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Top Stories:
Woman Impaled by Tree
Facebook Turns a Profit
Pair of Pinellas gas thefts net 10,400 gallons
Dogs attack, kill show pigs

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Sports scores, Bubba apologizes to Carron Angle

The show started off with some messages from the fans. Bubba said
they’ve got Marcus Jones coming and r. mark coming in today. Bubba
recapped some sports scores; Bubba wonders why the angels aren’t that
great. Bubba said he’d like to offer up a retraction about Carron
Angle, he was wrong when he said she had dating Jeff for the last six
months of her marriage with Kurt. Bubba said Vince Russo flipped out
yesterday, he wants to come on bubba’s show, Bubba said he’d like to
have him on. Spice thinks writing for wrestling is ridiculous. Jim in
DC said he can hear the show just fine. Bubba wonders how far north
someone in Richmond can listen. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubba VS A Cell Phone Company

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Facebook
page, then into some messages from the fans. We then heard Manson’s
“Dueling Der Ders”. We then heard “rock You Like A hurricane” as
bumper music. Bubba thinks they’ll get up to ten thousand followers on
Twitter. Bubba said Ned has been on Twitter, Ned said his computer is
down. Bubba said Ned doesn’t have a hand held device. Bubba said they
now have pictures of Manson’s ass; Bubba likes the shot of Amanda’s
jugs hanging over the dinner table. Bubba wants Spice to post pictures
of his girlfriend, Spice said she’s already on the internet, Bubba
said Spice should throw the listeners a bone. Spice said he’s not in
control of her life. Spice said Bubba won an award, a lofy from
Creative loafing magazine, he said Bubba lost the title to local
trouble maker, Joe Redner got that one. Spice read that Bubba won
“Best Radio personality”; he beat out MJ and Nancy Alexander. Bubba
said he’s down to 289. Bubba said heather gave him a fashion show last
night, he liked the second one. Bubba said he hasn’t thought about
what he’s going to wear for Bubbapalooza; Manson said he’s wearing the
same thing. Bubba said Spice is concerned with what he wears at
Bubbapalooza; he said he looks like Chris Angel when he’s there. Bubba
asked Jay if a cell phone company is a client, he said yes. Bubba said
his Metro PCS phone hasn’t been a pain in his ass. Bubba said he has
an issue with his old cell phone company; he doesn’t want to say the
name. Bubba said he keeps getting a bill from the company. Bubba said
he called them after getting billed, after the phone has been turned
off since June. The operator told Bubba that he didn’t partake in
their survey to get him back; Bubba told her he has an iPhone, but he
doesn’t have a problem with the company’s service. Bubba said once
they told him he was disconnected, he hung up; Bubba thinks this is
consumer fraud. Bubba said he had no idea he had to take part in an
exit survey, Ned told him to read the fine print. Bubba said he was on
hold for nine minutes, Brent said it must’ve felt like forever, Spice
joked that Bubba read “My Pet Goat”. Bubba said he laid out seven
curse words; he hung up the phone like the artwork on the jerky Boys
album cover. Bubba said he’s going to talk to American Express about
it. John said he got a $4,500 cell phone bill, it took a month to
fight it, he said his son used the phone to access the internet, Bubba
Eviled him a few seconds later. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Nancy Alexander hosts a morning show on Mix 100.7 in Tampa, FL from 5:00-9:00 AM

