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Top Stories:
Mentally Ill released inmates
Beaten prostitutes woke in pools of blood, police say
Sheriff’s police raid dogfighting ring at day care home
SC man confesses to slayings of 4 family members

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.
Segment 1 – Football picks discussions, sports scores, sport card discussions

Bubba told Ned they’ll get to his song today, Ned said 8:12. Bubba
said at 7:50, he’s going to ask Tyler his football picks for this
weekend. Bubba is convinced Ned has a losing record, Bubba said Spice
is doing great for guy who didn’t play football much. Bubba has a
tough time getting to the football picks section; Bubba told Sluggo he
needs to have a meeting with him. Bubba went over the stats; Bubba
said they all lost the Pittsburg game. Bubba said Tyler knows a lot
about football. Bubba asked Ned the working title of the song; Ned
said its “White Trash road”. Bubba recapped some sports scores, Brent
thinks the Pirates are the most hapless team in baseball, Bubba said
Pittsburg has other good teams. Bubba remembered Rod Caru, Brent said
he was a great hitter. Bubba wonders if there was a guy to ever bat
over 400, Brent said Ted Williams. Manson said Caru was around 380.
Spice wants to bring in some baseball cards, Bubba wonders if they’re
worth anything. Spice said he had a few Mark McGuire cards, but now
there’s no need for them. Bubba said he got an O.J. Simpson card,
Bubba said he throws away a lot of stuff; Brent said Bubba would have
them throw away stuff when he moved into his new house. Spice wonders
if football cards are worth more than baseball cards, Brent said
football rooky cards are worth more. Bubba said South Florida is doing
the Rock and Brew next week, Spice said it’s a great time. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Jabberjaw Returns to the show

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for We then
heard “Here Without You” as bumper music. Bubba said Kevin Vargas gave
him some bullet points about the event he plugged earlier, Bubba can’t
believe there into October already. Bubba likes how they offer free
cab rides home. Brad in Cocoa Beach said that bit they played
yesterday was from an actual event, a guy beat up a woman, Bubba said
he saw that. Brent said when you describe it as cracker like behavior,
it’s a problem. He asked if Brent got the article about West Memphis
Three, Brent said he never got it. Sam said he was the guy who gave
bubba a photo album. Bubba said he saw that Blind Lawrence is here, he
said let the ribs begin. Bubba said if you want to see his car, it’s
on display at Sting Ray Chevy. Bubba thinks he’s driving a 2010,
there’s an indicator lets you know when someone is near you, Bubba
said it’s like having a NASCAR spotter. Bubba said Jabberjaw has come
back to the show, he said he’d like to welcome back. Bubba said
getting a gig in radio is hard. Bubba said Dave has him locked in.
Spice asked Bubba if he and Dave patched things up, Bubba said he
hasn’t talked to him. Bubba asked her when she left, she said May 29.
Bubba asked her what she was running from, she said the problem was
scheduling. Bubba said in radio, you don’t need classes. Bubba asked
her when did she want to come back, she said around mid June, Spice as
Big dick thinks she missed him. Spice thinks there’s sexual tension
between her and Big dick, Bubba asked her if she’s with James, she
said they’re in a relationship. Bubba hopes she doesn’t quit them, she
said she wouldn’t. Bubba said he heard she worked for a call center,
she said it’s an incoming call center. Jabberjaw said it’s about
dealing with people; she has very little patients with that. She said
her favorite was a big blood stain in the carpet. Bubba asked her how
it worked; she said it’s one company. Spice asked her how she answered
the phone; Jabberjaw said how it went down. Bubba recapped for her
what she missed while she was gone, she said she’s not used to
clocking out and having three minutes to use the bathroom, she then
went on to say that today marked the one year anniversary of her
getting fired from MJ. Bubba thinks things aren’t looking good for him
over there. Bubba asked about Vince Russo, Brent said no one has
emailed him back. Bubba said Ace Frehley will be on the show, Brent
said after Ace left, he got paid the royalties for the next two
albums. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – John Phillips discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Facebook
page, then into “Billy Mays For cocaine”. Bubba said he couldn’t get
his bumper music to play. Bubba asked how all of Manson’s ailments
are; Bubba likes how she’ll come right to the house. Bubba said the
mamas and the Papas, John Phillips; the founder of the group was
having sex with his daughter. Bubba read an article about that, Spice
said at least the guy paid for the abortion. Bubba read about the
Phillips’s drug issues, Bubba thinks if she was doing drugs at the age
of Eleven, the sex had to have been going on; the guys explained it to
him. Bubba said he hates his real Dad for less than this, Bubba said
people have no idea the showcase show down that went down, Bubba said
he’ll never talk with the man ever again. Bubba said he’ll never
forgive his Dad at his death bed. Spice wonders how she could forgive
him on his death bed, he thinks she’s nutty. Bubba thinks he wouldn’t
want to be the go to guy on stuff like this. Bubba wonders how sick it
is to have sex with your nineteen year-old daughter. Dan said it was
great to hear him on Cowhead’s show yesterday, bubba said he feels for
Cowhead, Bubba thinks the records are slowing him down. Bubba said
when the bone did it their way, they were in Twelfth place. When he
got there with Cowhead in the afternoons, they got in first. Sharron
in Orlando said the show is the greatest morning laugh, she said she
almost drove off the road with the Billy Mays bit. She said she was
sick watching the Oprah interview, she said she didn’t watch the whole
thing. Bubba said it’s amazing to know how many people have problems
with their Fathers. Bubba said he wants to make sure no kids hear the
abortion bit. Bubba wonders if it’s the timeline they’re born in.
Bubba said everyone in the room, with the exception of Ned have had
issues with their Dads, Manson said his dad is like him, very laid
back. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Bubba rants against his Dad

