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Top Stories:
Mom finds 14-year-old working as stripper
eBay pulls auction for Dr. Kevorkian death van, says violated policy against selling ‘murderabilia’
Tebow’s Draft Party Like A Nazi Rally?
Police: Son Kills Mom, Puts Head In Bag
Ex Playboy pornstar Jenna Jameson allegedly bashed by UFC husband Tito Ortiz
Hundreds protest immigration law in Arizona

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Sports scores, Tetto Ortiz

Bubba started the show by saying the bumper music was provided by
Spice, he then went on to recap some sports scores, he then plugged
what they’ve got coming up on the show, Spice said that Tito Ortiz has
been in the news, he said she was in an abusive relationship, Manson
sarcastically said he can’t believe it, Spice sarcastically said he’s
shocked that a UFC guy beat up a porn star. Bubba said heather got a
lazar on the face; he posted her picture, jokingly saying that Tito
has nothing on him. Spice said the last thing you’d really want to do
is be in public after that, Bubba thinks Jenna wants out, he thinks
he’ll get long winded with his commentary, he then plugged “Bull Bash
our”, where you can meet the Under Taker this year. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – High school class mates, emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Bubba said PM Dawn is a big black guy with dreadlocks, he then
asked Spice if he enjoys using the Mr. Skin prep service, Spice said
he loves it, Bubba thinks Portor will use it, he then went over some
birthdays, he said the Portor show will be going on tomorrow, he said
Portor isn’t to lean on the guys like a crutch, he said the guys can
editorialize, but they can’t give him any topics to talk about, Manson
hopes he’s not too good. Bubba thinks he won’t have a problem with
Porter’s show, he said the guy has been a pain in his ass for ten
years, he said he’s a mark for all the radio shows, Manson thinks
it’ll be solid gold, Spice said he’d like to do that with a PD. Bubba
said the Calgary tickets will go on sale this Friday at Noon, the
prices are $79, $59, $39 and $19, he said some emailer have asked to
be special agents, he thinks it could sell out. The first email of the
day said they can’t wait to meet the guys, Bubba thinks the Westin has
a few rooms left, he thinks if you don’t call today or tomorrow,
you’ll be out of luck. Another emailer said Bubba’s fan base is huge,
the emailer said they identify with the show; Spice thinks the guy is
pimping with a May bock. Another emailer thinks Miami is editing them,
Bubba thinks it’s a tech issue. Another emailer said they’re proud
that Bubba turned out in life, the email was from Michelle Mills,
Bubba said he just denies all on FaceBook, he said it’s easy to be his
friend now, he said he’s had some people who wouldn’t talk to him back
in the day, they’re now interested in seeing him, he said some high
school class mate will email him for money, Spice said that’s the
best, Bubba said he would rather work at a gas station than send
someone money. Spice said he doesn’t like when his school asked him to
be a DJ, Bubba thinks they should hire a DJ who cuts on various people
at High school reunions, he said stuff gets embellished by the time it
hits Warsaw Indiana. Another emailer said they’re near Bronco Rick’s
place, Bubba said he should visit them. Another emailer asked if the
dollar amount is $75 American, Bubba said it’s all Canadian, he said
Ned is freaked out over getting pad. Another emailer asked where Bubba
gets his guns, GunBroker.com. Another emailer said heather from
Orlando is full of crap; the emailer said they won’t stop you for what
you look like. Another emailer said they’re morning ride sucks, as
they live in Richmond. Bubba said they called him after the show to
tell him. Another emailer asked when they’ll get nude pictures, Bubba
thinks the guy is a loser, Spice said it’s stupid to be wanting
anything porn related. Bubba said that people in Television don’t get
it; Brent said they signed a non disclosure agreements on that, they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Buccaneers discussions, woman kills boyfriend in car

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza in
Canada, then into a news clip about the Buccaneers. Bubba said you
don’t cut a veteran on the Bucs, Brent said that 50% of the draft
picks have been a bust, Bubba thinks it’s reverse racism. KC in Tampa
thinks the draft picks are an indication of how week the money is,
Bubba thinks it’s about being tight, he said Gruden would never allow
this, he thinks Hovan will be picked up by someone, he suggests Miami
or Jacksonville, he then plugged the Paper Tongues’s appearance
