Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 21st, 2010 by Staff

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Recap and bumper music for today provided by Blind Lawrence:
Turn the Page – Bob Seger
LA Woman – The Doors
One – Three Dog Night
Jailhouse Rock – Elvis Presley
On the Turning Away – Pynk Floyd
Pinball Wizard – The Who
You Don’t Mess Around With Jim – Jim Croce
Desparado – Eagles
One Tin Soldier – Coven
Changes in Latitude, Changes In Attitude – Jimmy Buffett

Segment 1 – Spice’s new Car discussed

The show started off with “Turn The Page” by Bob Seger, Bubba
admonished Blind Lawrence for having a false cue with the selection,
he thinks this just brings everything to a screeching halt, Ned thinks
he’s a jobber, Bubba thinks Ned was the visionary, he said he’d like
to kill himself, he thinks he could’ve opened it with “L.A. woman”,
Spice thinks this is the sound track to his life. Bubba thinks Spice’s
new car is fancy, he thinks if he pulled up in a car like that, he’d
be getting clowned, Spice said it’s a cls 550, Bubba asked Brent to
look up the price on it, he thinks it’s three times the price of an
engagement wring, Spice said he’s never had a reason to be selfish,
Bubba said he’s already looked at it, he then called up 1800AskBrent,
Brent said a car like Spice’s would run about $61,085, Spice said he’s
not even close with what he paid for it, he said he traded in his
three wheel, Bubba told him that he had to have it, Spice said he
loved it, he said that he’s on the up and up with it. Bubba told him
as long as he’s at work, he could care less what Spice drives, Ned
thinks it’s Spice 188, Spice thinks Bubba is a Salvation Army reject,
Bubba said he’s turning into old, he then recapped some sports scores,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Juilers discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard “L.A. woman” by The Doors. Bubba
said the music was provided by Blind Lawrence, he then said the Twelve
Boobs of Christmas is on, he then plugged the sign up party in Dayton
on November 6, he then admonished Ned for being late, ed was heard
cracking open a beer. Brandon in Cincinnati thinks bubba has hit the
American dream; Bubba said he’s proud of him. Brandon said he supports
Spice, he said he’s a wrestling ref, the timer was heard in the
background, Bubba thought that the guy would wrap it up, he thinks 15
seconds should give you plenty of time, he said that the tapes should
be on the way, he then said he was talking to his wife about some gold
he has, he’s thinking of selling it, he then recapped what he has,
Spice remembered that Bubba has a golden chain with his name on it,
Bubba thinks he’ll just take it down to “North East Juilers”, he
thinks only a black guy would buy it, Manson thinks Plies would buy
it, the guys then goofed on him looking for gold. Bubba said he’ll
bring it all in tomorrow, he thinks Hogan’s stuff would be worthy, he said that years ago, some land was
available, he said one of his friends told him about it, he thought it
wouldn’t be much, he said that he’d rather take the money he had at
the moment and go to the Dollhouse, rather than buy the land, he
thinks it was one of the stupidest things he’s ever said. Matt in
Charleston said yesterday’s show was great radio, Bubba hopes they’ll
be able to make an impact there, Matt said that they’ll be number one
before they know it. Bubba said that the owner of 98 Rock in
Charleston would like to have dinner with him, he told Tom Bean he’ll
be in his truck, Spice said nothing sucks worse than being held
hostage in someone else’s vehicle, he then said he doesn’t like
Burns’s Steakhouse, Bubba said everything you eat turns into poop, Ned
suggested Bubba just eat vegetables. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Miami discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Remember the
Heroes’ shirt, followed by “One” by Three Dog Night. Bubba came on
plugging Sting Ray Chevy’s event for the weekend, he said that he’ll
be there this Saturday from Noon to 2:00; he said that Dave from Back
9 BBQ will be there, Spice said he’s looking forward to driving the
car today. Bubba isn’t sure if the Bubba Army cars are available yet,
he thinks Good Roads does all the stuff for rims, he wondered if Wheel
Tech is still around, he then said that Jim’s Harley Davidson has a
blowout going on this weekend, he then got sidetracked with Brett
Farve’s wife appearing on TV, Spice said that stuff has been out for
years. We then heard a Spanish bumper, had no idea what the promo was
saying, he thinks he has a good idea. We then heard the “Price is
Right” music for a little (this is used when Bubba wants to tell the
guys some stuff). Spice said that Fast Freddie doesn’t’ need
protection. Fast Freddie thinks he gave himself away on the air, he
said he’s the only one with an iPhone listening, Bubba said he
should’ve dumped that out, Fast Freddie said they asked to see him at
