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Top Stories:
The Guys give their NFL Picks
Robber Returned To Ask Victim For Date
Girl dies who was in Hillsborough van crash with 10 other children, none wearing seatbelts
Obama calls for Congress to face health care challenge
Minister suspect in hijacking said 9/9/9 date a divine sign

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Prelude to the Dream discussions, football discussions,
coming up on the show

The show started off with some messages from the fans, then into “Rev
It Up and Go Go” as bumper music. Bubba said he’s in a really good
mood, he twitted he was going to bed, he then ended up watching the
race, he didn’t get to bed until Eleven, he told Brent he missed one
hell of a race. Bubba said Mike Arny texted him with the encore
schedule. Bubba said Tasha twitted they played cute games, Bubba said
he twitted that he’s a real man. Bubba said heather is into Twitter,
he said it’s a heat getter. Bubba said they have to hit commercials
early, as they have to drop off a check at Noon. Bubba said tony
almost cried over the charity he was supporting. Bubba said it gives
him Goosebumps when he thinks about the men and women overseas. Bubba
went over the encore schedule, Bubba said the Rays had the biggest
choke ever, Bubba recapped some sports scores. Bubba said Rodney King
will be on today, Bubba wants Gruden to call in after the nfl has
started, Bubba said he’s gotten a lot of emails about his appearance,
Bubba said he’s money, he wonders why you’d want to go back to
coaching. Brent said when madden goes, Gruden can take over the
franchise, Bubba said he’s got Springsteen tickets for ladies, they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubba’s football picks, Stacey from Miami

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Canadian
merchandise, then into some messages from the fans, then into “Back In
The Saddle” as bumper music. Bubba said he’s got some people lined up.
Bubba plugged the show’s twitter page, Bubba said he was on it last
night, he was going to cut some tires, he then realized it was close
to Seven. Bubba said Heather had the intentions to have sex with him,
he wasn’t going for it. Bubba said the fans went crazy when heather
took a picture of herself, Bubba said it’s his life. Bubba said he
watched the race in his big theater, Bubba ended up shutting off his
computer for the night. Bubba read something from Tasha, Spice has no
idea what she ment by play a game; he figured out what she ment, he
said they were sex games. Spice said he doesn’t know what she did it
for, they did one game called “Find the dollar bill on me”, they ended
up having sex. Stacey from Miami hung up; she wanted to ask about
Tyler’s Principal. Bubba said he’d like for Amanda to Twitter, he also
wants Donna to join in. Bubba said tony won the Prelude. Bubba gave
his picks for the NFL for the weekend. Titans VS Pittsburg –
Pittsburg. Miami VS. Atlanta – Atlanta. Philadelphia Vs. Carolina –
Philadelphia. Denver VS Cincinnati – Cincinnati. KC VS Baltimore –
Baltimore. Minnesota VS. Browns – Minnesota. Jacksonville VS. Colts –
Colts. Dallas VS Tampa – Dallas. Bubba thinks Tony Dungy has made his
money; he’ll be able to do other things than coaching. Bubba said tony
is such a positive guy, Bubba feels coaching is a distraction. Saints
VS Detroit – Saints. Jets VS. Houston – Houston. San Fran VS Arizona –
Arizona. Rams at Seattle – Seattle. Redskins VS Giants – Giants. Bares
VS Packers – Packers. Bubba thinks that between Green bay and Chicago,
it’s a toss-up. Buffalo VS New England – New England. Chargers VS
Oakland – chargers. Bubba isn’t sure what the spread is, he thinks the
Chargers game is the money game. Stacey in Miami said she watched
Bubba’s twitter page, she follows them, she’s excited about the
Hillstrand Brothers. Bubba said he gets hot that Stacey is a
Principal; Bubba thinks he could have sex with her. Stacey said she’s
got blue eyes, five ten, brunet, she said she’s married, Bubba said
it’s getting worse by the minute. Bubba got an email from someone who
said Tyler’s school would have no problem bringing in the Pope. Bubba
said everyone marks out to the Pope. Stacey wonders if they’ll have
any black and Gold Bubbapalooza stuff, Bubba said they do, they’ll
send her some stuff. Bubba said if that was Tyler’s Principal, he’d
tell him to acct up. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 3 – emails, Bubba Trivia, Manson’s New Bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s
page, then into some messages from the fans. We then heard “She’s
Always A woman” as bumper music. Bubba thinks the guy with the macho
Man impersonation is an idiot. Bubba and Brent really love the Garmin
GPS; Bubba thinks he shouldn’t get Garmin. Bubba got one a year ago,
