Tuesday, August 03, 2010

August 3rd, 2010 by Staff

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Blind Lawrence here offering you the daily recap.

Savior – Rise Against
Bat Country – Avenged Sevenfold
Cherry Bomb – John Mellencamp
Crazy in Love – Beyonce
Double Rainbow – Gregory Brothers
Empty Walls – Serj Tankian

Segment 1 – Sports

The show started off with audio of the Rays winning, followed by
“Savior” by Rise Against. Bubba came on saying that Manson was killing
him with the double zero intros, Manson said he knew how much Bubba
liked them. Bubba then went on to say that Tucker Carlson will be on
the show, he said that he’ll be giving OAR tickets to non-pandering
females, he thinks the Rays score was the only thing of importance,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubba thanks some Indiana fans, Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Bat Country” by Avenged
Sevenfold. Bubba thanked some of the Satellite listeners for coming
out to a Wing place in Indiana, he thinks Jack Stiefel tracked down
the Wing place, Spice and Manson did some southern voices. Bubba said
he’s giving them all Special Forces shirts and some free stuff, Spice
said he can’t get a free phone case. The first email of the day said
the interview with lee Weaver was hilarious, Bubba said in his 25
years, he’s never had to smash the dump button at least 20 times, he
thinks they should make that a feature. Another emailer asked where
they could get some car stuff. Another emailer said Lee Weaver sounded
like Tracey Morgan. Another email was from a guy who saw Bubba in
Indiana, Spice was cracking up at that. Another emailer said they
could spend an hour listening to Lee Weaver stories. Another emailer
said they own and operate C and E, the emailer wanted to participate
in the Plugs for Pain. Another emailer said that Lee Weaver was a
great guest. Another emailer said they have a new decal, Bubba said it
was Zombie_76, Spice as a nerd guy said some stuff, Ned said it was
pretty sweet. Another emailer said they were crying with Manson’s new
song, the emailer thanked Bubba for putting up with the stuff the guys
do, the emailer requested “I Suck in Miami Bitch”. Bubba said that Big
Dick informed him that Sluggo just showed up, he said he has zero
tolerance for anyone being late, he said this is one of them, he said
the show starts at six, he said that he and Spice get in at around
4:30, he said he doesn’t like to be a dick, but he has to be in this
situation, Spice thinks the listeners dig it. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Sluggo is late to the show

Coming out of commercials we heard Ned’s “I Suck in Miami Bitch” from
“bubba Show Classics Vol. 12”, track 7. We then heard “Cherry Bomb” by
John Mellencamp, Bubba thinks this is pandering, Manson said he loves
John Mellencamp. Bubba said that the Rays are tied for first in the
ALE east, he thinks it’s success if you start pitching in the Seventh.
Spice said Sluggo just left, Bubba said he had no intentions of firing
him, he asked that Big Dick come in, Spice said Tuddle just IM’d him,
Bubba said he appreciates a guy who is that loyal, he said that Manson
just sent a bunch of tapes to Mark Chase, Manson said he was driven.
Bubba said that maybe Tuddle could be a Utility man, Ned said he’s a
cancer, Spice said that he thinks Big Dick is talking to Tuddle. Jay
in Miami said Bubba can’t treat Sluggo like that, Bubba said if he was
15 minutes late, the guy said Bubba is on vacation more than George W.
Bush, Brent said the guy was wrong about that. Spice said Dick is
talking to Sluggo, but he doesn’t know what they’re talking about.
Bubba wonders if Sluggo is ready to talk to him, Spice thinks they
need to talk with his agent. Mike said he was at one of Bubba’s
Chicago tapings, Bubba said that he’ll find out some information by
September 1, Bubba said he’ll trust the guy as he’s hung out with them
a few times, he said there’s a new twist in the TV show, but he can’t
say. Spice said that he heard that sluggo is afraid of public
speaking, Bubba thinks it will be a one-sided conversation, he said if
sluggo wants his job, he’s going to talk to him regardless, he said
that’s the law, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Sluggo in studio

