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Top Stories:
Man terrified after he’s shot by paintball gun; search for suspect
Hulk Hogan says he considered suicide after breakup
Tech student’s disappearance treated as criminal investigation
Men Had Sex With Horses on Tenn. Farm
Terror Suspect ‘Plotted US Mall Shootings’
Sheriff: Body found is missing girl’s
Feds may have to settle casino spat
Punta Gorda man accused of having sex with 18-month-old
Text messages show details of McNair’s final night with Kazemi

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Manson flies off his bike, Bubba tours a local prison

The show started off with some messages from the fans, then into
“Waking Up In Vegas” as bumper music. Bubba said the bumper music is
provided by Manson, he said he fell over some handle bars yesterday,
Manson said it was embarrassing, he said he went flying, he said no
one saw him. Bubba said he saw on Ned’s twitter that he gave Manson
some love, Manson said he talks into a recorder while he rides his
bike, he thinks he wasn’t paying attention, Bubba thinks it’s a show
in and of itself. Manson said he did a superman over the handle bars.
Bubba said everyone was out, Brent said Kiss has gotten old and has
gained some weight, he likes Buck Cherry, Spice said it was a rough
crowd. Bubba recapped some sports scores, he asked Spice how his
McDonalds deal went, Spice said they got a lot of love, Bubba thinks
they should do a sticker stop. He went on to say he got a tour of a
jail yesterday, he said Bob White makes the prisoners raise their own
stuff, Manson said he knows where that is. Bubba said he’s got
pictures, he was in a pig pen, they asked him to castrate it, he said
no, he said everything is recycled, he thinks Ned would like the head
of the jail, Major Head. Bubba said they save money on lettuce, Brent
said it’s a great way to do things; Bubba thinks Donna and Manson
would enjoy the tour. Bubba said he was in one of the cells, he got
freaked out. Spice said he doesn’t want to be Bubba’s bunk mate, Bubba
said he’d have to sleep on the bottom bunk. Bubba said he toured the
insane part, he said it’s just like lock up; he said one guy was doing
kicks. Bubba said he met some guys in the bakery, they listen to the
show, he likes how the knives are tethered; the guys think they should
have a tethered knife fight. Bubba thinks Donna would like the tour,
he said he has a whole new respect for Bob White, he doesn’t like how
one of the guys cuts the budget. Bubba wonders how you can make all
that money without being an elected official, he said the fire
fighters over there are in disarray; Brent said someone needs to bring
that up to their county commissioner. Bubba thinks that by growing
their own pigs, they’ve saved a lot of money on pork and bacon. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – emails, Soulja Boy clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®, then into some messages from the fans. Bubba wonders if the
music is Wings, Manson said yes. Bubba plugged and Bubba plugged their Solid gold appearance on November 20, he
then plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show, he likes the guys
of Rescue Inc. Bubba said a judge had to get involved for the book
“Frozen” to be published. Bubba read an article about some costume
companies, he said it’s cheap to make, he asked the guys what the
hottest one is, he said it was Balloon boy, Spice said the other big
one is Bernie Madeoff. The first email of the day is stunned with what
happens behind the scenes, they’d like to work for Bubba. Spice said
all day yesterday, people were ribbing him. Another emailer discussed
a lock company, he likes the service. Another emailer was from
Columbia, they said she can’t wait to see the stunt with Tom and
Pantera. Another emailer liked the Travis the monkey recap on Monday.
Another emailer wondered if Bubba could take the guys man boobs away.
Bubba said they tried it on Sirius, but it was shot down, he thinks
they can do it. Another emailer was looking for the Canadian Bubba
Army shirt, Brent said he’ll check. Bubba played a clip of Soulja boy
showing off his crib, he said this makes him really mad, he wonders if
they pay a guy to agree with Soulja Boy, the guys talked black saying
how great the show was. Bubba said he wants a rap guy who is humble,
Spice said there are guys like that, but they don’t get a lot of
attention. Bubba said when he hears this stuff; it makes him want to
punch him in the face. Bubba said he has plenty of stuff to cover,
like the Steve Phillips 911 call, Brent said he used to be the Mets
general manager, bubba likes how Jabberjaw finds stuff for him. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Various news clips, Ned’s New bit

