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Critics Decry Obama’s ‘Indoctrination’ Plan for Students
Stranger allegedly slaps crying child in store

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Sports scores, Tony Stewart, various discussions

The show started off with some messages from the fans, then into “Car
Wash” as bumper music. Bubba gave Brent a plug for his appearance
tomorrow in Braitington, Bubba said this song goes out to Ned, Spice
thinks this is music to slap your woman to. Bubba said this was when
the glove box was like a tray for your beverage. Bubba plugged what
they’ve got coming up, Bubba thanked Chad from Miller Lite. Bubba said
his scores last night were 71, 113, and 73. Bubba recapped some sports
scores. Bubba took a call from a guy who said Kurt Angle was crying on
television, Brent said it was different interviews, Bubba wants to
call him. Bubba said he’d like to work for ten more years, then
retire, Bubba thinks Ned and Dan Atwell would get along great. Spice
wonders if tony will ever have kids, Brent said all he cares about is
racing, Bubba said they’ll ask him. Bubba said he’s so happy Tony
doesn’t have to answer to Joe Gibbs anymore. Manson said he’ll be
happy to retire, Bubba thinks Ned will die soon, Ned said he’ll live
forever. Bubba said he’s putting the final touches on his trust/will,
Spice asked for Bubba to hit commercials, Bubba thinks Spice is being
a dick, Spice mocked Bubba, Bubba said Spice wouldn’t be who he was
without him, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubba Councils Brent

