Thursday, September 09, 2010

September 9th, 2010 by Staff

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Blind Lawrence here with today’s recap.

Bumper music provided by Miller.

Segment 1 – Sports scores, coming up on the show, Hulk Hogan Calls in

The show started off with audio of the Rays losing (11-5). Bubba said
the music was provided by Miller, he then went over some sports
scores. We then heard the Monday Night football music, Bubba said the
game will be on at 8:30, he picked the Saints, as did Spice, Brent
said he’s only looked at the previews of the game, Bubba thinks Farve
premadonnaed himself right out of the game, Brent said the Vikings are
missing one of their best receivers, the guys then wondered how
important the Heisman Trophy is to being athletes. Bubba plugged what
they’ve got coming up on the show for today, he told Spice that he’ll
feel his pain when he gets married, Spice said he’s already
experiences the pain. Bubba plugged what they’ve got on,
he then plugged the New Orleans show, he then asked Ned if he got heat
at home, Ned said he got a little, he said that he baby faced on this
one, he asked if anyone would believe that call. We then heard one of
Hogan’s many bumpers, Bubba wondered if Hogan gets any sleep, Hogan
came on saying that he’s done more than Ned has done, he then asked
how the new song goes. We then heard a bit of “Hulk’s Shells”. Bubba
thinks Hogan couldn’t do anything like that, Hogan then sang a little
about himself, Bubba told him it was fantastic, saying it was like r.
Seuss on roids, he thinks Hogan has lost his mind, he thinks he should
be in the funny farm, he thinks Hogan could be a great film guy, he
then described what Hogan did in a video, Spice was cracking up at
what Bubba was saying. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 2 – Ned’s new bit replayed, Hogan in the hospital audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza featuring
Blind Lawrence. Bubba said that Spice will bring Lawrence on; Spice
confirmed he’ll be doing that. Bubba said that Hogan may have smashed
the morphine button a lot yesterday, we then heard Ned’s “Hulk’s
Shells”. Ned thinks Miller’s music is queer, Bubba told him it’s the
Buzz cocks, Ned still thinks it’s queer. Spice said he’s looking at
the video, but he doesn’t hear any audio. We then heard a clip of
Hogan in the hospital talking, Bubba said that Hogan is at 21,000
followers on Twitter; Manson thinks the video is Ludachris. Bubba
thinks Hogan needs his own show, Spice sarcastically thinks it will
take him back to the top, we then heard the coocoo sound effect, Bubba
thinks Hogan is insane, Manson thinks Ashton Coocher doesn’t have
anything to worry about. Jenn in Sarasota said MJ was talking about
Hogan, she said MJ is disgusting to listen to, Bubba and Brent think
MJ is being hypocritical by cutting on Hogan. Jenn said she likes the
afternoon show on 93.3, as she doesn’t like the music they play on
Cowhead’s show. Bubba said the deal with MJ is that he was in first
when they first got to town, he’s now between fifth and eighth, he
thinks to be on top, he’ll talk about Hogan, he thinks they shouldn’t
even talk about him, he told MJ to take his ass elsewhere. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Sassy Cassie
dating game. Bubba thinks they should do Moonshine Miller VS whatever
Tuddle’s vice is, hhe then went over the stuff their working on, he’s
received a bunch of emails from guys who would like to go out with
Sassy Cassie, he thinks in football, win or lose is easier than
spread, he then wonders if they could do that, he then asked if
heather French has left the Rays, Spice said yes. Brad in Memphis said
this show is better than Howard’s, Bubba said it’s not a competition,
he said they wouldn’t have a show if it wasn’t for Howard, he’s not
sure if he’d do anything like that if he was on the level of Howard,
he thinks that if he didn’t ass kiss and brown nose, they wouldn’t be
in that situation. Brad said he’s got tickets for the Mississippi
game, he asked where the guys will be after the show, Bubba said the
French Quarter, Brent said you could literally walk down the street
with your drinks in New Orleans, Spice said you’ll be able to see the
show on, Bubba asked for Carl to make one. Justin said
that Artie has called Gary to explain his story, Bubba said he didn’t
get a chance to hear it, Justin said it was on Howard 100 News, Brent
said he heard that yesterday. Bubba called up Hogan; we then heard one
of Hogan’s many bumpers. Bubba wondered when Hogan will leave; Hogan
said he can stand up. Bubba said back in the day, Vince had three
shows a night, Hogan said the A show would include him, he said he’d
make about $3,000-$4,000 a night, he said Macho Man would pick up
about $10,000, he then recapped the B and C shows, he said the C show
would be something like the Dream Team, he said if you were on the A
show, you knew you’d have a kicking month, he said they tried to
