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Top Stories:
Sex Offender Accused Of Attacking Teen
Woman Accused Of Selling Body For World Series Tickets Speaks
Bay Bridge Failure Stirs Fear, Anger
Levi Johnston: I’m Going To Leak Things On Palin, That’s Just How It Is
8 Oz. Burger Partner Charged With Unborn Death
Police: Man Stuck Ferret Down Pants
Corrections officers charged in ‘dog fondling’ incident

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

This recap is dedicated to B-Fudd’s Dad, who died from Swine Flu
yesterday. R.I.P.

Segment 1 – Bubba wonka goes on Sale at High Noon

Bubba started off by saying the music was provided by Brent Hatley,
Brent said Henry Rollins is on Suns of Anarchy; Bubba is bummed out
when Brent tells him that Dexter is in its fourth season. Bubba said
that the Bucs signed Josh Freedman; he read that the Bucs haven’t been
this bad since 1985. Bubba said the Canadian listeners can order
“Bubba Wonka”, he said they’ll be able to participate in the golden
ticket contest. Bubba said they ship it via ups, as it costs a lot of
money. Bubba said he hasn’t heard much from Ned, Ned said he was
waiting for Bubba to take a breath; they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Miller update, Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Bubba Wonka” set.
We then heard “Spanky’s Halloween” from “Bubba’s Holiday Classics Vol.
2”, track 5. Events include bobbing for nipples, beating Man well with
candy corn, best spook contest, and making Elsey drinking Monster mash
until she passes out. Bubba recapped some sports scores, Spice said
Philadelphia looked really good. Bubba wonders if the guys saw the
picture of George Steinbrenner in the paper, Manson thinks it looks
like Miller. Bubba wonders what Miller’s plans are, Manson said all
Miller is going to do is toy with Bubba’s emotions; Ned thinks it
could back fire on him. Spice is shocked when Bubba said Miller would
like to plug some stand-up comedy. Miller came in, Spice asked him
where he’s leaning, Miller said he’s going to check which way the wind
is going today, Ned thinks Miller is the fattest weather vane ever.
Miller said he thought about what the guys told him. Bubba asked him
if he has any friends here that could talk to him about it, Miller
said one of his friends told him to stay; he wants to make sure he
makes the right one. Jim said the last time he saw miller do stand-up
was four years ago, he said Miller is a funny guy; he wants Miller to
think twice about it. Bubba said he has to know by tomorrow, he told
Miller what he does is important. Bubba asked about Miller’s ex
girlfriend, he said she has nothing to do with it; he said one of his
other dreams in life is to hop the rails and ride across America.
Bubba said he’s had some dreams in his life that will never happen,
Spice said that hoping trains is what homeless people do, Manson
thinks Miller can do stand-up in a train car. Bubba told the guys he
really likes the tea he’s been drinking. Bubba said the tea is called
Tao Trim tea, Bubba thinks he can’t get his colonic next week, Bubba
said he has piles and piles of stuff, Spice wonders if bubba is
dropping weight, Bubba said yes. Spice said he doesn’t go to the
bathroom at work that much. The first email of the day suggested the
guys go to Edmonton; the emailer went on to say that the Honky Tonk
man is coming to Canada. Bubba read an article about the Taliban
killing people, Spice said he doesn’t care what they do. Bubba said
September 11 happened because we were caught sleeping, he wonders
what’s more important – protecting America, or allowing someone in
Afghanistan to vote. Bubba said this isn’t a war; World War 1 and
World War 2 were wars. Brent wonders where Mr. Hope and Change is,
Spice thinks something will happen. Another emailer wonders about
Dixie Carter, Bubba said he’s frustrated with the cancers Dixie had.
Another emailer is convinced Heather was a pole dancer, Bubba said it
couldn’t be possible, as she left West Virginia when she was in sixth
grade. Another emailer offered to work with Kevin Hayslett on the
case. Another emailer wonders what will happen when Howard retires, he
thinks it won’t happen. The last email said Bubba has the balls to say
stuff others don’t. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – bubba VS ocean prime, Martin Bresheer audio clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®, then into Ned’s “Bucs Stink”. Bubba wonders who the bumper
music is, Brent said it’s Type O Negative, Spice imagined being a
groupie for this guy. Bubba thinks he’s annoying the guy, Bubba really
likes Kevin Craft, he thinks Kevin is mad at him for saying that.
Bubba played Grady Judd’s custom timble, he wonders how many times the
Supreme Court has done it again, he read a statement from Grady where
he wonders how long the criminal justice system is taking so long.
Bubba said tomorrow, 2001 girls will be bobbing for dildos; he then
plugged what they’ve got coming up next week. Bubba said he loves
Ocean Prime, he said they’re being a bunch of dicks to people, Bubba
wonders who wants to eat dinner at 5”30, this was after Shelly from
the Car Store had called. Heather tried while Bubba listened in, she
got the same response. Ned thinks Bubba eves dropping is creepy, Bubba
thinks they have the “it” factor, he doesn’t like how they dinged him
out of two rounds while he was there, Manson said he’s buying more
than that. Bubba said he’s not going to Ocean Prime anymore. Ned
wonders if they herded Bubba in with a cattle prod, Bubba said he used
to have a restaurant, he said restaurants suck. Bubba said he hates
Burns Steakhouse, Spice said he’s never been there, Bubba said Back9
BBQ chicken dip is one of his favorite things, the guys go over their
favorite restaurants. Bubba likes how Scientologists are in trouble,
he thinks we could fix the world if we were too tax churches. Billy
thinks the bumper music was Air Supply, Brent said it’s a remake. The
guy thinks Ocean Prime is overpriced; the guy had to wait about an
hour before eating. Bubba said Ocean Prime has a real bitch answering
the phone. We then heard a news clip about Scientology getting found
guilty for fraud in France. Spice thinks they need to fire up the e
meter. We then heard a clip of martin Bresheer interviewing Tom Davis,
Manson thinks the e meter is no different than a confessional booth.
Joe on protection said the church of Scientology would hire private
investigators to follow members of the church, he said they own a lot
of buildings in Plant City. Bubba said he got a text from Dr. Joe who
said he’d like to test out the e meter. Manson said he’d like to see
martin Bresheer interview the Pope. Bubba said if anyone hears this,
it will set Scientology back. The guys cracked up at Tom taking his
microphone off and leaving. We then heard a clip of Tom Cruise on the
Today Show. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Football Picks

