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Top Stories:
Bowden may retire today; Weis is fired
Mike Huckabee defends freeing convict wanted in Washington police shootings
Woman gives birth to 15 pound baby
Tiger Woods won’t play in Thousand Oaks, cancels Tuesday news conference
Police: Cop killer suspect may be hurt or dead inside Seattle home
White House Party Crashers Called to Testify Before Congress

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Sports Recap, Mili Cyrus concert, spitting at people

Bubba asked the guys to guess the bumper music selection, Ned said
Manson, he got buzzed, he then guessed Brent, he got a tymbal for
that. Brent said he likes the song, the guys cracked up at this, Bubba
said he’s selecting tomorrow’s music, it landed on Dave, he wonders if
they should diversify the iPod selections, Spice said no. We then
heard the Monday Night Football music, Bubba said the game last night
got him mad, he said he picked the Pats for the game, Sluggo told him
the game was being played in New England, as opposed to the Super
Dome. Bubba had Sluggo in, Sluggo said he didn’t remember saying that,
he told Bubba he’s good with conversations, Spice thinks he’s being
sarcastic. Bubba recapped some sports scores, he thinks the biggest
thing tonight is the Mili Cyrus concert; he thinks Spice will be able
to see all the people going there, Spice said he’s going to try and
avoid that area. Bubba said scalping tickets for that show is so bad,
you have to bring the credit card you used for purchasing the tickets,
he’s not sure if Julia is allowed to go. We then heard a news clip
about a guy who paid a teenager $31 to spit in his face, Bubba wonders
how it can be illegal if the guy had his pants on, Brent said he was
wracking his brain for that. Manson said he would do it for free, Ned
said he would bring one up from the depts.; he then made a spitting
sound. Bubba said he’s getting conflicting reports that Hogan got
married last night, Manson said he thought Hogan knew how to work,
Spice said that would be bits for days, Bubba said he would have heat
with him. The then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails and Birthdays

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”. Bubba
said that you’ve got until December 15 to order your copy, he then
plugged Brent’s live chat tomorrow night on BubbaRaw.com, he said
people have been emailing him about it; Spice said there’s a three
pack of Bubba Raw Volumes 1-3 in a package. Bubba admonished Ned for
asking Twenty-five Cent for twelve copies of it, he thinks Ned spends
no money when it’s Christmas time. The guys think Seasons 52 is
opening soon. The first email of the day thinks the satellite
listeners are screwed when Bubba calls out the winners of the 12
Boobs of Christmas®, Bubba said that stuff is just for the regular
radio listeners. Another emailer wondered where Bubba was at, Bubba
told the emailer where it was, the name of the club is Showgirls 3,
he’s shocked Spice is complaining about the dollar dance. Another
emailer asked Bubba about K and N filters, Bubba said he puts an
induction system on his car, he said you can’t just put the filter in,
you have to put the whole system in. Another emailer said the chicken
dip is fantastic. Bubba said he cruised around the neighborhood, Dave
from Back9bbq called him up; he ended up eating a whole thing of
chicken dip, as well as a whole bag of potato chips. Spice said he
would love Bubba on a trampoline, he said he would bounce higher;
Bubba said he’s been known to short space the kids on that. Another
emailer said Henry Rollins should be on the show. Another emailer
wondered what kind of car will Bubba be driving in Orlando, Bubba said
he’s driving one of Mike Surgie’s cars. The last email of the day said
they saved about $900 with Lumber Liquidators. Bubba went over some
birthdays, he said he didn’t have an opinion on Sarah Silverman, until
he went to Howard’s wedding, he said Richard Pryor would’ve been 69,
Ned thinks he was a genius. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 3 – Tiger Woods, Seattle op killer dead, Bubba rants against
Mike Huckabee

