Thursday, September 02, 2010

September 2nd, 2010 by Staff

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Today’s recap provided by Blind Lawrence.

Bumper music provided by Hammil:
Don’t Do Me Like That – Tom Petty
Moondance – Van Morrison
Werewolves in London – Warren Zevon
Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash
Let My Love Open the Door – Pete Townshend
Roll With the Changes – REO Speedwagon
Just Like Heaven – The Cure
Little Sister – Elvis Presley
Once in a Lifetime – Talking Heads
Mr. Jones – Counting Crows

Segment 1 – Various stuff

The show started off with audio of the Rays winning, followed by
“Don’t Do Me like That” by Tom Petty. Bubba said the music was
provided by Hammil, he said the Ferret was freaking out yesterday, he
then said he was at his White Cap appearance yesterday, he was
impressed by the turnout, he thanked everyone for coming out, he asked
Ned if he could pay him for going to the rock show with Spice, Ned
thinks he’d be up for it, he asked what it’s about, he thinks he’ll
get drunk, the guys described Ned flipping someone off, Spice said you
know it’s coming, Bubba thinks he’ll go right from North Carolina to
the event, Ned thinks it sounds like a good time if Jackal is there.
Bubba plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show for today, he
asked Spice what they have ticket wise, Spice they’re out of O.A.R
tickets, he said he’d like to see Tom Petty live. Bubba said he had
two hours with Brent on a book session, Brent said they get better and
better, Bubba thinks Ned’s daily beer intake is about twelve a day,
Ned guesses around ten, he said he’s not a drunk, the guys think he’s
a functional drunk. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Female Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Bitch, I Told
You”, followed by “Moon dance” by Van Morrison. Bubba thinks Hammil is
gay, Ned said he’s not his type, he said he’s too creepy, he thinks
he’s an old baby. Bubba wondered when the O.A.R show is, Spice said
its September 15, Bubba said his pain has just begun; Manson said he
needs a baby sitter for Trace. Dianna said she’s not fat, Spice asked
if she’s crack head skinny, Dianna said she’s 135 pounds, five foot
seven, 32 years-old, she said she does smoke, Bubba buzzed her, he
said the smell of weed doesn’t bug him, Manson said that cigarette
smoke is disgusting. Elizabeth came on, Spice asked how fat she is,
Bubba told him he probably shouldn’t do that. Elizabeth said she’s 31,
five foot eight, 135 pounds, two kids, a non-smoker. Spice asked her
what kind of car she drives, Elizabeth said she drives a Saturn; she
got the tymbal after saying she’s had a threesome. Jessica in Tampa
said she’s five foot, 110 pounds, Bubba thinks she’s a smoker, Spice
said he used to like outgoing chicks, now he can’t stand them. Jessica
said she’s 27, she’s been married for nine years, she has Dolphin
Tattoos, the guys think they’ll look horrible when she’s older. Bubba
took a call from a woman who said she’s 22, five foot five, 130
pounds, Spice said they need to figure out how much jugs way. Bubba
thinks you can tell a lot about people by the stuff they drink, she
ended up getting buzzed. Sabrina in Jacksonville came on, Manson told
her to step lightly, Spice said he likes how Bubba was being so
critical, yet he took a picture of his poop on Twitter for people to
see. Sabrina said she could get a few days off, she said she’s five
foot four, 35 years-old, she’s bringing a friend to the show, she’s
been listening for a while, Ned said she’s just sucking up, Spice
thinks the name Fred is out. Victoria said she’s 26, five foot seven,
120 pounds, she has no kids and she works hard, and is not married.
Bubba asked her if she likes black guys, Victoria said no, the guys
clowned her for that. Sandy said she’s turning 50 September 15, Bubba
thinks she sounds it; he ended up giving her tickets. Spice said that
Chyna got bit by a spider, but cut the infection with a knife. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for taking a 2001 girl to
New Orleans, followed by “Werewolves of London”, Bubba sad the song is
horrible, he then plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show, he
thinks the people will complain about them being off on Labor day, he
thinks Spice will like the changes to the lottery, Spice said they’ll
find out, Manson said there’s a lot of hype. The first email of the
day asked about a upc code for the chicken dip, Spice thinks that
should be Dave’s issue, Bubba said he can’t stop when it comes to that
stuff, he thinks he won’t be able to make it to the gym, Manson thinks
Bubba could get some chips, eat about ten of them, then throw them in
the dumpster. Another emailer asked the frequency for the Orlando
station. Another emailer asked if they can bring a camera to the show,
Bubba said they don’ care. Another emailer asked Brent to look into
the Lance Armstrong foundation, the emailer thanked Bubba for getting
them up to speed, Bubba said he got a bunch of emails from people
thanking him for talking about the Susan G Komen foundation. Another
emailer asked if they can get their boss to Bubbapalooza, Bubba said
it brings you to the email page so you can fill in the information.
Another emailer said they heard Bubba read an email, Bubba wonders how
many companies have fire walled them, the emailer suggested Jabberjaw
email Chrystal Knievel, we then heard some Evil clips, Bubba wondered
what she had to deal with. Another emailer asked what insurance
company Bubba uses, Bubba said he doesn’t have a preference, he’s
thinking about going to Dave Moore’s company, he said he’d like to pay
just one bill, Brent suggested USAA, he said they’re a client of the
show. Another emailer asked if they can hear the Grady Jud song, Bubba
said they’ll put it up online. Another emailer thinks the Susan G
Komen foundation should be ashamed. Another emailer said that Irish
Sonders’s son was paralyzed in a horrible car accident; Bubba said he
had heard about that, he then got the information on Moore Resources;
he suggests they put it up on Mike in Indiana said he’s
trucking through Indiana, Bubba said he’s concerned if they’ll be able
to top Season 1 of “East Bound and Down”, Bubba thinks the show is a
mix of him and Lasker, he then talked d a little about the guy who was
involved in a shootout at The discovery Channel, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – The guys discuss various charities

