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Top Stories:
Gene Lasker on Salvia
Iraq raid blows away top Qaeda leaders
Romney to endorse Rubio over Crist for Fla. Senate
Hateful protest greets students at Plant High
Mayor: Quit Smoking or You’re Fired
Md. passes bill banning use of cellphones while driving
First president owes library $4,577 and two books

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Sports scores

The show started off with audio of the Rays winning, then into
“Shattered” by OAR as bumper music. Bubba asked how the guys in the
band are doing, Spice said that he has a gig with them; he can’t say
much else though. Bubba said that Politics is a dirty game, he said
that the GOP practically ate Charlie Crist up and spit him out, he
thinks the Republicans are mad because of his photo with Obama, and
that he took stimulus money, he wonders what the Governor of Florida
is supposed to do, he went on to say that Tony Stewart didn’t do so
great yesterday, he then recapped some sports scores, Brent had to
correct Bubba by saying the Rays beat the Redsocks, and not the White
socks like he had stated, Manson said the Rays won. Bubba wondered
when Boston lost four in a row at home, he said were going to have
problems next year, he said it’s exciting. Sandy the reason why
Charlie is hated is because he vetoed Senate Bill 6, Bubba said that’s
not the only reason, he thinks it was just putting big Government
doesn’t belong, he thinks it was the final straw, Sandy thinks Charlie
showed what kind of person he is, she said that we need to get the
current people out, as it might end up on someone’s desk next year.
Bubba said he was in Orlando yesterday, Ned wondered if he got hit,
Bubba joked that Goofy attacked him, they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 2 – K2 discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
Wall mart this Saturday. Bubba said he recorded something for WHTQ, he
then recapped what he saw of TNA last night, he thinks they won’t need
him there anymore, he then went on to say that one of his friends went
to Sting Ray Chevy per his suggestion, the person in question said
they loved the experience. Manson thinks 4/20 is kind of silly, Spice
said it’s like New Year’s Eve for Pot Smokers, he said it’s like a
Jimmy Buffett concert for old people, he said it’s incents, at this
point it’s legal, Bubba said he wouldn’t smoke it, Brent thinks
they’ve come up with a way to invent something that is like pot. Chris
said that K2 has been made illegal in some places, Bubba said they’re
trying to do something like pot, he remembers what it’s like when Gene
Lasker did Salvia (June 22, 2007). Anson was afraid that he wouldn’t
be the same after he did it; he asked for the best of the best, they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails, various callers compete for Pagan Potheads Tickets

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
tour this Friday in Orlando. We then heard Ned’s “Smoke Pot” from
“Ned’s Parody songs Vol. 2”, track 24. This same bit appeared on “the
Todd Clem Project” disc 2, track 14, under the title “Free to Smoke
Marijuana”. The bit is a parody of the Baz Luhrmann song “Everybody’s
Free (To Wear Sunscreen)”, where Ned offers up various tidbits of
advice (“Don’t pierce your penis. There’s nothing sadder than an 80
year-old man who can’t figure out which hole in his dick to piss out
of”). Bubba thinks they’re the only sow to have someone get high on
the radio, Spice said that they got Brent high years ago (“Morning
domination” disc 2, track 2). Bubba took a call from a guy who thanked
Bubba for putting Shirley Phelps on, he thinks Brownback is done, the
guy went on to say that Lasker should be back in small doses, Bubba
said he spoke to him recently, he thinks Gene will be back soon, he
said Gene is going through a tough time at the moment, he thinks it
would be Satellite only, he then goofed on Lasker a little. Bubba took
a call from a guy who said a girl called up Howard asking what Sirius
would do if Howard left, Bubba had to dump the guy for cursing a few
times, he told the guy to be safe, he thinks that Sirius should commit
to Howard, he said he’d like a long term deal on Howard’s station, he
thinks Howard is interested in staying, Brent said it would be the
best deal for Sirius. Bubba thinks there’s a chance that they’ll leave
regular radio, he thinks they’ve got about ten years left, he said
something is going to happen, he said he has an out with regular
radio, he asked the guys to name another jackass other than Hitler, he
thanked the Russians for coming for him, he said that Russia burnt a
few time outs, Manson said Hitler spread himself too thin. The first
email of the day said she cleans the house while listening to the
show. Another emailer asked why sex with animals is wrong, Spice said
animals can’t consent, Bubba said he’ll save the email to prove he got
it, Brent said we’re dealing with a Religious nuts who hates gay
marriage. Bubba thanked Brent for his hard work with the MJ lawsuit.
