Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 10th, 2010 by Staff

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Recap provided by the one and only Blind Lawrence.

Bumper music provided by Steve Miller:
The Black Keys – Thick Freakness
Blondie – Don’t Leave Me Hanging on the Telephone
Camper Van Beethoven – Take the Skinheads Bowling
Immigraniada – Gogol Bordello
Rudy Can’t Fail – The Clash
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner – Black Uhuru
Going Against Your Mind – Built to Spill
Marcus Garvey – Burning Spear
Greenwood – Banner Pilot
463 – Buck 65
Young Lions – Constantines

Segment 1 – Jacksonville station drops Cowhead and Grease man

The show started off with audio of the Rays winning, followed by
“Thick Freakness” by The Black Keys. Bubba came on saying it was
nonsense, Ned said he likes it. Big Mike in Jacksonville asked what
happened to Cowhead, the guy said they’re the only thing on
Jacksonville’s Rock 105; the guy said he hopes they stay. Bubba
decided to ride the song out, he thinks they’re next, he told
Jacksonville so long. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 2 – Tasha at the men of Playgirl?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza Calgary
on BubbaRaw.com. Bubba wonders why they’re playing “Hanging On The
Telephone” by Blondey, he said that the Men of Playgirl is coming
back, he wondered if Tasha is hosting it, Spice said yes, but didn’t
sound all that interested, Manson thinks the guys are all gay, Brent
said he wouldn’t allow that, Bubba told Spice he would be in another
Country on Sunday, Manson thinks the relationship will be common law
soon. Bubba thinks that Spice and Tasha are coming up on the two year
mark of their relationship, Spice said he likes to push it back to the
day when he got laid, Bubba thinks Blind Lawrence would know the date
on that, Spice said Lawrence talks to Tasha a lot, Bubba thinks it’s
not a big deal, Spice thinks Lawrence has some kind of swagger where
he texts Tasha, gets a response, but takes 45 minutes to fire back.
Bubba said that today at 8:10, they’ll have Jim on, but it’s not his
real name, he’s the man who Dante Morris tried to kill, he said he’ll
give either Playgirl tickets or Scene VIP passes to various female
callers, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Female callers and emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, followed by “Take the Skin Heads Bowling” by Camper Van
Beethoven. Bubba said that Spice will be at the penthouse tomorrow
night. Jess came on, apologizing in advance for her bad voice, as she
just got over a cold, she said she’s five foot two, 136 pounds, she
said she’ll bring her husband to Scene, Bubba denied her Scene access,
but granted her Men of Playgirl tickets, he said don’t bamboozle him
with the guest list, Spice thinks the girl leaving her man at the door
is horrible for the relationship. Alison said she’d like both, she’d
prefer Scene tickets, she said she’s 45, five foot six, about 140
pounds, Bubba said Scene will be a non smoking club, Spice said
nothing sucks worse than when you go to a night club, and you get hit
with the smell of smoke. Jennifer in Port Richy came on, she said that
she and her boyfriend have an open relationship, Bubba isn’t sure if
he wants to turn it into a Swingers club, Bubba ended up giving her
tickets to both events. Jamie said she’s 37, she said she’s hot, she
got buzzed for that, Spice said he can appreciate that. Asteal in
Leesburg came on; Ned doesn’t think there’s a lot of hot girls in that
part of town. Asteal asked for Playgirl tickets, Bubba said he
wouldn’t let her into Scene anyway. Alison said she’d like Scene
tickets, Spice said she has a sexy rasp, Alison said she’s a Lesbian;
Bubba gave her a tymbal for that, Spice thinks she has a lesbian ass.