Coming out of commercials, Bubba said that the OAR
show will be happening on September 15, he said he’ll be going, Manson
thinks he won’t go, Brent said they can go, as they’ll be taking
September 17, Bubba then recapped how a phone call would probably go
down, he said he has 17 pairs of tickets to give away. Roger said he
agrees with Bubba on his Sluggo commentary, he said it doesn’t work
when people just walk in. We then heard B-Fudd’s bumper, B-Fudd asked
what Sluggo’s problem is, he said he showed up an hour early when he
worked, Bubba wonders who would buy a house that was built by B-Fudd.
Brent said B-Fudd is Feeble minded, Spice said he’d rather be called
mentally retarded, as opposed to feeble minded. B-Fudd said he was
feeble minded, Bubba thinks he’s free basing. B-Fudd said Hammil
called him on Saturday with a Hooker, Bubba thinks he probably
shouldn’t put that over the air, he talked to her. Bubba wonders how
that would go down, he thinks even Hookers are desperate. Brooke in
south Florida, she said she loves the show, Bubba thinks she couldn’t
be mean if she tried. Janie in Miami said she’s a ticket grubbing
bitch and she’d like the tickets, she said her coe-worker got her
turned on to the show, Bubba said he’s never been with a black woman.
Janie said she’s burnt caramel. Bubba said he’s asking for people to
be mean, but they’re not bringing it. Becky said she listens to the
show every morning, the guys clowned her for saying “ORA”, Bubba said
that it seems like stupid girls are hot. Amanda doesn’t like how the
guys bag on public defenders. Robin came on, but got Eviled a few
seconds later, Bubba said the tickets need to go to hot sounding
people, not white trash, he then asked Sluggo what was going on, he
asked him what was going on, Sluggo said he missed both of his alarms,
he said he went to bed at 8, Bubba thinks no one sleeps for that long,
he doesn’t remember why he fired sluggo, Sluggo said he didn’t want to
bring it up. Sluggo said he lives with his Grandma, Ned thinks he’s a
loser. Bubba asked him why he would leave, Sluggo said that rent is
cheap, Bubba said he’s not giving him any more chances, Ned thinks
Sluggo is a quitter, Sluggo said he quit smoking nine months ago.
Bubba asked why Sluggo walked out, Sluggo said he thought he would end
up losing his job, Ned said he’d hate to Sluggo watch “The Notebook”.
Bubba thinks maybe they should have sluggo just do five minutes, Spice
doesn’t think it’s punishment, Manson thinks it’s punishing the
listeners, he then said that people who suppress anger become violent
when drunk, Brent said he can attest to that, Spice thinks he’s the
biggest example of that, Brent said as long as he doesn’t drink he can
talk about it, he said the parodies make him feel bad. Bubba thinks
maybe they should explain it. Spice thinks no one listens to the best
ofs, he then said Brent had a meltdown after drinking jack Daniels
(October 2, 2009). They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Tyler on Indiana news, Tucker Carlson

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish Bumper. Bubba told the
female callers to hang on, he then read more on the article about
people who get violent while drunk, Spice said he uses getting drunk
as a tool to escape. We then heard “Crying in the Green Room” from
“bubba Show classics Vol. 12”, track 10. The song parodies “Smoking in
the boys Room”, and recaps Brent’s experience with jack Daniels, where
he and Miller traded insults, which eventually escalated to Brent
throwing a trash can in a fit of rage. Bubba admonished him for doing
that and talked to him about his over-all attitude, Brent left the
studio and was on the floor of the green room, crying for about twenty
minutes. Nicky said she’s been listening since the Power Pig days.
Brandy said she’s listened for about 19 years ago, Bubba wonders if
they had phone sex. Kady came on asking for some tickets, Spice
sarcastically think she sounds brilliant, she couldn’t name the Vice
president is, he then buzzed her and Eviled her, Bubba said he doesn’t
want any dumb bitches. Sabrina came on saying it was Joe Biden. April
said she’d like t see the show, Spice doesn’t think that’s good
enough, he thinks groupies are long gone. Bubba asked who the
Secretary of State is, April didn’t know it, she got buzzed. Lex in
Indiana said he met Bubba over the weekend, he asked how the boys
ended up, Bubba recapped the situation, he said he was proud of the
boys, we then heard “dueling Der Ders” from “bubba Show classics Vol.
11”, track 14 as the guy talked, Spice goofed on the guy, saying it
was great weather to see kids racing, he said that he saw Bubba on the
local news, he liked how Tyler sounded like a pro. Bubba said all the
guys do is just talk bad about him, he thinks Ned will be a dick about
it, he said the video is up on ClemRacinginc.com, he then suggests
they do a show vote.