Coming out of commercials, we heard a bumper for the show’s Twitter
page, then into some messages from the fans. Bubba said they don’t
have many Ned shirts on the site, Ned said people at the bar love the
beads. Bubba his will is laid out so that if he goes, Dave will stick
around to run the show, Bubba said getting money out of Spice is
complicated. Bubba said heather is officially a mark for Brent’s mom,
heather said she wishes Brent was nicer to her, Brent said it’s none
of her business, the guys cracked up at this, Brent said his personal
dealings with his family isn’t heather’s business. Brent asked Bubba
what would happen if the reverse was to happen, Bubba said he wouldn’t
know what to say. Bubba said he thinks he’s proved he’s not afraid to
say anything, Spice thinks it’s Religion, Brent said that’s the truth.
Manson wonders why they argue over Religion, Spice said he’d just
avoid the topic all together. Bubba said he’s never spoke to Brent’s
Mom privately, Bubba feels she has failed as a parent, do to Brent
being an atheist, Bubba said it’s almost like that with Manson. Brent
said Bubba gives people incredibly good advice, Brent said he’s mad
for having Christianity forced on him for eighteen years. Bubba thinks
Brent should take the high road, Spice said Brent should let some of
this anger go, Brent said he knows it could be worse. Spice said he
was raised as a Republican kid, he’s a little mad as he wasn’t showed
the other side of the coin until later on in life. Bubba said there’s
a big generation gap between Brent and his parents, Bubba said Brent’s
Dad plays the game well. Bubba said Brent and his Mom get into heated
arguments, to the point where she almost have a nervous breakdown.
Brent said if Tyler turns out okay, he should be proud. Manson said he
raised his kids and told them stuff in the world. Bubba gave Manson a
hypothetical situation, where Trace grew up to be a born again
Christian, Manson groaned at that, Manson said he’d roll his eyes
during grace. Bubba said this really bugs Brent for some reason, Bubba
said Brent can’t take the high road, as he’s mad about going to church
while growing up. Brent said he was raised with the mindset that open
discussions should happen, Bubba said Brent is a great debater. Bubba
said when you hang out with them, you become very dark. Bubba wonders
if she dreads when Christmas comes around, Brent said it was just last
year. Bubba thinks he’ll add one more point to his constitution, just
fake it. Spice wonders if Heather is trying to up Bubba’s life
insurance, Bubba told Spice to stop counter programming, they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – emails, Joseph Fry, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper, then into some
messages from the fans, then into some Sister Hazel as bumper music.
Bubba said he subscribes to Sister Hazel’s Twitter page, Bubba wonders
if being a dick is spice’s gimmick. Bubba listed the people they’re
following on Twitter. Brent wonders if Henry Rollins has one, Bubba
thinks so. Brent thinks if you’re following Ryan C Crest on Twitter,
you should be arrested. Mike out of Richmond was on, Bubba asked him
about the difference between the signals, he said it’s great. Mike
said he understands where he’s coming from, he feels that they broke
their promise to God. Bubba took a call from a guy who agreed with
Brent, he said he was forced to go to Church. Bubba said it’s a
different bond, parent to kid. Bubba read some emails, the first
emailer thanked Ned for his Michael Vick tribute. Another emailer
asked about restaurants in Florida that have good food, Bubba
suggested either Flemings or Ocean Prime. Another emailer said he
really loves the new Ned shirt, he got high and looked at it. Another
emailer said the Lightning just became a true contender for hockey,
Ned said one of the guys on the team is really good with the stick.
Another emailer thinks Bubba says the website name too fast, Bubba
slowed it down for the emailer, Bubba said a dry run is when you just
take it as it is. Another email told Bubba about WCCC in Hartford,
Bubba thinks they should call the number as a show, to make sure they
don’t get the gig, Bubba said they should put the number up on the
site, Bubba thinks they should update the site’s rotator. Bubba left a
message saying they should be on in Hartford. Bubba thinks they’re
guaranteed not to get the job. Another email said they Googled, they should investigate. Another emailer thinks Math is a
language, Bubba said he only talks bad about stuff he doesn’t know
about, Bubba said he’s insecure with that stuff. Bubba thinks you
should hire an accountant to do your Math for you. Bubba thinks
Geometry and Algebra are stupid, Brent said his racecar is math, Bubba
denied it. Bubba said he doesn’t have enough patients to figure out
the unknown. Another emailer said they were listening to a guy named
Cramer. The last email of the day asked about the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas, Brent said he needs dates. The guys discussed a rape case
in Tampa, we then heard a clip about it, Bubba said the guy shouldn’t
have been out to begin with. Bubba said the guy’s name is Joseph Fry,
Bubba read the guy’s timeline. Bubba thinks there’s a flaw in the
system if you serve five years of a forty year sentence. Bubba thinks
the judge is under minded when stuff like this happens. Bubba gave
props to the judge for giving the guy forty years back in 1987. Bubba
said this is the trashiest of white trash, Spice thinks the guy is
homeless, Bubba said he’d like for homeless people to turn him in.
Bubba hopes when he is arrested, he resists, Brent said if you have a
gun and someone is in your house, shoot. Bubba wants the Bubba Army to
find the guy, Bubba said the problem is the parole board. Mike in
Dayton asked about a sixty year-old man who smacked a kid in a
Wal-Mart, Bubba proposes a whacking booth, Manson thinks the guy
should’ve slapped the Mom. George in Georgia said Tony raced last
night, he won a race last night. Adam in Gainesville asked about a guy
who raped a 13 year-old. Emily said they don’t allow convicted felons
to see the streets again in New York, they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 4 – legal Advice with Kevin Hayslett

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for We
then heard some UTwo as bumper music. Bubba played Kevin Hayslett’s
bumper and brought him on. Bubba said no one gives legal advice like
Kevin does, Kevin said it started after the hog trial, Bubba said they
messed up by not having that stuff on tape. Bubba thanked Steve for
donating to the BTLS Foundation, Bubba said Labor Day is big for car
dealerships. Bubba read some emails for Kevin, what if someone is
pulled over a suspected DUI, how they can prove you’re under the
influence if they’ve been on drugs earlier, Kevin said you can watch
clips on youtube if you enter his name in the search engine. Kevin
said THC can stay in your system for 30-45 days. Kevin said stone cold
sober, people will have a problem with a field sobriety test, a urine
test will reveal if you have marijuana. Paul in Port richy said he got
into an accident in 1990, he got a judgment issued on him four years
after, Bubba Eviled him a few seconds later for not getting to his
comments fast enough. Kevin asked about domestic violence, he asked
about hitting walls, Kevin said currently in the state of Florida,
someone is going to jail, the caller turned out to be a prank, Bubba
thinks the guy is disruptive. Bubba took a call from a guy who has had
a little legal issue, he got pulled over for a minor traffic
violation, Kevin said they could expunge the guy’s record. Bubba read
an email from someone who asked if they could buy a gun after some
duis. Another emailer said his son got in trouble for burglary, then
got arrested for a drug possession, Kevin said if you violate parole
on a felony, prison is next. Brent asked about minimum mandatory’s for
rapists, Kevin said it should be 85% of the time. Bubba asked about
Joseph Fry, Kevin said he was sentenced under the old guide lines.
Bubba said an email is from Ned, Bubba thinks Ned is burning up
Kevin’s phone. Spice explained the Rev theory’s RV situation. Kevin
said people abuse the system on both sides. Mike said he was once an
officer, he wants to get his gun rights back, Bubba asked him what he
got into, the guy said he was caught with drugs, Bubba told him it’s
not a laughing matter. Kevin said it’s a second degree felony, he
can’t get the guy’s case sealed or expunged. Another emailer said he
was charged with a weapon in 1996 for a gun charge. Kevin said if you
call and reference the Bubba show, you’ll get a 25% discount. Steve
thinks Kevin should give the previous caller an IQ test before helping
him. The guy wonders why the victim of the rape can’t sue the judge.
Bubba thanked Kevin for coming in, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Kevin’s information:

Local number: 727-443-1562

National Number: 1-800-law-5655

to the stars

Follow Kevin on Twitter

Segment 5 – Kurt Angle audio, Manson’s new bit pt. 1

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans, then
into Ned’s “Hitler Doll Call’ from “Bubba’s new and misc Hits Vol. 4”,
track 7, and “The Clemulus Package” disc 1, track 12. We then heard
some fleet Wood Mack as bumper music. Matt asked for a tutorial on
something, Bubba denied him. Bubba said he’s the average dude, he’s
bond to make some mistakes with the English language. We then heard a
clip of Kurt Angle crying in court over his DUI. Bubba said one time,
Ron Diaz got caught with a DUI, he ran home and cracked open some
beers, Bubba said he loves Ron (Ron hosts a show with Ian Beckles on
620 WDAE in Tampa, FL). We then heard a clip about Joseph Fry, Bubba
said Kevin represented Ron. Bubba said Manson has a new offering about
abortions, the title is “Sounds Like An Abortion”, Manson said it’s a
song, parody of “Sounds Like An Abortion”, the guys go over the number
of times they’ve gone to abortion clinics, Ned said a baker’s dozen.
Bubba thinks this could be a brutal bit, Spice hopes it doesn’t get
stuck in his head. Bubba said they were just getting female listeners,
Spice finds it funny that Manson is the family man, yet he’ll write
songs about abortions. Bubba thinks he’s done with the bit, Spice
thinks they should continue it. Jeff in Ohio said he lives in
Columbus, Bubba chided the guy for saying Clarkrow 2. Bubba said he
only needs ladies to comment on the bit. Bubba said he’s offended by
the bit, he wants to play it though, Bubba thinks he should put it on
the site. Ned said if the bit was a baby, he’d throw it out a car
window, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Manson’s bit gets voted on

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the shows
page, we then heard “enter Sand man” as bumper music. Bubba said he’ll
be taking calls from women on Manson’s new offering, the first one to
eleven wins, Bubba thinks Clear channel will steal it and send it to
advertisers. Bubba said the choices are pro bit, or up for adoption,
Ned added in a third option, termination, Spice thinks termination
shouldn’t be an option. Spice thinks they’ll end up playing abortion
city. Here’s how the voting process went down:

  1. Jennifer in Daytona – pro bit
  2. Megan in Ohio – pro bit
  3. Christine – pro bit
  4. Denise in Richmond – pro bit
  5. Kady – pro bit
  6. Kay – up for adoption
  7. Jessica in Richmond – pro bit
  8. Tina – pro bit
  9. Christine – pro bit
  10. ,li>Donna – pro bit