BubbaRaw.com, he then plugged the latest stuff on btls.com, he said
this is a local story, he read that a woman killed her boyfriend in a
car, he said she did lines of cocaine and had been drinking, Spice
said it doesn’t mean much of anything, Bubba said he feels bad for the
family’s loss, we then heard a news clip about that, Spice thinks pot
should’ve even her out, Bubba said pot might’ve slowed her down. Spice
wonders if she’s truly sorry, or does she know that she’s going to
jail, Bubba said this isn’t fare, he said he would’ve given her ten
years, he said it’s not fare to the system, he said the crime is what
it is, regardless as to how sorry you are, Spice said he wouldn’t be
as easily forgivable, Manson thinks all of them were high, Brent said
cocaine makes you feel invisible. Bubba asked Ned when he started to
go downhill, Ned said around 60, he thinks if someone could blind side
him, he’d have a chance. Scott thinks Bubba is a self-serving
hypocrite, he said Nick Hogan had a few beers in his system, the guy
said Bubba didn’t complain when Nick got sent to jail, Bubba said
he’ll take the same stance with the Nick Hogan case, he said there
have been some cases, where a person has gotten house arrest for
injuring another person while in a car, he said life is hypocritical,
Spice said she should be lucky that the parents forgave her, he said
that the Graziano family suggested the sentence. Bubba said everyone
else is afraid to offend listeners, he said they take a stance on an
issue, he send if you were to send all the illegal immigrant prisoners
back, you’d save about $20,000,000,000. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Jenna Jamison and Tito Ortiz discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the btls Newsletter,
then into a news clip about Tito Ortiz beating up Jenna Jamison. Bubba
cut in a few seconds later, he thinks the attorney shouldn’t have said
she suffered the consequences, Spice then did his “bitch I told you”
routine, Bubba said he’s on Tito’s side, Spice thinks she’s way too
public, Manson sarcastically said he’s been rooting for this one to
last, bubba got distracted with ned cracking open a Miller Lite, he
thinks she fired too many bullets, he said you sometimes have to snap
a woman out of a drunken phase, he wonders what an ace bandage does,
Spice said it’s a redneck cast. Bubba said he’s sticking up for Tito
Ortiz, but he’s disgusted by Chris Brown, Spice said Chris is a
multi-tasker, Bubba called Jenna a media whore, he suggested she go to
rehab to get off the pills. We then heard the tymbal for Tito, we then
heard a clip of his lawyer talking, Ned told Tito to butch up, he then
goofed on him a little. We then heard “Chris Brown Song” from “bubba’s
New and Misc Hits Vol. 9”, track 7, and “the Clemulus Package” disc 3,
track 17. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Cowhead discussions, Memphis VS. Mobile boopity

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bikes for Badges on
May 22. Mike in Tampa said Awesome Kong will be on Cowhead’s show,
Bubba said he won’t be on, Spice wonders if MJ will be on Cowhead’s
show next week. Bubba said Cowhead is on a slippery slope with him, he
said he doesn’t know what his problem is, Manson said no one knows who
Awesome Kong is, Bubba said Cowhead is being stupid, he said he’ll try
to do this on the private sector, he thinks the more he talks about
it, the more it’ll damage their relationship, he told Cowhead he knew
better than that. We then heard a news clip about a guy who killed his
own Mother, and left the head in a field. Bubba said he’s looking for
the family that will say they’re disgusting by the actions, he thinks
it’s a dysfunctional family, Spice said the guy has a lot of support,
Ned thinks the guy should try as a n independent. Bubba thinks this
won’t compare to the greatest boopity, we then heard the clip, while
“the Boopity song” played under it, we then heard the clip about the
remote control, Bubba thinks it’s not defeatable, we then heard it
again. Brad in California said he’s moving down the road, Bubba said
he didn’t ask for the guy to just call in. The guy said he got his
Bubba Wonka, he said he loves it, Bubba thanked him for that. Moondo
said he’s half Indian and half Mexican, he said he gets profiled all
the time, he said he doesn’t have a problem with it, he then asked
Brent why churches give the money back to Government, Brent said
that’s something that is hard to figure out. We then heard a news clip
about people protesting Illegal immigrants, bubba said this has
nothing to do with being Nazi like, he said cops should have the
ability to ask if you’re properly credentialed, he wonders who would
