Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 31st, 2010 by Staff

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Segment 1 – Show opening messed up?

The show started off with “Lay Down” by O.A.R. Bubba wondered what was
up with his opening, Dave said he can’t imagine anyone else touching
it other than him and Spice, Bubba said this throws his timing off,
Spice said there’s a sequence. We then heard the final out of The rays
game, followed by O.A.R. Bubba thinks they should look at that every
morning just to be sure, Dave said it’s easy to copy one button to
another, he said he didn’t want to cause a crap storm, they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Various callers, Tampa Bay Rays Discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page (Twitter.com/btlsradio). Bubba said the bumper music was provided
by Chaz, he then wonders what his official title is, Spice thinks
Utility man, he then said that they’ll be doing a boopity/der der/Hung
King Fuey challenge. Bubba took a call from a guy who asked about
Janessa Brazil, he said they’ll have something mapped out in a
creative meeting. Mike in Detroit asked if the guys are ready for New
Orleans, Bubba said he is. Mike went on to say he heard Ferrall last
night, he said that WWE put on a better pay-per-view, Bubba said Scott
has heat with Dana at this point, he doesn’t think that’s the case.
Matt in Brandon said he was watching The Rays game, it looked like a
cave in there, Bubba said it’s sad to know that we’ve got a team
that’s been doing really well, but the stadium is horribly located, he
said Bill Foster will do the best he can to fix this situation, Manson
thinks if you were to sell out the stadium, move the Redsocks or
Yankees to Tampa, Spice joked they could play at Scene, Bubba
suggested they move it to the Fare Grounds, he thinks the Rays will go
to Hartford. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Heather’s Horse issue, Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com, followed
by “Get Higher” by Paper Tongues. We then heard a bumper saying this
was a pandering warning, Spice thinks he might like them, Bubba said
this was Heather’s new favorite band, he said she’s having an issue
with the farrier, he’s cut the shoes so much that they can’t walk, he
said that’s her world, Manson said he’s got a great farrier, Bubba
thinks Donna could cut a promo on this guy, he said heather has been
rescuing horses, Brent told Spice he’d be surprised at how many people
leave the horses, he said Amanda brought him up to speed on the
subject, Bubba said she’s quite the sticker upper. Bubba took a call
from a woman who said if the pasture is damp, it’ll make the hooves
soft, if the farrier cuts them, they might not be able to walk, Bubba
thinks that horses are a chick thing. Dawn said there’s a thing that
will dry the hooves out, Bubba said it seems like the farrier is
always trying to cut it short. David said he’s been a farrier, he said
cutting the hooves too short will cause issues, he said you need to
stable them on hard ground, make sure they don’t eat a lot of grain,
Bubba thanked him for calling. The first email of the day said they’ll
fight Anthony from Brandon. . Another emailer said he’d like to fight
Anthony, Bubba thinks it really struck a nerve. Another emailer said
they emailed Publix last week, a buyer from Publix called him back,
Bubba said he’s gotten several emails about that. Another emailer said
the corporate office of Publix has been receiving calls from people
about the dip, Bubba thinks Dave will make his appearance at Publix
this Thursday. Another emailer said they went to an event in Indiana
while wearing his Bubba Army shirt, people commented. Another emailer
said he’s been wrestling from grade school on, Manson thinks he looks
like Barry Sanders. Another emailer said they had mixed emotions on
selling pot. Another emailer asked how they can sign up for the Bubba
Army; Bubba said there’s no signing up. Another emailer said he got a
response from someone at Publix, bubba thinks it would be nice if
Publix was to sell the dip. Another emailer said he tried the Dare
program, he ended up being a pothead. The last email of the day asked
if they could hear the Grady Jud song, they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Bubba Gets heat with Dave

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for going to Bubbapalooza
with a girl from 2001. Bubba said you can still get tickets on
btls.com, he then said he’ll be at the White Cap in Orlando tomorrow
from 12:00-2:00, he hopes the Bubba Army comes out in full force, he
thinks they’ve been sucking everywhere except for Tampa, he said
Surgey from Atom Smash will be on, as well as Jessey James Dupree, he
then asked Dave if he’s excited about the new studio, Dave said he is,
Bubba thinks Dave is excited, saying it’s like a canvas to him, Dave
said this will be kick ass, he said he’s looking at plans, he didn’t
plan to be on the microphone, he doesn’t even know why he has one,
Bubba wondered why everyone has to be in dick mode all the time, he
proposes tearing Dave’s mic out, he said he’s let his guard down,
Spice said he might be nervous about it, Bubba said if they have a bad
show today, blame it on Dave, Ned said ave can’t throw curveballs.