Brandy asked for some Scene tickets, she said she’ll bring one of two
girlfriends, Bubba said he’ll send her four passes, he said some of
the questions are strange. Ashley in Tampa said she’d love Scene
tickets, Bubba said he didn’t want her to bring a guy, he said they’ll
do it every morning, early, as they’ve got stuff to do, he then said
that a guy killed another guy, then drank his blood. We then heard a
news clip about that, Bubba wonders if the guys are gay, he then said
that they should have Anthony Lowery in, as Kevin is handling his
case, Spice asked if there’s a charge for drinking blood, Brent said
if your just drinking blood of a live person that’s not an issue, but
when a corpse is involved it’s a problem, Spice thinks mayhem is a
great charge. The first email of the day said his wife got tickets to
attend the Rays camp, Bubba thinks the guy can check out The Comfort
in, Spice said down town has some nice spots. Another emailer said
that the dummy was a kid, Ned said nevermind. Another emailer said his
brother was sporting a Bubba Army sticker at a race. Another emailer
said they’d be willing to let the guys do what they want with his
property. Another emailer asked what they should bring to Calgary,
Bubba said not to bring anything, the only people that want anything
would be Brent, ed, Manson and Spice are into weed, he said that kind
of stuff would be your ticket not to get in, he then wonders why he
even made the Special Forces shirt, he said he’s wearing his, Spice
thinks Bubba will wear his Bubba socks, Bubba said he’ll mandate
everyone wear their Special Forces shirts, Spice said they want to
look cool on stage. Another emailer said they were looking for Ned’s
Tim Tebow song (“Bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 8” track 6, and “The
Clemulus Package” disc 3, track 19), Dave said he’ll check it. Spice
said he wore his special forces shirt at an appearance, Bubba said
those shirts are very rare, Dave said all the Tebow stuff is on
iTunes. Bubba said that Mel Gibson’s Dad thinks the Vatican is full of
queers; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Miller gets clocked, homosexual foster parents

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Moonshine Miller’s
appearance at Side Splitters Comedy Club. Bubba came on saying he’ll
get into the Hudson Gibson audio in a few minutes. We then heard
Manson’s “100 Boys” from “bubba show Classics Vol. 14” track 1. Bubba
came on thinking that Miller is looking to flap him up via the bumper
music, he thinks no one has heard of Gogol Bardellia, Spice thinks
even the band doesn’t like it, Bubba said the host is supposed to make
him happy, he wonders how you say “Gogol”, Brent said he’s never heard
of it, Bubba said this is just a bunch of nonsense, he thinks Miller
should be punished for this, Manson said it’s a gypsy punk band, Bubba
thinks the guys around here don’t know how to work, he said he’s
thinking about boycotting Miller’s appearance. Dillon in Jacksonville
said he listens to the band, he said he’s 19; he got Eviled a few
seconds later. Bubba told Miller they’re not pandering to 19 year-old
punks; he asked that the guys on the other side of the wall learn how
to dance with the guys in the studio. Chad in Alabama asked if Bubba
saw Tony flip, Bubba said he saw it, it’s not that big of a deal.
Steve in Largo asked Bubba what’s wrong with punk rock, the guy got
Eviled. Miller came in, he thought it would be fine, Spice said it’s
kind of your own music, but it should make sense, he then said the
song was about Immigration; Ned said he’s starting to like it. bubba
told Miller he could either take a Wiffle ball bat to the back , or a
boycott of his comedy show, Miller asked for a Wiffle Ball Bat to the
back, Spice thinks Bubba has a bag of bats, miller thinks Bubba is a
sadistic little league coach, he then got clocked. We then heard a
clip of Hudson Gibson talking about how half the people in the Vatican
are queer, he thinks the church is just fostering the issue, Brent
thinks they’re in Conspiracy land, Bubba thinks he’s not bringing it
enough to take the heat off of Mel, Manson said it would be great if
Mel Gibson was to deliver the message, Spice thinks it’s not his job
to bring it. Jay said something must be going on, as his friend got
charged with second degree Arson for a camp fire, he got fined $120,
he was arrested three months later, he spent $6,000 in attorneys,
Bubba said it’s disgusting, he said the more information he gets, the
more disturbing it is, Spice said they’re supposed to uphold the law.
Jim in South Decoda said he appreciates the interviews Bubba has had,
Bubba said he enjoyed talking with Dan Patrick yesterday, Brent said
his producer said that Dan will be on anytime. Jim said he’d like to
nominate Lee Weaver for the greatest boopity. Spice said it’s gotten
to his head, where he’d like to be signed to a contract, he said no
one else would put him on, Bubba said as much as the Bubba Army likes
you, they can turn on you in a flash. Bubba said people don’t get paid
to be on Letterman’s show, he said he’d like to have a word with him,
he thinks Alex sink will hand Bill McCollum and Rick Scott their
asses, Spice thinks money has worked out with Rick Scott, Bubba laid
out the issues with Bill McCollum, he said Ronald Ragon was an actor
who knew how to work, Brent said Nixon started the Dee regulation.
