Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 30th, 2010 by Staff

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The following is a Blind Lawrence recap.

Today’s bumper music provided by Sluggo:
Johnny Cash – God’s Gonna Cut You Down
Flipsyde – Someday
Nine Inch Nails – Closer
Static X – Breathe
Disturbed – Just Stop
Korn – Falling Away From Me
Linkin Park – One Step Closer
Godsmack – I Am
Rolling Stones – Sympathy For The Devil
Mudvayne – Not Falling

Segment 1 – Chilean Miner Challenge Discussed

The show started off with audio of the Rays losing (2-0). Bubba
started by saying the music was provided by Sluggo, he said he’s seen
pictures of chicks who considering themselves hot, he then talked
about some Bishop trying to be a body builder, Manson thinks he’s gay.
Bubba then recapped some sports scores, he asked how Aubry is doing,
he then commented on Robin Mede, he thinks she’s a weekend away from
getting fat, Manson pointed out how she puts on the makeup. Bubba said
he needs some chickens, Spice wondered if it’s a ned request, Bubba
said it has nothing to do with Ned, he then said the wall of the new
BRN is done, he said the studio looks like a prison, Dave said it’s
nice to have the silence in there. Bubba said it’s so strong that if a
hurricane was to hit, the building might blow away, but the studio
would be fine. Bubba said he’ll put some video up on Twitter, he said
that he and Spice were screwing with the miners, he said he was on until around 10:30, he said that he and Heather got into
a fight over him not having sex with her, Manson said he’s not
interested in sex during the week. Bubba said what he wanted to do was
wake the guys up with fireworks, he then pointed out Tuddle busting
Augie’s lip, Spice said when he watched it last night, Tuddle was
saying that he’ll be kicked out. Bubba thinks this has gone from a
Chilean Miner Challenge, to the Iranian hostage situation, he said
that if you want to bring a chicken, you’ll get them back; he said
they’re not in the touching animals business anymore. The audio for
the green room was potted up, Auggie was heard snoring, Bubba said
Auggie has bad sleep apnea, Ned said he’s a fat piece of crap, Spice
said it sounds like a door opening. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Callers with Chickens

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbaween. Bubba
wondered if Twenty-five got back to Spice about the woman who had sex
with some rock groups, Spice said Twenty-five is looking it up now.
Dan in Lutz said he has some groan and baby chickens, he said the
groan ones are loud, Bubba said the only thing he’s afraid of is that
Ned might touch them, he asked Ned not to do anything, Ned said he’ll
take care of the chickens. George said he has some Tom Turkies, he has
one that’s about 25 pounds, Bubba isn’t sure if he wants to put an
aggressive turkey in there. Bubba suggested the guy bring some female
turkies, he asked that the guy get put on hold, he then said they
won’t do anything with the animals, he said it’s turned into a bunch
of situations, he then decided to name the event “bubba Saw 1”, he
then wonders what you would be considered if you’re in a Saw like
room, Manson thinks screwed. Bubba said that he fed Auggie a can of
beans, Spice said he farts like crazy. Bubba said he was hooked on, he was into it, Spice said he was stuck on
The audio of the Green Room was potted up, Auggie was heard snoring,
Manson thinks it sounds like a chainsaw starting. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Tuddle and Auggie in the Green Room