Coming out of commercials, we heard “ring Of fire”. Bubba told Spice
to pay attention to a clip, he then played a clip of the Kung Fu
Redneck, he said he was re tweeting that last night, he then said that
Brent gave him some information on the Lance Armstrong foundation,
Spice said the problem was the “Live Strong” bracelet was trendy.
Bubba then went over the foundations records for 2008, he said at the
end of that year, they had $27,000,000, he then said everyone there
makes about $100,000, he then went over some stats on that, Brent
thinks they’re in the wrong business, Bubba thinks Ned should change
his job title to “highly compensated Employee”. Bubba then moved on to
MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), he thinks they should put a list
of charities they don’t know about it, Spice thinks MAD is a common
sense cause, Bubba thinks he and Manson should be a part of FACM
(fathers Against child Molestation). Bubba then read Madd’s
information, they took in $41,000kk, 000, they only gave away
$500,000, he thinks Manson would fall off his little ball. Brent said
that the tax payers give them about $9,000,000, Bubba said we need a
Politician who will talk about the money, Spice said it would be
career suicide. Bubba asked for a public records request, he said that
once he and Hogan went to Los Angeles, Hogan gave him his ATM card; he
guessed his account had nothing in it. Bubba discovered that Hogan had
$795,000 on the account, Hogan thought it was a rib when he found out,
Spice thinks that would be nice, he said he knows his bank account to
the penny. Maria in Jacksonville said she donates money to MADD every
year, she asked if they just raise the money for campaigns, Bubba said
the problem is salaries, Manson said everyone is against drunk
driving, unless you’re drunk and you need to get home. Bubba took a
call from a woman who said that MADD is a racket, it’s gone from a
drunk driving campaign, to a prohibition, where if you have one beer,
you should go to jail, Bubba thinks it’s Religion, Spice said he
doesn’t like that they’re doing that. they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 5 – legal Advice with Kevin Hayslett

