Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 17th, 2010 by Staff

Today’s recap goes out to the Canadian Bubba Army; we thank you very
much for attending Bubbapalooza over the weekend.

Blind Lawrence here providing your recap of the show.

Bumper music provided by Sluggo:

The Doors – Five to One
Sublime – Doin’ Time
Nirvana – In Bloom
Static-X – Cold
Rammstein – Du Hast
Rev Theory – Slowburn
Hollywood Undead – City
Dead Celebrity – We Fall, We Fall
Coheed and Cambria – Welcome Home

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Segment 1 – Bubba thanks Canada, Tommy from Cheap coming in?

The show started off with audio of the Rays winning, followed by “Five
to One” by The Doors. Bubba said the music was provided by Sluggo,
Spice said he’s never heard Sluggo’s music before. Bubba told Ned he
was glad to know that he calmed down to come to Calgary; he wasn’t
sure how to thank the fans enough. Spice said he really misses the
weed, Bubba thinks they could do some vacations there, Manson said it
was a blast, Bubba said he’s got a bunch of things to talk about, he
said supposedly, Tommy from Cheap talked some smack about Twenty-five
Cent, Spice said he’ll be in today. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Various Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, followed by “Doin’ Time” by Sublime. Bubba asked the guys who
will be going to Scene Night Club, Brent said he’ll go, Manson said he
thought about it, but decided against it. bubba said that he slept for
thirteen hours when he got home, Scorch came on asking if the guys are
all recovered, Bubba said he personally needed the day off to recover,
Scorch said he was at the meet and Greet, Bubba thinks it was nothing
like they’ve never experienced, Scorch thinks The Westin won’t be
inviting them back anytime, he said Spice ad Miller had a great set,
Bubba thanked him for calling. Joey thanked the guys for coming out;
Bubba said they’re thinking about trying to squeeze one in. Dave in
West Palm said it seems as if the web gets screwed up, Bubba told him
not to get him started, he said he’s over it, Dave thinks Bubba will
have to start from scratch and fire some people, he said it’s really
frustrating, Bubba said they’ll try it for New Orleans, he said he can
control what comes through the speakers, but he can’t control the
website, Manson thinks that has to be distracting, Bubba thinks it was
a script error. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails, Sluggo and Twenty-five Cent get called into the studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com, followed
by “In Bloom” by Nirvana. Bubba said that in about three weeks,
they’ll be invading new Orleans, he thinks a lot of people weren’t
from Calgary, he thinks the longest drive was the guy from Halifax,
about 56 hours, he said a fan made a gavel for him, he said they’ve
got some meet and greets for New Orleans, he remembers some really big
fans at the show, he thinks Russ got sick of him complaining about
pizza, Spice said the pizza ended up being the biggest joke ever, Ned
thinks Dan is a tall drink of water, he thinks Dan would have his way
with him. The first email of the day said someone was helping out a
hammered fan, the guy ended up blacking out, the guy ended up puking
all over himself, the guy peed in front of everyone, the emailer said
the guys are class acts, bubba thinks the Canadians can party harder
than anyone, Manson said they’ve able to maintain, he thinks the
Westin ran out of Liquor. Another emailer said someone he knows got
arrested for touching a kid, Spice said that wasn’t cool. Another
emailer asked Bubba if he’ll accept The Honky Tonk man’s challenge,
Spice said nobody cares about him. Another emailer thanked Bubba for
Bubbapalooza, they were pissing their pants. Another emailer said they
tried to watch Bubbapalooza, Bubba thinks you can’t really edit a lot
of stuff; Spice said it will be up by tomorrow. Another emailer
thanked Bubba for the show, saying the show exceeded their
expectations. Manson said Donna hates being up on stage. The last few
emails were about Bubbapalooza, saying it was a great time. Bubba
asked for Twenty-five and Sluggo to come into the studio, he then
plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show. Sluggo came in, Bubba
asked him if he had anything to do with BubbaRaw.com crashing, Sluggo
said he fixed the script error, he said it was pulling images from
inside the Member section, rather than outside, he said you had to log
in over and over again, Spice wonders if he’s drunk. Bubba said his
Twitter was going nuts, Sluggo said it froze up on him, he said the
stream was still going, Spice and Manson goofed on Sluggo messing up
the name Digiquest, Spice thinks there were some great phone
conversations, Bubba thinks had he gotten a phone call asking him if
the cable was plugged in, he probably wouldn’t have made it on stage,
Sluggo said he emailed a bunch of people back with a direct link,
