll be dropping the tray; he thinks Bill
Foster is week. We then heard one of Hogan’s many bumpers; Hogan said
Bubba is the only one who can uproot Davis. Bubba apologized for not
calling Hogan back, as he’s been really busy. Hogan said bubba missed
The Rock on Raw, he said he got a great pop, he then said he has to
kiss Renta Center’s ass, Bubba said he’d love to do a call in with
Troy Aikman. Bubba wondered why the guys leave him on an Island all by
himself when Hogan is on; Spice said he’s watching the clock. They
then ended the show a few seconds later.

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