Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 14th, 2012 by Staff

Recap by Blind Lawrence:


Bubba still thinks his microphone sounds like crap; Ned suggests Bubba
set his microphone to his settings.
The Facebook friend of the day is Travis Hull of Westchester, Ohio.
Bubba said people are driving him nuts with merchandise.
Mike’s Pizza dropped off some Brownies; Ned will either take a bite
out of each individual one, or put his finger in the middle.
Emails: Tara should go to ThundershirtforCats.com, listener was a
victim of Cannabalism when he was a year old, and a listener asked
about the background music from the Power Pig days.
Katie Parry’s ass seen at a water park.
Audio clip – Chad Johnson in court.
911 call from a neighbor about the Chad Johnson story.
Bubba came back from break talking about the Winghouse.
Michele thinks Chad Johnson’s ex is hypocritical for wanted to be
private, yet she was on “Basketball Wives”.
Manson pointed out how fake those shows are; Twenty-five said she’s
marking out to the show.
Bubba played some old songs that he used in the Power Pig; Manson
thinks they should go back to that.
Nelson remembers what it was like back in the Power Pig.
Audio clip – snake with 87 eggs.
Twenty-five mentioned Cylus; a listener who has a snake, Bubba thinks
snake guy isn’t cool.
Manson’s “Snake Snake Snake” (“Bubba Show Classics Vol. 10”, track 14.
Audio clip – Girl claims her Dad waterboarded her.
Bubba thinks the story incorrectly classified the act of waterboarding.
Audio of Tom the Treeman waterboarding from Feb. 18, 2009.
Bubba thinks this is mild compared to the Leech Challenge (March 04,
2010), he then remembered the time when Mancow did a waterboarding
Jerry said the guy would hold his daughter upside-down under the
water, he was upset over the guys not being on the air Thursday and
Friday of last week, Bubba explained that.
Audio clip – man holds another man down who tried to beat his Mom with a hammer.
Audio clip – Joe Biden talking about Paul Ryan, Bubba thinks it could
be the worst thing Obama and Biden could do.
Ned’s Load – “Recall Brownies Call”, which is not in the catalog.
Kevin wonders if Bubba would get the popular vote, Bubba said that
he’s just talking in tongue and cheek.
The guys talked about the RNC coming to Tampa, Brent said that the
deligates have to come to Tampa.
Audio clip – Strip clubs and the RNC.
Manson’s “Republican Idiot” (“Bubba Show classics Vol. 3” track 15,
and “Political CD” track 1).
Ned’s “I am Not a Republican” (“Bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 8”
track 8, “The Clemulus Package” disc 4 track 9, and “Political CD”,
track 2).
Bubba wants to offer some Bubba Army people money for pictures of
Republicans at the RNC.
Audio clip – Man gets his penis bitten.
Audio clip – John school, the guys think it’s a waste of time.
Mandy on protection said she works for the RNC, and will set up some
stuff for them.
Todd taked about a 75 minute program he teaches where it is explained
how to know if you are being trafficed.
Rocket Bottle on protection said he was apart of a security company,
they were going to protect an ex sennator, but two weeks before they
arrived in Washington, he and his wife were murdered.
Rick in Ohio came on talking about female trafficing.
Sammy asked what’s the difference between meeting a girl in a bar,
spending money on her and then having sex with her.
Bubba asked Sammy if he’d ever been in prison, Sammy then talked about
when he sold cocaine.
Chris explains how he’d run a prostitution site.
Manson’s “I Don’t Want Romney”.
Bubba said they’re looking for people to participate in “bubba Justice”.
Snoop in Charleston came on talking about prostitution, Bubba had him
talk to Twenty-five, the guys ended up having fun with Snoop’s accent.
Bubba apologized in advance for what the audience was about to hear,
clips from the Rod Ryan show in Houston, Texas, he thinks Dinah from
the Cowhead show left to do this show.
Audio of the show talking with Octomom, Bubba thinks the music under
it ruins the credibility, he then read from Rod’s bio, he thinks that
the guys who take classes in broadcasting are just nut huts, he’s
disgusted as to how certain guys are in radio, he talked with Randy
Michaels yesterday, asking if he could get the guy who gave Glenn Beck
a bunch of dollars, Randy told him the guy was an idiot, and that
nobody likes him.
Haraldo will be on 54 radio stations.
Ned said he wouldn’t mind dating octomom.
Bubba thinks maybe they should start talking like their on meth.
Tim in Tampa said he’s heard the same bits over and over again, he
thinks that might have something to do with it.
Chris thinks we’re all in a transitional state.
Jeremey thinks the show has gone down hill, he remembers hearing Bubba
talk about his divorce, Bubba said that every man goes through a tough
time during a divorce.
Howard likes Bubba for his honesty.
John in Charleston thinks Bubba’s not sucking the corprate knob.
Mike thinks Bubba is doing a great job, he agrees with the previous callers.
John thinks Bubba has it good right now, he thiks Bubba has been given
a few chances, but he doesn’t take them.
Buzzard thinks Bubba calls too many people out; he thinks Bubba
shouldn’t talk crap about Jesus.
Manson’s 9:40 Segment – “Blackman Scores Viagra” (“Bubba Wanna
Corndog?” disc 1, track 13). Blackman discovers that Robin has flushed
his cigarettes down the toilet; he then downs a whole bottle of
Viagra. He cruises in the black mobile, but has to pull over after
feeling dizzy. Robbin ends up bobbing on Blackman’s errect penis,
Blackman then tells him they need to score more Viagra.
Bubba ended the show with Ned’s “Longo” tribute song.

Radioio.com Show:

Bubba wonders what kind of dialect the caler from Charleston was
saying, he thinks it was make rules as you go talk; he thinks degrees
are over rated.
Jordan said the guy was talking in Gulla, a language in Charleston.
Audio clip – 110,000,000 Americans on wellfare.
Bubba got a big shipment of Redbull.
Ron in Austin, Texas said EBT is called the “Lone Star Card”.
Mike in Tenesse delivers food; he has customers who have ebt cards.
Mike in California said there’s a day in Detroit where the schools do
a head count of all the students.
Audio clip – drunk dude on a lawn mower gets a dui.
Audio clip – Elementary school teacher punches dog to death.
Audio clip – teacher sent to 90 days in jail for sex with a student.
Manson’s “Cleaning Out My Closet” (“Bubba Show Classics Vol. 5” track
3, and “The Fat and the Furious” disc 2, track 1.
Audio clip – asshole tattooing.
Bubba said that people have until Monday to write in a request to go
to the BRN Christmas party.
Audio clip of some porn, Bubba is disappointed with the outcome.
Bubba plays audio from the July 13, 2007 show when they strapped
Twenty-five to the torture rack and put snakes on him.

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