protect him, he said the fans were so loyal, everything was in place
perfectly, he said Howard Stern has a great instinct, he said the
caller from earlier doesn’t understand how great Howard is. Bubba
asked Hogan he needs to teach him how to not get hurt, he said he
never would’ve thought that he’d be helping him out in this way, he
said his first match was a tag team event, he said when they have his
show, he’ll be working with someone else, he then asked if Hogan got
any sleep, Hogan said he slept from 4:00-5:00, Hogan said he could get
up and do the show. Bubba asked Hogan if he’ll ever go home, Hogan
said he’ll be home soon. Bubba read some emails from people offering
beds to Hogan, Ned asked if he needs a night stand. Hogan asked what
concert the guys will be going to tonight, Bubba said they’re not
going to a show tonight, Hogan said he’d like to go to the O.A.R show,
he asked how he got 20,000 people on Twitter, Spice suggested someone
get Hogan some Apple Sauce. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – Bubbaween coming back? Hulk Hogan Calls in, Burning Koran
discussions, emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
said that Tom Bean is talking to another station in a nice market, he
said it’s a station that isn’t broken, he thinks they could hire one
person to talk to the competition of Bob and tom, or stations that
have fired them. Mike in Indianapolis asked if there’s going to be
special merch; he asked about breakfast, Bubba said he’s not doing
that, as he’s on his diet. Spice thinks bubba has been doing great on
his diet, Bubba said he hasn’t done any Cardio this week, he said tom
Taylor is a great guy, he apologized for throwing a fit on him (March
5, 2010). Mike asked about the TV show, Bubba said it tested well, but
it’s not green lighted yet, he said when the ink is dry and he can
talk about it. Spice asked if Tyler beat up that kid, Bubba said that
Tyler talked to the guy, he got the recap from Julia, he said it was
fun when they did Bubbaween, he said he’d like to do that again.
(Bubbaween was an event held on the Friday before Halloween, and was a
live event where the guys would do stuff like boxing matches, wet
T-shirt contests, etc). Spice said the rest of the staff doesn’t like
it, he said they’ve got everything they need; he then said Hogan needs
to learn how to work. We then heard one of Hogan’s many bumpers, Hogan
said he won’t bug the guys anymore, he said the nurse talked about
what MJ was saying. Bubba asked him if he’d like to get a copy of the
pre-nup, Hogan said yes. Bubba then asked him if he might get married
by the end of the year, Hogan said yes. Bubba suggested they do what
mark and Brian did to Hogan to get him the bed; Hogan said he’ll just
borrow the money from Bubba, he thinks Bubba is going to clown him
with the idea, Bubba thinks Hogan is strictly one way, he then called
Hogan Randy, he said Hogan called him about twelve times, Hogan likes
how Bubba answered his phone. Spice suggested Hogan take one in the
middle, in the middle of the intersection, Ned suggested they find a
one-way street. Bubba said we’ve been burning books for years, he
thinks the guy could be putting our troops in harm’s way; Brent said
it’s not their decision, Spice said he just likes how the guy has the
nads to burn the book. Bubba said he has the nads to do it, but he
doesn’t want the issues that come with it. Brandon in Orlando said if
the president is involved, couldn’t it be considered a threat to a
national Security? Bubba and Brent think it’s not the case, he said no
one can step in and stop this guy, he then read an email from a guy
who suggested they open up various places near the Mosk, one of the
suggestions was a BBQ Restaurant. We then heard a news clip about the
Pastor burning the Koran, Bubba thinks he should spin it like Vince
McMahon, he thinks we need a Politician who says “whatever”, Spice
thinks it’s pandering by saying redneck, Bubba thinks Gainesville
wants to be famous for Tim Tebow, Manson thinks Tebow should have
Koran lines under his eyes. We then heard the Monday Night Football
music, Bubba then called Tyler up to get his picks, he then said he
forgot the number. Tyler came on a few seconds later, we then heard
his promo. Bubba asked him if he’d like to do football picks this
year, Tyler said yes, he then gave out his picks for this week. The
first email of the day thanked Bubba for talking about the charities,
Stand up for Cancer donates all the money to cancer research, Spice
thinks they should have one big cancer foundation. Another emailer
said they’ve got meet and greets to the show, the emailer asked about
a camera, Bubba said yes. Another emailer suggested people put Bubba
Army stickers on their trucks, Bubba sarcastically said he never heard
of it. Another emailer said that ever since she had a daughter, she
told her son to stand up for her. Another emailer said they heard
Howard talk about how smart Brent is. Bubba called up 1800AskBrent, he