6:00, he said that he had just given them his two weeks’ notice, bubba
thinks they’re freaked out after all this, he then read an email from
someone saying that in 2007, a weather guy got a sentence for child
molestation, Paul and Ron goofed on him the whole time. Spice asked if
someone at the show had gotten arrested doing this, he said that
people were still talking to Steve, he doesn’t’ get why people would
do that. Bubba asked Freddie to translate some stuff. We then heard a
bumper; Freddie said it’s kind of distorted. We then heard a promo,
Freddie thinks it said that bubba is against child molestation, Bubba
said he’d like to get the guy’s address; Ned thinks it’s on him. We
then heard a Spanish clip. Jodrick came on explaining the promo,
saying the show doesn’t have a kid toucher on it. We then heard
another one; he said it’s the show that’s still alive without a kid
toucher. We then heard another one; he said it’s a new show that
doesn’t touch kids in the morning. We then heard another one, Spice
that was nice of someone to do, Bubba asked for them to make some
stuff, the guys think it’s a computer voice. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Kendrick Meek calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Jailhouse Rock” by Elvis. Dee in
Ft. Lauderdale referred to Bubba as a street smart genius, he thinks
the phone screeners are taking a lot away from him, Bubba thinks maybe
the phone screeners are being driven crazy by this guy. Dee said he
was calling about the voting system, the guy got buzzed over and over
again, Bubba said that just means the call wouldn’t have gone through.
Dee said the call screeners filter him out, he said the previous topic
could’ve better, he then got the Evil treatment. Bubba said for those
who are calling the show, you say something, then let the host talk,
he wonders if candidates are held by equal time with candidates.
Stewart in Arkansas said he saw a truck with a Bubba Army sticker and
a Howard fist, Bubba thinks he should explain the Bubba Army solute,
Brent thinks they should abandon it, Spice thinks the Bubba Army gear
is plenty. We then heard a clip of Aubry Huff scoring a run for the
Giants. Kendrick Meek came on a few seconds later, Bubba said that
Alex Snitker made sense; Brent said it’s ashamed that the media shuns
third party people. Kendrick came on; he said it was great to be on
the show. Bubba asked him about the Green party, Kendrick said we need
to hear from guys like this, he thinks they ran to high, he said we
should let Democracy ring. Spice asked how they get locked out; Brent
said they have to have a certain percentage. Bubba said he applauds
New York for letting the third party guy talk, Kendrick said it’s a
circus in New York. Bubba thinks if you’re on the ballot, you should
be invited to participate, he thinks some breakout politicians can
come from it, he then asked Kendrick about secret groups buying the
election, Kendrick said it’s not fare, he said that Marco Rubio is a
very dangerous person, Bubba said it’s scary, Spice said he’s never
heard anyone refer to a candidate as “Dangerous”, he said he used to
be a state trooper, he knows what “Dangerous’ is about. Bubba said if
you look at some of the stuff he’s done, it’s disturbing as his
current policies, Kendrick said the voters will have to make the
decision, he said this is a serious election. Bubba said they had Alex
Snitker on the show, we then heard Alex’s question, Kendrick said the
fare tax would be bad for the Middle class, as everyone will be paying
the same tax, he said he talked to bill Clinton last night, he said
the tax cuts are good, but when you look at it in the final stages,
it’s not good, he thinks we’ll be digging a hole for China, he said
every road is becoming a tole road. Bubba said he hates the red light
and speed cameras, he thinks we’re just trying to tax and fine our way
out of issues, Kendrick said he’s for educating children, he said not
to believe the things they say about him, even if the music is soft,
Bubba said Rubio’s ears are ridiculously big. Kendrick said he’s been
to some sporting events, he’s ran into a lot of Bubba Army people, he
likes ho the listeners retain what he says, he then gave his website:, he said the radical Right has poisoned Florida.
Bubba thinks it would be great if Kendrick asked Rubio about his big
ears, he said that he’s torn, as he likes the guy, but he likes
Charlie, Brent then talked about a guy who is running against Kathy
Caster, Bubba thinks the two people you shouldn’t vote for would be
Rick Scott and Rubio, he then explained who Dr. mark is for the new
listeners, Spice said the lines are always packed, Bubba said the
segment is very popular. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 5 – Men’s’ Health with Dr. Mark

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Twelve Boobs of
Christmas, followed by “On the Turning Away” by Pink Floyd. Bubba
thinks Ned is the visionary with the music, Ned thinks it’s a downer.
