Thursday, September 06, 2012

September 6th, 2012 by Staff

Recap by Blind Lawrence:


Ramos Dennis of Texas is the Facebook friend of the day, Ned yelled
“Guilty!” when the name was announced.
Twenty-five said they’re almost at 56,000 likes.
Bubba plugged what he’s got coming up on the show for today.
Bubba plugged some deals at Buddy’s Home Furnishing.
Tyler did really well with his baseball tryouts, he was the best hitter.
Audio clip – Michael Strayhan on Kelly Rippa’s show.
Bubba talked about Permacast, he fell in love with the product when he saw it.
Emails: A man named Sligh loves DNA Energy, woman saw a store that
reads “No EBT Cards”, guy wants Bubba to help him out with getting a
girl, listener with a question about quarter midgets, and a woman said
she and her husband really need a job, they’re going to lose
everything, they were denyed public assistance
92 year-old World War II vet kills potential robber with one shot.
The guys talk about Ford.
R. Kelly will be returning to what got him famous.
Manson’s “R. Kelly Pedophilia Song” (“Morning Domination” disc 1 track
2, and “Manson’s Greatest Hits” track 9).
Kevin Hayslet in studio.
Bubba talked about someone in the local racing community who is in
trouble, Kevin said that he can’t talk about it just yet.
Trisha wonders how her boyfriend was charged with some stuff, but was
never arrested; Kevin said that’s known as no information.
Caller on protection is possibly getting sued by his internet provider
for downloading a video.
Bill asked about a claim for SSI.
Email – guy did three years in jail for possession of Cocaine.
Update – the individual in question has been arrested and was bonded
out; Bubba said he’ll get into it soon.
Email – guy has bad feedback on his business, Kevin said anyone can
say anything on the internet.
Caller said he pled guilty to a weapons charge, Kevin explained it.
James said he had some bad tennits, he wonders why they’d take the
locks off the doors. He then got on the subject of politics, Bubba
told the guy he’s not voting for any of them.
Kevin talked about recently celebrating his 50th birthday in NY with a
tennis match.
Manson’s 7:40 Segment – “MTV’s Real World Order” (“Raw & Uncensored”
disc 1, track 10. The bit spoofs “Real World” from MTV, and features
Owin Hart, Macho Man, The rock, Hulk Hogan, and Jimmy Hart all living
together. In the first scene, macho Man wonders who used his razor. He
first thinks it’s Owin Hart, but in actuallity it was Hogan. In the
second scene, the rock offers the guys dinner, but they don’t like it,
so he orders pizza. In the last scene, Macho and Hogan talk things
out, it concludes with The rock requesting a group hug.
Bubba said that Kevin Hayslet is sticking around for the next segment,
as he’ll be getting into what he talked about earlier, he told the guy
in question that he’s disgusted to know him, caling him “the sickest
son of a bitch ever”.
Bubba listed his legal team; Tara said that Regina Hunter is like her Sister.
Bubba said that he heard from various raceparks, he thinks it’s time
that everyone come together to bann this guy.
Bill Green, a long-time public address system announcer got arrested
for having sex with his step child, and forcing her to give him oral
sex. Bubba asked that the people not hold it against the tracks who
have had him there.
Kevin said you can check this information out on the internet.
Bubba read that Bill claimed that his step child was asking about
various body parts, Bill admitted to stimulating his step daughter’s
vagina with his finger, as well as exposing his errect penis to her,
Bubba thinks he’s done, Tara said he’s like Jerry Sandusky.
Scott, the former husband of Alicia Guastaferro, a former participant
on “wife Swap” got arrested for prostitution, he said she was hooked
on pills, her mugshot is supposedly hot.
Ned’s “Monday Night Football – Bangles VS Ravins” and “Oakland Vs Chargers”.
Audio clip – cop killed by Red Bull aire.
Audio clip – Kanye West’s new song about Kim Cardashian, Bubba thinks
he’s just talking down to him, he thinks Manson should stay in his
Blue blood character.
Audio clip – Barbara Walters talking to Kim Cardashian, Bubba wonders
how a woman with such a heavy speech impediment can make it into
Joe said that Kim wants a star on the Hollywood walk of fame; Bubba
thinks they should Google the parameters for a Hollywood star.
Ned’s “Neditorial – Kardashians” (“Bubba Show classics Volume 20” track 14).
Bubba read some names who are on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, he said
that if he was mayor, he’d pave over the area and start over, sparing
a few names.
Audio clip – Man claims the devil made him rape a 13 year-old girl.
Audio clip – Isla Fisher taks about T-bagging, Good Morning America
host didn’t know what it ment.
Audio clip – Airlines cutting an inch off on the seats.
Bubba has never put his seat back on a plane, he then proposed Bubba
Army air, where all the flight attendents are all females.
Ned’s Load – “Our song” (“Bubba’s New and Misc its Vol. 5” track 11.
Bubba played footage of Tyler doing batting practice. Show

Bubba wonders why he’s the bad guy; Tara thinks Bubba should lighten
up a little.
Janie Cakes has been thinking of nothing but bad stuff, she hates Florida.
Bubba thinks she’s doing this as a coverup, he said that he tried
texting her the other day, she said “No thanks”; he then got a text
from her yesterday at 9:00 AM over some picknick tables she got from
Larry Plummer.
Tara said that Janie Cakes had told her that she doesn’t want negative
stuff; Ned gave Jane the “Wha” treatment.
Bubba thinks he’s become Manson more and more these days, he said that
Jeff got a little drunk over the weekend; Janie Cakes was upset about
Bubba said that Jeff is way better than Doug Clem; he asked that Jane
get her shit together.
Ned thinks Jane needs “Nedly Mandinggo the 3rd licensed Sexologist”
with a labcoat and nametag.
Bubba asked for Jane to admit there isn’t a problem and that she’s
freaked out by leaving Warsaw, he thinks she should just buy a condo
in Warsaw, he then read the text that he sent her.
Manson said that it wasn’t long ago when Bubba was calling Jane every
name in the book, Bubba said that he has since apologized for doing
that, he took the word of someone over them, he thinks maybe this was
what she needed.

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