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. We then heard
some messages from the fans, then into “Hot For Teacher” as bumper
music. Bubba plugged the Rocking Brew event. Bubba said they’ll do the
nfl picks today at 7:50. Bubba asked Spice about Twitter, Bubba
wonders if the most recent follower appears first, Brent said he
doesn’t know, bubba said they just hit 16,000 even. Bubba wants to get
the guy something. Bubba said he’s rewarding people with cool user
names, bubba said he likes Thick and Wide, Bubba thinks the commercial
is goofy. Bubba likes the name Garnet Blows, he then scrapped the
idea. Spice said he’s still trying to understand Twitter. Mark said
Robert Lewis has a show for men, he talks about relationships with
families, he said it changed his life. Bubba said his relationship
with his Dad is unfixable, Bubba said what he can do is die. Bubba
said as a Father, you have the responsibility to take the high road.
Bubba hopes his Uncle Bruce is listening. Bubba wrote his Dad an email
saying he needs to look at the remaining people in his life. Bubba
said they all get along, they all hate Doug. We then heard some audio
from the Oprah show, where Mackenzie Phillips described her issues.
Bubba wondered where the Mom was during all this stuff, Manson thinks
she’s not around. Bubba thinks you don’t have a normal life if this
happens to you. Bubba said he’s printing up stuff from his Dad. Spice
thinks she sounds stable; Bubba said a lot of mentally ill people
sound perfectly normal. Mike in Ft. Lauderdale said he’d like to get
tickets. Dave in West Palm would like tickets, bubba put him on hold.
Bubba said he thinks parents in the 60’s and 70’s have had issues.
Bubba thinks his relationship is the worst, Brent thinks Dave’s is up
there. Spice thinks it’s worse now than it was back then. Bubba said
he has a very healthy relationship with tyler, Spice said the thing
is, the guys are responsible enough to take care of their kids. Bubba
said when he grew up, his Dad was a good football player, having Bubba
prevented it. Spice thinks it would be like Al Bundy syndrome, Bubba
said that’s how it happened. Bubba said his Dad would tell him stuff
he didn’t want to hear. Bubba said he didn’t ask his Dad to have sex
with his Mother. Bubba said he heard that stuff two to four times a
month, he heard it as late as 1983. Bubba said when they had captains
night for football. Bubba said he was walking off the field with his
arm around his Mom, his Dad walked beside him, his Dad said he never
got a chance to play Football. Bubba said his dad is very crafty,
bubba said his dad loved 32 Fords, he said he’s never put his family
before the cars. Bubba said they’re garage was twice the size of the
home, bubba said Janie used to ask for a new couch. Bubba said his Mom
was a school bus driver. Bubba said his Dad didn’t get him anything,
he said his Dad had some cars that were imported. Manson asked what
the most important thing is with being a Dad is getting your kid
stuff. Bubba said it makes him feel good when he gives back to the
community. Bubba said a lot of times, he couldn’t go out and play, he
had to help his ad out in the garage. Bubba said his Dad took him to
two football games and two races, bubba said he doesn’t like it when
his dad throws it in his face. Bubba said what his ad did is not a do
good, it’s a requirement. Bubba said his dad had a box of car parts
that was never touched; the car has since been restored. Bubba said
his Dad sent him some pictures of it, he wrote him back saying the car
looks nice, he’d like to bring the family out, he was only kidding
about sneaking the car out. Bubba said it was like giving him a rectal
exam with no KY. Bubba asked Manson if Trace did that to Manson many
years from now, Manson said he wouldn’t care. Spice said you don’t say
your kid is fat and lazy. Bubba said he can’t imagine a Dad being
successful of his son, bubba thinks Jeff is ten times the man Doug
was. Bubba said it would be like if Tyler won the Daytona 500, Bubba
said he would be proud of him. Bubba said he didn’t plan it this way.
Bubba read his dad’s response, where his Dad remembers when Bubba got
a new bike. Bubba said his Dad is so broken. Bubba said his Dad is
just grinding an ax over something from 1982. Bubba said he fired
back, but he needed to call Tyler. Bubba said they‘ll just do Tyler’s
picks, as he has to get to school.