Bubba wondered what the song was; Manson said it’s something
corporate, he said it’s a fag band he’s into. Bubba wonders who
they’ve got for the Rescue Inc interview; Brent said it’s Big G, the
lack guy. Bubba read an article about Steve Phillips, Spice said he
likes now how he’s admitting to an affair; he said the girl Steve had
an affair with is ugly. Bubba thinks this is one of those situations
where you hook up with an ugly girl and she wants sex. Brent wonders
what’s going on at ESPN, Spice said girls get sensitive when guys get
together. Bubba read the letter the intern wrote to Steve’s wife, he
said they took the part about Steve’s son out, he said Heather would
be getting the gun out at this point. We then heard the 911 call,
Bubba said she’s not psychotic; she’s just ugly, he thinks the woman
in the call is being a drama queen, Spice thinks the other woman
pealed out like a crazy bitch. Bubba thinks Marty is doing the right
thing, but she’s over re acting, Manson said donna would run down the
car. Bubba wondered what the phone call must’ve been like; Spice
thinks it’s a double whammy. Bubba read that there’s a sex tape of
David letterman, Spice said he didn’t want to see it, Bubba said it’s
the star factor, the guys aren’t interested in the clip, Spice said he
has to give it to Letterman. Frank said misty Cummings got robbed
doing a drug deal. We then heard a news clip about a woman who was
killed over a cigarette, the guys like how the cop tells the guy that
his life is over. Bubba said that they found a body in Georgia, a girl
was running into a neighborhood of sexual offenders, Bubba said the
girl got ahead of some kids, he thinks it was planned. Manson said
Donna is the tear police. Ned said he has a song called “White Trash
Baby”. We then heard a news clip about the girl in question, Spice
said it was her. Bubba said Dayton and Richmond don’t have stories
like this, Manson said donna must’ve heard a news clip, Spice said
Donna is really stiff. Spice said he wouldn’t have three people help
him out with something like this, Manson said he can’t even get three
friends to go to the bar with him. Bubba likes how the cops put a crew
of people at a trash dump, Brent said its good police work, bubba gave
the cops a timble. We then heard a news clip about the body in the
dump, bubba got caught off guard with the generator in the background;
he thinks he can see Donna’s point. Bubba asked Manson if he was in
this situation and this would happen, he wonders if you sleep better
knowing the kid is dead, or is missing forever, Manson said he’d pick
the first one, Spice thinks the second option is better. Bubba likes
how every bag was sliced open, he said its pro active cop work, he
said it’s something he never would’ve thought of, Brent said the same
thing. Bubba hopes they find who did this, Manson thinks we should be
spending our money looking for the kids, Bubba thinks we’re white
trash. Manson said you don’t let a seven year-old walk home from
school alone. Bubba said it wasn’t uncommon for the guys to walk home,
Brent said times have changed. Bubba thinks the cops will find who did
this. Tony in Ohio said he doesn’t listen to the news much, he said
they don’t hear too much about that, he said most of the amber alerts
are from the parents who end up taking the kids. John in Jacksonville
said he lives about five miles from where this happened, he said the
parents are comfortable with the kids walk in packs. Jeff said there
was a story about a guy who got arrested for having sex with a
newborn, Manson thinks it’s disturbing. Bubba thinks all this talk
goes hand in hand with Ned’s new offering. Bubba thinks the song is a
biography of Ned’s life. Spice said he’d like to kick some sex
offender ass, Bubba said some of them look normal. Bubba thins people
will steal it; he thinks it’ll be on the BJ shay show. Bubba thinks
people can’t steal it if you talk over it. they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – football Picks

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®. We then heard some Jackson Five as bumper music; Bubba said
Manson could be the only one who can play this. Bubba thinks the
subject matter of the song is strange. Ken in Jacksonville gave props
to the cops; he said his boss lives 200 yards away from the family.
Brent thinks they wouldn’t bust you if you had weed while they were
looking for a kid. Bubba played Tyler’s bumper, Bubba told him to have

Colts at Rams – colts
Vikings at Stealers – Vikings
Pats and Bucs – Pats
Bares at Bangles – Bares
Chargers at chiefs – Chargers
Packers at Browns – Packers
San Fran at Texans – San Fran
Buffalo at Carolina – Carolina
Jets at Oakland – jets
Falcons at Cowboys – Falcons
Saints at dolphins – Saints
Cardinals at Giants – Giants
Philadelphia at Washington – Philadelphia

Bubba thinks Tyler was in a funk last week, Bubba decided to get the
guys’s picks in. bubba said he gets emails from people who don’t like
this segment.