Another emailer said the billboard for the show is back over the food
bank. Another emailer said if Shirley is going to heaven, then cash
his ticket to hell. Another emailer suggested they post the AM show on
Btls.com, the guys sarcastically said they never thought of it, Bubba
said he can’t do that because of his content. Another emailer said
Bubba costed him $10, bubba said he met this guy who was his server at
Olive Garden, the emailer said it’s nice to know that Bubba is a
giving man. Another emailer said they’re a Christian, but despise what
God Hates Fags do; the emailer thinks Jesus would give her a knuckle
sandwich. Tim in Largo said he’d like to get tickets for the Pagan
Potheads show, Bubba told the guy they’ll do trivia, he asked him what
the question was, Tim thinks it was what Brent does without shoes,
Manson said it was what he does, the guy didn’t know, Spice asked the
name of Manson’s horse, Bubba thinks the regular radio people don’
know it. Mike came n, Bubba asked him the horse question, the guy said
he doesn’t have Sirius. John in Orlando said he didn’t know, Brian in
Orlando said the same thing. Brent said it’s on the cover of one of
the CDS (Manson’s Greatest Hits). Tim came on, he got buzzed. George
in Ft. Lauderdale wished the guys a happy 4/20. Brian said Buttercup,
we then heard the tymbal, he said the late show, Manson thanked him.
Jim came on, he said that one of Manson’s kid’s names is Trace, we
then heard the tymbal, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 4 – Various news clips, Sean the snake guy

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza in New
Orleans on September 11. Bubba said K2 will probably be illegal, Spice
thinks if it’s too much fun, it’ll be banned. We then heard a news
clip about Rubio getting Romney to support him, Brent said a majority
of people in Florida are neither Democrats or Republicans, Bubba
thinks they’re looking for the bigger better deal, he said it was set
up to fail, he thinks Charlie and Marco should fight it out in the
Bubbagon, Brent said Charlie was at Guns and Hoses this past Saturday.
Bubba said you almost have to beat people over the head with stats, he
thinks they’ve gotten some people’s attention, he said they’ve
polished the show up to get your message out, he asked people to get a
little more pro active, he said that he’d like to get Alex Sink as
Governor, and Charlie Crist as Senator, he said that they’re Political
report card has been good over the years, Spice said for years they
were painted as bad people, Bubba said they’re straight shooters, he
said the media wants to make them the Lepers, he said they shut Mark
Lunsford down, he said they have balls, and everyone else doesn’t, he
said it’s like “Blazing Saddles”. Sean in Richmond came on, he said
he’s a recent listener, he said he raises reptiles for a living, his
business is “Huffman’s Home for Critters”, Spice said good for him.