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaWonka.com, then
into Manson’s “Tiger Woods Song”. We then heard “Shoot To thrill” as
bumper music. Bubba asked that people leave Tiger alone, Spice said it
wouldn’t happen. Jim said he saw Kurt Angle on TNA, he thinks he’s as
white as Brent; Bubba said he’s trying to get up to speed on that
stuff. Bubba thinks Tiger and his old lady got in to a fight, she
flipped out and took a golf club to the car, he then hit a fire plug
an a tree. Spice said that sounds like a good story, but he’s gone
with the angle that his wife is a hero, Brent said it doesn’t make
sense, Bubba likes Spice’s thoughts on it, Spice redacted the story on
to “Bitch went crazy”. We then heard a news clip about that, Bubba
doesn’t’ like how they have a diagram of the accident. Spice asked if
the guys have seen the girl Tiger was with, the guys think she’s hot.
Bubba thinks all Tiger wants to do is to get a little crazy on the
weekends. Bubba said that Charles Barkly is commenting on this
situation, he then read an article about Tiger pulling out of his own
golfing event. The guys goof on John Daily, Manson joked that he sets
up his shots with a sixteen ounce beer. The guys go over a best
case/worse case situation. Spice said Tiger is more of a man than
anyone of them, Manson said it wouldn’t be a good scene if she smashed
all the windows of the mansion. Bubba said that in a worse case
situation, the bright spot is Tiger pulling away, Manson said Donna
punches hard, he said he’s done stuff like Tiger back in the day.
Bubba read a quote about Charles Barkly; we then heard a clip of him
discussing his dui. Spice thinks after this is all over, the marriage
is done, he thinks Tiger should get out, the guys disagree. Manson
said all this does is put Tiger at rock star status, Spice said he
thinks Tiger is cool for tagging multiple chicks, Bubba thinks if
Tiger did what Charles did, it would take an hour to list all the
sponsors. We then heard a clip of Charles apologizing for his gambling
addiction; Spice likes how he took the bullets out of everyone’s guns.
Bubba said he met Charles once, he said he’s a really big guy in
person. Lisa in Orlando said people need to think about Kobey Bryant
did, Bubba said Michael Vick was in more trouble for what he did.
Bubba said that Sirius/XM is thinking about making its services
global, he thinks it would be fantastic. Brent said that the guy who
shot the cops was killed, we then heard the tymbal, Spice thinks it’s
a lot of cops with itchy trigger fingers. We then heard a news clip
about the cops looking for the guy, Bubba is interested in the guy’s
back-story. We then heard a news clip about the guy getting shot,
Bubba said this makes his day, he hopes the guy got lit up Grady Jud
style, he said there’s too much technology to not get away with stuff
like that, he went on to say that it’s not hard to be a good person.
Spice said he’s all about profiling, he doesn’t like when an old woman
gets shaken down at the airport, but the Arab guy goes right through.
Bubba read about mike Huckabee’s statements on this situation, he said
he’s glad this stuff came out; he doesn’t like how the guy is soft. We
then heard a clip of Huckabee commenting on the situation, Bubba
called him a bible banging pussy. Brent said the prosecutor told
Huckabee not to pardon the guy, Bubba said he’d gladly take 47 years,
as opposed to getting out. Bubba said Huckabee refused to investigate
the West Memphis Three case, he said he’d look at dna as fast as
possible, he thinks Huckabee is a joke. Bubba read that the guy broke
prisoner rules twenty-four times in a nine year span. Spice said it’s
sad that Huckabee is pawning it off. Bubba read that someone tried to
sue Huckabee; it proved that he was soft; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Bobby Bowden discussions, Bubba rants against Clear Channel