1. Spice – play it
2. Brent – play it
3. Dave – play it

Bubba thinks Ned doesn’t’ have a relationship with his kids. We then
heard the clip, Bubba said this is up on btls.com, Ned said you could
put a pisstle in your mouth and pull the trigger, Spice as Tyler said
der-der-der a few times, Bubba likes how Tyler had to look down at his
uniform, he said it’s nice that the news guys are talking about them.
Trisha said that Hilary Clinton is the Secretary of State, the guys
think she looked that up. Lin in Seabring said she chooses not to
listen, Bubba told Pantera no more tickets, the guys then goofed on
her, he then said Steve Hurley just texted him, he then went over the
various people who have donated to the foundation, he then said Steve
Hurley raised $11,5000, it will be rounded up to $12,000, he likes how
Steve does things. Debbie said she loves the show, she said she used
to listen to Mancow, she said she works labor and delivery, Bubba hung
up on her, he hopes she was being medical by saying she sticks her
fingers in Vaginas. Tucker came on asking who the caller was, he said
he doesn’t have that kind of job, he wonders who would call and say
something like that, Bubba thinks it’s an insecure redneck, Tucker
said people are compulsive self-revealers, bubba said they don’t let
the fake ones on, he thinks about 75% of what people say is true, he
thinks they become readers of people after a while, he then recapped
some callers they’ve had calling into the show, he thinks they should
do a suicide show, where they’ve saved people from committing suicide,
he then recapped a cal he got from the Power Pig Days where a woman
was in her garage with the running car, Dave said they had a hard time
tracking that stuff down, Bubba said the guy was with his gun (October
3, 2007). Spice asked if Tucker heard any stories about the Chelsea
Clinton wedding, Brent said he felt bad for her, Tucker said the
Clintons used her, bubba thinks Hilary was the disciplinary figure.
Tucker said he knows him, Brent said that when she won the Senate,
Tucker had to eat her shoe, he thinks Hilary would be better than
Obama, Bubba said he’s not doing much, Tucker said most people have
failed in public by the time you get to President, he said Obama has
been held up by enablers. Spice asked if there’s a party
indoctrination of working with Fox news, Tucker said he was a little
more open-minded, he said obama isn’t as smart as he thought he was,
he said the Libertarians should be ashamed to have said they voted for
him. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – tucker Carlson, various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard Tucker Carlson’s bumper. Bubba had
no idea what the song was about, Manson said it’s about Double
Rainbows, Spice thinks the guys don’t watch YouTube that much. Bubba
asked when Palin will admit to her screw ups, Brent said she always
blames the media, Tucker said the press is dishonest. Bubba said he’s
a realist, Tucker said he thinks Palin is hot, he thinks she would be
a better president than Obama. Bubba asked Tucker if Palin’s messages
was delivered in Hilary Clinton’s body, he’d be disgusted, Brent
thinks if it was the other way around, Palin would be a two term
President. Spice said the media can build people up, while at the same
time break them down, Manson said when Palin made her first speech, a
bunch of old Republican guys asked who that was. Tucker said saying
you like Palin is the quickest way to get people mad. Bubba thinks
guys like Glen Beck, Sean hannity and Bill O’riley think with their
penis. Tucker thinks every other channel is ran by Liberals, Bubba
thinks Tucker masturbates thinking about Palin, he thinks Mitt Romney
and Joe Biden would be great, Brent said Mitt knows his stuff. Bubba
asked about the newest Amendment to the constitution, Tucker said he
hopes it doesn’t stick, he said we need to make English the official
language, Manson said the Federal government has a problem with States
Rights, Tucker thinks the Republican Party is in favor of Illegal
Immigration. Dave asked Tucker about the Republicans looking for the
tax cuts, Tucker said the Federal government is too big, he said
without the top two owners of our country, the country will collapse.
Bubba asked how the Daily Caller is doing, Tucker said it’s taking
over his life, he said he was rich before all this, he said he doesn’t
have time to count his money. Bubba said if he was president, he’d set
up the White House his way, Brent thinks Bubba would have assigned
seating, Tucker thinks Bubba would be authoritarian, Bubba said he’s a
cross between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy, ned said he can’t
wait to shoot Bubba in the head, Bubba said that you can bring your
gun to the abortion clinic, Tucker said that’s a great idea, Spice
thinks it’s change, Tucker thinks Bubba could be elected Mayor of
Tampa. Bubba thinks he’ll run for Mayor of St. Petersburg when Bill
foster heads out, he thinks he’ll be trusted when he’s in his 50’s, he
thinks his TV show has been green lighted, he said no disrespection to
TV, but Television is so easy, he thinks he could fill 88 minutes with
no problem, Tucker thinks bubba will have to shower. Bubba asked Spice
if he heard the latest from BP, he said this is on the Static kill
well, Spice said the junk shot was what he was thinking of, Bubba
wonders why the static kill took so long. We then heard a news clip
about the spill. Eddie in Tampa said he’s been listening since the
Power Pig Days, he said he works in a construction field, he said
there are so many illegal immigrants who work under the table, we then
heard “Dueling Der Ders” as the guy talked, Bubba hung up on him a few
seconds later, he then said his favorite cop in Arizona was on TV, he
said if you get arrested for a dui, your outside in Tent city, he said
top bunk rules all, Brent likes how they were spending 3,000,000
dollars a year, he likes how Sharif Joe has trained the prisoners to
train the dogs. Bubba said Joe has a bounty on his head from the
Mexican mafia, Brent said that the Mexican Mafia is nothing to mess
with. We then heard a news clip about that, Brent said they had a V
show about the Mexican Mafia, the show has since been canceled, as
four hosts have been killed, Manson thinks Joe should make this a part
of his campaign, Spice said he’d be a little more concerned with the
drug cartel as opposed to Al-kida. We then heard a news clip about a
woman who confused 911 with a dating line, Bubba thinks Spice’s
impersonation of her wasn’t that far off, Ned thinks a lot of four
play isn’t involved, Spice sarcastically said that she’s having a hard
time getting a good man, Bubba rewound the clip, as he didn’t know
what she was saying, Ned had to explain it, saying salty means pissy,
bubba thinks it’s white trash if you ask a cop if he’s salty, and it’s
even more white trash if the guy’s name is Jimbo, Manson as a
Southerner said they like their man named Rattle snake. Bubba thinks
it’s easier to urinate outside, he wonders how many women pee outside,
he then said that CSpan featured a Meltdown. Brent said a guy named
Anthony Weiner was very passionate about getting a bill for 9/11
survivors passed. We then heard the clip about that, the guys cracked
up when the reporter said Weiner, he thinks they could never be in
Congress, Bubba thinks they need more guys like this, Spice likes how
the guy is going nuts. Bubba asked if they could say “fuck” a few
times, Brent said it’s against the decorum, he thinks the guy is
turning into Bubba, Spice said he could never be a fire fighter, he
thinks bubba wouldn’t’ have gone into the World Trade Center, Bubba
said he couldn’t do it because of the stairs, he then said he doesn’t
forgive. We then heard a news clip about four people getting killed
from a drunk driver, Spice thinks he couldn’t forgive anyone for doing
that, Bubba said his family wouldn’t do that, he said he’d train at
rob con’s for two years, he said it would be like Faces of Death, he
thinks he couldn’t sneak up on anyone, Ned said he’d like to forgive
Hitler, bubba said he’s looking for the direct family. We then heard a
news clip about Bazle Marso, Bubba likes how the guy calls himself
BazelMarso.com, Manson as a blue-blooded guy said some stuff, bubba
thinks putting Basel in would be a good idea. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – various news

