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Top Stories:
Walmart Doesn’t Stock Chris Brown Album; Singer Throws Tantrum on Twitter
Mistress Cori Rist speaks about affair on Today Show
DCF Reportedly Visits Tiger Woods’ Home
USF Bulls coach Jim Leavitt: ‘So wrong’ to say he hit player
Woman, 98, charged with murdering 100-year-old roommate
New trial set in Neo Nazi case

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Bubba disappointed with yesterday’s show, sports scores,
Jonathan Zeigler calls in

The show started off with AC/DC’s “Thunder Struck” as bumper music,
Bubba said that Spice does a really good Brian Johnson, Spice thought
it might be too early in the morning, he did it a few seconds later,
the guys think he did a good job. Bubba said he listened to the replay
from yesterday’s show, he wasn’t all that impressed by the product. We
then heard the Monday Night Football music, Bubba went over the stats,
he thinks Sluggo may have saved his job, he then recapped some sports
scores, he said he doesn’t want to fire someone before the Holidays.
Bubba wonders if he should play the golden ticket bumper, as someone
is claiming to have a golden ticket, he’s convinced the last golden
ticket is sitting under someone’s Christmas tree. We then heard the
promo, Bubba went to John in Indiana, John said he got the ticket,
Bubba congratulated him. John said he knows Indiana like the back of
his hand, he thinks he’ll be bringing a friend. John in St. Petersburg
said there’s a jumper on the Skyway, Bubba said that he’s got the new
Springsteen bit to play; Spice recapped the number of people who have
jumped off the Skyway this year. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Toys For Ta Tas”.
Bubba said that today’s iPod is Spice’s, Bubba said the guy in
Arrested Development had a smooth sound, he said he liked the iPhone
application where you can tag stuff. Bubba went over some birthdays,
the guys reflect on Don Johnson’s song “Heart Beat”. Bubba said that
tonight at midnight will be the cutoff for the Bubba Wonka order; he
then went on to plug the Toys For Ta Tas event. We then heard “Heart
Beat”, Bubba thinks it proves how hapless they were, Spice thinks it’s
bad, Manson thinks he’s talking, Bubba agrees. He went on to say that
he’s going to get to the hook and leave, Spice thinks Don Johnson will
be checking the mail. Linda, Nick the intern’s Mom asked the guys if
they liked the Sambuca she sent them, Ned said he drank it all. Bubba
thinks Nick is ahead of a lot of the guys. Spice wondered if it’s
legal, Linda said it is, she said that if she had an affair with Ned,
he’d end up getting the kids and other stuff, Ned said he would pour
Sambuca on her and light her on fire. The first email of the day said
that Honey Bake Hams doesn’t know what they’re talking about when
mentioning the chicken dip, Bubba directed her to the website. Another
emailer suggested Bubba check out the Wing house, Bubba said he likes
it, Spice said he digs the sauces. Another emailer said he’d like to
bring his son to WWE in Tampa, Bubba said he’d like to give the guy
tickets, as he’s an army guy. Another emailer said he races trucks; he
wonders if they’re sold at a competitive price, Bubba said Steve from
Sting Ray Chevy can help the guy out. Another emailer said his wife
will be representing the Bubba Army today, as they won some items from
the children’s home, an event Clear channel puts on every year.
Another emailer wondered if Bubba and Manson would sign an old Power
pig bumper sticker. Another emailer said the Canadians still have to
get a Bubbapalooza, Bubba said that’s on his bucket list. Another
emailer asked if the guys will do a Bubbapalooza in Southern
California, the emailer knows of a casino that is more than willing to
help out, Spice thinks Los Angeles would be a good place. Another
emailer was mad that Bubba denied them on MySpace. Another emailer
said that the Dugger family has a reality show. Another emailer thinks
Bubba is stupid for not being able to read a live commercial. Another
emailer said the guys have gotten him through the work day. The last
emailer of the day thanked Bubba for getting people to come to
Buddy’s, Bubba said he’ll never forget them. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Bucket list discussions, Tiger Woods discussions, B-Fudd calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BubbaRaw.com
dollar preview, then into “The Tiger Woods Remix”. We then heard some
Bruce Hornsby as bumper music; Bubba thinks it’s really clean, he
thinks the wives won’t appreciate it. Bubba said the bucket list won’t
be new Year’s resolutions per say, he wants to revisit this stuff a
year from now. He went on to recap the stuff from BubbaArmy.com; Spice
said he would crack up when people wouldn’t take their toy donations.
Bubba thinks a lot of people listen to the show, as Denis Rodman was
on Larry King’s show; Bubba thinks Denis isn’t being himself in the
clip. The guys think that Tiger Woods is on growth, Bubba thinks he
won’t be coming back, Spice thinks that stuff wouldn’t help out in
golf. Bubba remembers a guy named DJ Tommy, who was really skinny, but
could drive the ball; Manson thinks he should’ve gone to rehab from
the start. Bubba said that if Tiger was to do a two hour interview on
Oprah, it would be the most watched thing ever, he thinks Tiger should
donate half the money from the special to a women’s abuse shelter.
Manson said that people don’t care, Brent said that people still don’t
like Barry Bonds for not tackling the steroid issue, Manson thinks
Tiger has Michael Jackson syndrome. Bubba went back to the clip, he
goofed on King’s voice, he thinks Denis is being a flip-flopper on
this, Manson thinks Larry isn’t paying attention. Bubba thinks Tiger
should do what Rodman did, where Rodman got himself ejected from the
game, only to end up flying to Vegas, Spice thinks Larry saying party
isn’t cool, Bubba thinks third graders write Larry King’s questions.
Bubba read an article about a doctor who might have given athletes
drugs; he had a tough time saying Actovegin. We then heard B-Fudd’s
bumper, B-Fudd came on and wished Bubba happy anniversary, he said
it’s his anniversary of meeting the guys. Bubba thinks B-Fudd should
be the spokesman for Tiger, B-Fudd thinks tiger should donate his
money to a women’s abuse shelter, Spice thinks B-Fudd would be part of
the news. Bubba thinks they should be reporters and ask B-Fudd some
questions. Bubba asked about Tiger getting beaten up, B-Fudd said he
just got into a wreck. Spice asked about the possibility of Tiger
being with a woman when his Dad died, B-Fudd thinks it was Tiger’s
wife. Spice asked about the number of women Tiger has been with;
B-Fudd asked Spice if he likes picking on a mildly retarded guy. Bubba
asked Tiger’s wife not wearing her wedding ring, B-Fudd said she lost
it. Bubba explained who B-Fudd is for the new listeners, Manson thinks
he’s answering the questions dead on. Spice asked about Tiger wanting
to take off from Golf, B-Fudd said he wanted to try something
different. Bubba said that Tiger is sad, he thinks another baby would
help out, she was horrified by this, B-Fudd said she doesn’t want to
get pregnant. Spice asked about Tiger being suicidal, B-Fudd said no.
Bubba asked about two new girls coming out, he was known as Mr.
Brightside, B-Fudd said Tiger was just trying to be nice. Bubba asked
about some other girls, B-Fudd said no comment. Bubba asked about a
new name that’s being kicked around, B-Fudd asked him if he’s picking
on him, he said he’s answering the questions to the best of his
abilities. Bubba asked about a girl on the Today show, B-Fudd said
that they’re white trash who are looking for a payday. We then heard
the clip, B-Fudd said that Tiger sent the girl over, he said that he
bought her a drink, then left. Bubba thinks it just gets worse and
worse as the days go by. Bubba thinks B-Fudd lied about the wedding
ring, B-Fudd said she has a backup ring, he said it’s in a safe. We
then heard a news clip about the DCF checking out Tiger’s house,
B-Fudd said no comment; he said he’ll have a comment soon. We then
heard a clip of tiger’s catty, saying that he tells the truth. B-Fudd
said they respect the guy, he thinks the girls are lying about all
this stuff; he said Tiger is great to work with. Bubba asked about his
treatment with Hammil and Tiger, B-Fudd said that Hammil treats him
better. Bubba said that B-Fudd knows what’s going on; Spice said that
he got a 67 iq; he thinks the simpler the better. We then heard
Manson’s “Horny Black Guy In The PGA”, then into Ned’s “White Wife Of
Tiger”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Stacey Huse, bucket list, Ned’s sandwich