be against it, Manson said that 70% of people are for it. Bubba
wondered what the 14th amendment covers, Brent said it’s for
Americans; Bubba said he doesn’t see a problem with the issue. Spice
said he found a story about a Leprecon that lives in a tree, we then
heard the news clip about that, Bubba thinks we’re in the middle of a
boopity challenge, he thinks it’s strong. We then heard the clip of
the people talking about the Leprecon, Bubba thinks the guy holding a
flute ruins it, he thinks Memphis still has it, he thinks he should go
to the phone lines, Mobile or Memphis. We then heard the Memphis clip,
then the Leprecon clip. Bubba had the callers decide the outcome:

1. Jen – Mobile
2. Kurt – Memphis
3. Len – Memphis
4. Ray – Memphis
5. Laset – Memphis
6. JT – Mobile
7. Emily – Mobile
8. John – Memphis
9. Chris – Memphis
10. Nate – Memphis
11. Random caller – Memphis
12. Derik – Memphis
13. Rebecca – Memphis
14. Jim – Memphis

We then heard the Memphis clip, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – Various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Burnout
shirt. Bubba said Cary Gray was a big fan of Talking Heads, Brent said
the video for the song was awesome, Bubba thinks he’s really good with
his money. Spice said the guys you hear from have problems. Bubba read
an article about a guy who was raped by a neighbor twenty years ago,
the time limit expired though, a measure has been passed so that
there’s no time limit when it comes to rape of children, Manson
guessed the Catholic Church opposed it, we then heard the tymbal,
Bubba thinks you shouldn’t have limitations on that, he doesn’t’ get
why anyone would be opposed to that, Spice said it’s a common sense
law. We then heard a news clip about the Sister of a murdered model
who is asking that they stop serving drinks at 2 am, Manson thinks
she’s bringing everyone’s party down, Bubba thinks it should stop
around 3-4, he then said he’s not giving it his airtime. We then heard
a news clip about a radio host who is under fire for saying Tebow’s
party was a Nazi rally, he thinks the guy calling himself a DJ is an
insult, he thinks the name Fred Toettcher is a problem name, he said
the problem with the Imus situation was that he’s used racist comments
about blacks, Spice thinks Nappy-headed hoes is the friendliest thing,
Manson thinks it’s phony outrage, Bubba said Imus handled it the wrong
way by going to Sharpton’s show with a cowboy hat. Spice thinks he
shouldn’t have said that, Bubba said the guy can’t defend himself like
they can. Bubba took a call from a guy who said this is like what they
did with the Jews in World War II. Pablo said that he’s a Hispanic
guy, he said he doesn’t have a problem with getting stopped, he said
he left Paru, due to a family issue, he thinks he could’ve made it in
his Country. Bubba wonders where Americans go to better themselves, he
said he likes Pablo; he then went on to say that Whitney Houston lost
it. We then heard a clip of Whitney in concert, Bubba said she’s a
skeleton of her former self, Brent wonders if it’s a rib, Ned thinks
it’s crack, Spice said it’s bad that Bobby Brown is the lesser of two
evils out of that bunch, Bubba thinks she’s really cutting her notes
off, he thinks it sounds like backing vocals, Spice goofed on her
getting the high notes back for a few seconds. We then heard the clip
of Lin Yu Chun singing “I Will Always Love You”, Spice hopes the Pope
doesn’t get a hold of the kid, Bubba said it’s impressive, he thinks
the kid should cash in now, Spice thinks it’ll be 14 minutes left.
Bubba apologized in advance for saying he’ll sound like a nut hut DJ,
Spice said he skips right past Linzy Lohan news, he said he’ll be
interested when she dies, he said her Dad is a big fan of the show. We
then heard a news clip about a mentally challenged girl working at a
strip club, Bubba goofed on the girl in the clip. Bubba got on the
bullhorn and acted like a DJ, the guys joined in with some stuff, the
guys cracked up at the woman saying that she’s stacked. We then heard
“Shake Ya Ass” as the guys talked, Bubba did a retarded voice, Ned
acted as a customer. Bubba said if Berlin was sneaking out in the
middle of the night, Manson said he would’ve checked. Rob in Canada
said he called Friday, he said he got a room, Bubba thinks there’s
about 10-15 rooms left, the guy said that he hopes he can make it. We
then heard a news clip about hurpies, Bubba thinks it takes ned out of
the equation, Bubba said that the CDC said that 50% of African
American women have genital hurpies. Spice said that if a girl told
him he had hurpies, he’d get out, Bubba wonders what life is like for