Bubba said he and Tyler have had some disappointing picks. Bubba
called Tyler and played his bumper. Bubba cracked up at Tyler telling
Heather to keep her eyes on the road.

Tyler’s Picks for this week:

Seahawks at Cowboys – Cowboys
Texans at bills – Texans
Vikings at Packers – Packers
Rams at Lions – Lions
Dolphins at Jets – Jets
San Francisco at colts – colts
Browns at Bares – Bares
Denver at Ravens – Denver
Jacksonville at Titans – Jacksonville
Oakland at chargers – Chargers
Giants at eagles – Giants
Carolina at Arizona – Arizona
Atlanta at Saints – Saints

Bubba asked Tyler to put Julia on, which he did. Julia said she was
getting sick while she was working out. Bubba thinks Julia is a
spitting image of Heather, Spice thinks the term “Much too painful”
isn’t a term kids use. Bubba thinks Heather describes him as painful
to the kids.

The Guys’s Picks for this week:

Seahawks at Dallas – Bubba Dallas, Brent Dallas, Spice Dallas, Manson
Dallas, Ned Seattle
Texans at Bills – Brent Texans, Spice Texans, Manson Texans, Bubba
Texans, Ned Bills
Vikings at Packers – Brent Packers, Manson Vikings, Spice Packers,
Bubba Packers, Ned Packers
Rams at Lions – Bubba Lions, Spice Rams, Manson Lions, Brent ions, Ned Rams
Dolphins at jets – Brent Dolphins, Spice Jets, Bubba dolphins, Manson
Dolphins, Ned Jets
San Fran at colts – Manson colts, Bubba colts, Ned San Fran, Brent
colts Spice colts
Bears at Browns – all the guys but Ned said Bares.
Ravens at Denver – Bubba Ravens, Brent Ravens, Manson Ravens, Spice
Ravens, Ned Denver
Jacksonville at titans – Bubba Jags, Manson Titans, Brent Jags, Spice
jags, Ned jags
Oakland at Chargers – Manson chargers, Spice chargers, Brent Chargers,
Ned Oakland, bubba chargers
Eagles at Giants – Spice Eagles, Brent giants, Manson Eagles, Bubba
Eagles, Ned giants
Arizona at Carolina – Bubba Arizona, spice Arizona, Ned Carolina,
Brent Arizona, Manson Arizona
Atlanta at saints – Bubba Saints, Brent Saints, Manson saints, Ned
Falcons, Spice saints

