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Top Stories:
West Virginia coal mine explosion kills 25
Atheist group considers lawsuit against city governments
Sanitation workers find body parts in NJ trash
Minneapolis Man, Billy Nash, Allegedly Stabs Wife 70 Times As Kids Watch
PD: Teen Took Pot-Laced Cake To School
Karl Rove Heckled at Book Event in Beverly Hills

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – NCAA recap, Richmond discussions

The show started off with a clip from last night’s Duke/Butler game,
where Duke ended up winning. Bubba asked the guys if they saw it,
Spice and Manson said no, Brent said it was a great game, he went on
to say the coach will be a millionaire. Ned said he watched it, he
then cracked open a beer, saying he needs to drink his sorrow away. We
then heard the clip again, Bubba said you can hear the ball hitting
the rim, he said one of the guys intentionally missed it; he thinks it
was as advertized. Brent said the Butler is fairly young, he thinks
the coach will be gone after this. We then heard a clip of coach Kay
talking about the game, Ned said Butler has a bunch of good kids,
Bubba thinks Coach Kay is bringing the party down by saying that it’s
the last day. We then heard a clip of Butler’s coach talking, Spice
pointed out how they don’t have a lot of fan fair, Bubba thinks the
guy sounds like Forest Gump, he then goofed on the guy’s voice a
little, Manson sarcastically said the guy is a motivator. Bubba
recapped some sports scores, he then said they’re pretty realistic, he
said it wouldn’t be surprising if they get canned out of Richmond, he
wonders if location really matters, Spice as an old guy said their too
hip for Richmond. Bubba said in the demographic of 25-54, they’re 0.0,
Manson said not again. (When the show got their first arbitron ratings
in Macon, Georgia, they got a 0.0, prompting Ned’s song “Nothing Point
Nothing” from “Ned’s Parody songs Vol. 1”, track 5). The guys think
they should just quit Richmond altogether, Manson as a Southern guy
told Bubba he talks too fast. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Richmond

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Dragons shirt.
Bubba said the music today was provided by Twenty-five cent, he then
said they’ve got four people from Richmond standing by, he thanked
them for listening, he then went over the ratings, he said they can’t
continue to have the afternoon guys are higher than they are, he
thinks Arbitron is like golf, Spice thinks someone’s gun got emptied.
Bubba wondered if the show sucks that bad, he said it gets worse as it
goes down, he thinks they should just quit. Sean in Richmond said he’s
one of the proud zero percent, Bubba said it doesn’t work out. Woody
in Richmond thinks the guys do a fantastic job; he thinks the people
don’t like him for some reason. Ryan in Richmond said he’s listened to
Bubba since day one, he said all Elliot does is do stupid stuff, Bubba
thinks they should steal from him. Sgt. Galer in t. Lee came on, Bubba
had to dump him for cursing, he thinks Bubba being an asshole is what
makes it so good, he said he can’t stand the state of Virginia, Bubba
said he’d quit before acting like Bob and Tom or Elliot. Dan said
there’s no advertisement for the show. Bubba said it’s disheartening
that Cox doesn’t believe in them all that much, he said Bob Neil
doesn’t believe in billboards, he said the reason why they did so good
in Tampa is because they’re from there, he said if you don’t see a
billboard for the show, you wouldn’t know they exist, he thinks they
should be mad at Cox for not doing anything for them. Scott in
Richmond said the reason why Elliot gets all the ratings is that he
gives away free stuff, Bubba said it’s a crutch, he said he’ll gladly
give stuff away, Manson said he’s never called a radio show when they
give stuff away, Bubba thinks people who do that are jackasses, they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – NC Double D winner announced, emails, Darryl Rouson
discussions, Glenn Miller audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
tour on April 23. Bubba said he has to announce the NC Double D
winner, he thinks it was number one, he thinks he won’t even do it
next year, he said that he was screaming at Russ. We then heard a
promo for the NC Double D winner, followed by a tymbal, Bubba
sarcastically congratulated contestant number one, he then said he’d
like to light up all the web guys and punch them, he then recapped
some birthdays. The first email of the day said that Joe Morgan said
Aubry Huff will do some big stuff in San Francisco. We then heard
Ned’s “Horseshit Town” from “The Clemulus Package” disc 4, track 18,
Bubba thinks Aubry’s career is part of a rib, he said Aubry won’t do