Segment 3 – emails and phone calls

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Canadian merch,
then into some messages from the fans. We then heard some Yes as
bumper music. Bubba read some emails, the first email of the day asked
about some music to play at a football game, Spice suggested Solga
boy. Another emailer said they go passed Tiger Lily. Another emailer
said that they were listening to “The Todd Clem project”, they like
the Nascar song (disc 2, track 9). Another emailer said one of Britney
Spears’s song is dirty, Bubba read the lyrics, he doesn’t see how it’s
dirty. Bubba played a little of the song, Bubba doesn’t like her
music. We then heard a talk break from back in the day, where the guys
are talking about her, Manson gets on the phone and does his
impersonation of her. Bubba stopped and started the clip to comment on
how fast he’s talking, Bubba said he can’t think that fast these days,
Bubba said if he was competing against himself, he’d tell the guy to
slow down. Ned thinks Elvis looked good for his comeback special.
Bubba said the problem with the show now is, the guys knew how to keep
the guys quiet. Bubba said Spice used to give him a base drop, not so
much. Bubba said he was barking out orders back in the day, Bubba
thinks the guys only like him every other Thursday. Bubba wonders if
they could call the hotline, Bubba said he couldn’t recreate it.
Another emailer said if people took their radio show as seriously.
Life would be better. Another emailer from Canada asked about the
Bubba Wonka set, the emailer wonders if it’ll be in Canada. Bubba said
five of the 1500 will contain a golden ticket. Another emailer said
they can hear the guys perfectly on Richmond. Another emailer said
they’d like to drive by Bubba’s studio, the guy asked about Lightning
tickets, Bubba said he talked to Orin, he said he thinks they’re going
to have a good season. Bubba thinks they’ll destroy the Panthers.
Another emailer asked about Bubba and Tony buying a dirt track, Bubba
said he can’t talk about it. Another emailer said his daughter was
diagnosed with a rare eye cancer. The emailer is having a fund raiser,
Spice wonders if cancer can’t get you, Bubba said no. Another emailer
asked about the E-cigarette, Spice said its
Another emailer asked about Lumber Liquidators, Bubba said they’re the
best to deal with, Manson said the hardwood floor was the only thing
that went smoothly with his room edition. Bubba took a call from a guy
who thinks Bubba has the phone company by the balls. Bob in St. Lewis
asked if bubba is going to a Midget Nationals event, we then heard an
anti racing bumper, we then heard the bell and the gong, Bubba said
he’s never even heard of it. Bubba said he turned the guy’s
microphones off, he said he ccan over rule what the guys do. Alex in
Jacksonville asked about the phone, Bubba explained it to the guy.
Alex said American Express is shifty, Bubba said a jobber like him has
the green one, Bubba said the black card is what you’re looking for.
Bubba took a call from a woman who said she did a consumer report,
Bubba had to dump her for saying the name of the company, she said the
company didn’t credit her, she thinks Spice is cute, she said she met
Spice in Ybore a few years ago. Spice said he’s not into mix ins, she
said she’s single and 36. Bob on protection said as long as you say
you’d like to disconnect your service, they have to disconnect you.
Bob said they’ll only credit back so much, he said he’s never heard of
an exit survey. Bubba said his accountant uncovered it, Bubba said
everybody has a cell phone, Bob said he wouldn’t recommend autopay.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Men’s health with Dr. mark