Bubba thinks Jeb Bush is guilty by association, he said he’s tired of
Bush and Kennedy, he doesn’t like how the Republicans want you to deep
throat God, he said the Bill wants to pass a law that says Gays
shouldn’t be foster parents, he asked when we’ll stop with the gay
games, Spice thinks McCollum is hiding in the closet, Bubba wonders if
we’re really free, he went over all the stuff we can’t do, he said the
framers of our Constitution were Religious, but were smart enough to
give you the right to worship who you’d like, Brent said Thomas
Jefferson wasn’t Religious. Bubba asked how many foster parents are
beating their kids, Spice wonders what it would be like if a kid was
adopted by a homosexual couples, bubba thinks it’s the lesser of two
evils if the kid was beaten, Brent said there was a guy who raped
every one of his foster kids. Bubba said your either a good person, or
you’re not, he said he wouldn’t care if Tyler was fostered by good
people with good values, he said anyone with an open mind will give
gays a chance, Manson said Lesbian couples don’t want to do anything
bad, Bubba thinks Rick Scott isn’t Conservative, he thinks he’s fake
and rich. Stewart in Orlando asked about kids not getting any help.
Spice asked what the protocol is on raising a Foster kid, he said
Tasha was on Craig’s List and saw an ad for a couple looking for 8
beds. David came on saying that you’ve got a three year old walking in
on two dudes having sex. Bubba said he and heather are responsible
about it, Manson said you’ve got to lock the door if kids are around.
Chris in Tampa thinks the guy should be upset his parents didn’t put
him through College, he then said a family had nine kids, they got a
check from the state, Bubba said he’d rather give those kids to some
homosexual foster parents. Missy in Orlando said gays have some kind
of Stereotype, she said that if couples want kids, they’re in a
committed relationship. TJ in Orlando said he and his wife are Foster
parents, he said it’s quite a process, he said the checks they give
them aren’t all that much, Bubba said this guy is what a responsible
Foster parent should be. Bubba said he has a social worker on hold,
Spice said it’s a thankless job. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – Dante Morris’s victim calls in, Ned’s New Bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza New
Orleans. Bubba said in about ten or fifteen minutes, he’ll have Jim
on, the man who Dante Morris attempted to murder first, he thinks Ober
has the blood on his hands, Spice said it’s almost like Ober is the
host of a game show, he then told Spice the “bitch I Told You” shirts
are selling nicely. Bubba isn’t sure what time zone Canada is, Dave
said it’ll start 10:00 for the U.S. Cindy on protection said Foster
parents are screened, she said she’s been in and out of homes, she
said the gays seem to fight harder for their rights, Spice wonders if
putting fragile kids into a home with homosexuals would be an issue,
Cindy thinks it wouldn’t affect them, she said she doesn’t get paid
enough Bubba asked her the most horrific things she’s ever seen, Cindy
said there was a case of someone sexually abusing the kids, she even
had parents deny the abuse ever happened, Spice said she’s in the
fold, Bubba thinks McCollum has never had to evaluate a home. Aaron in
Orlando said he doesn’t have a problem with gay people, he thinks a
next of kin would work, Manson said in a perfect world it’s better to
have both parents. Jim came on, Bubba suggests they role things back.