We then heard Dr. Mark’s bumper, Mark said they’ve got a new office in
Lutz, they have an office in Plant city that will open next year,
Spice said he loves RPM stuff. We then heard Manson’s song about Dr.
Mark, Mark was cracking up at the song. Bubba wondered why Kelly was
so bitchy when he showed up; Mark said it must’ve been a busy day. The
first email of the day said that he had sex with a girl with hpv, Mark
said they have a urine screen, he said he has one guy who is covered
in warts, he said he cuts them off with a laser, he said the guy can’t
have sex, he said the vaccine is approved for men, he said it costs
$180 per shot, he said they just sell them. Matt in Charleston said he
had a vasectomy a year ago; he said right before orgasm, it feels like
someone is sticking a knife in his scrodum. Mark said you can have
that, it’s known as “post Vasectomy pain”; Spice said he’d like to get
one. Bubba asked what problem would a guy like that have; Mark said
sometimes it’s so bad, the vasectomy needs to be reversed. Joe said
every time he gets an errection, he gets a really bad headache, which
causes him to stop functioning. Mark suggested the guy see his doctor,
as it’s a body thing. Another emailer said they’ve had the clap for
five years, he got it again. Bubba asked what the clap is, Mark said
it’s the infection of the Eurithria, Ned said he’s gotten it many
times. Dennis said he was diagnosed with a prostate issue, Mark said
they now use a robot to fix it, he said one of the biggest problems of
getting the prostate removed is lack of sexual functionality, the guy
said he’s 52, he said he’s free of cancer, Mark said that they have
penal implants. Spice asked about family history, he said he’d like to
get his prostate removed, Mark said a doctor won’t just remove it.
Another emailer said for the past three weeks, his nipples have been
sore, mark thinks it’s a high Estrogen level. John in Jacksonville
said he has a lot of issues, such as an uncircumcised penis and an
enlarged prostate, he then said when he’s erected, it’s only two
inches, Spice and Ned were heard giggling like crazy, ark told them
that wasn’t nice. Bubba wondered how a conversation would be like
that, John said when it comes to that, he just says he has a deformity
since birth, the guy said he can’t masturbate, Spice was heard
cracking up at the guy’s situation. Mark said they will often scrape
your prostate if it’s a problem, Spice said that’s why he wants it
done. Mark said they could ix the guy’s penis by doing a forearm flap,
John said he wasn’t circumcised when he was born, Bubba thinks the
guys have mind screwed John. Sean said his wife has hpv, he asked what
he needs to do to protect himself, mark said there’s no way to truly
tell if that’s the case, he said the guy should wear a condom. Sean
asked about the vaccine, Mark said it’s untested, it’s FDA approved.
Sean in Charleston said he’s been dating a woman for five years, she
often gets Bacterial Vaginosis, Spice thinks it’s stinky. Mark said
they’ll check the guy’s urine, Spice thinks she’s gross, Bubba told
the guy he needs to stop being a sucker, he thinks the guy has
something, mark suggested the guy use “Flagell”. The last email of the
day said they have low levels, as he had testicular cancer, Mark
thinks it could be fixed. Bubba suggests they have Dr. mark check
Spice’s prostate whenever he comes in, Spice wonders if you catch it
early would you be okay, Mark said if you wait too long, it can
spread. Bubba wonders what you’d do, mark explained a benign growth,
where it grows on its own, he said it’s like a donut with the hole
getting smaller, he said FlowMax is a relaxing agent, he said it
causes your ejaculate to come out when you pee, he then explained what
Avadart does. Bubba remembers when Dr. Mark checked his prostate
(April 20, 2006), mark said you really need to get your stuff checked.
Billy in Ft. Lauderdale said Bubba should advertise, he asked about
sin tabs between the legs, Mark said they can be taken off very
easily, Bubba suggested getting them off with a fishing line, he said
they bleed like crazy. Sean said he had little bumps on his testicals,
if they get squeezed, puss will come out; ark said they can get those
off for him. The guy said he poked it and put some stuff on it, Mark
suggested the guy just come to the office. Bubba plugged some of
mark’s products; Mark said that the stuff is flying off the shelves;
he said the Revita PM is great if you need to get some sleep. Bubba
said he loves that stuff; Mark said they’re proud of products that
make his products work. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – Paul and Ron discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbaween, followed by
“Pinball Wizard” by The Who. Bubba wondered if they’re still looking
for people to participate, Spice said he’s had some people email him;
he’s not looking for people interested in the “Baddest Bitch” contest.