Manson thinks Tuddle should’ve been there. Bubba brought Twenty-five
Cent in, he said it saddens him to do this, he said he got some stuff
in the mail about unpaid parking tickets, he said the license tag was
from his white Daewoo, he said that he can only imagine what
Twenty-five’s credit report looks like, Twenty-five said that he was
going to school and tried to get a bunch of stuff taken care of. Bubba
said he’s never thrown it back in Twenty-five’s face until now, he
wonders if it will go against his credit, Spice dug up a clip of Bubba
talking about giving Twenty-five a car, Bubba said if you don’t pay a
parking ticket, that’s on him, he wonders what Twenty-five is doing at
1 in the morning, he said he’s already paid the ticket, he said he
doesn’t want his driver’s license suspended, Twenty-five said he
parked on the side street, he said he paid it, Manson doesn’t think
Bubba is being a dick over this issue, Bubba said he attaches the bank

Spice said he keeps that stuff in his glove box, he likes how Bubba
and Twenty-five paid the parking ticket, Twenty-five said he figured
if he paid it on line, he wouldn’t get anything in the mail, Bubba
said that he’d pay for it the next day, Ned likes how Twenty-five was
drinking and driving in Bubba’s car. Spice said all he knows is, him
buying a car for Twenty-five will end horribly, Bubba thinks
Twenty-five will make a bone headed decision, ned said he would’ve
driven it into a lake and reported it stolen, Bubba thinks Twenty-five
won’t be able to find the paperwork, he thinks maybe he doesn’t know
the guy like he thinks he does, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – Bubba gets heat with Pantera, Dr. Laura audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaArmy.com,
followed by “Cold” by Static X. Bubba asked who scheduled Tucker for
7:50, Brent said he did, he said he’s done that before, Bubba said
that he should re schedule it. We then heard a news clip about the
families receiving checks, Bubba thanked everyone for donating, he
said from 10:15-Noon on Monday, you’ll have the Bubba Primaries show,
he said he knows the shady ones vs. the good ones, he went on to say
that Melanie Brookes will be on the show at 10:00, he said that
Twenty-five had the payment information, he made it on August 7 five
days after the ticket was due, Manson said he would be upset if that
was the case, Bubba said that he’s done, he then asked Brent if he saw
the race, Brent said he watched it for about five minutes, the thing
then got cut off, as they weren’t in first class, Bubba admonished the
guys for not paying $6 to get the TV package. We then heard a clip
from June 30 of this year, when Bubba said that Budweiser might go to
the Harvick car; he then read an article about that. We then heard a
news clip about Grady Judd arresting fifteen men trying to arrange sex
with some minors, Brent said Grady is trying to call the warm line,
Bubba said that’s what happens when you don’t want to mess with him,
he then admonished the person who didn’t let Grady on. Pantera said
Grady called the warm line, Bubba thinks Pantera isn’t smart enough to
make radio decisions, he asked him what his high reasoning was for
this, Pantera said Bubba was yelling at Brent at the time, Spice
wonders if Pantera doesn’t like Grady, Ned wonders if Pantera is
touching kids, Bubba thinks they’ll have a great creative meeting
today, he said if Pantera was smart enough to make decisions, he
wouldn’t be answering the phones, he said he’s at a loss for words,
Pantera said he was going to get Brent, but never put him on hold,
Bubba thinks today will be his last day, Spice said it’s not his first
day. Bubba likes how Grady lays it out, he wonders how dumb you are
for posting sex with underage people on CraigsList.com, he thinks the
internet department and some other guys need a douching, he said he’s
seeing red, he said that he could have Grady on, Manson said she
sounded drunk, Bubba advised more Grady, Spice said a therapist
couldn’t make him have sympathy for kid touchers, he said he’s
thinking about firing Pantera for this, he said they’ve got Rafael
standing by, he said even Mr. Skin had this story on his prep service
for the day, Spice said he doesn’t see Pantera’s side, Brent said that
Pantera should’ve put it up on the screen, ned told him to have a
ceasure, Bubba said he can’t take the incompetents. We then heard a
clip of Doctor Laura, where a woman named Jade is on talking about her
Husband, Bubba thinks she’s coming across very well spoken, Spice said
anyone who calls Dr. Laura is an idiot. Jade said that racial comments
really hurt her, Dr. Laura doesn’t think it’s racist, Bubba said that
enough is enough, Dr. Laura said blacks voted for obama because he was
half black, Bubba said that by having the caller on, she’s burying
herself, the guys think how she said the n word was defendable, Bubba
thinks the whites and blacks can own Obama equally, he said he doesn’t