Jim said he was shot, just once, a double burial shotgun, he got shot
in the left arm, he got shot in the nerves that controls the movements
in your hand, he reviewed the case many times, he said his neighbor
saw Dante in a car, he said this was October 30, 2005, he was walking
and saw a car in his path, he started walking, he heard a voice say
“Cracker, give me your wallet”, he said he stopped because he saw
lights, he said they were caught about an hour later, Brent said all
three are equally guilty. Bubba asked what went wrong, Jim said he
couldn’t get a lot of information out of them, Bubba said it isn’t
like he owed Dante any money, Jim said that mark Ober handled the
case, he said they could be charged with gang activity, one of the
attorneys he spoke to began discussing O.J. Simpson, he hung up on
him. Bubba said there’s no checks and balances, Jim said he had a gram
of pot in his pocket, he said they should’ve gone with a felony, Spice
thinks going for attempted murder would be the right charge. Bubba
wondered what kind of priors did ante have before he pulled the
trigger, Jim said carjacking and drugs, Bubba thinks the history
should speak volumes. Jim said he wrote a letter to the judge, he said
the next day Dante wasn’t there, he said that mark Ober showed up in
court, Bubba thinks mark pushed himself away from the bar long enough
to show up in court. Spice asked if Jim feels better that Dante is off
the streets, Jim said yes, but two other guys were in the car, he said
one o the guys had been arrested 10 times before. Bubba said that Mark
has a lot of blood on his hands, he said nobody will trump mark, he
said if he lived in Hillsborough county, he’d think the guy would set
him up, he said he’ll do everything he can to get him out of office.
Jim said he’s been here for 20 years, he’s never had an issue, Bubba
then recapped how he got on Ober’s radar, he thinks they’re on the
wrong side of things, he thanked Jim for calling, he wished him the
best of luck, Manson said the guy is credible, Bubba wonders why
everyone is afraid of Ober, Brent said he’s the highest law man in the
county. Bubba took a call from a guy who said they deal with states
attorneys on a daily basis, he said he’s disgusted at Ober being in
office, he said he feels for everyone in Tampa, he thinks Bubba
inspires people to exercise their rights, Bubba said term limits is a
problem, he said he needs to find someone who is credible, he said he
didn’t do anything illegal, he wonders how the cop feels about stuff
like this, he said no one is calling him, he thinks he’s wasting his
time, he said his protection is iron clad, he said the cops have seen
all this, but they don’t want to participate. Bill in New York said on
the lighter side of things, Tony Stewart was visiting his girlfriend,
Tony accidently backed over a motor cycle, he said he would’ve had
Tony sign the bike and push it into the shed, Bubba said he’s glad he
did the right thing. We then heard “Last Ride” by Keith Bryant. Fred
on protection said Bubba is smart enough to know how the game is
played; he said if it’s an easy case, they’ll take the plea, Bubba
said he’s never seen it this bad. Joe on protection said he loves the
show, he said it’s not only in Tampa; it’s all over the state. Ned
said his parody is “Deep Fried”, where Ned says he was high and
hungry, he saw a guy in a Sprint Car with a 4X t-shirt, the guy was
eating curly fries, the guy has Bubba on, Ned tried to change the
station to O&A, Bubba said that was a bad topic, Spice was cracking up
at the song. ned said the guy ordered three short stacks and praised
Elastic slacks, Spice said he’d like to go back and write down all the
things in the song, the guys cracked up at some of the Bubba clips
mixed in. Bubba thinks he could get heat with Dave for providing Ned
with the audio, Ned said there’s an entire section of food drops. Joe
in Jacksonville on protection said they have issues with states
attorneys. Cat in Tampa said this has bugged her for years, she said
she’s good friends with Jim, she didn’t like how he was talked down
to. Bubba said that some guy beat up the Father of an Autistic kid,
Manson said he’d like to know the back-story. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Guy kills wife news clip

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the WhiteCap.com.