Randy in Orlando said he went on downtown Orlando, he said he saw
Dennis Rodman in town, he told him Bubba Army, Dennis hugged him and
told him that if they wanted anything, he’d get it. Bubba said that
years ago, they couldn’t get anyone to come on the show, now people
are coming on, he said he wouldn’t blame Miami for cutting them, he
said he gets thousands of emails from people in Miami, he then said
that Marco Rubio has Miami in the bag, Brent said he’s counting on
Miami. Bubba said that if Charlie gets in, it’s because of the bubba
Army, he said Alex Sink has said it before, he thinks that’s the
litmus test, he said you need to vote for Charlie, he said he’ll
remind people every day until their sick of hearing it, he then asked
ned about his bit, Ned asked if his check will clear, he then said
he’ll just have another beer. We then heard “The Way You Lie” by
Eminem, Bubbas said the kids love this song, he said if you have a coe
worker who likes Ron and Paul, tell them to flip over to them, he told
Manson he’s great when he does Eminem bits. Bubba thinks he should
offer this to Ron and Paul, Spice thinks they won’t do it, he then
called Ron and Paul, he thinks they all busied the phones, he ended up
getting a busy signal, he then wonders if they’re number translates
into anything, Spice thinks it’s “PaulNRon”, he then asked for the
listeners to call them. We then heard the opening line of the song,
Bubba said it was the best, Manson said he had to pull Berlin out of
school to sing the line. Bubba took a call from a guy who said that
Paul and Ron had a Super Bowl party, but they didn’t show up; he then
asked if he could paint some Bubba Army stuff on his boat, Bubba gave
him the green light. Marco said all they need is more advertisement.
Chris said he’s a big fan of the show, he asked Bubba to just let the
topic go, Bubba said the guy touched kids. Benny said he didn’t like
the show at first, he said he can’t stand Paul and Ron, Bubba said he
hardly talks about NASCAR, the guy said that the show is better than
those guys. Lewis in t. Lauderdale said he’s been listening to the
show, he said he only listens to the station for them. Bubba dialed
the number again; he then got a busy signal. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Chris Dingman calls in, Manson’s new bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard “You don’t mess Around with Jim”
by Jim Croce. Bubba said they’ll play the new Manson bit about Steve
Branzick, he then said that on the website, Spice said he hates when
people put wise ass answers in the biography, he then read from Ron’s
page. Brent said that Manson said that he was a Christian, until Billy
Gram touched him in the bathroom, he said that Billy sent them a C and
D, Bubba thinks the name young Ron just screams of an issue, he asked
for people to call Paul and Ron, Spice said the last thing he’ll put
on his bio would be his hobbies, Bubba thinks that will get pulled
down. Chris Dingman came on, Bubba said he has his own intro, which we
then heard, Chris said it was good, he asked if he gets a cut for
that. Bubba asked about the Lightning, he asked what happened with the
panthers, Chris thinks when you go to Canada and Philadelphia, he
thinks it messes you up, he said no one is at the Florida games, he
said they’ve been trading for years. Bubba asked about the GM who was
here for a while, Chris said Rick Dudley is in Atlanta. Bubba likes
how the Lightning beat the Stars,
Chris said we took them down pretty well, he then asked him if he’ll
be going to the nba game on Friday, Spice said maybe, he then said he
has an appointment with naked women at the Penthouse, he said he’ll go
to the game if Chris goes to the Penthouse with him. Bubba asked how
the heat have looked, Brent said it’s hard to tell in pre season, he
said Chris Bosh has been playing like a monster; he thinks the Magic
will go to the playoffs. Chris asked if traveling still exists, Brent
said it depends on who you are. Bubba said that Magic Johnson sold his
portion of the Lakers to get a team in Los Angeles. Chris said he
doesn’t have a website, he doesn’t have time, he said he still has his
Sarah Palin glasses, Spice thinks HD is the worst for TV, Chris thinks
a lot of actresses will be out of work. Bubba thinks they should put
Ron’s bio on the website before it gets taken down, Spice said at
least Paul’s bio is normal. We then heard Manson’s song about Steve
Branzick killing himself. In the song, Manson says he’s glad Steve is
dead. Bubba thinks they should offer it to the guys, he said that
stuff is on the station’s website, bubba said you don’t joke about
anal beads. Todd said Paul and Ron are on vacation, Bubba wonders why
they left, he then took a call from a guy who said he’s tired of
people calling up and defending the bum, he said there’s nothing to
know, he said all child molesters dying would be great. Spice said
there’s an article about Steve Branzick dying, he said they have a
condolence page, he said people having actually signed it, Bubba
thinks they should check the hard drives of these people. Jim in
Hollywood said they had the same innocent like that at Home Depot.