he takes it with him when he travels, Bubba said he had a bad
experience with him. Bubba said his hit the floor, the sliding switch
fell off, the guys really like Dave Rice for his ability to make
stuff; Manson said if the world goes to hell, he’s going to kidnap
him. Dave said they won’t let them buy the part, which is a 1/8 inc8
switch, Bubba would have to send it to Garmin, he’ll have to pay
roughly $99-$107. Dave said if he had the switch, he could fix it, he
thinks you’d get a new unit, Bubba thinks he’s lost all his data, Dave
suggests they go to EBay and get a broken one. Bubba hopes people
understand what kind of company their dealing with; Bubba said they’ve
turned him into a Garmin hater. Manson said he has a new offering
about obama. Bubba read some emails. The first email of the day asked
about the Beef O Bradies Manson hangs out at; the listener wants to
buy Manson a beer. Another emailer thinks Heather should’ve gone to
the principal earlier. Bubba said maybe he’s guilty that he didn’t get
that done; Bubba thinks it wouldn’t have been a problem. Bubba said he
had no idea how much of an issue it was. Another emailer thanked the
guys for his Bubbapalooza tickets. Another emailer said Tyler’s school
would’ve welcomed the pope. Another emailer said Ronnie Brown was a
marine; the emailer is very concerned about his teenage daughter.
Bubba said the btls foundation is all about helping people out. Bubba
said Rodney King will be on. Another emailer asked about the
Bubbapalooza Meet and greet tickets appearing on EBay. Ned said he’s a
little down today, he got his pills, he thinks the pills have done him
too good. Spice went to EBay and found the tickets, he found some
autograph pictures, Spice said he’s not friends with the guy. Lee in
Ft. Meyers came on for Bubba Trivia. Bubba wonders if she’ll be able
to participate. Lee said she’s miserable if she can’t hear the show.
Bubba thinks Beasly will go against them, Bubba said Beasly lied to
him. Brent thinks talking to the general manager won’t hurt anything.
Bubba’s first question was about a guy in Ft. Meyers, Retard Tommy,
she didn’t get it. The second question was about Deion Sanders, she
didn’t get it either. Another emailer thinks Bubba is a hypocrite for
bashing Bush. Bubba said he respects the title of president, but not
the actual person. Another emailer asked if they could use Bubba Army
graphics, Bubba suggested Steve from Voodoo raps. Another emailer
asked about the iPhone application, Bubba said they need to make it
finalized. Bubba said the number one application for the Iphone is a
finger print scanner, Bubba then read an article about that. Bubba
read that Steve Jobs got a new liver; Bubba thinks fifty-four is young
for having liver problems. Bubba said he wouldn’t mind being an organ
donor, Bubba is concerned about people looking at his penis, Manson
said it wouldn’t matter, as he’s dead. Another emailer wants to get
Dick Vi Tell on the show. Another emailer thinks Bubba hates Religion,
Bubba said he doesn’t want his kids to go to private school, it’s a
battle between him and his wife, Bubba thinks private schools make
your kids pussies. Bubba said they’ve reached an agreement, elementary
school will be Private school based, everything else will be public
school. Brent said you have to prepare your kid for the real world,
Manson likes the small school atmosphere, Bubba said he doesn’t like
the faith based ones. Spice said public schools make you street smart,
Bubba said he thinks he’s a genius in some aspects. Bubba said public
school teaches you to survive. The last emailer said his
Brother-in-law passed away a few days ago, he got him hooked on to the
show, the emailer didn’t’ want anything for free; Bubba said he’d like
to make them their guests. Manson said he has a new offering, where
Twenty-five acts as obama, practicing his speech to the kids. In the
bit, Twenty-five complains about making the speech, Bubba wonders if
obama is really like this. Bubba said he can’t stop a black man using
the term nigger. Bubba said it’s sad that this has spiraled out of
control. Bubba wonders how many kids saw it VS how many didn’t. the
bit ends with Twenty-five singing a rap. Bubba said he’s never going
to play that clean, Bubba thinks Clear Channel will take it out of
context. Manson said its obvious hyperbole; Bubba finds it refreshing
that Obama is up on pop culture. Spice said the coolest thing he saw
before obama was Clinton playing the saxophone. Bubba said he wants
them to stop and start the bit when they play it, Bubba said it’s a
sad state of affairs if a school didn’t play the speech. We then heard
some audio from the speech; Bubba likes the line that the people who
have had more success in life have head the most failures. Bubba
wonders if obama wrote the speech, Brent said he’s got speech writers.