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Toys For Ta Tas”,
then into a news clip about Willie Crane, a man who murdered Amanda
Brown ten years ago. We then heard Manson’s “Date With Willie Crane”
from “Raw and Uncensored” disc 2, track 15, parody of “crazy Train” by
Ozzy Ozborn. We then heard some Dave Matthews band as bumper music,
Bubba said that he likes the selections so far, he went on to say that
Ned wasn’t invited to Howard’s party, Bubba said it’s impossible.
Bubba wondered if Ned could go to New York, Ned saying making an ass
out of himself is half the fun, he recapped how it would possibly go
down; Ned is convinced that Lasker put something in his drink in
Houston; Bubba said he’s been through this drill before. The guys
think saying check after everything is very redneck-ish. We then heard
the Bubba Wonka golden ticket bumper, Bubba went to Stacey Hues, Bubba
wondered what sex she was, she said she was excited, she said she’ll
be bringing her husband. Bubba said this is a strange twist, she said
that she digs the show, she thinks getting high is like going back to
high school, Bubba said he never sees the guy getting high, he said
that Heather hung out with some Mexicans back in the day, he said he
doesn’t’ care about that. Stacey said that she’ll be sure to party
hard, as May 4 is her birthday, she’ll be 28. Bubba asked her how she
found the show; she said she listened to the show when it first
started. Bubba put her on hold a few seconds later, he thinks it’s a
breath of fresh air, he wanted to do the bucket list next, Ned
suggested they do ping pong balls. Bubba said they’ll revisit it next
December 15, Dave said he’ll mark this portion of the show. Bubba said
he had ten things on his list, Spice said he has seven, Brent said
he’s got three, Ned said eight, Dave said three, Manson said he has