the Valtrex girl, he said he’d like to know early on if his woman had
hurpies, he said it’s like luggage, he thinks you couldn’t get a
married woman to do that commercial. Spice if he had hurpies, he
wouldn’t tell a woman, Bubba said you should at least wear protection,
they then did a reenactment, where Bubba says he has hurpies, Spice
thinks it’s a rough day. Bubba said it’s not a white or black thing,
it’s a problem for everyone, he suggests they have a hurpy support
group, Manson thinks they could just get it on, Spice found one. Bubba
thinks AC/DC were on to something when they did the song “the Jack”,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Mindy Mccready calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Ned’s 12 inch Meaty
Mandingo (with a side of man sauce)”. Bubba said they’re about ten
minutes away from Mindy Mccready, he said Portor will be on tomorrow,
he said Portor will be doing the Tucker Carlson interview as well, he
said Portor represents the person that can’t do it as good as they do,
that will be tomorrow at 9. Bubba said that Dr. Kavoury will be on,
Brent said it’s ZeroCostEconomy.com. Bubba asked if ClemRacingInc.com
is up, Spice said it is. Bubba said that the south park guys got in
trouble for poking fun at the Muslims, Ned said there was a cartoon of
Muhammad with a bomb in his turban. We then heard the call. In the
first call, Ned tells the guy that it’s not a big deal. In the second
call, Ned talks to a guy who he thinks called him a mother fucker. In
the third call, Ned said he’s still trying to figure out the issue, he
had to explain it to the guy, he thinks it should’ve had some more
stuff included. The guy asks Ned where he’s calling from, he says
he’ll hunt Ned down. Ned thinks they should spice up the 72 virgins,
he suggests other stuff, one of which is a guy in a chicken suit. In
the fourth call, Ned pitches a show called “the Teenage Muslim
turtles”. In the fifth call, Ned said he’s calling to confirm the
guy’s order of one million hands that say “Death to Isreal”. In the
last call, Ned sings “Crazy Fucking Muslims”, which parodies Lenny
Cravits’s version of the song. This call appears on “Ned Only CD”
track 14, and “Ned’s Crank Calls Vol. 1”, track 9. We then heard some
PM Dawn, Bubba said this was the hit that he would have sex with
Rebecca to, Spice cracked up at this, he thinks the guy is talking, he
said he likes the sample. Bubba wonders how much does a writer make on
a sample of a song, he thinks there’s a good chance that Mindy
Mccready will no show them. Spice said he watched a little bit of TNA,
Bubba said he’s trying to figure out the ranking system, he then read
from the site, he thinks it should be Jeff Hearty, he said he can’t
find himself on the roster, he’s convinced the band broke up, Brent
said Hogan will be on Howard’s show on Thursday at 8:30. We then heard
some Mindy Mccready, Bubba thinks she made a lot of money, he wonders
why he can’t hook up with someone like this, he wonders if she grew up
listening to him on the Power Pig. Mindy came on, referring to Bubba
as a legend, she said he was the renegade radio, she said she’s still
trying to trace her influences, she said she’s got two brothers who
live in Nashville, she said she’s not as wild as the media has her.
Bubba thinks Country music has never had a bad girl, Mindy said that
there hasn’t been a Bonnie to the Clyde; she said that she’s gotten
caught. Spice said it’s been a long streak, Mindy said there’s a book
coming out, she said her brother’s first girlfriend has been writing
it ever since she was 16, she said it’s a giant rollercoaster. Bubba
thinks they should call it “this Bitch is Crazy”, Mindy thinks they
should call it “I Can’t Believe this bitch made it”. Spice asked her
about being in Indian Rocks Beach, Mindy said she doesn’t know much of
the evening, she remembers not seeing Billy in a long time, Spice said
Billy was her ex boyfriend. Mindy said he started drinking again, she
said it devastated her. Spice said he choked and beat the crap out of
her, Mindy said Billy was out of his mind, she said he’s not the kind
of guy you’d like to fight with. Bubba asked who he is, Mindy said
Billy was a guy she met who was trying to be a singer, Bubba thinks
all the white trash live there. Mindy said that Billy introduced her
to a lifestyle she didn’t know existed; she said he got out of
control. Spice asked about her being with roger, Mindy said she knew
he was married. Bubba wonders how good the sex was, Mindy said he’s
not, she said she loved the guy, and that was all. Spice asked about
roger suffering from errection problems, Mindy said that all guys
suffer from that, she said it shouldn’t take his whole career down.