Bubba wonders what Ned’s highest form of education is; Ned said he
graduated high school. Angela was on for Bubba Trivia. Spice said they
have an intern with the same name as a rock group, she didn’t get it,
she didn’t get the second one, the question was name one of manson’s
sons. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Woman gets water turned off, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for We then heard Ned’s “Tortis and the Hare”
from “I’m A Big Fat Greasy Bitch” track 4, and “Ned’s Story time Vol.
2”, track 16. Ned tells the grand kids a twisted version of the story,
where the hare ends up getting drugged by the Tortis, raped in a pool
of his own vomit, the hare ends up losing the race, he then gets his
legs broken by Guido the aardvark, he ends up in a wheelchair,
eventually committing suicide, the bit ends with ned yelling at the
kids about how they won’t be getting any supper. Bubba dumped out of
the bit, Bubba said he’ll take that one out of rotation. Bubba said
they wouldn’t get in trouble for that, Bubba said clear channel would
spin it as something they’re not. Bubba wonders want kind of country
we are if the President is censored. Bubba said he’s so sick and tired
of home owner associations, Bubba said they want to be in charge of
something. We then heard a news clip about a woman who is behind on
her fees, the home owners association has since cut off her water.
Brent said if the Home Owners association folded, the neighborhood
would survive. Bubba wants to put her on the show. Bubba said he’d
like to help the woman out, Bubba said he’d have a check ready, Spice
thinks that’s appeasing the organization Bubba said he looked at his
trim notice the other night, he’s disgusted. Spice thinks you have to
have cows. Manson said Donna pays all the bills, Bubba said he and
Manson are opposite, Bubba thinks Manson is like Heather. Ned yelled
for the woman to pay the water bill, he advised she not get in over
her head. Bubba said you can’t live without water; Bubba wants the
Bubba Army to hook up the water. Bubba said the only reason why he’s
paying this is because of the nightmares he’s had with his home owners
association. Bubba said he’ll be in voluta this weekend, Bubba likes
calling Rodney King better than Rodney calling them. Dawn was on for
Bubba Trivia. Bubba asked the question about manson’s son, she said
Trace, she got it. Spice asked about the rock group, she said Pantera,
she got the timble. Dan in Ohio said the Prelude was a great event,
he’s been there before. Bubba said Jimmy Johnson was on fire last
night. Bubba said a lot of the kids haven’t been able to drive on
dirt. Bubba told Dan to tell some drivers he said hello, Bubba said
he’ll have to call the various drivers on tomorrow’s Satellite show.
