Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 28th, 2012 by Staff

Recap by Blind Lawrence:


Emails: Politics and today is Kevin Hayslet’s and Donna Waters’s birthdays.
Dock, the fabricator of the stars with an update on the Bubba wheel of justice.
Ned is outraged that Mike’s Pizza stiffed him on brownies.
Mitt Romney will fight Medicinal Marijuana and porn.
Gas prices.
Ned’s Load has been subed out for Manson’s segment, as Ned is on a
work stoppage.
Manson’s “GOP”.
Audio of a marijuana traffic stop.
Various callers omment on marijuana and gas prices.
Audio clip – shooting at a Baltimore school.
Rob said that he rarely tunes into the show, he’s not into racing and
other stuff the show talks about, he didn’t appreciate the guys making
fun of the woman who drowned at the wedding, he said that a few months
ago he barried his son at Arlington.
Bubba told Rob that he could have his show tomorrow; he then played
Manson’s “Snake Snake Snake” (“Bubba show classics Vol. 10”, track 14)
to prove to the guy they make fun of everyone.
Danny the Jew with a comment on the previous caller.
Bubba said he’s not anything special, he just happens to be real.
Audio clip of the story about the drowning.
Nowell said that she appreciates what the show does.
Audio from august 28, 2009 when Joe the Super Mark said it’s Donna’s
birthday, the guys goofed on Manson not knowing Donna’s birthday.
Audio clip – Rossie O’Donell got married.
Audio clip – Woman tells Vin Skully to “Get your shit together”.
Hulk Hogan on the phone, Bubba thinks Brooke should be a wrestler.
Ned said his work stopage will only be for today, Tara said that Mike
delivered some brownies; Ned thinks it’s a day late dollar short.
Bubba tried some of the brownies during the break; he said they’re realy good.
Chris Christy wouldn’t give up his spot as Governor; he didn’t want to
join Mitt romneuy’s campaign, as he feels Romney would be a gamble.
Manson’s newest song about Obama.
Bubba decided to explain protection for the new listeners; he said
that shows on The Bone have taken the protection deal.
Lyle on protection says he’s looking for a wide stance, Manson thinks
it sounds like Hogan.
Caller said that Obama will decriminalize marijuana across the United
States; Bubba thinks it’s not going to happen.
Manson’s 9:40 Segment – “I’m Premature” (Not in the catalog). This was
a song Manson did live for Donna on Valentine’s Day in 2008, this song
was played as today is her special day.
Quincy Jones will testify over Steve Win, the man who planned to kill
Joe Francis, creator of “Girls Gone Wild”.
Woman pulls knife on cab driver to have him give her oral sex, the
guys think the woman is beautiful.

Radioio.com Show

Bubba didn’t know if Ned was on a work stoppage for the Uncensored
show, he then asked for someone to see if they have any 5X shirts, he
then plugged Rebel Inc’s appearance
On the show today, he said Scott Ledger is with them, he wishes this
would’ve happened yesterday during Tucker’s appearance.
Brent gave an update with his relationship; he’s not going to
introduce his new love interest to the audience.
Bubba thinks Paper Tongues is messing up; they haven’t had anything
new in a while.
The guys of Rebel Inc in studio, Bubba said he just let’s the guys of
“Dangerous Conversation” be, he let’s them do their own thing.
The guys talk about their music career.
Bubba asked who the guys would vote for, Kevin said we can’t fix the
system, he’s bummed out that Ron Paul gave up.
The guys did “909 Revolution”, “Everything That You Hate”, and “Broken Man”.
Adam thanked Bubba as the last song was wrapping up; Bubba thanked the
guys for coming on the show.
Check out the band’s official website: RebelIncMusic.com
Follow them on Twitter: Twitter.com/RebelIncMusic
Become a fan on Facebook: Facebook.com/rebelincmusicThe Daily Debriefing is now from 11:30-1:30 PM.

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