the show, Ned doesn’t like how they beeped out horse, Bubba thinks the
guy who edited it was high. Another emailer said Senate bill six would
make it so that schools would be one size fits all, Brent said the
bill would add testing to the schools; he said that Thrasher is behind
it. Bubba said a woman wrote him saying that a teacher could stack the
deck with smart kids, he told Jacksonville Thrasher was bad news,
Manson thinks kids will learn less than they do now if this gets
passed, Bubba said this is disrespectful, Brent said there’s a bill
that will determine if head shops will be allowed or not, Bubba thinks
we have more Government in our lives, he said one of his
representatives wrote him back, he then read it, he thinks the guy
should’ve talked to him like a caveman. Brent said the guy is for the
bill, saying that other counties need it. Another emailer said NASA
has a few more launches. The last email of the day asked when the
Bikes for Badges will be, Bubba said it’s Saturday, May 22. Adam in
Richmond said that one guy who called in with the information about
the prizes was correct; he said his wife used to work for Cox. Bubba
said that if he gets regulated on down to giving away prizes, he’ll
work at Manson’s flower shop; Adam thinks the guys should just leave
Richmond. Paul in Orlando said the Government wants to shut down head
shops, but they won’t to keep the pill companies in business. Bubba
said he’s never liked Darryl Rouson, Brent said Darryl told him he was
tired of seeing white boys like him, he said the John Gallagher one is
really difficult, as he covers his ass. Bubba thinks Darryl Rouson is
on crack for thinking what he thinks, Brent said Rouson is a reformed
drug addict who is going to try and tell everyone how to live. Jenny
said there’s going to be a rally for teachers, Bubba said he’ll look
into it, he said he’s never lived in a time when people are getting
screwed with. Bubba said Captain Janks called Jamie Fox a cunt on
Sheppard Smith’s show. We then heard the clip, where Sheppard
discussed the trapped miners. Captain Janks came on, saying that Jamie
Fox is a cunt; he then hung up, the guys cracked up at Janks’s name.
Bubba asked the guys if they heard about Glen Miller, the guys wonder
if he’s a qualified candidate. We then heard the clip, Brent thinks
the guy sounds like Daniel Carver, Bubba thinks it sounds like a
parody. Bubba asked Spice to write down the number in the ad, we then
heard another ad for Glenn Miller, Bubba thinks he has some serious
dencher slip. In each ad, Glenn gave his number (417-463-7703), the
guys think Ned could call the guy, Bubba cracked up when Glenn said he
dares people to call him. We then heard another ad, Bubba wonders why
they’d say the ad is offensive to children, he thinks its offensive to
everyone. Ryan said Glenn testified a few years ago, he thinks he’s
being paid to make the Tea party look like Nazis, Bubba thinks he’s
propped up by the KKK, Ryan thinks they’d like to kill him. We then
heard another ad, Spice wonders if it really matters if the Jews run
the media, Bubba thinks the problem is we keep score too much, Spice
said the guy is a stupid redneck who doesn’t know anything; the guys
discuss what Glenn means by mud people. Mark in Daytona Beach asked
about the Black panthers, he said Bubba is a pick and choose
opportunist, Spice said they can’t talk about everything. Bubba told
the guy to tell him about it, the guy told Bubba to have a bad day, he
then hung up. We then heard another ad, Bubba cracked up at the guy
saying “Foreign Mongrels”, he then stopped the clip when Glenn said
coon. We then heard another ad, Spice was heard talking in the
background, Bubba went to Glenn a few seconds later. Spice said Glenn
was very respectful when he talked with him. Bubba thinks Glenn has
some issues, Glenn said he’s decided to solve some problems. Bubba
thinks a person’s problems are about their background, not their skin
color, Glenn thinks they should take the message to black people who
attack white people, he thinks blacks are the real racists, he
suggested the book “Hating Whitey”, he thinks Bubba’s stats on whites
fighting whites is ridiculous. Spice asked him about his plan to take
back the media, Glenn said he’ll get elected to United States
Congress, he then said he’ll be in the Whitehouse in 2012, Brent
thinks the guy is a fascist. Bubba asked Glenn how does he explain the
problems in Dallas, Glenn said it rarely happens, he said the Jews
control the media and the Government. Spice asked him to name some
names; Glenn thinks the guys are just calling names. Bubba mentioned
Glenn being for the FBI, Glenn thinks Bubba is getting personal, he