like Dr. Laura giving people advice, he said there’s no doctor
involved, he said she’s not the show that can deliver the message,
Spice said he can’t take anything Al Sharpton seriously, Bubba said
it’s amazing how cocky you can be on air, but when management sits you
down, you’ll do a 180 like that, he said you may not like the n word
you’ll just have to live with it, Manson thinks she covered her ass,
ed said score one for Dr. Laura. Bubba read a text from Dr. Joe
Saturley asking how Dr. Laura feels about the word “Kike”; he thinks
she’d have a problem with it. We then heard the clip of Dr. Laura
apologizing for the previous clip, Bubba stopped and started the clip
to comment, he thinks Dr. Joe makes a great point, Spice said he’d
love to hear her commentary on the word “Kike”, Manson thinks she says
it with glee, Bubba thinks Laura was scrambling. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Tucker Carlson, Grady Jud calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, followed by “Du hast” by Rammstein. Bubba stopped the song,
Spice said Bubba flipped out over it when they did “Guavaween”, Bubba
said if anyone puts this on the daily music, they’re fired, Brent said
it was like Chinese Water torture for him. Parry thanked the guys for
doing the how the way they do, he said Kike is delivered from a German
word that means circle, he said it’s very similar to the Italian slang
wop (without paper), he said words are words, saying how powerful they
are, he said Lenny Bruce was the biggest use of words like that, he
said it’s all about context. Bubba said the reason why Dr. Laura
wasn’t able to pull it off was because it didn’t sound natural coming
from her, he thinks the African Americans didn’t buy her explanation.
Parry said that Dr. Laura is about as sensitive as a bull in a China
shop, Bubba thinks she just had that on the back burner. We then heard
Tucker Carlson’s bumper, Tucker came on saying he was great, Bubba
said he owes it to the fans to tell Tucker that he’s wrong on Canada,
he told him to never go there, Tucker said this is what he feared, he
thinks Bubba will be embarrassed by what he is saying twenty years
from now, Bubba said he’d love to live there if he could, he said if
he could live from Memorial Day to Labor day, he would, Tucker
wondered if Bubba has renounced his American citizenship, he said all
the Canadians hate Tucker Carlson, Tucker thinks they’re passive
aggressive, Bubba thinks Tucker would be done if Tucker met Pete and
Danny, Tucker said they’re nice people, he said they’re like anyone
with down’s syndrome, Bubba asked that it stop, Tucker said that
overseas, Canada is just making beds for our Soldiers. We then heard
Manson’s “Canadian Idiot” for about a minute or so. Bubba said that
Grady Jud was on, he thanked Grady for what he did, he said that Grady
had a great quote; Grady said after 11 different sting operations, you
think people would get it. Tucker came on congratulating Grady; Grady
said he likes being the Sharif. Bubba explained the little league
coach who got busted, Tucker thanked Grady for doing that. Grady said
the guy had condoms in his pocket, he thinks the cop was really
shocked, as it’s someone he knew, he said one of the 67 year-old guy
was talking about having sex with the Mom and a girl, the guy said it
was something he was looking for. Bubba asked how many men and women
it takes to get all this together, Grady said it takes them about a
week or so, he said they work for ICAC (“Internet Crimes against
Children”). Bubba asked Grady if they have the right to search the
hard drive, Grady said yes, he said the wives flip out when they hear
the news, Bubba thinks getting into the hard drive has got to really
mess with them, Grady said they had one woman who said her Husband
could rot in jail. Bubba asked his conviction rate, Grady said about
90% or higher, he said no one has ever been acquitted. Bubba asked if
Grady even talks to the people he’s arresting, Grady said he doesn’t
even talk to them; he just looks at them in disgust. Bubba thinks
people are idiots, as he’s told people many times, he thinks Grady is
working on his 12th sting operation, Grady said they’d let Bubba see a
sting operation as it happens. Bubba thinks Tucker dropped off in the
middle of the conversation with Grady, Brent said that news is
everywhere. Bubba said his kids are afraid to go on the internet,
Manson said that’s why he would never leave his kids alone with the
coach. Tim in Jacksonville said he likes Grady, Bubba said Grady is
one of them. Cindy came on saying good stuff about Grady, she asked
how Tucker can wear his global blinders, she thinks Tucker is just
embarrassing himself. Rich in Clearwater said he went to a place to
pick up some chicken dip, the guy was told the Government took it. We
then heard a clip of Hulk Hogan roasting Jerry Springer, Spice said
Pam Anderson took it from all angles. We then heard a clip of Lisa
Lampanelli roasting Hogan, Bubba likes how she writes her own stuff.