Steve in Tampa said they’re treating him the same way he treats them,
Spice thinks its Dave’s sense of humor. We then heard a news clip
about Courtney Brantly conspiring with Dante to hide the evidence,
Brent she’s as equally as guilty as him if the law was applied, Bubba
said that never happens, he said he was told the Feds have had to come
in and investigate. Brent said all this does is encourage young people
to not report crimes. Jose in Tampa thinks the guys throw it back at
Bubba he got Eviled a few seconds later. Nell said they’re not saying
Bubba is wrong, she then got Eviled, Bubba said he’s not wrong, he
said everyone there works for him, he then said outside of the job, no
one is to talk to him, unless he talks to you, Spice said e kind of
likes the new rule, Bubba said he needs to talk to Brent about his
book, he thinks Brent could just write the book, he said payroll is on
the 9th, someone at the show is not a good payer, he said he’s still
floating all the Calgary expenses, he wondered why anyone would screw
with him in the morning, he said everyone has their hang ups there, he
said he’s tired of the smartass, unappreciative dicks. Erick in
Jacksonville thinks Dave is putting a lot of pressure on himself. Mike
said sometimes the guys don’t care; he then got Eviled after
mentioning the Economy. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 5 – Various stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaArmy.com. Bubba
went over what they’ve got coming up on the show for today, he then
plugged both of his White Cap appearances, he said that Rick Fox will
be on “Dancing with The Stars”, he then went over the people on the
show, Brent said Tucker did it, but got voted off. Tony in St.
Augustine apologized for Bubba’s bad moment; she thinks it’s because
of the industry. Sandy said our legal system has gotten screwed up,
“Dueling Der Ders” from “Bubba Show Classics Vol. 11”, track 14 was
heard in the background, Bubba hung up on h her for cursing. Rob in
Tampa thinks Bubba should have the Evil Knievel clip as a ring back;
Bubba then used it on him, saying it could come back and bite you in
the ass. We then heard a news clip about the God Hates Fags people
spraying people with mace at a funeral, Spice said they’ll get
attention for it, he said she’s a nice woman off air, Bubba thinks she
could be doing far better things, Manson thinks God couldn’t care
about the Soldiers in the old testament, Spice said that one of her
daughters texted him (April 19, 2010), he wonders how cool it would be
to take her virginity, Ned thinks she’d be going nuts in bed. Bubba
said that Ron Paul thinks there might not be gold in Fort Knocks,
Spice and Manson think that’s the case, he thinks it should be
mandatory, Spice said he’s got a great point, he wonders why it’s
wrong to question our Government. Kenny in Braington thinks the woman
should be put in jail, the guys then goofed on his voice, Spice
wonders if this is Santa, Kenny then asked for some tickets, Spice
said he can get him some tom Petty tickets, Kenny said he’ll send a
picture of his wife. We then heard hammil’s song about Grady Jud; they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Surgeo from Atom smash calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for bubba’s White Cap
appearance tomorrow. Bubba said that he and some non work friends will
be at Scene on Saturday, he went on to say that they got another check
from Look Swimwear, Spice said sluggo is working on something. We then
heard a news clip about Lesley Curin getting involved in a serious
bike accident, Bubba said she’s in a coma, Spice wonders why you’d do
that, Manson thinks you won’t get charged. Bubba played a little bit
of Atom smash when they were in studio (June 2, 2010). Surgeo came on,
he said it’s the biggest day of their lives, he said it’s every
musician’s dream. Bubba asked if they’ve got a gig, Surgeo said
they’ll be in Jackson, Mississippi tonight, Spice said they’ll be in
Jacksonville, Florida on September 5, 2010. Spice said that the guys
from Severed emailed them trashing Atom Smash, Surgeo said he doesn’t
remember what he said, he said the Buck Cherry guys are great. Bubba
asked the big single from the album is, Surgeo said it’s “Do her
Wrong”, he said his still dating the belly dancer, he said a lot of
people went to the website (BellyMotions.com). Spice wondered how
she’s making it work; Surgeo said they have a deal worked out. Bubba
asked about “Sacrifice”, Surgeo said that should be next. Spice asked
if the drugs have affected the band, Surgeo said they’re happy drunks.
