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August 21st, 2012 by Staff

Recap by Blind Lawrence:


Bubba and Brent are impressed with the Rays as of late.
Emails: Guy requests that Ned the old cook stay alive, Georgia boots,
Isreal wants to go to the Christmas party.
Roughly 50% of Americans have Googled themselves.
Various surveys on Colleges.
Phillis Diller dead.
Brett Farve talks about being a coach.
Manson’s “My Name is Farve” (“Bubba Show classics Volume 17”, track 9.
Note: This is the element that Jake the board op kept dumping for the
usage of the word “Penis” (December 14, 2010).
Kevin Hayslett in studio.
Emailer wants to get his face off of the Hillsborough County website,
as he has paid his debt to society because of a DUI/wreckless driving.
David in Plant City got caught with a stolen vehicle in 2000, he
couldn’t complete a program, he wants to get his rights restored,
Kevin said he can’t get it seeled and expunged; the violation of
probation has made him a convicted felon for life.
Andy was busted with a firearm, he was busted for “Hunting out of
season”, Kevin then explained the phrase “whiped off my slate”.
James made a right in Brooksville, he says you can’t see the sign
until you’ve gone passed it, Kevin said it’s like a parking ticket,
the DMV and you’re insurance are not notified.
Bubba told a story about someone he knows who had a Red Light ticket.
Eli said his girlfriend got pulled over for a DUI, she didn’t blow.
James said in 1988 he was caught with a small amount of Marijuana,
judication was held, Kevin said you can get certain things seeled if
no judication was made.
Joe said that his HOA guy resigned, only to renounce his resignation;
Kevin said they’re the most snarled personalities ever.
JD said that at his job, if people don’t pay within 60 days, his boss
will take it out of his paycheck; Bubba thinks it’s a shakedown.
John said he gets paid every week, it does’t matter how long he works,
he doesn’t get paid overtime.
Kevin talked about his kids going to College.
Audio clip – Drag Queen Barbie.
Manson’s “Baghdad Barbie” (“Bubba Show classics Vol. 1”, track 7).
Ned’s Load – “Tattoo Barbie” (“Bubba Show classics Vol. 10”, track 26).
Ned’s “Dirt Bag Anthem” (“Bubba Show Classics Volume 21”, track 6)
The guys talk about Ned’s kit car, Dock says it’s in his shop.
Audio clip – Rossie O’Donnel has a heart attack.
Susan asked why Tara is on air along with Twenty-five, she thinks they
don’t contribute.
Bubba asked for the listener’s insight on this topic, he said he
appreciates what they both do.
Frank likes both.
Frank in Ft. Meyers thinks the show has softened up.
Jeff said the show has lost something since Spice has left.
Captan Jimbo likes both.
Tiffany likes both.
Danny the Jew likes both.
Lilly thinks Susan is crazy.
Jeremey – Tara slows the show down.
Sarah loves Tara.
Marge “Cut’em, they suck.”
David likes both, and wants more Brent.
Mandy likes both.
Jennifer didn’t like them when they first started, now she likes them.
Anthony thinks Bubba doesn’t need to explain himself.
Bubba said that there are people in Tampa who still don’t know they
are back, he told a story about someone at the airport not knowing.
Pam loves the show; she doesn’t listen to music anymore.
Caller wants to hear more Manson and Brent.
Ned on protection called the warm line; he wants more of the other
guys instead of Bubba.
Bubba wants Ned and Manson to participate more.
Caller thinks the show isn’t what it once was, he thinks Twenty-five
is luke warm, andd Tara fits, as she’s “terrible”.
Jennifer in Naples, she resents Bubba for calling the DCF on her, she
suggested whoever named her as “Crazy Bitch” should get smashed their
hand with a hammer, Bubba said he wouldn’t do that to Pantera, he
might ceaze out, he played the coocoo sound effect as she talked.
Jennifer said she doesn’t like handicapped or crippled people, she
said that she doesn’t like Tara’s voice, she wants to meet Ned, “Crazy
Bitch” was played for a few seconds, Bubba had to dump out of it.
Bubba wants her to hook up with Ned, he thinks she is just doing
shtick, he then said that he’ll step back and have Ned and Jennifer
Ned and Hennifer set up a date for Saturday.
Bubba asked Ned if he’ll be going to Ft. Meyers for the weekend, Ned said no.
Randy thinks Jennifer is a crazy C bag, she thinks she shouldn’t have a kid.
Isreal said Twenty-five has paid his dues; he thinks Tara plays the
“I’m married” card one too many times.
Bubba said that he has Jan Knight; the Mother of Stephanie Spurgeon on
hold, Brent thinks it’s a railroad job.
Bubba talked about some stuff he has in mind for BubbaArmy.com.
Audio clip – Stephanie Spurgeon’s sentencing, Bubba thinks he could’ve
been a better attorney.
Jan came on, Bubba thinks the people who wished ill on Stephanie,
they’re just projecting.
Jan said that none of the family members on the other side made eye
contact with her.
Brent gave her backstory, she had been doing daycare for almost 15
years, she was licensed with special needs children.
Jan said they kept refering back to the Casey Anthony case, she feels
if it didn’t happen, Stephanie would’ve had a better chance, the baby
didn’t eat all day. On the way home, the baby was choking.
911 came and said the baby was out, yet crying was heard in the 911 call.
The Brady hearing was denyed.
Bubba thinks the kid had a pre-existing condition the day before, and
thought of how to mess with Stephanie.
Bubba wants people to weigh in on this topic.
Brent said if this happened to him, suing people would be the last
thing on his mind.
Jan read a report describing the Mother of the baby as a chronic liar
who has emotional problems.
Brent thinks the joury did a horrible job on the case.
Tim in Ft. Meyers thinks this is like Casey Anthony all over again.
James wondered why the medical report wasn’t used as evidence; Brent
thinks the judge did a good job at limiting what was allowed.
Tony said he and his wife had interviewed Stephanie for that slot, his
line cut off.
Brian thanked Bubba for doing this for people like this.
Brent in North Decoda wonders if the prosecuter should be brought up
on charges after it’s all said and done, Brent said they have
“Prosecutorial Ammunity”.
Tony came back on saying they interviewed for that spot for
Stephanie’s care, but wouldn’t want his kid in a home daycare; there
were too many red flags.