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page (, followed by “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails.
Bubba hopes Sluggo had the mindset not to download the dirty version,
he thinks it’s questionable, Spice then gave Sluggo a tymbal for
downloading the censored version, Bubba said it’s quite a turn-around.
Kevin in Tampa turned out to be a prank call. Dave said the lights
aren’t hooked up yet, Bubba said they should just hit the music, the
audio for the Green Room was potted up, the Army wakeup sounder was
heard at full blast. Bubba then came on telling the guys to get up, he
thinks they got more sleep then they were allowed, Spice suggested the
guys hug, Tuddle said he didn’t want to make contact with Auggie, he
said he didn’t get any sleep because of him, he said he can’t sleep in
these conditions. Bubba informed them of the renaming, he thinks that
rather being against each other, they should be friends, he said the
guys are independent contractors, Auggie was heard peeing in the
shower. Tuddle thinks the guys have no idea what they’ve been going
through, Bubba said they know. Spice asked the roughest time, Tuddle
said not sleeping last night, he said he got pushed around, Bubba
asked him to sit on the stool and talk with him, Bubba said yesterday
Tuddle was fired up, Tuddle said Bubba doesn’t have half the story, he
said he’s against people of the BRN Staff. Bubba said he doesn’t blame
Tuddle for not liking Big dick, as that’s his job, he thinks Tuddle
should have a different approach, he said he likes Tuddle, Tuddle
thinks it’s not going to be a good 24 hours. Spice thinks maybe his
medication would help him. Bubba asked where the negative Tuddle is
coming from, Tuddle said he didn’t get anything, he said he was in a
situation where he had to stand up for himself, Auggie said it’s all
his stuff, Bubba said this is like the wild life. Spice said that last
night the guys gave Tuddle a pillow, Bubba thinks Tuddle is being a
bitch. Spice said that Tuddle’s wife is watching and listening. Auggie
wondered why the cops would be called, Tuddle yelled for the cops to
come arrest him, Bubba told him it would be really bad if Tuddle was
in a nuthouse, Tuddle said he’s been there before, he said he’d like
to pay the money and not worry about any of this, Spice thinks Tuddle
is trying to be a dick, Tuddle said that he was listening to a hog
snore all night, he thinks Auggie will die from sleep apnea. Bubba
said that Dr. Joe Saturley texted him saying that Tuddle has PTSD, he
then wondered if Tuddle does meth, Tuddle denied doing it. Spice said
he got another text from Tuddle’s wife asking what she should do,
Tuddle just said to activate the plan, the guys cracked up at that,
Spice thinks that doesn’t sound good, the coocoo sound effect was
heard in the background, Tuddle said that he can’t say what the plan
was, he then said he’ll give all of his money if he doesn’t’ have to
sleep with Auggie. Bubba said the outbursts are irritating him. Tuddle
said he slept with a puppet, he said it symbolizes Bubba, Tuddle then
goofed on Bubba, the guys cracked up at that. Tuddle said he wouldn’t
like anyone throwing anything at him, he said he can’t explain the
plan, he then said if he can buy an on air phone call, he thinks that
if you beat your wife, you’re close to touching a kid. Spice asked
that they just hug it out; Tuddle said if he wants to do it he can,
Auggie said he’s not hugging him. Bubba suggested a free Miller Lite
for a hug, Auggie then hugged him, he then said this is for a
cigarette. Tuddle asked if he could talk with Dr. Joe, Bubba said he
could pipe him in. Tuddle said that big dick was telling them what to
do; Bubba said big dick is Moses, Brent as big dick said he could part
the red sea. Tuddle asked the guys if they knew what nothing was, he
said it’s just darkness; Spice thinks the guys have turned against
Bubba. Bubba thinks Tuddle is geeked out on Meth, Tuddle doesn’t
appreciate Bubba saying that, he wants to talk to his wife and Dr.
Joe, Auggie cracked up at Bubba saying they’ll pipe in Tuddle’s wife,
he thinks that’s what Twenty-five was doing last night, this had the
guys cracking up, Tuddle thinks bubba did this to both of the guys, he
said he has the puppet, he then goofed on Bubba, Bubba thinks he
wouldn’t say anything like that. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – chickens in the Green Room, Manson’s new bit, Devon James discussed