Beth was on, she said every animal is different; you have to have a
certain pile of cow crap. The guys think five to ten goats for an acre
is a lot. Spice thinks cow crap would ruin a field goal. Bubba said
they should have the Visine shooters, where you do a shot of it every
fifteen minutes. Bubba said he’s heard that milk right out of a cow is
fantastic. Brent said he heard the trial for the Hold your Wee for a
WII contest is starting; they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 5 – Rodney King on the phone

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “dueling Der Ders”. We
then heard “Summer of 69” as bumper music. Bubba went to Rodney King;
Bubba thinks he’s a year older than he is. Bubba said Rodney is going
to box a former police officer, Rodney said he’s had some training,
the site is Bubba said the fight will be at 8:00,
Rodney said he’s fighting an Arab guy. Spice said Rodney isn’t a small
guy. Bubba asked him how big was he when the cops beat him up, Rodney
said he was 235. Spice wonders how much is Rodney in debt to George
Holiday for shooting the video, Rodney said he ran into him at a gas
station, Spice thinks without the video tape, it would’ve been a he
said she said situation. Rodney said they couldn’t get a conviction on
the first trial; they got one in the second trial. Bubba said Rodney
is very well spoken, Bubba wondered what happened that night, Rodney
said the cops thought he was on PCP; Rodney said he tried it, it
wasn’t a good idea. Bubba said they’ve never had Rodney on the air,
Bubba wonders if cops are respectful to him, Rodney said it’s a whole
new ball game now, he’s been invited to some parties, Spice said he’d
be sketched out if he was in a cop party. Spice asked him if he
thought he’d get away when he sped away, Rodney said yes, he had a job
that he was really excited about, he was on parole. Bubba said Rodney
had pounded the ground and giggled a little, Rodney said that’s now
how it happened; Rodney said he was ordered out of the car. Rodney
said they didn’t need to get his ID; he got kicked in the side of the
head. Bubba said he was embarrassed for the cops when he saw what they
did. Brent said he was in California during the first trial. Rodney
said he didn’t testify during the trials, he said he would’ve liked to
have been there, Spice said he wouldn’t have made the best witness.
Bubba asked what happened after the cameras turned off, Rodney said
even before the tape started they were pounding on him and calling him
nigger, Rodney said he couldn’t run because his leg was broken. Rodney
said he was tazzed twice. Bubba wonders if you’re supposed to run if a
cop tells you to, Brent you should. Bubba wondered what happened after
the beat down; Rodney said the cops didn’t know there was a tape.
Rodney said he went to a hospital that couldn’t do anything for him,
he was then taken to a jail, then to another hospital that figured out
what was wrong with him, Rodney said it was the jail hospital. Bubba
asked how long it was before the film was released, the guy sold
channel five the video for $500, he ended up suing some stations for
playing it without his knowledge. Bubba asked if they came to him
while he was in the hospital, Rodney said yes, he was given a bunch of
food, consisting of watermelon and fried chicken, Spice thinks it’s
like the racist buffet. Rodney said the charges were dropped, Spice
thinks Rodney blew the money on a hip-hop label, Rodney said some
investments don’t work out. Rodney said everyone was coming out of the
woodwork. Spice asked him about his phrase, Rodney said it came from
his heart. Spice wonders if Rodney still has the blue suit, Rodney
said he doesn’t, Bubba thinks Rodney should trademark the phrase.
Bubba asked him about the women, the guys think Rodney likes white
girls, Rodney said there’s no discrimination, he said he’s like a kid
at a candy store. Bubba asked him about alcohol, Rodney said he’s been
drinking ever since he was eight. Bubba wonders what happens when
Rodney gets pulled over, Rodney said they know who he is, Manson
thinks he should get a free pass. Rodney said he’s had some breaks in
the past. Spice asked him if he’d take an ass whooping for 3.8
million, he said yes, provided that he survive it. Bubba asked him if
he thought about death, Rodney said when he got tazzed, he thought it
was over for him. Rodney said he got hit a total of fifty-six times,
one cop tried to boot his head into the ground. Spice thinks Rodney
should fight Reggie Denny, Rodney said he’s met him. Bubba wonders who
could Reggie sue, Spice said he’d take a brick to the head for ten
million, Brent said one of his marines was arrested for the L.A.
Riots. Bubba thanked Rodney for coming on, Rodney said he’s fifteen
months sober. Bubba plugged Rodney’s fight for tomorrow night. Bubba
wants to have him on after the fight to discuss it, Rodney thinks they
can do that. Rodney cracked up at Bubba’s name, Bubba said he’ll talk
with him later. Bubba said Ned would’ve liked to have asked him about
his drug experiences, ned said PCP freaked him out. We then heard a
news clip about a guy from the chargers who got arrested. Bubba thinks
after a Reality TV show is mentioned, the investigation should be
done. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Kenny Kenny on the phone

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans, then
into “super Freak” as bumper music. Bubba said he has a great weekend
of racing. Bubba said he’ll be calling Kenny Kenny, Bubba said Kenny
is so special, his parents named him twice, Spice said he was high on
meth. Bubba called Kenny, Manson rang the bell as he dialed him up,
Spice said he’d like to hear this stuff. Bubba wondered how he’s not
answering, Brent thinks this is like Green Acres, Bubba thinks he’s
been scratched from the list. A woman picked up and said he’d be in
late, Bubba thinks Kenny is a hillbilly, the woman cracked up at this.