asked about Fred beating Brent beating him in trivia, Brent said he
talked to Fred yesterday. Another emailer asked how to sign up for the
Twelve Boobs of Christmas; Bubba thinks it’ll be within about a month
or so. Another emailer said his kid was pushed; the other kid hit him
for doing that. Another emailer asked Bubba if he’d ever do a photo
shoot with his guns, Bubba said no, he thinks people would see that
and think he’s something that he’s not. The last email of the day said
they saw Bubba Army muddflaps, Bubba said you can get those on Jody in Sarasota said that she was out with a friend
talking about the show, Manson noticed the conversation, she said that
she just wanted to make sure it was Manson; Bubba thinks he has it all
wrong. Spice asked her if Manson wasn’t married, would he go for her,
Jody said that Manson was a gentleman. Spice asked if she would sleep
with Manson, Jody sad yes. Bubba asked why she hasn’t had sex in a
while; Jody said she’s going through a divorce. Manson said that he
overheard the conversation; he thinks there’s no converting someone
who is that dedicated. Bubba thinks the person who likes his show
isn’t into the TMZ stuff, while the person who likes MJ are into that
kind of stuff,
Spice doesn’t get how she’d even be friends with someone like that,
Bubba thinks if you like American idol and stuff like that, you’ll
probably like MJ, Manson said it’s mindless crap. Bubba thinks Manson
has some game, he thinks it’s like Val Venis, he then said that
there’s yet another pit Bull story, he asked that Rob Kahn and Jimmy
Kleavis not kill him. We then heard a news clip about that, Bubba
thinks the dog is badass if it can break through a chain. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various news, woman who works with Dante Morris’s Mother?
Manson’s new Bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Btls Foundation.
Bubba said that someone asked him to look into “Stand Up 2 Cancer”, he
tread that they took in $171,000,000, they gave back $16,000,000,
Manson thinks they should be called “Stand p For Cash”, Bubba said
only the united Way of Dayton and his foundation has turned out to be
good. We then heard “Pit bulls are razed” from “Bubba Show Classics
Volume 14” track 13. Bubba said Jerry from O.A.R will be on the show
later on today, as well as Chris Dingman. Juley said she’s tired of
people bashing him, she said the guys are really cool to her, she said
that Bubba has flirted with her, Bubba wonders if she was talking
about the old XL days. We then heard a news clip about Courtney
Brantly, Brent said this is state. Joe in Fort Lauderdale said he was
a correctional officer, he said the United Way in New York gave every
convict a Christmas present, Brent said the guy has a point about
that, Spice thinks making food for jail is good business. We then
heard a news clip about a guy who hit his kids with a Machete. John
thinks Manson should change the song about Pit bulls, he said that
American Staffer shire terriers are the issue, Bubba sarcastically
said he could never think of that, he thinks the guy is white trash.
Lesley said she works with Dante Morris’s Mother, she asked why he
turned out the way he did, Bubba said he’s a big proponent of someone
being a byproduct of their parenting. Lesley said that she’s a hard
worker; she thinks several Dads have been in and out, Spice as a black
woman asked Bubba to refer to children as “Childrens”. Lesley said
that as far as working and providing for them, she did what she could,
she said that the woman thinks nothing is her fault, Bubba said that’s
not a white or black issue; he thinks you couldn’t have failed as a
parent if your kid turns out like Dante Morris. Bubba asked if she’s
missed work, Lesley said no, she said her concern was for her kid to
not get injured. Bubba asked if she showed any remorse, Lesley said
all they ever hear is how it’s impacted her; she said that she gave
him up to the grandparents, Bubba sad that generally happens in the
African American community. Lesley said the two brothers are in jail,
the sister is the baby making machine, Bubba said this is the problem
with our society. Spice asked what kind of work does she do, Lesley
said if she says the type of business, it would give it away, she said
she processes travel. Bubba said that Manson has a new offering,
Manson said he’s in the remixing business, he said it’s a remix of
“rude Boy”; Bubba said he hates that song. We then heard the bit,
which is Bubba reading the lyrics with the music in the background,
bubba thinks Manson is circling the drain, Spice was laughing his ass
off at the bit, Bubba thinks people wouldn’t know what it’s all about,
Dave said he’s got some more songs Bubba has read on air, Spice thinks
it’s no worse than “40s and blunts”, Bubba thinks he sounds drunk in
some of the clips, he thinks he should do this at Bubbapalooza, he
then asked Dave what songs he has, Dave said he’s got “Becky” and “woo
