Tuesday, February 08, 2011

February 8th, 2011 by Staff

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Recap by Blind Lawrence
This recap is also dedicated to the Bubba Army, for getting Bubba over
50,000 followers on Twitter. We thank you for all you do.

Segment 1 –

Bubba talked about an article in the paper in regards to his Go Davis
comments yesterday, he doesn’t get why Cox doesn’t announce that the
show is back, he thinks that their close to losing the Orlando
affiliate. Brent said he personally emailed Davis yesterday, inviting
him to appear on the show, he hasn’t heard back, he went on to say
that he thinks Darryl Rouson is a racist. Bubba said that Darryl
called him an idiot; his comeback was that Darryl was a crack head.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubba on the brink of melting down

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for early enlistment,
followed by some Rev Theory. Bubba came on saying these guys had a
good sound, he then wondered where they were from, Spice pointed out
that Bubba asks the most random questions. Bubba then said hello to
some guys listening to the show in Orlando, he then said that Gootch
Patterson asked him about getting chicken dip in Daytona, he then
tried to find out on btls.com, but wasn’t finding anything. Spice said
he told Bubba the web department was in shambles weeks ago, he then
said Bubba told him to relax, Bubba said that was his way of telling
Spice to get it taken care of, he then said that he was very close to
having a meltdown on Dave Miley. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 3 – Dave Miley calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the payment plan for
RadioIO.com. Bubba said he got an email from someone asking him to
give out the number more often. Dave Miley came on, Spice wondered who
the owner of this is, Dave said he’s majority owner, and majority
booker. Bubba said he’s told him he doesn’t like the logo, he wonders
why it’s snotty nosed, Dave said they’ve changed the one on
Bubbadip.com, he said his website isn’t correct with the information.
Dave said all that stuff is updated on Back9dip.com and Bubbadip.com,
Bubba said he loves him to death but people go to btls.com first. Dave
said some artist designed the snotty nosed logo a long time ago, Spice
said it’s not slick. Bubba said they need consistency, Dave said Bubba
didn’t like the logo the first day it came out. Bubba said yesterday,
he was working on the Cream machine, he then admonished Dave for not
fixing the logo, he then asked Dave to recap what they just talked
about, he thinks ave is just using him, he said the stuff he’s asked
for having gotten done, he said he’s out $50,000 on this, he then hung
up on him, he said he was in a good mood today. Mark in Lakeland said
99.5 was talking about him today, Bubba said Dave Mckay is fine. Walt
in Orlando said the guys have a good show, Bubba said the way the
ratings are delivered screws them over, Walt said that if Cox drops
them from Orlando, he then said that Auggie is on hold, he said he
doesn’t want to deal with him at the moment, he said he’s another guy
using him, he said he believed in the Buffalo Chicken dip product, he
said they have enough orders to get his money back, he said he
believes in Dave, he said that it’s not easy being the boss, saying
how he doesn’t like it sometimes, he then said if anyone would like to
be the boss for a week, they can try it. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various Stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Android
app. Bubba said they’ve had a Satellite issue in some of the cities,
he said that Mike’s Pizza delivered some Meat Balls, Manson said that
Berlin asked for a Chicken dip Vegetarian pizza, Bubba said he’s shot
out of a cannon, he said if no one promotes them, no one will, he then
called up Mike from Mike’s Pizza, he asked him for some sauce, Manson
said he’d like a standard veggie pizza, Mike said he can get the order
delivered by 9:30. Bubba asked the ingredients of “Ned’s 12 Inch meaty
Mandingo”, Mike then explained what it involves, he said that they
sell about 150 slices of chicken dip pizza a day. Bubba then mentioned
the Richard petty driving experience; Spice said the site is
DriveRichard.com. Bubba said they’ll be doing the show live from
Daytona on February 18, he said that their offering a pace car for
Spice, rather than a two seater, Spice said that would be great if
Tony Stewart would drive him around, he said back in the day, Tony
would just throw you in his car, he said that Spice thinks racing
isn’t a big deal. Mark in Orlando said he early enlisted, he said
he’ll follow Bubba where ever he goes, he then said he’s in a
wheelchair, he billed himself as “full CP Effect”, he remembers the
first time he heard the show. We then heard a news clip about Green
Bay closing schools early, Manson said that’s a cool idea. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Aaron Rogers on Letterman