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Bon Jovey as bumper music.
Bubba played r. Mark’s bumper and brought him in. bubba said they had
no idea men had so many health issues. 813-875-5855. Bubba asked if
they’re doing a Testosterone screening, mark said yes, he said the
normal Testosterone level is 550. Bubba read some emails for Dr. mark.
The first email said they can’t get mark’s website up, Mark said it’s
not up yet, mark explained the differences between hormones and
factor. Another emailer said he has a low do to a toomer, mark said it
depends on how long he’s had it. Tammy in Jacksonville asked about
mark’s diet pills, mark said it’s on Bubba’s website. Another emailer
asked if Mark treats warts. Mark said they’ve had guys come in with
warts the size of a quarter. Tom said he was diagnosed with a toomer,
mark said it depends what kind of toomer he has, mark advised the guy
to go to a surgeon. Al asked about penis enlargement surgeries, Mark
said they don’t exactly do much. Mark said all they do is stretch your
penis so that it’s big when it’s flaccid. Al said he’s six inches,
mark advised him not to do it. Rebel said her Husband takes oxy
Codone, he had a major accident, mark thinks the guy has a low
Testosterone level, she said the pills have made him not much, he
can’t ejaculate, Brent said he’s gimmicked himself right out of the
game, Ned said he’d rather be in pain. Mark advised a Testosterone
level check. Bubba read an email from someone who said he was born
with Hypospadias, Mark said it’s where the hole on the penis isn’t in
the right spot. Another emailer asked about the Testosterone level,
Bubba got distracted with a phone. Another emailer said he has bumps
on his penis, mark suggested the emailer see a doctor. Joel in Plant
city said he was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome, he said he found
himself breaking into impersonations, he did one of Charlie Chaplin
meets Al Pacino, Bubba Eviled him a few seconds later. Bubba took a
call from a guy about scabs on his testicals; mark advised him to see
a doctor. Another emailer said the more he goes with weight lifting,
the more his hemorrhoids flare up. Jeff in Orlando said every time he
takes a crap, he has a seaman like fluid come out of his penis. Mark
advised the guy to see his doctor asap; they then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Jimmy Buffett discussions, various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Youtube
page, then into some messages from the fans. We then heard “running On
Empty” as bumper music. Bubba apologized for the dead air, Spice said
the song reminds him of Forest Gump, Bubba wonders if Jackson Browne
has done anything, Bubba said Jimmy Buffett is rich, he said he’s the
richest non rich guy ever, Spice said if he doesn’t know to hate on
Buffett or respect him, Brent said he respects him, he said that
Buffett fans are Grateful Dead fans with jobs. He went on to say that
he’s worked at several Buffett concerts, everyone there gets smashed.
We then heard a news clip about the family of the high school groper,
Bubba is disgusted the family is defending him. Brent said he has a
Cousin in prison, there’s no way he’s helping him out. We then heard a
news clip about a guy who got arrested for driving drunk on a motor
cycle, naked, the guys think it sounds like something ned would do.
Bubba read that some Bank of America people are getting in trouble.
Bubba said Fabrizi asked about Florida Bank, Bubba thinks banking
should be regulated. Spice said the government is watching over the
banks to make sure they don’t fail. Bubba said some banks have to go
by a certain protocol because of the bad economy. Bubba said the
problem is the banks are shopping the loans to the investors. Brent
thinks too many eggs are in one basket. Bubba said we’re almost in a
bankless society. Bubba said if he didn’t have online banking, he
didn’t know what he’d do. Brent said he’s bankless, he does it all
online. Bubba said heather is into the Sun coast Federal Credit union.
Brent said a lot of the banks are from north Carolina. Manson said
we’re going to end up paying for the banks. Brent wonders why we’re
giving bonuses for failures. Fred on protection said he works for a
large bank, but they operate like a community bank. Bubba thinks it’s
way too early for Tim Tebow to be drafted to Jacksonville, Bubba
thinks the Buccaneers could use him, Spice said if he was Tampa, he’d
purposefully lose the whole season just to have him as a pick. Bubba
said if Jacksonville got him they’d be money. We then heard Ned’s “big
Tebow” from “Bubba’s new and misc Hits Vol. 8”, track 6, and “The
Clemulus Package” disc 3, track 19. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Various news clips, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans. We
then heard some e Beastie Boys as bumper music. Bubba said they’ll
have Marcus Jones in. We then heard a news clip about some hogs that
were killed by some dogs. Spice recapped Jessica Simpson’ story, she’s
looking for her dog after some coyotes took it, bubba thinks she’s
dumb. Bubba read an article about the tallest man in the world, the
runner-up got violent when he was going to be measured. Jason said
he’s the district manager of eight restaurants; all of them have
Bubba’s show on. Jason said Tim Tebow bench presses 385. Steve in
Gainesville said Tebow won’t be a good quarterback in the NFL. Bubba
thinks he won’t be able to play that kind of football in the NFL.
Bubba said if they need him to be a full back, Tebow will be able to
do it. Bubba said they’ll find a spot for him, Brent gave Tebow’s
stats. Bubba Eviled the guy a few seconds later, Bubba said he’ll take
opposing calls, if you’re on point. Bubba said athletes are athletes.
Brent said you should see some tape on Allan Iverson in high school.
Bubba ran down Marcus Jones’s stats, Bubba said you’re either an
athlete or you’re not. Bubba said Tim won’t be the next Tom Brady;
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Marcus jones, monster Lobster, and Rob Kahn in the studio