Bubba said Jennifer sang a little of “snake snake Snake”, Manson sang
the line Bubba was thinking of. Sean said you start them on rodents,
he said you can move up to chicken, Manson said it’s a lot of work,
Spice said he doesn’t eat red meat, but if someone gave him some red
meat, he’d eat it. Sean said that a python can go 22 months without
eating, the guys think Sean is snake guy, Sean said his Python eats
about 10 pounds of food every two weeks. Spice asked Sean if he’s the
guy that goes down to the beach with the snake, Sean said no, he then
said he’s snake guy. We then heard “snake Snake Snake” from “Bubba
Show Classics Vol. 10”, track 14. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – The guys brain storm sandwiches, Immigrants

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com, then
into “Southern Cross” as bumper music, bubba wonders if it’s fag to
like this song, Manson said it’s a guilty pleasure, Ned thinks it’s
queer. Bubba wonders what the song is about, Brent said it’s about
sailing, Bubba thinks sailing is for homos, he thinks he was reading
too deep into the song, he said he’s taking it out of his iPod, Spice
as Bubba said it’s not like the Deadliest Catch, Ned said he would
shoot some people in a night club if he heard this. Bubba said part of
Ned’s bucket list was to have a sandwich named after him, he said Mike
approached him, asking if the guys on the sow would like a sandwich
named after them, Spice wonders what time Mike gets up to deliver
lunch for them on Tuesdays. Bubba said that Mike kind of looks like
Saddam, he then asked Manson if he had a sandwich, what would he go
for, Manson said it would be vegetables, he thinks the Brent and
Manson sandwich would be the same, he thinks he’d have a $14 sandwich,
Ned thinks everyone is jumping on his jock, he asked that his sandwich
remain on top, he said he’s never a bottom guy, he said as long as
he’s on top, he’s happy. Bubba said that Manson would have to be below
him, Spice cracked up at this. Spice said he’d like eight inches, he
said he’s interested in a wrap, he thinks they should call it the
Two-Fisted Spice, Spice said he’d like ranch everywhere, the guys then
proposed “the Beety-eyed Jew Sandwich” for Manson, Manson said no to
that, he then decided against the idea, he said if he could have nuts
on the sandwich, he’s happy, Bubba proposed the “Seattle Tree Hugger”,
Manson said he enjoys grilled Spam, Spice groaned at that. Spice said
he’d like chicken on his, Manson said he’d like some banana peppers.
Brent said he’d like to have a Peanut Butter and Nanner sandwich. Dave
said a sandwich that would represent him would be four three inch
cheese steaks. Bubba said he’d like his to be ten inches, a lot of
meat, some lettuce, onions, mushrooms and catsup. Joe on protection
said his girlfriend found a credit card in a parking lot, she went in
and used it, the guy said she’s 34, she got a bunch of stuff, she
asked for cash back, but didn’t have the pin number. Bubba thinks
she’s a white trash bitch, Spice thinks you should be grone out of
that faze by that point. Bubba read that two Republican Senators have
drawn up a plan to add more people to the boarder, Manson thinks this
would’ve been better than going to Iraq, bubba thinks a lot of
illegal’s are sucking up social services, Brent said Politically that
would be a problem. Bubba said we’re letting dirt bags into our
Country, he then read an article about an Immigrant who pimped out a
17 year-old girl with an IQ of 58 to have sex with Migrant workers,
Spice as a Mexican said you can make real money, Bubba wonders where
the parents are, he thinks the guy triple sucked them, Manson said he
didn’t see his theory coming. Bubba thins the first arrest should be
the Mom, nelson in Jacksonville said most of the Hispanics who come
here have relatives, he said we’ve got two kind of illegal’s –
Political and those who come here to make a wage, Bubba thinks we
should say that we’re closed, Manson thinks our country has turned to
crap at this point, he thinks we should either blow up the Statue of
Liberty, or have it flip you off. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – Bikes for Badges, Mark from K2 visits

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bikes for Badges on
May 22. Bubba asked that the listeners go to BubbasBikesForBadges.com,
he said they have a 93% give back rate, he said none of the money was
taken out for personal usage, he said he’s hoping to raise $50,000, he
said you don’t need a motor cycle to participate, Spice said Ned was
doing burn outs on his trike. Mark from K2 came in, he said they’re
based out of Indiana, he said they’ve been around for about a year and
a half, Brent as Denzel said he can’t bust these guys. Spice asked if
it’s a secret location, Mark said there’s a lot of regulation, he said
if it gets banned in Indiana, they can just pick up and move, he said
you can go to AllK@.com, he said his accounts are all Head shops, he
then listed some of his clients. Spice said he went to a Head Shop,
they sold him some stuff called “Black Mama”, Mark said K2 is eight or
nine different herbs, Brent said when weed smells like cat pee, you
know it’s good. Bubba wondered what would happen if a cop pulled
someone over, Mark said he has to be careful, Bubba thinks he’s high
right now, Spice said the label on the back is for cover your ass,
mark said the effects last much longer than marijuana, Brent said
everyone would test positive either way. Spice asked what would be the
best way to smoke it, Mark said he does it with a blunt, Bubba said
he’d like for Brent to smoke it, Spice said they’ve got three experts.