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BubbaRaw.com live
chat with Brent tomorrow night, then into some messages from the fans.
Bubba said he’s doing online banking at the moment, Spice wants them
to restart the song, the guys were cracking up at the intro. Frank in
Arizona said he works in forensics, he said when a person’s body part
goes into a wood chipper, it becomes evidence for a crime scene, he
said it’s his job to collect all the parts, he said he’s done two.
Spice wonders how it comes out, Frank said skin comes out looking like
the wood chips, Ned thinks it’s a great jigsaw puzzle, Bubba thinks
stuff would liquefy, Spice thinks it’s a tough gig. Frank said they
take the wood chipper apart; Bubba is grossed out by the guy. Bubba
said they’ll be at Rachel’s this Friday for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®; he thanked Orlando for getting him to number one. Bubba
said he’s pop-culture retarded, he doesn’t know who Adam Lambert is,
Manson said that was good for him, we then heard the tymbal. Spice
said he was a runner up on American Idol, Bubba told him to stop, he
thinks they should’ve stopped after Kelly Clarkson, he thinks the show
is ruining our lives, he wonders if Octomom’s show is on TV yet, Spice
said it’s been on, Bubba is glad they’re isn’t much buzz about it.
Bubba said no one will interview her the way he’d do it. We then heard
a news clip about Charlie Weis getting fired, Bubba thinks the
reporter is drunk. We then heard a news clip about Bobby Bowden
retiring, Bubba is glad this happened. Brent said Florida State has a
good team, they need a powerful leader. Bubba told MJ to watch his
back, he said he’s tried to get away from it, Spice said it’s no
longer a feud, he said clear channel is going to rub his belly now,
Mix 100.7 is going to put Elvis on in the mornings, he thinks Clear
Channel is giving him a big bitch slap. Bubba thinks this will happen
in around eighteen months, he thinks MJ is done, Bubba said he’s not
guilty of anything, he thinks MJ should write a book about destroying
his own career. Bubba said this is the second round of MJ’s fall, he
said the final conquest when the court day arrives, he said he’ll get
John Hogan on the stand, he said he’ll get Randy Michaels to testify,
he thinks he should just top talking about it all together. Bubba
thinks MJ is a bitch for complaining to the Jewish community over a
Photoshop, he said the whole thing is laughable, he said he and Manson
were in the early stages of the Power Pig, all they did was grill
Q105. Bubba said Clear Channel’s lawsuit against him is hypocritical,
as Rush does that all day. Bubba said when he’s able to write his
book, he said they’re done. Bubba said they’re like the fat girlfriend
who lost some weight; they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 5 – Joe the Supermark calls in, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®, then into “She’s The Octomom” from “bubba’s New And Misc
Hits Vol. 9”, track 10, and “The Clemulus Package” disc 4, track 4. We
then heard “Move It on Over” by George Thorogood as bumper music.
Bubba said that Charlie Christe is having a benefit tomorrow, to rsvp,
please call 1800-803-1076. Spice thinks he saw him last at a bar; he
likes how he’s very accessible. We then heard Joe the Supermark’s
bumper, Joe said its Dr. Mark’s birthday today, he recapped how
Bubba’s name got mentioned on TNA. Joe said the Hogan marriage thing
was just him buying her a big wring; Spice said it doesn’t mean she’s
going to be the next one. Joe said he likes Adam Lambert; Bubba told
him it can’t be like that, he thinks Joe had a brain fart, Joe said he
doesn’t like Adam Lambert. Bubba told him to rethink his position on
Adam, Bubba got caught off guard with a Victoria Secret show, Spice
thinks he’ll watch. Bubba hung up on Joe; he said he quits Joe as a
listener. Matt in Palm harbor said he’s over the MJ situation; Bubba
said he rarely brings it up anymore. Bubba said that had he got drunk
and killed MJ’s kids in a car crash, it would be good reason to sue
him; the guy thinks MJ is lame. We then heard some clips of MJ; the
guy said the reverb would drive him crazy. Manson as MJ said Arbitron
rated number one, Bubba thinks MJ is on a milk crate when in front of
the microphone. Bubba doesn’t get the point of the guy’s call. Jackson
in Lakeland was on; Spice said he digs the guy’s voice. Jackson said
he called the J show during commercials, he got hung up on; he said MJ
called him back with the threat of phone harassment. Mike in Richmond