Mica thinks Tyler is cool, Bubba wants to put her on hold, they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Mica from Venis, Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®. Bubba said October is almost over. Bubba went to Mica,
Bubba asked if it happened Monday, she thinks it was Tuesday, bubba
thinks Skip called them yesterday, Mica said Charley Christe was
notified, Bubba told her to shut up. Bubba wonders why charley
would’ve been given a transcript; she said she doesn’t want to bring
her parents into it. She said she’s gotten emails from people in
Canada, Bubba thinks she’s over doing it, he thinks she’s crazy, we
then heard the coocoo sound effect. Bubba thinks she can’t be in any
more trouble than she already is. Bubba thinks charley wants to
distant himself from Mica’s parents, he told her she’s not the next
Octomom or Balloon boy, he told her if she interrupted him, he’d hang
up on her. Bubba said even if you have a degree, it doesn’t mean
you’re really smart. Mica wondered if Bubba got the information to
skip about Regina, Brent piped in and said that the offer is off the
table, as Skip couldn’t remember the lawyer’s name; Spice thinks he
wouldn’t want to drag her into this mess. Bubba wants them to come in
for Bubba court, where bubba could act as mediator, Mica said she’d do
it, Bubba thinks it would be a great case. Mica said Skip won’t even
talk, she then said he’ll do it. Bubba said he needs all the filings,
Mica said Skip is getting his pill problem taken care of. Bubba
wonders how good the sex is; Mica said the sex is great. Bubba thinks
Mica saying she’s cute is disputable; he wants Dr. Joe Saturley to
come in. Bubba said Hogan is on hold, we then heard one of his
bumpers. Bubba said Hogan’s new boss won’t return his texts, Hogan
thinks Dixie should be bowing down. Bubba thinks Hogan will be fired
from TNA, Hogan said he’d rather be fired than not be on the show.
Bubba said he’s going to Warsaw for Thanksgiving, he said he’ll be
here for Christmas. Hogan thinks the momentum is shifting, Bubba said
its part of the deal; he thinks the industry is missing the reality
part of the business. Bubba said Hogan and Vince still talk, Hogan
said Vince is a great guy; he gave Bubba props for keeping the
business going. Bubba said Hogan is there to give his knowledge and
insight about wrestling. Hogan said his mind is always thinking about
wrestling, he said he’s always been a part of the master plan, he said
double loyalty is big in the business. Bubba said Hogan did some dumb
things while at wcw, Hogan said the stuff he did dumb was when he had
all that money, he said he should’ve kept a closer eye on stuff, he
said Eric got too full of himself. Hogan said he’s going to reach out
to people, he wants to move forward, he said at the end of the day,
it’s all dirty paper. Bubba said Hogan is running TNA, the only person
Hogan may butt heads with Dixie; he said he posted the news on Twitter
thirty-one minutes before the announcement. Hogan said he comes in
piece, he said this is something that he loves, Bubba thinks Vince
Russo is a dick. Bubba wonders if Vince McMahon has been planning
anything, Hogan said he saw a bunch of marks at the airport. Hogan
said when Jimmy Fallin saw Jimmy hart, he flipped out, Hogan had no
idea Ed Norton is a big wrestling fan, Hogan said Arquette isn’t
getting the belt. Bubba thinks Dixie didn’t know what they were
getting into. Bubba thinks they should switch Kurt Angle; they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Michael Jackson movie