Bubba thinks they’ve only two girls entering the Papa roach Suite
contest, he doesn’t think they’ll be able to scratch the surface,
Brent said Bubba has only one guest on the Satellite show, Ronnie
Caps. Bubba said he’ll try to be at the Orlando show, he then said
they’re trying to get Tuddle’s wife on the phone, he said that Tuddle
has been passing notes, saying that Tuddle is ready to kill someone,
Miller suggested they lock Tuddle and Big dick in a room next. Bubba
was piped in, Tuddle said his wife is ready for work, he said he has
his shock collar on; Miller said the shock collar was so big, he had
to punch a hole in it. Spice said Tuddle through a floor lamp and a
shake weight. Bubba said the chickens are here, Spice thinks they
shouldn’t explain it to them. Miller was heard telling the guys they
need to use the rest room. Bubba said that Tuddle always has some kind
of drama; he thinks Tuddle is a hypochondriac. Tuddle then got zapped
with a shock collar; Auggie got it, but didn’t do anything. Bubba said
they’re only going to get shocked if things get out of control, he
suggested the guys have some downtime, he said they’ll turn the lights
off, put on some music and drink some water, he asked for everything
to be out, Auggie said the cigarette was delicious. Bubba wonders if
the guys even know what’s going on, he said they’ll just put the
chickens in the room. Allen came on, he said at the gathering, they’ll
have a collection for the btls Foundation, he then went over some
people who will be there, Spice said he’ll be there, Allen said he’s
gaining respect for Tuddle, Bubba said Hammil is to be credited with
the idea. The audio for the Green room was potted up, some Country
music was playing. Bubba came on saying that the guys will has
visitors, he told the guys not to touch the visitors, he then
suggested they have Dan throw the chickens in, he then described what
was going on. The door to the Green room opened, Auggie said “good
morning, chickens”, Tuddle then did some chicken noises, Spice thinks
it’s cheering him up, Auggie then told him to shut up. . bubba was
cracking up at what was going on, Tuddle was heard still doing chicken
noises, Spice thinks Auggie will get really annoyed, he thinks the
chickens are Tuddle’s only friend, Auggie thinks it sounds like
Tuddle’s old lady, he then chanted “Any cock will do”. Bubba came on
telling Auggie he shouldn’t have made the comment, Auggie got shocked
a few times, Tuddle said he used to sell eggs, Bubba said the fans are
loving Tuddle’s chicken impersonation, Tuddle said the chickens don’t
judge him like some people do, Spice suggested Tuddle get in Augie’s
face and do the impersonation, Bubba cracked up at what was going on,
Tuddle freaked out when he stepped in poop, Bubba told him it was okay
to pet the chicken, Tuddle said he was walking through a land mind,
Ned said this is awesome. Tuddle said this is therapeutic for him,
Bubba said that he needs to call Tyler, he then decided to wait until
tomorrow, as there’s no Thursday night game. Kenny in Chicago said
he’s been watching this all night, he said it’s solid gold. Bubba said
that Manson has a new bit, he asked Manson for the back-story. Spice
said Kady Parry is all about wearing skimpy clothing, Ned said that
she and Taylor Swift really get him going. Auggie said that if these
were Ned’s chickens, they’ll be nasty; Ned thinks he should hang out
with him a little more. Bubba asked for the lights to turn off, some
Country music was played backwards, the strobe lights were flashing,
Ned thinks it’s not that big of a deal, bubba thinks the chickens are
trying to sing with the song. Joe in Michigan said this is the
funniest thing he’s ever seen, he ended up watching it until 1 am. We
then heard the bit, where Elmo thanks Kady for coming to Sesame
Street, he likes looking at her boobs, Cookie Monster asks how big
they are, Elmo asks him to stop cock blocking him, Bubba thinks they
could do something like this for the TV show. The Count came in
looking at her boobs, Kermit the Frog came on saying the show is
inappropriate. Big Bird asked for some paper towels, the bit ends with
the characters getting turned on by Katy’s boobs. Bubba said some cops
are watching, he thinks they should do it every few
months. The audio of the green room was potted back up, the chickens
were still going, as well as the country music, Brent said the farmer
is out there to act the consultant. The first email of the day said
they know Chance Felling, Bubba said he knows that guy. Another
emailer said they joined for the challenge, the emailer
said the show is genius. Another emailer asked if Tuddle is a tweeker,
the emailer thinks Tuddle is on Meth. Another emailer said they’ll
probably end up watching all night. Another emailer said
a bunch of Jersey guys are coming to Tampa, the emailer asked for some
hang out spots. Another emailer thinks Bubba knows his Dad, Bubba said
he knows the guy, the emailer said he’s been a fan ever since he
swiped a copy of “The Todd Clem Project”. Another emailer thinks the
snoring sounds out of place. The last email said his coe-workers think
he’s insane. Bubba asked for the strobes to be off and the lights to
come back on, he thinks they have a laser show, Tuddle said the
chickens were roosting in the shower, he’s not sure what the lights
did to them, he said his Dad told him how to hypnotize a chicken.
Bubba asked for Tuddle to do a glow stick presentation, Ned said he’s
always looking for the sweet releaf in life. Auggie said he feels
great, he then asked for Tuddle to quit disrespecting Bubba, Bubba
thinks one of the chicken’s wants Ned, Ned thinks the chicken is
asking for it. Bubba said that Devon James won’t give up, he said
there’s no sex tape with Tiger Woods, he said everything she’s tried
hasn’t worked. Spice said if she has a tape, Bubba then owns it,
Manson thinks it doesn’t exist; he thinks it could be her with a
random black guy. Bubba said Hogan owes Brent some money, he asked for
the call where Hogan talked about his issue with Post Cereal, we then
heard a news clip about that. Spice said he saw the commercial in
question, he said that their using Hogan’s likeness without his
permition, Bubba thinks $20,000 points would be fare, he thinks this
is a great test. Ken in Jacksonville said he looked at the kady Parry
video, he didn’t see an issue with it, Manson said there wasn’t all
that much exposed, Spice some of these parents just complain, he said
if you’re a kid and you’re watching the show, you won’t care about
boobs, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Tuddle on the Glow Sticks