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Early Enlistment.
Bubba came on saying Aaron Rogers was in Disney yesterday, we then
heard Ned’s “Green And Yellow”, followed by “Tom Sawyer” by Rush.
Keith said that 970 reported the Go Davis story, but never mentioned
Bubba’s name. Bubba said that Gene Lasker will be coming by today, he
then said Dave may have to work out of a tent he’s so mad about it,
Brent thinks it should’ve been changed a long time ago. Bubba said
that 111,000,000 people watched the Super Bowl; he said the NFL must
be doing something right, as they’ve gained viewers. We then heard a
news clip about Aaron Rogers going to Disney. Manson said that he’d
like to hear someone say they’re not going to Disney, Spice said the
rides aren’t all that great, he hopes that Farve is at home sniffling.
We then heard a clip of Letterman talking with Aaron Rogers, Bubba
likes letterman better, he thinks Leno is “Shmarmy”, he then said that
Brent’s College Sports show will be on RadioIO.com soon. Jim in St.
Pete said he called Go Davis’s office yesterday, he talked to a
secretary, she told him that he attended the officers’s funeral, Bubba
said he didn’t, he then went back to the Letterman audio, he likes how
Dave will turn on you, as Dave goofed on Farve a little, the guys
think a lot more people don’ like Farve than they originally thought.
Steve in Orlando thinks people from Orlando should call in, Bubba said
he gets fed up with people who are stupid. The first email said they
never listened to the show, and has enjoyed it. Another email wondered
what Bubba was referring to with the chicken dip; Bubba said he’ll
save those for Dave. Another email said they’re in South Carolina, and
is sickened by this Go Davis character. Another email said they love
Toyo Tires, Bubba said he’s an open country kind of guy. Another email
said Davis bought a house for three times the original amount. Another
email said Davis is a cancer to the community. Another email said they
tuned into the RadioO.com stream, the emailer loved the callers from
Boston, Bubba said it’s an exciting enterprise. Alfredo said Bubba
doesn’t allow callers to talk, Bubba said he hasn’t interrupted him,
he said that a majority of the people are on cell phones, he said the
guy gets it, he said it’s like a service. Captain John said he’s been
with billboards for 10 years, he suggested the guys hook up with Andre
Carola, he then hung up on the guy for being foolish, he thinks people
don’t like having the real world bounced over their heads as they go
to work, he then described what radio is like now, saying how they’d
like hosts to hit six topics in about fifteen minutes, he said he’s
not going down without a fight, he said everyone on his Twitter is
busting his balls on blasting Farve, he’s said time and time again
that he’s wrong. We then heard Manson’s “Brett Farve Coors Lite”.
Bubba said if you can’t hear them at work on a standard radio, you can
always visit RadioIO.com. Brian told Bubba to stand his ground, he
told Bubba to stay strong. Sean said the reason why the show is great
is a resemblance of a group of friends; he thinks the show isn’t doing
good in Orlando, as the subjects are ongoing. Bubba said you can’t
pick up on anything mid stream, he said they keep what they have,
they’re not attracting new people, as no one is advertising them, he
then said that Bob and Tom has a once a year billboard, he said
McDonald’s has a great advertising campaign, he said companies
continue to remind people as to what it’s like. Sarah said it’s sad
that the show might leave Orlando. Bubba said that Airport Chrysler
Jeep is offering a free oil change if you mention the Bubba Army. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Bubba rants Against Goliath Davis and Darryl Rouson