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Bubba Wonka” set.
We then heard some AC/DC as bumper music. Spice thinks Bubba makes the
Golden ticket glamorous, Bubba said it is. Bubba went back to Mica;
Spice wonders what she does while on hold. Mica said a guy checked her
for lime disease, Ned wonders if it was rectally, Mica said Ned’s
email got her in trouble. Mica said she needs to take her medication,
Bubba said if he was her doctor, he’d take some pills to have to
listen to her. Mica said Skip gave Hogan a board game, bubba thinks it
didn’t happen; he said he doesn’t want any gifts. Mica said her mom is
worried about her, she said people are saying stuff. Candy said they
love Sting Ray Chevy. We then heard a news clip about the Michael
Jackson movie, Manson sarcastically said he’s got his tickets, Spice
said you can’t play the popcorn game with Michael Jackson on the
screen. Bubba said at least kids are safe, and the people he owed
money to will probably get it back. Bubba said we’re a bunch of
pathetic marks, he wonders what happened with all the good stuff, he
said all we want to do is watch people make food. Bubba thinks Tasha
is too nice, he wants her to get mad about something, the guys crack
up at bubba messing up the word “Jew Jew Beans” as “Jew Jew Baby”.
Bubba doesn’t want to know what kind of candy Michael had, bubba told
the guys to stop. Bubba thinks they wheeled Elizabeth Tailor into the
movie. We then heard Ned’s “Blame It On The Propofol”. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – B-Fudd calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs Of
Christmas®. Bubba said Manson has a new offering, Bubba thinks the guy
in the bumper music sounds like Manson. Bubba played B-Fudd’s bumper
and brought him on. Bubba said B-Fudd’s Dad died yesterday, B-Fudd
said it was Swine flu, B-Fudd said he’s calm; he said his Dad was
healthy. Bubba asked him if he cried, B-Fudd he said he did that
yesterday, he doesn’t know if his Dad has life insurance; the guys
have a hard time understanding him. Bubba asked B-Fudd to wake his Mom
up, Bubba told him this would turn him into a superstar, B-Fudd said
no. B-Fudd agreed to do it; the guys think he forgot to take the phone
with him. B-Fudd came back and hung up, Bubba wonders what went wrong,
Manson can’t believe Bubba did that. Ned thinks it wasn’t funny at
all, he thinks Bubba is being cold hearted, Spice as Bubba told him to
shut up, as he was surfing porn. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 8 – manson’s new bit, various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat on November 4. Bubba said he has no idea where today went, Manson
thinks he’s in big trouble. Bubba said if you follow them on Twitter,
you’ll get a promotional code for Bubba Wonka, that will allow you to
save 10% off. Manson’s new offering is called “Harmonizing with
Hatley”, which features various songs, intercut with Brent’s “In My
Life” sound clip. Brent said he deserves it, he said he’s much better.
We then heard a news clip about a congressman who called a woman a
case street whore, bubba really likes the guy. Manson thinks the guy
was tucking who said he didn’t like it; bubba thinks it’s the
pussyfication of America. Bubba thinks the Republicans are like Spice.
We then heard a news clip about five cops who got arrested for giving
a dog a handy, Ned thinks the dog was asking for it. bubba thinks this
is like a South Park episode. We then heard a news clip about Andre
Agassi admitting to using meth, Spice thinks he wasn’t like this at
all, Bubba thinks anyone will say anything to sell a book. We then
heard a news clip about an illegal immigrant who got arrested for
touching kids. Bubba thinks it has something to do with a boyfriend
situation, he thinks they should’ve killed the guy after it happened
once. Bubba thinks Grady Jud might snap, we then heard a news clip
about a guy on death row, his date of execution has been halted. Bubba
said today at high Noon, “bubba Wonka” will go on sale, he said the
code is good for one hour. They then ended the show a few seconds

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  1. Spence

    Bubba! The B-Fudd was a big F UP! Are U a true ass Hole are what! waking his Mother up! Her Husband just died and she was asleep! She is Mourning, and more then likly hasn’t slept since his passing, and U tell B-Fudd the kook to ask her about Insurance Money! WHAT FING BUSINESS IS IT OF YOURS! LIKE U NEED MORE AND WANT HIS! U are a Fing Mess!
    PS Love the Show! Tell Ned Hello.

  2. Ariel

    Hey Bubba… I was just wondering where the sign up for the 12 boobs of christmas was, I checked both of your websites but I couldn’t find anything. Oh well, maybe it’s because i’m a blone… haha well you know what they say, blonde hair big BOOBS! =P Please let me know about that though I am extrememly interested.. Also I just wanted to let you know that we have actually met before a long time ago at the sarasota square mall years ago at the fye music store around christmas time.. this was back when spice boy had alot longer hair and some shaggy deal going on… alright well thank you for your time Bubba <3 love you guys and I’ll be listening

    ~ Ariel ~

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