Spice wondered if Kenny Kenny has a cell phone number, the woman said
Kenny said Bubba would call him. The woman described what they have,
Spice asked how much does a trailer cost, she said she wouldn’t know,
she said she’s a book keeper. The woman said you could get a trailer
for $43,000,900. Bubba wonders what Kenny was doing up until four AM.
Bubba thinks Martine Gramatica is doing well. The woman said they’re
about thirty miles west of 75. Spice wonders how safe trailers are
from hurricanes, Bubba said he doesn’t have Kenny’s number. Bubba said
a two minute conversation will go to a thirty-two minute one with
Kenny. Bubba called Kenny Kenny, Kenny said he was sorry he could
never get a hold of him. Kenny said he was working on racing all
night. Bubba said when Kenny didn’t own a race track a year ago, it
was horrible, Bubba said he likes it better. Kenny said for three
years, he was looking for a race track surface. Bubba told Spice to
stop interrupting him, Kenny said he got the surface a hundred yards
away, the guys cracked up at this. Bubba asked him how he found it,
Kenny said they were practically given the clay, the fuel was really a
problem. Kenny said he asked for four years about clay, we then heard
some anti racing bumpers. Bubba asked what Kenny’s late model series
is called, Kenny said it’s the united Late Model series, Spice thinks
it’s wordy. Bubba said you get fired from any other job if you
couldn’t find something next door to you for three years. Kenny said
he’ll have about thirty-five to forty-five racers there, he thinks
Bubba did a great job racing, Bubba wants the footage. Kenny said the
doors open at four o’clock. Bubba wished Kenny the best of luck, Bubba
said there’s a ten thousand dollar event on November 21. Bubba thinks
if Bill Romonoski doesn’t call in, they’ll just cancel, they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Spice crosses the line, Bubba Trivia, Randy Bernet calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s FaceBook
page, then into some messages from the fans. Spice said he’s got some
problems with ned, as ned has been saying some mean things to blind
Lawrence during commercials. Ned said he can’t say what he’s been
saying, ned said he has good ears. Bubba said he and spice scared the
crap out of him, Ned wants to get him full time. Bubba read an article
about companies that are hiring people, Bubba said Aarons is the
number one place. Bubba said ken Butler is a good guy, we heard the
timble a few times. Bubba said Warrick Dun is big with Aarons. Bubba
wonders what Brent is doing over the weekend, Brent said tomorrow
night he’s got no plans, Bubba still wants Donna to use Twitter. Bubba
said on the Twitter page, Baund Fire said she’ll be in town, Bubba
showed it to him, Brent read it, Brent said he’s glad he brought it to
his attention. Bubba thinks Spice calling Baund ire a bimbo will ruin
things, Ned thinks she’s a whore. Brent said he wouldn’t like to be
dominated, Brent thinks she doesn’t want to have regular sex. Bubba
wonders how the mix-in would be laid out, Brent said it’s a
conversation he doesn’t get involved in. Linzy was on for Bubba
Trivia, Bubba thinks her kid is nursing, Bubba said he took his smart
pill today. Spice thinks she should breast feed, she said she’s
thinking about entering Twelve boobs of Christmas. Spice as Bubba
asked tyler to get some of Daddy’s nipple, Bubba gonged him. Bubba
asked if it was turned around on him. Ned asked for her to turn the
baby up, Bubba thinks Spice went over the line, Bubba said he’ll
deduct his pay. Bubba said he gets the checks first, he said it’s hard
to see who has what. Bubba said funny is supposed to be funny, not to
make him uncomfortable. Bubba asked what Tyler’s mother’s name was,
she said Jenna, she got dinged. The next question was Bubba’s Mom’s
name, she got it, Bubba gave her the timble. Sarah was on for Bubba
Trivia. Bubba asked what his handyman’s name is, she didn’t know it.