Colts at rams – Spice Indi, Bubba Indi, Manson colts, Brent colts, ned Rams
Vikings at Stealers – Bubba Stealers, Spice Pittsburg, Brent Stealers,
Manson Pittsburg, Ned Stealers
Pats at Bucs – Ned picked bucs, everyone else picked Pats
Bares at Bangles – Manson Bangles, Brent bangles, Spice bangles, Ned
Bares, Bubba Bangles
Chargers at chiefs – Brent Chargers, Spice Chargers, Manson Chargers,
Bubba Chargers, Ned Chiefs
Packers at Browns – Bubba Packers, ned picked Browns, everyone else
likes Green bay.
San Fran at Texans – Spice and bubba like San Fran, Brent, ned and
Manson like Texans.
Buffalo at Carolina – Brent bills, Spice Carolina, Ned Carolina, Bubba
Carolina, Manson bills
Jets at Oakland – Manson Jets, Brent Jets, Spice Jets, Bubba Jets, Ned Oakland
Falcons and Dallas – Spice Atlanta, Brent falcons, ned Dallas, Bubba
Dallas, Manson falcons
Saints and Miami – Brent said saints, ned thinks Dolphins will win.
Arizona at Giants – Bubba giants, Spice giants, ned Cards, Manson
Giants, Brent giants
Philadelphia at Washington – everyone but Ned picked Philadelphia.

They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – various news clips, George Parry on the phone

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Breast
Cancer Awareness shirt. Bubba thinks Manson is all over the road with
the bumper music. Bubba said they’re about forty minutes away from
having George Parry on, he said he watched an episode, he said the
woman was white trash. Bubba said birth is really hard on bull dogs,
he said he knows because he’s had them all his life, Brent thinks she
should be locked up. We then heard a news clip about a guy who got
arrested for having sex with a newborn baby, he said this will more
than likely ruin your day. Bubba stopped the clip to ask the guys what
they hear, Spice said the generator. Bubba thinks the man who did it
should be killed at 11:30; the woman should be killed at high noon. He
wonders what gives you the right to live if you can’t be
rehabilitated. Bubba said the problem is, we only kill people when
they have done a murder, Manson thinks if we killed people for
treason, it would be from Washington, bubba thinks Jeffrey Dahmer was
killed the right way. Brent thinks the guy who commits pre-meditative
murder is less broken as a child molester. Bubba wonders what
contribution could this guy make, Spice said you don’t do that when
you’re fifty-nine. Bubba said he’s walking common sense, he can’t
think of anything that’s worse than white trash. Bubba thinks the news
is a bunch of pussies. Bubba said if you even talk about it, you’re
dead if he was king, he thinks drugs are involved. Bubba thinks if you
made Sudafed harder to get, maybe this wouldn’t happen, he said the
problem is lobbyists. Bubba said if you even think about sex with a
baby, you should die and be mixed in with the chili. Bubba ran that
idea by major Head yesterday, even Major Head was shocked. Becky in
Miami said she loves the show, bubba said he can’t get any traction in
Miami, she said the show is number one in her presets, bubba said it
doesn’t really make a difference. She thinks the guy should be rapped
and get his penis chopped off. Amanda in Richmond said she was raped
as a child, she thinks the reason why they could get away with it was
because of killing an animal. We then heard a news clip about a cop
who got arrested for having sex with a teenage girl, Spice thinks this
makes adultery look not so bad. Bubba thinks he’d like it better if he
heard the guy on the phone; he doesn’t need to see him. The guys think
the internet is the problem. Manson said it’s better than the
generator. Carron on protection said she’s a social worker, she said
these stories never stop to amaze her. Carron wonders what kind of
people do that, Bubba thinks they should look at the entire family, he
said the problem is we have law makers who are concerned about card
games, Brent said look at the jobs those card games give us. Carron
said this state is horrible. We then heard a news clip about a law
maker wanting to shut down gambling, Bubba likes how there isn’t a
generator, he said it’s a law maker trying to make a name for himself.
Bubba said if he was the Indians, he would say to come get him, the
guys go over his record in a southern accent, Bubba asked Brent to
make a form letter, he said they cover Ocala quite nicely, Bubba said
he’d like to kick his ass. Bubba asked Brent to put in a request an
interview, Brent said he could do that, he wishes one of the Indian
guys said “ugh”. Spice digs the casino noises in the background, bubba
said Ned really loves that stuff, he thinks they’ll tell the guy to go
pound sand. Jen on protection said she’s known Glen Nelson for years,
she said you never know anyone until it comes up, she said the Mom is
just as psychotic, her mentality is that of a six year-old. Bubba said
he had George Parry on the phone, Bubba said he’s very proud of them,
he said he wanted to punch robin in the face; George said you get that
a lot. Bubba recapped the situation, George said the dogs are over
bred, he said the demand needs to stop. George said the approach is to
expose people. Spice asked how they work, George sad sometimes they
have agencies dealing with them, he said trash isn’t a racial thing.
George said color doesn’t’ matter, it’s their job to make sure you’re
not doing anything wrong. Bubba explained Rescue Inc, he described it
as biker dudes in New York who investigate people who are mean to
animals, George said it runs Fridays at 10 on National Geographic.
Bubba asked him the most disturbing things he’s ever seen, George said
the one they had last week, he encouraged people to watch the show.
Spice asked about pit bulls fighting, he wonders if he thinks Vick
should’ve gotten his second chance, George said they try not to
speculate on it. bubba thinks Vick controlled his own situation.
George said a lot of people have fighting wrings. Bubba asked about
the Robin situation, George said they have no arresting powers. Bubba
likes the old timer with tattoos, George said he doesn’t look 75,
George said they all work together. Spice asked about some fights
they’ve gotten into, George said that’s what the commercials are for.
Bubba said he’s had bulldogs, he said they’re the nicest dogs ever,
but the snoring is an issue, George said that’s the worst part of it.
Bubba said George has been married for eighteen years, George cracked
up when Bubba said the guys look like drug dealers. George said you
can go to; Bubba thanked him for coming on. Brent said
there’s a pet walk; you can go to and search for Amanda
Hatley or heather Clem. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – Various news clips, caller says her daughter was molested