Bubba asked about some of the signal ones, Surgeo said it all depends
on the night, he said they’ll sometimes get some bush pigs at the
show, he then recapped a recent story with one of the guys in the band
who almost got lucky in Texas, it turned out that he was talking to a
dude. Spice thinks maybe the guy is into transsexuals. Bubba asked
what city has had the biggest amount of hotties, Surgeo said Orlando
has some hot girls, he said the most disappointing places have been in
Texas, Spice said he has a bad feeling about Mississippi, Bubba thinks
top 40 ass is unbelievable, he then thanked Surgeo for coming on,
Surgeo said the guys have been great to them, Spice told him not to
get hooked on cocaine. We then heard “Do her Wrong” from June 2, 2010,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various callers, Jessey James Dupree calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Miller’s appearance at
Side Splitters. David in Venis thinks it’s horrible the way Bubba is
talking about Courtney Brantly, Bubba explained what she did, David
said she’s just as much as a victim of the cops, Bubba thinks the guy
is being a dick/racial. Spice said she could’ve at least called the
cops. Bubba took a call from a guy in Jacksonville who said a plane
has crashed on I10; he said if anyone is listening, get off of the
road now, he thinks it’s a midsized plane. David thinks that Courtney
would be dead if she had stayed near the cops, Bubba said cops won’t
gun you down if your calling in, David said she was traumatized, Spice
said she texted back and forth with Dante after that, Brent said she’s
guilty, Manson thinks the guy is a dick. Bubba asked if David really
asked about her charity money, Manson thinks he did. David said he
might’ve said that, Spice thinks the guy doesn’t’ believe anything
he’s saying. David said when you’re an African American female; he’s a
little taken aback. Rick in Jacksonville said the pilot is out walking
around. Willy said one of the wings was torn off; he didn’t crash into
the highway. We then heard a clip of David asking where Courtney’s
charity money was; Bubba thinks he’s incredibly stupid. David said he
had a similar situation, Bubba asked him to explain it. David said his
daughter received a call from one of her friends who was involved in a
traffic accident. Two days later, investigators stopped by the house,
as the person his daughter picked up had hit a pedestrian, Manson
thinks it doesn’t makes sense, Spice said he’s never seen anything
more of polar opposites, David said that he thanks Bubba for helping
out the cops, Bubba ended up Eviling him, Spice said Courtney was
fully involved, Brent said she tampered with evidence. We then heard
Ray Ray’s bumper, Ray ray came on saying that made his day, he asked
David if he was for real, Bubba said that was just some stupid ass
white guy, he said over the years we’ve had some innocent black people
get killed by cops, Ray ray said it’s sad, he said that’s the kind of
white boy he doesn’t want sticking up for him, he said it kills him
whenever a call like that comes on, Spice thinks Ray Ray really has
his thoughts together, he thinks he should be on “Cross Fire”. Bubba
said when you’re that one sided, you think that everyone is out to get
the blacks; Ray ray said the guy sounded goofy. Bubba asked if Ray ray
could hear his positioning statement, ay ray said he’d like to hear
that, he said he doesn’t rap, but he likes to listen to it. Bubba
mentioned Biggy smalls, Ray ray said he likes that stuff, Spice said
that was the good stuff. Ray ray told Brent to go to sleep on time, he
then gave a shout out to the guys, he suggested Bubba come out to the
hood, Spice asked Bubba if he’d like to do a broadcast from the
deepest, darkest portion of the hood, Bubba said he’d do it, Ray ray
said he could take them to the Jungle,
bubba thinks Twenty-five wouldn’t be Urban enough, he thinks he might
be out of street cred, Spice suggested they bring Two Live Crew up.