Bubba asked manson’s only daughter’s name, she didn’t know it. Rita in
Lakeland was on for Bubba Trivia. Bubba asked her the first question,
she guessed Craig the Bulldog, she got it, she also got the answer to
the second question, Berlin. Rachel was on, Bubba asked what his real
Dad’s name was, she didn’t know. Bubba asked what manson’s wife’s name
is, she Donna, she got it. Bubba asked the name of manson’s other son,
she didn’t get it. Bubba said he’s still looking for a stacker, Bubba
said he’s afraid to use EBay. Bubba asked about a limo company, Bubba
said he doesn’t want it for free. Bubba said they’ve got the coolest
limos ever, they’re website is Bubba said heather
was playing with herself in a limo, he was involved with the buttons
in the back. Bubba said the TV turns into a graphic for beats. Bubba
said he wants to pay for stuff so he can talk about it, we then heard
Randy Bernet’s bumper and brought him on. Randy said they’ve got
trailers, Bubba said randy was the first guy to tell him about racing,
we then heard a mix of gongs, bells, and an anti-racing bumper. The
guys did this for a little while, Manson clicked the drum sticks a few
times before ringing the bell. Bubba asked how the family is, Randy
said everyone is doing well. Bubba asked him if he’ll run as Mayor,
Randy said they want him to come back. Bubba thinks they should give
Randy the title of king. Bubba played the bumper again, Bubba said he
didn’t know Randy was asked to be life-long mayor. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Donna Waters Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans. Brent
said Sammy haygar knows how to party. Bubba thinks they’re over six
thousand followers on twitter, Bubba said his new goal is ten thousand
followers, Bubba thinks he should do some kind of offering. Bubba said
it’s not that good considering their circumstances. Spice called it
the prelude to the divorce. Bubba thinks he’s beat everyone’s odds on
his marriage. Bubba wonders if they have something like that, Dave
said they did have something on a white board, Dave went through the
results, Bubba told spice to shut up. Bubba called Donna.
Spice asked her if she could get a tax break for having animals
on her property, donna said cow dung is awful, donna said no. Donna
said she doesn’t want any milking cows. Bubba said if he needed to
borrow some cows, he could do it. Bubba asked her if it was one dollar
an acre. Bubba wonders what Manson is trying to draw, Brent thinks
they could have Manson locked up for what he draws, Manson said it’s
some squares and circles. Ned proposed an ass shot, Donna said no to
that. Bubba ran some other suggestions by her, she said she’ll send in
an old shot. Bubba said heather thinks Donna hates her. Bubba said
donna thinks the wedding wouldn’t last. Bubba wonders why donna is so
mean, donna said she’s not trying to be mean. Bubba said he makes
himself a nervous wreck with Donna. Bubba said during the contract, he
would call Brent before to practice, Bubba said bitch is an
exclamation point in his language. Bubba wonders if donna hates him,
donna said that’s not the case. Spice asked who Donna doesn’t like on
the show, donna asked why she’d be ask that. Bubba said Manson is like
the old woman at the nursing home. Spice asked if they had a couple’s
dinner, she said Dave and tiffany, Bubba thinks donna doesn’t like
Tasha, donna thinks she’s not that hot. Bubba said he and donna are
alike, she thinks they could live together forever. Bubba thinks they
should give donna her own show, Bubba said he’s scared of her. BJ in
Phoenix was on, he did a ripper before he spoke. BJ really liked the
race, BJ said the Edge in Phoenix should take them, BJ said it’s
Riviara. Bubba said he knows the program director, Bruce Saint James.
BJ said he found his Bubbapalooza ticket stub from Arizona, Bubba
doesn’t understand why Phoenix is their number one market. Bubba said
it’s too bad they can’t get data for individual cities. Bubba thinks
things could be different, the people who realized it was a mistake to
begin with. Bubba said he knows they have to come in and do a show, he
doesn’t mind either format, whoever wants them can have them, BJ said
he’d pay on Podcast. BJ said the finger print thing is a rip off,
Bubba thanked him for calling and being normal, Bubba thinks BJ
getting high calms him down. They then ended the show a few seconds

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