Bubba had Marcus Jones in; Spice said you could see the guy’s skull.
Marcus said he weighs around 260; he thinks he would be too quick.
Bubba said Derrick Brooks got picked up by espn, Marcus said he was in
the league for six years. Bubba said one of the guys on Buffalo got
his lawn burnt up. Bubba thinks TO and Ocho Cinco need to stop
Twittering. Marcus said he and Al Harris used to be in section eight.
Bubba said a team can’t get rid of a first pick. Marcus said he was
like burger King, giving people what they wanted. Bubba asked Marcus
what center ate his lunch, Marcus said it happened a lot, Marcus said
a center from the Stealers was powerful. Bubba thinks Alabama miss
drafted a line backer. Brent considers Vince Wilfork to be the best
nose guard in the NFL, Vince is on the New England Patriots. Bubba
asked how rich Marcus was; Marcus said he’s pretty well off. Bubba
asked him the craziest thing he’s ever done, Marcus said his first
signing bonus was $1.8000, 000; he bought his Mother a house. Bubba
said Ruth Hogan put up quite a fight when they took her to a nursing
home. Bubba asked who Marcus’s first coach was, Marcus said Dungy,
Marcus said Monty Kiffin was brutally honest. Bubba said the NFL is
the most cut throat business ever, none of your money is guaranteed.
Bubba asked him about Ultimate Fighting 10, Marcus said he loved the
fight. Marcus said they have you spar and wrestle each other. Bubba
had Monster Lobster in; Allan said he was the first guy to go to the
show. Bubba said the guys are completely opposite. Spice asked Marcus
about seeing Kimbo Slice, Marcus said he doesn’t know, he looked over
at Roy Nelson for the time he was there. We then heard a clip from the
show, Brent thinks rampage is insane. Rob Kahn said he’d pick Rashad,
but two years ago, he would’ve gone for Rampage. Bubba thinks this
will be the rejuvenation of ultimate fighting. Marcus said he’s on
team Rampage, he said he likes his team, he didn’t have a preference,
he just wanted to be on a team. Bubba asked him who irritates him the
most, Marcus said Matt Matrion, the guys don’t know who that is.
Marcus said he couldn’t talk about a fight in the house, Allan said he
got thrown out for starting a fight in the house. Marcus said they
take all their stuff from them, they can’t have anything there. Bubba
thinks Allan is on growth and weed, Manson said Allan looks high.
Spice said he saw a clip of Marcus and Matt getting into it. We then
heard a clip of Marcus saying he could be in MMA, we then heard a clip
of Marcus arriving in the house, Bubba likes one of the guy’s calling
him a big ogre looking guy. Marcus said when you’re in the fight
world; you look at the guy’s stats. We then heard a clip of Marcus
saying he’s got big hands. Bubba said Rampage is hard to understand,
Marcus said he understands him. Allan said Vegas really messes with
your body. Marcus said it took him a week or so to get familiar with
the climate. We then heard a clip of Marcus doing cardio, he said he
was about to pass out. Spice said Rampage didn’t exactly help things.
Bubba asked how Matt Sarah is doing; Rob said he hasn’t talked to him
in a while. Marcus said he was told not to touch gloves. Marcus said
Kimbo was on his team, he had the chance to spar with him, Marcus said
he’s an awesome guy. Greg in Tampa said he’s watched Monster Lobster
for a long time bubba wonders if he has cameras on the lobster shop.
Allan said the RFC is a great organization. Spice said the south Tampa
location of Gracey Tampa is inside a fitness gym. Bubba asked Allan if
he’s still working with lobsters, he said yes. Bubba asked about his
relationship, Allan said she was home sick, she’s been replaced with a
19 year old girl; Allan said he’s thirty-five. Spice asked what it’s
like with Marcus’s family, Marcus said his wife is cool with it,
Marcus said it was worse than prison, he said when one of the guys
said Michael Jackson died, they thought they were lying. Spice said he
would be a chronic masturbater in the bathroom. Marcus said he gets
nervous, even though he knows the outcome. Spice asked if he’s
guaranteed a fight in the UFC, he said he can’t talk about it. Rob
said they’re in New port richy, Bubba told Monster to bring in some
seafood, he said MJ called him, but he doesn’t answer the phone now.
Marcus said he twisted his knee, which is why he came in on crutches.
Bubba thinks Allan had his fighting shorts on when he got married.
Marcus said he’s trying to get into heaven now; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – bubba Donates Blood, Trace at Bubbapalooza?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for We then heard some O.A.R as bumper music.
Bubba said mark can sing. Bubba said he gave blood yesterday, he said
the girl who did it for him said her husband loves the show, but won’t
donate blood; Brent said you can get an easier buzz when you drink.
Bubba told Steve to donate blood. Bubba said they’ll be coming to
Pittsburg, Bubba said Trace will be at Bubbapalooza, Bubba wants to
party with him. The guys suggest a strip club, Manson said no. Manson
said he’s not worried about Trace hanging out with the guys. Bubba
said they’re entertainers. Bubba said if his Dad was one of those
guys, he would have a blast. Bubba said when he was sixteen, his Mom
was sneaking him miller high Lights. Bubba said Pittsburg is one of
their greatest fan bases. Ned said he’s going to get drunk, Bubba
thinks ned shouldn’t hang out with Trace. Bubba said ned is all bark
and no bite. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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    If you are having issues with a phone company go to the BBB and file a complaint. They will listen, since they do not want anything bad shoing with the BBB. The BBB is where anybody can look up a company and see if they have a lot of complaints and if the complaints are resolved. Unresolved complaints are bad publicity for a company.

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