Tyler’s picks:

Chiefs Vs Eagles – Eagles
Redskins VS Lions – lions
Packers Vs rams – packers
San Fran Vs Vikings – Vikings
Titans Vs Jets – Jets
Atlanta Vs new England – New England
Jacksonville Vs Texans – Texans
Giants VS Buccaneers – Giants
Cleveland at Baltimore – Baltimore
Bares at Seahawks – Bares
Saints at Buffalo – Saints
Miami at chargers – Chargers
Broncos at Raters – Broncos
Stealers at bangles – Stealers
Colts at Cardinals – Colts
Panthers at Cowboys – Cowboys

Bubba dared tyler to tell Heather to gas it up. Bubba told him he
loved him. Bubba said he wrote back, but he doesn’t have a response.
Bubba recapped what he wrote, as he deleted it. Bubba called his Dad
pathetic. His Dad wrote back saying he’s not going to say sorry
anymore. Bubba told his dad he needs help. Bubba said what his dad
doesn’t realize is that Tara formed her opinion about him years ago.
Bubba said the death of his parent’s relationship was when his Dad
left his car at the airport, bubba got it back. N his way to school,
he saw some pictures of his Dad having sex with a woman in Seattle on
a pool table. Bubba said he and Tara used to beg for Janie to divorce
Doug. Bubba said he got a head injury of being in a hospital, his Dad
would never see him. Bubba said the nurse gave him some food he didn’t
want, Doug told him to eat his green beans, Doug slapped him across
the face right when the doctor walked in. the doctor told him he was
lucky he didn’t have the police called for that. Bubba wrote him back
saying he’s done with him, he called Doug a stupid ass factory worker,
Bubba thinks he’ll die with no family around. Manson thinks they need
therapy, Spice said he doesn’t’ want Bubba to fall into the same trap.
Bubba said his family his first, not his hobby. Manson said one of his
memories of his dad was after a football game, where Manson messed up
on a punt; he called him out on it. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for
Bubba said he lost his stuff. Bubba said they’re within the
window for Ned’s new song. Bubba played the original song; Bubba was
looking for his settings. Jill in Jacksonville said she started
listening to them for a year, she said she doesn’t’ like MJ anymore,
she thinks she’s not the average listeners, she thinks bubba is a
decent normal human, it took her a long time to get things patched up
with her Mom. Jill thinks she deserved a better Mother; she would’ve
picked someone else. Bubba said his Grandma was a whore, Jill said her
Grandma gave herself a coat hanger abortion, Bubba played “sounds Like
An Abortion” under her for a few seconds, ned thinks he’s freaking
out. Bubba played Hogan’s bumper and brought him on. Hogan asked where
the movers are, Hogan said this was ridiculous, Bubba said he can’t be
too long with him today. Hogan said he took his last pee in the
backyard, Hogan asked if anyone cared. Bubba said ned is getting heat
with Hogan, Hogan said he could care less. Bubba said he’s gotten
Hogan a lot of cars, Hogan hasn’t given him anything, Bubba told him
not to go to Sting ray Chevy. Ned suggests Hogan get a uhall for $20.
The guys think Hogan has a bunch of cars already. Hogan said at least
he had a good relationship with his Dad, Bubba said Hogan’s Dad used
to call Ruth an old bush woman. Bubba told Hogan to drop off his car.
Hogan thinks Bubba and Steve are homos, ned took offence to that,
Bubba advised Hogan to stay away from Steve. Bubba said they’re making
MJ play music. Hogan thinks he has to get stuff ready to move, Bubba
said the movers have stuff already. Hogan said he doesn’t need Bubba’s
car, he then hung up. Bubba said Hogan is used to people kissing his
ass. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Ned’s new song, ratings discussions, Mj audio clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard “I Want A new Drug” as bumper
music. Bubba asked if the guys liked this song, Brent said he didn’t
like it. Bubba said he forgot to get a guy an autograph. Bubba said
he’ll be getting a picture of some guys overseas with fein. Bubba said
he got an email from Denzel saying some guys overseas would like to
fly a Bubba Army flag. Bubba said ned will be doing his song, Ned said
he’s not doing it now. Ned just wants to do it, he has a juice harp
solo in the song, Ned played a little bit of it. Bubba said he can’t