Radioio.com Show

Bubba said he was filling some orders, he’s not sure if Buddha has
emailed the show to go to the party, he then talked about
Bubba can’t keep the sound sleves on the shelves, he found some old
shirts, some of them are $3.99.
Michigan Matt asked if they can get Shannon Burke and Dangerous
Conversation merchandise, Bubba said all he’d need would be some
A guy thinks Pantera is a phoney ass white guy with no street cred on
“Mad Monkey Radio”.
Twenty-five thinks Pantera is just himself.
Pantera in studio, he said he talks the way he normally talks when
he’s on the Debriefing, he said this is a guy who emails the show a
bunch of times, yet he doesn’t call.
Danny the Jew said Pantera doesn’t know how to speak the English
language, but he’s great.
Bubba then put on some Power Pig music, he had Pantera do some Power
Pig lines, Bubba admonished Pantera for messing up some of the lines,
he said that even Blind Lawrence knows not to say “Here” when talking,
he then got on the bullhorn to direct him, the guys were cracking up.
Pantera then gave a rundown of his typical day.
Felix in orlando thinks Pantera tries too hard to be cool, he thinks
Pantera hates athletes.
Buck on Memphis said he ordered some sound sleves, they shipped out
Thursday, he received them Saturday.
Jodi in Cocoa said he likes Pantera; bubba said he just loves flapping him up.
Pantera talked about how he lives with a male and female roommate, he
then talked about the woman he is currently having sex with, he’s been
doing it for 10 years, Bubba forgot about Pantera’s code phrase “the
grass is green.”
Audio of Fox News talking about a hurricane, Bubba thinks Roger Ales
hires hot girls.
Pantera admitted to having sex with the woman while she was pregnant.
Bubba played a bit of “Mad Monkey Radio” from last Friday, he sped it
up to the talking portion, he then goofed on Chaz’s speech, he thinks
the guys on the show are nerds, he thinks reading emails would be
better than the show, he thinks they could put Hurricane on the show.
Email: Steve didn’t like Ned’s comments about his kid being soft.
Steve in Washington asked if Brent will continue “Hutning the Beast”,
Brent said “Football Friday” will be fired up.
Bubba said that people have come to him saying the haters are now
trying to infultrate the Christmas party; he said the detractors will
try and email him posing as other people. If you’ve been approved, you
can come, he’s not sure if he can let other people come, he said there
are some good people he’ll have to say no to, he then listed the
people he would’ve let in, he did give Danny the Jew the green light,
he doesn’t want to risk his privacy, he called the haters pathetic, he
said the heat is on the detractors.
Wendy the Plumber came on the line; Bubba said the good people will
there, Wendy told Bubba to go with the ones that you trust.
Talkbreak from the 98 Rock days where the guys quiz a Redneck guy on
spelling words.
Tommy thanked bubba for considering him, he said whoever is going will
have a good time.
Andy thanked Bubba for considering him, he completely understands.
Bubba said there are only about four or five guys who are obsessed
with the program.
Audio clip – woman beat coach with baseball bat for touching kids.
Cynthia asked about the life insurance policy on the kid, she said the
last thing her Mom would have was life insurance. Bubba asked her
about the Christmas party, Cynthia said that she got caught up in
that, but doesn’t pay them any attention.
Audio clip – man runs over pregnant girlfriend.
Audio clip – custody battle over a young beauty queen.
The guys talk about a Congressman who talked about rape, Manson as a
southern guy said he’s anti abortion, but doesn’t want his daughter to
give birth to a baby who is black.
Bubba got a text from Janie Cakes saying that she just closed on her
house; she’ll be a resident of Florida.
Audio clip of “Here comes Honey Boo Boo”, as Manson had mentioned it earlier.
Bubba said that audio just ruined his day.

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