Coming out of commercials Bubba said that Alex Sink
will be on the show tomorrow, as well as Antonio Tarver will be on the
show, he said that they’ll have Tuddle VS Rafael and fight it out in
the Bubbagon, he said the winner of that fight will get a reprieve. We
then heard a promo for the Bubba lottery machine, he thinks the two
people fighting for the Republican Candidate, he said that rick Scott
just looks creepy, he said the latest thing on BubbaRaw.com will be
the return of Rafael, he asked for the guys to burn it on DVD, he then
said his golf cart is in the shop, he said he got it from Hogan, Spice
as Hogan asked for it back. Bubba said he’s in General contractor
World, he said the problem is that they see it’s him, he said he only
needs a certain amount of things, he said if you’re a commercial
General contractor, call the show or email. We then heard a clip of
Bazel Marso, where he says he’ll take the power of a locomotive and
run the power through the house and look for corruption, Spice said
the guy was on Jimmy Kimmel last night, he said at least the guy would
try to do what he’s talking about, he said this guy is sweet, he
thinks the guy will get eaten alive in the debates. We then heard
another clip, Bubba wonders if the guy has an issue with cops, Spice
goofed on the guy’s voice, Bubba got distracted with something
falling, Ned said his elbow slipped, bubba thinks if Ned didn’t have
six empty cans of beer, they could get a show in, the guys cracked up
Bazel said if you don’t have a gun, you’ll get fined $10. Bubba said
the guy went from funny to pissing him off, Manson said he’s getting
full of himself, Spice said he’s moving and shaking. Jennifer thinks
there’s nothing wrong with a woman peeing outside, Bubba said when
you’re doing it public enough to get arrested, that’s a problem. Spice
said he’s almost over this Bazel Marso character, Bubba thinks he’s
getting too produced for his liking, we then heard a clip of Bazel
talking. Spice asked who he’d vote for – mark Ober or Bazel, Bubba
said he wouldn’t vote, he said he’d study to be a lawyer, he said this
is like the stray dog crapping on the carpet. We then heard a clip
about Spirit Airlines charging for carry-on bags. We then heard a news
clip about a Ten year-old boy raping a Twelve year-old girl, Bubba
said there’s no way a kid could think that way, he said Tyler still
thinks girls are icky, he thinks it’s a parenting issue, he wonders
where the kid learned this, he likes how the guy calls the actions
intolerable, he doesn’t like how the news just glossed over him saying
he takes some of the responsibility, Ned said the guy is creepy,
Manson said you rarely get turned around at that age, Spice doubts the
guy will be a productive member of society. Bubba read that Lisa
Hayward got arrested for a dui, her husband got arrested for Domestic
Violence, Ned thinks the guy is creepy, Bubba thinks the guy should
get into radio, he said he’s not trying to be TV sexy, he’s trying to
be TV material, Brent said Bill O’riley isn’t exactly TV beautiful,
Bubba said ugly guys need to stay in radio, he then retracted his
statement after reading the guy was the on the scene guy, he then said
he loves the new weather chick on channel 13, he said heather blasted
him for finding her hot. Craig in Port Charlotte said his daughter was
raped by an 11 year-old, a week later the kid penetrated a 7 year-old
girl. Dan in Jacksonville said he doesn’t agree with the 10 year-old,
he said he was molested when he was a kid, he said he tried to molest
some kids, he said something had to have happened, Ned thinks he’s
queer. Spice said the woman is Persian, Ned said those girls are
steamy, normally their Dad will cut the head off after that, they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Wrapping up the show