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 boobs of
Christmas®. We then heard Ned’s “White Trash Baby”. Spice said this
music is tuck rock, Manson said he does a lot of it. Bubba pulled the
ball for tomorrow, it went back to Ned. We then heard a news clip
about some kids lighting a kid on fire, he thinks they have to even it
out. Spice said it feels he really bad if your finger gets a small
burn, he said he gets freaked out when he gets Nintendo thumb. Bubba
wonders if you’d have to be a lawyer to be a judge, Brent said yes,
Bubba is bummed out, he wants to be a judge, he said he’d be good for
society. We then heard “The boopity song” under the clip, we then
heard the 911 call, Spice mocks the girl in the call for saying the
kids skin is peeling off. Bubba said they put Tom out, he said they
put a small puddle of alcohol on him. We then heard a news clip about
a woman who got arrested for prostitution, Bubba said he would’ve been
fooled by Rachel Reyes. Bubba wonders how they can charge her with
prostitution; Manson said it’s not that big of deal. Spice wonders
what kind of sex it is, Ned said there’ a shadow of a doubt, Brent
said there are no victims here, Spice said they’re halting commerce,
Ned thinks it’s a fun neighborhood, Spice said it’s like a giant swap
shop. Bubba said you don’t see Grady Jud doing this; he likes how
Grady focuses on child touching. Henry in Orlando asked how the
meeting went yesterday, Brent said Bubba was very mad about the
screw-up’s, he thinks he knows why he put the other name on, bubba
said he wasn’t listening to the show. Bubba took a call from a guy who
said Bubba has met the guy who had sex with the newborn, Spice wonders
what he was doing hanging out with him, the guy said he didn’t know.
John in Tampa said you don’t have to be a lawyer, he could be an
elected official, Brent said he’s never seen a judge who isn’t a
lawyer. We then heard news clip about a guy who got roughed up at
church. We then heard “The Boopity song” over the clip; Bubba thinks
he should start rebuking people. Spice thinks if the guy was a sex
offender, he should’ve gotten rebuked. Amy on protection said her
daughter was molested by her father, she said her daughter is 3; they
were together for about 13 years. She said she trusted him as the
father, she didn’t know that these things were happening while she was
at nursing school. She said her daughter was screaming about her Dad
taking her out of the crib, Bubba told her to settle down. Bubba asked
her how did that conversation start, she said her daughter just
brought it up; she calls the Dad by his real name. She said the Dad
called her a few days ago; she asked about the charges, he said not to
go there, the Dad dropped off gifts. Bubba said he’s not trying to
stick up for the bad boyfriend, but he doesn’t know anything about the
case, he’s denied the charges; Brent said Dr. Joe would have to
investigate this. Spice asked if she’s digging for gold, Manson thinks
you should know something is up if you’ve known someone for that long.
Bubba asked her how she could do that, he said she was having an
affair with another man, she said she knew the guy on and off for
thirteen years. She said he’s been to every family gathering. Bubba
thinks if she’s been on and off for thirteen years, there’s been eight
years they screwed around. He said they’ve been together for five
years straight, she said it was on and off before that. Manson doesn’t
like how there’s no evidence when a man rapes a three year-old, bubba
thinks there would be evidence, he said he’s having a tough time
figuring it out. bubba said he doesn’t want to talk about it, he can’
say the guy did it though; Manson said there’s a lot to the story they
don’t know. The woman hung up a few seconds later. Bubba said a very
good friend of his was married, he has a little girl, the woman went
off the deep end, she got arrested for a dui. The guy got divorced and
got custody of the kid, the woman became more and more desperate, she
made up stuff that he touched the kid, Spice said your proven guilty,
he said the guy cries whenever he tells the story. Bubba asked Manson
if he could imagine having to take Berlin to a clinic at a young age,
Bubba said he would kill someone over it. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the upcoming “Bubba
wonka” set. Brent said bubba couldn’t be a judge. Kady said she’s been
through what the previous caller’s daughter went through, she said at
three it’s kind of iffy, she said it lasted about four years. She said
she’s forgiven a lot, she thinks Amy needs help. Kady said her Dad
spent a night in jail, she said they got their asses kicked every day,
Bubba thinks the mom hung her out to dry, Bubba said one night in jail
is nothing. Spice said in their positions, they have to be dark.
Heather in Lakeland said she had the same thing happen to her, she
said there was proof, her Mom is still with him, she said she ran away
when she was eighteen, she said it started when she was around five or
six. She said she was in a relationship with an abusive man, she ended
up leaving him, she got her kids took away when it happened. We then
heard “Dueling Der Ders” under the caller, Bubba said he doesn’t’ want
to white trash anyone with that call. Bubba recapped the situation,
Spice thinks the cycle will just continue, bubba thinks it’s white
trash gone wild. Bubba said some text messages have come out by Steve
Mcnare; we then heard a clip about that. Spice said it all turns out
bad with mistresses; he advised that people control their whores. We
then heard a news clip about a lawsuit against Burney Madeoff, ned
thinks he was cool for his drugs and sex with hookers, he said he has
a new respect for him. The guys like how the office was called “the
North Pole”. Bubba said everyone needs protection today, Joe said he
was molested as a child, the guy said his sister did it, bubba thinks
it’s just kid playing doctor, he said it went on a few times, bubba
wants to conference call, he said she’s dead, he said she committed
suicide. Spice thinks he has mixed feelings, Bubba thinks he was a bad
lay, he then said what he said might not have been funny. Bubba said
he used to have ah to cousin, Joe thinks people need to step up.
Manson thinks an eleven year-old girl can’t mess with your mind like
an old man can, Joe said he never told anyone until after she had
died. Spice wonders how it happened; Joe said it was early in the
morning. Bob on protection said he went through a divorce, his ex left
the kids, the judge denied her for leaving them, he said he had to get
his daughter checked, as she accused him of rape. Bob said he didn’t
want to do that, Bubba said it’s the ultimate trump card. He said the
cops caught his ex lying; he ended up getting custody of all his
children. Bubba thanked him for calling; they then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 8 –