thinks Bubba is a Jew. Brent told Glenn the number one news source is
Fox News, Glenn thinks Rupert Murdoch is a war monger, he thinks Brent
is a liar, he told Bubba to stop lying to the listeners, he then
plugged whty.org. Spice asked him about a plan for the housing market,
Glenn said National Socialism, he said all the politicians are
controlled by Jews. Spice asked him about the homosexual community,
Glenn said that their human crap, he said he’d rather have a black
live next to him then a faggot, he thinks this is the girlish giggling
man club in the background, he hung up a few seconds later, Bubba said
he had to dump Glenn’s thoughts on gays. We then heard another ad for
Glenn, followed by another one, the guys cracked up when Glenn said
“Gringo”. Mark came on thinking Glenn was awesome, Spice goofed on
him, Mark said he’s Glenn’s worst enemy. Joe said he’s shocked that
Glenn could make the radio airwaves; he’s shocked that people support
him. Bubba doesn’t’ get how he’s allowed to do it, yet they got fined
$750,000 for George Jetson talking about crack (“Bubba Show classics
Vol. 9”, track 13). Matt wondered if we’re trapped in the 1950’s all
over again, Bubba said he’s a candidate, the guy said he couldn’t even
listen to the guy. We then heard a news clip about Tiger Woods holding
a press conference, Spice said he kind of cares about golf after
seeing this, Manson thinks the people who follow Tiger around are
marks. Bubba read about the galleries, saying that Tiger will have
about 100 body guards, Spice thinks Devin James is included in the
line of girls, Manson thinks Tiger gets more security than Obama, he
thinks someone should’ve asked tiger why he’s so horny. We then heard
“White Wife of Tiger” from “Bubba Show Classics Vol. 12”, track 3.

Segment 4 – Ned’s New Bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bikes for Badges, we
then heard some Rick James as bumper music, Ned said he was the man.
Bubba said Ned has a new offering, we then heard the original, “How
Low Can You Go?” Spice thinks they don’t need a lot of talent to get
the voice sound so high, Ned thinks all you need is a balloon and some
helium. Ned decided to bury Bubba, with his low ratings in Richmond,
the song is called “Big Fat Bubba Blows”. Bubba thinks this is low
blow JR, Ned said he loves Ludachris, Bubba thinks Ned doesn’t approve
of anything he does. The song clowns Bubba for almost everything he
does. Bubba thinks the song is crap, Spice thinks Ned is rubbing it
in. We then heard a news clip about Michael Jackson coming back for a
few minutes, Bubba cracked up when the reporter said Jackson’s doctor
was drinking, Spice said he’s heard great things about Propofol. Bubba
read that the doctor is planning to say that Jackson killed himself;
Spice said he’s heard that it’ll make you sleep for an hour; you’ll
feel like your awake. Kat said she’s been listening for a long time,
she thanked Ned for his latest bit, she said trying to sing “We Didn’t
Start The fire” really fast is difficult, Bubba hung up on her. We
then heard “big Fat Bubba Blows”. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – B-Fudd calls in, Bubba on TNA Audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. We then heard
B-Fudd’s bumper, he came on saying he got a used truck, from 1993, a
Chevy, Spice thinks it’s a large vehicle, Bubba thinks it’s a 9,000
death machine, he then wondered what it would be like if B-Fudd got
pulled over, the guys cracked up when B-Fudd said he was retarded, the
guys cracked up when he tried to say registration. Spice said Dave was
freaking out, as B-Fudd didn’t get the email about recording the stuff
from the tom Tom, Brent said he didn’t sign for anything on April 1,
the guys goofed on B-Fudd saying “Fool”, Ned thinks they have a Brent
impersonator walking around. Bubba asked B-Fudd if he’d like to work
for them, B-Fudd thinks he could do a better job than Twenty-five Cent
with shipping, he thinks the guys are spending too much money, he said
he heard someone had to go to court, Bubba said this is “Deep Thoughts
With B-Fudd”. Dave said B-Fudd got a return label, but he never used
it, Spice thinks they have some crack departments, Manson thinks
B-Fudd would rise 16 notches. B-Fudd thinks Bubba should hire
handicapped people; he said Sluggo, Pantera, Twenty-five, Bubba thinks
Twenty-five is handicapped do to him being black. The guys asked
B-Fudd if he has any problems with any different people, B-Fudd said
he doesn’t know any homosexuals, he then asked the guys about the
Earthquake, he said the water in the swimming pool was coming up, he
said just two Mexican people died, Spice cracked up at that. Allen in
Denver said hello to everyone, he went on to say that he enjoyed Bubba