Bubba asked Spice to remind him to turn the lotto machine on Friday,
Spice said he’s out on the Lotto contest, Bubba said from 4:20-11:00,
, it’s Bubba’s World, he said if you’re a winner, you have to
participate for as many weeks as you won, Brent said Alex sink is
ahead in the poles. Bubba plugged what they’ve got coming up, he said
the loser of the Rafael/Tuddle fight will be strapped to a stripper
pole and beaten silly. Tony said his step son from Tennessee got into
a scrape with the law, “the Boopity song” from “Bubba Show Classics
Vol. 11”, track 23 was heard in the background. Tony said it’s sad to
know where the kids pick this stuff up from, he said he had sex with a
teacher, he said it wasn’t with a male teacher, he said he’s been
listening to bubba’s show ever since the Power Pig. Bubba asked if she
was white or black, Tony said she was a sister, he said that he didn’t
say anything about it, ned thinks the guy sounds like a down low
Brother, Spice said the guy just sounded gay, Bubba said tony isn’t
gay, he said he’d like to get the Albert Haynes worth test, he thinks
he could do it. John in North Port said he used to listen to bubba
when he was on in Columbus Ohio, he said he works for a juvenile
detention center, he said by the time they get them, the wrap sheet is
insanely long, the guy got Eviled a few seconds later, Bubba thinks it
doesn’t reform them, Spice said he got a bunch of emails from people
about the Manson bit. Scott in Apollo beach said he’s worked with
Sharif Joe, he said he’s a great guy. Bubba said he’s vowed to end his
regular radio show with an Ober bit, until the day either one of them
is out of a job. Jed thinks bubba’s gaydar was off. We then heard
Manson’s “Fatter than me”, followed by a Mark Ober bit about Mark Ober
charging a man $110 for beating two dogs to death with a hammer. They
then ended the show a few seconds later.

2 Responses

  1. Matt

    To Bubba and the crew:
    I love listening to the show, but I can’t for the life of me, understand what it is about Tucker Carlson you like. Now, I have nothing against Bubba or his crew: This is STRICTLY against Tucker “The Fox Noise CockSucker” Carlson. The more I listen to him, the harder it is to take him seriously. I certainly can’t take seriously ANYONE who takes Sarah Palin seriously. I really think anyone who thinks Miss Caribou Barbie would make a better president than Obama should be committed to an insane asylum. No one is perfect, not even Obama, but much of the hate against him is unjustified. Most of the reasons the right gives for their hate are and have been proven AD NAUSEUM to have no credibility in the real world. Tucker Carlson may sound like a nice man, but I hear all the same tired Fox Noise lies being repeated, such as “Sarah Palin is smart.” and the one of the biggest lies from the right: “The media is liberally biased.”
    Oh, I am black and I support Obama, but I have a job and I’m going to school and doing well, and have never been in trouble with the law, never done illegal drugs, and I don’t behave like a welfare rat. I behave with dignity and decency. No doubt some will use my comments about Carlson to say bullshit like “He’s drinking the Obama Kool-Aid” or “He’s the usual welfare rat looking for a handout”, because to a so-called conservative, all Obama supporters are and how dare anyone think otherwise.

  2. angeeeee!

    You guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comin from MIAMI bitch!!!!

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