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BTLS Foundation,
then into Manson’s “MJ’s Taylor Swift Interview”. We then heard Ned’s
“Sue Sue sue” from “bubba’s New and Misc hits Vol. 2”, track 7, parody
of “Looking Out My Back door” by CCR. Bubba thinks BJ was listening,
Bubba said he’ll see him on Saturday; he said he’s staying by his
house. Jay in Miami said he sent some guys in Iraq some Fein, they
really liked it. bubba wondered what they’re mixing it with; the guy
said they drink a lot of gator aide and water. We then heard a news
clip about Hulk Hogan, where he said he hit rock bottom after the
divorce. Spice as Hogan was crying, Bubba told him to stop, Bubba told
Manson not to play with him, Bubba told Spice he was in a timeout,
Bubba thinks Ned wouldn’t talk Hogan out of suicide, Bubba told
everyone to stop, he said everyone is in time out. We then heard a
news clip about two guys having sex with horses, Spice thinks the guy
is too upbeat for the story. We then heard “Dueling Der Ders” under
the clip. Bubba said Contessa looks really good, Spice said she needs
something to do to cover up the error. We then heard a clip where she
calls Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton. We then heard a news clip about a
woman faked a rape, Bubba said it was in the Spice file, Spice got a
little pissed about that. Bubba thinks this is like the Duke case,
Brent said the prosecutor was disbarred and spent one day in jail.
Bubba thinks they should arrest the woman; they then ended the show a
few seconds later.

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