get anything working. Bubba wonders if Dave will apologize. Spice said
Dave has tape over his mouth, he thinks it’s a standoff. Bubba got it
going, he then told Dave to get out. Bubba ran ned through some
settings. Ned played some juice harp. Bubba played a little of the
song, Ned’s version is called “white Trash Road”. The song describes
Ned’s white trash lifestyle, Ned messed up the juice harp part of it,
he thinks Bubba is giving him fits. Ned thinks the juice harp part is
week; he was laughing his ass off as Ned did it. Bubba gave him the
timble, Brent thinks Ned fingers look like paper on the juice harp,
Spice thinks it was strange. Ned likes the CB setting, Ned said some
stuff, Bubba thinks they can do it without the juice harp. Walt in
Daytona, Bubba had him in CB mode. He said he’s concerned about the
ratings. Bubba said he’ll talk about the ratings in Orlando. Walt said
he doesn’t’ get how Arbitron crunches the numbers. Bubba went over the
ratings for Orlando; they went from a 4.5 to a 2.0. Bubba said he
doesn’t’ get how they destroy Lex and Terry in Tampa and Jacksonville,
but not so much in Orlando. Bubba said the same show that has a two
share in Orlando has a 7.8 share in Jacksonville. Bubba said something
is wrong when Lex and Terry are up from a 0.6 to a 5.1. Manson said
the numbers don’t add up. Bubba said they’re tied with Lex and Terry
in Jacksonville. Bubba said they’re in eleventh place in Miami; he
thinks Vargas can work with that. Brent thinks Miami is a weird
market, second to Los Angeles. Bubba said he doesn’t know what they’ll
do with him. Bubba said he’ll be able to talk about him. Bubba said
the new way of ratings is better than the old way. Bubba said MJ would
pride himself on Arbitron rated number one. Bubba said MJ is now
between fifth and eighth place, he now has to do two records an hour.
Bubba said you’re not supposed to tell people about commercials, bubba
said he breaks for eight minutes, twice an hour, but he’ll have longer
talk breaks. Bubba said most successful shows have long commercial
breaks; he said Howard had 22-23 minutes of commercials. Bubba broke
down how MJ does commercials, the guys crack up when Bubba said MJ has
to play music. We then heard a clip of MJ explaining the situation;
Bubba said he’d love to be a fly on the wall to hear that. Bubba said
MJ’s ego gets in the way. Bubba said in the new way they do the
ratings, they’ve gone from number one to one, MJ has gone from one to
fifth. Bubba wonders when did MJ become honest. Bubba wonders how much
talk Mj will do now. The guys crack up when MJ says he’s going to
change the commercials. Bubba said MJ has been told about this weeks
ago. Spice said MJ is pitching the audience. Bubba said there’s only
one guy more pathetic than MJ is Doug Clem. Bubba said they have no
way of monitoring MJ in the studio. Bubba thinks Mj has flipped out
after this. The guys crack up when MJ said they’ll experiment with two
songs an hour. Bubba wants MJ to just leave, Manson told him to just
retire. Bubba said if MJ retires, they’ll bring in someone better.
Bubba said times have changed. Spice said the ratings will change.
Bubba thinks FLZ will play music in the mornings. We then heard “come
on Midget just retire” from “Bubba’s new and misc Hits Vol. 3”, track
2, parody of “Light My Fire” by The doors, where Manson asks MJ to
retire. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Blind Lawrence Feels jabber jaw’s breasts, Ace Frehley calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper, then into some
messages from the fans. Bubba called for Jabberjaw and Blind Lawrence
to come to the studio, they came in a few seconds later. Bubba wants
to rename Blind Lawrence blind King Lawrence. Bubba said Jabberjaw had
to repay the guys for leaving by having Lawrence feel her breasts.
Lawrence felt them, he liked them, Bubba thinks she’s freaked out by
all this. Bubba went to Ace Frehley; he said it’s wonderful to be on
the show. Bubba asked him where he is, Ace said he’s based out of
Beverly hills. Bubba said ace was the party guy of Kiss, Bubba asked
him if he’s like that, Ace said he doesn’t’ drink anymore. Spice asked
him if he misses it, Ace said no, he gets more accomplished. Bubba
said it’s been the biggest injustice that kiss was never considered
for the rock and Roll hall of fame. Ace said they should’ve paid him