We then heard a clip of Greg Geraldo goofing on Lisa Lampanelli and
Hogan, Bubba asked that he never get roasted. Jim on protection said
he used to work with one of the guys who got arrested; he said he
works for a cable company. Tim in Ohio saying he could be doing
better, Spice thinks this is his Grandpa, Tim said his daughter got
busted for sex with a minor, the guy was 12, Bubba thinks it’s a
little crazy, Tim said she came out of prison and is hooking up with
drug heads, he said she steals, Spice thinks she’s a prostitute. We
then heard “dueling Der Ders
“ from “bubba Show Classics Vol. 11”, track 14 as the guy talked, Tim
said he’s 43, Bubba doesn’t think he can sound the way he does. Spice
wonders if she’s listening to the show, Tim said she can’t afford a
cell phone, Spice said he got an email saying that Tim is a liar, Tim
said he could believe it, Bubba said that she’s claiming that she was
touched by Tim, Tim said she’s been touched so many times, she
probably doesn’t know who touched her, he said she’s broken. Bubba
said that she said she misses her Dad, but being with the Heroin user
is better. Tim asked for her last name, Bubba said he can’t just throw
a name out, he then said she’s willing to come clean if he does, the
guy then hung up, he said he loves hillbillies are easy to bamboozle.
Spice then recapped Twenty-five’s experience at Cheap, Brent thinks
Melanie Brookes was partying at LSU, Bubba thinks maybe the saver is
an issue, he said if you’re a fake, you’ll get sniffed out if you’re
not careful, he said you can’t get anything fake by the Juggalos,
Spice said the guys will be in town in a couple of weeks, Bubba thinks
that rather having Tila Tequila, they should’ve brought octomom on
stage. Christin in Canada thanked Bubba for coming out, Bubba told her
to get out of her zany hole; Manson said it’s cool when a guy greets
you with a cooler of PBR. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – Tila Tequila Audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza New
Orleans. Bubba said that if the Juggalos could expose some more
people, he’d be happy. Dawn said one of the guys arrested in the sex
ring was her Brother in law, she said she let him watch her kids, Ned
thinks her Sister is stupid, Dawn said she’s talked to her kids about
it, she said they’ll never support the guy, he’s not welcome near
anyone, she said that her husband wants to physically harm the guy.
Bubba thinks that maybe the guy used the computer to talk with cops,
dawn said she’d like to kiss and hug Grady Jud, she said her heart
goes out to all of the families involved. The guys then talked about
Tila Tequila getting assaulted at the insane Clown Posse concert,
Spice said she didn’t have a problem with it. Bubba said had they not
gone to Calgary, he would’ve gone to the Gathering. We then heard a
clip of Tila Tequila talking about the event, saying it was un
organized, Bubba said that was the point, Spice suggests she do
research before she attend, Bubba shamed Society for making her
popular, he thinks she’s very nerd like, Spice thinks it’s a bad move
to say that she’s not going anywhere, Bubba likes how the Juggalos
would feel for the body guards getting hit, Bubba said the problem is
she has fans, he thinks you wouldn’t want to go up there if you knew
you’d get poop thrown on you, Spice said she doesn’t have any hits.