Brandon in Ft. Lauderdale said he was molested by a neighbor, he never
talked about it when he was 25, he said people like this deserve to be
tortured. Bubba wondered who tyler Perry is, he thought it was someone
from Aerosmith, he said this guy was being graphic on Oprah’s show,
Spice said Oprah can do whatever she’d like to do. We then heard the
clip of Oprah talking with Tyler about being molested; Bubba said this
stuff stays with you forever, he said they’re now going to hold their
feet to the fire, Manson said it’s time to hammer them. We then heard
a clip of Tyler talking about a woman putting a key in her Vagina when
he was only 10, Bubba thinks he’s figured out “my body betraying me”
means he had an errection, Spice and Manson said they like that
phrase. Bubba took a call from a guy who said he used to work for
WSHE, he said he used to intern at Ron and Paul’s show, he said he’d
see them every morning, he said that he got potted for a bag of weed,
he told Paul about the situation, he was asked not to say anything.
Two days later, the program director had found out, he said that he
found out Paul had naked on him, he asked the South Florida masses to
wake up, Spice said he’s more interested in Young Ron. Bubba thinks
they should just offer the bit on the website, Manson said they
should. Bubba took a call from a guy who said that Paul and Ron are
douches, he then took a call from a guy who said a lot of people liked
Ted Bundy, yet he was a murderer. Bubba then took a call from a guy
who said he used to listen to Paul and Ron, they would often joke
about Steve’s sexuality. Bubba said that being gay is one thing;
touching kids has nothing to do with it, he said the guy is a dead
child toucher. Tosy said it all depends on how people see you, Bubba
said being on the radio doesn’t give you the green light to touch
kids, the guy said that had Steve been white trash, he would’ve been
arrested. Spice said that people are emailing them saying that they’ve
tried to post comments on the guest book page, but they’re only
letting positive comments through. Bubba took a call from a guy who
said that the show is great. We then heard some Spanish bumpers, Bubba
thinks he’s 50-50 with radio, he thinks that this story is what they
needed to sink the ship, Spice thinks it’s only begun. Bubba said the
days of them getting soft are over, he said he feels for Neil Rogers,
Manson said Neil would’ve been all over him. Brad in Miami said he
appreciates Bubba’s stance, he said he’s having a hell of a time with
his custody with his kid; Bubba suggested the guy get a hold of Regina
Hunter. The timer was heard in the background, he then got the Evil
treatment. Chris in St. Petersburg said there was a story about a guy
who got arrested for something similar. Joe said he appreciates a good
advocate, he said it should’ve come out a long time ago. Bubba thinks
they’re connecting the dots. We then heard “I Love the Way You Died”.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Ron and Paul discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
Sting Ray heavy this Saturday, followed by “Desperado” by The Eagles.
Bubba said he hates to discriminate, he then threw the CD away, saying
that Blind Lawrence will never do music again, he then sang a parody
of the song goofing on Lawrence’s selections, he then said Lawrence is
good with writing the recaps and having knowledge on the show, but
he’s done with the selections, he then took a call from a guy who said
that The Bellagio sponsors them, he thinks this was the shot that was
heard around Miami. Mike on protection said his Dad was a kid toucher,
he was convicted three times; he can’t believe people will still stick
up for them. Bubba asked Brent what he’d do if Brent was convicted of
touching a kid, Brent said that he would be killed on the air, the guy
said the show has motivated him to get up. Bubba said that if you’re
not against what a coe worker does, you’re somewhat condoning it, he
wonders why they gave Ron and Paul a two year pass, he said the show
is pathetic, he said that they should’ve taken a stance. Spice said he
got an email saying that he got the final word in by committing
suicide; Brent said the West Memphis Three is an example of an
innocent man on death row. Bubba wonders why Ron and Paul won’t talk
about it, he thinks they’re child touching endorsing hacks, he thinks
they’re goose is cooked, he said that they talk about boating and
fishing, Brent suggested they have Fabrizi on to talk about that,
Bubba thinks they’ll change the bio. Spice asked who you would leave
your kid with, Young Ron or Steve, Bubba said neither, he’d kill his
kids, he said Paul and Young Ron are done. We then heard Manson’s bit
about mark Ober raping a pony. They then ended the show a few seconds

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    “I Love the Way You Died.” Where can I listen to the audio for this song?

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    The reason for you not getting through to the Paul and Young Ron show is that they are on their annual “Fan come along trip” to the Bahamas. They will be back on Monday morning 10/25/10.

    Just thought you should know.


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