said he’s the uncle of the kid who fell into the wood chipper; he
thanked Bubba for expressing his thoughts on it. Bubba hopes it’s a
real call, the guy said it is. Bubba said the paper was very brief
about it, the guy explained it; he said the kid had no business near
the machine. Bubba thanked him for calling; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Junior Seau calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Retailsales@btls.com.
Bubba said Junior Seau will be coming on, Bubba read a little bit
about the new show. Junior said they just got in, he said he took an
hour nap, Bubba thinks he doesn’t even want to do this, Junior said
he’s happy to be on, he said they ran out for energy in the game, he
said it was a sight to see. Bubba wonders about the Saints coach,
Junior said he’s doing a hell of a job. Bubba plugged Junior’s show,
“Sports Jobs With Junior Seau”; Junior said he’s building the Jets’s
and Dodger’s stadium. Bubba asked him what the toughest one was,
Junior said when you talk about sports, you’re talking about the guys
who take care of the athletes, he said the toughest job is being with
a Sports Illustrated guy, he said some athletes are premadonnas. Spice
wonders if Junior was ever a dick to reporter, Junior said he never
did, but he’s shrugged some reporters off, he went on to recap a story
when he was in a conference with urban Meyer. Spice asked him about
Ryan leaf, Junior said he told him to go take a shower, the guys think
he’s still taking that shower. Bubba asked him the year difference
between him and leaf; he thinks it was five years after. Bubba asked
him how much a fifth picked guy is getting paid; Junior said he
doesn’t check on stuff like that. Spice asked him about who get called
for the first round draft pick who hold off; Junior said it’s a
business thing. Bubba asked Junior who he looked up to, Junior listed
the people he likes. Bubba asked about Kurt Matthews, Junior said he’s
proving he belongs in the league. Bubba asked him about Jack Del Rio,
Junior said jack is a great leader. Bubba asked about Tim Tebow,
Junior said he covered the Florida/Georgia game, he said he couldn’t
take his eyes off of Tebow. Bubba wonders if Tebow will be drafted by
Jacksonville, Junior said he doesn’t see it being a reach. Bubba asked
about Bobby Bowden retiring, Junior said he’s been a great guy for the
game. Bubba asked him about Charlie Weis getting fired; he thinks
Notre Dame isn’t that appealing. Junior thinks Notre Dame will be
relevant, he said playing them was exciting. Spice wonders if we’ll
ever see Junior in the booth, Junior said he’ll look at it; he’s
having fun looking at the behind the scenes stuff. Bubba said they
love him, Junior said he has fun calling into the show; he said the
guys know what the hell they’re talking about, the guys cracked up at
this. Junior thanked the guys for having him on; Bubba let him go a
short time later. Bubba goes over the hall of famers they’ve had on
the show. Brent remembers when Bubba called Dan Marino’s cell phone;
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – manson’s kids produce a bit

Bubba selected the bumper music for the week; he hopes the people who
crashed the Whitehouse party get the book thrown at them. Manson said
his twins have a bit that bag on bubba, Bubba thinks Berlin should
stick to “My Trunk”. The bit starts out with the kids talking about
Manson getting over paid, Bubba joked that it was a bad idea, he
thinks the bit isn’t all that good, Spice was laughing his ass off,
Ned thinks they’re driving it home. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Ned’s Miami apology bit finally airs

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®, then into Ned’s bit where he makes Twenty-five apologize
for saying the n word, Bubba cut in and said he thought this bit was
not to be played. Ned tells Twenty-five to go smoke a joint and chill
out, Bubba stopped it when Twenty-five called some people in Cox
insecure. Spice said he can’ tell what’s going on, Manson agreed,
Brent said they shouldn’t play it, Dave said chicken bleeps are funny.
Ned told Twenty-five to avoid saying the n word; Twenty-five accused
him for making him sound stupid. Bubba cracked up at ned offering to
play Lynyrd Skynyrd behind him. The bit ends with Twenty-five and Ned
mapping out their plans to get high; Ned is convinced that black
people love him. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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