Bubba said he comes across as a real abrasive dick, Mindy said the
relationship was over, she said she hasn’t been proud of the way he
handled himself, she said he was a giving guy, she said she’s met a
lot of people, she said she’s seen Roger be nice to everyone he
encounters, she thinks roger’s issue is that he’s getting bad advice
from bad people. Bubba said you get these hanger-onners who are just
there for the ride, Mindy thinks roger could’ve said he tried them
once; she said his lawyer has tried to bate her. Spice asked how mad
is she over the sex tape getting released, Mindy said it’s a hard
thing for her to talk about it, she said it’s a mistake of something
she shouldn’t have done. Bubba asked what the tape is of, Spice said
it’s of her and a guy named Peter, Mindy said if you’re a celebrity,
don’t make a sex tape, she said she’s not into porno, she said she has
a son, you can’t hide anything. Bubba asked if Billy comes around as a
Dad, Mindy said Billy visits a lot, she said he has seven kids with
six different women, Bubba proposes he get a vasectomy, Mindy suggests
Billy take a condom wearing course. Bubba said she was with Dean Kane,
Mindy said he’s a nice guy, she said he’s an under rated actor. Spice
said Mindy was on Celebrity Rehab, Mindy said the guys have no idea
how much of a bitch her roommate was, she said she’s a con artist, she
said they were at each other’s throats for almost the whole show, she
said that Dr. Drew and her would talk about it, Drew would suggest
they try and talk it out, Mindy ended up having to help her out with
her house. Bubba asked her if she’d go Lesbo on a girl, Mindy said no,
she said she hasn’t paid attention to the new artists. Bubba asked
about the new album, Mindy said it’s a culmination of some stuff she’s
done over the years, she said it represents everything coming full
circle. Bubba asked if she has anyone in her life now, Mindy said she
has a boyfriend now, Spice asked anyone famous, Mindy said no. Spice
asked if she was sober, Mindy said yes, she said Dr. Drew diagnosed
her correctly, she said she was getting treated for Coe-dependency;
she said her issue was bad relationships. Bubba asked her what it was
like in High school, Mindy said that she had one guy; she thinks she
lost her virginity around 16 or 17. Spice said he kind of hopes she
goes crazy for Television. Bubba asked who the best was in bed, Mindy
said Drake, she thinks Roger was very attentive, she said that she’s
honored to be talking to him; Bubba said he’d like to promote her new
stuff. Mindy said her new song is called “I want A Man”, she found
him. Spice said if they break up, they’ll do a Mindy Mccready dating
game, Mindy said she needs to get her belly button pierced again.
Bubba said he liked her, Manson said she was straight forward; they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Randy Bernet calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Btls news letter.
Joe on protection said he was pulled out of his class for saying he
had an inappropriate relationship, Bubba told him to hire a lawyer,
Joe said no one knows anyone, he said he treats everyone with respect,
he asked for Brent’s advice. Brent told the guy to talk with his
lawyer, he said that’s why you pay to be a union member, Joe said this
was about a month ago, he said he doesn’t’ eat lunch with his
employees, Bubba thinks the guy has a right to figure out what he’s
been fired for. Spice said the guy is being too quiet, he said the guy
should be banging the drum. Joe said he’s getting paid, Bubba told the
guy to do what Spice advised him to do, Joe said nothing happened,
Bubba told him to be a loud mouthed guy about it. We then heard Randy
Bernet’s bumper, Randy asked why the guy needed protection, he thinks
it would be great if Billy McKnight was on the show, Bubba thinks
Billy isn’t the nicest guy, Randy said he saw Mindy peeing on a bush,
Bubba said there’s nothing wrong with that. Spice said Billy was
arrested for attempted murder, Manson said Chris Brown has a side too.
Randy said that Mindy choked her Mom out, Spice said Mindy has some
issues herself, he thinks Randy is confusing the issue; Randy said
this was in Nashville. Bubba thinks this smells of Randy trying to say
good things about the McKnight, Bubba said he’d love to get him on the
show, Randy said he’d like to hear the other side. Spice said he would
ask about getting arrested, randy said she was on Oxy Cotton, Ned said
if you’re woman is all drugged out, that’s your green light to try and
kill her. Bubba said this Saturday is a red letter day, as Trace
Waters will be racing at Eastbay; Randy said he looks really smooth on
the track. Bubba said he’s excited, he thinks he’ll get back from
Atlanta, Spice joked that Randy is declaring Saturday to be Billy
McKnight day, the guys cracked up at this. Bubba said Greg Lenard was
on the show, Greg asked what was up, Greg said he was going to call
and bust Randy’s balls, Bubba said that he and Greg’s kids race each
other, Greg said the crewcheif is making it go fast. Bubba said he’ll
sit in his office while Portor is on, until he makes an ass out of
himself. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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