The guys cracked up at her describing what she got hit with, Bubba
said went you get hit with poop, it’s not cool, Spice said Andrew W
Kay got hit a few years ago, Bubba thinks once you get hit with poop,
you might want to regroup, Spice thinks the Juggalos could be judges
on American Idol, Bubba thinks she’s done, he said they’ve got Tommy
from Cheap coming up, he thinks it’s their way of saying they don’t
like black people. Nick in South Korea said he has his own phone, he
said he’s in camp Humphries, Brent said he’s been there before, Bubba
said he’ll send him some stuff. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Tommy from cheap in Studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com, followed
by “city” by Hollywood Undead. Bubba said that Melanie Brookes was in
the studio, he said that Tommy from Cheap is also in, he then asked
Tommy if he heard what happened, Tommy said no, he said he’s familiar
with Twenty-five Cent, he said he’s heard why he’s here, he said
Twenty-five was partially a gentleman, he said listening isn’t one of
his highest skills, he said being black had nothing to do with it.
Bubba thinks he’s guilty by association, Twenty-five said Greg was the
server, Bubba thinks Greg is 80% of the problem. Grant said this was
during a ufc fight, Bubba then recapped the situation, Twenty-five
said he was told it was $20 per person, which he was okay with, he
said he has the charge for his card, Bubba said he’ll find the bill,
he then went over the bill in question, Twenty-five said Greg told him
that 20% wasn’t good enough, he said he then went to look for a
manager, he then told Tommy what Greg had told him, Tommy apologized
for not giving Twenty-five his full attention, he said 20% on any tab
would be good enough. Twenty-five said Greg felt as if he got screwed
out of some money, he said Grant was in the bathroom and didn’t know
any of this. Bubba said he’s owned things in this town, he said if
something like this has happened in one of his places, it would be
fixed that night. Tommy said he failed both Twenty-five and his team,
he said it was a lack in customer service; he didn’t see things his
way. Bubba said he wouldn’t have said the things about him if it
wasn’t an issue Tommy said it’s an issue they need to work on. Bubba
said he doesn’t care, Manson said he’s not a racist, he’s just
incompetent; Tommy said he’ll take that. Bubba said you can’t round it
up, he said they could lose their merchant account, Tommy said they
sucked at customer service that particular evening. Bubba asked Gale
to recap the time when he saw Greg at a club, Gale said he was sitting
with his girlfriend; Greg came up acting all obnoxious, he remembered
him as his server, he said Greg’s friend had to come over and remove
Greg from the situation. Spice asked about Greg, Tommy said he’s never
had complaints, Bubba thinks only white people request him. Melanie
said if she did a story like this, she wouldn’t like the bill getting
an extra charge, its fraud. Bubba thinks Tommy is just shuffling this
off, Twenty-five said the third person he thought was at the table was
someone who just passed to head to the bar, Tommy said to join the
racial issue is wrong, Bubba told him that he happens to have an
employee who is black, Tommy said he loves black people. Steve in
Tampa said he worked for Tommy directly, he said this attitude is how
he operates, he asked how many black people does he have outside of a
bus boy, Tommy said he has some promoters who are black, his top chef
is black, he said customer service sucked that night, Spice said his
problem is adding money to the tip, Tommy said the policy states that
you have to a pay a minimum charge, he said it’s not a written policy,
he said they have a Twenty-five Cent card in tribute, Manson thinks
it’s like Rosa Parks. Twenty-five said he never has a problem at other
places he goes to; Spice thinks Tommy has too much on his plate.