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. Bubba said they’re scrambling around, he then took a call
from a woman who thinks the Sesame Street thing isn’t an issue, Spice
said when he was watching that show, the last thing he thought about
was boobs, he said it’s like a woman who gets mad because her husband
is working with a good looking woman. We then heard Manson’s bit about
Katy Parry. We then heard a news clip about Devon James claiming she
has a sex tape with Tiger, Bubba likes how she got her stuff thrown
out, Spice said tiger isn’t even paying attention to this one, Bubba
said she has no custody of her children, he hopes that there is a sex
tape, as she owes it. We then heard a 911 call about Chyna getting
sick, Bubba thinks it sounds like her, Spice thinks the guy is ashamed
to be around her, Bubba thinks it’s not a big deal, he thinks she’s
making a comeback, he said this is just a rough weekend, Spi9ce said
sometimes it’s not worth helping people out. The audio of the green
room was potted up, Bubba came on, Auggie said he’s not talking to
Tuddle. Bubba said that Tuddle bragged about glow sticks, Tuddle said
he can work with these. Bubba said that he’ll put Tuddle in Manson’s
room; he then said the site was down for a while, as he has idiots
running it. Manson said suggested they put an effect on Bubba’s voice,
Brent wonders if they have a bit called “Bubba Saw” (“Bubba Show
classics Volume 14”, track 3, Spice thinks it’s Satellite only. Bubba
got on protection, he asked Tuddle if he’d like to play a game, Tuddle
said he’d like to do some stuff, Manson wondered why Auggie is on all
fours, he then asked for Auggie to get shocked for being
disrespectful, Auggie said he didn’t say anything, Bubba told him
he’ll shock him until he shuts up, the Saw music was heard in the
background. Bubba wonders if they can techno to the music, he asked
Auggie to watch like he’s an audience member, he then shocked Auggie
for flipping off the speaker. Tuddle was about to ask something, Bubba
interrupted. We then heard the music from “Saw” while Tuddle danced,
Bubba told him he has no sleep and no money for messing up, he then
yelled for a Tuddle shock, he then asked him to get up and dance, he
told him if he wanted his two hours of sleep, he should star glow
sticking, all the guys were on protection making commentary. Bubba
told Tuddle he gets nothing, he said that absolutely sucked, Manson
said he failed miserably. Ned asked if Tuddle would like to play a
homo game, Ned then told Tuddle to take off his pants. Bubba told
Tuddle the glow stick presentation was horrible, he told him to keep
moving, he then told Auggie he would let him smoke a cigarette, if he
acted like a fan, Spice suggested it’s a dance off pants off, Ned told
Tuddle to make the booty clap. Tuddle was grossed out at a hair pile,
Ned told him to shut up and play the game. The music started up again
Auggie was hyping him up, Bubba wonders if he’s clapping, he asked
Auggie to pick up the pace, he thinks Auggie is doing well, Bubba was
heard issuing directions, Spice and ned joined in, Bubba and Ned
argued over who was Tuddle’s Daddy. Bubba said a friend of his just
texting him asking if someone had first turned on the show. Tuddle
asked for some water, Bubba asked for a shocking for a stupid
question. Rob thinks they should call him Jig Sponge, Bubba said no to
the idea, he then asked why his banner is down, he then told Tuddle to
tell Auggie to pick up the banner, as he’s taller. Auggie said Tuddle
took all the tape off to make a tent, Tuddle said he was making a tent
because he has nothing, Bubba thinks it’s disrespectful to do that, he
asked that the banner is fixed by the time he comes back from words,
he said if the shocking was bad, he’ll experience the wand next. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Callers comment on Bubba Saw