Randy said he got pulled over for having Marijuana in the car last
night, he wondered if he can get a dui, Spice said it doesn’t matter
what your on. Spice said they’ve got Pantera, Big dick and Brent to
try it, Brent said he forgot to bring his vaporizer. Mark said it
smell like relaxation, Brent cracked up at what Big dick brought in.
Spice said Pantera cleans his bong about twice a week, Pantera said he
doesn’t have a scale, Spice joked Pantera only measures in grams, we
heard the sound of a bong hitting the microphone, Dick said it catches
the ash, Spice said some guys smoke pot with a toilet paper holder,
Spice said he breaks his hookah down before checking it at the
airport. The guys cracked up at Pantera blowing smoke at Bubba, Bubba
hit him with a Wiffle Ball Bat for doing that, Spice said it smells
nice, Dave piped in, saying everything was fine. Brent said he’s with
mark, he likes to smoke Big dick, Bubba asked for Pantera to shotgun
Big Dick, he yelled for Pantera to get closer, he then cracked the
guys for not doing it right, Spice thinks it ruins someone high to get
with a bat, he told the guys if they don’t touch lips, they’re not
gay. Pantera took another hit, he then shot gunned Dick, Bubba wonders
if it was gay or not. Mark said it’s a slow role, he said it’s a
little longer lasting. Pantera said he feels something, Bubba thinks
he’s stupid, Manson thinks Brent is having a good time, the guys then
goofed on Big Dick trying some K2, Brent said cops don’t care about
smelling this. Bubba said they’ve got the Lasker Salvia footage on
BTLS.com, Brent said it was a party, Mark said he’s a stingy drug
user. We then heard a clip of Lasker trying Salvia, Bubba told Gene is
triple chin was kicking in, Lasker coughed his head off bubba thinks
he turned retarded, the guys cracked up when Bubba said Lasker turned
into Muhammad Ali, Manson said you can’t fake this, the guys cracked
up at Lasker snoring, Brent said Salvia is much like an acid trip.
Bubba thinks Lasker looks like jay Leno having sex with a monkey, he
thanked Miller for editing the footage, Lasker asked “what the hell
was that?” he thinks he OD’d, he said he doesn’t feel like he’s in a
real place, Manson said it was crazy. Gene said it feels like nothing
is around him. Bubba asked him about race car stuff, Gene locked up,
Big dick said he was high, he said it feels the same as weed, Pantera
said he’d take this on trips where he couldn’t’ take weed, the guys
cracked up at him, Brent said he’s baked, saying it only took him
three tokes. Bubba thinks that mark is higher than anyone, he thinks
it’ll be over by the end of the year, he then plugged the latest stuff
on BTls.com and BubbaRaw.com, Brent said the video is unreal. Spice
asked Pantera how obama was, Pantera said he didn’t care; they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various News

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, then into “Sensamilla Street” from “bubba Wanna Corndog?” disc
1, track 4, “Manson’s greatest hits” track 18, and “bubba Show
classics Vol. 7”, track 15. He bit features Kermit and big bird
smoking pot and messing up the alphabet. We then heard “You Better Not
Smoke Pot” from “Bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 6”, track 10, and “The
Clemulus Package” disc 3, track 12. The bit parodies the counting
Crowes’s song “Big Yellow Taxi”, and discusses how marijuana isn’t a
big deal. Bubba asked the name of the guy was at Tires Plus, he then
remembered it was Brian, he said Gale and tom picked him up to go to
Orlando, Gale asked to borrow Bubba’s hose, he said it was
embarrassing to see Gale’s tires, he said he’ll buy him some tires, he
saw one and called Gale an idiot. Spice said it’s one of the things
that you don’t really think about, he thinks you have to be a real car
fanatic to notice your tires are going, Manson said when you have kids
is when you pay attention to that kind of stuff, Spice said no one
wants to deal with that. Bubba had Spice go outside to inspect the