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Btls Foundation.
We then heard Kevin Hayslett’s bumper, Bubba then plugged his
information Kevin thinks he’s at 14,000 followers on Twitter, Bubba
thinks he has the most videos ever, Kevin said he’s got 500 videos,
Spice joked he’s a narcissist, Bubba thinks he has a video for
everything. Kevin thinks he’s had 1500 videos, he then joked he’s
popular in Singapore, he said most of them are answers to questions
they get, Bubba thinks they don’ need his services, Kevin said that
you can include a F15 to a Pigmy tribe, they still won’t be able to
fly it, the guys cracked up at the comparison. Chris in Dade City said
he pled guilty to Grand Theft, he got two years probation, he asked if
he’s a convicted felon. Kevin said if you’re adjudicated guilty, your
found guilty by the court, he then said that it was stated in the
60’s, he said that applications will now include if your convicted or
not. Bubba said Dr. Joe Saturley texted him saying that Kevin’s
obsession with YouTube is crazy, he then took a call from a guy who
said that his wife was hit by something at Home Depot, Kevin said this
falls under worker’s compensation, he said it seems like it’s in favor
of the company these days. Charles said that he was at a Golf game, it
ended up in a fight, the guys were cracking up at the story, Bubba
told the guy to hurry up. Kevin said most crimes have a statute of
limitations, except for first degree murder, he said they could bring
up felony charges in this case. Dave in Richmond asked Kevin about
Governor’s pardon, Kevin said it’s a slippery slope, he said he’s done
that before, he said the President can pardon anyone, he said the FBI
runs background checks, Manson thinks Obama could pardon Charles
Manson, Kevin said if the Governor does it, it would have to be within
the State, he said there are some guys who have turned their lives
around, Bubba mentioned Scotty the Body (Scotty was a cocaine dealer
in the 80’s, he went to jail for eight years). The guy said he got
charged with an aggravated assault charge, he said he resisted arrest,
Bubba said the guy was killing him. Wes in Palm Harbor said when he
was 17, he was charged with Grand theft Auto, he asked how they could
withhold adjudication, Kevin said there are some charges that cannot
be expunged. Bubba said that Dr. Joe Saturley’s Dad received a
Presidential pardon from Ronald Reagan, he then took a call from a guy
who had a lot of noise on his end of the phone, the guys think he was
having sex with Chewbacca, the guy said he’s trying to get a gun, he
got arrested for Domestic violence, Kevin said he’s not eligible.
Bubba read an email from a guy who said that his friend had accidently
locked his keys in his truck, he busted open a window to get them, a
security guard asked him what he was doing, the guy was banned from
showing up on that property, Kevin sad it’s crappy, he said if you’d
like to issue a tress passing violation, you have to do it in front of
a law official, Bubba got side tracked with Kevin’s phone going off.
Charles in Sarasota said when he was 18, he got charged with burgling
on an unoccupied dwelling, he’s been trying to get it expunged, Kevin
told him no. Bruce said that back in the 90’s, he got charged with
battery with a deadly weapon, he wondered why the case was re opened,
Kevin said he could be re charged with it, Bruce said this happened
back in 94, Kevin said this happened a year ago, he said he’s seen
stuff like that reach back to four years. Jamie said he’s in a
probation for a battery charge, he’s do to be released in the end of
October. Kevin said they don’t have a debtor’s prison, bubba said
that’s why Spice and Ned are walking the streets; he thinks he’ll be
fine. Steve in Lakeland said that his son was 16, he went into a
trailer, stole a gun and came out with it, he got charged with armed
burglary, Kevin said that’s one of the charges that can be expunged,
he said they handle cases all across the Country, he said we’ve got
good law enforcement who aren’t funding their DUI programs, Bubba said
Jim Coats almost had to take his whole dui squad. Bubba suggests we
funnel the money to the dui squad, Kevin said that you can have a
drink and drive. Bubba read that Jeff Green is suing the news papers
for printing false things about him, he thinks the sow has a bigger
thumb print than some news papers, he never formed his opinion on Jeff
Green based on the news papers, he did a Google search about him, he
said the minute Jeff lost, he tries to use his money and power, he
thinks everyone is laughing at Jeff, Kevin thinks that’s the case.
Bubba asked what the difference is between what Jeff has done and what
MJ has done to him, Kevin said Jeff has more money, he said when
you’re in the public eye; you’re open to both sides of it. Bubba said
if this gets summary of judgment, he thinks it’ll get thrown out, he
wonders why he didn’t get summary of judgment, Kevin thinks it should
be granted summary of judgment, he thinks Bubba is answering his own
question, he thinks it will be dismissed, he said it may not come as
fast as it comes. Bubba asked what happens if a case is dismissed, he
asked what happens to the legal fees, Kevin said there are laws that
when a ridiculous lawsuit is filed, you can file a request to have
them pay your fees. Bubba asked if someone was to spend $400,000 on
this lawsuit, he thinks it would be a no brainer, he then got
distracted with some guy on TV, Ned asked what they were talking
about, Bubba said he’s not going to cover MJ building his own motor,
he wondered if he’ll even get a fare day in court, Manson cracked up
at Kevin squirming, Brent thinks Tyler could write the decision. Bubba
asked if he’s ever won an appeal, Kevin said no, he thinks Bubba has
had horrible luck. Bubba said the only thing that went right was when
he sent it to a jury, Kevin said Phil Campbell not getting conflicted
out is against logic, Manson thinks he was so drunk, he doesn’t
remember covering the hog trial. Bubba thinks that not be able to get
a conflict should mean that the 113th court doesn’t like him, Kevin
wonders how it happens, Brent said they’re still working on that,
Spice said this is like a bad episode of “L.A. Law”, ned said he knows
why that show got canceled. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – Discovery Channel discussions, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s white Cap
appearance, followed by “Keep On Rolling”. Bubba said the fans have
been requesting Ned’s new bit, which we then heard. Bubba said there’s
still a chance for you to go to New Orleans, he said if you buy the
tickets that are about $50, they’ll get you into the meet and greet,
or you can email them:, he said he gets emails every day
about the meet and greets. We then heard a news clip about the Asian
guy who held several people at the Discovery channel hostage, Bubba
wonders why the psychos have the middle name, Manson thinks it’s the
media’s doing, Bubba thinks someone is playing “Pong” in the
background, he thinks it could be that, or Chinese Water torture,
Spice thinks maybe the sniper wanted to just go home, Brent said the
guy protested, but no one was on his side, Spice said he’s on his
side, as “Nineteen and Counting” and “Kate Plus Eight” are bad shows,
Manson said discovery could put on all the environmental shows they’d
like, it wouldn’t do anything, Bubba thinks the guy is on to
something, Brent said he didn’t have a plan as effective as the
Virginia Tech guy. Spice then read a quote from the guy, saying the
planet doesn’t’ need humans, Ned thinks the guy is a dork. Ryan in
Saint Augustine said he had an issue at a bar last year, he went
through the downstairs security, a guy came up to him with a tray of
chicken wings, he was charged $5 for that, the guys stepped over him
as he talked, the guy asked if he’d settle out of court. Spice said
some of the bouncers are some dicks, Bubba said he has zero tolerance
for anyone to touch anyone else; Brent said he got roughed up. Donnie
in winter Haven said he’s still laughing at the call, he said he just
got his concealed permit, he asked what the legal aspect is if you
were to shoot him in the head, bubba thinks it’s a clean shoot, he
said if you get pulled over the gun needs to be in the glove box, you
also need to notify the cop the moment you get pulled over. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Bubba changing?

