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August 7th, 2012 by Staff

Recap by Blind Lawrence:

Today’s recap is dedicated to Heather Wiz and Brent’s Booger, happy

Facebook friend of the day is Ryan Sullivan of Las Cruces, New Mexico.
Emails: Listener suggests a “Reverse The Heat” space on the Bubba
Justice wheel, new windshield, and a breast cancer survivor has no
respect for the Susan G. Koman foundation.
Bubba thinks North East Juilers goes above and beyound with their generosity.
2012 Olympics – China has 64, United States has 63.
Negative Mike came on to talk about NBC’s coverage of the Olympics.
Dock, the Fabricator of the stars checked in asking how big the door was.
Bubba played some Sweet for Ned; he goofed on the opening of “Ballroom Blitz”.
Bubba names certain girls he considered “Foxes” in Warsaw.
Email asks for the show’s support of a fallen fire fighter.
Audio clip – Sharlet county Fire Fighter murdered.
Dr. Mark in studio.
Greg described a lump in his sternum, one in his gut area, and another
in his bisep, Dr. Mark suggested a general surgen.
Emailer asked the name of the doctor who cured Cancer, Bubba said it
was Bruzynski, Dr. Mark has never seen the movie.
Tara said she has a friend who knows someone who had prostate cancer,
but after seeing Bruzynski they are cured.
Frank on protection has prostatidus; Dr. Mark said they used to
massage the prostate.
Ned was heard yelling about the Prostate express.
Warren said he got shot three times, ever since he can’t reach climax.
Emailer has Tapayoka like seamen.
Mary said that she saw a cow with a Bubba Army shirt near a
Chick-Fil-A, the guy has a sign that reads “Eat More Pussy”, Bubba
thinks someone is screwing with him.
John said he saw the same sign.
Anthony said he saw the same thing.
John on protection asked about a lump behind his left nipple, Dr. Mark
said that the guy should get it checked out.
Brian said he takes Adderall everyday, Mark suggests the guy go to his
doctor to find out what’s in his urine.
Erick in Ohio said he has a knot on his right testical, Mark thinks it
could be a carbuncle.
Josh said the guy in the Chick-Fil-A cow costume won’t talk to Bubba,
Bubba still doesn’t want to get thrown into this, the guy said the
chick-Fil-A manager came out, only to give the cow guy a bottle of
water, Bubba thinks he should just not give the guy anymore press.
Chaz was on the phone saying Jared was with him filming some stuff,
Bubba told him to tell the manager this is not show related.
Bubba checked out the picture, he said he really doesn’t need that
type of exposure.
John thinks Bubba should have a different sign; Bubba said the Bubba
Army is genius at times.
Michael thinks it’s someone from a competing station, Bubba said his
competition just gave up on him.
Codey said Bubba just talked to his Brother Josh, Bubba said he
doesn’t want to take anymore calls on this topic.
Ned’s Load – “Helicopter Donut” (“The fat and The furious” disc 2
track 16, “Ned’s Crank Calls Vol. 1” track 21, and “Ned Only” track
Bubba outlined how “bubba Justice” will go down, he then said that
marlbe is a pain in the ass to maintain, he paid nearly $7,000 to get
it done, this had Manson doing his Blue Blood voice.
There’s a special machine that is used to polish marble, it costs $900
to buy it, plus $310 for shipping.
Audio clip – Mars exdploration.
John suggested Bubba try Jon Don, they have a marble polisher.
Audio of a guy talking about Mars, Bubba thinks the guy needs to get
laid, Tara thinks Manson’s impression of him sounds like Jimmy on
“South Park”.
Judy called asking about her shirt, Bubba told her she was his girl,
he then had Twenty-five chat with her.
Judy said that she had a limb replacement, she had some issues with
the hospital, she wants to take it to Bubba Court, Bubba said that his
thing for smal claims court.
Judy then did a positioning statement for the show, Bubba coached her
through it.
Bubba thinks he could do AGT, Brent thinks Bubba would be seen as a
Howard wannabe.
Audio clip – Sharron Ozborn quitting “America’s Got Talent”.
Audio clip – Drunk guy calls 911 looking for more beer.
Steve thinks Bubba is half right with space exploration, he said there
might be some stuff that can possibly find oil.
David thinks we should be investing money into the economy.
Gary in Port Sharlet wishes all these nerds would just get off the
space program.
Twenty-five said he’s coming up, looking to get Bubba’s spot, Bubba
said he could easily put him back in merchandising.
Bubba thinks his flipping outs have gotten better, he doesn’t cary
grudges, when it’s done it’s done, he is shocked when he hears shows
that rip him off, he said Cowhead deffected from his years ago, and
has made a career for himself, he said it’s baffling how people rip
off from him.
The next big gaming device will be a shock collar; Bubba said he has a
Federal trademark on Shock collars.
Bubba said that Shannon Burke can’t get back into regular radio for
doing what he did (Burke got drunk and shot at his wife, using his dog
as the silencer), he said that he begged WHTQ to give Burke the midday
slot on that station, he thinks had they done it, the station wouldn’t
have switched formats.
Old 98 Rock talkbreak where Ned yells at Clear Channel big wigs about
Bubba’s pay in Jacksonville.
Bubba thinks he should fire Tom Bean and have Ned be the
representative of the show; he then read his federal trademark for
“shock Collar Karaoke”.
Audio clip – Channing Tadum is opening a “Magic Mike” style bar.
Audio clip – Florida woman driving topless.
Steve on protection said he’s been going through a lot, his wife left
him three months ago, he has three kids; he got hooked on pils, now he
wants to kill himself.
Bubba told the guy if he kills himself, he’s just going to make life
bad for his kids.
The guy said his car payment is $240 a month, and the payment is due
tomorrow, he spent some money on pills.
Bubba thinks the guy only has himself to blame for getting hooked on
pills, he thinks the guy should get a hotel near his place of work so
he could walk or bike there, he thinks the guy is irresponsible.
The guy said he tried pills under peer pressure, Bubba thinks the
situation gets worse and worse.
Twenty-five asked him if he called Cowhead’s show last week, Bubba
thinks Cowhead would’ve told the guy to buzz off.
Bubba doesn’t like how the guy takes the easy way out in life.
Bob in Ft. eyers thinks it’s a cry for help, he needs to help himself.
Ryan in Georgia thinks Steve can’t help anyone until he helps himself.
Andrew said pills ruined his relationship nine years ago, he’s been
straight for a year, he’s had a similar situation, but he knows
there’s light at the end of the tunnel.
Dave in Plant City thinks Bubba knows better than that.
Jake thinks the guy sounds just like a guy who caled the Cowhead show.
Erick thinks the guy is a druggy.
Steve came back on denying his call to the Cowhead show; he heard it
when it first aired.
Bubba wants to talk to the guy’s wife tomorrow morning, the guy said
he can’t get his wife, bubba thinks the guy answered his own question,
he then hung up on the guy, he hoped the guy doesn’t kill himself.