on TNA, he wondered why Bubba wasn’t tanned, Bubba said he needs one,
the guy thinks Bubba looks like Under Taker JR. We then heard a clip
of Bubba on TNA, Spice hopes Bubba is pasty. In the clip, Jeremy
Borash is asking Hogan about something, Hogan tells Jeremy he’s not
going to talk about his business in an open forum, Bubba stepped in,
Ned chanted Fire Bubba a few times, Bubba tells Borash to scram, he
then gets heat with Hogan. Hogan thinks Bubba is running with the
wrong crowd. Spice thinks bubba looks like a bloated Terminator, Ned
thinks Bubba looks like a tick, Bubba said he was over the guys, Spice
said he’d like to have lunch with Machismo, we then heard a clip of
him talking, Bubba thinks he has macho Man’s idiosyncrasies, Bubba
said Machismo is one of his favorites. We then heard a clip of The
Band being announced, Bubba thinks Tick will be at TNA Impact. Bubba
thinks they should ban some black guy who has a Fire bubba shirt, he
thinks it’s bullshit, Ned thinks Kevin Nash is sexy, Spice couldn’t
stop laughing over Bubba, ned thinks the guys are wasted, Spice was
laughing his ass off, Bubba thinks he shouldn’t have played it, Spice
and Manson were cracking up. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Biker
Vest, available for $69, then into “Mick’s Gonna Knock You Out”, the
song was interrupted by “Punch Me”. Bubba came back wondering what the
song was, he said when he was really fat, people would think he was
Big Pun, Spice thinks his heart exploded, he then said that he and
Heather have the same cholesterol, Ned thinks Doug is keeping him
alive. Spice said he’s a stressed out guy, Bubba wondered what he’s
stressed about, Manson thinks Spice needs therapy, Spice said he
doesn’t trust a therapist, Bubba offered up his services. Adel came
on, she described herself as five four, long dark hair, she said she’s
kind of small, she said she’d like to do a triathlon, Bubba thinks he
should open the Twelve Boobs of Christmas to Canada, Bubba thinks four
hours to Canada is like forty minutes for us, she said she doesn’t
have any kids. Bubba said on Friday he should be able to announce the
date for Bubbapalooza in Canada, he thinks they might not get Toronto
this year, he said he wired Calgary $5,000 for the venue, she said it
snowed yesterday, Bubba said all he’ll say is that it’s in August, he
wonders why the Canadians are so nice, he said New Orleans is marked
for September 11. We then heard a clip of Obama throwing the first
pitch out, he thinks the last President that was well liked by Ronald
Ragon, he said we can’t put much over, Brent said Obama has done a lot
of stuff. Jasmin in Seabring said she had a dream about him last
night, where she was going to meet the guys, it turned out Bubba was
black. Bubba thinks she’s really excited, she said she’s just excited
to talk to the guys, she said she’s a stay at home Mom, Bubba thinks
it’s painful to watch your kid getting shots. Jasmin said she told her
husband about the dream, he cracked up at it. Bubba said Michael
Anthony loves facials, Ned said he’d like to offer up his services,
Spice said he fell asleep through one, Ned said he likes to enjoy the
whole process. Lincoln said Lisa Lampanelli will be in town, Bubba
said she’ll be in studio on Thursday, he thinks she doesn’t need any
promotion. Kevin asked about Tiger Woods getting tied to a tree and
had the word “nigger” written on him, Spice thinks the guy sounds like
a killer, Manson said he doesn’t read the White Power news. Spice said
there was a story like that, about tiger in kindergarten. Kevin asked
about Raw Americans, Bubba asked him what color he is, the guy said
he’s Irish. We then heard a news clip about Casey Anthony, saying that
the body of Caylee was moved. Bubba thinks the more the parents don’t
say anything, the more they’re in trouble. We then heard “Caylee’s
Mom” from “Bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 7”, track 1, and “The
Clemulus Package” disc 1, track 11. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Jennifer Lopez audio, Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Ned’s 12 Inch meaty
Mandingo (With A side of man Sauce)”. Bubba said there’s a lot of good
stuff on BTLS.com, he said the cops are getting screwed over, while
the bondsmen are getting rich, he then said Jabberjaw found a clip of
Jennifer Lopez recording “enough Is Enough”, without the processing,
the guys cracked up at it, Bubba thinks she’s high, Spice thinks she’s
high and untalented. Manson said she’s good at singing, we then heard
Hogan’s bumper. Hogan asked if Tyler saw the show, Bubba said no,
Bubba thinks they should draw a line between a working relationship
and a friend relationship, Hogan said he woke up today and was