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Btls Foundation,
followed by “Falling Away From Me” by Korn. Bubba said that tomorrow,
he’ll get to the Florida voting recommendations. Chuck asked if they
could play Portor talking about grass clippings (April 28, 2010), he
thinks it’s better than this, Bubba told him no, he then took a call
from a guy who said this was the best bit the guys have ever done.
Mike said this is one of the best things he’s heard on radio; he
wishes he could see it. John said the Bubba Saw thing was stupid,
Manson said it’s polarizing, he thinks they should do more of it; he
thinks they should use the next call as a starting point.

1. Tony in Dayton – no
2. Earl – yes
3. Alex – yes
4. Mark – yes
5. Tina – yes
6. Joel – yes
7. Wayne – yes
8. Kevin – no
9. Tim – no
10. Mike – no
11. Paul – yes
12. Jim – yes
13. Shar – yes
14. Dale – yes
15. Broddy – yes

The audio of the green room was potted up, Auggie said he has a
picture of Bubba and Ned having sex with each other, Ned asked for the
picture, bubba cracked up at what he saw, he then said it’s a five
dollar fine for being disrespectful, Tuddle said he’ll cover for him
on this one. Bubba asked about the farts, Auggie said he needs a power
bar, he then told Tuddle he just lost 15 minutes of sleep.
Bubba thinks by the end of the show or by tomorrow, they should come
up with who will be in “Bubba Saw 2”; he thinks it should be plus one
more guy. We then heard a news clip about the guy who killed the Air
force guy in the park has bonded out of jail, he has been asked to
move out of his house. We then heard a news clip about a guy who
pisstle-whipped a Jagwires player, Spice said you shouldn’t cover your
face with a plastic bag, Bubba doesn’t like how the reporter had to
mention the Eagles beating Jacksonville, Spice thinks the coach has
more to worry about than this, he then goofed on the guy a little. We
then heard a news clip about an old guy who got his neck broken over a
towing issue, Bubba said this is just a shakedown, as the old guy had
attacked the cop, bubba thinks they should just pay the fine and move
on. We then heard a news clip about a woman dying in jail, the family
got $3,000,000, Bubba thinks this is the problem with our Society, he
then recapped the situation, Manson thinks it’s the white trash family
that raised someone hooked on drugs, Bubba said that story explains
why we’re in the problems we’re in, he wishes a judge would say what
he just said in legal terms, he asked to be a lawyer and a judge,
Brent said it would be seven years of school, he thinks Bubba isn’t
smart enough to be one. Bubba said the problem is our Judicial system,
he said that would be like them leaving radio, only to come back as
consultants for radio shows, he thinks Tuddle is sleeping. Nicole said
she’s been listening for about two years, she said she’s a methadone
patient, she said she’s been trying to get off of it for a year, it
helps people get treatment for a problem, Bubba said you need to look
at the route of the problem, the woman said that she got hooked on
some pills for pain, she was dependent for a year, she said the
methadone is worse than anything she’s ever done, she said methadone
will help, but it’s hard to get off of. Mr. Big came on, he said Bubba
is right on this, he said we’re just getting weaker as a Society, he
doesn’t like how we have to foot the bill for this, the guy said that
93 Rock is the station that does what The Bone used to do, he thinks
no one in Miami wants to hear rugged white dudes. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Homeless guys in the green room