Bubba asked where the deepest hood is in St. Petersburg, Ray ray
thinks Bubba stumped him on that one, Ned doesn’t think the guy is
from the hood, Ray ray suggested 19th street. “The Boopity song” from
“bubba Show classics Vol. 11”, track 23 was heard in the background,
Spice thinks Ray ray doesn’t say anything. We then heard Ray ray’s
bumper, Ray ray thinks the guys are crazy. Spice thinks they could do
that for MLK day, Ray ray said they should do it for Glen Beck day, he
then said he was only joking about that, Spice then goofed on him a
little. Michelle in Lakeland thinks David is ignorant; Bubba said he
knows of some people who have gotten looped into a situation. Bill
said things are starting to smooth out, Bubba said he met Sarah, Bill
said she’s a strong woman, he thinks David is out of left field, he
then asked if Mark Ober can be recalled, Brent said we need a strong
candidate. Bill asked what will come down the road to protect the
family, Brent said there are federal charges, he doesn’t think a jury
will let him walk. Bill doesn’t get why he’s out, Bubba wished the
family the best of luck, Bill said he was watching the news last
night, he saw a clip of MJ building his Corvette motor, he said he
turned it off when he saw the hair. We then heard a bit of “Just Like
A Negro”, Bubba went to Jessey James Dupree, Jessey said he’ in
Atlanta, he said he got shot out of a cannon, Bubba said he saw that,
Jessey said that was one of the most intense things he’s ever done, he
said it’s really hard to find someone with a cannon, he said his
butthole was puckered up like a bunny rabbit’s nose, he said that he
was asked to focus, Bubba said Jessey is the kind of guy who brings
more, essay said Jackal is everything he represents, he said people
were worked up back in the 50’s, he said Brian Johnson was on stage
with them, he noticed a lot of intensity. Bubba asked Jessey about
MTV, Jessey said MTV decided to go back to what they do normally, he
said they shoot that stuff on a one or two camera, he then recapped
pulling a guy’s tooth out with a pair of biscrips, it was one of the
side bottom teeth, it bled a little. Bubba asked about “Just like A
Negro”, Jessey said that DMC was in the studio while he was there, he
said the guy is really intelligent, he said he wrote “Just like A
Negro” with three of his black friends, they cut a version with him on
it, he said DMC will be on the tour bus this weekend. We then heard
the song with DMC’s part included. Bubba wondered how high he gets, he
thinks Jessey could do Brian better than Brian can; Jessey thinks
Brian can do it, Brent said that AC/DC has sold about 200,000,000
worldwide. Jessey remembers the time when he hung out with Angus
Young, he told a story about how he didn’t like when Johnny Cash would
introduce his wife. Bubba said that Tyler races a lot in Atlanta,
Jessey said he’s about thirty minutes away, Bubba said he’d like to
see the studio someday. We then heard “My Moonshine Kicks your
cocaine’s Ass”, Jessey said that song is about telling America to get
its head out of its ass. Bubba asked about his boy, Jessey said that
he pulled into Minnesota; he said that his son was sleeping in a van
in a Wall mart parking lot; he then said his Dad is a total trip, he
keeps a bracelet with some Viagra in it. Bubba asked about Jesco
White, Jessey said Robert Duvall recently acquired the rights to his
story. Bubba suggested you go to iTunes and check out his stuff, they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza New
Orleans. Sean in Calgary said he listens to the guys all the time, he
said he’s listened since 2006, he’s gone through three Stilettos just
to get all the shows, he said he wasn’t all that impressed at
Bubbapalooza, he said he was expecting some new material, he thinks
maybe it’s his expectations, Bubba said this is the first he’s heard
of this, Sean said they ended up getting stuck in the bleachers, he
lost out on a lot of the visual elements, he didn’t get a chance to
see the picture of Tasha. Bubba asked him what he liked and what he
didn’t, Sean said he likes Hammil, he couldn’t get into his set, he
thought Ned really brought it, Bubba said that’s why Ned stars in it,
Sean didn’t like when Manson got booed, Manson said he expected to get
booed for that song. Sean said the letter under the chair was kind of
overdone, he said he and Brent don’t get along, he said Twenty-five
has character, he said Miller is funny, he said Bubba is the ring
leader, he thinks Bubba was the best next to Ned, Bubba said he’s just
putting it all together, Sean said he didn’t leave all that impressed,
he said he’ll continue to listen, Bubba said they appreciate the
feedback. Sean wondered why Brent isn’t in the studio, Bubba said they
made a little bit of a change, he thinks everyone did wonderfully,
Manson said you can’t please everyone, he said he just goes by crowd
reaction, Brent said he paid $75 to see Bruce Springsteen, he walked
out pissed, as he did songs he never heard of, Bubba said they’d like
to talk to some people who were there. Bridget said they traveled for
Coins for Cops; she had some Elvis stuff that she wanted signed, Bubba
said he’s got a bunch of stuff to go through, she said a picture of
her and her husband are there. Tony said that Jessey sounds like
someone from Georgia; he said he toured with Michael Allman, Bubba
Eviled him for rambling. We then heard a news clip about some guys who
tried to take down an airplane. We then heard a news clip about a guy
who impersonated as a teenager to get on a football team, the guys
then goofed on the people in the clip. We then heard a news clip about
Paris Hilton getting arrested, Sp9ice then goofed on her saying it was
gum, Manson thinks she’s an idiot, Brent said she has priors. We then
heard a news clip about some kids who were told go home, as they were
wearing some ICP T-shirts, Bubba said they can’t help what they do, he
would like to hear one of the school administrators say “Juggalos”. We
then heard a clip about roger Clemens pleading not guilty, Spice
thinks it’s not a good move, he said he shouldn’t have poked his head
out about this. Bubba said tomorrow he’ll be at White Cap. We then
heard “Ober Commercial – Dante Morris” from “bubba Show Classics Vol.
16”, track 18; they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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