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Psycho Asian man” from
“Ned’s parody songs Vol. 2”, track 15. Bubba came on looking for an
article, he thinks he should ride the song out, Spice said this was
the good stuff, Manson thinks he’s insane, Bubba was heard eating
chips with chicken dip, Spice made up his own lyrics about Bubba’s
current career, Bubba then asked for a Diet Coke, he said he knew this
would be a problem, he asked for Spice to put the Coke in a spot, he
then yelled for Manson to shut up, he then yelled for him to put the
dip in the right spot, Spice thinks Bubba is like Saddam, Manson
thinks Bubba is a white trash Saddam. Bubba said he and Dave kissed
and made up, he then publically apologized to Dave, Dave said Bubba
texted him, saying it was so 2010, Bubba said he’s not firing anyone,
Brent said Jack Stiefel threw them all under the bus, he said Howard
was flipping out on the air over his contract, Bubba thinks Howard
doesn’t need anybody, Spice thinks it must be a great position to be
in. Bubba said he realized he was wrong when Dave wrote back some
personal stuff, Dave thinks it was about chicken dip and farts, Bubba
said he erased it, he asked that they just keep it between them, Dave
said he doesn’t hate Bubba at all. Bubba said that sometimes, stuff
gets to him, he said he knows that they’re all great friends, Manson
thinks they spend more time on air, Bubba said he has a lot going on,
he said some of it is self induced, Spice thinks Bubba is doing too
much, Bubba said he’s going to spend more time with his family, he
said a lot of the stuff he says is shtick, he said not a lot of air
personalities have their own situation, he said they like going on
their own island, Spice said that Bubba delt with it by posting a big
poop on Twitter. Manson said that bubba is reasonable, Spice thinks
Bubba is texting, Bubba said that’s not the case. Spice said that
Bubba likes having people underneath him, he said sometimes it’s bad
whenever Bubba is controlling, he said there’s not enough time for
Bubba to be involved in everything, Ned thinks Bubba is texting, Bubba
said Craig needs to pick something up, he asked how many times has he
given people assignments, he said he needs to be involved in
everything to a certain extent. Brent asked about the Bubba Army
application, he said he’s been nice about it, Manson said it should
get done, Bubba said he’s not changing, he thinks Brent showed him
that things don’t need to change. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza New
Orleans, followed by “Mr. Jones” by The Counting Crows. Bubba said
he’s not going to say what he’s got with the lottery, he then went on
to say that the NFL dabbles in your personal life too much, he then
read an article about Brandon Spkes’s sex tape, Brent said the girl in
it is pretty hot, he said he’s not doing anything illegal. Bubba
wonders what the problem would be, Spice said the NFL is full of
scumbags; he doesn’t get how their drawing the line at a sex tape,
Spice said he doesn’t get what the nfl cracks down on. We then heard a
911 call about a guy who got stuck in a hot tub, Bubba doesn’t get
what it’s about, Spice said the 911 operator sounds like a radio host,
the guys then goofed on him, Bubba doesn’t get how the guy is stuck in
a hot tub, he’s not sure what the guy is doing, Spice wonders why it
takes so long, Bubba thinks he should’ve called nine and a half hours
before, Spice sad it has a morning show vibe to it, Bubba said he’ll
feel foolish if he finishes the call out, Spice thinks he’s high as a
kite, bubba thinks the call was a bunch of nothing. We then heard a
news clip about Cheety Ahonato, Bubba said he feels bad for him, as
Mike Deeson is on the case, he thinks they should help him out, he
then asked what happened with Tucker Carlson, Brent said they forgot
to call him, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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