Woo”. Mike asked if there’s some kind of fire ordament, Bubba said now
they’re getting into a technicality, Spice said they wouldn’t know
about it overseas if no one talked about it. Ryan asked if the guys
could put up an auto-tune version of the remix, the guy got the Evil
treatment. Bubba said it’s not looking good for Paris Hilton, Manson
said that doesn’t prove anything. William in New Orleans said he’d
like to offer FTEs rides if their interested. Bubba said he got into a
fight with Big dick, as he got some stuff on Twitter saying they
didn’t get anything. We then heard the remix again; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Jerry from O.A.R Interview

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page ( We then heard some O.A.R, Bubba said
Jerry is on the phone, he then put him on a few seconds later. Jerry
came on saying he’s home, he just dropped his kid off at school, Bubba
said the first day of kindergarten he cried, jerry said his wife
cried, he has it on camera, Manson doesn’t think he did that. Bubba
said it was a little sniffle, he then asked him about the show; jerry
said they spent the last summer on tour; they’ve been polishing up the
material. Bubba likes how they’ll do it the right way; Jerry said they
do almost everything in house these days. Bubba asked about how big
merchandise is, jerry said it’s big, he then went over some states
they’ll be in. Bubba asked what they like better, Jerry said it
depends from venue to venue; he said it’s important to get the same
reaction. Spice said he was watching the DVD of the guys at Madison
Square Garden, he said its electric, Jerry said people are excited to
be there. Spice thinks Jerry one hopped the pitch at the marlins game,
jerry said he’s not doubting what happened, he said it made it over
the plate, he thinks the son was in Spice’s eyes. Bubba asked if he
still lives in Ohio, Jerry said he lives in Columbus. Bubba asked if
the guys do well in Columbus, Jerry said it was a sold out show this
year. Spice said they’re all coming to the show, Bubba thinks they
should have Hogan play base at the show, he joked that he be in a
wheelchair. Spice remembers the time when the guys from O.A.R were in,
and Hogan stopped by (September 30, 2008), Jerry said he remembers him
and his brother beating each other silly before going to Church. Bubba
asked when the album will come out, Jerry said they’re putting it
together; it should be out by the beginning of next year. Bubba asked
if the music comes first, or do the vocals, jerry said Mark works for
months to come up with the content. Bubba remembers when bands would
drive to their houses and play the riff, Jerry said he mixed a bunch
of the tracks in his basement. Spice said they’ve always got stuff
going, he asked how rich they are, Jerry said the time they’ve had off
has been to work on the record. Bubba asked what kind of cars the guys
have, Spice thinks Benjy is blowing his cash, Jerry thinks he’s got
the baddest car. Spice likes how you can buy a usb port of the concert
you attended,
Bubba told Jerry they’ll be at the show, he thanked Jerry for coming
on, he then asked for the time when the guys were in studio, Dave said
O.A.R inspired them to get new equipment, Spice said it’s the best
live show you’ll ever see, Bubba said he’s a convert, he said this is
his way of apologizing to Spice, he then said this is from August 27,
2009. We then heard O.A.R doing “Lay Down”, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Chris Dingman in Studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza on Bubba asked for the guys to bring in Chris Dingman,
Brent likes how Tom Petty plays everything you know. Bubba thinks
Chris is skinny, Chris thinks bubba should do wrestling. Bubba likes
how Canada is relaxed, Chris said he’s from Edmonton, bubba said when
he went out on stage, he had a Flames jersey on, Chris said the
Calgary stampede is a great place, he said he’s been with peelers.
Bubba said he grew up a fort Wayne Comets fan, he said he was the guy
who bought double bladed skates, Spice thinks they should make the fat
guy as the goally, Chris said the goalies have bad bodies to begin
with. Bubba asked if the goalies are like the field goal kickers,
Chris said you leave them alone, he said they had some guys get hit by
pucks, Spice liked when Chris checked Tom the Treeman, Spice said that
Boleyn was insane, Chris said you mainly leave goalies alone. Bubba
asked about Kevin Weeks, Chris said that he broadcasts now, he won two
cups, bubba said they all move around in hockey, he asked how good the
ice is in Tampa, Chris said it’s done right here, Bubba likes the
girls with snow shovels, he went on to say that you can pick up single
day tickets as low as $15, he said he really likes Marty, he then
recapped the time when Enreco Chacony was on the show, he said
something was a pussy move, he said the coach would often ask him to
not dog him so much on the radio.