  11. Sam in Orlando – pro bit
  12. Tessa – pro bit

Bubba said the voting is over, he just wants to get some input, the
remaining callers said pro bit. Bubba said he’s not going to say
anything, he wonders how fast it will be before clear channel sends it
to advertisers. Bubba said the women have spoken, we then heard the
bit. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Hulk Hogan and Brian Knobs in the studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “The Clemulus
Package”. We then heard some Chicago as bumper music. Bubba said Hogan
and Knobs are in the building,, Bubba thinks it’s great to see them in
the green room. Bubba potted up the audio, Bubba likes Brian telling
Hogan he’ll be talking to Bubba while sucking the chicken out of his
teeth. Bubba cracked up at what they were saying, Bubba interjected
periodically to translate. Bubba said he’s not getting handicapped.
Bubba said they’ve got hidden microphones in the green room. Jeff in
Gulf port thinks Bubba is hypocritical for telling Brent to go with
his Mom, Bubba said his stance on abortion has nothing to do with it.
Bubba said he believes in a woman’s right to choose. Bubba said he’s
embarrassed that he’s had some abortions, Bubba said he may have
shuffled it off while they were on the air. Bubba gave a shout out to
some paint companies. Bubba thinks they should bring Hogan in. Bubba
asked for the people of Florida to love Dan Uggla, as he stands up to
lazy players. Bubba brought Hogan and Knobs in, Bubba read that Stormy
Daniels’s charges got dropped. Knobs said he’s got pictures of him,
Brian said he saw a lot of Bubba Army guys over in Iraq. Hogan said
when he started wrestling Alabama, a guy’s mother was the only woman
to be hung in France. Bubba asked Knobs what he has going on, Knobs
said he took over a racket ball place, he decided to do a real
wrestling school. Bubba said it’s almost like you have to qualify to
wrestle at Knobs’s school, Bubba likes that, Brian said they’re
charging $100, Hogan said he’s under new management, Hogan said he has
Lasker’s seat, Bubba told him Lasker never had a seat. Brian said
they’ll have tryouts every Saturday in September. Brian said they’re
going to teach all aspects of wrestling, Bubba said Hogan is the male
version of a diva. Brian said he’ll wave the hundred dollar fee for
two people in the Bubba Army, Hogan wants them to wrestle in the
Bubbagon first. Bubba said he feels bad that Lerch isn’t there
anymore, Bubba recapped the situation for Knobs, Lerch decided not to
be a wrestler. Hogan said Knobs has the biggest gym ever, he said it’s
behind the Wendi’s, Knobs said it’s right on East Bay and 19, Bubba
called Hogan a jobber, Bubba threatened to turn his microphone off,
Bubba said Hogan can’t cut a promo anymore. Bubba wonders why Hogan is
so mean, Bubba thinks Hogan is meaner without Linda. Bubba wondered if
Hogan ever went long on a promo, Hogan said he would. Bubba wondered
how much stroke did Hogan have, Knobs said he was unaware of the heat
until he hung out with Hogan. Wendy in Orlando asked about Bruno’s
Wrestling school, Brian said Hogan took over the establishment. Hogan
said Bruno was the meanest wrestler ever, Knobs said the old school
wrestling camps were torture, Knobs said Yasuhiro Kojima broke his
leg. Hogan said when he tried to get into the business, they knew he
was a mark, one guy through a beer at him. Hogan said he was at the
wrestling school for a year and a half, Hogan said they ribbed him
relentlessly. Knobs recapped his experiences in wrestling school,
Hogan said they’re not doing that kind of stuff at their school, Hogan
said even though the match is pre-determined, you need to still be
physically alert. Bubba asked about macho man, Bubba wants to get them
back together, Bubba thinks Hogan isn’t helping things out. Knobs said
Vator isn’t as big as he used to be, he said he loves going to
reunions, he looks better than everyone there. Bubba asked about the
God Father, Knobs said he runs the strip clubs in Vegas. Hogan thinks
the million dollar man was one of the greatest gimmicks ever, Bubba
thinks he’s glad Knobs didn’t have that lifestyle, or else he would’ve
died. Hogan said there wasn’t a bad thing about macho man, Hogan said
he had a heart of gold. Dana out of Cocoa beach said Hogan was a
bouncer with him many years ago, he said Hogan was thinking about
getting out of the business, Hogan said he quit seven times. Knobs
said that he would have to drive the wring truck, Bubba thinks Shane
traveling with the Nasty Boys is a death sentence. Knobs said Shane is
doing well for himself. James in ft. Meyers said he was at a gym, a
guy thinks Hogan’s arms aren’t that big, Hogan said he went to Cocoa
beach, he rained every day, he drank 2 gallons of milk, and forty
gallons of yogurt. Hogan said he taped his arms to the wall, they were
in fact 24 inches. Hogan asked where they’re going, Bubba said they’re
going to commercials, Hogan asked about Knobs’s school, Bubba said
they’ve done that. Bubba remembers when he saw Seth Green in the ring,
Hogan said he’s done robot chicken for Seth. Bubba said Hogan was
almost ready to wrestle Cena, Hogan said back problems prevented him
from doing so. Bubba recapped the time when Randy Orten told tyler
they didn’t have his shirts in Tyler’s size, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – More with Hogan and Knobs