Bubba said you can watch Bubba Saw 1 at, he said they’ll
be adding homeless guys eating McDonalds. Allen asked if the guys can
do an underwear swap with the homeless guys. Josh in Jacksonville said
he’d like to call Bubba out on something, he asked about Hulk Hogan’s
lawsuit for Cocoa Pebbles, Bubba said when you’re an artist of trade
marking your material, you think it has a value to it, he said it’s a
direct rip off of Hogan, he said it’s irresponsibility, Brent said
it’s theft. Josh asked about parody, Manson said that’s totally
different. Bubba said he’d like to email him the commercial directly;
he’ll call him tomorrow and comment on it. The guys then went into the
Saw voices. The audio to the green room was potted up; Bubba thinks
the homeless guys should just run right in. The air horn was sounded a
few times, the homeless guys came in shortly after that, Miller was
heard correcting the guys for cursing, Bubba likes how Tuddle is
automatically becoming friends with the guys, Auggie thinks Tuddle’s
wife would love Michael Jordan, Bubba pointed out the guys popping
beers, he then came on, the homeless guys identified themselves as
Andy and Barry, Bubba told Barry to open up some McDonalds, he then
asked Barry to play a song, he then did one while Auggie peed. Bubba
suggested they turn the lights down, turn the strobes on and turn the
fog machine on, he then suggested some polka music. We then heard some
polka music, Tuddle said they played this last night, he said he
hasn’t slept. Bubba recapped what was going on, he thinks Auggie will
freak out over this, Manson thinks he’s rock solid, Bubba thinks
Tuddle needs someone other than Auggie in there, he thinks this is
freaking Auggie out more than anything, he thinks smoke will improve
the smell of the homeless guys, he said the homeless guys think
they’ve hit the jackpot with this setup. Tuddle said the guys were
getting the beer in them first, Andy requested a cigarette, Barry said
he likes smoking. Bubba is still convinced the smoke will drive Auggie
crazy, Spice said they’ve got a bunch of air freshener. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Homeless Guys smoke

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for,
followed by “Sympathy for the Devil” by The Rolling Stones. We then
heard a news clip about some coaches fighting at a football game, the
guys think it sucks the kids got penalized from playing in the
playoffs. Eric in Dayton said he used to listen to Bubba back in the
WEBN days, he said this is the best show he’s ever heard in his life,
he thinks Auggie is disrespectful to Bubba Saw, he suggested Ned
jigsaw suggest a Cleveland Steamer, Bubba said no to that. The audio
of the green room was potted up, Bubba Jigsaw piped in, he asked for
quiet in the room, he asked for the guys to bring in the beer, he
thinks Andy sucks at guitar, he asked for Auggie to sit in the far
corner, he then asked for two stools to be on either sides of him, he
told Tuddle he’s a few minutes away from sleep, he thinks Tuddle needs
sleep more than Dr. Joe, he suggested Tuddle help out, he then took 15
off of Tuddle’s sleep time, he then directed the homeless guys to face
Auggie, he said they’ll be doing a smoking tent, Ned thinks Bubba
didn’t do what he just did, Bubba asked for the smoke to be blown
right in Augie’s face, Manson thinks Auggie can just suck the smoke
in, he then decided to take the tent out, he asked for the guys to
light up and point it in the direction of Auggie. Miller was heard
directing the guys, Andy said this should be a commercial, Auggie said
this doesn’t affect him, Tuddle said that second hand smoke kills,
Bubba told him he’ll make him smoke, he thinks Tuddle is the kind of
guy who carries an inhaler. Bubba suggested Auggie shark bite his
penis while dancing naked, he could smoke, Ned yelled for Auggie to
take his pants off, Bubba yelled for him to do the dance, we then
heard some clips of CP Trav saying some lines from Buffalo Bill.
Tuddle asked for extra sleep, Bubba vetoed him; this had the guys
laughing, bubba told the guys to not put the cigarette in the pee jar,
Ned thinks Auggie is a cigarette whore. Bubba admonished Andy for
laughing; Auggie asked for three cigarettes, the timer was heard in
the background. Bubba asked for the music to go on, he said they’ll
ride the show out with this, he was heard issuing commands to Auggie,
Ned went nuts when Auggie was playing with his nipples, the guys were
cracking up at what they saw, Ned said this is like an acid trip, we
then heard some sound bites as Auggie danced. Bubba said if Jabberjaw
has lipstick, he’ll increase it to another cigarette, he then asked
for the homeless guys to leave, he said they weren’t stinky enough, he
asked for Auggie to kick them out. Bubba then asked Tuddle what he’d
do to get thirty minutes back on sleeping, Tuddle said he’ll do it,
Bubba thinks he’ll bump it up to three if he does a good job. The
music then fired up, Tuddle was moving around, Ned was getting turned
on at what he saw. Bubba gave Tuddle his thirty minutes back. Spice
said Tuddle’s wife texted him, saying she was watching. Tuddle told
his wife to start the plan, Ned thinks he got sold out, Tuddle said he
liked everyone on air, he called Manson perfect, he said big dick is
on his S list, he said sluggo needs to get the internet working
better. We then heard Manson’s attack ad on Mark Ober. They then ended
the show a few seconds later.

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