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army app.
Bubba said that Airport Chrysler Jeep will have meet and Greet passes
for Bubba’s appearance on Feb. 19. Jim said he was in radio for 30
years, he said he understands Bubba’s pain; he said that the audience
is more thoughtful than the average person. Bubba said if he goes
against corporate, he could get dropped, he then moved on to talk
about the Go Davis; Spice said that every city has a situation similar
to this. Dave in West Palm said he’s removed from Goliath Davis, he
said it burnt him up to read the reader’s comments, Spice said half
the people are supporting Bubba, while the other comments bash him.
Bubba said that no one held Davis’s feet to the fire, he said he’s not
a pussy, he’s a prick, he then said that he knows Davis is in trouble,
as Mike Deeson called him yesterday, Manson said this would be like a
white guy showing up at hank Earl Car’s funeral (Hank killed two cops
on ay 19, 1998, he then killed himself later that day). Bubba wonders
what Goliath Davis does, he then explained who he is, saying that he
scared White Political figures into convincing them that he’ll
represent the African American community, he said Davis makes about
$221,000 a year, with $66,000 going to a pension fund, he said that
you could get six to eight cops for the money Davis gets for his
pension, he said Davis attended a cop killer’s funeral, he thinks this
will go the same way the mark Lunsford and Terry Schiavo foundation,
he then read the article from the St. Pete times, he said they’ve
painted this rat into a corner, he thinks Davis should’ve reached out
to Jeff Lacey in private, he said this is from Darryl Rouson’s
template, he told Davis and Rouson that their screwed, he said the
African American community should be disgusted he said that he’s a tax
payer, he has the right to ask questions, he said it’s one stop
shopping with them, he said this is dividing the races, he then
blasted Lesley Curran for saying Davis was supporting a friend by
going to Hydra Lacey’s funeral. Cindy thanked Bubba for bringing this
topic to light. Bubba then read Rouson’s quote about him being an
idiot, he said Manson and Ned are working on Go Davis stuff right now,
he said Rouson has tried to make a living on people who don’t need a
spokesperson. Brent came in with some housing information, Bubba
thinks it’s all a problem, he then read the article Brent gave him on
the housing issue, he told Rouson that he has him. Spice said Rouson
defaulted on some credit card payments. Bubba thinks this is happening
to every city. Steve in Tampa said he’s a 25 year law enforcement, he
said this is right out of Sharpton’s book, Spice said this makes
Sharpton looks civilized. Liz said Davis slid out of a dui charge,
Bubba said he’s more in tune with the African American community than
he is, he then took a call from a guy who thinks Davis and Curran are
romantically involved, he then knocked on the microphone, saying he’ll
go in dry with no lube, he said it’s fun being the bad guy. Larry on
protection said Ned’s song about the Packers was great, he then said
that Davis owes the cops an explanation as to why he didn’t go. Bubba
told Rouson and Davis they had no idea about the Bubba Army, he then
said that Mike Deeson will gladly go in dry. Peter said last year, he
got tipped off about the dui video of Davis, he thought Bill Foster
would do something about him. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Goliath Davis’s DUI Video

Bubba came on saying they’ll be going in dry, he then told Goliath
Davis he has no idea what he’s gotten himself into. Chad in Lakeland
asked if Bubba is worried about the Uhurus possibly killing him, Bubba
said he is. Denny in Dayton thanked Bubba for his show, Bubba thanked
him for listening, he then said that in the 80’s, Davis was the head
of training of Police, his secretary took his police issued shotgun
home, and killed her fire fighter husband, all homicide detectives
that were there that night were given big jobs, once he became chief,
his Brother is currently in prison for rape. Kenny said guys like Go
Davis, Al Sharpton are people who won’t let Racism die. We then heard
audio of Davis getting pulled over for a DUI, Bubba said that they
should put this up at Btls.com, he stopped and started to describe
what was on the screen, Spice said this is the video of the day on
btls.com, Bubba didn’t like how the cop practically let Davis off.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Bubba clashes with a caller

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Early Enlistment.
Bubba asked that Brent look into Jesse Millet, he then congratulated
Kevin hayslett’s son’s soccer team. Troy in St. Petersburg said
there’s a lot of questions to be answered, Bubba told him he needs to
stop cursing, Troy doesn’t like Bubba talking smack on Rouson and
Davis. Spice said the question he’s asking Troy is, why was lacey
hiding from the cops, Troy said hydra was an asshole, Bubba said
that’s where it starts and stops, he thinks Troy is the kind of guy
that Goliath Davis has made a living at representing. Spice said the
guy was militant, asking all the wrong questions. Bubba said he
doesn’t care if he gets killed, he thinks Davis will be out of a job
by the end of the month. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. ray cabal

    nice job someone has the balls to call this guy out .bubba is the man.go in dry.

  2. Bo Kentner

    I cannot tell you how much we miss Bubba and the gang out here on the west coast. Howard talks as if there is still a chance you might return to Sirius radio and we can only hope. Bubba, in my opinion, is the perfect talent to follow Howard and brings a refreshing and unique blend of redneck humor and a honesty to the air. What kind of management refuses to reward a true talent for being special and deprive a the customer base of hearing the best when they are paying for it. God Bless guys and please let us know how we can help.

  3. Daddyoh

    Good Show today…heard replay on Radioio!
    Big Bubba Mark and always trying to promote the Show on my blog!


    Yeah, Screw those assholes!!! Go go Davis mobile, right the hell out of StPete….. Damn right __uck the uhurus urugheads or what ever they call themselves. Non the less, whatcha back Bubba; them basturds take their easy money seriously…and GoDavis is their easy ass.

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