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Free Ride” as bumper music. Bubba
thinks Hogan comes in waves with his attitude. Hogan had Brooke on the
phone, Bubba said he follows her on Twitter. Bubba clowns knobs for
not showing up when he says he will. Knobs said you have to have some
ID and one hundred dollars. Bubba plugged some websites, one of which
is Knobs
thinks the rays should push really hard, Bubba and Knobs think the
Scott Kazmir tradeoff wasn’t a good decision. Hogan said Knobs is the
Rays’s good luck charm. Bubba thinks they should rent Knobs out for
parties, Hogan said you should rent Knobs out as a baby sitter, Brent
thinks you’d get arrested. Tim in Jacksonville asked what is it like
working with Brett heart, Knobs said Brett was a great guy, Hogan
thinks it turned out a little differently. Knobs said wrestling is
wrestling, Bubba aid Hogan through a fit when he worked for Vince the
first night. Hogan said he was just going with the deal he made. Hogan
said he’d like to wish Charlie Hill a happy birthday, Knobs thinks
he’ll pop 21 zits today. Brent said you have to respect Vince for
protecting his product. Knobs said his first Wrestlemania was
Wrestlemania 7, Knobs said he got bumped off the card for Wrestlemania
9. Bubba said the difference between his main event and Hogan’s is,
Bubba has a 69 paged pre-nup. Bubba asked the listeners to check out
Knobs’s school. Hogan said this isn’t an autograph session, Hogan said
Kurt is a great guy, Bubba wants to call him. Hogan said if he was the
man, Kurt would be the biggest baby face. Bubba thinks WWE should buy
out TNA. Bubba called Kurt, only to get sent to voicemail, Bubba
laughed a little at the message, Kurt said if Bubba is calling, he’s
shooting a movie. Hogan called Kurt, among other things, a
spaghetti-leged has-been. Bubba told Kurt to stay away from rats,
Bubba thinks Kurt knew he was calling. Hogan said you can’t control a
match when you’re in a tag team match. Knobs said if he can’t teach
Screech and Danny Bonnaduce, he can teach anyone. Bubba played the
outrow music, only to cut it off, he said Kurt was on, Hogan told him
to put the red white and blue back on, Kurt said he agrees, Bubba said
Russo doesn’t know how to book. Hogan wonders if Stinger shooting a
retirement angle, Kurt laughed a little at this, he said it could
happen. Bubba wondered what would happen if Hogan was with Kurt, Kurt
said it could happen. Bubba said Vince Russo is a cancer on the
industry. Kurt said it was good to hear from knobs, he said he’ll
learn from Hogan’s mistakes. Bubba said the first bit of evidence is
that she was Diamond Dallas page’s ex. Bubba recapped Kurt’s situation
for Hogan, Hogan thinks Kurt got out worked. Hogan said he doesn’t
remember ever working with Angle, Hogan thinks they should have a
booker leave town match. Bubba said he and Kurt were mad at each other
for a while, they’ve since made up, Bubba said Kurt shuffled Bubba off
a few years ago. Hogan thinks Kurt should rededicate himself to Kurt.
Kurt said he’ll welcome any opportunity with open arms, Knobs said PA
boys stick together. Bubba said he’s got Dixie’s number, Bubba said
he’d have to pay $275,000 if he doesn’t get permition. Hogan wondered
why Spice isn’t there, Bubba said spice has heat with him for some
reason. Brent said they got voicemail, Bubba left a message, Hogan did
his Macho Man impersonation, he broke out of character, Knobs chimed
in. Bubba laid out his plan for Dixie. Bubba wonders if what he said
is a shoot, Knobs said it was, Knobs said Hogan is the Elvis of
wrestling. Hogan said he hasn’t seen Vince Russo since he was fired
from WCW. Bubba thinks they did enough damage for the day, they then
ended the show a few seconds later.

For more information about Brian Knobs’s wrestling school, call

Visit the website

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