tires, Spice came on cracking up he said it was horrible, he said
there’s no tred on the tire, he said the driver’s side was good, he
asked Gale what he does with his money, Gale said he doesn’t spend it
on money. Bubba said he needs a 235 R70, Manson said there’s one new
tire; he said he’s never seen a car like that. Bubba said the octomom
will be on Oprah, Brent said we have to sit through more of this
insane person, Manson thinks she’ll be crying. Bubba thinks she’s the
one who wanted to get impregnated, Spice said she propped herself up
for a Reality show, bubba thinks Gale’s jeep won’t make it down to any
dealership, he then said that Moneek got molested by her Brother,
Spice had no idea who that was, Bubba then crumpled up the story, he
said he didn’t know who it was, he then read that most people in the
US are against legalizing pot, he said if you can grow it, it
shouldn’t be illegal, Manson said it grows out of cow poop. Bubba said
he gets Cocaine, Manson said no one has committed a crime while on
shrooms, Spice said his friend took some and sat on the beach, Ned
said he grows them on his property, Brent said all of it is illegal,
Bubba thinks it’s horrible, Spice said everyone who is against the
legalization of weed doesn’t have a reason, Brent said everyone who is
against it are over 70, ned said he makes mushroom Tea,
Spice you dunk them in chocolate, Brent said we’re questioning the
Politicians, not the cops. Bubba wondered who made Tabaco okay, and
marijuana bad. We then heard the preview for “Iron Man 2”; Bubba said
he’s excited to see it. We then heard a clip of Oprah talking to
Octomom, Bubba thinks she’s getting fat, Spice said he’s never heard
Octomom talk, Bubba said the reason why Octomom didn’t make on TV, was
that she’s fugly, he thinks she got a black market mouth job, he
thinks she got the joker look, he thinks she’s on crank, Spice she’s
afraid to look at herself, Brent said she had six others, Bubba thinks
Oprah is ready to cry, Manson disagreed, Spice said it looks like
she’s crying. We then heard “She’s the Octomom” from “bubba’s new and
disc Hits Vol. 9”, track 10, and “the Clemulus Package” disc 4, track
4. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Chris Brown discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Ned’s 12 Inch Meaty
Mandingo (with a side of man sauce)”. Bubba said Blitz told him that
it’s not illegal to grow mushrooms, he then said there’s a clip of
Beety White deep throating a hot dog, he then read an article about
Florida and marijuana, Brent wonders if it’s illegal at the federal
level. Bubba thinks heather Graham is steamy, he then tried to play
the clip of Betty white with the hot dog, Spice said he can’t get hit
to play, he thinks she’s not going deep, Ned wondered who would want
to see that, he then booed the video. Bubba then read an article about
a guy who had a bomb strapped to him, the wire was found to go from
the guy’s pocket to his anus, which was connected to a vibrator. We
then heard a news clip about Chris Brown ending his community service,
Bubba thinks he’s a dick, he said Richmond is a bunch of Chris Brown
marks, he then asked if Cowhead is having Awesome Kong on his show, he
said that Chris beat the crap out of his girl, he wonders why the
African American community is kissing his ass. Spice said it’s like
life, you put a camera in front of someone’s face, they’re famous.
Bubba said you’ve got African American women saying bad things about
Riana, Spice as a black woman said she was asking for it. Bubba said
he’s looking for an African American to call in and express their
outrage, Brent said we let Charlie Sheen get away with stuff like
that, Manson said “Two and a half men’ is one of the worst shows ever.
Bubba asked for someone to stick up for the average person. We then
heard “Chris Brown” from “bubba’s new and Misc hits Vol. 9”, track 7,
and “the Clemulus Package” disc 3, track 17. They then ended the show
a few seconds later.

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