Radioio.com Show:

Bubba plugged Aaron Lewis and jay Mohr’s respective appearances on the
show today.
Tara gave some background on Aaron; Bubba played “It’s Been A While”.
Bloody Bill called into talk about his band; they’ll be at the
Gathering of the Juggalos this week.
Bubba said the fans love “Clusterfuck Radio”; he gave Manson the green
light to do the show from the new studio.
Bloody Bill came back on, he was lighting a bowl and accidently hung
up on himself, he loved hearing Tara asking why he called himself
Bloody Bill, he said he beat his dick like it owed him money, Tara
said she can’t do the blood bank, she then talked to him while Bubba
directed her via the megaphone.
Ned was heard yelling some requests as Tara talked to the guy.
Bubba said that Jay Mohr is on hold, he thinks Jay is enjoying this.
Bill got his nut; the guys think he’s full of it.
Jay Mohr came on the phone, he welcomed the Bubba Army.
Bubba told Jay about Artie Lange praising him, Jay thinks Artie is one
of the best there is.
Jay likes how Bubba did an intro for him when he was in town.
Bubba said Jay has a bunch of friends in radio, he mentioned Jim Rome
and Opie and Anthony.
Jay liked Blody Bill; Bubba gave him a quick update about the group.
Jay has a podcast, “Mohr Stories”, you can get it on your iPhone, his
most recent episode was with Jay Leno, he was ssurprised when Leno
said “Fuck”.
Bubba asked Jay about his family, Jay said his son is a freak of
nature, he weighs about 30 pounds, he can do chin ups on the table,
he’s doing a show with his wife with TV Land, he told a story about
how he was really busy, he woke up on a flight and his wife had
written a bunch of pages for Jay’s book.
Bubba asked O&A are doing, Jay said they were doing good, Bubba said
he feels horrible for those guys, he said every contract time, talent
gets held up for ransom.
Jay did an impression of Scott Ferrall, Manson then chimed in with his
impression, Jay thinks it sounds like a cross between Bobby Kelly and
Harvey Firestein, Jay thinks Sirius is hemridging cash, he said there
are two channels on Sirius he cares about, The Virus and Baseball.
Bubba said that Ron and Fez were tampa guys when Jay mentoned them, he
even knew of them when the show was “ron and ron”.
Jay told a story about getting Sirius in his car, he loves the Dodgers.
Bubba mentioned Evin Longoria being out; Jay thinks the pitching is
there for the Rays.
Bubba asked about kevin and Bean, Jay said they were nice to him, he
thinks the powers that be like having the show locally.
Bubba said every radio guy wants to be cindicated, he wants Jay to get
Opie and Anthony, Howard and Bubba to have a meeting and get together
to form there own radio network, he said everything is on the
internet, he thinks Howard will go to the internet.
Jay said Howard doesn’t like him, Bubba remembers the time when Howard
said he didn’t want to be in the same industry with a guy named Bubba
the Love Sponge.
Jay said he saw a clip of Howard saying he could have stuff that could
end his career; Bubba told him that Howard says that about a lot of
Bubba thinks the most talented people should get together to create a
very talented bunch.
Bubba then ran down his dream lineup: Howard Stern mornings, Opie and
Anthony or Bubba mid days, with the other guy doing afternoons, with
Ron and Fez at night, with various programs on weekends.
Jay said that he hung out with Greg Fitzsimmons, they had lunch in
China Town, they sat near a disgusting fish tank.
Bubba said he’d like to talk with Opie, he then said he loves Jim Rome.
Jay and Bubba taked about Football a little.
Bubba asked for the listeners to check out Jay’s app, he told Jay to
get the bridge built between him and Opie.
Jay told a story about the time Bubba visited him, he said the moment
he hangs up, he’s going to text Opie, then go to bed.
Bubba thinks Manson is taking a shit on his idea, Manson thinks
Bubba’s idea is just a pipe dream, Bubba told him that he’s had pipe
dreams before, but they’ve ended up happening.
Ned’s “The Lone Wolf Anthem”.
Cynthia in Long Ksland said that she dumped Sirius to hear Bubba, as
there’s only so much time in the day.
Aaron Lewis on the phone, he talked about being a community activist,
his golf event coming up, and his time in the music industry.

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