shocked, he thinks Bubba has found his nitch, he said the people at
TNA couldn’t handle that Bubba and Hogan disagreed on something. Bubba
said he’d never tell Hogan no to other radio shows he had to appear
on, he said Hogan is doing the ass kissing thing these days. Hogan
said he’s just going to let Bubba role with what he’s doing now, Bubba
said heather asked him if it was real, Bubba said it was. Hogan said
Vince is the monster, he said he’s grateful to him for what he’s done,
he said one of the things he had to look at was that it takes time to
build a monster, he said he saw it when Randy Orten teamed with Cena,
he said the audience needs to warm up to how TNA works. Bubba thinks
if he does well, Hogan will squash it, Hogan said no, he asked Hogan
if trying to tell him that the guys will back stab him. Hogan hopes
that Bubba is using his ring, he said if they end up wrestling, it’ll
be game on, Bubba said he knows where his bad spots are, Hogan just
laughed him off. Bubba thinks Hogan has already tried to kick his ass,
he said he’ll do what Jeff Jarrett did, he thinks he’s in better shape
than Hogan. Spice thinks they should have a 40 yard dash, Bubba said
no to the offer, Hogan said sometimes this stuff can cause other stuff
to happen, he mentioned Bubba getting hit by Awesome Kong. Bubba said
he’ll quit, Hogan said there’s no quitting in wrestling, he said
everyone who has been in the ring aligns himself with fire. Bubba said
Hogan is a dark guy, he said he knows Hogan better than Linda does,
Hogan some things will happen, Bubba cracked up at this, he said that
Kevin Nash will never turn against him, Hogan thinks differently,
Bubba thinks Hogan is jealous, Hogan told him he needs to be ready
when the rounds start firing. Bubba said Hogan had his opportunity to
use Bubba, and he messed it up, he thinks Hogan will give him an “I
Told You So”, he said he was told to go there, but did nothing, Ned
thinks it’s a big rib on Bubba’s part, Bubba told Hogan to stop being
a mark, he thinks Spice could kick his ass. Spice asked who would win
in a fight, Bubba said he think he could, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper, then into “Big
Fat Bubba Blows”, then into “me and Hogan” from “The Todd clem
Project” disc 2, track 16, “bubba Show classics Vol. 1”, track 22, and
“bubba Show Classics Vol. 5”, track 17. Bubba said he’s half tempted
to ride the song out, he said he’s not in a good mood. Spice said
he’ll help bubba out with his clothing, Ned thinks it will bury him.
Bubba wonders what he did wrong, he then wondered what he did right.
Anson came on, Bubba thinks the guy’s mom was a Potsy mark, Anson
thinks Bubba shouldn’t be a pussy, he said Hogan and him fighting
isn’t realistic, he said he’s just trying to have some fun. The guy
said friends will fight, Bubba called the guy a mark, he said he’s
going to try and not get into a situation like that, he called the guy
a jackass for not knowing he was making fun of him. Mark came on
discussing Senate bill 1902, he said someone needs to bring it up,
Bubba said everything is coming down that is all about taking stuff
away, mark said if any of the bills get signed, we’re screwed. Bubba
said he’s looking for a Politician who will speak out against it, he
told the guy to not drink the Rhonda Storms cool-aide, he thinks she’s
jumping ship. Mark told Brent to look up Benet from Braington, he said
the guy is the biggest backer ever, Brent thinks we need to ask our
Senators to say no to all this stuff. Mark said if he leaves one thing
in, it will screw things up. Manson said they’re just robbing Peter to
pay Paul. Mark then discussed the McCurty issue, where a bill was shot
down. Bubba said it’s caving into special interest, he said it’s all
bad, he said he played three different cuts about John Thrasher, he
said we need to get these life-long politicians out of office, he said
all this madness is going to continue to happen, he said we’re a bunch
of Bible banging hypocrites, he said the bail bondsmen are getting
rich, he said when a guy is pulled over, he controls his own
destination, he said if you jail people for $81 a day, it means more
cops will be out of a job. mark thanked Bubba for what he’s doing, he
said you can email your local guys to get this stuff shot down, he
said the Bible banging will be the demise of us. Spice said he’d
rather have people in the Casino. Bubba said the six foot rule was
ridiculous, he said we’re going through the pussyfication/bible
banging of America, Spice said he just deflects it, ned said he
explains it to the kid. Bubba plugged what they’ve got coming up on
the show for the next few days, they then ended the show a few seconds

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