Spice read from Chris Dingmans’ Wikipedia page, saying that he would
rearrange the guy’s face like the clippings of a ransom note. Chris
said he’s a great verbal fighter. Bubba asked about broadcasting,
Chris said he gets paid a little, he thinks he looks a lot better on
radio. Bubba said they loved Oren, Chris said he was passionate. Bubba
thinks bringing the new guy in was a great move, Spice said it’s a
game changer. Bubba said he’s heard a lot of good things about the
coach, Chris said that the coach said he coaches 23 different ways,
referring to everyone in the team individually, he said that Dave
Anderchuck used to cut the sticks. Bubba thinks they need to keep
Vinnie around, he said he’s tired of the media saying he’s gone, Chris
thinks he takes a lot of the heat for being the head of the franchise,
he said it’s a joke when the media says a guy gets a lower upper body
injury, Bubba likes how Vinnie will be around, he thinks this is
unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Chris said the excuses are gone, he
said by decreasing payroll, it’ll make them more competitive. Spice
asked how bad the media is here, Chris said it’s different, he said
one bad game in Canada, they’ll right you out of town, he likes how
you don’t shovel snow here, he said a case of beer in Canada is
ridiculous, Brent said the two two twos are really cheap there. Spice
said if something happens to Vinnie, they won’t have a face for the
franchise. Bubba asked about Stamcose, Chris said he’s the real deal,
he said the Buccaneers screwed their own members over, Bubba likes how
the hockey guys are some of the nicest guys, he said if you haven’t
seen a hockey game live, you won’t get the full effect watching it on
TV, he then recapped a time when he watched a game with Deion Sanders,
Spice likes how they have hot chicks at the game. Chris thinks the
Panthers will be about the same, he thinks we’ll beat the Panthers, he
thinks Tampa will go to the playoffs. Bubba asked how good Wayne
Gretski is, Chris said he’s that good, he said he was really good in
the 80’s. Brent said he saw him when he played for the Kings, he said
it was unbelievable. Chris said it’s great to have fighting in the
game, as it gives the fans something to look at. Spice asked who the
guy was that checked Tom the Treeman, Chris said Kanoka, he then went
over some of the fighting guys on the team. Bubba asked who the one
guy was that Chris didn’t’ want to mess with, Chris said Bob Roper is
a hard hitter, bubba then goofed on Chris’s Canadian accent a little.
Chris said that he and Chris Neil fought during the Stanley cup, he
said he was told to go, Brent said the lightning/Flames series was a
great game. Bubba wishes they could be in a sport like that, he said
radio is like that in a sense, Chris said they don’t get paid for
playoff games, he then said he tried fighting this guy named the Crim
Reaper, he tried fighting him the whole game. Bubba asked if anyone
will skate by the benches and ask if anyone wants to fight, he then
wonders what happens if someone gets hit in the balls, Chris said that
would cost a few paychecks. Bubba talked about Lightning launch
weekend, Chris said that Scott Weiland will show up. The guys wonder
if Chris could do Disney on Ice, Chris said the best he can do is heel
to heel, he said he’s pretty heavy. Bubba thinks Chris could be
security at Disney on Ice, Manson as Mickey asked if he’d want to go,
Chris said he appreciates the skaters, Bubba said he has nightmares
from thinking about stuff he had to do with the kids, he thanked Chris
for coming by, Chris said he liked the set up, he got a little freaked
out with the forms he had to sign, he then recapped a little bit of
the Devon James situation. Bubba remembers when Barry Melrose got
fired after coming on the show, he thinks the game might’ve passed him
by. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Wrapping up the show

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza New
Orleans. Bubba said they don’t have time to do all the picks, so
they’ll just do for tonight, he then fired up the lottery machine, it
landed on the away team. Chad in Jacksonville said he’s going to the
O.A.R show, he’s asking if he could propose at the show, Bubba said
that’s their decision. Spice wonders if it’s cheesy to propose in
public, Brent said it’s cheesy, Manson thinks bubba should’ve done it
at the hockey game, Spice likes how Bubba impersonated himself. Bubba
said that one year ago yesterday, they lost Ronnie Brown, Brent said
his witto emailed him thanking them after the check presentation.
Bubba said if you’d like to watch Bubbapalooza, you can go to We then heard a news clip about Cheety Ahonato, he’s
since had to turn the wring over to his ex wife. We then heard a news
clip about him not turning the wring over, as its yellow gold, the
guys think the Heisman trophy is hidden in Kim Cardashian ass. We then
heard “Ober Commercial – Dante Morris” from “Bubba Show classics Vol.
16”, track 18. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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