Twenty-five thinks he shouldn’t have even left a tip, as Greg only
came by once to take the order. Bubba said the bill after the tip was
$63, which meets a three person minimum, he said all that money goes
towards the tip, he said Twenty-five didn’t have any shortcomings,
Spice wonders who made the edition, Tommy said all of Twenty-five’s
money should be refunded. Melanie asked if this would ever happen
before, Tommy said no, she’s been in business for three years, Bubba
said if he met the minimum and the bill was patted, it’s fraudulent,
he thinks it’s still based on race, he wonders how he’s not to come to
that deduction, Manson said if the policy has never been enforced,
he’s on to something. Bubba said
Tommy may not be a racist, but his actions made him out to be like
one, Spice said it’s fraud, Bubba said fraud scares people with a
merchant account, he thinks that by Tommy sticking up for the server,
it’s the worst PR he could get, he thinks Tommy is eating his own
logic, Tommy thinks the club kept $60, and Greg thought it was $10, he
thinks Bubba is making himself look silly, he didn’t like Bubba
calling him a money grubbing club owner, Bubba asked for the written
policy, Tommy said he works hard as hell for his people, Bubba said
he’s never patted a bill, he thinks he’s only made it worse. Spice
then read from the website, he couldn’t find anything about a $20
minimum. Mike on protection said out of all the policies a restaurant
can offer, he said you can never do that, he said if you go back, he
thinks the guy has done damage control, he said this stuff happens
consistently, he said guys like that could be arrested, he said it’s a
bad business practice, he said Tommy couldn’t get a job, he called
Tommy a total douche. Erin said a few weeks ago she called to get an
event arranged at Cheap, just this past Saturday, the table was upped
from $250-$400, Tommy apologized for that, bubba thinks it’ll be more
than $250, Manson thinks Tommy drops more balls than Allen Harper.
Bubba said he’s disgusted by this guy, Tommy said he’ll change his
policy, Spice said it’s a mystery policy, Spice said the policy isn’t
on the website, when Tommy said it was, Tommy said he loves Bubba,
Bubba told him not to walk into Scene, he said he’s not allowed, he
said American Express checks you out before you get a black card,
Tommy said that they’re having a Tuesday Bubba Burger Special. Bubba
then asked him to leave, he said that’s what’s wrong with south Tampa,
Manson said he looks like Ron Jeremy with a virus. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Melanie Brookes in studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for WhiteCap.com. Jenny
said Tommy shouldn’t be running a business, she said they have no
right to add charges, as they could lose their merchant account, she
said Twenty-five will have 60 days to dispute the claim, she then
described how it would work. We then heard the news clip about the
donations, Bubba wonders if Melanie has a bumper, Melanie said no, she
asked that they make one, she then said Bubba is generous, she asked
where it started. Bubba said he ran for Sharif, not that he was
qualified, he didn’t have a job, and Spice wouldn’t return his phone
call, he said a lot of friends are police officers, he said he has a
great forum to produce, he said it’s not about him, it’s about the
people who have donated, he said they’re just the collection point, he
said they had donations as far away as Amsterdam. Melanie then asked
how it’s affected the community, bubba said it’s disturbing that
there’s some scum in the community. Melanie asked if it’s the best
part of his career, Bubba said they didn’t do it in their other radio
lives, he said since they’ve come back they’re more charitable, he
thinks they’re the outspoken hardasses, he said this particular
tragedy struck a nerve, he wishes all of them were this powerful, he
said he wishes they could never have to deal with something like this,
he wishes they could give to a needy group. Melanie asked why this is
going on now, Bubba said this one is because of lack of prosecution,
he guesses his comments will be edited out. Melanie asked if Bubba
ever saw this in his future, Bubba thinks prior to having kids,
getting married and getting fired gave him a new look at life, he
wishes he wasn’t so arrogant and full of himself back in the day, he
then joked it might’ve been his vasectomy, Manson thinks it was a
combination, bubba thinks getting fired, having Tyler and getting
married neutered him, he said everyone else in town have never started
a foundation, he thinks maybe he’s extra special, he said you can go
to btlsFoundation.org and look at his taxes, he said that it’s always
a sad turnout, Melanie said it must be really frightening if you’re
married to a law enforcement officer, she said she does all the crime
scene stuff, Bubba noticed her wring, Melanie said she’ll be getting
married on October 16, she said they won’t have a cake, but Lemon pie,
bubba thinks Mike Deeson will have a field day with Tommy. Melanie
said once you sign your name, it’s a binding contract, Bubba said he’s
horse for yelling at Tommy for so long, they then ended the show a few
seconds later.

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