Bubba’s List:

1. Lose another forty pounds
2. Vacation with him and Heather
3. Go to Costa Rica
4. Bubbapalooza in Canada and Orange county
5. Race more
6. Move into new studios
7. Be more organized with his offices

Ned’s List:

1. Sex tour of Tyland
2. Bungee jump
3. Spend a week at a Dude Ranch with LeVar Burton
4. Club baby seals in New Finland
5. Swim with the Dolphins, or the Jagwires
6. Get a sandwich named after him (Crossed off)

Spice’s list:

1. Go to Costa Rica
2. Learn to play guitar
3. Try to stop taking sleeping pills
4. More stuff with Rob con
5. Make Money

Brent’s list

1. Finish writing his fiction book
2. Throw away a lot of stuff

Dave’s list

1. Try to convince his kid to ride a bike
2. Move on to a blue trail
3. Raise Chickens

Manson’s list

1. Bring to life a free-thinking comedy tour

Bubba called up Mike from Mike’s Pizza. Bubba asked mike how many
locations does he have, Mike went over what he has, Bubba and Mike
wonder who thought of the breakfast pizza, Bubba thinks they should
bring that back. Mike described the breakfast pizza; he said it’s like
an omelet on a pizza. Mike’s number is 727-572-4888. Bubba told Mike
about the Ned sandwich, he wonders if they could make one, Mike said
they need to know what kind of meat Ned likes, Ned went over what he’d
like, Mike said Fabrizi has a sandwich that he likes, he described it,
Ned thinks they should call it “Ned’s Meaty Mandingo”, ned said he was
overwhelmed. Mike described his idea for the sandwich; Bubba said that
it has to be twelve inches. Bubba thinks that they should have a
rollout date, Mike thinks they can do it tomorrow, Bubba said he wants
it to be after the vacation, Mike suggested they mix in the chicken
dip, Ned thinks it’ overkill. Bubba thanked him for coming on; Ned
said he’ll be crossing that off his list.

Segment 5 – Bucket List conclusion, is Spice selfish?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”. Bubba
said that Steve Hurly can hook you up with a crate motor. Bubba went
back to the bucket list.

Dave‘s list

4. Physical activities

Manson’s list

2. Do something in the form of volunteerism

Bubba thinks Spice refuses to spend time with Tasha’s kid; Spice
thinks feeding the homeless doesn’t make anyone else feel good.

Spice’s list

6. Traveling to Amsterdam and getting high
7. Get his charity up and running

Bubba’s list

8. Slow down a little
9. A show get away

Brent’s list

3. Get down to under 185 pounds
4. Be 100% mentally well

Ned’s list

7. Kill a guy in commercials

The guys think Spice is the cheapest one at the show, Dave thinks he’s
not that cheap anymore, he thinks Spice is selfish. Bubba took a call
from a woman who said Toys for Tatas really helps out; Bubba wondered
why she’s in need for toys. Bubba and the caller went back and forth;
he ended up Eviling her a few seconds later. Spice said that a few
times, his Mom would sit him and his siblings down to tell that they
wouldn’t have Christmas, Bubba thinks he lost her as a listener, Spice
said he’s shocked that toys are really cheap. Drew said he knows a guy
who is like Spice when it comes to giving, he thinks Spice might be
logical, Bubba Eviled him for not making sense. Alex said he’s got a
cousin like Spice, Bubba Eviled him, Bubba thinks they should leave
the therapy to the guys in the studio. Bubba wondered how Manson would
describe the Springsteen BRN bit is all about, Manson explained it, he
said over the years, it has spun out of control. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Springsteen Rags the BRN 2009

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Springsteen Rags the BRN 2009”.
In the bit, Springsteen goes around the BRN to ask various members
what they’d like for Christmas. This year’s line-up included in the
following order:

1. Pantera – Told to freak out under the missal toe
2. Jabberjaw – compared Bubba and MJ, saying that Bubba isn’t short
3. Spice – T-shirts for his step son
4. Al-kida – Asked for a new gimmick, but was denied
5. Ned – had a big list of stuff, he then told everyone he’s not gay
6. Blind Lawrence – ended up touching Ned’s penis twice, he was denied
the chance to get his sight back
7. Sluggo – Got a webmaster’s license, but then got it revoked
8. Russ – groped his man boobs
9. Bubba – Got a billion dollar check to stop talking about chicken dip
10. Tom Bean – Beat up Santa for having his elves mess with his stuff
11. Dave Rice – Got the Ned wha treatment
12. Twenty-Five Cent – Fired for saying the n word
13. Big Dick – Sang “Put On A Happy Face” with Manson
14. Hammil – got nothing
15. Brent – Threw a trashcan at Santa
16. Miller – Talked smacked to Santa
17. Carl Harris – cursed out Santa
18. Manson – had a booth for those who wanted to suck his dick

They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – the guys comment on the news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “toys For Tatas”. We
then heard a news clip about Shannon Burke in court for violated
probation. We then heard Manson’s “Shannon Burke Song” from “Bubba
Show classics Vol. 10”, track 13. Bubba said he likes the Shannon
Burke news clip; he replayed the clip of his wife saying how he was a
great man. Bubba thinks life is a shakedown, Spice said he can’t go
through a grocery store without someone ringing a bell, Brent said
that reality shows are a big shakedown, Bubba thinks those shows don’t
need a second take. Bubba thinks Wal-Mart should be allowed to sell
whatever they’d like; he said that if they choose not to sell the
Chris Brown album, that’s for them to decide. Bubba read from Chris
Brown’s Twitter account, he said he’d like to meet him and tell him
what time it is. Bubba hopes that big stores don’t sell his stuff;
Spice said he’s still not apologetic over his situation; Bubba doesn’t
like how the African American community hasn’t rebelled against him
more. We then heard Manson’s “Chris Brown Song” from “bubba’s New and
misc hits Vol. 9”, track 7, and “The Clemulus Package” disc 3, track
17. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BubbaRaw.com
dollar preview. Bobby in St. Petersburg said he feels Bubba’s pain
when it comes to the Holidays, Bubba said it’s stupid that he has to
go to a music concert, he went on to say that he’s thinking about
going to BJ’s Brew House, Spice said the cheese bread at Red Lobster
is what he likes, Bubba said he Helen Keller’s people while they’re
eating, he thinks they should stop doing that, he thinks Manson’s kids
are too old to do experience it. We then heard a clip of Will smith
covering “Rapper’s Delight”, Spice said Toby Keith doing the slant
eyes thing is a problem. Bubba said he doesn’t have a problem with a
guy getting yolked up by his football coach, he thinks we should leave
him alone, he thinks the people at FanHouse.com are a bunch of marks.
Chester in Orlando thinks Bubba is wrong as far as Chris Brown goes,
Bubba hung up on him; he thinks it was an impersonation. Chris in
Winter haven said his wife is going to Clear channel with some Bubba
Army gear on, Chris said she was right by MJ’s door, bubba thinks he
towered over her. Bubba read an article about a city paying back
bailout money; Bubba said he’s refreshed by all this. Bubba said that
Charlie Murphy’s wife died last night, Spice said she had cancer. Ken
thinks B-Fudd couldn’t shine up the Chris Brown turd, he wished the
guys a happy Holiday season. The guy thinks one of the previous
callers shouldn’t have divorced her husband. James in Jacksonville
said if the woman wants to make a difference, she should donate some
toys to some kids. We then heard a news clip about Raheem Morris,
Bubba thinks they shouldn’t have gotten rid of coach Gruden, as he
wouldn’t have stood for Derrick Brooks getting cut. We then heard a
clip about John Ditullio getting sent to a new trial, bubba doesn’t
like how it was hung 10-2 not guilty, they then ended the show a few
seconds later.

2 Responses

  1. Lou

    Hey could Manson make a new Vack U and Asshopper bit or a Black man?!Oh and a new Spanky’s Christmas commercial!!!
    Thanks for the Laughs!!
    Merry Christmas guys!

  2. Lawrence


    A little 411 for ya my brother. On June 27, 2003, manson killed off the Fah-Q character, by having him die of Sars. For some Fah-Q material, download the album “manson’s clem’s Creek and Fah-Q”. The last blackman bit was done in July of 2007, where he brings back the n word. For Blackman bits, download “The Adventures of Blackman”. As far as a new Spanky’s commercial, I think he’s covered every holiday under the sun, so it should be safe to say that the bit is retired.for Spanky’s themed elements, check out “bubba’s Holiday classics Vol. 2″.

    Happy Holidays!

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