Bubba said he could handle the bumper music, Manson said he’s enjoying
some Maple flavored Sausage, Ned thanked Bubba for the Herb he
brought, he then said he was translating what the guy in the song was
saying. Jim in Orlando said that a judge ruled that the red light
tickets were illegal, Bubba asked that someone find that judge, he
then went on to say that Mr. Skin will be on tomorrow, he said it
started out as a little hobby, now it’s changed. We then heard a news
clip about a guy who killed his wife with a machete, he said this is a
guy who has been around before, who has done this before, Spice
wonders if mark was right outside the jail when the killer left, Spice
as mark Ober said they should hear his explanation, Bubba joined in,
Manson said a machete is a violent tool. Bruce said the Mom was
depressed all the time. John suggested they play Ned’s “Bend Ober mark
Ober”, Spice said maybe they should clean it. Bubba took a call from a
guy who said the song was great, he said they should have a fat man
booth at a carnival, he thinks Ned is stepping on his toes, Ned called
himself a jackass. Bubba said some jet Blue guy flipped out, Manson
said it’s great, the guys cracked up when Bubba said the guy had sex
with another male, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – The Guys goof on a voice guy

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza New
Orleans tickets. Bubba said that Brent had some information for him,
he told Spice to be with him on this, he said that six months ago, the
machete guy had two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon,
Brent said the judge gave him $2500 per count. Sam told Bubba to be
careful, he said he’d like to sing a 00:30 song about guys like this,
he then did his song, the guys said it was great, Manson said it’s
moxy. We then heard a news clip about a fight at an olive Garden,
Bubba said if you do a tour of Italy, that would make for about an
hour of cardio, he wonders what kind of news cast this is, Spice said
it’s like the intro to a horror movie, Bubba isn’t sure if he likes
it, he then said it was TMZ cheese, he doubts the ankers could match
the set up, he thinks Miami has to fluff it up, Spice goofed on the
voice guy delivering some stats on the tour of Italy. Mike asked what
was going on, he said he’s not on air; he thinks Miami TV is great,
Manson thinks he’s an angry step Dad. Bubba said the news reporting is
better than Tampa, he said they talk about the hot ankers in Miami,
the guy got Eviled a few seconds later, Spice said it was a good
story, Bubba said he doesn’t’ even want to talk about it now. James in
Brooksville thanked Bubba for exposing these douchebags. Jen said they
use that produced guy for everything, regardless as to what it is, she
said the graphics look like a spaceship. Spice said sometimes you can
hear the techno beat, Bubba said that a white, female listener in
Miami is rare, Jen said radio in south Florida has never had anything
like it, Bubba thinks they might replace him with some fat Mexicans
playing hat music. Bubba said he’s asked Cox to give him until the end
of the year, Jen asked about billboards, Spice said they said they
don’t believe in billboards, Jen said she sees a Ron and Paul
billboard, Spice said he doesn’t need a home phone. Bubba thinks this
will be a way to stop live news casting, Spice said he found the guy,
Bubba thinks the guy would look like Mr. Magoo, he thinks the voice
guy is telling the story. Paul in Fort Lauderdale said there’s a
lawyer who is on TV, there’s a guy named Patrick Frazier who has one
liners. We then heard a clip of channel 19, Spice said the guy’s name
is Scott Shapen, Bubba said it’s horrible, he thinks he’s on Extacey,
Spice said it’s like a rave, bubba wondered who mixes him. We then
heard a clip of Scott talking, Bubba thinks he looks like DJ Dave from
the Dollhouse, he suggests the guy get some new techniques, Spice
thinks the guy did WDAE. Bubba said he remembers the song “19”, he
then recreated what the song was like, he said he can’t remember his
wife’s birthday, but he knows stuff like this. We then heard a clip of
Fox 5 bumper, Bubba wonders what kind of processing he has. Spice said
voice guys make really good money, bubba said he trying to move his
voice guy out, Spice said they use retards in their imagery, Bubba
thinks Tara sounds like she’s touching herself, he asked for Mandy
Rivers. Spice thinks Ned could do some voice over work, Bubba thinks
ned is his set up guy, he thinks he’ll save the gay Jet Blue story for
tomorrow. We then heard Paul Hard castle’s “19”, Spice said he likes
the beat, Bubba said the video is sad, Spice thinks the guy is getting
loose on the synthesizer. Bubba decided to ride the song out into
words; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Wrapping up the show

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Deep Fried”. Bubba said he
doesn’t have all that much, he thinks he’s ready to ride out. Spice
said Bubba has to play the Mark Ober deal. Cliff in Ohio said he was
listening to Howard’s show, he said Portor called in, he thinks Bubba
is afraid to put him on the air, Bubba thinks the public has spoke, he
said the guy was horrible, he said he has nothing for him, Spice said
Bubba gave him a half an hour to talk about yard trimmings. Bubba said
this one was way back in the day, he thinks they’ll have a rotation;
Manson said he’s got a lot of new material today. We then heard
Manson’s bit about mark Ober reducing second degree murder to man
Slawder. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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