to make the two ss in Kiss, but they didn’t. Spice asked what will
happen the day they get inducted, Ace said he doesn’t’ have a problem
with any of the guys. Bubba asked him what the strangest thing is he’s
ever heard, Ace said he heard that he and Gean would get into a boxing
match, Ace said yes. Brent asked him if he’s in the same gang with
Blacky, Ace said it was a crock. Brent said Ace was a bad kid in high
school, Ace said he got kicked out of three high school. Spice said
he’s seen several things that said Ace died, Ace said he misses Less
Paul, Bubba said nobody really knows what he did. Bubba asked if Ace
got some money for spaceman makeup, Ace said he does get it. Brent
asked him about the royalties with the albums, Ace said he can’t
remember how much he got. Spice asked Ace if he’s spent time on his
other planet, Ace said he’s been there. Spice asked the differences
between Earth and Gendo, Ace said it’s bigger than Earth in size, he
said he has a hard time walking on Earth when he gets back, we heard
the coocoo sound effect a few times. Bubba asked Ace how he gets to
the planet, Ace said he goes through a wormhole, Spice said he’d like
to go with him, Bubba said he’s too fat to go through a wormhole. Ace
said his website has a lot of stuff, he has a Twitter account, Bubba
said he’d like to follow him. Bubba asked Ace about the
commercialization of the group, he said he’s never imagined them
selling coffins. Spice asked what the final straw was; Ace said he
thinks it is the coffin. Brent asked Ace about a commercial Gean did,
Ace said Gean has no loyalty when it comes to money. Ace said once the
group took off, Gean was a loose cannon. Bubba asked Ace if he wanted
to be a comedian, Ace told Bubba to not make him laugh, as his lips
were chapped. Bubba said Ace once dressed up as a Nazi, Ace said in
retrospect; he probably shouldn’t have done that. Bubba asked him what
his drug of choice was, Ace said anything you ask. Bubba said the
original place of kiss army was Indiana, Ace thinks he’s right on
that. Bubba said he heard on the Howard Stern show that Ace talked
smack about Gean. Bubba asked Ace about the women Gean slept with,
Spice asked him if they ever thought over the same girl, Ace said no.
Ace said he helped take the pictures. Bubba asked him what town has
the best women, Ace said Texas. Bubba asked him what the worst is, Ace
said he wouldn’t know. We then heard a clip of Ace making a speech
when Gean’s book came out, Ace said he didn’t know what was going on,
Bubba thanked him for coming on. Bubba said they’d love to have him
back on when the book comes out. Bubba said the echo really through
him off. Spice thinks it’s planet Gendo getting in the way, they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Football Picks

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for We then
heard some messages from the fans, then into “Hold On Loosely” as
bumper music. Bubba said the lines are packed, Bubba wonders what BJ
from Phoenix knows about the World of Outlaw racing, we then heard the
bell, followed by an anti-racing bumper, Bubba told the guys not to
leave, they’ve got football picks. Spice thinks the newsletter spammed
itself. We then heard a combination bell and gong; Bubba told BJ he’s
been gonged. Bubba read email from a guy who thinks the show is a
hack; another emailer said the guys are catching on like Wild Fire.
Another emailer said his wife got tickets for Bubbapalooza, Bubba said
if they’re $49.95, there meet and greets. Another emailer asked about
tasteful pictures, Bubba directed her to Bubba
played the Monday night Football music. The guys picked who they liked
in the games for this week; they then ended the show a few seconds

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    My mother is similar to your father have you ever heard of malignant narcissism or NPD (narcissist personality disorder)> It will explain your father it did for me with my mother. They will never change the only way to go is NC(no contact). They are not full human beings. Good luck

  2. Pamela

    Segment 7: Ace was freaking me out!!!!! Was he SERIOUS about that?? I’ve got some googling to do. Oh and it’s Gene, not Gean. I’ve never even seen it spelled like that…just sayin’.

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